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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego in for michelle griego. [ laughter ] >> time is 4:30 and it's the first day of winter. >> you mean it wasn't winter already? >> it felt like it! >> i know. it has felt like it. >> the shortest day of the year. officially winter solstice at 2:44 this morning. so we're a couple hours past it. what's funny is today's going to be warmer than what we have seen. [ laughter ] >> so we are warming temperatures up just a little bit. a live look outside this morning partly cloudy skies. it's partly cloudy out there. temperatures in the 40s. 39 though in santa rosa. so more mild than what we have seen lately about some of those freezing temperatures. i'll have your full forecast coming up. but let's check the roads with roqui. >> thank you, julie. we have some roadwork out there. eastbound 980, 11th street to 580, it should be out there
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until 5 a.m. with multiple lanes blocked. 880 both directions, northbound side between stevenson and 238 in san leandro and the southbound side is between whipple and mission should be over at 5 a.m. 80 to the san mateo bridge here's a live look, that's a 13 minute from 880 to 101. a toddler is in the hospital this morning after a hit-and-run crash late last night in san jose at row hampton and vancouver. the toddler was unconscious after being hit. he was rushed to santa clara medical center. the extent of his injuries is unknown at this time. the boy was hit by a silver sedan which left the scene. chp is investigating. investigators trying to figure out what caused this massive deadly explosion in mexico city. it erupted at a fireworks market yesterday. police trying to determine if somebody intentionally set them off. reed binion has the story reporter: a series of
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deadly explosions ripping through a fireworks market north of mexico city tuesday. bystanders ran far their lives. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: tell you the truth, i don't know how i ran out of here. everything was so horrible. the blast leaving dozens of people dead and scores more injured. [ sirens ] >> reporter: columns of smoke and the sound of emergency vehicles filled the area in the immediate aftermath of the blast. well after the explosions, the ground still smoldering amid splintered wood and twisted metal. the town is known for its pyrotechnics industry and the market the size of a soccer stadium would have been very crowded heading into christmas leaving loved ones of those missing fearing the worst. [ speaking spanish ] >> we are looking for my niece's boyfriend. here's the photo. we have been calling the hospitals and they haven't given us any information. >> reporter: in addition to victims at hospitals, three minors were expected to be
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transferred to a hospital in galveston, texas for extreme burns. i'm reed binion reporting. >> this is the third time an explosion has happened at that mark. the most recent was in 2005 before mexico's independence day. deputies in san mateo county are looking for the driver involved in a hit-and- run. it happened around 9 p.m. near el camino real. deputies say the victim was in the crosswalk. no signs of traffic lights. he is in the hospital. a small red service is being sought. in vallejo two men involved in a deadly shooting at a pawn shop in the middle of the day at the pawn advantage store. kpix 5's andria borba reports, investigators don't have much to go on. >> reporter: evidence markers sit on the ground under bicycles and hanging guys tars for sale at pawn advantage on springs road in vallejo. called came into vallejo pd dispatcher about 3 a.m.
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about an armed robbery in progress. two people inside the pawn shop and a dog were shot and the suspects gone. >> two males in dark colored hooded sweat shirts and again one with a handgun. >> reporter: the vague description isn't the only roadblock. >> actually, they don't know the motive. >> reporter: one of the shooting victims was taken to the hospital while a second was dead at the scene. detectives may get a clear idea of what happened once they collect surveillance video from multiple cameras in the store. andria borba, kpix 5. 4:34. let's check weather. first day of winter. we have been saying it's been so cold and it's going to warm up today. >> it's warming up this first day of winter. that's california for you. [ laughter ] >> yes. today will be the most mild day at least compared to what we have seen lately.
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cooling down tomorrow, and rain on friday. let's go ahead and take a look outside right now of temperatures in the 40s. 43 concord. 42 concord. 47 san francisco. 39 santa rosa. milder than yesterday. we have a "spare the air" day in the north bay unhealthy air quality, no burning. but it won't be chilly. moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area today. we also have a beach hazard statement, maybe you're heading out to surf. you will want a wet suit even though it's a little warmer. big swells up to 14 feet. big breakers sneaker waves and strong rip currents so be mindful at the beach. here's a look at the forecast. sunny but cool. 50s at the coast and the bay. low 60s for the warmest spots inland today. we have rain on the way.
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futurecast shows mostly clear with plenty of sunshine. a warmer air mass in place today. that will change moving over the next couple of days. so here's what's to expect for the rest of the week. definitely chilly to start for some folks this morning but warmer than what we have seen today again winter solstice and we have rain and wind returning friday more on that coming up. roqui, over to you. >> thank you. it's 4:36. we have a crash to report in oakland. so let's take a look at the bay bridge first to san francisco from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze about 18 minutes and through the toll plaza no delays because the metering lights are on about 5:30 when traffic will start to back up. to the crash in oakland, westbound 580 after highway 13, it's an overturned car and chp is running a traffic break blocking the left lane. not causing many delays. not too many cars so early. roadwork in oakland. eastbound 980 from 11th street
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to 580 should be out at around 6 a.m. and then hayward to fremont roadwork on 880 in both directions, the northbound side is from stevenson to 238 in san leandro, southbound side is from whipple to mission. now let's head to the san mateo bridge if you are taking southbound 880 to the bridge across the span into foster city. that will take you about 14 minutes. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. an oakland family is struggling for answers after their loved one was killed while playing the guitar with friends outside a church. gloria mendoza and her 12-year- old daughter heidi were praying in a church when they heard gunshots. when heidi ran out, she found her father lying on the ground. the family says a fight happened inside the building and spilled out with ygnacio an innocent bystander. >> i really miss my dad. but i can't get him back. i want that guy to go to prison. >> church members are donating
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what they can to give him a proper funeral. pleasanton police look fog two men who robbed a woman at gunpoint around 11:30 yesterday morning in the parking lot of stoneridge shopping center. the woman was getting into her car when the suspect pulled a gun and demanded her things. the suspects got away in a green older honda civic or similar car. in san jose, one incorrect crunch of the numbers is a million-dollar mistake. kpix 5's cate caugiran shows us why some city workers will suffer because of it. >> it's a problem that we didn't want. >> reporter: a problem that will mean less money for 300 retired san jose police and firefighters. after a city audit reveals the city messed up their pension checks overpaying retirees almost a million dollars. >> this calculation was based on incorrect data that was being given from our payroll system to the retirement system. >> reporter: the mystikallation started 20 years.
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the city first found out about it in 2009. and only let retirees know about it last month. we asked the city why. >> for the sake of those who replaced the incorrect data with new data so that the calculations can be completely accurate now. >> reporter: the association of retired san jose police officers and firefighters says the city acknowledged it made a serious mistake. in a statement, the association president says, our association is working to ensure that the mistake is promptly fixed in a legal and fair manner and that no retiree be placed in financial hardship because of the city's mistake. the city says it has no choice. >> we are required by law to -- to make up any overpayments. so that the retirement funds are intact. >> reporter: repayments will range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. so who is to blame? >> if a problem actually originated 20 years ago, people who might have been responsible or involved at the time aren't here anymore.
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so our goal here is not to find fault but, rather to pictures problem. >> reporter: the city plans to host a series of public meetings and are inviting all retirees to come to discuss how to repay the funds. the next is january 5. in san jose, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the city says it discovered that some retirees were actually underpaid and they will be reimbursed for lost wages. >> we have learned why a thanksgiving meal in antioch left three people dead. the american legion hall hosted that feast for hundreds of people last month. but after they headed home dozens of people got sick and three died. the cdc says the cause was a common food-borne illness. it's called [ non-english name ] they one able to pinpoint the food that made these people sick but investigators say they all ate turkey and mashed potatoes at the same time. today the oakland raiders will be spreading more christmas cheer. some members of the team hosted
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one a few days ago. today the raiders foundation is treating kids from the alameda county family justice center and the east bay asian youth center to an event at the oakland zoo and starts at 5:30. time is 4:41. mail disappearing from some bay area mailboxes. next, the new technology hoping to stop thieves. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the latest crime happened in it's that time of year. thieves are out looking to steal packages. the latest crime happened in dublin late monday night. someone stole mail and packages from more than 40 homes near rolling hills and brittany drive. one of the victims noticed something was off when she woke up yesterday morning. she realized a lot of her neighbor's mailboxes were open. >> christmas is here. there were tons of gifts cards and probably presents that everybody lost for their kids or loved ones. >> so what can do you to keep this from happening to you? good good shows us an east bay startup may have the answer.
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>> reporter: what if told you anytime a stranger opens your mailbox a picture is taken and an alert is sent directly to your phone? >> our goal is to prevent the crime in progress. >> reporter: he has developed software to do just that. prevent a crime in progress. it's realtime artificial intelligence. >> in the case of mail theft, it's actually able to identify that there's a person who stopped and is standing in front of your mailbox, loitering, then run it through the artificial intelligence. >> reporter: they will be launching the software in the new year. sellinger walks us through it. >> we have a potential criminal who walked up to the front of the mailbox, the system identified that he is loitering in front of the mailbox, and then alerts the homeowner via their mobile app. the homeowner then has an opportunity to launch a drone intervention and the drone is programmed that this camera is
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protecting the mailbox so it sends the drone to protect the region right in front of the mailbox. >> reporter: the software also comes with interventions. >> so everything from being able to speak to the person, hey, get off my driveway, to using drones and quad copters to actually intervene with the person while they are in the middle of committing the crime. >> reporter: the company says deep sentinel software can work on most home surveillance cameras so all you need is the actual software. so here's the extra eyes and alerts as we ring in the new year. in pleasanton, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> a critical piece of christmas has been stolen in placerville. somebody took the city's tree. every year since 1998, the placerville news company featured a big tree out front. the whole community spruces it up with ornaments and lights but recently, somebody snatched the whole tree and now people in town want answers.
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>> where's the tree? it's sad. >> i was angry. i thought, if i could get my hand on those little rascals. >> little rascals. don't mess with her. an anonymous donor donated a new tree so the town could keep its holiday spirit strong. >> what goes through people's minds? >> it's not right. >> well, let me give you a little good news this morning. mild temperatures, won't need the hat, glovers and parka. maybe just one of the three. temperatures are warming up today at least for one day and here's a beautiful shot to lighten the mood for you. i love those bay bridge lights. beautiful shot over the city this morning. temperatures milder than lately. we are in the 50s so it's
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chilly just not freezing. 39 in santa froze out the door. now, satellite perspective shows a warmer air mass is in place and it's going to keep us mild for now. we are going to start to dip temperature-wise tomorrow ahead of an approaching system and i'm going to time it out with futurecast. so starting off today this morning partly cloudy skies. we'll see mostly sunny skies wednesday and thursday. here we are friday at 6 a.m. and the timing could change a bit because we are a few days out but right now the models indicate we start with the north bay for the friday morning commute. keep in mind this is the day before christmas eve. so there probably won't be a lot of cars on the road but if you are traveling definitely something to be mindful of. by midday on friday, maybe you're heading up to see the relatives, we'll see the heaviest rain, timing could change a little bit, but anticipate rain on friday, certainly a holiday travel day. looks like we could see some lingering showers on saturday but probably tapering offer in time for santa overnight saturday into sunday for christmas morning. so kids, don't worry about
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that. what to expect in the meantime? we are partly cloudy to start not quite as cold mainly sunny with milder temperatures today. changes the end of the week. the storm moves in friday. speaking of storm systems, good news up in the high country. we have plenty of snow up there. kirkwood current conditions with a lot of new snow yet that will come this weekend but right now the snow base 28 to 54 inches. machine groomed, packed powder at north star 18 to 36 inches. 8 inches of new snow from this weekend. then squaw valley 17 to 36" packed powder and more snow into the weekend. sunrise today 7:22. sunset 4:55 on this winter solstice. the shortest day of the year. a look at your high temperatures. not too high today. topping out in the upper 50s and low 60s. and the extended forecast shows dry today. tomorrow. showers move in friday.
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tapering off dried saturday. possibly coming back sunday into monday. roqui? >> thank you, julie. it's 4:48. bay area roads, starting your day early this, intoing with the golden gate bridge, if you are heading from marin county into san francisco, we have some lane changes going on but otherwise, smooth traffic running nicely across the span of the bridge. 580 in san rafael to the golden gate toll plaza 14 minutes. to the bay bridge toll plaza, if you are heading on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze that will take 18 minutes and then smooth sailing across the span of that bridge, as well. now to the nimitz looking good in both directions, 238 in san leandro to the maze will take you 16 minutes. southbound, here's a live look at the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city. that's 880 to 101, that's a quick 13 minutes. we have some roadwork on 880 in both directions too and this is on the northbound side it's from stevenson to 238 in san leandro, on the southbound side it's from whipple to mission in the hayward/fremont area. and moving over to mass transit, if you want to avoid
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the roads today, all mass transit on time. a man goes to lowe's for a christmas tree and lost his wedding ring. now a store manager trying to play santa claus and return the ring to its rightful owner. chris jordan watches the store in massachusetts and one day he spotted something on the ground, a wedding band. the ring was sitting in a spot where trees were sold between thanksgiving and mid-december. jordan is holding out hope the owner will be found. >> i pray to god it makes a whole family happy especially the wife because i know she is probably the one like, where did it go and why is it off your finger right now, mister? [ laughter ] >> mm-hm. yeah. jordan checked in with the cashier daily to see if anybody stops by for it. so far, whoever lost it will have to know what's written on the inside. 4:50. an air traffic controller makes
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a near catastrophic mistake sending a passenger jet leaving los angeles in the wrong direction. hear the moment she realizes there's a problem next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of 20-thousand. the milestone follows a six-week rally. it's the fastest rise the index has seen in its history. the dow hit an all-time high 20 points shy of 20,000, the fastest rise the index has seen in its history since the election. the dow gained 91 points. the nasdaq hit a record high, as well. it added 26 points. a new survey suggests investor optimism is its highest level since the financial crisis. the wells fargo index found 54% of investors said they were optimistic about the stock market. that's up from 32% before the election. but nearly three-quarters of
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investors believe it will be volatile next year. a jumbojet over los angeles comes close to crashing into the side of a mountain. now the faa is investigating. kris van cleave has the air traffic control call. >> reporter: stop your climb! >> stop climb. >> reporter: that's the moment the air traffic controller realized the mistake a boeing 777 bound for taiwan was on a potential collision course with an air canada 767. both had just taken off from los angeles on a stormy night with low visibility. the controller repeated her request for the pilot to comply. >> what are you doing! turn southbound now. southbound now. stop your climb. >> reporter: the 777 was then flying at only a few thousand feet heading for the san
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gabriel mountains with a summit of 51,000 feet. >> are you southbound now? >> how would you characterize what happened over los angeles? >> a simple mistake that could have cascaded into a devastating airplane crash. >> the faa says the flight in the air canada jet maintained a minimum safe distance. we don't know how close that 777 got to the mountain range. the faa is investigating but says these types of controller mistakes are very rare. eva air did not respond to our requests for comment. kris van cleave, cbs news, reagan national airport, virginia. tomorrow and friday are expected to be some of the busiest travel days of the year. travel over the next 10 days could hit a record with 103 million americans on the move for year end holidays. most will drive but air travel is examined to increase 2.5% with more than 6 million americans flying. speaking of air travel, frustrations are mounting
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against frontier airlines after hundreds of canceled flights, baggage pileups and long lines since saturday. bad weather made it tough for workers to get to denver international airport on the weekend. on sunday some passengers sat on the tarmac for nearly 8 hours. some families say they are not so sure they would fly frontier again after that. >> my wife was on the phone telling me that they are flight was delayed until thursday. they were second the promotions for cheap airfares for $34 and i don't think i wanted to book anything. >> one consultant says frontier is more vulnerable to weather backups than other airlines because it's a smaller operation. at least one flight attendant says mismanagement contributed to that travel mess. she is putting her job on the line and calling out frontier airlines. >> , we're all tired of having the company make excuses for this and saying that it was the crews that couldn't make it to the airport when -- when we know that that is not the
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truth. [ voice disguised ] >> that flight attendant says things changed when indigo purchased frontier three years ago. she says under the ultra low cost -- it's understaffed with tough turnaround. the new police chief in san francisco getting right down to business. more on the vote expected to take place today involving "use of force" policy. >> reporter: a search for the person who hit a toddler and then took off. why finding that driver may be impossible. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kenny choi. good morning. it is wednesday, december 21. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. let's take a live look outside because skies are clear. it's gorgeous. it's the first day of winter. julie watts is in for roberta gonzales this morning. >> i must say, we have julie
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watts with some uggs on. >> yes. we do. [ laughter ] >> you're revealing my secrets! >> i asked are you going to keep those on during the show? >> yes! >> i'm too hot! >> and they are really cute. >> what's funny is, i asked our guys if they could frame me up so that the uggs were out of the shot. they thought i wanted them in the shot so i could talk about them today because it is the first day of winter. >> we just called you out. >> before the end of the show we might -- >> i'll feature them at some point. >> they are good. >> thanks. outside -- we are over this uggs conversation. it's a beautiful look outside. [ laughter ] >> a beautiful look at the bay bridge this morning. temperatures are mild. 38 in santa rosa. we'll have the full forecast coming up. how are the roads? >> can we show that look every day? that was beautiful. let's take a look


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