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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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today the poli good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, december 21. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. today, the police commission in san francisco votes on a new "use of force" policy. this comes a day after the new chief was announced. jackie ward is following the transition. this is one of the huge issues the chief will face. >> we have been talking about this for months, years and finally it's got a revision just a few months ago and it's no secret that the san francisco police department has been scrutinized after several scandals in recent years. first up were changes is the "use of force" policy. in this revised policy, the police department outlined several areas of focus including safeguarding human life and dignity, establishing communication, crisis intervention and fair and unbiased policing. this has been something the police officers association has tried blocking for months! newly named sf police chief bill scott understands this is just one of the issues the city
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is hoping he can resolve. >> you have challenges in the profession. let's start there. this organization like many others are -- are -- are -- has recognized what those challenges are and the thing that attracted me to this -- this job, to this opportunity, is that the organization did recognize that there's challenges and there's things that we got to work on. >> they are also vocal against the using car policy and using this ad as a way to sway the public. back in may a san francisco police sergeant shot and killed a woman in a stolen car. there is no immediate indication that the woman was armed or had been driving towards officers when she was shot. later that day, former chief greg suhr resigned. so there's a laundry list of issues we could highlight for you this morning. but we and chief scott will have to start with "use of force" policy. the commission will vote on this at 5:30. a toddler rushed to the
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hospital after a hit-and-run in san jose. this morning, investigators are on the hunt for the driver. kpix 5's maria medina is live in santa clara valley medical center with the very latest. maria. michelle that little boy just three years old taken here to valley medical center. and investigators aren't sure if he has a serious brain injury or if he will be okay. this happened on roehampton and vancouver north of story road here in san jose. it happened at about 11:00 last night. investigators say the little boy was with his grandfather. they were walking their dog in the neighborhood when the little boy wandered off into the street. that's when he was struck by a car. now, police say it wasn't a direct impact but, rather, a glancing blow that knocked him out. >> he was transported immediately over to the hospital where i don't know what his condition is, a possible brain injury. >> reporter: so again, that driver did take off. so there is that search for the
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driver and finding that person may be difficult or even impossible because the only description of that car right now is that it's silver and it was likely a honda. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. it is 6:03. let's check the roads with roqui. how's it look out there? >> thank you. it's actually looking really good. not many areas with slow traffic except of course the altamont pass. but let's take a look at just a 15-minute commute into downtown san francisco right now so that's great news. the maze to downtown will be 16 minutes but we'll say 15. okay? let's move now to the nimitz freeway from 238 in san leandro to the maze. that will take you 16 minutes, as well. so looking good in both directions. if you are taking the southbound side of 880 to the san mateo bridge, here's a live look at that commute from hayward to foster city. that will be a quick 13 minutes between 880 and 101. and if you want to avoid the roads altogether, it is a "spare the air" day.
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julie will elaborate on that. mass transit is all on time. we suggest mass transit. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. we are starting off nice and mild today. at least mild compared to what we have seen over the last few days, right? and a beautiful shot outside over san francisco. a beautiful look at the bay bridge light project there. a free show this morning. temperatures in the 40s bay area wide. we are going to see unhealthy air quality in the north bay so a no burn and no fires in the fireplace and use mass transit if possible. moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area. a "spare the air" day is in effect for the north bay expiring at midnight. beach hazard statement in
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effect as well with big breakers strong rip currents and sneaker waves at the coast. it's mild compared to lately. temperatures in the 50s at the coast. near 60 by the bay today. sunny and cool inland temperatures in the low 60s for the warmest locations inland. futurecast showing we do stay dry both today and through thursday. but it's friday morning that we see the first sign of some rain. friday does look to be wet. that travel day leading up to christmas eve. so we'll talk more about that coming up in your full forecast. but first, what's ahead? well, warmer and mild today. slightly cooler for thursday. rain likely by friday. timing that out coming up in a bit. later today san francisco is debuting the first protected intersection in the city. it's at ninth and division streets. this new design is supposed to be safer for drivers and bikers and walkers making drivers slow down when turning and should make it easier to see pedestrians. meanwhile, a new study showing san francisco is one of the
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most dangerous cities for kids heading to school. three schools are on the list. the tenderloin community school, carmichael and marshall elementary school. >> we wanted to find out which schools were the most dangerous for kids getting to and from school whether getting dropped off, walking or riding bikes. >> local directors with walk sf say the study is an important reminder to slow down. crab fishing is expanding on christmas eve. that's when state officials are opening the area between salt point in sonoma county up to the mendocino county line. then the day after christmas a stretch in humboldt county between the bay and shelter cove will be up for grabs as well. those areas were previously off limits because high levels of domoic acid were found in the crabs. at least 29 people are dead after a dramatic explosion after a fireworks market outside mexico city. this morning, investigators are looking for a cause. dozens of people are in the
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hospital. [ explosions ] >> the famous market was filled with as many as 2,000 people at the time many of them stocking up for the christmas and new year holidays. it's the busiest time of the year according to the local mayor. rescue workers rushed more than 70 survivors including ten children to the hospital. some with severe burns. nearby cars and buildings were also damaged. investigators still haven't determined what initially set off the explosion or whether it was intentional. this is the third time the san pablito market has gone up in flames. in 2005, hundreds of stalls exploded ahead of mexican independence day. ♪[ music ] time is 6:07. german police have identified a new suspect in the attack on a christmas market that left 12 people dead. and california voters approved a measure to speed up the death penalty process in november. but that plan is already on hold. >> mild today but changes are on the way. rain in the forecast.
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we are timing it out coming up. >> and it's been a quiet day in the traffic center so i'm calling it "holiday light" early. coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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12 people were killed and dozens more were injured. isis claims it inspired the here's a beautiful shot of the bay bridge this morning. we are off to a mild start. we have some rain on the way. we are going to be timing it out in a bit. back to you guys. investigators have now identified and are searching for a new suspect in monday's deadly truck attack on a christmas market. 12 people were killed and dozens more were injured in berlin. isis claims it inspired the terror attack. cbs reporter brook silva-braga reports and has new details on
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who investigators are searching for. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell cbs news german police are searching for a tunisian man in his early 20s in connection with the christmas market attack. his name is [ non-english name ] they say his asylum papers were left in the cab of the truck used in the incident. authorities lost time when they arrested and released a pakistani asylum seeker on the basis of an incorrect eyewitness report. then isis claimed responsibility calling the true assailant a soldier who carried out the attack in response to calls to target citizens of the coalition. the news prompted one american tourist to cut his trip to berlin short. >> we were planning to stay longer in germany. we don't feel safe. >> reporter: investigators believe the hijacker is armed. the body of the truck's polish driver was found shot and stabbed in the passenger seat as the hunt continues mourningers in berlin
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continuing to pay tribute to the victims. berlin's brandenburg gate was lit up in black, red and gold last night. at a memorial, the city's mayor said such violence is meant to spread fear and hate but we cannot and must not answer hate with hate. brook silva-braga, for cbs news. the berlin attack has sparked a political debate about allowing refugees into the european union. germany's chancellor angela merkel defends the idea. it appears fewer people are deciding to go without medical care thanks to the affordable care act. a new report from the commonwealth fund looked at the number of adults who skipped medical treatment due to the cost. well, in 2013, the year before the debut of obamacare, 16% of americans said they did so. last year 13% said they did so because of the price. a voter-approved measure to streamline death penalty appeals in california is on
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hold. the state of california wants to consider a lawsuit challenging the proposition. it would set a five-year deadline for appeals if it goes through. a meeting in the battle over self-driving cars in california. legal teams for uber and the state are sitting down together in sacramento. uber started testing its self- driving cars in san francisco last week. the dmv says the company doesn't have the proper permits. but uber says it shouldn't need them because a driver is on board as a precaution. the state attorney general's office is threatening to sue uber if it doesn't get those cars off the roads. an 80s pop star back in the spotlight for taking down an unruly passenger in the sky. richard marks and his wife daisy few wednesday were on a flight to south korea when a passenger started attacking the flight attendants. few went says marks was the first to subdue that passenger. marks says the flight went on for nearly four hours. when the plane landed the plan was arrested and they went to
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l.a. after get to back home, marks tweeted, no big hero move at all. just did what i would hope anyone would do in the same situation. you guys, i had such a huge crush on this guy in the '80s. >> didn't we all? >> okay. okay. and you know, to my friends who have said that my ticker was off with men? this guy is a hero. >> and romantic. >> yeah, i mean. great. [ laughter ] roqui? how are the roads? >> okay. the roads aren't doing too badly this morning. i would call it early "holiday light" but the altamont pass is not doing the same thing here. off 205 in tracy moving at just 16 miles per hour. north flynn road 13 miles an hour. altamont pass to 680 will take 16 minutes. we have a new crash to tell you about the first crash of the morning actually southbound 680 in pleasanton before sunol
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boulevard a two-car crash blocking the left lane. and that backup is beyond bernal avenue so give yourself some extra time to get through there. now to the san mateo bridge, from hayward to foster city that's 880 to 101, a quick 16 minutes. and, of course, here we have the bay bridge toll plaza where those metering lights are on backing traffic up to the maze. this was a very easy commute a couple of minutes ago but we have a stall now on the upper deck. it's right after treasure island and the right lane is blocked so it's causing slowdowns so now the maze to downtown will take you 29 minutes. let's move to the nimitz. if you are heading northbound 880 from 238 in san leandro 16 minutes but otherwise you're looking good on your morning commute. starting off with the shot of the morning.
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not bad out the door. we're in the mid- to upper 40s out the door. 41 in concord right now. 39 in santa rosa at this hour. satellite perspective showing what's going on. high pressure still in place. we have a warm air mass in place that's helping to keep temperatures mild today. certainly warmer than what we have seen lately. starting out we're already 4 tole degrees above 4 -- already 4 to 8 degrees higher than yesterday. an area of low pressure is bringing rain with it friday. futurecast timing it out. we stay dry through wednesday through thursday plenty of sunshine the temperatures will dip a bit on thursday. around 7:00 rainfall is moderate to heavy at times for the north bay early in the morning making its way through much of the bay. low snow levels down to 3,000
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to 4,000 feet. breezy conditions and some heavy downpours at times. this could be problem problematic for friday travel. showers lingering on saturday lot rain lightens up on saturday christmas eve and the good news is, should taper off just in time for santa to make his rounds saturday night into sunday morning. christmas morning dry. partly cloudy and mild today mainly sunny. rain on friday kicks off an unsettled few days towards under through next week. your ski report:
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>> this is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. and the official start to winter. ironic that we are a bit warmer today than we have been the last few days the first official day of the winter. high temperatures mild. topping out in the low 60s for the warmest spots in the south bay. 63 morgan hill as well as los gatos. 62 cupertino but cooler at the coast but mild relatively comparatively speaking rather. 58 half moon bay. 57 pacifica. 59 in hayward for your high today. temperatures inland in the upper 50s for many spots in the east bay 60s san ramon. nearly 60 around the bay. 60 berkeley. 56 stinson beach. low 60s for cloverdale,
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windsor, clearlake 61, lakeport 61. extended forecast shows mild temperatures and dry today and tomorrow increasing clouds thursday into friday. and then rain moves in possibly overnight thursday. definitely by friday though we'll see some rain breezy conditions and low snow levels. saturday showers will linger but taper off saturday night into sunday. hopefully we stay dry for christmas. right now it does look good. and then models indicating that another system moves in next week. back to you guys. >> thank you. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the warriors and the utah jazz last night two division leaders who were supposed to be in a showdown. i'll show you how much of a showdown it was. and can you guess how many players the raiders are sending to the pro bowl? seven more than the 49ers. coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and featu re your school on the show. ,,
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good morning, everybody. steve kerr called last night's warriors game among the favorite games of the year for golden statement what was billed as a tough test for the warriors against division leading utah was anything but really. nature thurmond bobblehead night at oracle. klay thompson only shot 14 times, the spin and floater goes down, he had 17. moving to the 3rd quarter, warriors already up 22. steph curry behind the back nails the three-point shot in traffic. he had 25. the warriors took care of the basketball. just played great defense last night. kevin durant with an ankle breaker on this drive short jump shot down, he had 22. the warriors forced 23 turnovers, they crushed the
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jazz 104-74. no wonder steve kerr liked that game. the sharks in action but it was the joonas donskoi show who was on fire against the flames. tommy wingels turned on the red light to donskoi. tic-tac-toe passing joonas donskoi with the first two goal game for him. sharks have not a allowed a power play goal in three games. 4-1 the final, sharks. raiders will send the most players to the pro bowl since the bush senior administration. for oakland, derek carr heads the group of 7 players. khalil mack is also going to orlando. he has 11 sacks and five forced fumbles this year. the other five players include amari cooper, safety reggie nelson, and three of the five members of the offensive line. i think it's a crime that jackson didn't get in and how
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about is this? for the first time since 2005 not a single 49er is going to the pro bowl. that is what a 1-13 record will get you. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. it is 6:26. a frightening incident on board a jumbojet in southern california. what air traffic controllers almost did, sending it straight into a mountain. >> reporter: a toddler hit by a car. what the driver did next that has that person facing jail time. ,,,,,,,,,,,, once i heard i was going to
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be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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the hunt is on for the armed suspect who shot two
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people and a dog at a bay area pawn shop. >> a controversy shall "use of force" policy is being voted on in san francisco just a day after a new police chief is named. >> we're starting off with mild temperatures and changes are on the way. we have rain in the forecast. details coming up. >> we have new slowdowns to tell you about. we'll tell you where they are coming up. it's wednesday, december 21, first day of winter. i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. a search for the driver who hit a toddler and took off in san jose. finding the suspect may be impossible. kpix 5's maria medina is live at santa clara valley medical center with details on the investigation. maria. >> reporter: good morning. the little boy just 3 years old was rushed here to valley medical center. officers aren't sure if he has a serious brain injury or if he
6:31 am
will be okay. this happened on roehampton and vancouver. that's north of story road here in san jose at about 11:00 last night. investigator say the 3-year-old was with his grandfather. they were walking their dog in their neighborhood when the little boy wandered into the street and that's when he was struck by a car knocking him out. >> doesn't seem to be a direct impact maybe a -- more of a glancing blow but little boy did lose consciousness for a few minutes. >> reporter: again, that driver did take off. finding that person will be difficult, possibly impossible, because the only description of that car right now is that it is silver and likely a honda. maria medina, kpix 5. deputies are investigating another hit-and-run that one in san mateo county. it happened at around 9 p.m. last night near el camino real. deputies say the person hit was in the crosswalk but there are no signs or traffic lights
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there. he was rushed to the hospital. authorities are looking for a small red suv. the man who was just named san francisco police chief already has a lot on his schedule. jackie ward joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. he has to start somewhere, right? today's focus for chief bill scott will be on the use of force policy that's been revised and will be voted on tonight. it's one of the many issue us that face the san francisco new chief and this one has had push back from the police officers association. mayor ed lee's choice of chief scott surprised people especially since toney chaplin was so well liked. we asked our political insider phil matier why the mayor decided to hire an outsider. >> reporter: he wants somebody to shake it up. how is the mayor and police commission and the public going to react to that? >> the police commission unanimously passed the "use of force" policy in june but the poa doesn't agree with whether
6:33 am
police are allowed to shoot at moving vehicles. they even released this ad this summer to sway public opinion. former chief greg's is your final day on the force involved a sergeant -- greg suhr's final day on the force involved a sergeant shooting a woman in a moving vehicle. tonight's vote is in san francisco. >> a lot of rules that officers consider tying their hands. >> absolutely. >> thank you. we are learning more about the new chief's background. bill scott has spent nearly three decades in law enforcement. he comes from military family. he got a degree in accounting from the university of alabama. and he has been with the lapd for 27 years and was named deputy chief last year. in l.a., he was in charge of overseeing the area around usc the port of l.a. and south los angeles which is known for gang violence. he was in charge of more than 1700 employees. time to get a look at weather and traffic this
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morning. the shortest day of the year! >> yes. the shortest day of the year. the first official day of winter. we are warming up this morning. a little more mild this morning as you head out the door. certainly. later today, as well. a beautiful shot for you over san francisco. you can see the bay bridge lights on there. temperatures on the mild side compared to lately. 48 in san francisco right now. 45 in oakland. 41 concord. 39 your current temperature in santa rosa. speaking of santa rosa, "spare the air" day in effect for the north bay unhealthy air quality for you there. that means of course no burning in the fireplace today. and you do want to take mass transit if you can. moderate air quality for everyone else and this "spare the air" day expires tonight at midnight. no "spare the air" day for tomorrow yet. beach hazard statement, big swells up to 14 feet, breakers, sneaker waves and strong rip currents so be mindful if you
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are surfing today. weather-wise not beach weather but certainly mild and sunny. sunny and cool, 57 along the coast today. in the low 60s, around 60 around the bay, low 60s inland. we're starting off partly cloudy but plenty of sunshine later today and continuing through thursday. early friday we see the first sign of some rain and then it looks to be a wet one on friday especially if you are traveling on friday going to see relatives so keep that in mind. more on that. but weather headlines, cooler thursday, rain likely on friday. we'll time it out in a bit. >> we were very light all morning and now, we have some slowdowns to tell you about. let's head to the north bay in petaluma. if you are traveling along southbound 101, expect pretty heavy delays between petaluma boulevard north to polly park. traffic is moving there at just 6 miles per hour. so that's a big delay if you are traveling along this way. give yourself some extra time.
6:36 am
if you are taking 101 to the golden gate bridge, here's a look at that. from marin county into the golden gate toll plaza, that will be 14 minutes from 580 in san rafael. now, to our other heavy traffic of the mornings the altamont pass coming off 205 in tracy just 11 miles per hour. and then 14 miles per hour so it doesn't get much better along the way. north tracy boulevard along 580 westbound to the altamont pass will take you 43 minutes into livermore and then into dublin- pleasanton, we had a crash earlier, that's now been cleared on southbound 680 before sunol boulevard. but that residual backup remains into the dublin interchange actually and that area traffic is moving at about 40 miles per hour. now let's head over to the san mateo bridge which is slowing down heavily from hayward into san mateo, 17 minutes between 880 and 101. and if you are traveling along the bay bridge toll plaza here's a live look at that. 31 minutes from the maze to downtown and this is due to an earlier stall right after treasure island. that's your traffic. anne, to you. new this morning,
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pleasanton school superintendent is suddenly off the job and the circumstances of his paid leave are a mystery. the school board says rick rubino was placed on leave this week for a personnel matter but officials won't give any details on what happened. the board plans to hire a third party investigator to look into it. rubino started as superintendent on july 1 with a salary of $265,000 a year. the deputy superintendent will take over his duties in the meantime. the search is on for the gunman who attacked a pawn shop that happened in the middle of the day at the pawn advantage on springs road in vallejo. officers were called to the scene for reports of an armed robbery and when they arrived, they found two people and a dog shot inside the store. one of those victims died. police are looking for two men but don't have much of a description. the faa says an air traffic controller made a mistake that could have sent a jumbojet into the side of a mountain. >> stop your climb! >> stop climb.
6:38 am
an eva air boeing 7-7-7 was on a potential collision course with ir >> that's the moment the air traffic controller realized her mistake. an ava air boeing 777 was on a potential collision course with an air canada jet. both had just taken off from l.a.x. on a stormy night with low visibility. the controller repeated her request for the pilot to comply: s. the pilot changed course with oments to spare. >> the plane was then flying at only a few thousand feet headed for the san gabriel mountains. the child changed courses with moments to spare. this morning, in san francisco, local artists face off with building inspectors over evictions following the deadly ghost ship fire. their plan to present a petition with more than 10,000 signatures. it pushes for a moratorium on unsolicited fire inspections in both san francisco and oakland. the petition seeks to stop evictions until buildings are
6:39 am
brought to code in an affordable way. it also calls for new affordable house in the area. ♪[ music ] time is 6:39. a math mistake will force hundreds of workers in one bay area city to give back a portion of their pensions. >> and an important deadline today as some californians are stocking up on firearms. >> and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. it is down but not by much. it's about 4 points this wednesday morning. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,,,
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we are mild compared to the last few days. temperatures topping out in the low 60s in santa clara, san
6:43 am
jose, 63 in morgan hill today. east bay temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. 60 in dublin. 61 pleasanton and livermore. around the bay, hovering near 60 for alameda, berkeley, sausalito, san francisco. upper 50s along the coast today and up north topping out in the low 60s. your full forecast still ahead. things have been looking good on wall street. the dow around a milestone number this morning. meanwhile, one major retailer isn't doing, as well. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports. >> reporter: good morning. finish line is getting tripped up this morning. the footwear chain said that its sales came in below expectations in the 3rd quarter. it's holiday forecast not all that great. the shoe sales did well but finish line says that as far as accessories and apparel sales go it was grim. the shares are down 12% in the early going.
6:44 am
some big expectations for yelp in 2017. rbc capital mark picks yelp as its small cap internet stock for the year. a survey found their brand recognition was up 100% up from 66% two years ago and its usage has grown from 37% two years ago to 65%. he yelp with the stock up since the beginning of the year will see stock rise another 50% in 2017. overall the stock market looking to see if the dow can hit 20,000 for the first time. opened up with just 25 points of the milestone. but the market is heading a little lower in the early going so it might require a bit of patience. let's go to the big board and see how just close we are right now. the dow within about 40 points as it's down 11 at the moment. napa down 6. s&p down by 2. shared of yelp up 5% on that optimistic research note. back to you guys. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio.
6:45 am
time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us know you from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. ahead we'll start with the investigation into the deadly fireworks market explosion in mexico plus german police identify a new suspect in the berlin terror attacks. we talk to a former fbi agent. we test out the new technology designed to stop drones from flying into places like airports and big events. >> and from smart home devices to high-tech toys, new concerns voice recognition technology could be storing or sharing what you say. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. public workers will have to kick in money for expenses. the state has lowered amount of money for revenue from pensions. state governments and school districts will have to contribute more to make up for
6:46 am
the shortfall and in san jose, a math mistake will mean less money for 300 retired police and firefighters. a city audit has revealed almost a million dollars in pension overpays to retirees. the city says the payments were based on incorrect data. the miscalculations started 20 years ago. the city first found out about the problem in 2009 and only let retirees know about it last month. >> taken us several years to actually replace the incorrect data with complete set of new data so that the callations can be completely accurate. >> san jose plans to host public meetings inviting all affected retirees to talk about repaying the funds. the next one will be on january 5. and i think a lot of very unhappy people will show up. >> i think you're right. 6:46. let's see if people are annoyed on the roads. >> actually, yeah. now there are. if you had left the house earlier, you would have been fine but now you're going to be stuck in some traffic especially in the north bay but
6:47 am
if you want to get through all the traffic let's take a look first at mass transit because it is a "spare the air" day, so to avoid the traffic and "spare the air," bart, ace train, muni and caltrain are all on time. let's head to the north bay in petaluma. southbound one this is slow between petaluma boulevard north and polly park because of an earlier stall. the stall is out of the road but the residual backup will be slowing down if this is part of your morning commute. let's head now as you take southbound 101 to the golden gate bridge. here's a live look, that sun is popping in. from marin county into the golden gate toll plaza will be a 14-minute commute from 580 in san rafael and if you are traveling across the span of the bay bridge, expect a heavy commute as well here. the maze to downtown, now 27 minutes due to an earlier stall after treasure island. that stalled car has been cleared out of the roads, too. let's move to the nimitz freeway. looking good in both directions here on 880 northbound from 238 in san leandro to the maze, that will take you 17 minutes
6:48 am
and if you are taking the southbound side of 880 to the san mateo bridge, here's a live look at that commute across the span here from 880 to 101. it will be 19 minutes from hayward to foster city. altamont pass traffic heavy all morning from 205 in tracy at 14 miles per hour. 13 miles per hour at north flynn road. this is normal for the morning. altamont pass to 680 will take 15 minutes and here's a live look at the dublin interchange. that's traffic. i'll send it to you, julie, for the weather. we're off to a relatively mild start not seeing freezing temperatures that we have seen over the past week or so. mild especially in the city. 45 in oakland. 41 in concord. 44 in livermore. 49 your current temperature in santa rosa. satellite perspective shows that we do still have high
6:49 am
pressure in place that's dominant right now. warm air mass. wings plenty of sunshine, partly cloudy to start but more sunshine later today. as readvance to thursday, we stay dry. friday morning we start to see those showers move through. we're looking at rain at christmas eve, breezy during the middle part of the day in the lunch hour and the afternoon and low snow levels 3,000 to 4,000 feet during the early-morning and late night hours. so be mindful of it if you are traveling friday into saturday. lingering showers on the road. heaviest rain with the front on friday during the middle of the day. showers taper off saturday night just in time for santa to make his deliveries saturday night into sunday morning christmas morning. and then right now christmas
6:50 am
does look dry for most of the day on sunday. partly cloudy to start today it. not as cold. mainly sunny in the interim as we await the showers, mild temperatures today. changes by the end of the week are rain. ski report: the shortest day of the year is winter solstice and the official start of the winter season. high temperatures today actually more mild though than what we saw earlier this week topping out in the low 60s for the warmest spots inland in the south bay. as well as in the east bay. of 1 pleasant hill, livermore. 57 vallejo. near 50 around the bay and we have 50s to low 60s up north.
6:51 am
dry today and tomorrow. showers thursday and friday. rain and breezy friday tapering off on saturday. right now we look dry on christmas. but another system moving in early next week. back to you. 9 minutes before 7:00. today is the last day for californians to legally buy a gun with a so-called bullet button. the bullet button allows users to quickly release and relow high capacity ammo magazines. under the new law, any weapon with this button will be considered an assault weapon that's okay to own but not to buy. today is the last day to purchase them because of a 10- day waiting period to pick it up. the new law takes effect on january 1. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in saving a palo alto mobile home park from closing. santa clara county' new this morning a step forward in saving a palo alto
6:55 am
mobile home park from closing. santa clara county housing authority is going to buy the site. they closed the site in 2012. sings then the 400 residents have been in limbo. ive things to know at the :55. german police are searching for a tunisian man in his early 20s in connection with the christmas market attack. it left 12 people dead in berlin and dozens injured after the driver of the tractor- trailer plowed into a crowd. yesterday, the wrong man was arrested due to a mistaken eyewitness. investigators still trying to figure out what caused an explosion at a fireworks market near mexico city. it is a tradition in that area to celebrate christmas and new year's with fireworks and rockets. north carolina lawmakers are meeting today to discuss repealing a law limiting lgbt rights. the law includes a provision requiring transgender people to
6:56 am
use the bathroom corresponding with their sex at birth which sparked widespread protests. uber will meet with state officials to discuss the company's unpermitted self- driving car test in san francisco. uber claims it doesn't need a permit since each car has a backup driver. the state attorney general's office is threatening to sue uber if it doesn't get those cars off the roads. police are looking for the driver who struck a toddler in east san jose and then took off. the 3-year-old was out walking his dog with his grandfather last night when he was hit at roehampton and vancouver. he was rushed to the hospital. the extent of his injuries is unknown. i'm jackie ward in the kpix 5 studios talking about the "use of force" policy being voted on tonight in san francisco, this just a day after mayor lee named a new police chief. in this revised policy, the police department has outlined several areas of focus including safeguarding human life and dignity, establishing communication, crisis intervention when feasible, and fair and unbiased policing.
6:57 am
newly named san francisco police chief bill scott understands that this is just one of the issues the city is hoping he can resolve. >> police department is just a piece of the total big picture but it's an important piece. i don't take that lightly. there's a lot of work to be done. a lot of reforms that are on the jeanne. >> the police officers association has tried blocking the new policy for months and is against the moving car policy using this ad as a way to subway the public. back in may, a san francisco police sergeant shot and killed a woman in a suspected stolen car. later that day chief suhr resigned. the commission will vote on the "use of force" policy tonight at 5:30. it's 6:57. let's check the slow roadways throughout the bay area. things slowing down bad. expect 20 minutes between hayward to foster city. that's 880 to 101. now, on to another 20-minute commute on the bay bridge toll plaza. the maze to downtown 22 minutes and this is due to an earlier stalled car. now in petaluma, you have some
6:58 am
bad delays here on southbound 101. this is due to an earlier stalled car, as well. expect slowdowns between petaluma boulevard north and the park. mass transit looking good. julie? >> thanks, roqui. beautiful look outside as we await sunrise this morning on winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. temperatures are mild topping out -- currently in the 40s. 48 in san francisco. 45 concord. 38 in santa rosa. "spare the air" today, unhealthy air quality today. moderate for the rest of the bay area. your weather headlines, warmer today, we have mild temperatures slightly cooler for thursday, and then rain likely by friday. could make for some trouble on the roads if you are heading out to see family members driving around on friday. high temperatures today topping out in the upper 50s to low 60s. and again we're dry today and tomorrow, showers friday and then looks like we'll be dry for christmas day.
6:59 am
this holiday train is bringing lots of visitors to los gatos. laura and ed hendricks have been setting up this colorful ride in front of their house for the last six years. it takes three whole weeks to put this up. the family says it's worth it to see the smiles on kids' faces. their house is on farley road in los gatos if you want check it out. >> that's cool. the warriors dancing mom is back! >> i love her. >> she got so much attention for her moves recently that the team invited her to take center stage last night. >> check it out. ♪[ music ] during half-time.. wearing her signature sweater. the team posted this video to their twitter page last night.. an it's al >> she has the moves. robin joined the dance squad during halftime wearing her signature sweater. the team posted the video to their twitter page last night and it's already going viral. >> she is great. >> she is good. >> she is feeling it. >> i know. i love it. and with the sweater? she should have been a
7:00 am
cheerleader. >> she has the moves. [ laughter ] captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking a new suspect is identified in the deadly attack on a berlin christmas market. and a gps tracking device reveals new clues from the hours before the truck rampage. a fireworks market explodes near mexico city killing dozens of holiday shoppers. the death toll jumped above 30 overnight. several young burn victims have been rushed across the border to texas hospitals. and drones are one of the most popular gifts this holiday season. we have new technology designed to keep them away from high risk areas like airports. but we bin


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