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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 19, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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there have been 10 who have won the masters as well. 9, on the masters in 19 19990 and 199 . we're won -- weir won once. bubba watson, multiple. site. ben crenshaw, fred couples. this is a guy, hey, you keep game and this kind of form or about another -- inside two months. nick: the driving is key. i remember a couple of years ago hitting, i d he was think it was a 5-iron up the ill at the eighth. jim: remember one time he had three agriculture -- eagles in round at augusta. nick: they cut it across the corners into 1. hit an -iron into 15. at ou bomb it down the hill 5 and number two as well so wouldn't to -- you
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even have to pack a 3-wood for the week. peter, cameron needs to chip this in for second place. pieters and brown. peter: don't want to get frisky with this one. jim: and it's going to go. nick: this is going to be expensive. im: it is. here are the updated standings the top 10 with the johnson victory. he moves into sixth in what will be now his fourth win since last june. the u.s. open victory at oakmont. championship at fire san antonio, at bridgestone invitational. that b.m.w. event during the the cup playoffs and now genesis. hey, how about the golf courses? won at crooked stick, riviera, firestone and oakmont.
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're talking in all cases places that have hosted major championships. stick, firestone, three pga's. as well. le beach jim: i'm talking since last june. ere's perez. nick: testing your nerve. doing a good job. a really good job. top 10 in the fedexcup standings but not a-game -- the sunday e was looking for. he can't take a stance there being in the line of tringale. e might need to move that coin efore dustin hits this putt.
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maybe just right of what dustin eds to be concerning himself with. so lanny watkins' record is safely by the three shot. peter: i can't believe he's not moving that coin. kind of am too. 5 when oal back in 19 he broke the record here was to andr put a five on his card that last day he had nothing a four. an nick: wow, that's the way to do it. jim: knock it in for the big ovation. a "number one" chants breaking
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out. nick: that's pretty cool. jim: yes, it is. nick: felt a little shiver after that. spine hiver down his thinking i'm world number one. that's pretty cool. at some help it point. probably not right there on that green but to think about the took to get to that point. nick: exactly. it doesn't happen in five with this game. m: there is his fiancee, paulina, and his little boy atum is -- nick: wants to see dada. jim: we can hear him. for bogey and that will drop him from a second-place for eighth. nick: that's an ouch. jim: yes, it is. cleans up. that moment.
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hundreds of tournaments, reach it. f shots to number one in the world! nick: he's not happy. jim: come on, tatum. out there? chilly look at his chops. ook at his cheeks. [laughter] jim: red cheeks. peter kostis, take it away. peter: i'm here with the winner first-ever genesis open and the new world number one. ow does that sound to you, justin? >> sounds good. you know, today was a long day really great all day. i really drove it well. it any t have drove
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better so that was a big key for me today. major you won your first last year, you're now world number one. your mentalat do to confidence moving forward? > it gives me a lot of confidence. it's going to push me to work even harder. finish the last 10 holes the way i would have liked had a pretty big lead with 10 holes to go. of on cruise control but i'd still like to play etter the last 10 holes. peter: you and paulina just nounced your expecting a second child. congratulations. go out and enjoy it. > thank you. jim: for the 10th consecutive year with at least one victory 20th player to ever acontain the status since in 1986 ed this back as the number one ranked golfer on the globe.
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your final leaderboard. a five-shot margin of victory dustin johnson. "60 minutes" coming up for those of you on the west coast to lead off the prime-time last time. from nbc, friends they'll take over the tour for weeks. six paulina and dustin celebrate. the rest of our cbs golf family. e'll see you all at augusta. congratulations to dustin johnson. ,, did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet
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that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. about to get hit again. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a cycle. so much rain in a short period of time and that is why we have
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emergency -- >> now at 5 storm after storm and we are about to get hit again. this time it is from another atmospheric river and people are not taking any chances. >> good evening. i am juliette goodrich. >> i am brian hackney. radar. cloudy skies in dublin and light rain on doppler. rain develops tonight. a massive stream of moisture targeting central california. it will begin raining tonight. won't let up till tuesday night. expect 4 inches of rain in the lowlands. 8 inches of rain higher up. especially in the santa cruz mountains. winds peaking at 60 miles per hour. and 60 inches of snow up in the mountains and all the details in a forecast. the water district is trying to release as much water possible from the reservoir and that has people in the morgan hill area watching the dam and
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all the water rushing into the coyote creek and wondering what will happen to homes down stream. kpix 5's devin fehely is there and piloted sky drone 5 give us a look at how fool the reservoir is -- full the reservoir is . >> reporter: that's right. all the water over the spill way is matched by the people that have come up with curiously and concern to check on the conditions here themselves. >> reporter: these images of water cascading over the spillway in morgan hill. for the first time in more than a decade. >> if the dam did break we would be flooded. >> reporter: for some it was concern that brought them to see the conditions of the dam. but for others it was curiosity. >> from the pictures on tv, looks amazing. great opportunity bring the
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kids up to see what is going on. >> reporter: they have been trying to lower water levels at the dam. studies revealed the dam may not be strong enough to with stand a major earthquake and if it failed the flooding down stream would be catastrophic. >> a disaster. >> reporter: he is a morgan hill resident. he has been checking on conditions conditions for days now out of personal concern and professional curiosity. >> it is the cycle. so much rain in a short period of time. that is why we have a emergency spillway, for that reason. >> reporter: it could be a month or two before they are able to lower the reservoir and that is only if mother nature comments. there is a -- cooperates. there is a light drizzle right now and water district officials are predicting coyote creek could reach flood stage
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tomorrow. devin fehely, kpix 5. the worse tonight in the north bay as well. sandbagging and putting up flood gates. businesses find themselves under water when the creek rises. >> local police department has been really good at blocking the streets this year and in the past we had problems with people coming down and wanting to see the creek in action. it is extremely dangerous. >> five blasts of the siren are the signal to leave. pava has a close -- pacifica has an employee on the high surf tonight. there is -- hassian i didn't on the high -- the emergency spillway at orville dam. the concrete reroted, sending the watt -- eroded, sending the water rushing down. officials tell us the lake
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level has fallen 50 feet below the emergency spillway where it expected emergency evacuations last weekend. the department of water resources is cleaning up the mess in the feather river -- feather river below and this barge till clean up below the main spill way. a new spillway at the foalson dam is designed to with stand powerful storms and the gates will be 50 feet lower than the face of the dam that allows for early releases. it will be completed later this year. still ahead president trump's next immigration order, details on the memo sent out by homeland security. ,,,,,,,,
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at at&t, we believe in access. ,,,,,,,, the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. the associated press reports:
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security.@@. new details on the president's next emigration order. the holeland security department has new guidelines -- homeland security department has new guidelines. a couple memos outline the plans. the memos were from friday. the order is expected in the next few days. at the same time president trump is interviewing candidates to be the next national security adviser. >> reporter: president trump spent sunday in florida meeting with potential candidates for national security adviser. national security adviser michael flynn resigned after he gave incomplete information before president trump took office. >> this president accomplished more in the first 30 days of this presidency than people can rememberane very long time. >> reporter: -- remember in a
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very long time. . >> reporter: in new york thousands protested president trump's plan for a travel ban -- immigration ban from seven predominantly muslim countries. they say they are celebrating the true spirit of america, showing compassion to people of all faiths and backgrounds. >> all of the diversity and unity today should make a statement to the white house and the world, we love our muslim community. >> reporter: a court halted's president trump attempt at thtravel ban. he plans to unveil a new executive order in the coming days. cbs news, new york. president trump plans to return to washington tomorrow. and still ahead, we are going to get hit but good in the next 38 hours.
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the forecast after the break.
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second time's the charm for space-x... its launch went off without a hitch
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. lift off of the falcon 9 the space station. >> second time the charm for space x. the launch went off this morning at kennedy space center. it was scrubbed yesterday. it lifted off from 39a that sent space shuttles on their way. now this planet. which is going to get wet in the bay area over the next 36 hours. there last thing we need will be the first thing we get by 11:00 p.m. tonight. by that time rain will have developed over the bay area. warm, light rains over the bay area earlier in the day. right now light rain in the north bay. preparing for what is coming next. wait till you see what is going to happen. low pressure to the north, high pressure to the south. moisture stretches back to the
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hawaii landslide. rains, winds. flood -- islands. rains, winds, flood. santa cruz mountains. north hof that oo we are -- north of that we are getting rain. 3:00 a.m. in the morning. central bay, 3:00 a.m. monday. we will gret hard in the middle of the night -- get hard in the middle of the night hard. south bay, santa cruz mountains. along the peninsula. look at the path, that shows you the wide swath of rain that is moving from santa rosa, morgan hill. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. it sits in one place and continues to dump, especially over the santa cruz mountains. tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 p.m., getting hit hard, santa cruz mountains. tomorrow afternoon 5:00 p.m. it enhances. there will be mudslide, power outages, flooding down in the santa cruz mountains. and who knows what is going to
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happen to 17. future cast shows the brightest spots, the highest rain. santa cruz, tuesday morning. higher elevations 8 inches orain and the bay area is not left out. -- of rain, and the bay area is not left out. as time goes on we add to the rain totals, 9:00 a.m. wednesday. flood watch tonight through monday. heavy rain comes. river flooding possible. flash flood threats. winds factor as well. especially over the santa cruz mountains. look at the bright colors. 40 miles per hour guests along the shoreline and the peninsula shoreline. winds a factor. high wind warnings, 60 miles per hour in the bay area. showers and thundershowers on tuesday before finally on wednesday we get a chance to
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drain and dry. winter storm avalanche warning for 60 inches of snow at the peaks of the sierra nevada. wind gusts 25 to 130 miles per hour at the peaks. over night lows tonight temperatures in the mid-50s. highs tomorrow will be in the 60-degree range. storay is the rain. -- story is the rain. tuesday morning, 4 inches in the lowland. 8 inches in the mountains. wednesday, through sunday we get a chance to drain and dry. between now and then there is trouble ahead. get ready, the rain is just hours away. and it dampened things for the giants in arizona as well. i am dennis o'donnell and the golf world has a new number one. and that was just the beginning of an incredible weekend for dustin johnson. we are up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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better than dustin johnson??? yesterday his wife paulina announced she's pregant with the couple's 2nd child and today, . who has it better than dustin johnson? his wife announced she is pregnant and today he became the golf's world top golfer. shot a 64 64, took a break and went back out. 8 shot lead. phil mickelson ended on a high note. eagle on 17. finished 4 under. tied for 34. i think he has game still. now dj cooled down on the back 9. even par 71. more than enough.
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he wins by 5 strokes to claim the world's number one ranking. >> the giants didn't escape the rain. the team had to chancel its first live batting practice due to ahad weather. that is good news for buster posey. one less day he has to hit the harder throwers. he noticed more guys lining up the radar gun and throwing over 100 miles per hour. >> middle relief guys coming in throwing 100 miles per hour. wait, 100 miles per hour is supposed to be two good guys across the whole league and they are supposed to close the game out. yeah, seems like guys -- i am ready to move the mound back, i think. >> earlier this week north carolina state announced it will fire head coach at the end of the season. despite having three years remaining on his contract. kentucky spoke out in defense.
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>> firing coaches in mid- season. [ bleep ]. firing coaches in mid-season. do you know what i am putting in my contract, you can fire me but you will have to pay me $3 million. you will let me stay now. fire me mid-season but you are paying me. why would i have to think of that. every coach in the country, put it in your contract. >> last two 49er coaches, fired with time left on their contract. it is -- it is -- you want results now or you are fired. he makes a good point. get security on that. few more zero on that, health me go. [ talking at the same time ] -- let me go. [ talking at the same time ] game day tonight. we will get the latest on the raiders situation tonight. >> very nice. thank you very much for watching. we will see you back here at
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6:00 p.m. for a fuel hour of news. news updates on captioning sponsored by cbs >> morgan: who will be "national security adviser?" the president has a busy sunday of meetings and interviews at his winter white house, and golf club. also tonight, the massive cleanup after deadly storms slam california. more severe weather is moving in. >> and liftoff o the falcon 9. >> morgan: and a picture perfect liftoff. and a picture perfect lift-off - and they stick the landing at nasa's historic launch pad. and, we remember james brown's "funky drummer" clyde stubblefield. >> this


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