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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it was a cold winter night, indeed! a lot of people bundled up.. all it is cold. yeah. but we're used to it. the time is cold. >> yeah. it was a cold winter night indeed. a lot of people bundled up all across the bay area. i even had to use my heater for the first time. good morning, it's tuesday, december 27. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm maria medina. michelle is enjoying her vacation. let's take a live look now at the bay bridge. this shot never gets old. so beautiful. >> that's why they show it every morning. >> they turned out the lights at the embarcadero already. >> yeah. we had those -- those buildings were all lit up yesterday. >> 10,000 l.e.d.s yeah. they don't waste anytime. >> you always have little nuggets of knowledge. >> it happens when you're old. [ laughter ] >> the more you know. the more you know.
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>> native californian. so -- good morning, everyone. we have another clear, clear sky this morning a few high, thin clouds. i just love this beautiful view of sfo. yesterday i climbed up to one of our buildings and tightened one of our lens. you didn't know i have my engineering license, as well. [ laughter ] >> we have no delays at sfo now or mineta international airport or oakland international airport. temperatures below freezing in santa rosa. livermore is up to 34 after kick-starting the morning at 31 degrees. it's in the mid-30s in san jose. it's now 40 around the peninsula. and san francisco and oakland around the rim of the bay into the 40s. today either side of about 55 degrees. we have had 50s at the immediate seashore all the way through moss and montara beaches. willow glen high 50s. east bay numbers in the mid- to high 50s. this is a couple of degrees
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warmer than yesterday. a northeast breeze late day 15. that really dries out the atmosphere with that offshore push. if your skin feels dry or you have static cling in your hair today, that's why. i know kenny felt it today. mid- to high 50s in sonoma and glen ellen and novato, petaluma, same. pretty much abundance of sunshine lakeport clearlake and ukiah in the 50s. we have a subtle change with a chance of rain before we finish 2016. we'll highlight that forecast at 18 after the hour. right now, here's roqui. >> i'm going to have you write a roberta's guide to the bay area book! >> my pleasure. [ laughter ] from marin county into san francisco that's 580 in san rafael to the together together toll plaza that's a "14 minutes drive. across the span of the bay bridge from carr bridge on 80 westbound no delays. no delays through the toll plaza metering lights turn on
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in 30 minutes or so. 880 northbound from 238 in san leandro to the maze, 16 minutes. southbound, 880 to the san mateo bridge, here's a live look at that commute looking good from hayward to foster city. a quick 12 minutes between 880 and 101. pleasant hill the crash on southbound 680 before concord avenue is cleared out of the way and if you head down to the altamont pass, you will hit some slow traffic of course 64 miles per hour which is not bad off 205 but you hit down to 37 once you get to north flynn road. north tracy boulevard along 580 westbound to the altamont pass will take you 18 minutes. and then if you take livermore into the dublin interchange here's a live look at that community 880 to -- excuse me, altamont pass to 680, 14 minutes. back to you. thank you. new video shows a chaotic scene at a mall in connecticut. shoppers got in a fight and were throwing punches. a teenager captured this video and posted it to facebook. he says, never go to the mall
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right after christmas. [ screaming ] >> wow. well, fights were happening at malls all across the country. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in pleasant hill where police are investigating one of them. >> reporter: here you can still see the bullet marks outside of this starbucks here in pleasant hill. it happened just around 9:15 last night the day after christmas. this is a popular mall in a town that sees little violence. right now police believe some kind of argument led to a shooting in which multiple shots were fired hitting several storefronts that had people inside them. witnesses in starbucks told police they saw a man bleeding who appeared to have been shot. he ran towards the coffee shop and then into a car. the gunman and the victim both remain at large. >> this is the first shooting that we have had in several months anyway but it can happen anywhere at any time obviously. >> reporter: shortly after the shooting a toyota was reportedly driving extremely fast on 242. it has not been determined yet
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if this was the car that the victim took off in. >> what's going on? [ pause ] >> reporter: other malls across the country experienced disorder yesterday, too. this cell phone video was taken in long island, new york, where police say shoppers thought they heard gunshots and that's when melee ensued. it turns out all this commotion was caused by a food fight not a shooting but the chaos led to 7 people getting injured in what shoppers describe as a stampede. so police there say that they will check out surveillance video. so far no arrests have been made. in pleasant hill, jackie ward, kpix 5. thank you. today marks a historic show of unity at pearl harbor. japan's prime minister will join president obama to honor victims of the attack. ahead of this first-ever joint visit, prime minister abe laid wreaths at several cemeteries and memorials in hawaii. 2400 americans died in the surprise 1941 bombing. the u.s. responded by dropping
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an atomic bomb on hiroshima killing 150,000 civilians. 6 months ago obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima. the occasion was a major shock to some survivors. >> i didn't think while i'm in this world i could hear, i could see the united states president go over there. >> prime minister abe's aides stress that he won't apologize for the attack. today's ceremony starts at 11:35 a.m. our time. this morning president- elect donald trump is responding to recent comments president obama made. in an interview with former adviser and long-time fred david axelrod obama said if he could have run for a third term he would have beaten trump. he also repeated his suggestion that democrats had ignored entire segments of the voting population leading to trump's win over hillary clinton. >> if you think you're winning, then you have a tendency just
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like in sports maybe to play it safer. the problem is, is that we're not there on the ground communicating not only the dry policy aspects of this but that we care about these communities, that we're bleeding for these communities. >> right. >> all right. so president-elect donald trump's response, he said president obama said that he thinks he would have won against me?! he should say that. but i say no way! jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, et cetera. in russia, a black box from a military jet that crashed into the black sea has been found. however, the cockpit voice recorder is still missing. sunday the military jet crashed just two minutes after taking off from sochi. 92 people were on board including dozens of singers in russia's military choir. the russian ministry said there are probably no survivors. right now investigators say pilot error or a technical failure is a likely cause of the crash. also new this morning, we now know that five of the six inmates who escaped from a jail in tennessee have been
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captured. authorities say that the men escaped on christmas day. they reportedly climbed through a hole behind one of the toilets. one of the inmates was caught at a nearby home. the others were involved in a chase. authorities are still looking for david wayne frazier. back in the bay area, the search is on for a gunman who opened fire at an uber driver in san francisco. the driver based in sacramento now has injuries to his face from broken glass. but he is expected to recover. now, he says on saturday he was waiting for a passenger at oak and buchanan streets when a man walked up and fired right through the windshield. >> he take out the gun and he shoot me. and fortunately the bullet just pass from my face. it's the first time that they are trying to kill me. >> in a statement uber told us, the individual reported this to us directly through the app and we have been in contact with him over the weekend. we're very relieved he is okay.
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>> and police say there have been no arrests so far. in san mateo county firefighters came to the rescue of a person who became stranded on a cliff after his boat capsized about 6 p.m. last night just south of pidgeon point. right now it's unclear yet what caused that boat to sink. in san francisco, police are searching for a 6-foot menorah stolen from a park. the 100-pound menorah was placed in washington square two weeks ago. this weekend, it went missing. jews called it a hate crime. many decided no matter what, it would not stop their celebration of hanukkah. so they brought their own menorahs to washington square. >> everything about what we were trying to do is having the menorah right next to the tree was about inclusiveness, was about how inclusive "the holiday" is. so that's the message again is everybody can come and enjoy it. >> hopefully it gets returned
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but sfpd suspects the menorah was probably stolen by metal thieves. san francisco mayor ed lee is holding the 11th annual kwanzaa celebration today at noon at city hall. it's 7 nights of black and pan- african culture. it ends sunday. today in oakland warriors star steph curry will help local families get back on their feet. this afternoon, curry and his family will hand out 25-pound boxes of food and basics like shampoo and lotion. this will be the fourth year in a row that he and his family have teamed up with feed the children to help bay area families. the san jose sharks are also giving back. >> that's right. the hockey team just made a $30,000 donation to help a peninsula high school's special needs hockey group. they posted this photo here to twitter. they also invited the flyers watch the sharks practice. afterwards, they got to check
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out the locker room where they were gifted with new jerseys and some equipment. very nice gesture. time now 5:10. ♪[ music ] still ahead a little too close for comfort? what happens when a bear decides to interact with some drivers [chuckling]? >> what do you get when you get dumped? you call your ex out on national tv, of course. we'll show you why this woman is getting a lot of attention this morning. >> nothing like being too vocal. think she is harboring ill feelings. good morning. we have another sunshiny but cool day on tap but i'll talk about rain and when we should expect it. >> and the slowest traffic of the morning is of course along the altamont pass. but it's still not that bad. a little "holiday light" for you this morning. we'll take a look at your bay area roads coming up. on't go anywhere, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forecast in just a few minutes. some passengers onboard an "indian jet airways" plane.. had a rough landing this good morning. time check 5:14. taking a look at sfo and the new airport tower there, that's glorious. now sfo located right there near millbrae and san bruno. clear skies there. currently we have temperatures in the low 40s. we will have another cool day slated for you but we're going to talk about rain and when we
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should all expect it. there's traffic and weather together in less than ten minutes. some passengers on indian jet airways plane had a rough landing this morning. they had to evacuate when the plane skidded off the runway. nearly 150 passengers were on board and the crew was trying to take off from the airport in goa when something happened. they spun 360 before it stopped. 12 people in the hospital. they are all expected to be okay. a bear hunting pops out of the woods and ran on to highway in wisconsin. 90-pound animal walked to the cars casually. the wildlife experts who rescued him said he went a step further putting feet on windows. a hunter tried to get it off the road safely. but a team had to tranquilize it. now they say too many people
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are trying to feed bears. it backfires. >> tried to scare him off but he come running towards me so i got back in my truck. >> a situation where now this bear is confused about what it's supposed to dowhere it's supposed to be and pays the price. >> they are trying to find it now and get it safely home. >> yeah. came out of hibernation early. roqui has the traffic report. >> let's check the roads. first, mass transit, muni expresses buses most of them not running due to the holiday schedule so you want to check your holiday schedule before you head out if you are taking mass transit whether it's bart, ace, muni and caltrain. but bart, ace and caltrain are on time this morning. altamont pass 62 miles an hour
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but closer to north flynn road just 36 miles per hour. so north tracy boulevard along 580 westbound to the altamont pass will now take 20 minutes into livermore. then into the dublin interchange the altamont pass on 580 westbound to 680 will take you 14 minutes. moving to the peninsula from hayward to foster city across the span of the san mateo bridge that's 880 to 101, that's a quick 13 minutes and if you are heading on northbound 880 from 238 in san leandro to the maze, 16 minutes and then you hit the bay bridge toll plaza where those metering lights should be turning on soon around 5:30. but carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take 19 minutes. expect a smooth drive across the span of the golden gate bridge from marin county into san francisco. that's your traffic, roberta, it was cold in l.a., it's cold here. where's the sun? >> it's wintertime, roqui. >> no! >> there are four seasons and this one would be the cold one, okay? [ laughter ] >> good morning, everyone. at 5:17, yes, it's cold again this morning. but you know it's really not as frigid as it was 24 hours ago.
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live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge. now what part of this bay bridge is my favorite span? >> what? >> the willie brown span. >> oh. >> of the bay bridge. love me some willie brown. all right. [ laughter ] >> currently, 31 degrees in santa rosa, 24 hours ago 29. livermore at 31 this morning. now at 34. san francisco 43. the difference is, the wind have died down and we have a veil of high, thin clouds. linda mather is our weather watchers in fairfield. she says she has clear skies. a nonexistent breeze and 31 degrees below freezing in fairfield. thanks for waking up with us. wind speeds we see the blue highlighted area and we see a little bit of an increase and jump in the wind gauge northeast. that's an offshore push so the winds are coming from the inland areas towards the coast dries out the atmosphere. it's our offshore wind. south-southeast in the santa
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rosa area. those winds will be consistent later today out of the north bees 5 to 15 miles an hour. frosty temperatures inland away from the bay. sunny and cool but a tad warmer than yesterday and on saturday, the very last day of 2016, we do introduce a chance of rain. first stop this morning, high pressure way out over the pacific trying to nudge in. as it does so this area of low pressure is taking a nosedive to the south. then a pressure gradient and a breezy condition as we start to see the northeasterlies kick in. still plenty of precipitation into the pacific northwest in the form of some rain showers and snow in the higher elevations of the siskiyous and cascades. travel weather today no tule fog to speak of in throughout the central valley. lots of sunshine monterey bay back in through big sur and carmel in the 50s. otherwise 47 degrees in yosemite and mid-40s -- mid-40s in the high sierra today!! this morning, in fact, 22
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degrees at heavenly. going up to a high of 46 degrees. so that's springtime skiing. san jose we'll feature you this morning. taking a look at mineta international airport during the afternoon hours, slow to rise to about 50 by lunch hour. late day temperature of 56 degrees. but i'm going with 57 degrees in santa clara back through the lawrence expressway into willow glen and campbell and cupertino. mid-50s common around the peninsula today from redwood city through east palo alto. also including la honda and atherton. 54 degrees in pacifica, rockaway beach, 57 degrees inland. again that offshore wind. here's the extended forecast. okay. which day am i talking nearly 70 degrees? oh, yeah. that will be on thursday in santa cruz. that's my outside number. otherwise, for your reveling plans -- partly cloudy skies. temperatures 34 to 45 overnight. obviously inland need to bundle up and i promise, guys, as the
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show goes on i'll continue to work on building a better baby happy new year. >> did we lose her signal? >> we're here. >> that's static cling. >> i'm wondering if the audience is watching. >> if we introduce a slight chance of rain showers in the last day of 2016 it won't be raining for the celebration plans. >> great news. >> thank you. >> do you have plans? you have your birthday, too. i know, thanks, "ro." >> ha ha. a woman in texas is getting attention for her post breakup thing. >> she was captured in this picture on social media. her fiance apparently -- roberta is clapping -- broke up with her via text message, okay? a few days before christmas! what the man didn't know was that she bought him dallas cowboys tickets for the holiday. she still went to the game last night brought this sign it says, my fiance dumped me in a text message. he should have waited until after christmas. now, good thing that she didn't
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put his name down, though. she is still doing him bad. who is he? >> who is the bad guy? >> you go, girl. coming up in sports, the nba admits it missed a few calls in the warriors-cavaliers christmas day affair and what if the raiders make it to the super bowl? does it buy derek carr enough time for a comeback? his brother thinks so. it's all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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derek carr is expected to undergo surgery today and reportedly be out six to eight weeks. while he can't play carr is anxious to rejoin his teammates. >> it's all about the team and being there for the team and um, you know, wishes us the best. he will be back as soon as he can to be there vocally for us but he was out standing. >> carr is also staying very positive about his recovery. his older brother david told the nfl network that derek isn't ruling out playing in the play-offs. >> do they have a chance without him? i'm thinking that way. but he feels so much love for this team and the team is so good he thinks they can go out there and do that so they have a tough road ahead. >> so matt mcgloin has some work to do in carr's place.
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if they win in denver, the raiders will be champs and get the first round bye. if the raiders lose and the chiefs one, then oakland will head to houston for the first round of the play-offs. in the nba, it won't change the outcome but the nba announced richard jefferson should have been called for a foul on kevin durant at the end of sunday's game. and lebron james should have received a technical for hanging on the rim. the warriors return to action on wednesday at oracle. they will play next nine of their ten games at home. have a great day. time now 5:26. still ahead, some new rules for drivers. what you will not be able to do with your cell phone in the new year. >> plus, it was a chaotic day at malls all across the country including the one we're at in pleasant hill this morning where a fight leads to a shooting. we'll update you with the details next. ,, k;,t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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shoppers were causing scenes all across the country.. including here in the bay area. a new chaos at the mall! shoppers were causing scenes all across the country including here in the bay area. >> decades old cold cases being solved by a new website. how it's being used at home. >> another cold start to the day but we'll be slightly warmer today and then we'll talk about when you should expect rain. >> those metering lights are turning on at the bay bridge toll plaza. just how bad will traffic get? we'll tell you. good morning, it is tuesday, december 27. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm maria medina in for michelle. we want to start with the brawl. shoppers were out in full force yesterday and at times, it turned violent. kpix 5's jackie ward has been following the story all morning
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and she is live in pleasant hill as police there are investigating a shooting. jackie. >> reporter: here outside at this part of the mall we can actually see where windows were shot out and where the bullets left their mark outside the stores. it happened at 9:15 last night an argument and shooting shots hitting storefronts with people inside. >> not too many people are aware of it so far. but, uhm, an incident like this does shake up the community for sure. >> reporter: witnesses in a nearby starbucks told police they saw a man bleeding who appeared to have been shot. he then ran towards the coffee shop and into a car. right now the suspect is at large. [ chaos noise ] >> reporter: cell phone video captured this commotion that erupted into chaos terrifying shoppers sending them for the exits. fights broke out around 7 p.m. force, the mall to close so
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exactly what started that chaos is still unclear. police across the country are wondering what happened yesterday that caused all this commotion? in pleasant hill, jackie ward, kpix 5. in san francisco, one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation after a fire broke out at aing about. it happened just after 9:00 last night in the telegraph hill neighborhood near stockton and broadway. fire crews put it out within minutes. he cause is under investigation. time now 5:32. it is that time of the morning when we check the weather with roberta. >> thank you very much. you know, it's another cold start to our day. it doesn't appear to be as cold as 24 hours ago. the national weather service has issued a freeze warning this morning until 9 a.m. for these particular areas. when you see the red on your tv screen, whoops, i thought you would see it, my bad. okay. just imagine in the north bay for the most part that's where
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we expect napa county, marin county, where temperatures right now like in santa rosa is 31 degrees. 37 degrees in san jose. it's 34 in livermore. but livermore started the morning at 31 so we warmed it up three degrees there. redwood city at 40. okay. this is what i was saying for the most part the north bay we have the freeze warning in effect until 9 a.m. later today we'll pan out to be a couple of degrees warmer than monday. a string of 50s will be motored from moss and montara beaches -- noted from moss and montara beaches, rockaway beach. 55 degrees in redwood city, atherton into la honda. 50s in palo alto, belmont, san mateo, into the 50s. 60 in cupertino and campbell. high 50s around santa clara. east bay numbers warmer than yesterday by 3 degrees. oncord, clayton and walnut creek all in the mid-50s.
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a little warmer than that in dublin-pleasanton san ramon through livermore. 54 cooler in brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay. and mountain house. number-wise with the northeast breeze clear skies along the seashore, great visibility, mid- 50s in stinson beach. good-looking day at the beach there albeit on the chilly side. 50s in novato and petaluma. cloverdale 57. sunshine today, one day this week that's going to top off near 70. it is 5:34. let's take a look at the bay area roads as you start your day on this tuesday morning carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take 19 minutes and then no delay, lesser in the cash lanes backing up a bit. nimitz freeway good in both directions on 880 northbound from 238 in san leandro to the maze that's a quick 16 minutes. and if you are taking the southbound side of 880 to the
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san mateo bridge, here's a live look at that commute looking good from 880 to 101, that's a quick 13 minutes. to the altamont pass, our slowest traffic of the morning coming off 205 at 63 miles an hour. not bad. closer to north flynn road at just 38 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard along 580 westbound to the altamont pass will take you 18 minutes. if you are traveling into the dublin interchange, here's a live look at the altamont pass to 680 will take 15 minutes. mass transit, most muni express buses will not be running this week due to it your holiday schedule. so make sure you're checking holiday schedules for all mass transit throughout the bay area. otherwise, bart, ace and caltrain are on time. that's your traffic. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. we are following a developing story in washington, d.c. overnight police found the car of a missing woman. they are now questioning a man who reportedly matches the description of the person of interest in the case. family members say trish ma mccauley never showed up for
5:36 am
christmas dinner sunday and missed the flight yesterday. it's unclear if she knows the man being questioned. a show of support at pearl harbor today. japan's prime minister will join president obama to honor victims of the attack. 2400 americans died in the surprise 1941 bombing. the u.s. responded by dropping aan atomic bomb in hiroshima killing 150,000 civilians in japan. now ahead of this first-ever joint visit, the prime minister of japan laid down wreaths at several cemeteries and memorials. six months ago obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima. prime minister abe's aides stress that he won't apologize, however, for the attack. a 25-year veteran of the santa cruz police department has been just promoted to deputy chief. dan phillipo has been a lieutenant with the department for four years. in a statement, of the chief said that he worked hard by building trust with the community. a new website is trying to solve cold cases for good.
5:37 am
the murder of a bay area teen is the first on its list. a 19-year-old girl was kidnapped in 1975. her body was found in the san lorenzo river in santa cruz. no suspects were identified and no arrests ever made. but one detective is determine to find answers. >> somebody knows something. you know? over 41 years, somebody knows something. the family remembers. and the cops remember. now we are going to close a few things for some people. >> santa cruz police are behind the cold case website. investigators hope tips will pour in and that advanced technology will spark convictions. in california, dozens of new laws will take effect in the new area including several focused on gun control. under one new law, people who own magazines that hold more than 10 rounds will be required to turn them in starting january 1. under another buyers must have a background check
5:38 am
before purchasing ammunition. they will also be barred from buying new weapons that have a device known as a bullet button. and the rules of the road will also be changing in the new year. a new hands-free driving law will take effect. under it, drivers who want to touch and interact with their cell phones have to have the phones mounted on the inside of their cars. assemblyman bill quirk worked with law enforcement to write the new law. >> it simply says you can't hold your phone and interact with it. so if -- the whole point of this is to say it should be mounted. you can then touch it and you can swipe it. >> chp says that penalties for the first infraction will be $20. and $50 for the second infraction. most california workers will be getting a raise in the new year. the statewide minimum wage goes from $10 to $10.50 an hour for businesses, with 26 or more employees. that rate will rise to $15 by
5:39 am
2022. also, under the new law, an employer can't pay a woman less than her male colleagues because of her prior salary. if you didn't get what you wanted for christmas this year it might be a good time to head to the mall. there should be some good deals still. ill wagner of has that and more. >> reporter: good morning. the markets re-open after the holiday weekend. likely another light week of trading. the dow is inching closer to 20,000. it's up 14 points friday. the nasdaq gained 15. the deals are not over. people will be returning gifts. s there will be discounts. snapchat is snapping up a company, 30 to $40 million for an israeli startup that says it created the first augmented
5:40 am
reall the furniture showroom that lets customers place the couch or table in their homes to see how it looks before they buy it. >> jill, starbucks ringing in the new year in style with some new drinks. tell us about that. >> reporter: yes. starbucks is introducing three new drinks. they are called the tuxedo collection. so offering the tuxedo mocha, hot chocolate and frappucino have a swirl of dark and white chocolate only available through january 1. so nice and fancy there, kenny. [ laughter ] >> i will say this. starbucks has a great marketing and pr team. they have been in the news a lot lately. >> reporter: you know what? they know that um, no pun intended we eat up all their gimmicks. it always makes the news, good free press. and we like talking about it in the morning especially. >> you're right. coffee sounds good. all right, jill wagner of, jill, thank you. ♪[ music ] time now 5:40. still ahead a santa walks into a bank hands out candy canes.
5:41 am
what he does next that has him in trouble with the law. >> and a live look at 880 in oakland. not looking bad. we'll have the traffic report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with the new year approaching, one kitten in virginia decided - time check 5:43. taking a look at the beautiful transamerica pyramid which is is the tallest skyscraper in the san francisco skyline for now. it's going to be surpassed by the "salesforce" tower which is currently under construction and i like looking at the transamerica pyramid because we can see it. it's clear. but we have a freeze warning in effect. we'll talk about just how cold it is as you head out the door. traffic and weather in less
5:44 am
than four minutes. a kitten in virginia world his way under the hood of a car and waited. the man drove 600 miles across four states in a pickup truck before he found the cat. >> he was just sitting down here around the air box area. me and her wrestled for a minute and we brought her to the emergency vet. >> well, lance realized it was the same kitten he found near his truck before he left the gas station. he adopted the cat. roberta is meowing again in the studio. some shelter cats and dogs in iowa had pay good christmas this year. the animal rescue league set up a tree of lights. people have been donating toys and trees to put under the tree and this weekend, each of the shelter animals got to pick a present. and just in case you need one
5:45 am
more animal story, our producer loves animal stories, we have one in australia a seal on the loose. tasmanian police found lucille sleeping on a driveway. it ended up as you saw on top of that car. rangers checked it out. moved it on to a -- into a trailer and after get the "all clear" it will go back into the water. >> the wheel is a little flat. >> all i could hear is seals on the loose. see what happens decision [ overlapping speakers ] >> ba da bump. >> her ex, right heidi klum seal? >> little nuggets of knowledge and -- [ overlapping speakers ] [ laughter ] >> at least we are not talking
5:46 am
about otters. >> no, let's not. let's talk about traffic. let's your mass transit. this morning, bart, ace and caltrain are all on time but we have some updates for muni and larkspur ferries. muni express buses most of them will not be running this week so make sure you check your holiday schedule for that. larkspur ferry is on a reduced schedule but the sausalito ferry will be on a regular schedule. all right. speaking of that, golden gate bridge 580 in san rafael to the golden gate toll plaza will take you 14 minutes. and then to the bay bridge toll plaza those metering lights are on. they turned on a little late this morning because they are "holiday light" out there. so from the carquinez bridge that will take 19 minutes and then expect a 10-minute drive through the toll plaza into downtown san francisco. all right. if you are heading into the peninsula from hayward to foster city across the span of the san mateo bridge that's 880 to 101 a quick 13-minute drive and then our slowest traffic of the morning heaters altamont pass coming off of 205, 55 miles per hour so that's good.
5:47 am
but once you head closer to north flynn road you're dropping down to 33 miles per hour into livermore where it's freed up a little bit on to the dublin interchange where that traffic is moving slowly here. altamont pass to 680 will take you 15 minutes. that's your traffic. roberta, what are you doing over there? >> i think this is cool. we have a new view of sfo which so far we have no reports of any local airport delays. have you seen this yet? it's the new air traffic control tower. it's the latest in technology and design, 221 feet tall and we can see it this morning even the top of it which means no low ceiling. usually when the ceiling is down to 600 feet. we have clear skies and cool temperatures. it's below freezing in santa rosa but 24 hours ago we were at 29 degrees. livermore at 34 but a couple of hours ago we were at 31. san francisco now 43. oakland in the low 40s. the national weather service has issued a freeze warning in
5:48 am
effect for that red highlighted area to the north and to the east which encompasses our north bay and east bay valleys. morning lows below freezing up until about 9:00 this morning. wind speeds have not been a factor this morning. yesterday we were pretty breezy. this morning, we are still picking up some northeasterlies off the coast which is an offshore push but the winds are under 5 miles per hour. at 7 now in san rafael, calm in fairfield as well as in antioch. winds will be offshore later today up to about 15. so drying out the atmosphere. makes it a little dry on your skin today. frosty temperatures inland to kick-start this tuesday morning. this afternoon sunny and cool although warmer than yesterday. saturday the very last day of the year we do have a chance of rain in the forecast. copious amounts of rainfall right now banging up against the pacific northwest. transiting to snow in the higher elevations of the siskiyous and the cascades. areas of low pressure digging to the south, high pressure trying to build in from the weather a little bit of a pressure gradient so breezy
5:49 am
conditions. going up to 57 in monterey. no tule fog to be noted in throughout the sacramento valley through manteca and merced and fresno. it is now 22 degrees on the south shore going up to a high of 46 degrees. we are taking spring-like skiing and boarding. don't forget the sunblock into the 40s today. with a nice 15" base at many of the local resorts. official sunrise this morning, 7:24. the sun will set at 4:58. we are adding like 27 seconds to our day today. in san jose we are going to key in on you at mineta international airport. today, temperatures near 50 by lunch hour. as you watch the clock tick on by your afternoon high will be 57 but i'm going with 57 degrees towards some of the neighborhoods around the rose garden district into willow glen, alum rock, alviso. then as you back in towards campbell and cupertino your high will top off at 60 degrees. redwood city, all the way into brisbane, temperatures into the
5:50 am
mid-50s. la honda 54, same in pacifica through rockaway beach. mid-50s to the east around the tri-valley. and 58 degrees in santa rosa. outside number today 71 degrees. 64 degrees tomorrow in in santa cruz. when you talk 67 degrees in santa cruz on thursday, i'm thinking that feels almost like 70 which is going to feel like a heat wave but then our numbers come down with cloud cover on friday. chance of rain on saturday during the day. temperatures in the 40s for the revelers. honestly, it looks like by sunday and monday as we kick- start the new year, all the way until about wednesday, daily chances of rain showers. make it a great tuesday. time now 5:50. still ahead, akins a quinceanera turns into a party for thousands of strangers. why the dad might be to blame for the party crashers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
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5:53 am
shows some rare waterfalls in australia! it happened yesterday.. in the desert center of the country. park had to close rare waterfalls in australia. it happened yesterday in the desert center of the country. this national park had to close to visitors because of the
5:54 am
rain. experts say that this region only sees rain like this once every 50 years or so. there's a grinch on the loose in tennessee. authorities say a man who was wearing a santa mask robbed bank workers in memphis captured on surveillance video last week. he reportedly walked into the bank handed out candy canes and wished customers a merry christmas. when he made his way up to the teller instead of the candy cane he demanded money. he got cash. so far no arrests. one bay area city has just been deemed one of the best places in the u.s. to ring in 2017. wallet hub crunched many numbers and deemed san francisco the second best city in america to party on new year's eve. orlando number one, atlanta third place and key factors include cost of alcohol, room rates and weather. keeping the party going this morning, one girl's coming of age bash in mexico has drawn
5:55 am
thousands of guests. that's because of the facebook invite to her 15th birthday party went viral earlier this month [chuckling]. ♪[ music ] look at that turnout. i should have my invitation go viral. the invite was only meant for a few people but the post went viral and received more than a million rsvps. thousands of people showed up at rubi's party yesterday. it included live music, horse race, and a sitdown dinner, too, for some of the guests. >> like one of those sweet sixteens where they kind of extravagant crazy way too much -- money, expense, parties. >> that's fun, though. today one of the most unliked desserts might get some love because it is national fruitcake day. >> ew. >> whether it's turned out in a factory or made by scratch, this distinctive dessert has a
5:56 am
holiday of its own. the fruitcake was born in rome one of the earliest recipes calls for pomegranites, pine nuts and raisins mixed into barley mash. >> different strokes for different folks. time now 5:56. dangerous blizzard conditions making it difficult for travelers all over the u.s. to make it home for their christmas vacations. >> and it's the kind of thing that doesn't usually happen in pleasant hill a fight turns into a shooting. and we can still see where the bullets landed outside storefronts at crossroads mall. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
in for michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. shopping malls all over th country are good. it's tuesday, december 27. i'm maria medina in for michelle. >> i'm kenny choi. shopping malls all over the country are experiencing post- christmas pandemonium. this was in connecticut where
6:00 am
shoppers started throwing punches. a teenager filmed it and posted it on facebook. violence like this was at malls all across america. kpix 5's jackie ward reports from pleasant hill where police are investigating one of these fights. >> reporter: we are at the crossroads shopping mall a popular place to shop in pleasant hill. you can see where glass was shot out and bullets landed inside the walls of the building. it all happened around 9:15 last night the day after christmas. it's popular and the town sees little violence. right now police believe an argument led to a shooting in which multiple shots were fired hitting several storefronts with people inside. witnesses in the nearby starbucks said they saw a man bleeding who appeared to have been shot run toward the coffee shop and into a car. >> witnesses are indicating that the oo


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