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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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march 16th. the administration expects this motion to sustain court challenges. plans to fight a new travel plan just as vigorously as the last one. >> his lawyers are not trying to paper over the fact that the first executive order was explicitly a muslim ban and now over the guidelines of new language they're claiming it's not, we won't be fooled. >> reporter: it also suspend the entire u.s. refugee program for 120 days but it no longer singles out syrian refugees for an indefinite ban. the justice department says there's 300 people who have traveled to the united states as refugees who are being investigated for possible terrorism ties. at this point we don't know if those 300 people come from those six countries now banned. jamie yuccas, kpix5. california's two senators quick to respond.
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camala harris says she welcomed the decision to omit iraq but the president still has an obligation to the provide evidence of a national security threat posed by immigrants and refugees from the remaining six countries. bay area muslim and interfaith group says that this threatens the u.s. from terrorism. >> still national security theater. >> reporter: what happens now? coming up at 6:00 we have a first look at what could be the basis of the aclus lawsuit against the president's revised ban. berkeley's mayor standing by his police officers after this weekend's brawl. started when supporters of president trump gathered for a rally and then clashed with
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counter protesters. but police standing near by did nothing do much to stop the violence. >> kpix5's phil matier found out the laid back support is fall out from a past protest. >> that's part of it. usually we're in berkeley talking about police and demonstrations the question is whether they overreacted, this time it's whether they did enough. here's the story. it was quite a scene saturday with both proand anti trump demonstrators throwing punches. but it was the imagine of berkeley police standing by on the sidelines apparently doing nothing that has people asking just how free is free speech in berkeley these days? >> it was a crying shame that these people were allowed to have at it at each other like that. >> reporter: phoebe sorgen was there for the whole melee and
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spoke to police. >> he said there weren't enough of them but come on. police had riot gear, boots, helmets, billy clubs. >> reporter: but the police chief said it wasn't that clear. >> we had people who had injuries, we treated for injuries and they went back in. >> reporter: last month uc berkeley exploded in a violent protest over the scheduled appearance of milo yuenopolis as security stood back. on the other hand berkeley police were criticized for overreacting during a black lives matter protest turned violent in 2014. this time, berkeley's mayor said at least no one on the sidelines was hurt. >> this crowd was intent on committing violence. i think the officers did a very good job under very difficult circumstances. >> reporter: police want to make it clear although the
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demonstrations and fights may be over, that the investigations will continue. they are looking into getting rid of the bad element. the white house and fbi are at odds. cruz has more on president trump accusing former president obama of wiretapping his phones. veronica. >> president trump leveling explosive allegations about his predecessor. >> i'm not sure what it is that he's talking about. perhaps the president has information that is not yet available to us or the public. >> reporter: amidst his series of tweets, he said terrible, just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump tower
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just before the victory. nothing found. this is mccarthyism. >> police have said that we were surveilled. >> reporter: democrats insist the allegations have no basis in fact,. >> the events of this weekend which included another basement tweet from the president highlight and in fact, strengthen the argument for a special prosecutor to conduct the investigation. >> the president continues to deny he or anyone in his inner circle have anything to do with russia. but today jeff sessions sent a letter to the senate officially correcting his previous testimony that he had not met with the russian ambassador last year. as for the wiretap accusation. >> does he really believe obama wiretapped trump tower. if he does then we have a much more serious problem. >> reporter: fbi director james comey denies the claims and
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calls on the president to refute them. former mayor has pled not guilty to new charges of embezzlement. authorities arrested silva yesterday as he returned from a vacation to col ombia. they found $70,000 in cash in his personal account. they say from 2010 to 2014 silva was funneling money from the national boys and girls club to his personal account. instead of to the stockton boys and girls club. >> this was money and resources for them who needed it. and it was taken stolen and misused by him. >> reporter: the da also says it's no coincidence that silva left the country on the same day the arrest wanter was signed. silva's bail was set at $1
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million. the guy who barged into a jewelry store and knocked an employee to the ground has been arrested thanks to tips from the community. security cameras inside a jewelry store in san francisco's china town caught the whole thing. a man pointing a gun at employees and smashing cases with a hammer. for some reason, he ran off without taking any of the gold or diamonds. investigators say someone recognized the suspect. identified as matthew and called police. he's facing a number of charges including attempted robbery. other bay area headlines tonight, a fire damaged a home in san francisco's visitation valley. the flames and smoke were coming from the second level of the home on copa loma avenue. this one may have started in the kitchen. luckily no one was hurt. and it helped a lot that vallejo firefighters had a plan in place to deal with a massive fire at a residential motel. the flames swept through the
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travel inn sunday morning. three dozen people had to get out in a hurry. it does advance planning with multiple residences. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. those driverless shuttles are now being tested at bishop ranch office park in san ramon. san ramon police sharing this video of a recent ride. they look like a little box on wheels and if all goes well by the end of the year, they could be the first driverless shuttles in the nation to be operating on public streets. >> a bit of a rough start for oakland's new police chief. it has nothing to do with crime in the city. jessica florez is live with the chief fender bender captured on camera. >> he did have a minor accident. the police department here in oakland they say she doesn't get any special treatment. she'll have to go through a traffic investigation. just like any other city employee. >> if a picture is worth a thousand words, this photo
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might just say one. whoops. a viewer sent us the picture and oakland police confirm the new chief of police anne kirkpatrick was backing up into traffic when the suv knocked over the unoccupied scooter. no one was hurt. but many in downtown oakland are sympathetic to the chief. they say parking here can be a drag. >> i see a lot of people trying to parallel park and i see it's real difficult. you know just based on how busy the flow of traffic is. >> welcome to oakland for her, poor thing. we're a little different than spokane. >> reporter: and they have some advise for the new chief. >> if you hit somebody's car you should find them or leave a note. >> first i call my insurance company then the police. >> what does that fender bender happens with the chief of police. >> that would be interesting. you wouldn't have to make a phone call i would think. >> any advice for the chief of police. >> do what you were hired to do
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and the police will be happy with you. if not, it's going to be bad. >> reporter: and the police chief did what she was supposed to do. stayed by her vehicle until an officer arrived on scene. >> traffic and driving in the city everywhere in the bay area is brutal. it can happen to everyone. we still have those showers tracking through the bay area. yeah, they're still here. julie watts is in the weather center. >> we still have a couple of lingering showers. one we've been tracking for the last hour or so. looks like it is dropping a little bit of hail in the napa area near american canyon. it's really been hovering here, lingering in this area now. slowly pushing off to the east toward cordelia. really this is all we have left. not a whole lot in terms of rainfall. these showers tapering off throughout the day. we still see a little bit of a snow-rain mix.
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we'll have when we will warm up and dry up. new options for bay area commuters. we want to show you the added ferry service and what it will cost you. >> plus, teeth jarring entire flattening. what some bay area cities say they need to fix the pothole problems. >> and not your typical garden pest. the unexpected pest that moveded in to the delight of a bay area family. >> weather sponsored by mancini sleep world. >> coming up president trump claims president obama tapped his phone during the election. and the fbi reacts. plus the travel ban take two. >> it is the president's solemn duty to protect the american people. >> what has changed coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the "golden gate ferry" officially took over service for the blue and gold fleet.. starting today there are a couple of new ways to cross the bay. golden gate has added a stop for tiburon commuters in addition to salsalito there will be eight trips to tiburon and back. >> already our buses and ferries are limited about 28%
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of congestion on the golden gate bridge. if people take our public transit, that really helps drivers who have to be in a vehicle going across the bridge. >> one way adult fares are $11.50. clipper fare will be $7. seniors $5.75, youth $5.75 and kids are free. smaller it's a 40% boat includes free wifi, tv, beer and wine. that ferry is $8 each way. if you're tired of dodging potholes every time you drive you are not alone. but fixing them won't be cheap. now bay area lawmakers and business leaders are leaning on the governor for help. kpix5's jackie warren reports from san jose, potholes and
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cracks in many roadways are getting worse. >> this is becoming a big issue. >> reporter: across california drivers are paying more than $53 billion in additional car repairs. that's why local and state legislators as well as business and labor groups for sb1 and ab1 will pass. >> we have 600 miles of streets in poor condition today. that's 23% of our street infrastructure. sb1 would raise 5-1/2 billion dollars each year to improve local and state roads. trade quarters and public transit. it would phase in a 12-cent tax increase over 12 years. raise registration fees by $28 for gasoline burning vehicles. >> it will take 10 to 12 years in terms of consistent to take
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care of all the backlog that we have. >> reporter: supporters of the proposed bill want governor jerry brown to pass this by april 6th. critics say this would raise the gas tax too much and would rather have it spent on transit. >> the bill is past its first committee but there's still more to go before it reaches the senate floor. it's tax time. that means it's also prime time for scammers and complicated tax questions. >> before you get too stressed out on our consumer watch, julie watts is here to help. >> there's things that a lot of people don't know. do you know that 20% of taxpayers don't know what a w4 is. forgetting to update it could cost you dearly. >> this last year it turns out me and my wife did something
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very wrong. advice, make sure only one person of that person claims the deductible. the other person claims none. my wife and i both claimed deductible. which means we were paying more than we should have and we had to pay a lot at the end of the year. >> the irs is recommending that you file online and ask for direct deposit. we're gathering all the experts to answer all your questions live tomorrow from noon to 2:00. not on tv but on facebook live. just head to our cbs san francisco facebook page. from write off to life changes even small business tax changes. call 888-5-helps-u between noon
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and 2:00. we'll have irs, bbb, h & r block and united way answering your questions. so send us your tax questions. >> i'm glad you're doing this because it's so confusing. >> not only personal questions but there's a lot of scams out there. a lot of people don't realize. we're going to be bringing you this information. salsalito family is sharing their backyard with a pair of foxes. gil shumaker have been sharing these pictures. they made a home for themselves in the garden. they believe the two are a pair and may be getting ready to have their babies. her backyard may be getting a little fuller. >> a text alert system is not ready for use, we find out why. >> the markets closed down
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today. here are the closing numbers.
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downpours containing hail around the bay area. and snow o in just the past 24 hours we've seen downpours containing hail all across the bay area. snows on our higher peaks. this video shows flakes falling on mount ham hamilton. and this biker felt snow. winter is not letting up in the sierra. reporter kelly ryan on more snow measured by the foot. >> reporter: semi trucks parked along i80 even before caltrans shut the road off. residents were allowed through with identification. >> i'm ready to go home. i live in carson city nevada. >> some checking on social media saw conditions that seemed clear to them. >> it's confusing because it looks pretty clear. >> people are trying to get to donner pass and they have to
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get over the pass. >> reporter: from october 2016 to february 2017, i80 closed down 34 times with 49 days of chain control. the season is not even over until may. compare that to the winter season october15 to may 2016 they closed only only 10 times. these kinds of closures may be frustrating for some but for the singh family it's meant more business. >> mostly coffee. >> reporter: according to caltrans it wasn't simply the snow to blame for this closure but the snow and white out conditions. >> people have a tendency to stop and then we have a car pile up.
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confident those winds had died down, caltrans reopened 80. great news for travelers. in apple gate, kelly ryan, kpix5. well, yeah, it's been bouncing around last couple of days. and periods of sunshine too where people thought the worse was over and then it starts again. >> it was like a switch. they pop up, drop their stuff and move on. the showers are starting to taper off. and we will start to see them linger. showers on into wednesday north. most of us are beginning to dry up. temperature wise we're in the 50s. 55 concord. 52 livermore. 52 in santa rosa.
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drying is the story for the remainder of the evening. temperatures overnight and dipping down into the 40s. not too chilly but we'll see a couple of 30s. sunrise perspective show it is change is thanks to this. high pressure beginning to build in. but it's a flat ridge. not strong enough to push the bump. we're going to keep the clouds for the next couple of days. most of us though drying the farther south we are. the more clear sky you might be for the first part of the day. it does look pretty cloudy for tuesday. as we head toward wednesday. a little sunshine moving in. the possibility of lingering showers up north. over all we're drying. and thursday temperatures start to climb a little bit more. we're talking low 70s for some of the nicer spots but that will be a nice transition. a couple of isolated showers, mainly cloudy for tuesday. and mainly drying through the rest of the week. temperatures still on the cool side of average. topping out in the 50s to low
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50s throughout the bay area. 60 in vallejo tomorrow. extended forecast shows we're beginning to dry. today more so tomorrow. could be some of those lingering showers as we make our way into the next couple of days. up north most of us staying dry. thursday more sunshine. temperatures into the low 70s then we stay in that range. heading into the weekend and right now we do remain dry through the extended forecast. we'll be right back. er] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care.
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"..." thanks for w
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cbs evening news is coming up next. >> scott pelley is here with the preview. >> hi ken and liz, up next president trump remains out of sight after his unfounded claim that president obama tapped his phones. >> mr. trump today reinstated his travel ban on immigration with a few changes. and a wheal of a tale. tracking the ocean's top predator in our climate series from antartica. all of that coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> looking forward to that. thank you scott. thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> coming up at 6:00, cracking down on a popular east bay shortcut. the morning moves that are now illegal. i'm back here with veronica in 30 minutes to talk about that story.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: no evidence from the white house. the president offers no proof to back up his claim that he was wiretapped by president obama. also tonight, republicans announce their long-awaited replacement for obamacare. the travel ban take two. >> with this order president trump is exercising his rightful authority to keep our people safe. >> pelley: and in our climate diaries we join the hunt at the bottom of the world. >> this hunt isn't about killing whales. it's about trying to save them. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition.


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