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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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president vladimir putin's orders. the government also shut down two russian owned facilities in new york and maryland which they say were used to collect intelligence. obama administration officials acknowledge president-elect trump will wipe out these sanctions when he takes office but they say he should think twice before doing so. >> the next president wants to list sanctions against senior russian intelligence units to make it easier for them to interfere with our elections he can do so. we just don't think that will make sense. >> reporter: president-elect trump issued a statement against saying it's time for the to move on. but added, i will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation. president obama says he will provide a report to congress about russian attempts to interfere in the election in the coming days. in a conference call today, a senior administration official told us this is not the sum total of actions meaning there are likely covert actions we may never know about or may find out about quite some time
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later. veronica, back to you. >> thank you. nancy pelosi had this to say. the american people deserve to know their leaders will not tolerate russia's meddling in our democracy. congress must move immediately to launch a bipartisan independent investigation to understand how russia may have hacked into our democratic institutions and to assure it doesn't happen again. we just got surveillance video that shows a man wearing a mask pulling out a gun on a san francisco street corner taking aim and firing. it happened on december 5 on lane street in the bayview. kpix 5 reporter andria borba walked us through it all. >> reporter: a man running across lane street there he is in the upper right-hand corner. he comes up the sidewalk, hands in his pockets and then looks. he is wearing some sort of skeleton mask. the camera angle changes, three guys walk right in front of him. he peers around the corner and then he takes the gun out of
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his right pocket runs out into the middle of palou avenue and fires repeatedly at a black sedan. here's a look from a different camera. there are the three guys we saw earlier. and there is the gunman in the red sweatshirt running into the street aiming right at the black sedan. look to the left. a woman just got out of that minivan with a bag, with gunfire just feet away, she walks around the van to the sidewalk while kids take cover on the other side of the van. the gunman runs back down lane street all of this at 2:30 p.m. andria borba, kpix 5. >> now, police report said officers found shell casings and some property damage in that area but no sign of the gunman or car. officers also said they could not find any witnesses to that shooting. in the east bay crews are on the scene of a two-alarm fire in san leandro just off the 580 miramar exit. alameda county fire tells us that call came in less than two hours ago. no injuries are reported. we do have a crew on the way.
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we'll bring you more information when we get it we have seen the video from a woman accusing former 49er ray mcdonald of abusing her and now she says part of her motivation is to keep custody of her baby boy. kpix 5's emily turner spoke with her today. >> reporter: she is the victim of domestic abuse which in and of itself is difficult. but today, for the very first time, she is speaking out publicly about it because she doesn't want it to happen to anyone else including and most especially to, she says, her child. [ [screaming and crying] [sound of violence] >> reporter: that video wasn't enough to charge former 49er ray mcdonald with anything. but his ex-fiancee kendra hopes it will keep their son out of harm's way. [ crying ] >> i don't want my son to get old enough to understand what's going on and have to live like that. [ crying ] >> reporter: or worse. so she is fighting him for
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custody. ray mcdonald has been arrested for suspicion of domestic violence at least twice and is currently facing charges of violating a restraining order kendra got against him as well as raping a different woman who was intoxicated. >> could say that i'm lucky to be sitting here right now. and my son is stale live. [ crying ] >> reporter: she says at least one of the domestic violence arrests happened while she was pregnant. so did the rape charge of another woman. this uni invited visit to her apartment happened when their baby was just two months old. >> i have a baby. what are you doing! >> reporter: all vital elements in family court says legal analyst ladoris cordell. >> if someone has a propensity for violence for losing one's anger or particularly being abusive of women, of moms, that's absolutely a major factor for a judge to consider in determining what is in the best interests of the child. >> get away from me!
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[ screaming ] >> reporter: eventually this video she says, so while it may not have been enough to garner a criminal charge against mcdonald it could certainly affect a custody case, even prevent him from seeing the 20- month-old boy at all. but that's not the outcome kendra says she is hoping for. >> hopefully, ray can, um, get the help that he needs to be a positive influence, role model for our son. >> reporter: it's important to clarify that while mcdonald has been arrested for domestic violence several times, he has not been charged. the charges for violating a restraining order kendra had against him as well as the charge of raping an intoxicated woman are all ongoing. emily turner, kpix 5. new claims of self-defense from the family of two brothers accused in a deadly stabbing inside a target store in hayward. kpix 5's devin fehely was there during outbursts in court today as tensions ran high between the victims and the suspect's families.
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>> my brother is a good man. they wouldn't attack somebody for no reason. >> reporter: frankie and jesse archuleta waived the right to appear in court this afternoon but their sister defended them describing the killing of tyrone griffin as an act of self-defense. >> this is what it is. they felt threatened. they had to protect themselves. it was a self-defense matter. >> reporter: they clashed with griffin who was shopping at target. investigators say that griffin reportedly asked the brothers to turn down a song playing on their phone with lyrics inappropriate for children. the two families don't agree what happened next or who started the fight. but when it was all over, griffin was dead. >> he took my husband's life! like it was so unnecessary. it was so unnecessary. it could have been totally avoided. i understand you know you want to get into a fight but at the end of the day, he doesn't have his life. >> reporter: griffin's widow and the mother of his four children shared this video of the 2010 wedding with kpix 5.
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she says her husband was a loving father and family man and doubts he ever would have started a fight in the aisle of the store with his 4-year-old son nearby. >> we want his legacy to live on. i want everybody to know what type of father, husband, father, friend, brother he was. est a awesome man. >> my brothers are family men, stay home, go to work, have their own children. they are not bad men. >> reporter: two families divided by grief and what triggered the deadly fight. in oakland, devin fehely, kpix 5. two teenaged girls are under arrest and more suspects on the loose following robberies in berkeley. police say the robberies happened late last night at a north berkeley bart station and on virginia street. officers chased the car until it crashed. then caught up with the two girls. but three male suspects got away. two deadly shootings in oakland are under investigation. and they happened just hours apart. a woman was shot and killed just before 6 p.m. last night on the 900 block of
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21st street. four hours later a 22-year-old man was shot on 62nd street near golden gate playground. voters are gathering evidence in both cases. san jose police are looking for two gunmen who robbed a home and shot the people inside. it happened on peach court near mclaughlin. the suspects forced their way in at 10 p.m. last night. kpix 5's maria medina on the manhunt still under way. >> reporter: police say the victims and the suspects did not know each other. neighbors say this is where the home invasion happened. police say two men forced their way in, they exchanged some words with the victims before they shot them and then took off. one man tells us he knows the victims. >> um, couple of people tried to break it there and they had guns and they shot my stepson and his friend each in the leg. >> reporter: the two victims were taken to regional medical center. they are expected to be okay. however, police have not released a motive or a suspect description. in san jose, maria medina, kpix
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5. two down, five recounts to go for santa clara county's registrar. more than 7 weeks after the election, poll workers still tallying ballots. two races have been completed with no change in the outcome. the chief of police for the city of santa clara and a palo alto school board member. there are five more contests still to be recounted. the bouquets of flowers are being dropped off at debbie reynolds's star on the hollywood walk of fame. she died a day after her daughter carrie fisher died. family and friends are still in shock. >> the last thing she said she missed her daughter and wanted to be with her and 30 minutes later she had the stroke. >> there are reports there will be one funeral for both privately and a larger public memorial later. the news of debbie reynolds's
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death stunned fans around the world but reporter marlie hall says some doctors believe it was no coincidence. >> reporter: the death of 84- year-old hollywood legend debbie reynolds is raising awareness about broken heart syndrome. her son todd fisher that his mother was under a lot of emotion and stress from the loss of her daughter and it's pretty much what triggered this events. the medical term for broken heart syndrome is stress cardiomyopathy and it has to do with stress hormones such as adrenaline. >> so there's a large amount of release of hormones and there's a possible toxicity they can pose to the heart muscle rendering it weak. >> reporter: stress brought on by grief or anxiety can lead to sudden intense chest pain. symptoms are similar to a heart attack and can lead to heart failure. it's much more common in women than men.
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it's typical in women over 50. >> it's sudden and they rear support to get through it. >> reporter: but doctors add most people who have broken heart syndrome go on to make a full recovery. >> marl, kpixmarlie hall, kpix 5. >> a dramatic rescue near lake tahoe a boy on his bike ventures on to thin ice. the bay area professor who made the rescue. >> sunbathing seals have to move. the east bay plan to keep them coming back to the bay. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to help a boy who fell through some ice. it happened yesterday at lake baron... a small lake off highway 50 in s details a rescue near lake tahoe a boy fell through the ice. it happened yesterday at a small lake off highway 50 in south lake tahoe. photos from the lake "valley
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fire" department show what happened. the 13-year-old boy was on his bike when it fell through the ice. the ucsf professor ian whit marsh heard the boy scream for help and helped him out of the ice. rescuers joined in the effort. he was treated for exposure but is okay. in fact, this afternoon, he was reunited with some of those who rescued him. the fire department says that boy is lucky that people were around. he had only minutes before hypothermia would take over and he could have slipped below the surface. a rotten egg smell that prompted complaints in richmond and san francisco may have come from flaring at the chevron refinery. air quality officials detected a sulfur release there tuesday but are still looking for other potential sources for the odor. in san francisco the fire department responded to 7 reports of a bad smell throughout the city last night. at the time they had no idea where it came from. the department says in a statement, quote, no medical issues have been reported. and there is currently no
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threat to health or safety. the odor has since dissipated. separately pg&e says it has gotten about 70 calls yesterday and today with no signs of any gas leaks. new at 5:00 some east bay harbor seals are sunning in the path of progress. a new ferry facility in alameda has been moving them. not everybody approves of that. kpix 5's da lin has the problem with the relocation plan. >> reporter: that new platform is the new hangout spot for those harbor seals. about 900 feet away from their previous playground. now, for a while there some neighbors worried that these little guys wouldn't return. 27 harbor seals sunbathing. if you think that's a tight squeeze, check out this photo taken on christmas eve. >> we saw 49 fall out and that was a record. . we never saw that before. we were dumbfounded because the record we had seen was like 38.
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>> reporter: harbor seal monitor mark klein keeps count of the seals. over the summer he and other volunteers were concerned they wouldn't return. the harbor seals have been lounging on this old doctor years until the water emergency transportation authority removed it in july. -to-make room for a new ferry maintenance facility. but neighbors lobbied and the ferry agency built this platform made of concrete and styrofoam. >> if we had to move it, we had to move it 900 feet from the construction zone. >> reporter: it works. they came back. >> we see them fishing all the time. so fish, protection, safety, that's what they need. >> reporter: but some neighbors want the ferry agency to build at least one more. this platform is about 500 square feet. >> it's too small and i think it will be really too small when the spring comes and you have the baby seals. >> reporter: they hope the success will encourage the city to pay for a second platform. for now the seals look happy. >> they are relaxing. >> what do you think the seals
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are doing, jo jo? >> sleeping. >> they're sleeping. are they comfy? >> yeah. >> yeah. i'd say they are. they're definitely relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah. a few more seals have since hopped onto the platform. you're looking at about roughly a little more than 30 now. now, volunteers say this is the best time of the year to check them out especially around the afternoon hours from 2 to 3 p.m. that's the warmest part of the day. these little guys, of course, they love to sunbathe under the sun. for now live in alameda, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> awww. the countdown on netflix making a comeback to help parents get some adult time in on new year's eve. [chuckling] the idea is you can trick your kids into thinking it's midnight. and get them into bed early. countdowns are based on popular cartoon characters and are a big hit with kids. this is the third year netflix will offer them.
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last year, the peak streaming time, around 8:00. many bay area transit agencies offering free train and bus rides on new year's eve. the free rides begin at 8 p.m. on saturday night on caltrain. vta, muni, samtrans and ac transit and some will keep going until 5 a.m. two big draws are the midnight fireworks on san francisco's embarcadero and bars and restaurants showing the college football play-offs. if you plan to dine out this weekend, one of the finest restaurants in san francisco is adding a high-tech twist. andria borba went to quince. >> reporter: clad in red bricks on the inside and white tablecloths on the inside, jackson square's quince looks every inch the three michelin starred restaurant it is. inside the kitchen, chef michael is marrying those hallmarks of fine dining with a nod to san francisco's tech scene. the dish is called a dog in
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search of gold. >> also get a croquette that is made to look like a white terrorism and it's made of porcini mushrooms and ricotta that we make in-house. it's deep fried. and then it's dusted in porcini powder so it kind of looks like a white truffle. >> reporter: all served on top of an ipad playing the video of an italian truffle dog on the hunt for the rare and tasty fungus. think of it as the ultimate farm-to-fork explainer. >> we are basically setting the scene in which you're getting a truffle of course and you're seeing the dog that's forging for the white truffle. >> reporter: the edges of the ipad are concealed and the bits of truffle and other delicious treats are on a covered screen. >> the i pat has a sheath over it that protects the ipad so that we can plate the food on top of the ipad so it looks
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like it's on top of the i pad but it's actually on a cleanable surface. >> reporter: the shell for the ipads turned plates are custom made for quince by a san francisco artist. he and his team have been doing this dish for two years changing it with the seasons. up next, black truffles. >> just trying to have a little bit of fun and really get the guests at ease and relaxing and a little bit of a story which i think a meal is supposed to do. >> reporter: in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. what will they think of next? maybe a view from high atop the tallest point in solano county. mount vaca, as we look toward the sunset a beautiful finish to thursday and changes ahead for the weekend. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, a flight to california diverted. a couple on board involved in a midair meltdown. what happened on board that ended with the couple being removed in handcuffs. >> but first, the markets closed down today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, plaza has
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blocked three lanes. we have a traffic alert on the bay bridge. look at the backup. there's an accident just west of the toll plaza. it has blocked three lanes at this point so that means what you see here, gridlock heading into the city. our cameras at the toll plaza shows you the backup. and that's a heads upcoming into the city. what's the weather going to be like? >> they will be sitting in very beautiful weather as they -- [ laughter ] >> looking very nice. golden gate bridge by contrast is looking good. these are the numbers showing the temperature in concord. 55 degrees. san francisco 57. san jose 58. santa rosa 55. tonight it will get chilly but not as cold as last night. santa rosa down to 33 degrees. san rafael 37. san jose tonight 38 degrees. sun-up at 7:25 a.m. tomorrow morning. and we are going to be looking
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at another nice day before things deteriorate a bit when this low pressure finally does begin to come up to the coastline. in fact, you can already see the clouds coming up in advance of this low. those clouds float in over the bay area friday evening. we'll get a little bit tomorrow, as well. but the numbers will be a little bit cooler than they were today but not a huge difference. and in the futurecast, here's tomorrow 1:00 in the afternoon. still a mostly sunny day not quite as warm. look what happens on saturday. this is saturday morning. just a little bit before sunrise, a lot of clouds and the green suggests there could be some few showers especially over the higher elevations. so that's how new year's eve starts. but here's how it finishes. by the time we get toward midnight we'll have mostly clear skies for fireworks and other tame celebrations no doubt. here in san francisco partly cloudy chilly tonight. not as mild for friday a little bit cooler rain chance coming in on saturday which would do nothing more than settle the mud. it's going to be just a little
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brief shower coming in but then there's more next week. it looks cooler and wetter next week actually so stay tuned for that. tomorrow 56 in san francisco. concord 59. san jose 62. oakland 59. that's actually above average. south bay tomorrow will be near 60 degrees with loy with a lot of sun. north bay nice for san rafael 57. lake county looks nice. lake poured 59. sonoma county rohnert park 58 degrees. in the extended forecast, we are going to be looking for things to begin to cloud up on saturday leading to morning showers. sunday will live up to its name but monday and tuesday showers coming in and cool numbers in the low 50s. we'll be right back. grandpa's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"...nats of people laughing screaming..." 88-year old don briggs was playing the finally it is all fun and games until grandpa's dentures fall out. [ laughter ] >> ah! >> oh, my goodness. 88-year-old don briggs was playing the game speak out with his family on christmas day. [ laughter ] >> the idea is to try to talk with a large plastic mouthpiece. he put it in wrong popped his dentures out. the video has been shared about 35,000 times. [ laughter ] -- 35 million times. [ laughter ] >> i remember my grandmother did that. not sure it was on purpose.
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scared me. >> frightening to watch. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. ♪ ♪ inaptioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: payback time. clssian diplomats are expelled, compounds closed, as president obama slaps russia for meddling in the election. plus, new details on how the hackers did it. m so tonight, a brutal winter storm with millions in the crosshairs. after the berlin attack, new security measures are in place to keep the new year's celebrations safe. >> reporter: this room is going to be packed. >> it will be packed. >> ninan: and, debbie reynolds dies one day after carrie fisher. doctors tell us broken heart syndrome is real. >> it's often, but not always, triggered by a severe emotional stress. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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