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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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storm bringing rain and wind to the bay area... it's slowing down drivers and people flying out for the holidays. an now at noon, the latest storm bringing rain and wind to the bay area. it is slowing down drivers and people flying out for the holidays. and if you are heading to the sierra, get ready for a long ride. good afternoon, i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. we have live team coverage.
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storm. first maria medina is in san jose. maria? >> reporter: yeah, guys, you know, julie watts told us to head to san jose, it would be raining just in time for our noon shot and she was right. it start heavily raining here a half-hour ago. as we shake our umbrella, it's not just the rain and the wind. it's also the high surf that's affecting the last-minute holiday shopping. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: before they are prepared to start selling the dungeness crab they caught, his customers are already lining up. it's one of the biggest weekends of the year for crab fishermen like jim. >> besides thanksgiving and new year's. >> reporter: but today's storm that's brought wind, heavy rain and even high surf is threatening to put a dent in the sales today. >> it will slow things down as long as the rain is here but tomorrow it's supposed to clear up so it would be a nice day tomorrow so hopefully we'll do more sales tomorrow. but we'll be here today just in
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case people want crab. >> reporter: almost an hour way in san jose -- >> i am shopping for my mother- in-law and my husband. >> reporter: -- last-minute shoppers including this woman brave the cold at santana row, buying gifts before the looming rainstorm. >> i love it because it's open and the kids can run around and not be stuck in the house when it's raining. >> i just want to get it done before the it starts raining. >> reporter: no matter the weather, the holiday weekend is coming. for many, nothing will get in the way of the celebration. >> grab the umbrella, come on down and we'll be selling them rain or shine. >> reporter: rain or shine. that crab looks tempting. according to the national weather service, they expect to see waves as large as 20 feet high in some parts of the coast. maria medina, kpix 5, santana row. in san leandro a big tree crashed down on lorraine boulevard and pershing drive and almost hit a house across
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the streets street. a work crew started to clean that mess up but it's going to take a while. >> reporter: this is along the embarcadero in san francisco. the piers and much of the city pretty much empty on this friday before christmas. but we have seen people decked out in jackets and armed with umbrellas out there. julie watts is in for roberta today. are we looking at a soggy afternoon? we are off and on. it's not going to be the same kind of rain we saw this morning. we watched the front pass through earlier today. as you can see here on hi-def doppler, now primarily to our south. what we are going to see is scattered showers, a cold air mass in its wake and that's going to lead to the possibility of thunderstorms. here i'm putting this on a loop for you so you can see what we had for the last six hours or so. certainly saw the heavy rain early this morning. now we're seeing heavier rainfall in san jose thanks to the shoutout, maria medina, we knew we would be seeing rain at this hour down south and we'll continue to see scattered showers showers around the bay area off and on today.
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heavy rain today fremont, livermore, dublin, san ramon, pushing south and east. campbell, san jose and milpitas. and, of course, heading up to the high sierra we mentioned the snow, this cold air mass bringing snow levels down possibly to around 2,000 feet even here in the bay area. so keeping a close eye for some snow flurries around here but a winter weather warning is in effect. gusty winds, travel delays. your full forecast is coming up. lots of people getting on planes today. here's a look at the oakland airport. the lines to check in bags are longer than usual. but the tsa lines weren't terrible this morning. of course, all things considered. meanwhile, plenty of trouble at sfo. 43 flights have been canceled so far today. mostly because of weather in other parts of the country. and whether you're getting on a plane or picking someone up, be prepared to wait. >> i'm lisa chan at sfo where
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they started a delay program at 7 a.m. this morning and this will continue until midnight. because of the wind and rain, the faa is slowing down the arrival rate of planes and this will then affect departures. a record number of people will be on the go today, more than 6 million people expected to fly, but most are expected to drive. aaa says 93 million people will be on the roads this holiday season. at l.a.x., the country's second largest airport, 850 flights were delayed and more than 150 canceled over a 48-hour period. >> how long have you been at l.a.x.? >> 24 hours today. >> now it's been four hours and they just canceled it after 3 hours waiting. >> reporter: overall, 103 million measures will be traveling for the holidays. that's 1.5 million more than last year. now, back here at sfo, they are expecting about 165,000 passengers to make their way in and out of sfo today. lisa chan, kpix 5. at last check, delays at
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sfo were averaging 45 minutes to an hour. to check your flight status, we have links to all three major bay area airports at as julie said, travel on the roads is slow going especially for people headed up to the sierra. here's what it looked like a short time ago. not too many cars yet but expect a lot of company if you plan to drive to the mountains later today. chains are required on 80 and 50. and once there, it looks like this, plenty of fresh snow falling up there. this is at "sierra at tahoe" past 6,000 feet. new at noon, first california said no. and today arizona's governor opened the doors for uber's driverless cars pilot program. the governor was there as the autonomous vehicles were unloaded from a truck in phoenix yesterday. uber announced it was shipping them to arizona after they were banned from california roads over safety concerns. >> california may not want you. we want you to know that
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arizona does want uber. we are a state that is open for business. >> the governor says his primary concern is public safety. so uber's self-driving cars will all be permitted and insured. officials say for now each self- driving car will have a person in the driver's seat as a precaution. an oakland family won't be spending the holidays at home after a fire in their garage that started around 10 p.m. last night at a home on alhambra lane in the montclair area. investigators say that a family member who was parking outside first noticed the flames. her dad was watching tv at the time inside when he heard her screaming to get everyone outside. >> so i went out the front door to check what was going on and saw flames coming out from underneath the garage. and i guess it went up pretty quickly because by the time i turned around to go back inside, because i couldn't see her outside, the whole front door was filled with smoke. >> flames damaged the house and destroyed an electric car park
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in the driveway. investigators are trying to figure the cause of the fire. police are searching for suspects in the latest bay area freeway shooting. this one happened last night on 580 in oakland near the harrison street exit. officers say two people were shot. they were riding in the same car and you can see the bullet holes there and broken glass. both people were rushed to the hospital. investigators still trying to figure out what led up to the gunfire. this is the third shooting on 580 in less than a month. developing news in milan, italy, where the man wanted for this week's deadly truck attack in berlin was killed in an early-morning shootout with police. cbs reporter riley carlson has more on that plus new video of the suspect from isis. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: anis amri's four- day run from law enforcement ended with a police gunfight on this street in italy some 600 miles from berlin. the tunisian national was suspected of fatally mowing down 12 people at a christmas market. two officers spotted amri
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acting suspiciously at 3 a.m. they say when they asked him for id, he took a pistol from his backpack and shot one of them in the shoulder. the second officer responded with deadly force. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: german chance la angela merkel says security forces will not rest until they know who helped him escape. officials say he fled to france and then italy. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: this morning, isis released this video of amri pledging his allegiance to the "islamic state" hand threatening the west for, quote, bombing muslims. amri's fingerprints were found inside the cab of the tractor- trailer used in the attack. dashcam video most is the truck barreling towards the christmas market followed by people running from the scene. police say amri was also spotted on camera a few hours later at a berlin mosque. at an afternoon news conference can chancellor merkel said she spoke about the president of tunisia and said the two nations must speed up deportations of those who were denied asylum, like amri.
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riley carlson for cbs news, london. >> published reports say that moroccan intelligence officials warmed german authorities twice about anis amri in september and october saying he was an isis supporter who could carry out an attack on germany. lights have resumed at a malta airport after two hijackers diverted a libyan plane there earlier in the day. flights have resumed. the flight was headed to tripoli this morning when the hijackers forced it to land on the mediterranean island. they claimed to be carrying explosives. hours later the hijackers surrendered peacefully and security stormed the plane to evacuate the 118 passengers and crew. the pilot tells libyan tv that the men were seeking political asylum in europe. ♪[ music ] the clock is ticking down to christmas. coming up how some stores are catering to shoppers until the very last minute. >> and taking another live look at our hi-def doppler this afternoon, we are continuing to track the storm over the bay area. julie will have a look ahead to
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the evening commute and your christmas weekend forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the lots d south ends o heads up going to the golden gate bridge. marking restrictions -- parking restrictions are now in effect. the lots at the north and south ends of the bridge will be closed daily between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. from now through monday, january 2. it is a temporary holiday closure. you will have tyke a tour bus or cab to the welcome center and vista point outlooks. last-minute christmas shoppers, retailers are rolling out discounts right before the holiday weekend. target is offering one day discounts on specific items. toys 'r us is in the middle of a 39 hour marathon.
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they opened up at 6 a.m. today and will stay open for 39 hours. a live look from wall street right now as we check the financial markets. the dow hasn't changed much just down about a point ahead of the holiday weekend. time now for our fresh grocer's tip of the day. >> tony tantillo here talking about a winter superfood. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is going to be with tuscan dinosaur kale. i did a tip on this kale in the summertime. and now in the winter, the kale because of the colder nights they are actually more nutritious and better flavor. it's a beautiful thing. and they are more widely available. this kale here is not as hard and as bitter as the other variety of cail. as a matter of fact, it's tender. it is delicious. and it's sweet. when you buy them, you want to make sure the leaves are nice and green all the way through. see this? the veins that go through the kale nice and white. when you bring this home, so important to store them, here's
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the key now, in the refrigerator right away. open up the bag so they could be stored but not for too long. it's a superfood, nutritional value incredible with kale. hold it for three days at the most. any longer and the nutritional value starts to deplete. great in soups, sauted, kale, tuscan, also known as dinosaur kale, in the market. great for this time of year. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. your fresh grocer tony tantillo and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. i love this. ♪[ music ] julie is getting us up to speed on the weather. it's a little crazy throughout. >> it is a little crazy out there. i think i can teach you a little something today. the front moved through. this is a cold front. you can see now most of the rain to the south of the bay area south bay still getting hammered but over the next couple of hours we'll see the rain diminish and scattered showers behind it. here's where the heaviest rainfall is right now.
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east bay, south bay, fremont, milpitas, san jose, continuing to push east to the sacramento valley. a cold air mass in the wake of this front. that's keeping temperatures on the cool side today topping out only in the 50s right now. we are in the upper 40s to low 50s throughout the bay area. your current temperature satellite perspective showing this area of low pressure. we have the possibility of thunderstorms this afternoon. notice this popcorn like cloud structure here. this is indicative of a cold air mass. unstable and that's what's going to help to produce at least the possibility of some thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon hours. here we at the lunch hour. most of the rain right now is over the south and east bay. as we advance on into the afternoon, we are likely going to see some pop-up showers and maybe another band of rain moving through but overall just scattered showers for the remainder of the day in through the evening commute. here we are saturday morning. and we are starting to clear out.
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the clearer the skies, the colder the temperatures. so keep that in mind. we could see some frosty conditions if the skies clear early enough. here we are, however, christmas morning. the model is showing a bit more cloud cover. that's going to act like a blanket. the more clouds we see, the warmer it will be. so depending on if this holds out, we could see a very frigid sunday with this cold air mass in place or it could be a bit more mild. either way, though, we are dry for christmas eve and for christmas. the winter storm warning is in effect, however, through saturday afternoon even though the showers will taper off today. expect gusty winds, travel days and snow levels around 3,000 feet. speaking of travel delays, wet and windy at sfo. we'll see delays throughout the day. already seeing 2 to 2.5-hour delays. high temperatures today as i mentioned staying cool. only warming up into the 50s areawide. and the extended forecast showing those temperatures don't warm up very much. we are going to see rain today and then drying out overnight
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saturday, overnight friday night into saturday, dry for saturday and sunday christmas day. and staying dry through the extended forecast. now, it's time for one of our favorite times of the year, "food for bay area families." joining us today karen sallinger the director of sales at veritable vegetable and we also have michael the sf marin food bank board president and today we have something a little special. we haven't had this yet. instead of a check, we are actually donating food, produce, right? tell us about the donation today. >> that's right. so in 2016, veritable vegetables donated 180,000 pounds which total $300,000 to the food bank in san francisco. >> what does that mean for the food bank? we hear a lot about money. but this is a substantial donation. >> so north food bank that means 180,000 pounds of food means about 900,000 meals and with one in four people in san
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francisco and marin in need of food in a food crisis that we face this will provide a huge uplift to our community. >> reporter: so what can folks at home do? i guess we don't have 180,000 pounds of amazing vegetables but what can they do to help? >> they can donate food in bins in workplaces around the bay area and give money. the need doesn't stop with the holidays. it continues after the holidays. it's a year-round issue and if people continue to give throughout the year, that helps us provide the missing meals that are so important to people in our community. >> and that's certainly important to remember. it's not just this time of year when we think about it but donations are needed year round. you can donate at any whole foods market or at back to you guys. we'll be right back.
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set of concerns for pet owners. joining us with tips... is our pet expert, dr. jill chase. welcome back. from decorations to food to guesses, the holidays can bring a new set of concerns for pet owners. joining us today with some tips is our pet expert, dr. jill chase. >> hi. >> you're with che. did. what should pet owners look out for as the holidays come? >> the biggest question i get is why christmas tree water is not okay. that's because it can be stagnant and bacteria can sometimes get -- start growing and if they drink that they can get very sick. sometimes the trees have been
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fertilized and that's toxic to animals. also, tinsel is not a good idea with cats and small dogs. they will eat it and sometimes get obstructed. which means that they can't pass it through their stomach be careful about fatty foods, no alcohol and no fatty foods. if you have visitors coming to the house, it will be careful about making sure medications will not anywhere where a pet can get to it. it will be very, very dangerous. plants that are toxic, mistletoe, holly and lilies very, very toxic and can cause death. >> tell us about sf aid. >> so there's a lot of places to donate. i certainly donate to all sorts of different organizations, but i wanted to talk about san francisco aid for animals which is a really nice place to donate money because what it does is if i have a patient come through that is sick but i can cure it but that owner doesn't have the money to pay, i can apply to sf aid for animals and ask for money toward that and then they will donate to me so you can go
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online and donate however much you want but that money is pooled towards animals for vets in san francisco. >> a nice gift. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays. good to see you. for more go, to if you have a question about your pet's health and well meaning, just email, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bold and the beautiful is next. here's hi-def doppler. we have some rain still on hi- def doppler. most of it though over the south and east bay. we are going to see lingering showers even low snow. the cold air mass in place snow levels around 2,000 et. >> airport delays check your flights. merry christmas. ,,
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[ "o come all ye faithful" playing ] >> quinn: merry christmas, sweetheart. >> eric: you keep saying that. is this -- is this christmas? >> quinn: it's a nice, quiet christmas, and i can't think of a more perfect way to spend our first one. >> eric: maybe quieter than i would like, but it'll be wonderful having it with you. i suppose it's the natural order of things. people grow up.


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