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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 8, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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a new republican-led plan to overhaul obamacare. good morning, it's wednesday, march 8. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. republicans will need near unanimous gop support to pass the new bill. right now, some of them are blasting the new plan as obamacare light. opposition is also mounting mock democrats worried about the cost. >> higher cost for less healthcare, plain and simple. >> the bill introduced as obamacare light and conservatives across the country aren't going to accept it. >> the new proposal does keep some popular elements of obamacare in place including pre-existing condition coverage, allowing young adults to be covered by parents until they are 26. the republican bill would also provide refund an tax credits based on age and income. it would roll back medicaid expansion barbara lee is among some democrats opposing the statement saying:
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>> the congresswoman is also planning to hold a town hall meeting about saving the affordable care act this sunday. it will be from one to three in the afternoon at the ed roberts campus in berkeley. that's across from the ashley bart station. nancy skinner, rob bunta and the berkeley mayor are taking part in the meeting. today women across america are proving how much they are needed in the workforce. many are taking a stand by going on strike. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco on the local and national rallies for this day without a woman. anne. >> reporter: they are calling it a national strike at day without a woman today is coinciding with international women's day. that is being celebrated across the globe. this is quite a movement as you see on social media this
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morning. we have some big rallies going on here in the bay area one year at san francisco city hall that starts at 11 a.m. there's a gathering between noon and 5:00 at justin herman plaza for san francisco. also a rally in front of city hall in san jose from noon until 2:00 and at oakland's frank ogawa plaza from 5 to 9 p.m. organizers are calling on women to take the day off today to call attention to the injustices women still face in this country and worldwide. the strike was planned by women's march on washington organizers. they marched in january coinciding with the inauguration of donald trump. this is intended to highlight women's economic power. organizers say if paid women were all to take off today, it would cots u.s. almost $21 billion in gdp gross domestic product. california contributes nearly $2.8 billion all by itself. and some businesses are closing
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altogether today. here's one called pretty please bake shop owned and operated by women. they say they are doing in support of justice for all people. so that is a tall order. if you can't take the day off today organizers want you to wear red in solidarity. and also, avoid shopping unless it is a small business owned by a woman or a minority group. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. roqui didn't take the day off today. [ laughter ] >> she is tracking traffic in the bay area. so let's check in with her. >> yeah. kenny, what would you do without us, huh? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> it's 6:03. let's check traffic. ace train 1 is starting to see the delay of 45 minutes to an hour at the union pacific using the tracks to do roadwork between great america area and san jose. so you have a 45-minute to an hour delay on train one between great america and san jose. this will also affect the
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capitol corridor trains so just keep that in mind and plan accordingly. bart, muni and caltrain are on time. slow on the altamont pass. you have 13 miles per hour slowdowns coming off 205 on to westbound 580 and if you are taking that to the dublin interchange here's a live look at the commuter traffic. moving to the peninsula commute across the span of the san mateo bridge, between hayward and foster city, that will take you about 20 minutes. sunshine means allergies. >> it does. we are going to have that pollen report coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. good morning, everyone. i actually need somebody to queue the beatles. ♪[ music ] >> because here comes the sun. [ laughter ] >> isn't that glorious? >> it is. [ kenny humming ] >> fill in for me here! >> you can see to mount diablo from the embarcadero which is 42 miles, visibility unlimited. somebody is queuing the birds! temperatures in the 40s across the board. we have clear skies except napa
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with visibility down to three- quarters mile due to areas of fog. we have an area of low pressure to the north of the bay area. a few clouds will roll in and out undercutting the ridge of high pressure but notice the numbers are going up by five degrees above average in concord. we are talking 63 rockaway beach. mid-60s around the beaches today. high 60s, low 70s across the peninsula. and including pescadero. 70 san jose. let's whip around to the eastern portion of our bay area with the northerly breeze at 15. low 70s tri-valley. 70 degrees pleasant hill and also all the way into pittsburg. 60s 70s north bay. 72 in napa. but clouds in the far reaches of the north bay. next time arnold we'll talk about chances of rain there and warmer weather and the pollen report. kenny? >> roberta, thank you. dozens of people are still out of their homes in san jose weeks after the serious flooding in the area. now city leaders are promising to help them. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose this morning with details. maria. >> reporter: good morning,
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kenny. city leaders tell kpix 5 they prann to spend $22 million on improvements along coyote creek so that it doesn't flood again. but, that is not new money. get this. the santa clara water district actually sat on that money for the last 15 years. back in 2000 voters approved $32 million so coyote creek would not flood. and the district spent a third of it on planning and design. but the project engineer realized it would cost a lot more to fix coyote creek's problems. now, at the same time, the district had another project retrofitting anderson dam. but that was never completed. then two weeks ago, we saw the dam went over capacity and water overflow over the spillway and into coyote creek during the storm. >> why did it take so long for the $22 million to be applied to the clean-up now? >> right. so, you know, flood protection projects on this kind of scale always take a significant
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amount of time to plan and design. >> reporter: the district says the idea to take advantage of the dam getting fixed, that would make work on coyote creek cheaper. but that could take nearly a decade to complete. about 14,000 were put under a mandatory evacuation order during the flood two weeks ago and today fema and state workers plan to tour the affected areas. this is day 2 for them. i also want to mention, about 20 structures still cannot be entered two weeks after the flood. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. right now, in marin county, sir francis drake boulevard is closed at baywood canyon road due to a mudslide. it has been closed since just after 1 a.m. it's not yet clear when the road will re-open so you want to avoid the area as you head out this morning. this is the second time this week a mudslide has caused problems on the road. yesterday, crews had to work for hours to clear another mudslide. now to the new details on a fire that destroyed 16 rooms at
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a travel inn in vallejo. fire investigators say they found numerous code violations including 15 units without working smoke detectors. that was something residents complained about. the property owners were slapped with a $2,500 fine. right now, the cause of sunday's fire is still under investigation. no one was hurt in the fire. san francisco police believe they have two dangerous men off the streets. the men are behind bars in connection with a violent home invasion. police believe jeremy flores and ivan gonzalez forced their way into a home in san francisco's portola district two weeks ago. they say the suspects beat one of the residents while pointing a gun at the other resident. the suspects were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, burglary and false imprisonment. right now, stockton police are looking for four suspects who robbed a chevron gas station at gunpoint. the armed robbery happened back in february. but the department just released this video on its facebook page. after taking money from the clerk, the four men dressed in hoodies sold numerous items
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before driving off. anyone with information on the robbery is asked to call stockton police. 12 people are behind bars after a late-night protest outside stockton's city hall. >> call 911. >> i'm not calling 911! >> several of those arrested are part of the "black lives matter" group which showed up outside the meeting to voice concerns about police brutality. this after colby friday was killed by stockton police in august. the community has been demanding that the city council start a discussion with the police department about releasing body camera videos. >> we can't tell, you know, chief jones, chief jones, we want you to do this right now. we don't -- we don't have that authority. but we can be part of the conversation. >> after the meeting the mayor was escorted out of his parking spot by dozens of police in full riot gear. those arrested were charged with resisting arrest and blocking traffic by attempting to walk on to the freeway. time now 6:09.
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prices rising at the pump. how much more californians are paying for gas and the county where it's the most expensive to fill up. >> plus, winter storms we are still under a drought emergency why the water board said we should continue to conserve water despite full reservoirs. >> so busy here in the kpix weather center. not only are we going to top off at 73 today in the warmest locations, but today isn't going to be the warmest day coming up. >> wow, 73. thanks, roberta. okay, here's a live look at the golden gate bridge looking beautiful right now. but we do have a couple hot spots to tell you about and a major mass transit problem when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. will be closed several hours today - for maintenance. officials at the port of oakla in your bay area headlines a taxiway at the oakland airport will be closed several hours today for maintenance. officials at the port of
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oakland say taxiway bravo will be closed 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. friday. it will be centered on the northfield of the airport. the same closures span wednesday through friday of next week, as well. we now know who will redesign saint james park in san jose. an agreement with san francisco- based cmg landscape architecture, the park is located in downtown san jose near santa clara and third streets. the renovations will include new gardens, dog bark and playground. last night the city council approved a $1 million agreement which should cover the first phase of the project. marin city is opening a target this morning. in less than four hours target is hosting guided tours of the new store. the smaller version of the bigger outlets will cater to marin city. it's expected to give the economy a boost with new jobs
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offering competitive wages. the grand opening is planned for sunday. californians are paying more at the pump. gas is averaging $3 a gallon for the first time since september of 2015. that's according to a report from gasbuddy. prices have been on the rise in recent weeks with californians paying an average of 17 cents a gallon more at the pump than they were a month ago. the highest prices in the state are up in the sierra, with mono county at $3.72 a gallon. in terms of metro areas, san francisco leads the way at $3.13 a gallon. here we go again. >> national women's day. >> so $3.13 in pleasanton i was shocked. sunday it was $2.64 and last night it was $2.84 so we jumped 25 cents in the last few days easily. that hurts!
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>> i drove down to l.a. was week and in central california it's around $3.50, $3.60 for regular. >> but in idaho? >> it was cheaper. >> a couple of weeks ago when i was in norman, oakland, it was a buck sixty. >> that's where they're doing all that fracking. >> we can only dream. >> we can only dream. we can dream of mass transit problems so let's go ahead and do that. actually, i'll make it a reality. delays now while union pacific dog traffic work at great america. it will be done at 8 a.m. expect almost 2-hour delays between great america and san jose. ace train 3 will probably be
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delayed, possibly delayed up to 30 minutes. major problems with ace train so plan accordingly if you are using that this morning. could cause problems on capitol corridor. >> what i'm doing is getting ready to call up our live weather camera over sfo this morning because you see a finger of fog trying to work its way into the peninsula. no reports of delays there at sfo or oakland international airport or even mineta international airport. fog restricting visibilities to three-quarters mile in napa. currently our temperatures in the 40s after dipping down to 39 degrees in livermore. bouncing back to 40 degrees with clear skies there. slight winds under 5 miles per hour. rotating from the south- southeast to the north. calm now in vallejo. west-northwest at 4 in antioch consistent winds later today out of the north good 10 to 20 during the late afternoon hours. did you get rained on yesterday? we had a few sprinkles here and
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there. all associated with that right there. all the precipitation bouncing off reflecting off the dome of high pressure today, some clouds will undercut the ridge. it's a dirty ridge of high pressure. highs today into the low 70s. active weather will stay to the north and no rain chances until midweek next week so at least 7 dry days. today meanwhile central valley into the high 60s. it's going to be warmer here today than in sacramento. many of our locations. mid-70s monterey bay. we have great skiing in the high sierra. full ski report at 6:48. sun-up at 6:30, setting at 6:10. we have temperatures meanwhile into the 60s and 70s. how about that? now, the pollen count suggests that the pollen is on the high side so if you have allergies, it's only going to get worse every day because look at the dry air mass and the warmer
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temperatures all the way through the weekend including monday, back into the 70s, gang. away from the bay. >> sounds good. thank you. water officials say all of the winter rain means californians are using less water. the water resources board says last month, the average california resident used about 58 gallons of water per day. that's the lowest residential use since 2014. the state has had one of the wettest winters in decades but is under a drought emergency. a new study shows california fault line could cause a magnitude 7.4 earthquake. it goes from san diego bay to los angeles. some of the state's most densely populated areas would get him. the newport-inglewood and rose canyon systems were once thought to be separate. but the study found that they are part of a continuous fault that runs under water. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, saint mary's had both the men's and women's teams in the conference finals yesterday. both against gonzaga. was a split or clean sweep? coming up.
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school? you can e-mail your nominaton to us at: cool schools at kpi ome and featur >> but first, what's cool about your school? you can email your nomination to us at and we may come and feature your school on the show. that's on thursday. ,,
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good morning. the wcc final was between the two best teams in the conference but only one team lives up to that hype. last night in las vegas, look at dick vitale. the announcer is saint mary's. it was all bulldogs in the first half. foul, score, free throw, gonzaga 21 point halftime lead. gaels in the second half, evan knocks down the three and gonzaga lead down to 5. six
6:24 am
minutes left, nine point game. off the missed free throw, the bulldogs collins scores on the put-back. gonzaga wins 74-56. they will head to the ncaa tournament with a 32-1 record. saint mary's still all but guaranteed an at-large berth. gaels lady gaels hoping to fare better against gonzaga in the women's final. 4th quarter bulldogs leading 69- 57. jill on fire. career high 37 points. gonzaga wins 86-75 to sweep the tournaments files. saint mary's denied their first tournament bid since 2001. coach paul trevor and the san francisco state gators getting ready for friday's first round game against cal baptist. it's sf state's first tournament berth since 1994. and only one gator player was even alive back then, and coach trevor was still coaching in high school.
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>> i was coaching at drake high school and we were trying to make a run at a state title. no idea about the gators. i didn't even know who played for the gators at that time. >> i was in my crib playing with toys. i had no idea what was going on around me. so yeah, it's insane. but that long ago, it's --it's incredible. >> gators heading to the big dance. the 49ers have released another veteran, antoine bethea. 32-year-old started all 16 games last season. the move gives san francisco over $90 million in cam space heading into free agency. -- in cap space for free agency. and the hot rumor, they are going to make a run at kirk cousins. stay tuned for that. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. [ music ] >> now to our play of the day a major career milestone for one mavericks star. [ play-by-play ] [ applause and cheers ] >> bang! mavericks dirk novitzky hitting
6:26 am
the jumper. he becomes the sixth nba player to score 30,000 points in his career. novitzky the first international player to reach the milestone and the third to score 30,000 points with just one team. it is 6:26. considering a fare increase how much more it could soon cost you to ride bart still ahead. >> international women's day being celebrated as a day without a woman. coming up the big rally planned across the country today and how lawmakers in washington, dc plan to take part.
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now on compensation news, a day without a woman. this morning from the bay area
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to the east coast, women in the country planning to take the day off and send a message. >> there are still too few women in the upper reaches of the private sector, academia, science, technology, politics and government. >> the impact on the economy and the white house. >> good morning, it is wednesday, march 8. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. as women prepare to leave the workplace, some schools will be closed as will businesses. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco with a look at what's planned in the bay area. >> reporter: the purpose is to show women's economic power in this country. it's coinciding with international women's day a day without a woman. a big rally at san francisco city hall at 11 a.m. people are going to start to gather at about 10 a.m. also at justin herman plaza in the city, from noon to 5 p.m.
6:31 am
they are going to have a march that's starting at the plaza and moving to the i.c.e. office actually. a big rally in front of san jose city hall from noon to 2:00 and at oakland's frank ogawa plaza from 5 to 9 p.m. organizers are calling on women to take the day off to call attention to the unjustices women face in this country and worldwide. money talks. it's intended to show the power of women and the economy. house democrats will walk off the house floor this afternoon in a show of solidarity. female lawmakers expect to deliver speeches on the house floor in support of the strike and then walk out shortly after the chamber convenes at noon. this strike was planned by the women's march on washington organizers. that event coincided with the inauguration of our president, donald trump. the twitter account said, we made going red a little easier for you. update your twitter profile
6:32 am
pick for hashtag day without a woman. yeah, red is the symbolic color for solidarity today. so they say that if you can't day the day off, wear read, shop only at women minority owned businesses. that's the directsive from organizers. and we are going to see action popping up all around the country. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. and in response to the planned day, president trump took to twitter this morning writing, i have tremendous respect for women and the many roles they serve that are vital to the fabric of our society and our economy. and in another tweet, said, quote, on international women's day, join me in honoring the critical role of women here in america and around the world. all week the white house has been taking questions from the press over president trump's wiretap claim. >> i think the smartest way is to ask the house and senate to
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look into it. >> the intelligence committee said it will investigate the claims that president obama tapped his phone last year. president trump made the wiretap allegation on twitter without presenting any evidence. meantime, yesterday, lawmakers grilled the president's nominee for deputy attorney general rod rosenstein about russia. >> if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the u.s. government, what will you do? >> if there is predication to believe it was in violation of federal law i would ensure an appropriate investigation. >> he could decide whether to bring charges against russia for meddling in the 2016' election, allegedly. this as al franken demands that attorney general jeff sessions comes back to hearings to talk about his contact with
6:34 am
russian ambassador during the campaign. he said he lied. sessions amended his testimony in a letter monday writing that he did not mention communications that he had with the russian ambassador over the years because the questions did not ask about them. scott weiner just introduced a resolution in the state senate calling for congress to conduct independent investigation into trump-russia ties. later today, emergency workers are touring the flood damage in san jose. some say it should have never gotten to this point. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose and maria, city leaders are promising this won't happen again. >> reporter: could this have been prevented in city leaders plan to spend $22 million on improvements alon coyote creek so that it doesn't -- along coyote creek so it doesn't flood again. it's not new money. the santa clara water district actually sat on that money for the last 15 years. back in 2000, voters approved
6:35 am
$32 million so the creek wouldn't flood and the district spent a third of it on planning and design but then the project engineer realized it would cost more to fix it. at the same time, the district had another project in the works, retrofitting anderson dam but that was never completed. two weeks ago it went over capacity and it flowed into the creek during the storm. 14,000 people were put under mandatory evacuation. dozens today remain in shelters. now, as you said, later today, fema and state officials plan to tour the affected areas. they did it yesterday. today is day 2 for them. about 200 structures still cannot be entered two weeks after the flood. also, want to mention the governor did ask for federal money to help the victims out. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. roberta has the forecast. >> i had my own international
6:36 am
women's day last night. >> you spoke to women. >> they invited me. it was the women's guild of st. raymond's catholic church in dublin. this is them. look at the clock on the wall. what time is it? >> it's hard to see but i'm sure it was late. >> i think it was 8:25 at that time. it was such an enjoyable night, i didn't want to leave. they asked all about kpix 5 and what we do to go out in the community and support the community as they do themselves. love my evening with the women. good morning to all of you and good morning to you. this is our live weather camera looking towards sfo where we have a little finger of fog working its way into the peninsula this morning. visibility down to three- quarters of a mile in the napa area due to fog. temperatures are in the 40s. not as cold this morning as it has been. clouds work their way in but partly sunny and warmer san
6:37 am
francisco. finally above average. around rockaway beach through montara beach in the 60s. 70 santa clara valley. low 70s in pleasanton, livermore, san ramon, dublin, very close, as well. 71 brentwood in discovery bay. northerly winds to 15 in stinson beach at 65. good-looking day there. you will be able to see all the way to the farralones. 70 in santa rosa. low 70s in napa and cloud cover still a chance of some light rain in lakeport and in clearlake. we'll talk about the warming trend, how long it will last and toss in the pollen report coming up at 48 after the hour. >> we have pollen, but we have sunshine. so i can't complain. it is 6:37. let's take a look at your traffic report. ace train one is now delayed 40 minutes and this is all due to union pacific doing some track work around the great america area. now, it was supposed to be done by 7 a.m. but now it's going to be done by 8 a.m., an estimated time.
6:38 am
expect an hour and 45-minute delays between great america and san jose. this will also delay or possibly delay ace train three and delayed up to 30 minutes. so give yourself extra time to get through there. if you are taking capitol corridor, expect some delays. san francisco bay ferry alameda- oakland ferry smaller boats, so get there early to grab a spot. bart is on time and if you are heading into downtown san francisco, the maze to downtown 20 minutes. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. there are new details about a sex scandal within the oakland police department. we now know that retired oakland police chief is sentenced to jail probation and prostitution awareness classes. the 81-year-old admitted to buying sex from a young woman at the center of the scandal. he must serve two years' probation. 8 officers were investigated for their relations with celeste guap. three people are behind bars in richmond in connection with an illegal marijuana grow operation. the suspects were arrested
6:39 am
after being spotted climbing into the window of a home. inside, police found 250 marijuana plants. one of the suspects had a gun. and police are still looking for a fourth suspects. happening today in santa rosa, the flags that were stolen last month from the veterans memorial building will be replaced. money was raised or donated to buy new ones. a flag raising ceremony will be held at 10:30 this morning to honor the veterans. riding bart is soon going to cost you a little more. it's considering a 25-cent fare increase. that means the minimum fare would go from a dollar 95 to $2.25. that includes a 5-cent consumer price index adjust plenty of clouds but fares for seniors and that's a 5-cent consumer price index adjustments. but fares for seniors and students will be reduced. self-driving cars will hit the roads in big numbers. a hearing will consider the
6:40 am
kind of safeguards that should be incorporated into insurance policies so drivers aren't vulnerable. a tornadoes touches down. the midwest town that's the hardest hit after severe weather sweeps through and brings down trees and damages homes. >> plus, preparing for the worst. what marin county is doing to make sure emergency crews are ready. this following the devastating oakland hills fire in 1991. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the big board right now. you can see the dow is up about 7 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. march 8, time check. it's 6:43. this is our live weather camera
6:44 am
looking out towards official sunrise. isn't that gorgeous? and while we have the drier air mass in place with sunny warm conditions that means it comes at a price. pollen count report suggests juniper, alder and poplar count is medium to high and it gets worse towards the end of the workweek. we'll talk about the high pollen count. the full forecast is coming up in four minutes. is new drone video showing the damage from tornadoes that tore through the great plains. you can see entire neighborhoods were wiped out in oak grove, missouri. now wood and bricks are piled up where houses used to be. about a dozen people were injured and nearly 500 homes are damaged by the tornadoes. forecasters are predicting winds are finally winding down in states where wildfires charred hundreds of acres and even proved deadly. 6 people were killed in blazes that broke out across kansas, oklahoma and texas yesterday. officials say powerful gusts helped spread the fast-moving flames prompting thousands of people to leave their homes.
6:45 am
the marin county fire department has a new strategy to protect the community from wildfires. the group fire safe marin was created after the oakland hills fire in 1991. it's made up of firefighters, land management workers and community members. last night, they updated the community wildfire protection plan. it calls for more controlled burns, certain field breaks and public information classes. all right. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." joining us now from new york is norah o'donnell. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, kenny. congress starts debating the new healthcare bill this morning. so ahead the president and ceo of planned parenthood is here in studio 57 with how the bill would put funding in danger for the organization. >> plus, a scientist on the new warning southern california is overdue for a major earthquake. >> and baseball legend derek jeter and former nfl player tim green will join us right here in studio with their new children's book about a kid who
6:46 am
is a baseball genius. quite a show. see you right at 7:00. >> thank you. all right. u.s. businesses are hiring new workers ahead of next week's fed meeting. and a bay area-based retailer is opening new locations. >> kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the job market off to a very strong start in 2017. private payroll tracker adp says there was a gain of 298,000 jobs in february. it was way more than expected. also a much bigger gain than the strong addition we saw in january. construction saw an addition of 66,000 jobs. the most in 11 years for that industry. and manufacturing continues to rebound with another 32,000 jobs added to the economy. this report will go a long way suggests that the federal reserve will lift interest rates when it meets next week. the labor department releases its february job report on
6:47 am
friday. if it's anywhere close to this report it's a lock the fed will raise rates. it's been a bleak year so far for the retail industry. lots of store closings in malls, j.c. penney, sears, macy's, many others but dublin based ross is a big exception. ross is already expanding in 2017 and adding 28 new stores, plans to add up to 90 so far this year. over the past year, ross' stock is up 15% whereas the retail etf on the s&p is down 7% during the same period of time. stock market off to a flat start today after two losing sessions. we'll see if it can perk up. the dow is up over 20. nasdaq up 23. s&p is up by 4. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. time now 6:47. as you get ready to head out the door, let's check traffic. >> all right. now there's traffic in the bay area. but i have to tell you, mass
6:48 am
transit is the real problem right now. we have a lot of updates. this is what we need to tell you about. union pacific is doing track work around the great america area until 8 a.m. now, previously it was 7 a.m. but now it's 8 a.m. so expect up to an hour and 45- minute delays on ace train one between great america and san jose. this will delay ace train 3, as well. they say it could be about 30 minutes or so and also causing delays for capitol corridor on trains heading to san jose from great america. now moving over to san francisco bay ferry. oakland ferries 7:35 and 8:40 and alameda ferry 7:45 and 8:50 are using smaller boats. delays on muni light rail vehicles lines due to damaged tracks in the subways and this will affect the surface lines, as well. whoa! all right. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. >> yeah. exhausting! [ laughter ]
6:49 am
>> good morning, everyone. 6:48. got a couple of beautiful views for you. official sunrise was at 6:30. and we have a beautiful view from the embarcadero looking due east for the bay bridge where the sun is making an appearance. check this out. you can see a little finger of fog trying to work its way out of the golden gate bridge. some wispy clouds over head. temperatures in the 40s. isn't that beautiful? we will be experiencing today 11 hours and about 25 minutes of daylight hours. enjoy every one of it. it's going to be warmer today. around the bay area, weather watcher time. orinda 44. fairfield 46. so says linda. good morning paul in brentwood low 40s. and ray in mountain view sports 42 degrees with clouds. these clouds are generated from an area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area. did you have rain yesterday in rain made its way to the north bay and eastern portion of our bay area. some of the clouds will undercut the ridge of high pressure today.
6:50 am
i refer to that as a dirty ridge of high pressure. it's strong and we'll enjoy sunshine today and temperatures into the 70s away from the bay. active weather pattern remains well to the north and no organized rain chances for at least the next seven days. until next week. nearly 70 state capital today. mid-60s monterey bay. spring-like skiing in the high sierra. in fact, temperatures remain above average in the greater lake tahoe area. currently 23 going up to 50. look at tomorrow. mild spring-like skiing and boarding and it's time for the tahoe report: >> temperatures 60s and 70s,
6:51 am
how about those 70s away from the bay? 70 degrees in san jose. up from the average high of around 64. but it comes at a price with the drier air mass, if you are sneezing and wheezing you're not sick. you don't got a cold. it's probably the allergies and they are going to get higher for the weekend. so be prepared. we have temperatures going into the 70s away from the bay, each an every day all the way through the weekend. although we do cloud up on saturday. calling it partly cloudy on sunday. oh, speaking of sunday, don't forget to set your clocks ahead one full hour when you go to bed saturday night. we return to daylight saving time. and by the way, if you want to talk about this or any other weather question, you can always hook up -- we can't hook up. we have to connect -- connect with instagram. roberta kpix 5. how about tweet me at roberta kpix 5. or visit me on my facebook page. i would love to hear from you. it is a day without a woman. coinciding with international women's day. coming up, some of the big
6:52 am
rallies we're expecting around the area today. >> plus, still on sale. where you can go if you are desperate to see "hamilton." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. i'm anne makovec live in fronts of san francisco city hall where there is rally today part of a nationwide strike called a day without a woman. so the gathering here at city hall starts at 11 this morning. there's also a big march starting at justin herman plaza at noon. rally in front of san jose city hall between noon and 2 p.m. and at oakland frank ogawa plaza from 5 to 9 p.m. organizers are calling on women to take the day off today to call attention to the
6:56 am
injustices women still face in this country and to highlight women's economic power. this is coincides with international women's day in the philippines hundreds of protestors marched to the u.s. embassy in manila. in new york, a statue called the fearless girl was placed across from the iconic wall street charging bull. and leaders like former secretary of state hillary clinton are reminding the world that there is still a lot of work to do. >> hillary clinton: there are still too few women in the upper reaches of the private sector, academia, science, technology, politics and government. >> reporter: solidarity some businesses are giving female employees the day off. others are staying closed for the day. now, this is all being organized by the same people who organized the big women's march to coincide with president donald trump's inauguration last january. so if that was any indication, today's turnout could be very big. if you can't come out, organizers say wear red and don't shop unless it is at a
6:57 am
small local business run by a woman or minority. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. time now 6:57. it's time for your "final 5." first today on capitol hill, house lawmakers begin discussions on a new republican- led plan to over hall obamacare. republicans will need near unanimous gop support to pass the new bill. but right now, some are blasting the new plan as obamacare light. opposition is also mounting among democrats worried about the cost. today, hawaii will take the lead in resisting president trump's revised travel ban. attorneys for the state plan to request a temporary restraining order. the new executive order is set to take effect in just 8 days. and san jose is planning to pour millions of dollars into flood control along coyote creek as clean-up from all the recent problems continues. as the california office of emergency services continues to comb through the battered neighborhoods, while they determine how much disaster assistance money will be given
6:58 am
to homeowners and businesses. in santa rosa, the flags that were stolen last month from the veterans memorial building will be replaced. money was raised to buy new ones. a flag raising ceremony will be held at 10:30 a.m. to honor the veterans. bart is considering a fare hike. tomorrow the board of directors will vote on proposed -- on a proposed 25-cent increase to the minimum fare. raising it to $2.25. discounted tickets are still available for seniors and young people. 6:578. speaking of bart, that is on time. ace train one, however, up to an hour delay also expect delays on ace trains, 3, 5 and 7. slow heading to the san mateo bridge. live look at that commute traffic starting to slow down between hayward and foster city. roberta, i'll send it to you. >> what we're doing is looking at our live weather camera. this one, wow, isn't that glorious? that's over at mount vaca. look at the blanket of clouds. temperatures in the 40s today.
6:59 am
we'll call it partly sunny because some of the clouds are working their way in. but definitely warmer. 60s and 70s. pollen count remains on the high side. so if you have allergies, you're going to be sneezing today. sneezing and wheezing. your extended forecast, there you have it. calls for a string of 70s away from the bay all the way through the weekend. if you want to see "hamilton" but don't want to pay for tickets on a secondhand website, the theater that's putting on the show has tickets available. ♪[ music ] officials with the shn orpheum theater say some tickets were on hold because of some issues. they are now on sale on their website. and they don't say just how many are release. so hurry because they likely won't last long. in fact, they are probably already gone. >> you already have your tickets. >> oh, yeah. i have had them a long time. >> i have mine. >> women are not working today. bye, kenny.
7:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, march 8, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." deadly wildfires rage out of control in four states. we're in oklahoma where traditional firefighting tactics are failing. >> wikileaks exposes thousands of pages of documents that appear to reveal cia surveillance techniques. they allegedly detail how the agency hacks into phones, smart tvs and even cars. the captain comes to studio 57. baseball legend derek jeter will be here along with former nfl player tim green. they're teaming up on a new children's book. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds.


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