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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and i'm julie watts in for michelle griego. good morning. it is wednesday, december 28. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm julie watts in for michelle griego. starting off with a live look outside this morning. this is from vista point at -- oh, isn't that a beautiful shot? >> hm. >> at the golden gate. just a couple of cars on the road. i'm sure roqui will tell us it is "holiday light" out there. but what a beautiful view. >> we are so used to looking at that shot from above but i like this angle. new perspective. new day, right? >> i like it. >> all right. >> new you, new me, right? >> the first thing i noticed there's no fog out there. i'm always looking at that time from a different perspective view there. we have been noticing more commuters from east bay than the north bay. the people in the north bay get the opportunity to sleep in a little longer i think. >> lucky them. >> yeah. >> sounds like that's the place to go. >> the real estate is a little bit higher there, too,. >> we have a prolonged cold
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snap in the bay area. i mean, days and days and days of waking up with subfreezing temperatures. today very similar companies. sfo so far no reports of any local airport delays there or across the bay at oakland international airport. to the south mineta international airport so far reporting a-okay conditions with clear skies and a wind under 5 miles per hour. currently take a look at the numbers. santa rosa to 30. it is freezing in throughout the tri-valley. we are talking about livermore, san ramon, dublin, pleasanton, backing all the way into danville and blackhawk. oakland in the high 30s this morning. that's the coldest temperature you have had all week. 45 degrees in san francisco. it is now in the mid-30s in redwood city back through south city and all the way into la honda and atherton. you will notice the winds are increasing just slightly in san francisco. offshore northeast 7, so it's a bit dry across the bay oakland at 3. 8 at sfo. calm winds across the bay area increasing 10 to 15 during the
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afternoon hours. temperatures, well, they will be going up in comparison to yesterday. just a couple of degrees above average. should be at 55 in concord, clayton and walnut creek, instead 68 degrees. finally reaching 60. it's been days it's been weeks since we have had highs in the 60s. 50s along the seashore today from moss and montara beaches into rockaway beach into the city of san francisco the sunset district and the mission district. 60 in campbell, cupertino and saratoga. low 60s in los gatos. 59 milpitas. swinging around to the eastern portion of our bay area highs nestling into the 50s. 58 degrees common in the area. 56 unlimited visibility in the stinson beach good day for a hike on the beach. upstream we go to cloverdale at 61. full forecast featuring rain at 18 after the hour. the north bay usually pretty quiet but the south bay a problem out here to tell you about. it is a traffic alert since
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3:30 a.m. southbound 280 before bird avenue. it's a two-car crash involving an overturned car and that overturned car is completely totaled. we just tweeted out a picture of it. it's pretty incredible. we hope that that driver is okay. now, it's a major injury crash, of course, as i just said and the four left lanes are blocked, the far right lane is open but traffic is recovering now. traffic is moving at 55 miles per hour. before it was all the way down to 7. so chp is working to clear it. we'll let you know when it is officially cleared. let's move over now to the altamont pass. traffic coming out of tracy on 205, you're moving at 56 miles per hour. speeds slow down significantly to 15 miles per hour as you hit north flynn road into livermore where it frees up a bit. down to the dublin interchange altamont pass to 680 will take you 15 minutes. moving over to the peninsula commute from hayward to foster city, across the span of the san mateo bridge, that will take you 14 minutes. and the nice smooth drive on the nimitz freeway, as well. i'll send it to you guys.
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in san jose, some overworked police are sleeping in rvs in a parking lot to save time on 17-hour shifts. maria medina reports on why they are told to go. >> reporter: you can see a few of the rvs behind me and they were being told to move all abuse of the circus. now, kpix 5 was the first to discover and to tell you about at least a dozen police officers sleeping in rvs in a parking lot near the department. many of them live far away and needed to sleep in rvs to get rest between regular and mandatory overtime shifts but recently they were told to get out of the parking lot or risk being towed because cirque du soleil was coming to town and just like they do every, single year they use that parking lot. now, there was a solution. so they are being relocated. >> the nice thing is, is our chief's office realized we have to put them somewhere else to get some sleep and that's what they did so that's a good thing. >> reporter: all right.
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so we spotted work crews setting up new lights and a few rvs are now in the new parking lot. fortunately, there are 30 new recruits in the academy that will help with the shortage of police officers that is causing all of this. but we have learned that the same number of officers will be leaving the department next month to go to other departments or retire. again, you can see a few of those rvs here. they relocated and they relocated not too far from the parking lot they were originally. maria medina, kpix 5. san francisco police department's new "use of force" policy is a subject of a lawsuit. yesterday, the police union, the sfpoa, challenged that new policy in court. now, the union says that for safety reasons, officers need the latitude to shoot at moving vehicles or to use a chokehold on the carotid artery of a suspect but the judge ruled against the union. >> the "use of force" policy is
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a core management right that's something that's outside the scope of bargaining. >> the poa says it will follow the new policy but will likely appeal the judge's decision. some people in nevada are on edge this morning after a series of strong earthquakes. the first quake a magnitude 5.7 struck near hawthorne at 12:18 this morning. about 130 miles southeast of lake tahoe. another quake of the same size struck 2 minutes later followed by a 5.6 about an hour after that. the quakes were felt as far as tahoe and fresno. so far no reports of major damage. oakland police are searching for the man who fatally shot a former marine. 23-year-old christopher killian joined the marines after graduating from hayward high school. friends say he headed back to the bay area to take care of his father who was sick. now, police say christopher was in east oakland monday night when he was shot on humboldt avenue. thinks friends are making it clear, he had no gang
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affiliation. >> i think he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. for those who think that he was gang involved or he was involved in anything, he wasn't. he was not that type. [ sobbing ] >> never involved anything inn anything like that not even fighting besides fighting for his country. >> killian died at the scene. police say they have made no arrests and so far, no motive. a san jose state university teacher was beaten to death with a baseball bat. now deputies believe her son committed the crime. sheriff's deputies arrested her 39-year-old son at a home on roof road in gilroy. he was taken in on murder charges on christmas day. deputies are now trying to determine a motive for the homicide. this morning stars and fans are expressing sadness over the death of carrie fisher. a memorial is growing in san francisco in front of the yoda statue at lucasfilm in the presidio. fishers' performance as princess leia in the original "star wars" trilogy was her
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best known work but her career spanned four decades and she was open about her diagnosis of bipolar disease. the 60-year-old actress' death came four days after she reportedly had a cardiac arrest on a flight from london to los angeles. >> it's really devastating. she was such an amazing woman as an actress, as an advocate for people with disabilities, mental disabilities and for women in hollywood. >> on facebook her mother debbie reynolds wrote, thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. "star wars" costar harrison ford said that carrie was one of a kind, brilliant original. mark hamill said no words, har paul tagliabue devastated -- hashtag #devastated. she shared her struggles in her autobiographical "postcards from the edge" which later became a movie. time now 5:08. new video giving tesla's self- driving cars some great
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publicity. the car's autopilot feature sensed a crash was coming and stopped just in time. take a look at this video. all was well on this road in the netherlands until a couple of beeps in the car, there it is, signaled trouble. the car brakes on its own before the crash unfolds. reportedly, the autopilot upgrade reportedly relies more on the car's radar rather than its cameras to predict wrecks like this. and now that we're seeing more driverless cars on the road, city leaders in the state capital are applying for a permit to test them on sacramento streets. reporter drew ballela has the story. >> they are inevitable. they are going to happen at some point in the future. >> reporter: sacramento city leaders are speeding ahead with plans to make the streets a place for fully autonomous vehicle testing. >> we welcome new technologies that aren't quite proven yet and that can be tested here. >> reporter: he is heading the efforts within the mayor's office. he says self-driving vehicles can eliminate deadly crashes better the environment and add to people's free time. >> we think they need to
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experience it to really appreciate and understand the value of an autonomous vehicle. >> reporter: testing for semi autonomous technology is already under way. people sit in the driver's seat and can override the system. and people like this idea. according to a survey by alex partners, 90% of people said they wanted a partially autonomous vehicle. and the kelley blue book survey found 80% of people would always want an option to drive it themselves. he says fully autonomous is the only way to move forward. >> one of the challenges arises in the semi autonomous situations. >> reporter: according to the the california dmv there are 23 wrecks involving autonomous vehicles in our state since 2014 and nearly every case human error was to blame. >> they don't drink. they don't take drugs. they don't text. >> reporter: the cofounder of the uc-davis institute of transportation studies agrees that fully autonomous vehicles are a safer option. but he says people will have to
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rethink travel altogether for autonomous vehicles to work like ditching their personal cars. >> we want people to be sharing that vehicle. otherwise, we're just going to see a lot more vehicles, a lot more vehicle use. >> reporter: which he says can lead to more congestion and pollution. if sacramento's application with the department of transportation gets approved this january, it could be as soon as next january that we'll see self-driving vehicles on city streets. in sacramento, drew bollea, kpix 5. the city of san francisco has a solution to people ready to kick their christmas trees to the curb. yup. today at the civic center you can watch dozens of christmas trees get fed right through that big wood chipper. the chips will be used for mulch or as biomass to generate electricity. the wood chipping starts at 10:30. and the events is to remind everyone, um, to recycle their trees starting on january 6. >> wish you could bring them
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down there and throw them in the chipper. time now 5:11. president-elect donald trump resumes his twitter debate against president obama. what's playing out between the two next. >> from the kpix weather center, good morning, everyone. another subfreezing morning around the bay area. but rain, i'm going to talk about the that you can expect it. >> and here's a look at that traffic alert in san jose. speeds are down again. we'll tell you what's going on when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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election. cbs reporter roxana sa-beer-i umps latest resp president-elect donald trump is criticizing president obama's comments on the election. cbs reporter roxana saberi has trump's latest response to obama's claim that he could win the white house if given the chance again. >> reporter: for the second day in a row, president-elect trump is challenging president obama on twitter writing, president trump president obama campaigned in swing states and lost. president obama said he would have beaten mr. trump if he ran for a third term. they have been cordial in
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public since meeting last month. >> i will always make himself available to me like previous presidents. >> reporter: police evacuated the lobby of trump tower to investigate an unattended backpack. several blocks were shut down. the scare ended after the bag was just children's toys. the president-elect lives and works in trump tower although he is spending the holidays at home in florida. since the election the authorities have stepped up security and limited traffic affecting local businesses like the carlos lobos salon. >> business dropped 45%. >> rep concerns, new york mayor bill de blasio said the street just south of trump tower will re- open to crosstown traffic. roxana saberi, for cbs news, new york. mr. trump's team also announced two new appointments yesterday. thomas bossert a top national security aide under president george w. bush will be homeland
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security adviser, mr. trump's long-time business lawyer jason greenblatt will be special representative for international negotiations. happening today, secretary of state john kerry delivers his final mideast policy speech in washington. it comes just days after the u.s. did not use its security council veto to block a u.n. resolution condemning the settlements built by israel on occupied land. one minister says kerry's planned speech is a pathetic move and antidemocratic. on to something a little less controversial but something we all hate, traffic. >> i don't believe. i say it's pretty controversial, as well. [ laughter ] >> everybody hates it! >> yeah. no, i think this was -- i think it's a global agreement. [ laughter ] >> no one likes to sit in traffic and if you are heading in the south bay you will have to sit in this traffic but i do have an alternate route for you but first the details for this traffic alert in san jose. southbound 280 before bird avenue it's a two-car crash involving a totaled overturned car there so involving a major injury. the three left lanes are
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blocked. that's the update here and the two right lanes are now open. so traffic did recover for a second but now it's back to just 10 miles per hour. so if this is a part of your morning commute, let's give you an alternate. are you ready? exit meridien avenue, head northbound on meridien to san carlos, take san carlos to bird, and then jump back on to southbound 280 and that's how avoid this pocket of slowing here so let's move over now to the altamont pass where we have another situation to tell you about coming out of tracy you're moving at 20 miles per hour and then once you hit north flynn road, 17 miles per hour. this is due it a truck fire on westbound -- this is due to a truck fire on westbound 580 before north flynn road. the truck is on the shoulder but lanes are blocked. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will now take you 40 minutes. it frees up through livermore on to the dublin interchange. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city. that will take you 13 minutes between 880 and 101. and if you are traveling on the bay bridge into downtown san francisco, you're looking good for now.
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those metering lights should turn on around 5:30. so pretty soon. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. good morning, everyone. time check 5:18. just turning 5:19. clear skies as we see the transamerica pyramid in san francisco looking due east. the pyramid has over 3600 windows and each one of them has a spectacular view this morning because we could see forever. high pressure is building in. they have an offshore flow. boy. these pristine conditions but it is again subfreezing in throughout many of our locations this morning. good morning to you in santa rosa at 30 degrees. it is now freezing in throughout the tri-valley. redwood city, 33 degrees. it's in the mid-30s in oakland. that's been the coldest temperature all week long and san jose is at 37 degrees. san francisco just dipped to 44. couple of our weather watchers, linda in fairfield with 29. equally as cold in napa so says dave. so again, bundle up out the door this morning. we have a northeast wind at 7 that's an offshore condition in san francisco. so when you have a 7-mile-per-
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hour wind even though that's light and you couple that up with an air temperature of 44, it feels like it's in the high 30s as you head on out. as far as the wind chill is concerned. north wind in nap at 7, coupled with 29 degrees, it's frigid. we'll be warmer today. friday through tuesday we'll have a daily chance of rain in your forecast. new year's eve, as far as the evening is concerned, partly to mostly cloudy skies. okay. let's get to it. we have some business to talk about! first off, low right there sinking to the south. high pressure over there, building in producing some very dry conditions, offshore components but this is our futurecast. i wanted to share it with you what my computer models are suggesting to me. we'll see increasing cloud cover thursday night leading to that chance of rain showers by friday in throughout the santa cruz mountains. and then the clouds continue to thicken on friday. we have an approaching area of low pressure on saturday. so that's why we have to keep that daily chance of rain in the forecast. as far as today is concerned,
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statewide, no tule fog in the central portion of the state. heavenly valley you don't have any new snow in the past 24 hours. but wahoo! spring-like conditions around the high sierra including north star. 50s to 60s today. outside number 64. would you believe i'm going with 67 in santa cruz tomorrow? when i say 67, that's almost 70 degrees. >> right. >> and although we have that daily chance of showers each day, we do have for your fireworks partly cloudy skies. not bad. >> very good. >> thank you, roberta. >> sure. >> well, it's no secret, "star wars" movies will do well. they always do well in the box office. over the holiday weekend "rogue one: a star wars story" stayed at the top of the box office bringing in $64 million. worldwide, it has brought in $555 million in just 10 days. now, with carrie fisher's death yesterday, many "star wars" fans are wondering about the future of the franchise. fisher had already finished filming episode 8 which is set
5:22 am
to hit theaters december of next year. episode 9 doesn't begin filming until 2018. but so far, there's no word on any changes following her death. ♪[ music ] coming up in sports, derick ion almena after his surgery in l.a. and the sharks -- derek carr after his surgery in l.a. and the sharks trying to stay on top in the division. it's all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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before the christmas break the sharks took over first place in the pacific. last time of the year teal was back on the ice winners of six of the last seven-game. to the ice the sharks taking on the ducks for the fourth time this season. second period, tie game. joel passes to carlson and somehow gets the stick on it. the sharks take the lead but this one goes into overtime. so in ot, joe pavelski, he finds burns for the game winner and the sharks with their second straight win in overtime 3-2 the final. the raiders will return to practice today and while derek carr won't be on the field his team wouldn't be surprised to see him at the facility a day after his surgery. >> i he is not going to take -- i know he is not going to take time off to be away from the building, the team if he doesn't have to. that's the kind of guy he is. >> carr tweeted yesterday saying surgery couldn't have gone better, received great
5:26 am
news, already started the recovery process, thank you for all your prayers as i heal up! >> and the warriors back in action today. they are at home against the toronto raptors. tip-off is at 7:30. have a great day. all right. play of the day, a little college hoops action. syracuse and cornell in a battle of upstate new york. >> there's lyden working down the lane. oh!! [ applause and cheers ] >> tyler roberson, ladies and gentlemen! >> yeah. tyler roberson throwing down the monster put-back jam. a couple more looks. replay always makes it look nice. the orange pull off the easy victory over the big red and that's our play of the day. ♪[ music ] they sleep in rvs near work because they are exhausted. now were san jose police officers are being told to move. profiling. ,,,,,,
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and the family of a stabbing victim says... loud music is what led to the attack that r loved one's li a local versace store facing a lawsuit claiming they are racial profiling. >> the family of a stabbing victim says loud music is what led to the attack that ended the loved one's live. >> good morning, from the kpix weather center, currently we have clear skies and subfreezing temperatures. but i'm going to talk about rain in the new year's eve forecast. >> 5:30 the bay bridge toll plaza looking good. we have an update on the altamont pass fire and the traffic alert in the south bay. good morning, it is wednesday, december 28. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm julie watts in for michelle griego. time now 5:30. in san jose, overworked police officers have been sleeping in rvs on a city lot just to get some shut-eye before their next shift. kpix 5's maria medina is live
5:31 am
in san jose this morning on why the city is now telling them park somewhere else. good morning, maria. >> reporter: good morning, julie. yeah. the signs went up recently for the officers to get out to make room for the cirque du soleil circus. kpix 5 was the first to tell you about the story about a dozen officers who were sleeping in rvs in a parking lot near the san jose police department. most of them needed sleep between the regular and mandatory overtime shifts because they live so far away. but recently they were told to leave the lot or risk being towed because cirque du soleil was coming back to town and just like they do every, single year, they use that parking lot near the department. now, luckily, there was a solution. the cops aren't necessarily being kicked out. but they are being relocated. >> i'm sure the chief's office isn't thrilled to see rvs in the parking lot and police officers sleeping in them and i'm sure they don't want to. but they are committed, i
5:32 am
think, to allow them to get some sleep and be safe. >> reporter: now, we spotted work crews setting up new lights and a few rvs are now in that parking lot. now, fortunately, we have learned that 30 new recruits are in the academy to help with the shortage of police officers that is causing all of this. but we have learned that the same number of officers is going to leave the department next month either to go to another apartment or retire. you can see a couple of those rvs right behind me, those are where they have moved. so it's just on the other side of the fence of where they once were. live at sjpd, maria medina, kpix 5. a bay area versace store is facing a lawsuit over racial profiling. a former employee claims that his branch used a special code for black customers. 23-year-old chris shapiro says his manager in livermore told employees to say d410 as a
5:33 am
warning to coworkers that a black entered the store. the employee said he told the owner he was black and he was fired for not understanding luxury. >> can't believe employees would be okay with that. >> if that's true they should have an overhaul in the company. >> in a staple to tmz versace said, quote, we do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, national origin or any other characteristic protected by our civil rights laws." brothers accused in a christmas eve homicide in hayward are set to make a court appearance later today. police say 22-year-old frankie archuleta and the 25-year-old brother jesse stabbed tyrone griffin inside a target store. now his family says he was there picking up last-minute gifts when he asked the brothers to turn down inappropriate music on their cell phones. that's when they say griffin was attacked.
5:34 am
>> they out of they mind to actually take action like that. >> in front of your child. my son was there. >> like, who does that? >> i can't bring him back. [ sobbing ] >> i can't bring him back but i know he is in a better place and i know he is smiling down. >> frankie and jesse ar chew let that are both from hayward -- archuleta, the suspects are both from hayward. this man was snooping around a house around 1 a.m. christmas morning. police say this man in gilroy swiped all the family's gifts while they were sleeping. he later ripped down the video camera after it was posted up to the cloud. we have the video on if you recognize him, call gilroy police. the spirit of hanukkah returns to washington square today because a new menorah replaces the one that was
5:35 am
stolen from the park. a six-foot brass menorah was set up next to the christmas tree on christmas eve but was gone by sunday. monday night people brought their own to keep it going. a replacement is expected to arrive today from massachusetts just in time for the next day. police are still looking for that original one and the person who stole it. time now 5:37. let's get a check of weather with roberta. >> it's so quiet. it's very quiet outside. i think it's because it's so cold. there's not a lot of movement around there outside. >> forget the morning drive. >> there's something about cold weather that just kind of presents silence over the bay. >> we have had it for days now the cold snap will continue at least for the next couple of days even though the afternoon will be warmer and you will feel the difference. good morning, everyone. 5:35. live weather camera looking out from the transamerica pyramid over the bay bridge where we can see the bright lights of estuary where currently, this is the coldest morning in
5:36 am
oakland by the bay all week long. it's now 37 degrees in oakland. across the bay in san francisco it's now 44. it is 30 degrees in santa rosa. redwood city is just about freezing. freezing in livermore. we have a patch of stratus off the coast, what's in it, otherwise the coast is clear. offshore component northeast winds will blow 10 to 15 during the day. right now blowing below 10 in san francisco. it feels like the 30s holding out for the morning commute -- heading out for the morning commute with the windchill factor. san ramon valley calm. north wind 7 in napa where it's 29 at this early hour. today's high temperatures on the other side of average for the first time this week 58 degrees in san francisco. upper 50s in oakland. 50s at the beaches today. 60 in san jose. high 50s pretty common in throughout the eastern portion of our bay area. oncord, clayton and walnut creek, 50s, 60s to the north. full forecast still coming up
5:37 am
at 48 after the hour featuring rain. what do you think about that roqui? >> oh. not going to look good for us in the traffic center but thank you, roberta. okay. it's 5:37. let's take a look at all these updates around the bay area. traffic alert out there since 3:30. southbound 280 at bird avenue two-car crash involving an overturned car totaled. we tweeted the picture. we hope the driver is okay. three left lanes are blocked, two right lanes are open. it's moving at 37 miles per hour better than 7 miles per hour from earlier so we'll keep an eye on that. altamont pass trouble off 205 just at 7 miles per hour. doesn't get much better at 12 miles per hour once you hit north flynn road this is because of a pickup truck fire westbound 580 before north flynn road and that truck is
5:38 am
off to the shoulder. once you hit live you're freed up to the dublin interchange. altamont pass will take 15 minutes. moving to mass transit we have a bart delay that originated out of fruitvale and it's a 20- minute delay on trains headed to dublin-pleasanton, fremont, richmond and daly city. this is due to a train broken down on the tracks. otherwise you're looking good. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. san francisco's van ness avenue finally has the money it needs to get much less congested. the city just received $75 million in federal granted money to pay for the van ness improvement project. it entails overhauling van ness from lombard to mission. the grant will also fund the city's first lanes designed specifically for rapid transit muni route. the entire project's price tag, nearly $250,000 and it's set to be completed by 2020. with the passage of prop 54, some have raised concern that legalizing marijuana will encourage more teens to smoke pot. now a new study out of uc-davis
5:39 am
provides data that confirms that. researchers surveyed 250,000 teens in 47 states and compared their views on marijuana to students of the same age in states where pot was legalized back in 2012. the data indicates in those states there was a 16% drop in negative views on pot and a 4% increase in use. >> if there's an increase in use we need to be investing in public health prevention programs to prevent that early initiation of use. >> the study also notes pot use in early adolescence can lead to addiction which puts teams at a greater risk for developing mental health problems. if you have a gift card this holiday season that wasn't your style, there may be a way to make a trade. ill wagner of reports. good morning. the u.s. markets opened at record highs again today. yesterday the dow was up 11 which means it is inching closer to that 20,000 mark. the nasdaq opens at a new record up 24.
5:40 am
home prices are on the rise. data released yesterday shows prize across the country increased -- prices across the country increased 5.6% in the last year. some biggest increases were in seattle, portland and denver. u.p.s. thinks it's a record year for returning holiday gifts. january 5 alone u.p.s. expects to deliver 1.3 million packages the busiest ever. if you want to swap a gift card there are marketplaces online that guarantee the balance on the card and help prevent scams. kenny? >> all right. jill, um, we hear that a restaurant here in san francisco has a new strategy to appeal to millennials. what's this all about? >> reporter: okay. so you have heard of an ipad. but how about an iplate? a restaurant in your area called quinn's is now serving food on an ipad. it's perhaps the way to appeal to younger more instagram friendly audiences. a local chef tweeted out a
5:41 am
photo of the dish. it's white truffle croquettes. >> i checked it on yelp. four stars over 1,000 reviews. so it has to be good. so next time you come to san francisco, if you are ever in the area, perhaps we'll try it out. >> reporter: deal. sounds good. i don't know about the ipad, though. >> yeah. um, we'll have to see what that's all about. all right. sounds good, right? jill wagner of, jill, thank you. ♪[ music ] time now 5:41. there's a problem being reported this morning with this season's hottest holiday toy. why parents are taking to twitter to complain about the hatchimal next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a bird's-eye view of the transamerica pyramid 853 feet tall and we can see the beacon at the very tip-top, which means the sky is clear. but it is subfreezing again in many of our neighborhoods. we'll talk about the cold temperatures and the rain when you should expect it traffic and weather in less than four minutes. more winter weather will hit much of the northwest today and tomorrow. strong winds will cause drifting snow and dangerous travel conditions. the cascades and olympics could see two feet of snow or more. and in new england, a winter storm could also develop tomorrow. new video this morning showing the aftermath of a deadly train crash in northern india. mangled metal on the tracks after 14 coaches of a train derailed about 250 miles southeast of new delhi. two of them fell into a dry canal bed. at least two people were killed. 38 others injured.
5:45 am
it's not clear yet what caused this accident. time now 5:44. tense moments in wisconsin shopping mall following reports of a man with a gun. the fox river mall about 100 miles north of milwaukee was evacuated last night. police were notified that a man sitting in a car with a firearm had threatened to start shooting. officers searched but say they didn't find that man. meanwhile, four people are under arrest after a mall disturbance in philadelphia. police say at least 200 teenagers arrived by bus and were loitering in the parking lot. mall security tried to turn them away but dozens of teens got inside. police tried to disperse the crowd and one person attacked an officer. >> when there's 30 individuals got in the food court area they started acting disorderly. they were running around shouting yelling screaming. >> no injuries were reported. plus say the gathering was planned on snapchat. it comes after several disturbances in malls across the country on monday.
5:46 am
a dispute between two ohio neighbors escalated when one man threw acid on the other's face. when police arrived at the scene, they found the 41-year- old victim with discoloration and burns to his face. that's after the victim says that his neighbor grabbed a jar threw a mysterious liquid at him. the suspect then barricaded himself inside his home. he eventually surrendered when police arrived in an armored vehicle. >> it seemed that, um, he was having a change in his mental status. and he, um, was referring to us as terrorists. >> police say that the dispute between the two neighbors began last week weather the suspect accused the victim of trying to steal his bicycle. amazon is celebrating after the online website had its best shopping season ever. more than a billion items were shipped. amazon reports its smart speakers, echo and dot, were the best items and they sold
5:47 am
enough tvs to reach the top of the mount everest last night if you stack them end to end. >> 60" tvs. >> over and over again. complaints are starting to pour in about one hot holiday item that tops many christmas lists this season. >> apparently, some hatchimals haven't hatched yet. the toy is supposed to hatch from an egg when children knock, tap or rub on the shell after about 30 minutes of play time. the parent company is urging customers to contact them via direct message on twitter but tweets show it's been typical to get a response. >> hard to get through that without giggling. more and more companies are asking folks to go to social media. speaking of social media a "go fund me" page has been created to protect betty white from 2016. it's almost reached its 200,000 goal. he will fly to wherever he is and keep her safe until january
5:48 am
1, 2017. it's a joke. he says the money will be donated to a feeder that helps new stars of the stage learn the ropes. >> we'll keep an eye on that. we have to make sure that he donates to instead of pocketing it. >> i wonder how betty white feels about that. >> oh, gosh. >> this weird guy. >> some bad juju there. >> we love betty white. >> everyone loves betty white. >> protect her forever. it's been a crazy 2016. >> it has. >> a lot of folks ready for it to be over. >> say good-bye. >> right here. >> by, felicia. >> bye2018. [ laughter ] let's go ahead to our roads. first with mass transit, we have an update for you for bart. bart is recovering from a 20- minute delay out of fruitvale for trains heading to dublin- pleasanton, fremont, richmond and daly city. this is due to a train broken- down on the tracks. otherwise, ace trains one and three are on time. caltrain is on time. we also have a muni express bus update. most of the buses will not be running this week due to the holiday schedule so make sure you're checking that as you
5:49 am
head out for mass transit. and also, larkspur ferry will be running on a reduced schedule and the sausalito ferry will be running on a regular schedule. traffic alert in san jose canceled, traffic back to 62 miles per hour. southbound 280 before bird avenue, it was a two-car crash involving an overturned vehicle. it is officially cleared out. and the altamont pass a different story here. this traffic hasn't recovered from a pickup truck fire westbound 580 before north flynn road that fire or the truck excuse me is off to the shoulder but fire crews are still blocking the right lane as you can see traffic moving at just 8 miles per hour and once you get closer to the fire at 35 miles per hour. so now north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you up to 54 minutes. into livermore where it frees up a bit to the dublin interchange here's a live look at the traffic altamont pass to 680 will take you 14 minutes. okay. moving over now to the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city that's 880 to 101, a quick 13-minute drive so this
5:50 am
is not bad here. then the bay bridge toll plaza those metering lights are not even on yet carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will just take you 19 minutes and then expect no delay as you cross the span of the bay bridge. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. you know, i have this infatuation with the brand-new air traffic controller tower. [ laughter ] >> i just love it! don't you love it? it reminds me of the olympic torch from back in salt lake city. right? okay. isn't that gorgeous? it stands 221 feet tall. the air traffic controllers say they have this really optimum view of the airfield now and they are telling us this morning that we do not have any delays at sfo or mineta international airport or even oakland international airport this morning because clear skies but boy is it cold again subfreezing santa rosa it's freezing in livermore, 33 redwood city. we now have temperatures in the mid-50s in san francisco. however, due east to the bay bridge oakland now sporting 36
5:51 am
degrees. that's the coldest temperature there so far this week. when you couple that up with the air temperature of 44 feels like the 30s out the door this morning. north winds at 7 in napa, air temperature there this morning at 29 degrees. sunny, mild, warmer today and tomorrow. and then we introduce clouds with daily chances of rain on friday all the way through tuesday. so this low sinking to the south. we do have high pressure out there to the west. it will continue to build in producing that offshore component. but look what happens on friday. we begin to cloud up a spotty rain shower in the forecast along the santa cruz area. then as we approach your saturday it's another system from the south that's going to make us cloudy saturday and sunday with daily chances of rain showers. 50s throughout the central valley today. right now it's freezing in sacramento. but no tule fog to report. 47 degrees in the high sierra. 7:24 sunrise you will see it
5:52 am
clear skies seamless conditions visibility unlimited numbers slightly above average 50s and 60s. here's your extended forecast. we do exalt for a warmer day on -- we do call for a warmer day on thursday, daily chance of rain for the weekend but in the new year's eve. we have a bowl -- but not new year's eve no rain. we have a bowl game clear skies mid-50s. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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will be waving to millions of people on t-v... from a rose parade float. lewis and steve griffith will be a sonoma county father and son will be waving to millions of people on tv from a rose parade float. lewis and steve griffith will be special guests atop this float from the american heart association on monday. it features young heroes who administered cpr and the adults whose lives they saved. two years ago steve collapsed while doing carpentry work. lewis saved his dad with cpr before first responders arrived. >> i had full cardiac arrest. my heart stopped. >> cpr is a really important thing to learn because you never know when it can really help. >> steve and lewis later helped lobby for a new california law
5:56 am
requiring high school students to learn cpr before graduating. that law starts in 2018. a new innovative treatment is giving people with tremors a steady hand. essential tremor is a neurological disorder that causes shaking. the fda just approved a new noninvasive ultrasound device. it targets the part of the brain causing that shaking. the patients have recovered a nearly 50% improvement in their tremors. when it comes to health care spending in the u.s., diabetes, heart disease and back pain now top the list. new research published in the journal of the american medical association looked at 155 conditions. diabetes was the most expensive with a $101 billion in diagnosis and treatment. ♪[ music ] time now 5:56. a heartbreaking holiday for one bay area family. how the search for a last- minute gift ended in tragedy. >> the circus is coming to san
5:57 am
jose. the public servants being kicked out to make room for them. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
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december 28th. i'm julie watts in for michelle griego. and i good morning, it's wednesday, december 28. i'm julie watts in for michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. new this morning, a series of earthquakes in nevada overnight were so strong that they were felt hundreds of miles away right here in california. two 5.7 quakes struck within minutes of each other near hawthorne, nevada, around midnight. they were followed by a 5.6 quake about an hour later. the quakes were felt as far as tahoe and parts of central california including fresno. i know they kept me up last night. i didn't feel them but my phone is set to seismic activity and so when the first one came across it was like 5.7! are you kidding me? and then the swarm came


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