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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 2, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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i have been counting since monday. >> i have 18 days until spring arrives and i have 111 days until summer arrives. >> and how many days until christmas? >> t-minus how many days? >> i'm not looking that far. i'm looking for sunshine and summer. it didn't feel spring- like across the bay area. live weather camera. temperatures dipping all the way down to 34. in the 30s through santa rosa and napa. redwood city at 39 degrees. 50s around the rim of the bay. the winds are about 5 to 7 miles per hour but when you add that up with the temperature that's in the 30s, it makes it feel like the high 20s. today temperatures slightly above average. we'll lab great on that coming up. right now let's send it to roqui. it's 4:30. let's head to the santa cruz
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mountains for that overnight roadwork on highway 17 at sugarloaf. this is due to that massive mudslide from a couple of weeks ago after that storm so they are trying to prevent future storm damage. crews will be out there until about 5 a.m. and then work will pick up again at 8 p.m. and this happens tomorrow, as well. let's move now to the hayward/fremont area. roadwork on 880 in both directions. this is between whipple and stevenson boulevard until 5 a.m. multiple lanes shut down so be aware of cones out there and if you are traveling into downtown san francisco here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. just a cash lane backup. we are looking good. today president trump visit newport news virginia where he will deliver remarks about rebuilding the military aboard the u.s.s. ford. the visit comes as yet another member of the president's administration faces intense scrutiny over his alleged communications with russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. >> maybe an innocent contact. i don't know if he has to
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disclose everybody he ever talked to >> special prosecutor. >> reporter: republican senator lindsey graham weighing in on the rules that attorney general jeff sessions met twice last year with the foremost diplomat of washington considered by u.s. intelligence to be one of russia's top spy and spy recruiters in d.c. the revelation seeming to conflict with what jeff sessions said under oath during his fundraising hearings when he was asked about reports of communication between the trump campaign and russian. >> senator frank, i'm not aware of, um, any of those activities. i have been called a surrogate at the time or two in that campaign and i didn't have communications with the russians. >> reporter: sessions' spokesman saying that sessions met with the man in his capacity as an armed services committee member rather than a trump surrogate. some democratic lawmakers are calling for sessions to recuse himself from any russian investigation while others like congressman cummings are going further calling for sessions to resign. >> a lie is a lie is a lie.
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period. he knows the law. he has probably prosecuted people for telling untrue statements to the fbi and others. >> reporter: sessions saying he never met with russian officials to discuss campaign issues. the white house coming to sessions' defense casting the story as a partisan attack by democrats. i'm read binion recording. >> and this morning, house minority leader nancy pelosi reacts to the statement, saying jeff sessions lied under oath during his confirmation hearing during the senate. he is not fit to serve as the top law enforcement officer of our country and must resign. last month, michael flynn resigned as national security adviser. he stepped down because of a phone call he had with russian before the election and that he miss let the white house about it. -- miss let the white house about it. >> authorities have identified the victims of a small plane crash in riverside each one from san jose. adine farelas was a preschool
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teacher. the other was the owner of the plane. the cessna crashed into two houses monday after take-off. two women survived but are in critical condition. federal investigators are still combing through the crash site to learn what happened. san leandro police have arrested a man they say took part in a gun battle on city streets before hiding out for months just miles from pd headquarters. officers arrested a suspect harris the night of the november incident which left a couple in critical condition marcus jones is behind bars and police found $200,000 in cash plus weapons including an ak-47 at his apartment. >> we know that people ak-47 assault rifles, as well as handguns, capable of firing 100 rounds of ammunition without having to be reloaded are keeping those for criminal activity. >> authorities say they aren't sure what sparked the gun battle between men who don't seem to know each other.
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the man hurt in the crash is now wheelchair-bound. this morning, there's a new clue in the murder of a college student who was gunned down while playing "pokemon go." police now say that a car like this one was spotted leaving the scene. take a close look at this. it's a 2013 or 2014 white four- door hyundai sonata. last august calvin riley was killed at aquatic park. the 20-year-old's family says he was in the area hunting pokemon at around 10:00 when he was shot in the chest. despite the normal presence of tourists at the popular landmark, no witnesses have come forward. police hope that the car could jog someone's memory. as soon as this weekend, the woman accused of helping her husband in the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history could be out on bail. this after a federal judge in oakland granted bail for noor salman. she is waiting trial for suspected involvement in the orlando nightclub shooting. she will remain in custody until the prosecutor appeals in
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two days. in june last year her husband shot up an orlando nightclub. 49 people were killed. as he was carrying out the attack, he pledged allegiance to several different terror organizations including isis. san jose police have identified the two men accused of fatally stabbing a beloved little league coach. 32-year-old robert ruiz and 24- year-old aaron vallejo allegedly killed frank navarro saturday night while the coach was working security at a club. navarro apparently turned away someone with a fake id. the two suspects were apparently part of that person's group. police say they returned later and stabbed navarro and killed him. >> he was here for the kids. he had no biological kids of his own but he had hundreds of kids from the little league to -- to mentor and get through life and keep them off the streets. >> now a quote from navarro a san jose native has been posted at the club. it begins, every day we work to
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be better. right now, 14 people are displaced after a fire tore through their south san francisco apartment complex on olive avenue. in this video from chopper 5, you can see the burn marks there around the windows of the second and third floors. no one was hurt when the fire broke out last night. this morning the state's storms have an epic price tag, $50 billion to recover from the damage. this comes as a big donation is pouring into san jose after that surprise flood of coyote creek. billionaire kieu hoang delivered a $5 million check to city leaders yesterday. hoang owns a winery in napa and says his mission in life is to help people. this morning, "sky drone 5" is showing us the damage down in big sur up close. the pfeiffer canyon bridge is cracked beyond repair. it forced caltrans to close that section of highway 1. a mudslide weakened a column that supports the bridge which will
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now have to be demolished. it could be six months or more to build a new bridge. good news for the anderson reservoir. it's no longer overflowing like it was last week. the water level is now going down for the first time in 10 days. okay. that is good. hey, roberta, let's check in with you. >> you know, i was walking my dog last night and i ran across some local people who live in pleasanton and they said, when they saw the video of what was happening in san jose, it was hard to believe that was our community. >> yeah. >> it looked like it was another world. that kind of flooding. and then you asked how could that happen in our backyard? >> yeah. >> it surprised all of us, everyone. >> we have the flood warnings in effect but, you know, that's all we can do is jump up and down and say there's a warning. we cannot anticipate that kind of damage in that area because it hadn't ever been done before. it had not ever been experienced. morning, everybody. we need these sunshiny days for a clean-up effort around the bay area. we still have a lot of road closures due to mudslides. let's take a look at the current conditions right now. we do have clear skies looking
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out towards the bay bridge. you can see the reflection of those beautiful 10,000 l.e.d. lights on the bay waters because the winds are calm. right now, temperature rise we are in the 30s and 40s. cool spot 34 livermore. 43 degrees in oakland. pretty much in the low 40s around the santa clara valley. here are three things i want you to remember. today and tomorrow will be the warmest of the workweek and we're still on track for some showers but now the timing has moved up more to saturday during the day even in the morning hours. next week we have a very active storm track returning but to our north and that is some atmospheric river conditions. temperatures today now slightly above average, 63 degrees in san francisco instead of 61. 60s beaches and peninsula, 67 san jose, 66 morgan hill. east bay mid- to high 60s, how about that. and the north bay up to 68 in napa. the full forecast coming up for the weekend but first here's roqui. >> thank you, roberta.
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it's 4:39. how are your roads? let's start with the altamont pass traffic right now. a lot of yellow, no red yet, 50 and down to 30 at north flynn road. to the dublin interchange freeze up through livermore to slow traffic at the altamont pass to 680 will take you about 15 minutes or so. let's move over now to the san mateo bridge from hayward into the peninsula just 14 minutes between 880 and 101 so traffic looking good there. if you are traveling in the scotts valley area keep in mind until 5 a.m. highway 17 there's some roadwork between glen wood drive and sugarloaf road. we have learned that techies arrested for base jumping from a san francisco skyscraper weren't taking their first leap. kpix 5's joe vazquez on the jaw- dropping stunt. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the video is stunning! looks like it's straight out of a movie a man flying in a wingsuit disappears into the clouds. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: video comes from a social media account belonging to brandan weinstein. he is one of two men arrested after flying off the top of the hilton hotel in san francisco.
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>> what happened? >> just a guy on a night. >> reporter: the hotel is 493 feet high in a densely crowded area a few blocks from the tenderloin police station. they landed safely right into the arms of the police. >> there were some officers on patrol in that area when they observed several people descending from the sky with parachutes and they ended up landing near their patrol car. >> reporter: brendan, 25, was arrested alongside a 26-year- old man. police confiscated their skydiving equipment. >> hey, brendan, this is joe vazquez. >> reporter: brendan couldn't talk about it it. both are listed as tech engineers on linkedin and both have photos and videos promoting skydiving and base jumping. police say base jumping is legal with the permit it's never allowed in densely populated areas. they are out of jail now both charged with trespassing and
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criminal conspiracy. in san francisco, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> police are still searching for a female jumper who got away after hitting the ground. some more unwanted extreme sports to tell you about this time at the alchemy apartment building in san francisco. people using dirt bikers using a public staircase. on top of being a nuisance, neighbors say the noise is unbearable. one neighbor says he called police several times but by the time they show up, the bikers are gone. last january, kpix 5's betty yu found out the leader of a dirt bike gang was also a marin county sheriff's deputy. after our report the department confirmed he was fired. time now 4472. a squeaky problem strands hundreds of passengers. the tiny stowaway that kept a bay area-bound flight from taking off for hours. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mouse, posed a major curveball. d on a flight from london to san francisco, a tiny mouse
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posed a major curve ball. the rodent scurried through the heathrow airport and got on a plane heading to sfo. but crews grounded the flight to catch the rodent. the search left passengers stuck for four hours as the airline found them an available plane. the crusade the mouse might have chewed through wires on the aircraft. still, once word spread on twitter that people seemed most curious about what the mouse was wearing from a fedora to trackies. even those inconvenienced by the rodent didn't seem to hold a grudge. >> i wasn't upset. i'd rather not fly a plane that then gets wires chewed by a mouse. >> i'm sure the mouse didn't have a passport. i'm sure that was the problem. >> the tiny troublemaker has earned a nickname from the staff at british airways calling him the 250,000-pound mouse to reflect the cost of having to cancel that first flight. in san francisco, a new $20 million complex could mean serious change from the chinatown food scene. kpix 5's andria borba gives us the inside scoop from china
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live's grand opening. >> reporter: the sidewalks are overflowing with vegetable vendors but san francisco's chinatown has not exactly been a destination for foodies. restaurateur george chen wants to change that. >> that white box with the mysterious brown sauce absolutely. because, you know, that's done wonders for chinese-american families for 100 years and there's nothing wrong with that but i think with china booming there's more to learn. >> reporter: this is chen's new 30,000-square-foot entry into the chinatown food scene, china live. for chen, it's an opportunity to challenge preconceived notions about what chinese food is and can be. >> people think soy sauce is just a -- you know, [ indiscernible ] but there's a lot more to that. , you know, people know about olive oil. why not soy sauce? >> reporter: he is hoping to match the reality of chinatown where fresh food is at the center, and not stale shops
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filled with tourists. >> i see the old ladies around the corner every morning hand picking vegetables. if they can do that, why can't chinese restaurants? >> reporter: it includes a retail shop, plans for an 8- table high-end restaurant, and chinese cooking classes. >> once people know that they are not so mysterious and so weird, and they are just, like, vegetables, right, um, then people enjoy the food more. >> reporter: he says if you expect anything from china live it's that the menu is not set stone. it will change every week. in chinatown, andria borba, kpix 5. hungry now. >> me, too. >> it's right down the street. it's about a four-minute walk from here. >> from here? >> yes. >> oh, let's go! >> oh, yeah. i'm game. >> somebody broke the rule. there's supposed to be no food stories during the morning show. >> four minutes? that's all, right? wow. that's worth it. >> especially walking. >> as soon as we get off the
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noon newscast let's go. >> four minutes for your mickey d's too for your junior mac. [ laughter ] all right. now what today is by the way? it's national banana cream pie day. >> did you bring one? >> i couldn't find one. >> there was the whole church thing yesterday with ash wednesday, foot therapy, you know, there was walking the dog after the foot therapy ... there was a lot going on! [ inaudible ] the wind speeds right now with our current air temperatures in the 30s and 40s are pretty calm which is a good thing or we would be talking about a windchill factor this morning. boy, those temperatures nevermind have not been updated. 36 degrees in santa rosa. these are legit temperatures. these are our weather watchers from hayward, napa, fairfield, linda, dave and katie all reporting temperatures 30s and 40s. later today bright
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sunshine. warmer weather today than yesterday. tomorrow, couple of degrees cooler, then we have the rain speeding up for the weekend. clouds are on the approach. we'll see increasing cloud cover for our friday. not the case today. we are still under the influence of this huge blocking beautiful ridge of high pressure. here's your futurecast. and as we walk you through your day there's your friday cloud cover, all right? saturday, now a place with some rain in the north bay by 9 a.m. we are talking very light precipitation. it's going to be hit and miss through sunday. we'll have the rain showers the heaviest push through overnight overnight. tapering off in the afternoon. 60s in the central valley. in the high sierra spring-like conditions. today 68 in napa. the extended forecast, we increase the cloud cover on friday. we do introduce spotty rain showers saturday tapering off
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by sunday afternoon. here's roqui with traffic. i'm loving the sunshine. okay, it's 4:49. let's take a look at area roads. it's pretty quiet so far. but we'll keep you posted on how long that lasts. all right. starting with the bay bridge toll plaza, if you are heading into downtown san francisco, traffic looking good. 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze, that will take you 18 to 20 minutes. moving over now to the san mateo bridge, this is looking good, as well. westbound 92 from hayward to foster city, you're smooth moving through traffic right there. 880 to 101, 14 minutes. then if you are traveling along the altamont pass just some yellow arrows. we don't have red just yet so you're moving at 46 miles per hour and down to 30 at north flynn road. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. time now 4:50. google's new campus revealed. a look at the brand-new renderings of the company's planned mountain view pad and what it will take to get construction started. ,,,,,,
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only on five: juliette goodrich shows us a test -- that may reveal how well you're aging ... and point the ger, healthier life. now in healthwatch, want to stay younger? only on "5," juliette goodrich shows us a test that may reveal how well you're aging. >> reporter: your biological age says you're a young pup but is everyday stress turning knew an old dog. >> chronic stress itself is causing accelerated cellular aging. >> reporter: look at what the civil war did to abraham lincoln. here's lincoln the year he was elect president. and here he is four years later. >> i'm a little nervous. >> reporter: so what if you could take a he is? >> okay. we do it. >> never tried so hard to bleed. >> reporter: that revealed how well you're aging? >> there we go. >> reporter: three of us did. >> so this is going to be i guess telling me how young i'm feeling.
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>> and i have always been curious about my health. >> what's going to come back as far as me? am i going to be younger on older? >> i was skeptical. >> reporter: my mother who eats well, sleeps well and exercises daily. >> it was fun to find out more about my lifestyle. >> reporter: jimmy ford a married father of three who is also a special missions aviator. he flies on the hhg60 for the 129th rescue squadron at moffett airfield. their mission, combat search- and-rescue in dangerous spot all around the world. jimmy's been deployed nine times. >> there's been multiple situations that are a little less predictable, a little hairy, yeah. >> reporter: according to studies, u.s. troops are on the top of the list when it comes to stressful jobs. >> could take your life. >> hopefully this is youngblood. >> reporter: i also took the test. news reporters face tight deadlines and often unpredictable circumstances. >> what if i'm older than you? >> you won't be. >> i don't know.
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i don't know, mom. >> reporter: the simple genetic test measures the links of our telomeres. telomeres seen here in green protect the ends of chromosomes, kind of like the plastic tip at the end of shoelaces. these tips tend to shorten and fray with age. but stress, bad diet, lack of sleep, smoking, drinking, negative thoughts, strained relationships, can all make them shorten and fray faster. and that can lead to premature aging. >> all of this relates to the role that telomeres play in aging and age-related diseases including cancer. >> reporter: the test called teloyears reveals whether your cellular age is younger or older than your actual age and the results are in. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: my cellular age is 20. that's half my actual age. as for my mother? >> we are the same age. [ laughter ] >> reporter: her cellular age is also 20. >> well, i was thrilled. screamed. >> reporter: our greek heritage
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may play a role. as for jimmy? >> it says my age in teloyears is older than my actual age. >> reporter: jimmy's actual age is 38. but his cellular age? 58. the good news? >> i'm not really concerned. it's something i can change. >> reporter: you you can delay or reverse aging or by taking care of your telomeres. >> there's a lot of studies in humans that shows the kinds of things that can alleviate that shortening end minimize it. >> reporter: dr. blackburn won the nobel prize in medicine for her work in telomeres. she and dr. appel an expert in stress and aging have compiled all the scientific data into a new book called, the telomere effect. they say you don't need a test, just good information. >> people find it hopeful and empowering, there are so many different things you can do. >> reporter: by making changes, you can begin to lengthen your telomeres in as little as a few months. jimmy is already coming up with
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ideas. >> get more sleep. more positive outlook. take a vacation. [ laughter ] >> wake up and say go! >> reporter: she does. in san francisco, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> working this shift, i don't know if i want to take that test. all right. google is out with the new renderings of the campus it wants to build in mountain view. they show a multi-tiered canopy over a building. the site covers 18 acres and includes walking trails and a public park. google still needs to get approval for the project from mountain view. google paid $215 million for that property last year as part of a land swap with linkedin. the deal enables linkedin to build a new campus of its own much sooner than it expected. it is 4:57. as the battle over the trump administration's plan to repeal obamacare bruise one bay area county is taking action what they want to you learn from an all new website.
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>> and fear and uncertainty has young undocumented immigrants backing away from college applications. coming up, the deadline today and the reality of where the "dream act" now stands. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is good morning. it's thursday, march 2. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside. as we take a look at the bay bridge, 880 in oakland, the morning rush about to start. you know what? average san francisco driver spends 82 hours a year stuck in traffic. and that's what you get. a lot of cars on the road. >> good music. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> good kcbs radio to keep you updated on news, traffic and weather around the clock 24/7. >> weather and traffic on the 8s! i got it down. >> yeah. >> now, you know, we have a lot of people who live here because there are a lot of people who enjoy th


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