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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 27, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>>el p tley:hiiss w ouresrnte edioitn. icamera'los aung psero fm sechan wa ith boisld msioon t y pa p twori cvateits,izen yi cngtous, mersarndou the ndon a nothe anmeuncente camfrloom en mu, enthe trneepreur who spcread a teslelicectr canars d ac, excka roeter mak that cay readses ndnnunmaedgo car ps tuleso spthe acste natio nafor sa. pmusklao ns tlachunne late xt ye, t abousiarx yes r aftethe e spacshtlutlae's stli fanght d stlall apoo trastsonau ltefhr e unareir otnt pris hein t l du. >>woon, ere, zo,if l.toff to>> rorr:tece spax llwiem attpt s,alauo h twunmenad vidialdu ss,d aito be veryy seouabs trout avineloug arnd thmo.on t'shre've alady t pu wdownha bescrid sas aigfinicant podesit. cbne sws epacexpt erbill rwhaood.
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in 21 01owhe vedo tpeput ople thin scen ie asat h y tethao .ppen n elomu msk nakeso crsefet o ans tosire tumsend h rsma. th imas a joepr st iatn th >>direion. rteeporr:o tndthat e, musk odheys tseva prites endwill omgnuce sianifict verefrnue om enpae coand y anhotopes lncauh ssrsenge ispnto acone rce o ictwyee a ar. nst,h suctrmuips st be linsy ed bthdee feraial avtion >>stminira.tion py:elle dahon dler r fous toght. il tn, yhankou. huinfog oer whvedar gemared mor mece oteryn tusa nrdayig.htsewh erths e waa misiatlar ta lckast iweekn ssmiriou. dad toy erthree we 2bo2 mb corress 3 in 1st.atesents and pegues is loinoktog in ts.hi n >>teeporr:n irycher hl,il new jeeyan, r othejeshwimu comnity ceeras wcu evaat tedhis inmorng teafthr a reenatgin .ll lath be have leen at0east 9eear,
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atsimilae phoncas ll 3across0 apres andadne canian u.cein. a ics. offysial saal the cls frappearooo be cedrdinat. overas.thg be org inatinfrom oney rgero fvim indiduals ph ting intshrea tmao chine- ine ated or clteredalls. >> ct is a.4 bomb o>>r:eporteat in whcr's desibed asthne of phe telereone thats madenun jaar18y e th, thvoice iartos te be alred. i>>hi t inkol tyod ouu engh. gmusto. we>> ror lter:asntt moh ether reca 57 lls. on te ofhemem ca teo th itswarchbod tatewhe jish couny itercent iron llckvie, e'>>nd. aboe'd tolth tat whereas mbn ibuthe ilngdi. >>epteor tr:he cteenr's prides ment,icelhans feite,in isayst s warsfit ti tmehey cere siveduca h rethat. it a this am an ex aple ofnti-'s smsemitiit, and at's a he.e crim ve>> rep tter:heho peane thrts hate targewid jeshom cmunityce innters f wavesstrom ea to west.oast scotus they coually unme arodla are inlln ng wheercents fu use.>>
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el pley:ef jguf peesn ithe je, anthu.k yoewsrm. erthe e arqutiestoons nitghab etout whthher e e whithoe usis ssiongo ueinflnce ssngreiol nastinveigioatfns o cane 20 pderesintelial econtion ruibpossleon cbetacts ntwee russ t andhemp tru cpaamign.l escossngreiol napocorrestnden y nanccoesrd t hasheat lest. w>>wohat ulbed p theroembl of thwhe ite housseinnd ag me mbnuf er oa esprrss peono t ca?ll an repte ir:lintelgee ncrchai d pureanblic dinevun n iess leine g thhoinuse veatstigion in psioscoble lln usiobentwee caump mp oaignffiaicndls a inst tedodayhe tasre w nhiotng wrg on hwithimnd a s hiseneat rpunteart riarchrrd bu minakg trw llca ts atheue reqstf o s ump' >>llt iwawas s wha hoite use ambnatic pionsern soinpassg nunder a ne am rof aeporte erov i, if wldouk taltohe tm. r>>teeporr:ut bt thacoinmbed thwior reptsha twht e itushoe fiofs cialma sdearimil rueeqsts c the.i. .actdireornd a of.b.i.lsfficiate promphd fres
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acsacus tionfr domraemoctsbo aut whe ite houstaermping. >>e vehado to tshi instveioigatn pabianrtis. ep>> rorr:tegi virnis a'mark irners e thtop mode ocratn e thllinteigceenmi ine aorthny oerol palitichit caerrf genceetn iwaits y, r'suse it i toomptaornt. ser:eporte h whitereouse pss craretany se scepiulr wod tno coirnf dm orenthy .iat c.a. >>tod efenthcae gnmpai:w aedsk i n'moiot gngo tusdiscs atwh >>id der intnay.ll pre pisblrobay dea ndad e th ywanay. m frowh iatbe've enol td by maolny fkss i tthathe'sre nointhe.g ther i >>te repors r: iheht rig ttha the'er es novincdee? noel wirl, fstf o wall,e veha t taob ainednyf oevthe idceen >>t. rorep ater:dascm ihiffs eth todeatmocr othn use hoecr >>inteig cenceomeemitt. con'e cat awdr any sonlusis,or nul shod .we we'thouldnej be pr wudging te>>s ctlead. te reporifr: schdef add atthhe no is t nvcoyeinced tt thathe cofon atioitat githers wh
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ngssre. un's.ihe f.b.'swarhas leatned th coelterintncligee vidision thatins leadisg th iginvestation. el>> pleany: ncyde cors tocapil .hill atand tthhe oer o endf pesyialvan ae,venu ohiur cef whe e houscoporresndmaent jor etgarrt. ge adaof p theredesint'setlsai >>domeicge anda. rorep yter:eson, the polifrcal on st,thcott, e whe housane p d toreblpuican s leader ttryingsoo put me mulesck bacbehindhe t- now a std alleefrtfore to pe aalnd replace aiw, det sls are bparse,heut t goalbos for hth thendouse a eanaac to t mby tid-mayo cr nte aewra tionsitnahel alth iinsuraete mark oplace,hne wit nouandividvel cora mge,andate fer gures,lationta more x itcreds,ew faxer t sdiubsies. vitheredesiaint sd datoy, dbul ay vercocamplite sissne. thpre enesidt llwias also kre core fss54or $ bliilnon i diadaltion denef sseinpendg in ss bist udgeye, aratand there mesa s time,, cottascok ssngre tto cutsahat meun amot, raprogms f andor aeignid.c
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whel tley:hesi prede sntaid o hkneweacalth re s waso licompcated. prneilws wl g brinyou you est identrs ump'fit rsesaddrs to j a sointes osionf recongss rrtomoowni eveng. liour veer covaggie bens9: at 00 eaertin me.e e the whithoe us tsaidod tayhat thmie rylita icos tinducnghr tee teinvest oations af annti-ne rrisoridm ra oonne mth i agon vymen. nary seal nsan oweil was kled alon dwith a cozeniviailns. erher amweicans ndre woued and a u.s. aircraft was lost. well onow,we' ns ifathers craw irds foowllthing at. in>> h filams y wathe,er cribedamle fil ly,imoved ho s chmu d, soevteastad. r>>orepr:tere pdesi tntmpru rleathier ison mesth dcribedfa ammeetg e thlyfami onaf eavy sl ry onswen whehibos asdy w tureedrno te ths.u. ent ows'at fbiher llec ddline s a etg in hwithison s's ancommdeinr-ef-chi. hein ainietervw twithheam "mii di,"ldsa he id t, "iolemd th i
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dn w'ttoant ma ake scene abt , itmybut cieonscnce dnwoul'tet lta me lkhi to m. hesk, edatwhy ttihis me did ervee ha t to behiups stid miioenn wh iwat esn'tven barely a week toin hisk adnirast."tion unr decothe veofr ht nig on jaar28y seth, alea tbem 6 came copinn dn owidoutse e th qalaeda mpndou. wtheyerfoe trcedo llcaa in he erlicoptsh gunipsi to leenc ree fi. l 14 aqaopeda eresativ atnd a t leas15il civiaerns we edkillir tinirhe fefhtig. ows ensoal k wasilled and a w$72 lln io aevacir crash laednd a t hado dbeoyestred. t>>imhe tinwag nks liedo ta r oadeofnsfeweive 'rpue ngrsui yinenem. r>>teeporr:rm aney gerajol seph >> reporter: armgey l nerajophse ral teancommdeofr ce us nt d,mman td old davimartin was heop prepatiraoron f t gh.oats n wathouor ide ra w masoronitedn i-real .time e sompeleope havcaedlls thi so ppleovee ha cleal ad it urfaile. >>ga, inobthe je wcto as tgo inndol c ilectntliele.genc
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ccwe aomisplthhed at. omfrt thapeperse ctivitas w suescc.sful t i rtcey ainlunrsde htandowhe t dilyou wk ld loos at thiin aoo rfferent.ligh esr:eportewh now, usite hoe prets secrseary anpi sidcer sa ntthe pe iagons ndco aucting ewrevi othf lee battme in yen, assich ar standevd whener a lisuion re llts ins osseof fe. otand sccet, spi or alsoffered ols condtoences we the ons' prmiha on bethlf of e enesidt. te>> ple jy:raan cwfd,ornk thas. crisor om isneea rthson e inilet sers ce itag ilinthe pridess ent'chdrilbuen, t enwh uls adt drchilen r areunning taglob besusinsehes, t xps'ayer bruill nsh. hig an wneers r haloedoko int trepteory r: bweesdnerday ic iewip avll he nego to four trcounieons mp tru cpaomny bunesiinss scean j 1uarystea, c wi stht ecreseicrvene agtsn i ein jarlyanryuawa it s ipa tr uto fruguay aortz gliy parttoy prota e prnew optyerh wita repo $ed00100,0 hin botelills for secret service and other govnmt enonpersnel.
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grlilutelyths someating th i bee eve th apublicgrnd coness hae s thritoght know. >> te repore r: wasthked e ptrum prorganif tion ixpthey eeect the thesiden ts sons uo keepprn ceeir pain of teatrnionaltr anavel, etd whheerr ic or ctcrforsing cor the st ofred seviet sertece proonction th sieir bu tnessri, ps gbut weot pono resnse. us ifehas efelctivy apadted to the haique cs llengehof eac adnimionstrati.ks >>el aley:nnrna weeran, thks. toy jathe pa cneseompany ch pkatale gadeduiy ltrato fud arfoges r eaconcli dng aefect in a itsirs bagthauat csemed so ofse tho aagir bs xpto elode. tatals areo agedpa to y $1 bn lion iincrimalpe lnaltie at1 east 1 adeathsinre lketod the aibar hig, wch t ledo the laesrgllt recato in aumotive y,histormi 42 lln ioesvehicl.n bsevp ng une oxte n th"c taacin."news cotauntants kehe tme bla f aor ifrtied public screwup at the osca, rsd anoo"mhtnlig" vegis
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twaco tacounntres sisponblfoe r coti tngalhe blo atsre frtillcalky taintog re warnnd betyat h andoritowkez tas eth mic. t>>'shere ais mtake. "mnloohtigou," y gs uystwon bepi >>ure. rteeporr: w theroedng r enpevelo, belabeled stre actss, d ha hbeenand deeato is this a not je.ok ngi'idafra ty he treadhero w ing. >> rorep iter:t was a tevilesed ofene sckho c andonsifuson a igoonlhtca" ndst a pdurocers demair the w taye o t norube te.y eadrhims ts ulcod i'towiell tham dres. m nedoh witit. cabethuse iss i.true or repte tr: aherere s twoetsof ofedin wenner vepelorrs caied in t ohes scarunr de alocknd ackeriby pceat wseerou cpeoors countamants rt rhaanuiz dbr cuian llanin. gyth i aren archf ge ohainnd agt thenlovepes. one is for those entg erinstage diimmeatafely temar em s wtoneon stbect assrecu, inll tanetweed
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thout isho p tto andndhen haed thatty t e wronge.nvelop e llhod ywoorertpomaers ttwhe beonlli. i>>nk thi ty'heeare rllgoy ing thtrglug ge toetas pist th. ernee toeds bsoe inme kd aof guall y,om snde ki oaf coacbiuntali hty nere,o npu edintendd , ani inthmak ultitelf t ei h t ghei uess, thbet eth acemwiy evll serts i eetila wonshipicith pr >>waterhse. n,teeporr: r timyahen, t acticounngir fu.m's chaman, lesaide okspthe wi cliuln naat ngodth tay h ande d addein a emstatentet la tafhis ten rnoohe ndersey upt t abouthisis mtake ais it also my mistaouke, r miake. mewhan sile,conott, wonord r ethemrll. cuinilan wl be ba atht cae osrst nexyear. >>le pely:ev krain fziiter wh thsty oryoeverneta is lking upexhet, wrehe t a sonndx- eurea bewifendam muhmai d aldeedtain caofuse tirheig relion?
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i li tkehat. [ all soundcos tmeao cr hashingalt ] ah . wh ouen yr rpainelrieve op sts rkwoing, hoyour w sle daytops. .awww trthy is. r for minoarrithpatis in, lyonve ale ias fd ovappredo twork r foupo tai12 strhoght ur sth wi jt usllone p. an thu.k yo me foupo tai12 strhoght ur sth wi jt usllone p. coev on ery.ybod aleve.
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dent>> pleelhiy: wle p therentside's bothe miranistti honrdas oered, rdnder a cmsusto oerffics to e raisthsceir runyti of treravels. wholu d yoabsoout meit visors o thsay eybe've enai detned be cae usheof tirli musm h.fait we llw , noitap's hpeagned ain, isthe timto c twoits,izen a son chand -wofife tathe le ngboxi amhap mummliad a. >>jea ckandunc skepoh witth.em iev neler ft usofoncomrtleab tincohis uny trliin my fe. neve te reporyer: 66-ar-old khil cahhoamac-a aliernd h 44- ye-old son muhammad ali, jr., sacuomstens agtset dd ainethem aster ki ang tboutheir onligi ahot oollywd atterniol naorairpt. th h jadreust tuedrnm fro >>jamaa. ty he mtooke idasd e anasdke i wa, likemummhaad. ani liwas kewh, reat a you i'a slmuim. myn eligiofor?
5:52 pm
shepteorlir: a'sot msaher ys wae n s take atoep satarroe om d anthasked mee sa qstue.ionshe shsae heys s swehoisd th ptuicre ofer forr med,husban the lendy armmmuhaadli api, hong it wouldas eioe tensbuns, t it whdinot. meo dthyou inyok orur fmer snhusbd,uh md ammaal ii, sang. fi>>obe's prryably tthing e d t t ouofis h a graveend com antrknock t.ump ou r>>orepter:tt ay ornechsri i ncinreespr tentsheli as. i>>vet's ryle chear t as liwere eyth a hadranab fomes r ecaus spthy arecinspti aonhend tn eyer wkee asd ouabeit thr relilious beefs. ep>> rorr:teaw a l eornfntcemeof tficialcbold s wsneli the as thwereot detneaicad beusofe eirer onligi onar me. u.s. austomsdend borr icproteceaon rela sed stematent wh ih read, n part"allin ioternattrnal averelvis arring thee .s. art subjectoec isb.p. in.pectio" ee tis sayrehey weiv not gen yreixplanatoon as t whyhe we held. reeir atairney s'vd theyece
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edceiv or vels50 cal thismo y nth,co, tteofrom pople wh sa'vtheye negogh throuar similin pcident >> jelley: derickafouncan toght. coje tcka,hank you very much. mip ng une wxthoe'll suw yo whe hoa oollywd eadrsm wa .born nk congp u wnexte' sllyohow u whe a hollywood dream was born. r e in d 5 ays, 10 rs hou a 2ndut mines yoe u argog ine to b67. an td onhadat u y yo ll wi winalk to r amoo er whe p15e eopl wille binwaitg... 12 an bd ehinthfae so,2 llbe thindhele tab moo an and 1 d haa lf hibe cnd aurinta. mifasuly: rprise! t buon olyf ne oth wemmaill ke a lionfe lg eadrmem co eagrtht ings are ahead of you t bwh yenheour al thismaill ke a li rdyea t h atuma,an we hecan lp you thwi aso pernad lizeplan yofor urea hlth arfor ye cs toome.
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
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5:58 pm
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5:59 pm
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