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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 11, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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critics clash on the same streets... here in the bay area and across the nation. good evening, i'm juliette dueling rallies over planned parenthood. supporters and critics clash in the bay area and across the nation. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> protesters nationwide stood outside planned parenthood clinics calling to defund the nonprofit. but in some cases they were drowned out by counter protests. and here in the bay area kpix 5's maria medina talked with demonstrators from both sides during protests in redwood city. >> reporter: on one side of the street, protesters against planned parenthood. on the other side steps away --
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>> my body my choice. >> reporter: counter protesters. those who support the national nonprofit. >> i had an abortion. >> reporter: lisa rockwell who organized and in response to the anti-protests nationwide for their own personal stories -- >> reporter: it was a really difficult choice and a sad choice. but it was the best choice for me. >> i cannot believe people have the right to kill other people. >> reporter: those against the organization smaller in numbers outside the redwood city clinic stood their ground. calling to take away federal funds from the organization. >> i do not appreciate my money being used for a cause i do not agree with. >> reporter: both sides passionate about their own points of view. no matter the size of their groups today, they made sure the messages were heard loud and clear. in redwood city, maria medina, kpix 5 news. >> residents are making sure their voices and -- rc and hurt.
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showing their opposition. to president trump's policies. kpix 5's jackie ward has the story from the beach. >> reporter: from the ground to the sky, hundreds of people assembled to chant. and show their resistance. spelling it out across the sand of ocean beach. this mother brought her 3-year- old daughter here and says it's a lesson about democracy. >> if there's a problem we don't sit back and take it. we express ourselves and say what we think and try to get what we want done. no more complacency. >> reporter: not a bad turnout. a well-known san francisco protester relatively quiet the past couple years. his supporters say they are glad to see him back. >> i believe in freedom of speech. i've lived in places you had to be afraid and you could get arrested. so it's a community building experience and a wonderful way to be out and enjoy san francisco and connect with
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other people that feel the same way. >> we are part of a wave and i think we are on a historic moment here that -- from here on out, this is new. we are going to make history. >> reporter: we spoke with a representative of the gop who says he is tired of the weekly protests. >> the hillary people are acting like 3-year-olds throwing a temper tantrum. and they need to be given a very long time-out. >> reporter: that won't keep these people down. this is just the beginning. >> i feel just as passionately about bush and cheney should have been in prison and impeached in whichever order was appropriate. but this is way beyond. >> reporter: in san francisco jackie ward, kpix 5 news. according to the organizers about 40,000 people showed up at ocean beach. in a tweet president trump said the price of the proposed border wall will go way down after negotiations. there have been reports the wall could cost as much as
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$21.6 billion. tomorrow thousands of people are expected to gather for anti- trump protests across mexico. too big rallies are scheduled in mexico city. one of which is intended to demonstrate support from mexican president peña nieto. immigration raids across the nation as president trump considers signing a new executive order on immigration -- focused on extreme vetting. hundreds of undocumented immigrants were arrested in at least half a dozen states including here in california. the father of one family was picked up by officials. >> we are all heartbroken. and we still cannot believe this is happening. >> reporter: they are not rounding anyone up. the people that i.c.e. apprehends are people who are illegals and then some. >> officials call the arrests routine. they say many of the people
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arrested had prior felony convictions. including child sex crimes. weapons are assault charges. san jose mayor sam liccardo laid out a clear message for the trump administration in his state of the city address. as a century city local officers do not enforce federal immigration laws. >> to those who seek to divide new americans from the rest of us, we denounce the politics of fear and exclusion. our police officers will not engage in immigration enforcement that tears families apart and sows mistrust in our community. we will fight for our muslim neighbors. we will fight for our dreamers. we will fight for any community member earnestly striving to better their families lives. >> reporter: liccardo along with local leaders has pledged to uphold the sanctuary policy despite president trump's threats to pull federal funding from local authorities that don't comply. on monday caltrans
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engineers will start the process of developing a solution after a mudslide obliterated part of highway 35. it happened yesterday near a road outside los gatos. now a whole about 200 feet wide and 50 feet deep. near the edge at least one power pole split in half. caltrans may decide to put up a retaining wall or build a bridge but first a geologist has to have a look at that site. good news out of the santa cruz mountains. crews are back at work cleaning up the mudslide near scotts valley. they've also opened up one lane in each direction for drivers. check out this view of marin from sky drone five presumably piloted by don sharp. highway 37 is shut down at novato but what a view of that. crews pumping water as fast as they can but not fast enough. chp says the closure could stretch into late next week.
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sky drone five also flew over this stretch of highway one. big chunk of the road between parent -- panorama and the beach. that stretch of road won't likely reopen until april. for the first time in its 48-year history, water is pouring over the emergency spillway and the oroville dam. crews opened up the structure early this morning sending water flowing gently downstream. the slow -- the swollen reservoir damaged the spillway leaving behind a massive hole. officials believe the water will continue to flow for the next two days. as far as the amount of water flowing over the emergency or the auxiliary spillway it's not a lot of water. it's a relatively small spill. right now i believe the spell is increasing slightly but projected to come up to somewhere in the range of 6000 to 12,000 cubic feet per second. >> reporter: officials don't expect the situation to cause flooding in oroville or other
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towns downstream. gunfire at a parking garage in milpitas and inside police find a man dead. happened late last night at the apartments on south main street. near the great mall of milpitas. police went to the scene after a woman said somebody stole her car at gunpoint. 's officers arrived they heard a single gunshot from inside the parking structure. suspected gunman tried to drive away and a chase ensued on city streets. >> we received a call of a collision where a single male was seen running from the vehicle. our officers got into a pursuit. the suspect was involved in another crash. he was taken into custody. >> police made that arrest a mile away. they are not publicly identify and either the suspect or the dead man. the political climate is giving some in the bay area anxiety. how one community is coming together to handle stresses. a band up for a grammy will
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sit down with these northern california nominees who are just as humble as they are talented. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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residents today.. in her town hall today at lowell high school, she say kind of anxiety representative jackie speier is having a conversation about the present state of america with san francisco residence. in her town hall she said she never felt the kind of anxiety from the community over the country's leadership as she's feeling now. she wanted to give her district her point of view. >> our democracy can stand the test of time. our democracy has survived bad leaders before and we will survive this one as well. >> town halls for her conversation about america in pacifica and san mateo as well. she plans to hold more throughout her district. president trump hit the
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lynx with the japanese prime minister. the two went golfing together at one of mr. trump's golf courses in jupiter florida. meanwhile the first lady and misses first lady from japan touring the japanese gardens. he and his wife have been staying at the mar-a-lago estate near palm beach. the countdown to the grammys is on and the stars are in the house. earlier today keith urban and carrie underwood rehearsed their duet. also danish pop group will be sharing the stage with country pop singer kelsey ballerini. poised to bring home top honors two young men out of oakland. they used to drive a broken down car and only ate peanut butter sandwiches. now these rappers are on top of the world of. betty yu has their story. >> reporter: near the three-way -- freeway inside this down the hall you'll find them. >> ♪
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>> reporter: a bilingual hip- hop duo with a sound like no other. >> ♪ we going to do this all night. >> reporter: panamanian cousins from the east bay. they call their style of music panama twist. >> put together. >> reporter: bay area rapid meets spanish. audience reaction? >> everybody i don't understand what they're saying but it sounds dope. 12 nominated for best latin rock urban and alternative album. they say a grammy-winning could send a powerful message. the name is based on a panamanian slur. these cousins known as rich and done see it a different way. >> proud of where you come from. you never know where you're going to go unless you know where you come from.
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>> reporter: the duo visited a songwriting class in san francisco run by the bay area video coalition. they got their start here and want to help the next crop of kids. >> it was cool to meet them. >> reporter: they have shot music videos in cuba as well as in panama where they were treated like royalty. >> being from panama and being accepted into anywhere we want to go by the ministry of tourism, that's crazy. >> reporter: now rehearsing the party. concerts scheduled to begin on valentine's day. >> when we walk in the building you already know it's about to be a party when los rakas walks in. >> you see the unity. >> reporter: in oakland, betty yu, kpix 5. >> our special grammy coverage starts at 4:30 with the red carpet special. at 5:00 the grammys live with an encore presentation at 8:30. stay tuned for a special edition of kpix 5 news with betty ludd -- with betty yu live from the red carpet. thousands of -- descending
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on san francisco to celebrate the new year. the parade is just about to get underway. is it going to rain? i guess not. mostly clear sky -- there is rain on the way. we'll have that in the forecast.
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of the world's largest chinese new years celebrations. kpix 5's cate cauguiran joins us from the parade w happening right now hundreds of people are lining the streets of san francisco for one of the largest chinese new year's celebrations. cate cauguiran joins us live from the parade which started moments ago. kate? >> reporter: juliet, yes. you can hear the fireworks already going off. live at second and market. the parade is just kicking off. you can see already the dragon marching down market. that's probably one of the biggest highlights of the parade right now. organizers do tell us there are going to be more than 100 groups featured in this year's parade. brightly colored floats.
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elaborate costumes. music. filling the streets of downtown san francisco. the 268th -- the golden dragon that will snake through the city. the dragon takes a team of 100 people from a martial arts group. this event started in the 1860s to celebrate chinese new year and educate about chinese culture. this is the largest celebration of asian culture outside of asia. if you do want to come by tonight, please take public transportation. a lot of roads are blocked. like we've seen in celebrations past with the fun comes the traffic. live in san francisco, cate cauguiran, kpix 5 news. it is all looking pretty good for the parade tonight. and for the next couple days. but then more rain is coming in. the latter half of the week. we'll show you the high-def doppler uncharacteristically silent. not a single echo. a little bit down in the mountains above san benito valley but aside from that
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we've got beautifully clear skies as the sun sinks slowly in the west. the numbers are falling into the low 60s and upper 50s. 57 at san francisco. 59 san jose. santa rosa 64. tomorrow morning we will begin on the chill side of the south bay. 40 degrees to start out with. mid-40s inland. around the coast upper 40s. partly sunny for everybody. son comes out and this is the time lapse of what's going to be happening. not much coming in. a few high clouds offshore. in general sunday will live up to its name. blue skies, mild temperatures. low pressure over central california but a strong ridge of high pressure just offshore. kind of a dirty ridge. some of the high clouds are coming over the top. those are the high clouds we'll see from time to time over the next couple days. the ridge gets broken down and stumbles out of the pacific and that opens the door to this. a strong jet stream returns
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next week. not until late wednesday into thursday, at 5:00 in the afternoon and you can see the westerly screaming off the pacific with nothing to stop them. there will be rain on thursday. does look like we get a break on friday. meantime as cate cauguiran was telling us we've got clear skies and tonight for the chinese new year parade, temperatures in the mid-50s. also the crosby. i'm sorry. the at&t, 60 degrees and plenty of sunshine as well. the ghost of hope and crosby live on. here's what we are expecting. mostly sunny skies right through the weekend. rain and wind will return early on thursday. looks like unsettled weather will continue into the weekend. enjoy the sunshine while we can. crisp and clear at night. sun up 7:03 a.m. high temperatures -- i mean tomorrow temperatures near 60 degrees. and heading out of the bay area
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mostly sunny skies. a few clouds on the north coast. extended forecast fine for sunday. a few clouds monday, tuesday, wednesday. thursday rain and wind and cooler temperatures. a bit of a break on friday. saturday does look like more showers are coming in. as for sunshine, here is mr. sunshine himself. >> thanks. just some of the stuff i got. giants fans -- fan fest was back. why the sharks need a hug and back to the postcard setting known as pebble beach. they were definitely playing through. ,,,,
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peninsula...right here on ch.5... you dont see this every day.... golf up -- the monterey peninsula right here on channel 5. looked. it's the monkey! in a diaper! in the gallery! first round of the pro-am. selfie shot justin rose, justin timberlake was swinging it. near ace. shot of the day. bill murray waders on. signing somebody's head. and had the line at seven. yes. okay. so we go on to jordan spieth. this is the approach shot. he was at number 1. create some separation as he stares it down. he likes it. set up birdie. how about the third hole? dustin johnson like his father- in-law wayne gretzky. a pitch in. these guys were shooting.
5:26 pm
brent snedeker, two-time champ. eighth hole approach shot. you got to give his caddie all kinds of love for this read. back to 10. spieth again for 13 under at the time. yeah. through 17 holes today he is five clear of the field at 16 under. nba almost time to tip it off. warriors against oklahoma city. the gallant return of kevin durant moving pictures on the late show. patrick marleau itching to get in there. sharks in philadelphia. both have losing streaks. sharks down one. on attack and marlow goal! overtime. that is when wayne simmonds got the breakaway. the shot, score. sharks lost 2-1. sharks fourth loss in a row and five of their last seven. give me left to right.
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john lynch kyle shanahan jed york on thursday. shanahan was introduced as the new head coach. lynch the niners new general manager. had a moment. >> put the microphone on. down on the ground. loosen the tie and get out of here. what do you do first? >> i'm going to put my jeans on. [ laughter ] put my san francisco 49ers year on and get back in the draft room. that's what we're doing. that's what we're attacking. at nighttime kyle and i are going to study our team because that's what is really important. we study what we have so we know what we need to go get. >> 24th annual giants fan fest. has come and gone. there were a few questions of who was not there. how about sergio romo? the former reliever is reluctantly a dodger now. going to be strange to see him in dodger blue when he comes back here. hunter pence hopes the fans
5:28 pm
will applaud his nine years in orange and black. >> he's done so much for this organization. he bleeds black and orange. sometimes you have to part ways and best opportunity was over there in l.a. still a part of the san francisco rivalry. we'll see. i don't know. have they ever cheered a dodger player? they have to cheer romo. >> the intensity block. number 50 enters a spring training to compete with matt cain for a spot in the starting rotation. kane has a dozen years as a giant. block may come with some mystical powers. >> my girlfriend and i went to harry potter world at universal studios. so we had a blast out there. that was a really neat experience to have a couple days to get away and enjoy
5:29 pm
that. >> no you got me going. are you a harry potter aficionado? >> my girlfriend more so than i am. i'm a big harry potter fan. i've watched all the movies. read all the books. it's a great series. kind of fun to be able to get lost in the different world sometimes. >> i'm sure the folks at home are thinking three things. tie block and harry potter. what is john lynch wearing when he is studying with his squad? and the monkey in a diaper? >> i want to get back to that one. >> we have to give it to you at six. i never seen that. in the gulf gallery. >> a monkey on his back. in a diaper. >> you sat down with the 49ers. >> getting serious now. >> do you think they solve their problems? >> it's been four years in a row. a new guy in there. every single one of them says the exact same rhetoric. >> you got have wins and
5:30 pm
losses. that the bottom line. >> i didn't know that. >> that's the monkey on their back. thanks for watching. see you back here at 6:00. ca sponsored by cbs >> ninan: trump travel ban 2.0. the president takes a weekend time-out to weigh his next move. we're at the winter white house in florida with the latest. also tonight, federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in several states. protesters take to the streets. saturday was a day of demonstrations on both sides of the planned parenthood funding debate. >> what do we do? >> stand up and fight back! >> ninan: and winter storms trigger devastating mudslides in the west as another major blizzard bears down on the northeast. >> ninan: good evening.


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