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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 3, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> at least he committed to something. good morning to our viewers in the west, it is friday, february 3rd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news from paris. a security scare at the world famous louvre museum. a french soldier opens fire after being attacked by a man with two machetes. >> a new poll finds americans are divided over president trump's temporary ban on refugees and some travellers. the president will take action today to undo banking regulations put in place after the financial crisis. before the patriots and falcons face off in super bowl li our own michelle miller visits boston and mo rocca visits atlanta in our annual
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super bowl city showdown. we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. [ sirens ]. >> a french soldier opened fire on a man trying to enter the louvre museum. the area has been evacuated. >> police swarm one of the world's most iconic museums. >> a man wielding a machete and carrying back backs lunges towards officers. >> the world is in trouble but we're going to straighten it out. when you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having, don't worry about it. just don't worry about it. >> we ended the tyranny of one king, and 236 years later we're not allowing another king in this country. >> he's speaking the way he always does, respectfully, firmly, directly and i think the world welcomes it. >> a surge in violence has brought ukraine back onto the
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international stage. >> nikki haley came down hard on russia. >> i must con determine the aggressive actions of russia. >> yemeni americans closed their doors to protest his immigration policies. >> a pyrotechnic device exploded in a cheesecake factory. >> tiger woods has pulled out of the dubai classic with a bad back. >> president trump met with harley-davidson executives. >> the president used the national prayer breakfast to pray for abysmal rating on "the apprentice." >> never heard that passage from the bible before. is that corinthians. >> governor schwarzenegger had a response. >> why don't we switch jobs. you take over tv because you're an expert in ratings and i'll take over your job and people can finally be comfortable
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again. >> is this the war of 1812? the white house just got burnt. >> announcer: this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is on assignment. norah o'donnell is off. anthony mason and alex wagner of "cbs this morning saturday" are here. we're pleased about that. breaking news in paris, a machete attack near the louvre museum created panic in the heart of the french capitol. a french soldier shot and seriously wounded a man after he tried to attack another soldier. the man was armed with two machetes and carried two backpacks. >> the attack took place in a shopping mall outside the louvre, one of the most visited museums in the world. about 1,000 people inside were moved to safe areas. elaine cobb is near the scene in
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paris. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the chaotic scene unfolded just behind me here at the entrance to the louvre museum and the carousel delouvre shopping area. video showed crowds rushing in, tourists waiting online to get in, some thought it was a drill. here is what we know. paris police say the man shouted allah al lack bar and lunged towards the french soldiers. one soldier fired back, shooting the suspect in his leg and stomach. the attacker is alive but in great condition. one of the soldiers suffered minor injuries to his head. police say the man was also carrying two backpacks which immediately raised concerns for possible explosives. the museum was closed as the bomb squad responded. a group of students from university of georgia were looking at the mona lisa at the time when an alarm went off and they were told to evacuate.
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they waited two hours to leave the building. visitors were cordoned off and inspected before being let out. heightened security at the louvre since the attack on paris in 2015. the identity of this attacker is not known, nor are his motives clear. police say they checked the backpacks and no explosives were found. alex? >> elaine cobbe in paris, thanks. a cbs news poll out this morning finds president trump has a historically low job approval rating. 40% of americans approve of his performance after two weeks in office, 48% disapprove. the split is largely down party lines. no other president in polling history going fwook 1953 has had such a poor approval rating this early. the poll also finds americans narrowly disapprove of the president's order temporarily blocking people from seven muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. nancy cordes is on capitol hill as the president gets ready to
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launch two executive actions that will affect wall street. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these executive actions are going to thrill congressional republicans who have long wanted to roll back what they say are burdensome regulations within the dodd-frank act. democrats meanwhile say those regulations are in place to prevent another financial collapse like the ones we saw in 2007 and 2008. dodd-frank was signed into law by president obama back in 2010. it created a consumer protection agency and it raind in mortgage practices and trading that led to the collapse. senior white hous officials say this order will direct the treasury secretary to review dodd-frank and make recommendations about how to change or unwind it. the president described his intentions on monday during a meeting with small business owners. >> dodd-frank is a disaster. we'll be doing a big number
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onned to frank. >> reporter: other act will halt fiduciary rules, meant to crack down on payments and hidden fees from financial planners. again, democrats say those rules were there to protect consumers. republicans say they hurt competition. president trump's choice for treasury secretary is steve mnuchin. he's made stripping down dodd-frank one of his top priorities and expected to be confirmed within the next week or two. and republicans are so intent on stripping it down as well that the senate has already voted just this morning, anthony, to do away with a key regulation buried in dodd-frank. >> nancy, thanks. employment numbers out this morning show president trump inherited a strong economy. the labor department says employers added 227,000 jobs in january. the unemployment rate did tick up slightly to 4.8%. a meeting of the president's business advisory group is under way without the chief executive of uber.
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travis cal neck abruptly quit the group yesterday after facing intense pressure to distance himself from the president over the executive order on immigration. disney chief executive bob eiger also reportedly bowed out. cal neck and eiger were two of 19 business leaders tapped to meet regularly with the president and share their experiences. the president has more strong words for iran this morning on twitter. he wrote, iran is playing with fire. they don't appreciate how kind president obama was to them. not me. his message follows iran's decision to block the u.s. wrestling team from going there for a competition this month. that was in response to the president's immigration ban. the president also thank australia's prime minister for his comments on their recent phone call. he claimed fake news reported that he complained bitterly about taking refugees from australia. margaret brennan at the white house looks at the blowback from
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the president's tough talk with foreign leaders. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump pledged to upend the system and he certainly stunned some of america's closest partners. after a kai otic week, his administration is signaling they may begin to moderate some of his foreign policies. >> the world is in trouble, but we're going to straighten it out, okay? >> reporter: at the national prayer breakfast on thursday, president trump repeatedly defended his combative phone call with australia's prime minister. >> when you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having, don't worry about it. just don't worry about it. >> reporter: mr. trump's public questioning of a u.s. commitment to take in 1,200 refugees which he referred to as illegal immigrants alienated one of america's closest partners. >> i have a lot of respect for australia. >> reporter: aides later tried to smooth over the rift by assuring australia that the u.s. will still accept them. >> he doesn't like it but out of
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respect he'll allow that process. >> reporter: the president also accused neighboring mexico and canada of using the north american free trade agreement to hurt the u.s. >> we're negotiating properly will with countries, even countries that are allies, a lot of people taking advantage of us. >> reporter: that rhetoric is a radical break from traditional diplomacy. >> nothing is off the table. >> reporter: the white house is no longer threatening to end the nuclear deal with iran but is considering sanctioning tehran for ballistic missile test and its connection to attack on a saudi ship. after mr. trump met behind closed doors with jordan's king abdullah, the white house suggested the white house curb its settlement building say it, quote, may not be helpful in achieving peace. >> i must condemn the aggressive actions of russia. >> reporter: in another significant shift, the trump administration dispatched u.s.
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ambassador nikki haley to demand russia withdraw from ukraine. >> we do want to better ter our relations with russia, however, the dire situation in ukraine requires clear and strong condemnation of russia's actions. >> reporter: ambassador haley says the u.s. won't take sanctions off russia until it pulls its proops off of ukraine. that's the strongest statement against moscow we've heard from the administration and very similar to the policy of the obama administration. >> thanks, margaret. defense secretary james mattis is warning north korea not to attack america or its allies. mattis met with japan's prime minister this morning after visiting south korea. mattis told south korea's active president that he sent a clear message to the north. >> any attack on the united states or on our allies will be defeated in any use of nuclear weapons could be met with a
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response that would be effective and overwhelming. >> reporter: mattis also greeted veterans in south korea and laid a wreath at the country's tomb of the unknown soldier. >> senior national security analyst fran townsend was homeland security adviser for george w. bush. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> a new policy with respect to iran? >> i think we ought to expect -- mike flynn went out there and said he was putting iran on notice. i think what that really means is you ought to expect a tougher line to iran, whether it's ballistic missiles or the houthis firing at a saudi ship, this administration is not going to be passive about what they perceive and is rightly an aggressive iran. i think this is a real comfort to people like the saudis and am rates who have been fighting side by side. >> it seems like the bogs on israel and settlements is
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changing. >> i wouldn't read too much into that. this isn't the obama administration policy about settlements are an impediment to peace. i think it's a signal from prime minister netanyahu that he shouldn't be pursuing new settlements. i think this is a much more friendly administration in terms of understanding netanyahu's position. >> fran, that shift did seem to come after president trump spoke with king abdullah yesterday. do you think that influenced us? >> i do. the jordanian king is our strongest ally there and under tremendous pressure whether it's refugees coming in from syria. we have to be, and the administration is signaling they'll be receptive and listen to the jordanian king and seek his advice and counsel. >> most people think that's a good thing, you're listening to people with long experience in the region. >> that's right. i agree with you, charlie. we have to. we need the jordanian king.
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we need stability in jordan and we need to fight alongside him. >> what about what nikki haley said about crimea? >> i think we should not assume that nikki haley was freelancing here. clearly the administration was sending a clear signal and we ought to understand that nikki haley's statement is part of a larger strategic view in terms of russian policy. russia cares about many things, whether it's the assad regime, access to their port in torto e toretuse, a larger russian policy being formulated here. >> would you agree it's a stronger tone towards russia? >> absolutely. the russians ought to be sitting up and listening and taking notice. >> the trump administration pivoting to a position more similar to the obama administration? >> i think that's a generous view. i wouldn't think that's a
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generation of the obama policy. >> certainly more aggressive in terms of rhetoric and perhaps in terms of action. >> right. i think we ought to understand there's some posturing going on here and we ought to, i think, expect that the trump administration will look for a more strand strategic bargain of which ukraine, syria, are all pieces in this puzzle. >> the u.s. military has launched an investigation into a terror raid that likely killed civilians and left an american commando dead. the operation sunday targeted al qaeda militants in yemen but didn't go according to plan. the fallen navy s.e.a.l., william ryan owens being posthumously promoted to senior chief petty officer. david martin has the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. last weekend's raid by s.e.a.l. team 6 is a classic example of the military adage that no survives first contact with the enemy.
7:16 am
it was reviewed by senior national security officials in both the obama and trump administrations. the wreckage of an american airport and bullet pox buildings are testament to the operation. it was first considered in the final weeks of president obama's administration. his former homeland security adviser told charlie rose last night the raid was to have been the start of a stepped-up campaign against al qaeda. >> what was presented to the obama administration in the remaining weeks of the administration, again, was a broad proposal for sustained increased military engagement in yemen. >> reporter: five days after the inauguration, the new president met with secretary of defense, chairman of joint chiefs, cia director and national security adviser among others to go over the plan. >> the operation was laid out in great extent. the indication at that time was to go ahead. >> reporter: when the s.e.a.l.s
7:17 am
reached the al qaeda compound, they ran into stiffer-than-expected resistance. pinned down, they called in an air strike. military officials say civilians including children inside the building were likely killed. after a one-hour gun battle, 14-al qaeda fighters were dead, but navy s.e.a.l. ryan owens lay dying and three others wounded. while other members of the teams raced through the buildings collecting hard drives, laptops and cell phones, a met vac came in to pick up the wounded, it lost power and made a hard landing, injuring three crew. a second medevac took the wounded to a ship. after the last of the s.e.a.l.s left, the medevac left behind was destroyed. this raid could be the start of a series of ground operations which put american lives at risk. >> david, thanks. counselor to the president
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kellyanne conway says she misspoke defending the president's executive order on immigration last night. >> seven countries previously identified by president obama as being high risk, as being states that either harbor, train or export -- and/or export terrorism. these are nations very narrowly prescribed and also temporary. i bet there was very little coverage, i bet it's brand new information to people that president obama had a six-month ban on the iraqi refugee program after two iraqis came here to this country, were radicalized and were the master minds behind the bowling green massacre. people don't know that because it didn't get covered. >> that bowling green massacre never happened. conway was referring to the 2011 arrest of two iraqi citizens living in bowling green, kentucky. they are serving long prison terms for attempting to send weapons and money to al qaeda and iraq. both men admitted attacking u.s. troops in iraq.
7:19 am
there was never an attack in bowling green. conway tweeted this morning, i meant to say bowling green terrorists. her other claim that the obama administration put a six-month ban on the iraqi refugee program is also inaccurate. there was a pause in refugee processing and more extensive background checks. new screening procedures slowed down visa approvals significantly but iraqis still received visas every month. victims of exploding samsung phones could be kept out of court by legal fine print. ahead, cbs news meets a teenager who says a flame from his galaxy note 7 left him with
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a charity ball and the planned protest give the a charity ball give secret service new challenges at president trump's winter get away. >> we're ahead in florida ahead of the president's weekend stay
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just ahead, president trump promises to, quote, totally destroy a law on churches and political contributions. and on monday, a look at how
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in the oakland hills. police say a man and a woman carjacked a man on 51st street good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. two suspects are in custody after a wild chase in the oakland hills. police say a man and a woman carjacked a man on 51st street yesterday. when officers caught up to them they fled to highway 13 and hit another car before going down an embankment. a preliminary hearing resumes today for a man in the deadly shooting of a sonoma county woman. victor silva of novato is
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accused of killing an 84-year- old woman during a 2015 robbery at her penngrove home. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,, giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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good morning. :27. happy friday from a very wet and dangerous morning commute at 7:27. fairfield eastbound 80 at travis boulevard it's a big rig crash out there blocking the three left lanes. tow truck on scene trying to get this cleared out for you but it will take a while. and in napa, northbound 29 at the napa junction road here, this is closed due to flooding as you can see, very heavy delays here at just 7 miles per hour. and high wind advisory across the span of the bay bridge. give yourself some extra time. drive slowly. we have a lot of ponding on the roads because we had a front pass through the bay area at 5:00 a.m. it dumped a quarter inch to an inch of rain in some of the higher locations. now the front is over the central valley but we are still getting showers in the east and south bays. today right now, temperatures in the 50s and pretty much holding steady. we are talking about temperatures in the 50s and the low 60s across the bay area today. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ find me somebody to love ♪ find me somebody to love ♪ find me somebody to love ♪ find me somebody to love ♪ somebody ♪ somebody ♪ somebody find me somebody to love ♪ can anybody find me somebody to love ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> kind of a fantasy rock moment for you. >> incredible. >> james cordon and queen's adam lambert facing off in an epic front man battle on the late late show. >> epic. >> i love it when you do it, too, charlie. let's get it going in the break. welcome back to "cbs this morning." gayle king is on assignment. norah o'donnell is off. we're happy to have anthony mason and rocking alex wagner of "cbs this morning saturday" here. victims of exploding samsung phones may be unable to sue the tech giant. we go undercover to learn about the little-known policy that keeps customers out of court. and we hear from one victim who
7:32 am
says her phone was like a box of sparklers on fire. president trump will spend the week into at his mar-a-lago resort in florida. protesters will demonstrate nearby. ahead, what the president's neighbors think of his winter white house. >> some of this morning's headlines, "the washington post" reports president trump's vow to overturn a law that bans political contributions by churches. during the national prayer breakfast yesterday, he pledged to totally destroy the johnson amendment covering non-profits that get tax exemptions, repealing the 1954 would require congressional action. >> "the new york times" reports that a woman who ran one of the cia's black site prisons was named the agency's deputy director. gina haskel is the first female career cia officer promoted to the agency's number two job. in 2002 she oversaw the brutal
7:33 am
interrogation of two suspects at a secret prison in thailand. police looking for a suspect that threw an explosive device into a crowded california restaurant. terrified diners in left football on the table and ran outside. it happened as a cheesecake factory in pasadena around dinnertime last night. no one was hurt. a man opened the front door and tossed the home made device in. moments later it exploded causing minor damage. a large security operation that took el chapo guzman to court this morning. united states marshals transported the cartel boss from his manhattan jail cell to the federal courthouse in brooklyn. they even blocked traffic on the brooklyn bridge. prosecutors wanted guzman to appear by video but a judge ruled he could go to court. guzman escaped from a prison in mexico and was expedited last momgtd and faces life in prison. he pleaded not guilty. president trump is urging
7:34 am
technology giant samsung to build a new plant in the united states. he tweeted yesterday, we would love to have you, but some customers of the south korean company might have mixed feelings. they could be locked out of lawsuits against samsung over exploding smart phones. jim axelrod has been investigating the fine print that may keep customers out of court. jim, good morning. >> good morning. samsung has been on a pr offensive ever since it was forced to recall its galaxy note 7 phone in an effort to regain its consumer's trust. we found some consumers who are trying to sue samsung and who feel like they're getting burned twice. >> it was like a box -- like if you had a box of sparklers and you lit them at once. >> reporter: last september joanie bar wick woke up in the middle of the night to her galaxy note 7 phone spoouing flames 16 inches. >> there was orange and red and
7:35 am
fire. it took a split second to process my phone was on fire. >> reporter: joanie's husband john grabbed oven mites and carried it into the back yard. >> it was dripping burnt melted plastic. >> reporter: they're considering joining a class action lawsuit but they may have a problem. are you aware you entered into a contract with samsung that prohibits you from suing? >> no. >> reporter: inside the box under the phone inside another box, on the last few pages of the warrantee guide is a clause requiring all disputes with samsung be resolved through final and binding arbitration and not by a court or jury. a consumer has 30 days to opt out or else they cannot sue. >> it burned the sheets like that? >> yes. >> reporter: 19-year-old michael taylor is testing the clause,
7:36 am
suing samsung for damage after his note 7 caught fire. >> when you wake up, what do you see? >> what i saw was a flame two the three feet long shooting from the phone. >> leaving him with severe burns. >> can you describe the pain? >> i've never had a pain that strong in my life. i've literally taken a pitch fork through my foot and doesn't compare to that. >> reporter: in december samsung sent their lawyer to court to argue the case should be thrown out because taylor never opted out. >> i don't know how i'm supposed to be able to opt out of something that i didn't know existed. >> reporter: when you began to become aware that you were up against this clause, what were your thoughts? >> i felt like i was robbed of a right that i have in my country. >> reporter: in court filings samsung argues the clause is conspicuous and consumer friendly. even samsung's own employees seemed unaware of it when we asked them about it using hidden
7:37 am
cameras. >> if something ever happens, like it did catch fire, would i be able to sue? >> oh, yeah. i would. >> anybody, for anything. >> you can sue anybody. that's what i'm saying. >> reporter: you can sue anybody. that's the usa. >> i'm sure he believes it, too. i'm sure most people believe it. >> reporter: miriam gillis spent an decade studying arbitration. >> i think they feel really confident their arbitration provision tucked into that booklet underneath the phone is going to hold up in any court of law. >> did you read this? >> oh, no, no. and i can guarantee most americans buying samsung products or any other electronic product that has that book, i know they don't read them either.
7:38 am
>> not yet known whether taylor will be allowed to sue. samsung declined an interview but said in a statement arbitration gives consumers a faster, easier way to resolve disputes. if samsung wants to make this conspicuous, it's 2017, make it the first thing that happens when you turn the phone on the first time. >> unfortunately, the arbitration clauses, a number of companies have them. >> protesters plan a demonstration against president trump this weekend near his mar-a-lago club in florida. ahead how the coast guard is helping the secret service protect what the president calls his winter white house. you're watching "cbs this morning." protect his winter white house. you're watching "cbs this morning." see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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♪ >> president trump travels to his mar-a-lago club in florida for the first time since inauguration. he's expected to attend the annual charity ball at the estate. that group is among those helping refugees affected by the
7:43 am
immigration order. protesters plan to gather at a nearby property in west palm bea beach. manuel is now at what is now dubbed the winter white house. >> reporter: that's mar-a-lago right there. protecting the winter white house presents unique challenges. for one, water on two sides, the lagoon here and the ocean on the other end. that means the u.s. coast guard must also be part of the security detail. a then president-elect trump visited mar-a-lago over the holidays. but today he is returning as commander-in-chief. the sprawling resort is nestled on 20 acres of some of florida's ritziest real es staeft. a new one-mile no-fly zone. >> block off the road, black off the airport. traffic getting to the island is
7:44 am
bad. >> reporter: 700 guests will gather saturday for the annual red cross charity ball. it has been held at the private club for most of the last 60 years. >> will these be peaceful protests? >> absolutely. >> reporter: star fay is with the group south florida activism helping mobilize marchers for saturday night. >> the immigration ban is a huge issue that affects a lot of people locally. >> reporter: the red close put out a statement defending the decision to host the gala at mar-a-lago in the wake of the president's controversial immigration ban. the organization said it will continue to help immigrants impacted by trump's order and supports the right to protest, but added, we hope these expressions will not hinder the efforts of an impartial humanitarian organization. mar-a-lago, spanish for sea to lake, isn't the first presidential retreat in florida. harry truman's was in key west, richard nixon's in key biscayne. john f. kennedy's family
7:45 am
compound was also here on palm beach island. marjory post, heiress to the post cereal fortune built mar-a-lago in the 1920s and felt it was fit for a president. debby murray is curator of the local historical society. >> she was hoping this would be a getaway for presidents. >> she did. she asked the state be offered for the federal government to be used as a winter white house. >> reporter: murray says the property was deeded to the government in 1973 but it couldn't afford the upkeep. >> a great entrance hall. >> reporter: in 1985 mr. trump bought it at a reported bargain price of less than $10 million. at green's luncheonette, residents hope the town's character remains unchanged. >> we hope it will remain what it is, a small place. that it won't be impacted unduly. >> reporter: the white house says first lady melania trump
7:46 am
and son baron will also be here this weekend. palm beach county estimates it spent about $250 million when the trump visited over the thanksgiving weekend. the county has asked the federal government to be reimbursed. >> manuel, thanks. president trump and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger turn up the heat in a bizarre feud. ahead, how tv ratings are fueling what the president said on twitter this morning. as the patriots and falcons prepare in a face-off of their own, we'll take you to,,
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7:51 am
president trump is firing back at arnold schwarzenegger in an escalating feud over ratings on "the apprentice." it all started yesterday at the national prayer breakfast where mr. trump blasted mr. schwarzenegger over lower ratings when they replaced him. >> they hired a big, big star, arnold schwarzenegger, to take my place, and we know how that turned out. the ratings went right down the tubes. it's been a total disaster. and mark will never, ever bet against trump again. and i just want to pray for arnold if we can, for those ratings. >> hey, donald. i have a great idea. why don't we switch jobs. you take over tv since you're such an expert in ratings, and slsleep comfortablyly agaiain, ? >> t this mornrning the e presi took too twitter. he said, quote, arnoldd d did really bad job as governorr of
7:52 am
california and even worse on "the apprentice." but at least he tried hard. >> original prayer at the prayer breakfast. a major
7:53 am
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cause of a garage fire that broke out early this morning on galvin street by park boulevard. a car in the garage was burned, but the house > in oakland crews are trying to determine the cause of a garage fire that started this morning on galvin street by park boulevard. a car in the garage was burned but the house was not damaged. more rain hitting the north bay, novato council members are still searching for ways to address flooding on highway 37. caltrain says that an emergency declaration could help crews add layers of asphalt to raise the level of that road. stick around; we'll have traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. happy friday! it is raining out there. so get ready to drive safely throughout the bay area. let's start here with an earlier traffic alert that has now been canceled in fairfield. and eastbound 80 at travis
7:58 am
boulevard it was a big rig crash so all the traffic is recovered and if you are traveling through vallejo westbound 80 at 780 this is a solo car crash out of lanes but as you can see we have a mile and a half backup here where you're driving at just 26 miles per hour. okay, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you are heading into downtown san francisco, expect about a 20-minute drive from the maze to downtown and high winds. peninsula commute slow. >> the heaviest rain is out of here the front blasted through the bay area between 5 and 6:45 leaving a lot of ponding on the roads due to a quarter inch of rain in livermore an inch in the highest locations. you can see the yellow over the central valley. that's the front but in its wake, some scattered hit-or- miss showers throughout the day today. right now, we are in the 50s. that's where we are going to stay in the 50s to the low 60s. 62 degrees in san jose. southeast winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. so scattered showers throughout the day and evening. a lingering shower saturday morning. a break saturday night through
7:59 am
about sunday 6 p.m. then heavier rain sunday night through monday into your tuesday. ,, ,,
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, february 3rd, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including the science of cbs news polling. we take you inside the room where calls are made and show you how a poll is put together. first here is today's eye opener at 8:00. machete attack and shooting near the louvre museum created panic in the heart of the french capital. >> the man was also carrying two backpacks. they checked the backpacks and no explosives were found. >> executive actions are going to thrill congressional republicans who want this
8:01 am
rollback of what they say are burdensome regulations. nikki haley says they won't take sanctions off the table. >> do you think it's a stronger tone toward russia? >> absolutely. they ought to be sitting up, listening and taking notice. an explosive device into a crowded cheesecake factory in pasadena around dinner time. notorious drug lord el chapo guzman from his prison cell to court this morning. phil made his prediction, came out, saw what was happening in washington and went right back into the hole. >> the groundhog has bb been predicting weather since 1867 and rong 61% of the time and yet gets front page news every year. so i guess fake news isn't a recent phenomenon. >> i'm charlie rose with anthony
8:02 am
mason and alex wagner of "cbs this morning" saturday. gayle is on assignment and norah is off. a machete attack and shooting near the louvre museum created panic in the heart of paris. a french soldier shot and wounded a man who attacked another soldier. the man was armed with two machetes and two backpacks. he shouted god is great in arabic. >> visitors inside the louvre were hustled to safety and inspected before being let out in groups. the soldiers have been in place at the museum since the 2015 terror attack. president trump tweeted this morning a new radical islamic terrorist has just attacked in louvre museum in paris. tourists were locked down. frns on edge again. get smart u.s. french authorities say they do not yet know the suspect's motive or identity. terrorism is one of the key
8:03 am
topics in the new cbs news poll out this morning. the poll says 45% of americans approve of the president's handling of terrorism while 46% disapprove. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi is strongly criticizing the trump administration for putting chief strategist steve bannon on the national security council. >> it's a stunning thing that a white supremacist, bannon, would be a permanent member of national security council. >> bannon, senior adviser to the president, used to run the controversial website breitbart news, which has published white nationalist commentary. mike lee called pelosi's characterization nonsense, saying pelosi has a reckless disregard for the truth. research department has been unable to find any quotes from bannon advocate iing white supremacy. one of america's largest department store chains is pulling a notable trump brand from its shelves.
8:04 am
fashion retail giant nordstrom announced it will stop carrying ivanka trump clothes and shoes, saying the products are just not selling. how a move to the white house could be affecting the trump brand. anna, good morning. >> good morning. nordstrom has removed ivanka trump from the associated brands on its website. does that have anything to do with politics? >> and my father, donald j. trump. >> a fixture on the campaign trail and for a time was part of her father's transition team. but as the trump administration continues to push an aggressive political agenda, fashion retailer nordstrom is slamming the brakes on its business relationship with president trump's eldest daughter. nordstrom cited dwindling sales for the breakup saying we make buying decisions based on performance and making edits is part of the regular rhythm of our business. based on the brand's
8:05 am
performance, we've decided not to buy it for this season. she launched a jewelry line in 2007 and expanded in fashion a few years later. >> here to support my father. >> reporter: but adjusting to life in politics has been difficult, facing criticism for allegedly using the spotlight to promote her brand. >> let me ask whether any of you think that the campaign has hurt the trump brand. >> i don't think it matters. this is so much more important. and more serious. >> after this november interview with "60 minutes" her company sent an e-mail, promoting the nearly $11,000 bracelet she wore. and, following her speech at the republican national convention last year, ivanka sent out a tweet, inviting followers to shop for her look. >> i don't think she realized how, you know, divisive her father's policies could be. >> reporter: a senior fashion editor for the hollywood reporter. >> we're living in a time where trump has really become almost
8:06 am
toxic to brands that associate themselves with him. he is becoming dicey to have her name associated with nordstrom. >> but nordstrom insists politics has not played any role in the split. shortly before the election, the retailer selling ivanka's line saying we hope that offering a vendor's products isn't misunderstood as us taking a political position. we're not. >> a big blow to her brand. nordstrom is a prestigious retailer. i think she will learn but she's probably going to take a few more stumbles before then. >> the breakup may have been accelerated by a hash tag campaign called grab your wallet, calling for a boycott of retailers selling trump products. as of this morning, you can still purchase a few items from ivanka trump's collection on the nordstrom website. we reached out to her company for comment but have yet to hear anything back. >> thank you. on face the nation, john dickerson will talk with vice
8:07 am
president mike pns and new jersey governor chris christie sunday here on cbs. did the opinion polls really get the 2016 presidential election wrong? ahead inside the room where
8:08 am
in the countdo in the countdown to super bowl sunday, battling it out over whether atlanta or boston is the best city. >> whether you're having a chili dog at the world's largest drive-in or visiting the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere, atlanta is a super city with lots to offer. >> there's just no beating boston. from fresh atlanta catch to the american revolution. see why boston is the best super city, coming up on "cbs this morning." morning."
8:09 am
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8:12 am
only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. ♪ sunday's super bowl features sunday's super bowl features the new england patriots and atlanta falcons, allowing us to take advantage of what's been a "cbs this morning" tradition, figuring out which team hails from the more super city. michelle miller went to massachusetts but let's start with mo rocca who visited
8:13 am
atlanta. >> rising up all season long in support of their beloved team, whose hometown really is the city of atlanta. how about those foxboro patriots, michelle? >> yeah, yeah, yeah, mo. foxboro is a wonderful town where the patriots have played since 1971. since all of new england can claim the team as their own, we decided to go to boston where the patriots and some might argue the country itself first began. >> welcome to boston! the birth place of america's top rate football team. this is where the patriots got their start in 1959. in this city that helped build the american dream. >> okay, michelle, but if you're looking to build your own dream house you're likely to make a few runs to home depot, based here in atlanta.
8:14 am
sharon, can i get a price of pringles. >> when it comes time to teaching you how to do it yourself, nobody does it better than tom silva and "this old house" which originated in boston in 1979. what do you think about this building? >> great old building. this is where the country's people first met to fight taxation without representation. >> all right, michelle, we get it. boston has lots of old buildings. atlanta would, too, if general sherman hadn't burnt it to the ground in the civil war. instead, atlanta is shiny and new. check out the new street car. ding, ding. >> unlike landlocked atlanta, boston is a waterfront city where fishermen bring in their catch to ship across america. >> the georgia aquarium is the place to be with over 10 million gallons of water, the largest
8:15 am
aquarium in the western hemisphere. this one tank is literally the size of a football field. >> mo, there's just no beating boston, from the home of paul revere to the american revolution, this city is known as the cradle of liberty. >> atlanta has more than 70 streets named peachtree. >> here is america's very first college, harvard university in nearby cambridge. >> fyi, michelle, atlanta has 30 universities and colleges and moorehouse, the alma mater of dr. martin luther king jr., also the home of atlanta. back to you and the hometown of whitey bulgur. >> pretty good, mo. but boston's symphony hall has been called america's finest concert hall. here is the apartment building where aerosmith launched their rock 'n' roll career. >> well, michelle, you don't
8:16 am
want to close your eye. because i'm here with tap young. you know, the guitar hero world record guinness book record holder. must workup quite an ew appetite doing that, huh? the varsity is the single biggest drive-in on the planet, selling more than 2 miles of hot dogs each day and the single biggest seller of coca cola, also based here in atlanta. cheers. >> cheers. >> bostonian prefer a stronger dose of caffeine in dunkin' donuts. 100 locations in the boston area. i'm having tea because i hear this town throws one hell of a tea party. >> and sweet tea is the top seller here at mary macs, atlanta's dining room. >> great time of year to be in boston common. the nation's oldest public park.
8:17 am
>> well, georgia is tied with louisiana as the most popular state for making movies and the site of the newly revived tv series "macguyver." and "gone with the wind" takes place in georgia. >> as god as my witness i'll never be hungry again. >> hard to get hungry in the city that gave us both boston cream pie and boston baked beans. and the union oyster house is the oldest restaurant in the country. and the first to give us toothpicks. what do you think about this old place? >> this is a great old place. i love old buildings and old houses. >> mmm. peaches. ♪ >> okay, mo, let's settle this once and for all. boston is built for winners. all four of its professional sports franchises have won championships. atlanta doesn't even have a hockey team. >> well, the atlanta braves won
8:18 am
the world series here at turner field back in 1995. oh, and just so you know, the braves were originally called the red stockings, back when they played in boston. that's right. the braves were boston's team before the red sox. >> too bad they didn't have a place like fenway park to call home. while the red sox may have taken a few liberties with the name, they played in america's oldest ballpark since 1912. >> and the braves will have a brand new ballpark this spring. and check this out. the brand new home of the soon-to-be super bowl champions is merely complete? no promise of a new stadium is going to keep the patriots from winning their fifth super bowl. >> oh, no, michelle. as god as my witness, the falcons will never go winless again.
8:19 am
>> are you okay? >> beautiful. beautiful. >> thank you. >> but i cannot beat you on the ice skating rink. >> who knew? veritable tara lipinski. i had a stunt double. >> wow! >> what a sport. >> stunt double. >> i literally picked her out on the ice. >> talk about fake news. >> what an ending over there. >> stunt double for that, too, right, mo? >> i did that on my own. >> called up vivian leigh from the grave. >> michelle and mo, thank you, as always. a new cbs news poll reveals how americans view president trump's controversial travel ban. ahead, inside our polling unit to find out how those surveys are conducted. plus a moose who fell through the ice gets a life-saving assist.
8:20 am
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8:24 am
a moose in sweden struggled to get up after it fell through ice on a lake. luckily a woman with a hatchet came by on ice-skates. that's swedish serendipity for you. she was able to cut through the ice and clear a path for the helpless moose. the massive creature looked exhausted but after a little prodding it made itself way to shre. >> i love that that woman happened to have an ax when she was walking by. >> and ice-skates. that's what happens in sweden. actor tom selleck is known for his iconic roles. ahead he's in the toyota greenroom to reflect on his career and a milestone. a major milestone that's now within reach. >> i'm reflecting. >> he's reflecting. and we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. you'll get the news of the day, extended podcasts originals. find them all on apple and
8:25 am
podcast apps. your local news is next. crews are at the scene of a fire in chinatown. you can see smoke pouring from good morning. it's:25. i'm michelle griego. we are following breaking news in san francisco at 8:25. crews are at the scene of a fire in chinatown. this is a live look. you can see smoke pouring from the two-story building. this is on stockton and pacific. we know at least one person was seriously hurt. it's not clear if the victim is a firefighter or a civilian. we'll continue to follow this fire and we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. tesla's ceo elon musk has just wrapped up a meeting with president trump and his economic advisory council. musk has experienced backlash over his involvement with the trump administration. but on social media, he voiced his opposition to the trump administration's immigration order. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
he ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
good morning. woo. we have been busy in the traffic center. it is now 8:27. let's take a look at a new traffic alert for you guys in the saratoga area. this is highway 9 closed east of sanborn road in both directions. and there's a downed tree out there. it took down some power lines with it. so chp is saying this will be closed to at least 11 a.m. moving over now to napa, northbound 29 at napa junction
8:28 am
road this is closed due to flooding. now, people are trying to use the alternate route highway 12 also known as jamison canyon road but now that's jammed so very rough getting into napa for you folks heading that way. good morning, everyone. we are here in the weather center taking a look at the front that it has now passed due east of the bay area but i know you heard it as it plowed through the bay area between five and 7:00 this morning jumping up to an inch of rain in the wettest locations. we still have rain around the santa cruz mountains. so far nearly three inches of rain have fallen. you're looking at today's high temperatures. the reason i wanted to show you those is that's your temperature as you head out the door right now. we are in the 50s to 60 degrees. the winds have been out of the south with gusts up to 39 in pacifica. winds will be 10 to 20 miles per hour. let's walk you through your forecast today. an occasional shower chance of a thunderstorm. link, showers saturday. then we begin to see dry skies saturday into sunday. heavy rain sunday night through monday. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up i thi welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, the science behind public opinion polls, inside a call center where interviewers learn what americans think about key issue s. find out how the survey reflects an accurate cross section of the country. >> plus the great tom selleck is in our green room, starg as police commissioner in "blue bloods." and why he gets news from real police officers and how he sets an example with his cast on and off the set. time to show you this morning's headlines. "new york times" reports on two new studies that look at why we sleep. they suggest it's to help us
8:31 am
forget. researchers found when we sleep our brains produce a protein that pears back some of what we learn each day, to help sharpen our memory. >> lady gaga saying her super bowl show will be for everyone. politically active singer offer nod details about her 14-minute performance. one report says she has been forbidden from mentioning president trump during her show but the nfl denies that. new cbs news poll shows americans are sharply divided about president trump's order on immigration. 36% say the travel ban will make the country safer from terrorism. the same number say it will make us less safe. supreme court pick, 27% say the senate should confirm neil gorsuch. % say no. 56% say they can't say. we began calling wednesday and
8:32 am
got the results overnight. people want to know how we conduct these surveys. we asked cbs news elections director to take us behind the scenes. >> hello. my name is sandy miller. >> i'm calling on behalf of cbs news. >> the poll on current events. >> today's cbs news poll started right here in allentown, pennsylvania, and in phone rooms just like this one, all across the country, where over 100 interviewers dial phone numbers randomly to people all over america. >> do you think of yourself as liberal, moderate or conservative? >> the phone numbers randomly generated by a computer include both landlines and these days mostly cell phones. this phone center that makes the calls for cbs news. how many numbers do we typically have to dial to do a cbs poll? >> to get an interview such as we're going to get on this poll we probably need to dial 20,000 numbers. >> everyone who takes the poll is included in the results.
8:33 am
>> when i voted for donald trump, it was a matter of hope that things would change. and as far as what he's doing now so far i'm in favor of the things he has been doing. >> we called people from all 50 states. the key to a good poll is that it looks like a cross section of america. we call enough people so that the poll does that which, statistically, happens by the time we get to 1,000 people. we make sure that the poll matches the u.s. census on demographics like age, talking to both young, old and everyone in between, on gender, women and men, and the correct proportions by race. also that the poll reflects the statistical makeup of the united states. we talk to democrats, republicans and independents. and remember all polls have a margin of error. for any number you see, there's a range around it. if you don't talk to enough
8:34 am
people, that range around any given number starts to get wider. >> you don't want to add anything to the questions? even by way of explanation. we never want to skip questions and assume answers. >> the question these interviewers are asking are focused on the news of the day. today it's the supreme court pick and the travel ban. >> do you approve or disapprove of temporarily banning refugees from entering the united states? >> the goal is to pose the question so they're unbiased. >> i took the poll last night because i believe if we're given an opportunity to express ourselves as americans that we should do that. >> thank you for your participation, sir. you have a wonderful evening. >> polls are not predictions. they're what people think today. so, when you see poll numbers move, remember, there are people on the other end of those numbers and sometimes people just decide to change their mind. and if you ever wonder, why didn't they call me?
8:35 am
odds are we talked to someone just like you, or at least someone who agrees with you. >> so, anthony, did the polls miss something in 2016? >> actually, no. there were plenty of trump voters in the polls in 2016, but many of the trump voters came late. so, there were undecided voters, a big shift over to him late in the campaign. his campaign was able to turn out more of his voters, all of which comes back to this idea that people can change their minds. >> became late means what? >> undecided voters who switched over to trump late in those final ten days really made the difference. we saw a swing in the undecideds there that was bigger than anything we've seen before. >> therefore, we should have seen it coming? >> no, actually. it wasn't that people were left out of the polls. it was that he was trailing and his campaign did a remarkable job of coming back. >> marked undecideds in that period? >> you're starting to move polling more online. it's harder to reach people by no phone now?
8:36 am
>> absolutely. it's getting harder. online gives people a chance to take it when it's convenient for them, on your phone, at home. >> therefore more accurate? >> it can be. >> anthony, thank you so much. cbs series "blue bloods" could help tom selleck break his "magnum
8:37 am
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♪ excuse me. is this a good meal for a baby excuse me, is this a good meal for a baby? >> that's for toddlers. >> what's a toddler? >> 2 to 3 years old. >> no, no, i need something for a baby. >> this is your first? >> yeah, first and last. >> "three men and a baby," well known for his role as tom magnum in the cbs '80s show "magnum p.i." >> and he stars in "blue bloods," following a multigeneration family of new york city cops. in the preview of tonight's episode, negotiating with a gang leader who killed a police chief. >> negotiate with gang bangers. >> just like terrorists. not going anywhere. >> i wish it were that easy.
8:41 am
>> let them work it out themselves. >> and if they don't? >> people die. >> innocent people. >> exactly, innocent people. >> but if you sit down with these guys it's like we're giving in, then you're just asking for more trouble. >> exactly. >> tell that to the mother whose little girl got shot. tell us we're sorry but it's cast in stone who we will and will not try to reach. >> i'm just saying. >> i know what you're saying. >> tom joins us at the table. welcome back. >> thanks, charlie. >> this is what you love the most. the scenes you can say a lot? >> i do. i do. as you probably know, on an episodic show, you can, with an ensemble, you may not see your fellow actors for months. our show, every eight days, that's how long it takes us to shoot, we have a little actor family get together in addition to the family dinner. and i love all these people. and they're fine actors. so, it's kind of a double bonus. it's hard work. you have to eat for eight hours. >> you might be able to tie
8:42 am
"magnum p.i." >> yes. we did 163 hours of "magnum." makes me appreciate how lucky i am. it will take some cooperation from my boss. we were in acting class together a long time ago. >> no. wow! >> extraordinary for any actor to be in a tv series for eight seasons, like "magnum." to do it again effectively, i mean, how does that feel? >> it feels great. it sneaks up on you. i don't -- it's funny, you know. we're in our seventh season and it's like, what happened? you don't -- when you're working and have been fortunate like i have, to work as much as i have, you don't reflect enough. maybe that's good. but, yeah, in this kind of success is rare.
8:43 am
twice is a gift. it takes a certain amount of perseverance and a certain amount of fighting for what you believe the show is about. >> what's the show about? >> it's an art proddu uprocedur. there are pressures from everywhere to make it like everything else. if a network -- and cbs doesn't do this. if a network executive produces every show they do, there's going to be a sameness to it. >> sure. >> i didn't think that's who we were. i did speak up a few times. well, it's a risk. if you're wrong and the show fails, people look at you. >> sure. >> obviously respected because you get salutes from cops when you walk down the street. >> i hope to get salutes from cops. i do sometimes. nypd is set up in a very military kind of structure. they salute the commissioner, even though he's a civilian employee. and it's a big thrill for me. >> are there shared
8:44 am
characteristics between magnum and the commissioner? >> i think there are. >> mustache. >> yeah, mustache. that was a cbs request. >> the network asked you to -- >> i said i'll shave it off and they said no. >> it's a national treasure, tom. it is a national treasure. why do you think that is? >> my agent won't talk to me anymore. >> back to the similarity in terms of values. >> the idea -- frank is a widower. he's wearing his wedding ring. magnum, for all that hype, wasn't very successful with women and still considered himself married, ironically. i never thought of that. because his wife -- he wasn't sure whether she was dead, who he was married to when he was in vietnam. so, yeah, there's a lot of
8:45 am
similarities. they're not the same guy. i'm an older guy and i'm a grandpa. which i am in life. so i just find with lead characters that there is a certain common denominator. maybe it's just the audience must, in a character-driven show, want to see the story unfold through your eye. >> right. >> ultimately, what do you think the key to the success of these two series have been? >> that it's character driven. magnum, my shorts are too short now. >> no, no such thing. >> thank you. but the stories don't get old. magnum is in 100 countries, i think. and there are stories about problems of the human condition, as are our shows. issues come up that are genuine police issues but we don't exploit them. this show is very coincidentally with the problems in chicago but we didn't plan it that way. the show was thought up four months ago. >> tom selleck, thank you very
8:46 am
much. >> good to be here on the morning habit. >> blue bloods tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on cbs. up next we'll look at all that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
tomorrow on "cbs this morning: saturday," restaurants get a taste of new technology. how some of the best chefs in the world are crunching numbers and using data analysis to take your dining experience to the next level. that's tomorrow. anthony and i will be there bright and early. >> all right. saturday. right here. that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" tonight. as we leave you, let's take a look back at all that mattered this week. we're going to have a very, very strict ban, which we should have had in this country for
8:50 am
many years. we should not discriminate against people based on their religion. >> this is a promise that president trump had made. it's a promise that he's going to keep. >> president trump has fired the acting attorney general. >> we had a massacre. >> i think they should get with the program or they can go. >> candidate trump promised that he would nominate conservative justices to the supreme court. >> judge neil gorsuch. >> many democrats refer to this as a stolen seat. >> i have serious concerns when he is in the mainstream. >> this attack has stunned quebec city. >> it has no place in canadian society. >> the nighttime raid had been planned for months. >> very sad, very beautiful. ryan, a great man. >> of the four staff members held hostage, two were released. they said what their demands are. better education for inmates,
8:51 am
more rehabilitation for all inmates. >> beyonce is pregnant. >> with twins. even her embryos are able to get into formation. >> who's my hero? my dad. >> look at him. >> yep. >> look at him. >> norah, you still have more to read. >> i'm sorry. >> are you reflecting? >> i'm sorry. i got distracted. but first at 7:47 -- ♪ >> you've been on the end of a win and a loss, these games. you consider the possibility that he might not -- >> i don't consider the possibility of him not winning. i already bought 100 bottles of champagne. >> touchdown, atlanta. >> nobody thought that the falcons had a chance. did you? >> we always thought we had a chance. we're playing our best, but we're not coming to houston to lose. >> how does tom brady smell?
8:52 am
>> tom brady smells good. >> like money. >> like flowers. >> march 4th, my friend. the heels. >> margaret says it's going down. >> what do you drive these days? >> i drive the explorer. people always ask me what's your favorite vehicle. all of them. >> it's like picking your favorite child. you can't. >> exactly. >> i want a car. >> no way. >> done. >> we want to have more of a dialogue than parents had maybe historically in the past but the downside it could become negotiations or power struggles. >> did they look at this between black families and white families? because i don't know of any black families where kids running the house on any level. ♪ somebody to love need somebody to love ♪ >> six more weeks of winter it shall be. >> i don't know if phil's right.
8:53 am
i certainly hope ,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
a fire on stockton street and pacific avenue in san francisco. a hole through the good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego. just moments ago, chopper 5 was over the scene of a fire on stockton street and pacific avenue in san francisco. crews broke a hole through the roof of that two-story building to release some of that smoke. one person was pulled from the building and had minor injuries. the building houses several businesses including a seafood restaurant. we'll have an update on this story at noon. a preliminary hearing is set to resume today for a man suspected in the deadly shooting of a sonoma county woman. victor peer a silva is accused of killing 84-year-old olga denally during a 2015 robbery at her penngrove home. novato's city council members are searching for ways
8:56 am
to address flooding on highway 37. caltrans says an emergency declaration could help crews as layers of as -- add layers of asphalt to the road. stay with us; weather and traffic in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:57 am
good morning, everybody. hey, we're escaping the week. it's friday! but we're not escaping the rain
8:58 am
and rough commute. a traffic alert in saratoga, power lines and trees down closed until at least 11 a.m. so give yourself some extra time some time for a different route in the area. here's the altamont pass traffic we have a pothole now at westbound 580 at north flynn -- after north flynn road and we have six cars on the shoulder because of damage from the pothole. moving over now to slow traffic into downtown oakland on 880 northbound and, of course, you have the maze to downtown 20 minutes. roberta? >> good morning, everybody. according to our live hi-def doppler radar, the heaviest precipitation it is now out of the bay area. the front blasted through between 5 and 7:00 this morning and there you have it now. over the central valley, it's snowing in the high sierra. boy, we have a winter storm warning in effect there. take a look at coit tower. you can see the fast moving clouds. we'll have mostly cloudy skies today and occasional showers. it's mild outside in the 50s and not much movement in those temperatures today. ,,,,,,,,
8:59 am
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