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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and i'm marai medina-- in for michelle griego. outside... good morning, it is monday, december 26. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm maria medina in for michelle griego. a live look outside. a chilly start to our last week
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of 2016. beautiful shot. >> looks very clear. usually we're used to the fog rolling in at this hour but it is looking very nice out there. >> wow, with the passage of the cold front we have a lot of cooler air mass in place right now so that's why we have the clarity and we also have an offshore flow that's kicking in so we have some breezy conditions, there are some chilly temperatures and, boy, we're even talking about a wind chill this morning. currently looking out towards sfo no reports of any local airport delays. we'll keep you posted on that. temperatures dipped into the upper 20s in santa rosa. 34 in livermore down to the 20s this morning. 35 in san jose mid-30s in redwood city. wind now for the most part under 10 except in san francisco also along the immediate seashore in half moon bay. you have to go inland to fairfield to pick up a wind to 12 but mount diablo has a wind gust to 30. winds pretty sustained during the afternoon offshore northeast 10 to 20 miles per hour. couple that up with daytime highs only 50s in throughout
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the tri-valley to 56 degrees east of the bay and oakland through emeryville into period monday and alameda. we are going to talk more about this last week of 2016 weather forecast and the last shot of rain for the season. that's coming up but right now let's say good morning to gianna. >> good morning. let's jump over to the freeways right now. it's been a pretty easy commute so far with no delays to report on any bay area freeways or bridges. in fact, here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. got a couple of cars making their way across the span but overall very light conditions. southbound give yourself about 15 minutes going from 580 down towards the golden gate toll plaza. and into san francisco. there are some parking lot changes at vista point that started on the 24th extending through january 1. looks like the lot will be closed for regular cars for your personal vehicles from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. tour buses are still allowed to park at vista point. so keep that in mind if you are heading over to see the beautiful views. take a tour bus from 11 to 5 daily until january 1. we'll check the rest of the bay area coming up. back to you guys. thank you.
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heavy snow and crowded airports are making long distance travel pretty trying this holiday. >> kpix 5's jackie ward is live at sfo this morning with more on those concerns. jackie. >> reporter: yeah. let's not confuse anyone. the snow is not here at sfo. but it is a busy time of year and we think the busiest days of this stretch though are behind us. however, you might run into some crowds later on today especially as you go towards the east coast in places like the midwest, southwest airlines has issued a travel advisory through today because of the wintry weather expected to get out there. so that means delays in chicago, milwaukee, and minneapolis. flights may be diverted or delayed in that part of the country and law enforcement is reminding drivers to take it slow. >> all you have to do is travel a few miles and everything feels good and you get complacent. and then you come around the corner or especially going across a bridge or a ramp and that's where you're going to find the problems. >> reporter: it's estimated that more than 45 million
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people are traveling between december 15 and january 2. from sfo, i'm jackie ward, kpix 5. jackie, sfo has tried to ease the stress that can come with traveling and it is doing so in an unusual way. how so? >> reporter: ha ha, yeah. okay, so you can put this up under the only in the bay area. you got to meet this pig. we have a picture of her. let me plows to this fine pig. she is the newest member of the wag brigade here at sfo. so she is a therapy pig. she greets people, does some tricks, and even plays a toy piano. and, of course, she even has her own instagram page. we are in the bay area after all. you got to be on social media. so you if you are traveling from sfo, you can have the kids meet the pig. she will be at terminal 3 starting at noon today. i'm telling ya, only here. >> all right. thanks so much, jackie. a memorial is growing outside of george michael's
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home in england. fans have been stopping by leaving flowers and notes. michael's manager says he died at his home yesterday from heart failure. he was 53. comedian ellen degeneres is expressing shock. george michael rose to fame in the 1980s with a british band, wham. back in 1998, he was arrested for a lewd act in a public bathroom. the music legend then "came out." >> i don't feel any shame for -- i feel stupid and i feel reckless and weak for having, um, allowed my sexuality to be exposed this way but i don't feel any shame whatsoever. and neither do i think i should. >> some fans who spoke to say george michael's bravery helped them "come out," too. in san francisco's castro, popular music venues blared some of his biggest hits to pay tribute. badlands club on 18th street blared last christmas another classic to honor the pop star.
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locals we spoke to say george michael's music touched people of all generations. but some in the gay community stress just his presence in the music world empowered them. >> for people who were are gay, they didn't have to say they were gay to know that we connected with them on a different level. george michael was that guy. we all knew he was cool. and we can relate to him way before he actually publicly announced. >> others in the castro told us they will never forget his daring fashion choices including his little leather jackets. "star wars" actress carry fisher is still in the hospital this morning now stable. her mother debbie reynolds posted the update on twitter thanking fans and friends for the good wishes over the weekend. fisher went into cardiac arrest on a flight from london to los angeles on friday. she was rushed to the hospital shortly later. fisher was in london filming a tv show for amazon. a massive menorah was stolen from a park in san francisco and now police are
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looking for whoever took it. authorities say it disappeared within the last two days. it's nearly 6 feet tall and weighs about 150 pounds. it was installed about 2 weeks ago in washington square, north beach. when members of the north beach chabad went to light the first candle of hanukkah, it was gone. so now police don't have any information about a suspect or motive. in santa monica, police are trying to figure out who vandalized a synagogue. rabbis at the living torah center found this when they arrived at the building yesterday. police say that someone had thrown and smeared feces against a window. >> why did you pick this place this night? the night that we lit the menorah in the window? it's not nice to do, not just to our synagogue but any religious institution out there. >> now, this isn't the first time the synagogue has been targeted. just last month, the organization received threatening phone calls. police are increasing patrols while they investigate. three people are rushed to the hospital after a shooting and fight outside the same san francisco nightclub. the two incidents happened just
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after 2:30 yesterday morning outside the grand in the south of market district. police say they are not related. one person was arrested in the assault. but the shooting suspect is still on the loose. all three victims are expected to be okay. a scary situation for dozens of people at a chinese restaurant last night. they had to evacuate when a fire erupted at uncle u's in san ramon. we are told that the fire started in the kitchen and spread into a duct system. at one point the fire threatened an ice cream parlor right next door. >> there's damage to baskin- robbins, damage to the restaurant and smoke damage to the neighboring buildings and one person complained of smoke inhalation. >> at the time, the owner's friends friend were inside for a private party. everyone was able to get out safely. he cause is under investigation. police in oakland are investigating a stabbing during an attempted robbery. it happened yesterday morning on international boulevard near 42nd avenue. police say a man was stabbed in the stomach as three suspects
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tried to rob him. he was rushed to the hospital. he is expected to recover. and so far police have not made any arrests. world leaders did not put their differences aside on christmas. president obama yesterday received heavy criticism from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. this in response to a u.n. resolution condemning israel's west bank settlements recently. the u.s. abstained from voting on the resolution allowing the measure to pass. some republicans are slamming the president. >> sess in this desperate frenzy. what he is doing is setting up a whole series of things to distract president-elect donald trump. >> the obama administration views the settlements as an on stagle to a two-state -- obstacle to a two-state solution. netanyahu requested a meeting with the u.s. ambassador to israel to discuss that decision. today an artist is holding a protest against donald trump in what she calls the normalization of violence
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against women. this person will be standing silently for six hours straight at san francisco's union square starting at 10 a.m. she claims her protest is meant to demonstrate her sal dart with a woman who "claims" president-elect donald trump raped her when she was 13. it is now 5:10. still ahead, some teslas are singing and driving on mars. we'll explain. >> and a wild winter storm is on the move. millions of americans bracing for blizzard-like conditions. we'll tell you where it's headed next. >> that certainly looks like a white christmas. good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the last chance of rain showers for 2016. we'll pinpoint that day you should expect it. >> and it's been an easy commute so far. but changes to mass transit, details coming right up. in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it is the day after christmas, december 26. it's boxing day. taking a live look out towards the transamerica pyramid i'm looking at what that headline says right there and the answer is, snow! we'll talk about your day coming up. around the holidays you will see plenty of children zooming around in battery powered cars but now disabled children are getting behind the
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wheel and it's bringing plenty of benefits. 5-year-old ryan is one of them. he has a genetic disorder that prevents his brain and muscles from growing properly. his special battery-operated car designed by nonprofit go baby go helps his sit up straight and develop muscles that let him use his hands. and ryan's mom says the car doesn't just come with health benefits. >> in the evenings, where everyone is playing all the kids are out, he gets to take his car out and gets to be like everybody else. >> the go baby go lab is based out of the university of delaware but people across the u.s. can connect to the program to set up their own branches and build these cars for kids. all right. the new tesla update is getting people into the holiday spirit. it lets drivers put the car into a light show mode. take a look at this. ♪[ music ] ♪[ music ] ♪[ music ] >> tesla's ceo elon musk posted a video on twitter this weekend
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showing how it works. when users type in the ak so code model xmas on their control screen it unlocks the features. the cars doors and locks will move to the song. the second part of the update takes drivers to mars. when users plug in the access code a simulation of driving a rover pops up on the control screen. it moves as the car moves. >> there's another distraction. >> yeah. you don't want that on the roads, right? especially with the autopilot feature. still got to pay attention. time now 5:15. let's check in with gianna. >> like we need more distractions on the roadway. probably no traffic on mars so that might be kind of fun. let's take a look at the roadways now. no traffic in the bay area right now. traffic looks very good as you work your way across the eastshore freeway easy free- flowing conditions in fact westbound as you head out of richmond into berkeley all the way towards the bay bridge traffic should remain very light this morning not a lot of people going to work. the bay bridge traffic very quiet as you work your way
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westbound towards the toll plaza and you're clear all wait in san francisco with no delays right now 19 minutes to go from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze. let's check the rest of the bay area freeways. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway, both directions in oakland very light as you work your way into oakland, southbound clear got a few cars working their way into hayward but traffic is still quiet. you're clear all the way south 880 down into fremont this morning. 16 minutes if you are going northbound though from 238 into the maze. taking a look at the san mateo bridge, traffic has been very light there across the span both directions no delays as you head between 880 and 101. fremont westbound over towards the area looks good and the dumbarton bridge looks like about 13 to 15 minutes drive time here on the san mateo bridge. if you are taking the golden gate bridge, traffic is pretty quiet, as well. no delays right now out of marin into san francisco. 14 minutes to work your way south 101. now, there are some changes to mass transit. you're going to want to keep in mind this morning first of all bart will be running a modified schedule during the commute hours this morning so instead
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of five-minute trains, expect 10 to 15 minutes between trains mostly affecting the pittsburg- bay point line during the commute hours. no ace train service today. not running. muni is on a sunday schedule caltrain a modified schedule. roberta, i have been freezing bundled up in covers the last couple of days. >> right? it has been cold. yesterday, i woke up in the morning went outside frost on the lawn, 28 degrees in pleasanton. now what i miss about you -- you know what i miss about you, g? the walks up to coit tower. that's always fun. looking towards coit tower this morning, the light is on which means we're open for business. clear skies, temperatures currently across the board into the 30s and 40s. however, santa rosa, nestled into that upper 20-degree mark. 29 degrees there. it is 34 degrees in livermore on its way down to easily 32 before the sun makes an appearance. 35 now in san jose. now, the other side of the story this morning we have a breeze in san francisco up to 11. it actually makes it feel colder. winds have been increasing along the immediate seashore, half moon bay now at 11.
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pretty calm however in throughout the tri-valley into the south and in throughout the santa clara valley. winds now northerly at 12 in fairfield. i'm mentioning this, we have been picking up wind gusts this morning easily up to 30 in the mount diablo and mount tam area of the north bay. winds will be breezy offshore northeast 10 to 20 during the bulk of the day. so we start a couple of series of low pressure well to the north of us. this one is now taking a nosedive in a southerly direction. rain showers off the point conception coastline through santa barbara. otherwise, we have high pressure trying to filter in. we'll see those offshore winds today. travel weather for you across the state today is currently 2 below zero in truckee. it is 26 degrees in blue canyon. we will see highs today into the mid-30s. perfect ski weather or boarding. 57 degrees in monterey bay back through carmel into big sur. clear skies in throughout the sacramento valley minus any kind of tule fog but again if you are heading to the high sierra, lucky you! temperatures into the 30s today. a little bit more spring-like conditions into the 40s on
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tuesday again with the offshore push. now, san jose our official reporting station is located at mineta international airport. computer models today suggest we'll realize a high temperature right around 54 degrees. not bad at all. in fact, i'm getting 55 degrees towards willow glen, cupertino, campbell, back through sunnyvale into saratoga, los gatos, same. you will notice around the rim of the bay today temperatures into the low to mid-50s. low 50s pretty common around the peninsula and the seashore. low and mid-50s to the north, only 50 degrees, that's as good as it gets in the tri-valley similar to what we experienced on christmas day. here's your extended forecast. i am bumping up the temperatures away from the bay in our inland areas on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. there's a slight chance of rain showers come friday night should not interfere at all with any kind of reveling new year's eve celebrations over the weekend. that's a look at this last week of 2016 forecast. at least four people are
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dead after a powerful typhoon touched down in the philippines yesterday. it forced thousands to spend christmas in evacuation centers is there. concerns of widespread flooding continue this morning. the typhoon is packing 90-mile- per-hour winds. it's expected to exit over the south china sea later today. millions of people across the country are dealing with a wild winter storm. the dakotas are seeing the worst of the blizzard conditions and as roxana saberi reports, parts of the east coast are bracing for the storm. >> reporter: the unrelenting holiday storm spilled into the overnight hours covering animals and driveways in the dakotas with mounds of snow. while the system brought a white christmas yesterday -- >> it's so beautiful, my first white christmas ever! >> reporter: -- it also made driving treacherous throughout the northern plains and in the southwest. this was the scene in arizona as interstate 40 was brought to a standstill by snow.
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in minnesota, this semi truck carrying 40,000 pounds of chocolate flipped on its side as freezing rain and sleet covered roads. >> at that right moment when the temperatures drop, the department of transportation hasn't been out, you have to watch the exits. >> reporter: the conditions kept many plow and tow truck drivers away from their families in iowa and utah. >> this is my ninth call. and it's been crazy. today's been nuts. a lot of slide-offs, accidents. >> whoo! >> reporter: others brought out their sleds to make the most of nature on the holiday. >> most snow i have ever seen in my life, it's awesome! it feels so nice. >> reporter: it's going to the east coast today bringing the mess with it. >> the system will progress eastward moving through the great lakes producing freezing rain and eventually into upstate new york going into pennsylvania, massachusetts and parts of vermont too. >> reporter: the national weather service is warning people who plan to hit the roads today to take extra precautions. red sox san in a saberi for cbs
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news. closer to home it's been snowing in the high country and it's not only skiers and snowboarders who are enjoying the conditions. take a look at these pictures from the avalanche team at heavenly mountain. looking good. the rescue dogs are having some fun in the snow. they were out patrolling and playing yesterday. the mountain got about 15 inches of powder during the latest storm. coming up in sports, we'll look at the afc play-off picture plus the warriors were in the giving mood on christmas in cleveland as they blow a 14- point lead to the cavaliers. sports is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the season of giving but the warriors have no plan to give the cavs a gift. the "dubs" led all but 42 seconds of the game but put a bow or another 4th quarter collapse. draymond green not spreading christmas cheer after early foul trouble. they looked like they would pull away in the flouter. kevin durant's floater puts the "dubs" up. the cavs wouldn't go away though. final seconds, kyrie irving hits the fadeaway. over klay thompson gives cleveland a 1-point lead. he scored 14 of his 25 in the fourth. last chance for the warriors but they wouldn't get a shot
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off. durant falls as time expires. cavs win 109-108. to football now steelers punch their ticket to the post- season. ben roethlisberger hits brown for the game winner with nine seconds left. pittsburgh beats baltimore 31- 27 to clinch the afc north. could there be a quarterback controversy in kansas city? the exclamation point for the chiefs. they pound the broncos 33-10. and denver is officially eliminated from the play-offs. the warriors return home. they play their next game on wednesday and then they will play nine of their next ten games at home. have a great monday. ♪[ music ] it is now 5:26. still ahead, free starbucks. we'll tell you how you can snag some coffee this week. >> reporter: and if you are traveling today, we'll let you know where in the country you might run into some delays. right now, we're all clear at sfo. but that's not the case elsewhere. ,,
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we'll show you how fans are remembering the singer, this morning. and it could be a busy day.. on the roads and in the tributes are pouring in for british pop star george michael. how fans are remembering the sing they are morning. >> it could be busy on the roads and in the air. we're live at the airport with the latest on your holiday travel. >> and from the kpix weather center, good morning, everybody. we'll talk about the last chance of rain in 2016 and which day you should expect it. >> word of a new trouble spot on 101 that may cause a snag through the peninsula. details coming up. goo, it is monday, december 26. i'm maria medina. >> i'm kenny choi. heavy snow and crowded airports are making long distance travel pretty taxing this holiday. >> kpix 5's jackie ward is live at sfo to break down those
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concerns. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning to you both. it's calm here at sfo for now but it's early. it most likely won't stay this quiet as the day progresses. sfo officials are recommending that you get here at least two hours before your flight if you are traveling domestically and three if you are traveling internationally. just getting to the airport may be difficult in places like chicago, minneapolis, milwaukee. southwest airlines has issued a travel advisory there because of forecasted weather conditions. in minnesota, ice forming on the roads is making it a slippery trek to the airport. >> those ramps will start icing up again. the department of transportation will be ready for it and they will be out but if you happen to be coming along and taking an exit ramp at that right moment when the temperatures drop and dot hasn't been out you have to watch the exists. >> reporter: sfo says to use the domestic garage. only 10 minutes or less. they are hoping that will ease
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some of the predicted traffic congestion. at sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5. jackie. thank you. time now 5:31. let's get a check of weather with roberta. >> now, i'll be checking out that traffic situation at the airport on friday. >> where are you heading now? >> vegas! >> oh, wow. >> where is my invite? >> right? >> where was my invite? >> you have to work this weekend. >> that's true. >> take lots of pictures. share it with us. >> yeah. new year's eve. it's going to be lots of fun, right? >> wow. [ laughter ] >> vegas! hey. >> we know what roberta is doing. [ laughter ] >> going to the elton john concert, of course. hi, good morning, everybody. clear skies out the door this morning. we do have some areas of frost away from the bay, the lights are on, and we're open for business. it's in the 40s in san francisco. 34 in livermore. 32 in pleasanton. later today, we will again be below average throughout many of our neighborhoods. we should typically be at 57 in san jose. we are going to strike out at
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55 degrees there through santa clara into cupertino and also right around the campbell area in the mid-50s. around the peninsula generally low to mid-50s with some sunshine a few clouds this morning all associated with a little disturbance that's off the big sur coast right now. otherwise those clouds will wipe away. 52 degrees in half moon bay. a little coolschools@kpix.comer than that in colma and south san francisco at 50 degrees. east of the bay the numbers stacking up into the low to mid- 50s, as well. again, these numbers are very similar to yesterday at 52 in walnut creek. low 50s benicia, martinez, vallejo, american canyon. north bay numbers from 54 degrees in stinson beach with a pretty breezy offshore wind. northeast 10 to 20 miles per hour. adding a bit of a chill to the air but the sky will be clear along the immediate seashore up to andrew bogut. low 50s in sonoma and glen ellen. 52 degrees today in cloverdale. look at ukiah. only in the high 40s. we do have a chance of rain this week. the last chance for 2016, we'll
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talk about that at 48 after the hour but right now let's were in gianna. we missed you! >> i miss my morning show family especially roberta. good morning. let's jump to the roads right now. reporting a problem 101 at 92. getting word of a structure fire just off the freeway so smoke may be visible as you commute along 101 near 92 this morning. again we're not seeing any slowing on our sensors. traffic is still very light as you work your way north- and southbound but just be advised it might be some activity there as well but smoke may be visible due to a structure fire near 101 and 92. heads up through there. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. so far, so good no delays westbound 880 to 101. pretty easy drive so far, 13 minutes and again we keep a close eye on that because traffic may slow down a bit west 92, the smoke may be visible on the 2, as well. taking a look at conditions on the bay bridge so far, so good. no delays right now and no metering lights is what we like to hear on a monday morning. all right, back to you guys. thank you.
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our other top story this morning george michael. fans are remembering the singer- songwriter. his manager satisfied he died yesterday from heart failure. he was 53 his manager said he died. he rose to fame in the '80s with wham and then went on a solo career in the '90s. a memorial is growing outside of michael's home in england. fans and friends have been gathering outside leaving flowers, candles and some notes. russia is observing a national day of mourning after rescue teams continue to search for victims of yesterday's deadly plane crash. the russian military jet crashed in the black sea just two minutes after take-off from sochi. russia's intelligence agency says this morning it sees no sign of a terror plot. helicopters, boats and divers are searching for the 92 victims on board the jet. the passengers included a well- known russian humanitarian taking medical supplies to syria. and dozens of singers in russian's military choir. president vladimir putin promised a thorough investigation into the crash.
5:36 am
right now the search is on for a burglar in benicia. he was captured on surveillance video just last week. police say that he stole from two convenience stores. this video is from the super stop at the southampton shopping center. officers say that by the time they arrived, the suspect had already taken off and broke into a nearby chevron. he reportedly got away with money from both places. he was last seen driving a dark colored bmw. investigators believe that he could be connected to other burglaries in napa. contra costa water district customers have been saving water but their efforts won't pay off. district officials say rates are going up 6% to cover inflation. the hike is also meant to cover reduced revenue from customers cutting their water use during the drought. more than 200,000 customers could be seeing an additional $3.50 on their monthly bill starting in february. a bay area city's newest piece of public art is making
5:37 am
waiting in line more exciting. check this out. a new 20-foot interactive video wall at palo alto's city hall. the high-tech device was built by a los angeles artist susan nar dualy. it picks up twitter feeds from palo alto and around the world and there's a kiosk where people can instantly add to the conversation. >> it's an extension of the public square or public forum that's a place for discourse but it's people's space. >> the video wall can also be programmed to carry live news feeds or broadcast of city hall meetings. right now there's a lot of shopping going on in australia. [ yelling ] >> all right! department stores in sidney opened at 5 a.m. this morning. today is basically their black friday. it's called boxing day. >> this is our one day to spend [ indiscernible ] >> that's nothing. >> shopping without the husband
5:38 am
husband. according to the australian retailers association, shoppers are expected to spend around $2.3 billion u.s. over the next 24 hours. this is another gadget tore "pokemon go" fans and any new study about how bubbly your campaign should be. we have that and more in today's moneywatch report. >> reporter: wall street is closed monday in observance of christmas. on friday, u.s. markets ended the day slightly up. the dow added 14 points. the nasdaq gained 15. the u.s. dollar is stronger than it's been in more than a decade but gold prices will try to recover from their 7th straight weekly decline when trading resumes tuesday the longest stretch in 12 years. economists say the prospect of further interest rate hikes in 2017 and a strong dollar are helping keep prices lower. and for those of you who just can't get enough, "pokemon go" is now available on apple's iwatch. the smart watch version won't let players catch pokemon but they will be able to connect to
5:39 am
the mobile game and collect items from stops and monsters. a new study finds bigger bubbles may be better for your bubbly. researchers in france's champagne region have determined larger bubbles may improve the way champagne tastes and smells. the larger bubbles deliver more of the flavor into the drinker's nose when taking a sip. and that's your moneywatch. for more, log on to in new york, i'm karina mitchell. online retail giant amazon is teaming up with goodwill to encourage donations this holiday season. according toamazon's you can ship donations to goodwill for free through u.p.s. or the u.s. postal service. the offer is good for all boxes as long as they meet regulations. donations go to the nearest participating goodwill organization. we are talking about free stuff if you want some free
5:40 am
coffee today, starbucks is putting up 1,000 pop-up cheer parties. stop by between 1 and 2 p.m. customers can get a free tall espresso drink. the pop-up locations however change each day. so it's not a guarantee. we checked and there are some in san francisco, oakland, and san jose today. so you have to be lucky. >> i'll be stopping by starbucks. all right. it's now 5:40. coming up, a woman hikes 26 miles to save her family. we have their story coming up next. >> and here's a live look at 880. not much traffic out there. we'll of course get the latest with gianna when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. welcome to your monday, december 26. happy boxing day! how cold will it be today? well, right now, we're at 29
5:43 am
degrees in santa rosa. yes, 29 degrees! they are topping off the day only low to mid-50s. next shot of rain we'll talk about that in just a matter of minutes. there you go. he is going to take it, look at this he is going to throw! touchdown! >> oh. >> yeah. a lot of people are talking about this play. it happened during the broncos- chiefs game. with less than 2 minutes to go the chiefs coach put in one of the defensive tackles as quarterback! [ laughter ] >> he faked the run, threw a jump pass and there you go. he got the touchdown. kansas city went on to win the game 33-10. >> very athletic move play of the year. all right. this morning a weatherman will finally feel the chill of winter with no facial hair. >> scott sable grew out his beard for many months in the name of football until it looked like this. >> wow. >> ew. >> the ohio forecaster wouldn't trim one inch of it until the cleveland browns won a game in season. and on saturday, his nfl favorite beat the san diego
5:44 am
chargers after a 14-game losing streak. so he plans to shave his three- month beard live on air. >> today. >> looks more like one of those stanley cup hockey players, right? >> right. >> the whole season. >> longer and loner. >> i was thinking about doing that and saying, you know, going to grow a beard until the 49ers won a game. the boss had something to say about that. actually shaving it off this morning. [ laughter ] >> i'd like to see you grow a beard. >> maybe when the 49ers win in the super bowl i'll decide to. >> could be a while. >> yeah, right? [ laughter ] what about the raiders? >> i know. i know. fingers crossed that there's still some hope alive even without derek carr out for a while. there's hope on the freeways if you are working today. good news as you work your way around the bay area. the only incident we have from chp is this potential structure
5:45 am
fire there at 101 and 92. it's not affecting the freeway except for the fact that smoke may be billowing across the freeway and may cause a distraction, limited visibility. we are sending a camera crew out there for more information. right now there's some activity there so just a heads up 101 both directions along the peninsula near 92 and 92 itself. there's some activity there because of the structure fire. not seeing any delays on 92 westbound so far between 880 and 101, things are still quiet. you might see some slight slowing into foster city because of that. still 13 minutes between 880 and 101. south bay things are quiet. in fact, northbound 101 looks really good. 65 miles per hour as you work your way out of south san jose with no delays there. guadalupe parkway also checking in problem-free. that will take you 8 minutes between 85 and 101. 280 clear, 101 as you work your way 680, 285, traffic is quiet there, as well. let's jump over to highway 4. we haven't checked this yet this morning.
5:46 am
antioch looks good westbound highway 4 to pittsburg. 65 miles per hour, nice speeds no delays towards the eastshore freeway. taking a look at 80 itself, the eastshore freeway westbound traffic has been very light all the way from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze this morning. and typically we would have had the metering lights on about 15 minutes ago and that is not the case. look at this! if you are headed to work it is an easy ride across the bay bridge with no delays into the san francisco. give yourself about 19 to 20 minutes to make the trek from the carquinez bridge into the maze and into the city another 10 minutes. north tracy boulevard along 580 westbound to the altamont pass 16 minutes. traffic is clear with no delays westbound 580. and looks really good as you hit 680 itself towards the dublin interchange. both directions very quiet with no delays also, 14 minutes making that portion of the drive time and mass transit there are some changes today. keep that in mind out the door. let's check the forecast. >> hi, g. is that typical to be this quiet the day after christmas? when it falls on a monday
5:47 am
perhaps, huh? good morning, everybody. it is clear and quiet and it is cold. out the door this morning, santa rosa still at 29 degrees. livermore still at 34 degrees. haven't seen much movement in those temperatures at all due to a wind that has been increasing especially along the immediate seashore. we see those highlighted areas of blue that's where the winds have been increasing. up to 11 now half moon bay, back through daly city into colma, san francisco same so it has a -- it adds a bit of a chill to the air. mount diablo picked up wind gusts early this morning up to 30. an offshore wind in fairfield to 12 miles per hour. if it feels dry to you, boy, we do have some dry air mass in place even though we have this little area of low pressure that continues to dig south. it's focusing right off the big sur coastline ample precipitation off the seashore. a few light showers around the los angeles basin but for the most part, everybody dries out as we start to see an offshore component set up. sunny and dry for most of the week until about friday when we have a slight chance of rain
5:48 am
showers by friday evening as we wrap up 2016. all right. around the state today, 51 degrees sacramento, stockton, davis backing all the way into merced and manteca. 52 degrees in fresno. mid-50s in monterey bay through carmel into pebble beach. it's currently 2 below zero in truckee. it's frigid! and it's currently 26 degrees in blue canyon. highs today in the mid-30s. perfect skiing and boarding conditions. in fact, a little bit more spring-like conditions by tuesday as high pressure continues to produce that offshore component. boy, nice space after weekend snow. official sun-up this morning at 7:24. by the time it sets tonight at 4:58, our days are starting to get longer we'll realize a high temperature today at mineta international airport which is the official reporting station in the santa clara valley, right around 54 degrees late in the afternoon hours and i'm going with a high there today of 55 in throughout the rose garden district and willow glen, into cupertino, campbell, saratoga, los gatos, all in the
5:49 am
mid-50s. alviso and alum rock also low to mid-50s. you will notice 50s common around the peninsula also in pacifica. 52 degrees in san francisco when we should be in the mid- 50s. so a little bit unseasonably cool today. but warmer for your tuesday. and wednesday. going to feel downright balmy by thursday. then we'll bump up the cloud cover by friday with a chance of light rain showers but that will all disappear by saturday. we'll have some ample sunshine. we'll have some cool temperatures dry conditions for reveling plans on new year's eve and a dry 2017 on sunday. that's a look at your forecast. thank you, roberta. vacation to the grand canyon turns into a 30 hour hike! in total darkness for a woman determined to save her family. the trouble started when karen haas, her husband and their 10- year-old son lost gps service after their car ran off the road. she decided to walk to the highway for help. she wound up hiking for 26 miles straight in the middle of
5:50 am
the night with no winter boots. >> what kept her going was she said is that she didn't want her mother to bury her daughter, she didn't want her son to be without a mother, she didn't want her twin to be without a sister. so she kept going. >> wow. well, karen eventually made it to a cabin where she was rescued by a search party and hospitalized. her husband and son got help and the family hasn't ruled out another trip to the grand canyon. well, another christmas miracle in connecticut after a straight trooper arrived just -- a state trooper arrived just in time to help deliver a baby on the side of the road. the mother was being driven to the hospital on christmas eve. the baby wouldn't wait. the trooper arrived just in time to help the mother deliver the baby. >> the head was delivered. the cord was slightly wrapped around the neck but it was loose. i was able to get that free. the baby delivered right away. it was a great delivery. spontaneously began breathing. and you know, seemed like it
5:51 am
was a good outcome. >> all right. he could be a doctor next! mom and baby are doing well. this next video you have to see to believe it. >> firefighters are trying to rescue a cat from the top of a palm tree when it decided to jump. as you can see, the cat spri refighters say i >> whoa! >> oh, gosh. this is captured in australia a few days ago. as you can see, the cat ran off. firefighters say it didn't appear to be injured. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:54 am
the astronauts aboard the international space station.. but besides funny hats, um, there is another very important aspect of being on iss and that's seeing the planet as a whole and it actually reinforces, i think, that the fact that we should live as one people and strive for peace. >> the astronauts aboard the international space station sent a holiday greeting to planet earth. they talked about spending christmas in space and even gave us a preview of their huge holiday meal. they were having turkey, fruit
5:55 am
salad, green beans, sounds good, but that meal was all from a pouch. >> sounded good and then, yeah, and then the pouch. all right. the force is still strong at the box office. >> the new "star wars" movie was number one for a second weekend in a row. >> a major weapons test is imminent. we need to know what it is. how to destroy it. ♪[ music ] >> is that clear? ♪[ music ] yes, sir! >> "ro gue one: a star wars story" brought in $71 million in ticket sales. and that doesn't even include christmas day and today, which are included in the six-day holiday window. and the animated musical "sing" came in second place with 35 million. the third spot goes to the sci- fi fantasy "passengers" with $14 million. bad. >> i'm in. >> bad mom! >> whoo! >> exciting news. the girls
5:56 am
will be back again next year. actress kristen bell said on twitter they are working on a bad mom christmas, the holiday themed sequel hitting theaters next november. ♪[ music ] now 5:56. george michael's sudden death is sparking an outpouring of memories from fans and celebrities around the world. >> and sfo officials have some advice to make your traveling today a little bit easier. they even have a farm animal on hand. we'll introduce you to the pig. ,, ,,,,,, (my hero zero by lemonheads)
5:57 am
zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen
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sign then drive event.
5:59 am
it's monday, december 26. i'm maria medina in for michelle. >> i'm kenny choi. we have breaking news to start off with in san mateo. crews are on the scene of a house fire.
6:00 am
the one-alarm fire started at a home on new bridge avenue around 4:30 this morning. no injuries have been reported. no word on how the fire started. the music world is celebrating george michael. the british pop star died at the age of 53 over the holidays. roxanne saberi reports. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: george michael's sudden death from heart failure is sparking an outpouring of shock and sadness from fans an celebrities around the world. comedian ellen degeneres said i just heard about pie friend george michael's death. he was such a brilliant talent. i'm so sad. and the rock band one republic wrote, bee beyond sad, you were a legend and you were far


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