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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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-- a little outreach could go a long way. >> we could work together to fix what's not working in the affordable health care act. we could work together to rebuild our bridges but we're waiting. >> reporter: president obama's is pitching a 10% increase on security and a cut in foreign aid. another thing we'll be watching
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the crowd. >> it should be very interesting. this will be the president's biggest audience since his inauguration. what kind of tone does he need to set and does he need to set a tone to reach across the aisle to democrats. >> the president has certainly had a turbulent start. this is really an opportunity to refocus amidst fights with the courts or the media, and he wants to deliver a more disciplined message. we expect some language about working together but policy talks a lot louder. unless he has some hardships it might just be optic if he shows himself reaching out. so many democrats are unhappy with his ideas so far. >> both democrats and the
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president have invited some special guests tonight. >> both sides of the aisle are going to be using their guests to make political statements. the democrats taking aim at the president's immigration policies. for example, camela harris has invited aguilar. she's a so called dreamer who grew up in fresno. she's now a medical researcher in chicago. a different outlook by maxine waters, she's not even going tonight. she told reporters she did not think she would be able to contain her enthusiastic opposition to president trump. and sitting with the white lady are the wives of two officers who were killed by an illegal
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immigrant. the president might also talk about the story of pompano. she was not given long to live. the president has nominated judger neil gorsuch to replace scalia. and says he would like the senate to give him a vote sometime this spring. president trump takes the podium in just about an hour. you can watch it live right here. followed by a special edition of news at 7:30. then our prime time line up. a witness account can provide critical information for a crime. the five people on board were headed back to san jose after a cheer leader competition.
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kpix5 reporter kit doe says that investigators arrived today. >> it was supposed to be a fun time for the family. they went to disney to compete and they actually won and were returning home when the plane had trouble. >> reporter: it looked like the 43-year-old cessna was not starting properly. so the party of five came become to the terminal and the party looked worry. but a half an hour later they went back to the plane. as they took off, the plane's tail looked like it was not stable. a man, woman and teenage girl all san jose residents. two women were ejected from the wreckage. both are in critical condition. one of the survivors has 90% burns to her body.
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at union city school, the superintendent has deployed five grief counselors to have the school deal with their grief. all students returned home safely from the competition that was held at disneyland over the weekend. the district is still awaiting information but they believe some of the victims to the crash may be connected to union middle school. >> it's absolutely devastating to our community. once we hear the confirmation of the identities of the victim we will deal with that then. and at this time we're dealing with the uncertainty. >> reporter: and the ntsb says they will be releasing a preliminary report within five to 10 days. now we're live at the airport in san jose, kit do. in response to last week's historic flooding. it is estimated the deluge cost $50,000 in damage.
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the emergency declaration will allow the city to request state and federal assistance. and utilize city workers for disaster services. mayor sam licardo says there are still urgent needs. >> the greatest and most immediate needs are around shelter. we will need vouchers for folks to stay at motels. we're going to need security deposits and first month rent payments to help people get up and running in a new apartment in those case where is the apartments can't be inhabited again. >> a public hearing has been scheduled for next week on the time line of events related to the flooding and the emergency dre video giving us our best look yet at the devastation at the oroville dam. you can see the concrete spillway almost completely gone. the view from the top looking down is even more stunning as water drops off on to nothing bedrock there. the water flow has been reduced
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to a trickle as workers haul away debris. take a look at this, chopper 5 over 680 at north mission. where a massive pothole has eroded right down to the rebar. the number three lane has been closed all day for repairs. it's not expected to reopen until at least 7:30 so avoid that area if you can. work is under way to restore water service to a rural contra costa community cut off by a mud slide. a stretch of morgan territory road has been shut down since the weekend. by a slide that also severed a water main. residents have been hauling in bottled water on foot for days some also have horses to water. the water district is now working on a temporary bypass line to get service flowing again. no word on how long that might take as for the road itself, it can't be fixed until the slide stops moving. dozens of ucsf workers are out of a job tonight. the reason cheaper labor
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overseas. kpix5's suzy stimel was there as people walked out with their boxes packed. >> reporter: kurt says he doesn't know how to get home and tell his kids to keep pursuing science like he did. >> they're going the say job, you don't have a job now. they're going to ship those jobs overseas. you don't tell me to go into the science program. >> reporter: they're saying bye to each other and their six figure salaries at usf. they've spent seven months training their replacements in india. and kurt says that changed the way he voted this time around.
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>> i voted democratic all my life in california. but this time i voted republican. >> reporter: ucsf will not replace it employees with visa holders. but that statement is misleading. you see ucsf already hired h-1b employees to india to come home for training. they're returning to india so they're not working on visas only training under them. abuse of the program is currently under investigation by the california legislature. the 49 fired today hope speaking out prevents this from happening at other universities. >> if it works, and they get away with it. i think it's a huge problem. >> suzy steimel. collin kaepernick's future with the 49ers is unknown. and that may be why he just
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sold his home. it went for $3 million. that's about 3% more than what kaepernick paid for it two years ago. you know what they say no good deed goes unpunished. still to come. the new pg & e pricing plan that will charge you more for using less. >> plus it turns out that chicken patty in your subway sandwich is only 50% foul. so what's the rest of it made of? >> a bay area girl suffering from the disease so rare the drug companies weren't interested in curing it. how her parents got the trial rolling through crowd funding. ,, brought to you by mancini sleep world. president trump's first address to a joint session of congress. what we can expect to hear and see. >> we're live from our nation's capital with special reports
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and key interviews. coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. ,,,,,,,,,,
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drive- thru. this sedan slammed through the front c1 a restaurant in san francisco's richmond district now has a drive through. the sedan slammed through the front door of my favorite cafe
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on clement earlier today. no word on how they lost control of the car. san francisco already has one of the strongest sanctuary city policies in the country but now, city leaders are taking things a step further. by signing an international agreement. kpix5's emily turner on how that would work. >> reporter: all eyes right now on immigration and sanctuary cities especially tonight with the president's address. the next step you're talking about is protecting the rights of victims who are illegal immigrants and yet the city still refuses to work with federal officials who will not deport any felons who have committed violent crimes. >> this memo signed today by the mexican council general and the district attorney extends a victim advocacy program for mexicans living in san francisco. it protects their immigration status when they report a crime. >> you're saying this is a message of public safety. just playing the devil's advocate here. what do you say to those that
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argue our sanctuary policy has too much of a threshold in allowing immigrants to committing several crimes and staying in the city. >> i would say that you first of all have to look at what crimes are being committed that people are allowed to stay in this city. >> reporter: for san francisco to alert i.c.e. about an illegal immigrant that person has to be convicted of three felonies in the last three years and there has to be probable cause they will conduct a fourth. only then will police tell immigration agents that they're in custody then they can make an arrest. >> we will cooperate with ice and with cbp. >> reporter: for his part the mexican consul general weighed in to declare all of california a sanctuary. >> do you think all of california should become a sanctuary state? >> a state of minorities. so i do think that this will be a very good bet for this state
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to bet on minorities to bet on migration and to bet specifically in the hispanic community because the future of california is linked to that. >> i asked gascon what happens if the person committing the crime is an illegal immigrant √°eut. he says those issues are separate. electric vehicle charging stations may soon be a requirement. they will be required to have 10% of parking spaces that could charge electric vehicles as for the older buildings, supervisor katy tang says she wants to install stations in them as well. >> i know that it's harder
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because of the old infrastructure. but there are innovative companies that have tried to bring forth more mobile charging stations over to the building. so that's certainly an effort i want to work on and in fact, that's why i started becoming interesting in working on electric vehicle issues. >> freemont and oakland already have parking for electric vehicles. pg & e customers are trying to save electricity and you could be in for a shock. starting tomorrow, pg & e is changing its rate structure. essentially customers who have low usage will see their monthly utility bills go up. as much as 11%. that means households that use a lot of electricity will actually pay less. the change comes at the same time as a 2.1% increase in transmission rates. comments on our kpix5 facebook page almost universally critical as you can imagine.
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one viewer said, funny, when i called them about my bill they said it was me that used that energy. and mary says why are these raises continuously approved. and of course we'll have more on this rate increase plan right after the president's speech. the bill would let law enforcement officers start using a roadside saliva test to help determine whether a driver has consumed marijuana or other prescription drugs. the proposal was recommended after hearing emotional testimony from a southern california woman who's husband was killed by a teen who was allegedly driving high. >> we talked about retiring together. taking care of each other as we
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grow old. making it to celebrating our 50s or even our 75th anniversary. it was all wiped out in just one second by a person who chose to drive under the influence of thc. >> the bill is making its way to more committee hearings before it hits the state senate. supporters hope to have it on governor brown's desk by summer. a bay area woman is being honored for her work fighting a rare disease. >> she's not a doctor but a mom who has been fighting for her own daughter. kpix5's john ramos on her story and her greatest hope. >> today is national rare disease day. and if you didn't know that, count yourself lucky. >> it's just devastating. >> reporter: two years ago we told you about doug douley's taughter iris. diagnose with a rare diagnostic disease that's always fatal in children. but the condition is so rare that doug and his wife
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christine wagner found there wasn't a lot of help out there for them. >> at first it's very lonely but if you go out there and fight the fight, you find you know friend. >> reporter: the couple both worked for pixar and using their communication skills created an online network that's raised nearly $2 million. they need it because researchers had developed a remarkable gene therapy that with one treatment has cured cats with the disease. but because there's very little market for the cure, drug companies haven't been very interested. so families have to raise funds themselves for the human trials that could save their children's lives. >> i expect us to ward on the past of all those affected. >> reporter: that's why christine was in massachusetts this morning receiving an award for parental advocacy. she and doug have given a lot of other parents hope for a cure even if they can't feel it themselves.
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>> i wouldn't really let myself even imagine, because if it doesn't happen. >> we all play the cards we're dealt in life but for some people the stakes just seem so much higher. in albany, john ramos, kpix5. the clinical trials could begin later this year but they're still raising money to fund them. if you want to help you can visit our website at our dry stretch of weather continues. sunshine today, it is going to get warmer and a change to your weekend forecast. it is also soon going to get wetter. details next. >> coming up on a special edition of the kpix5 news at 70: 7:00 -- at 7:30, surprise, you have a sibling. the simple test that uncovered a family secret. ,,
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february started with 10 consecutive rainy days. it did not end that way. it was a beautiful last day of february. we're in the upper 50s right now. concord 58. clear skies, in san francisco 52 in the financial district. as you would expect look outside it's blue skies. we're clear on the radar nothing new moving in any time soon. frankly we don't need it. we've had a lot of rainfall. we've had a lot of snow in the sierra. the snow pack as of this minute is 86% as of average. if it did not snow or melt we would still be 62% above average. we're doing fine when it comes to water right now. in case you haven't heard the drought is over. san jose chilly 37. concord 33. santa rosathree #. the warm spot san francisco at 43. that's the pacific northwest getting the precipitation not here. the storm drenched san diego
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with its wettest day in 11 years. still raining, still snowing in new mexico and arizona but moving away from us. futurecast paints a pretty pretty picture. you get more of it tomorrow, futurecast calling for temperatures in the low to mid- 60s under crystal clear blue skies. the different version of futurecast for all of us in the bay area. notice the clock is moving but you're not seeing much because there isn't much in the way of cloud cover. thursday will be mainly sunny and dry coming up on friday. but there are changes for the weekend. not a wash out. we're not expecting any flooding but now there are shower chances. scattered showers, both saturday and sunday. we're dry, mild, comfortable now through friday. over the weekend, saturday and sunday there will be scattered showers around. that's you little league mom and little league dad. 61 tomorrow for freemont, san
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jose 63. and san francisco sunshine comfortable 59 degrees. warmest weather will be thursday and friday. mid- to upper 60s inland. mid-60s near the bay. there it is the weekend not a wash out. don't cancel any outdoor plans but be advised we will have some showers around both saturday and sunday. that's your kpix 5 forecast, we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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doesn't actually contain as much chicken as you think. at's according to so it turns out that chicken pat to the best --
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chicken p attie in your subway sandwich does not have what it says. chicken strips scored at 42.8% chicken. so what's the rest of it made of you might ask. subway says they use soy fillers to beef up the chicken. >> i don't know if they beef it up. they chicken up the chicken. >> here's what's coming up. >> scott pelley in new york, scott. >> ken and liz, up next the president in his first address to congress. what he intends to say and how he plans to get his agenda passed. >> we talk to dr. lapook about
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this diagnosis of cancer. >> and when the country only saw black and white. 0 days and 40 nights. >> i think i get an "a" in terms of what i've actually done, but in terms of messaging, i'd give myself a "c" or a "c-plus." >> pelley: the president gets another chance at messaging tonight as he tells americans his plans for health care, immigration, defense and more. also tonight... the president hopes to deliver a unity speech tonight, and i wonder, are there places where democrats think they can work with the president? a c.i.a. drone takes out a key leader of al qaeda. a puzzling, sharp increase in colorectal cancer among the young. >> i didn't even think that young people could get colon cancer. >> pelley: and a travel guide for survival when the south was


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