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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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on refugees. some demonstrators spilling from the airports into the streets... now at 11:00. row tests heat up nationwide over trump's travel ban on refugees. some demonstrators spilling from the airports on to the streets. others getting pepper sprayed. >> families left in limbo. unsure who can get back in the country. confusion over what the order really means moving forward. good evening. our team coverage begins with kpix5 at the airport, kate? >> reporter: the crowd dissipated here at the airport we are on the arrivals level. there are still protesters hanging out here as you can see. they are still showing off their signs, letting their
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message be heard. crowds earlier at their peak were double what we saw yesterday. they did not stick to one area they were everywhere. security checkpoints, baggage claim. surrounding escalators. the officials are saying all detainees have been released. we were there to catch the appointment before one bittersweet reunion. >> reporter: san francisco airport, a movement of suitcases and signs. but this man and his family did not come here to protest. but to pick up his nephew detained by customs and immigration early this morning. amidst protesters cry to let detainees out. >> there is the first week of this administration and the things we are seeing are terrifying. >> reporter: he has no time to be scared. he clutches his phone, focused. s his family's immigration attorney tells him he should not answer any questions
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>> it is mass chaos. it is a democratic country and there are process and rules and now it is chaos. >> reporter: he has lived in the united states for 40 years. his nephew a green card holder for 20 years. he says he and his family came here from yemen for ref aoupbl and now -- refuge and now? >> we can not travel. stress builds quickly. then, the phone call. >> you are upstairs, are you out? there is more confusion. where are you? >> reporter: where did they let him go? >> what airline? >> five hours after being detained he stands waiting on the curb. >> it was a long time. >>s yes. welcome back home. >> thank you, thank you, guys. >> reporter: a family reunited. >> that was the worst time i was in custom since i got in
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the united states. >> reunited in a state of uncertainty. >> reporter: he was trying to process a visa for his family to come to the united states now he is not so sure. >> i was nervous but i am happy now. i am out. >> reporter: hand and hand, uncle and nephew walk back into the international terminal to thank the hundreds who stood by their side. >> thank you, guys! [cheers and applause] >> thank you! [cheers and applause] god bless america! >> reporter: now, this group of protesters tell me they plan to stay as late as they can. they say there are more international flights coming in. they want to make sure everyone who lands here is able to leave the airport. now, we also have seen law
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enforcement from several agencies in several groups stationed at different locations at san francisco international airport. as far as we have seen this protest for the most part has been peaceful. kpix5. tonight, thousands of protesters snarled traffic at lax. they blocked off streets keeping cars from getting in and out of the airport. you can see lines of cars backed up for miles. >> intense protests in seattle. crowds of demonstrators swarmed the area tonight. thousands of people packed into several blocks. >> also in seattle. earlier today the police use pepper spray on an angry group of demonstrators to clear a path for travelers trying to catch their flights. >> reporter: and in washington, d.c. a group of protesters gathered next to the white house, holding signs and chanted "love not hate "that is what makes america great. >> tonight, the department of
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homeland security revised the guidelines concerning u.s. permanent residents from the 7 countries included in trump's executive order. those travelers will now be allowed to enter the u.s. unless there is information that flags them as potential security threats. >> reporter: as jeff reports those changes may be causing even more confusion and leave something families in limbo. joe? >> reporter: the statement from homeland security is confusing. there is chaos here inside of the airport. i can tell you that. as we are hearing homeland security personnel they are not sure what rule to follow. do they follow the presidential order. do they follow the judge's order or a combination of the two. with we are hearing it is different from airport to airport. meanwhile, people arrive from flights from muslim countries as a flight there is one coming in tonight. families are not sure what to make of it. >> reporter: this family await the arrival of parents from pakistan who flew in tonight by
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way of istanbul. they were still waiting hours later. the confusion and chaos here at sfo began on friday when jackie spear's office got a call for help. >> we got word there was a translator for the army. afghani national who was held here and they were not allowing him to pass through. making it clear a translator for the american troops could be the most valuable person -- >>let be clear not only valuable but he has a target on his back. he winds up in the wrong neighborhood back in afghanistan he is dead. >> reporter: he was later released. yesterday, crowds of protesters arrived customs was detaining five here. homeland security assured them those five have all been released and nobody else has been detained but not everyone agrees.
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>> people are still being held. >> reporter: nina the national lawyer's tkpwuld saying guld. >> questioning them and holding them for hours it is detention. >> a man from iran was take tone -- taken to jail. >> our lawyer went there this morning to the jail and she was told he is sent back to the airport to be deported to iran. he ultimately got released. >> reporter: despite everything happening this american saturday from yemen whose wife and two children are stuck overseas insists he is not giving up. >> we moved from a dissaster to a country of hope. >> do you still have hope? >> -- disaster to a country of hope. >> do you still have hope? >> the land of america, the land of hope. >> reporter: there is hope. but there is a lot of anxiety as well as we are hearing passengers simply did not get on to flights coming here from
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other countries. if it is because officials kept them off or not it is still in question. hearing from families across the board that are telling us they have flights within their families scheduled to go overseas and they are canceling the fights. the effects of this could be far reaching. reporting live at sfo, back to you. new tonight, a cruise ship passenger from san francisco has been released after he was detained by u.s. custom officials in florida. he said that it happened while he was getting off of the ship in port everglades today. he shared the experience on social media and his post quickly went viral. >> in one night my life changed from a legal person to illegal. i received overwhelming support from my friends and family. people that i knew and strangers that i never met. >> reporter: he is from iran. he has a grown card and works as a chemical engineer in san francisco. he was released after three
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hours. a student, a legal u.s. resident was detained at jfk airport on friday. she was questioned for five hours before being released. she had just returned from sudan. california issued a travel warning to study epbts and faculty from seven countries. student -- students, the concern if they leave they may not come back. many are forced to change cruise dates because the order to employees. trump's administration is defends the executive order saying it is not a ban against muslims. >> steps, pulling the band-aid off it is to do further vetting for people traveling in and out of those countries. >> white house chief of staff priebu is s says they will be
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allowed going into the u.s. going -- priebus says they will be allowed to go into the u.s. going forward. 6 people killed, others injured when they were finishing prayers in canada, there was a shooting. it was outside of a cultural center in quebec city. first responders are rolling people away. two suspects are under arrest. the witnesses say two people went into the mosque and opened fire. the mosque is near a unsroersity -- university that has several international students. first combat death under president trump. it was carried out by members of the elite navy seal credited with killing barack obama. >> reporter: the raid was planned during the obama administration anding authorized by trump. the officials say a team of
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u.s. commandos carried out the attack just before dawn. the target of the headquarters in branch in yemen believed to have vital intelligence inside that warranted a ground operation. when the team arrived they were confronted by fierce gunfire. one u.s. service member was killed and three others injured. 14 others killed. the raid was the first counterterrorism mission approved by president trump since taking office nine days ago. in a statement released by the white house he says his deepest thoughts and humblest prayers were with the family of the fallen service member. back to you. still ahead, dozens of flights canceled and nothing to do with the airport protests. the problem that had some delta passengers scrambling. major shake up for the
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49ers. surprise pick to lead the organization. traveling through tubes instead of the roadways? a closer look the at california transportation. we look towards the golden gate that is the direction the rain will be coming in but not quite yet. details in the forecast coming up ,,,,,,,,,,
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the 49ers just hired a new general manager... someone who's never worked in a a shocker in bay area sports world. the 49ers just hired a new general manager. >> someone who never work today in a front office before. sports director dennis o'donell is here with details on the man
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who will try to put the them back on the winning track. denis? >> reporter: it seems like the 49ers were being transparent about perspective general manager candidates but john's name never came up on the list of names expected to be interviewed by york. he was doing tv work for fox and before that stand out safety at stanford before doing a stellar nfl career. hoping to be elected to the pro football hall of fame. he has no executive experience in any nfl front office. he played 15 seasons in the nfl. he retired in 2008. the 45-year-old bay area ties, playing baseball and football at sanford. his coach, bill walch. he convinced him to switch. now, coming up on game day we will get reaction from beat writer who spoke with york tonight and why at least one man who covers that football team thinks it is a good idea.
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>> that is good. one man that does. >> yes. at least one. yes. why he thinks that we will see. >> we will stay tuned for game day. delta flights are returning back to normal after a system wide computer glitch. a few hours ago the airline lifted a ground stop. they canceled 150 flights. delta is letting customers change their travel plans without paying fees. a driver had to be rescued from a twisted mass of metal after crashing his car in san francisco today. watch. >> now, he stuck is in there. you can not tell. >> reporter: a witness shot this video. the car is mangled and the driver is trapped inside. the crash happened this morning near 7th and harrison streets. a witness told us a driver was speeding towards the driveway when the car flipped and then smashed into parking meters before going to an elementary school fence. no word on the condition tonight. >> a long awaited trial begins
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with the murder of south bay teenager lamar. the 15-year-old vanished on her way to a school bus stop in 2012 in her neighborhood in morgan hill. her body was never found. prosecutors charged 25-year-old torres with killing her. they say they have strong dna evidence and they are seeking the death penalty. retired judge and kpix5 legal analyst says getting a conviction and a death sentence could be tough given the circumstance. >> her body has never been found. this case is going to be based entirely on circumstantial evidence and since it is unlikely the defendant will testify there is no witness to anything that happened with respect to her disappearance. this case is entirely based on scientific evidence. >> opening statements begin tomorrow morning in san jose. construction work this week. starts tomorrow night at the
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san quentin main street off- ramp on the marin side will be shutdown nightly from 7:00 until 6:00. the onramp will be closed from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. something to think about. could the brains behind space-x solve traffic problems? cbs reporter shows us how musk and young inventors are moving forward with an idea to ease gridlock. >> if the vision is fulfilled we will be in pods possibly like this shooting through vacuum chambers like this called hyperloops at 70 miles an hour. >> this is what the future looks like. >> instead of crawling through l.a. at speeds lower. >> we want to be there in los angeles right with him and so your los angeles mta is excited to partner and see what we can do. >> who is he is? an entrepreneur, ceo of tesla
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and space-x. >> traffic is driving me nuts, going to get a boring machine and start digging. >> the big digs has begun on space x. property. >> i find it exciting. that is key to a lot of technology, rode tunnels, hyperloop tunnels. >> he finds this exciting as well. >> under his direction engineering students from around the world competing to build the best. 1700 entries initially. after a year of designing, billing and passing 100 engineers tests the three finalists pods built by mit and universities in thing netherlands and germany. >> it is really amazing like we are competing with the best in the world. >> reporter: his team from technical university is the only pod with a compressor getting air out of the tube as
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it shoots through hyperloop. >> no air in it. so we are going to be fast. >> like most he is an engineering student just the best, brightest, everying high- tech with one exception. you see before they send any pod down a long tube that is, well, 3/4s of a mile they send a guy on his bicycle. the length of the tube in there it to make sure there is no garbage. back to you. >> you know, we were saying it looks small. maybe that is what the future looks like as we will enjoy the bay bridge. clear night in the bay area. partly cloudy to clear skies. the temperatures down in the 30s at livermore. 39 degrees. 42 at concord. 42 at santa rosa. and the view from high atop the west coast. high pressure over the air force base right now. we are on the top side of that. so, a few high clouds from time to time. dry for tomorrow and for tuesday. it is wednesday night and thursday and friday that look
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wet. here on the future cast high clouds sneaking into the area. high temperatures, mild, temperatures, some places, 8 degrees, above average. clear start on monday. sunny and mild on tuesday and rain returning to the bay area with late wednesday. it looks like we increase the clouds and then get rain late wednesday and thursday and friday. now, forecast for sfo looks like fair skies, winds out of the east-northeast, four miles an hour. and, for washington tomorrow if the travel plans take you there, 37 degrees, chicago, a degree below freezing and ins los angeles, 77 degrees after all of that rain they had last week. a heatwave for the southland. overnight lows, looking at santa rosa, nap a37, fairfield, 38. sun up at 8:15. forecast highs for tomorrow. well, as we said it will be 6 degrees in san francisco and concord, warmer.
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63. and san jose in 63. oakland, 63 degrees for tomorrow. down in the south bay in the middle 60 skpás sunshine. -- 60s and sunshine. high clouds in the early afternoon. not a dense shield of high clouds up in the lake county area, 66. clear lake, 65. now. extended forecast, nice for monday and tuesday. and wednesday we begin to inacross clouds late wednesday, rain spreads south, keeping us -- in increase of clouds late wednesday. rain spreads south, keeping us cool. warming up saturday night and sunday. we will be back in a minute. but first, this revenue generator ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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starbucks just announced it will hire 10-thousand refugees over the next five years. u.s. companies are responding to trump's immigration and travel order. starbucks announced tell hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years. meanwhile, the ride share company, lyft announced they are donating $1 million to the aclu. they are mounting a legal challenge to trump's immigration ban. san francisco-based air b&b is offering free housing to refue gees and any other travelers left stranded overseas. the ceo wrote a note on facebook saying not a lowing countries or refugees into america is not right and we
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must ban with those affected. we have 3 million homes so we can find people a place to stay. still ahead, hollywood stars hit the stage for the screen actors guild award you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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23-year-old iris mittenaere (ear-eese mitt-an-ar) was crowned earlier tonight. miss haiti and colombia are the first and second runners-up.
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the announcement miss universe is ... france. >> it really is. she was crowned earlier tonight. right before the announcement was read the former miss universe steve harvey used a pair of glasses. he accidentally announced someone else the winner but yes, it is her. now, screen actors guild awards were handed newt repeat winners and new faces. -- handed out. new and repeat winners. >> now, denzel washington, emma stone for best female actress, playing an inspiring actress that falls in love with a musician in "la-la land "we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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