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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 10, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PST

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this minivan is shot up... 2 people caught in a hail of gunfire. ut down tonight live from the cbs bay area studios, this says kpix5 news. bullets fly on the freeway, two people caught in gunfire. >> the freeway shut down tonight almost five hours. the traffic gridlock stretched for hours. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. the gunman opened fire on i-80 in richmond near the san pablo avenue exit. kpix5's christin ayers is near the scene for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight traffic on 80 east finally flowing and back to normal tonight. authorities are saying the couple shot were likely targeted and tonight they have three possible suspects in custody. a minivan riddled with bullets on interstate 80 in richmond,
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its windows blown out. authorities say the bullets started flying around 3:30 this afternoon. >> we have one occupant inside, multiple gunshots to the head. >>is that -- [ inaudible ] >> multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. >> reporter: neighbors heard the gunfire from their home. >> five or six gunshots close, so close, so i was so scared for my son. >> most of the freeways right now, you think you're safe on the freeway? you're not. >> reporter: witnesses told police people in a silver dodge charger opened fire on a couple in the minivan. the man was shot five times in his head and chest. the woman was shot in the hand. one of them had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital by helicopter. authorities say witness accounts led them to three possible suspects arrested a short time after the shootings in richmond's iron triangle.
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hours after the shooting all lanes of interstate 80 are still shut down. investigators are still here with the car shot on scene. they are collecting shell casings and other evidence causing major backups on the interstate. >> they need to make sure the whole scene is mapped, documented before we can open up those lanes, so at least a couple hours. >> reporter: a couple hours turned into several stretching well past the evening commute. interstate 80 remained closed until 8:30 tonight with traffic gridlocked back to the macarthur maze. the woman who was shot was expected to be okay. the man, however, at last check had critical injuries. live in richmond christin ayers, kpix5. here's what it looked like to be stuck in that gridlock, a bumper to bumper ride home. earlier drivers weren't moving at all. one instagramer stuck in the mess posted this individual. at 1 point you can see a helicopter lift off from the freeway. this is the fourth shooting on an east bay freeway this year.
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a driver was killed on highway 4 in antioch last month and in january a pair of shootings on i-80 and highway 242 in the same day. breaking news in the south bay as well tonight, police shot and killed a man in santa clara. investigators say the suspect's parents called police because the young man was acting erratically. police officers responded to their home around 5:00 this evening along debra drive near monroe street. se a taser on him.. unclear what led up to the deadly shooting, but police say at first they tried to use a taser on the individual. that did not work. then an officer was forced to open fire killing him. the man is in his 20s. no police officers were injured. the officer who opened fire will be put on administrative leave. that is standard procedure in cases like this. police use of force was the hot topic at a packed town hall in san francisco tonight. andria borba was there as the city's new police chief faced the public for the first time. [ applause ] >> reporter: with bleachers filled at the joseph lee
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recreation center residents of the bayview and justice for mario woods coalition had their first public meeting about changes within sfpd. >> we just need men above reproach that can't be bought or sold, have some integrity to stand on and not look at a group of people, our community, as animals. >> reporter: the meeting served as a warning to new chief william scott that the community and activists have already brought change about. >> the reason that you sit here tonight is because of the activism that has taken place in san francisco to get chief suhr fired. >> reporter: if there was a keyword for chief scott tonight, it was accountability. >> we have to show you that we are committed and we have to show you by our actions, not by me standing up here with a mic upon telling you what we're -- microphone telling you what we're going to do. we have to do what we said we're going to do.
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>> we have to talk about how people are policed in different parts of the city and you as a black man, i would hope that's something that's important to you. >> the community is right. a lot of times these citizens feel when they're in turmoil like a black face to sort of be like a red herring, so they think the problem is solved. i think the community is hip to that and we're letting him know we're hip to that. we're giving you a shot, but we know that. we don't want you just to be a figurehead. we want to see that you can really make change in our community. >> reporter: on top of accountability chief scott offered this, an apology. >> as a human being i'm truly sorry for your loss. on behalf of the san francisco police department we're truly sorry for your loss. >> reporter: in san francisco andria borba, kpix5. suspended oakland raider and former 49er aldon smith is back in the news tonight. he was reportedly a passenger in a car that crashed into another car which happened to be a police cruiser on china basin this morning injuring two
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officers. smith was not detained, but the female driver is now under investigation for dui. hree years. smith has had his own troubles with the law. the raiders suspended him in november of 2015 after five arrests in three years. tonight more than 100 flood victims in san jose had one question for the city, why didn't anyone see this disaster coming? the flooding last month left behind a multimillion dollar mess. kpix5's betty yu shows us tonight some flood victims told the city they are steaming and they are suffering. >> reporter: tonight frustrated san jose flood victims came here to city hall to let leader know that they should have seen those raging floodwaters coming. the city did own up to its failures and also released a scathing new report. >> i have a really bad cough. my back hurts when i cough. my chest hurts, my stomach. everybody is sick there. so i'm just asking for help. >> reporter: rosario solas'
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future is uncertain. she and her daughter were forced to evacuate and are stuck with dozens of families in a shelter desperate to find permanent housing. >> there is no water and no gas. >> reporter: more than 100 victims packed tonight's meeting to demand answers from the mayor and city council. many were not warned that their homes would be under water. >> that decision to get out there and knock on doors and let people know, there's very likely a flood coming, should have been made sunday well before. >> reporter: among newly released findings the city presented in a flood report, the city relied on data from the santa clara valley water district that was fundamentally flawed. it also did not have enough bilingual staff available and a detailed timeline of events revealed a breakdown in communication between the water district and the city. >> we've got to fix the communication problem. that's absolutely on us. i hope that working with the
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water district collaboratively we can fix that problem. >> reporter: for now flood victim victor chen says he's still living in a nightmare. >> so far what i hear the measures that they propose are very passive. >> reporter: in san jose betty yu, kpix5. the city of oakland is taking a stand tonight against president trump's border wall. council member abel gillian wants the city to boycott any companies that helped build or design the wall. the feds are expected to start hiring contractors for that meeting this week. the full council will consider the proposal next week. meanwhile kpix5 political reporter melissa kahne shows us the president is face -- melissa caen shows us the president is facing a stiff debate tonight on his
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proposals. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan rolled up his sleeves with a power point presentation saying this is congress' best chance to repeal and replace obamacare. >> to conservatives this is so exciting. >> reporter: democrats are dismissing the gop plan out of hand. >> it doesn't lower costs. it doesn't improve benefits and it doesn't expand access. >> reporter: president trump revised travel plan on six predominantly muslim country also faces new opposition. several states have joined a lawsuit out of washington state and hawaii filed its open lawsuit. >> if hawaii doesn't speak up about discrimination by national origin, we are dishonoring and we are disrespecting what the past generation has gone through. >> the travel ban is set to take effect next week and the white house says it's confident that its new executive order will withstand legal challenges. melissa caen, kpix5.
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this group of motorcycle riders beat a driver on a bay area freeway. tonight what happened moments before the violence erupted. >> tonight b.a.r.t. says no to fare hikes, why you could pay more to ride anyway. >> and this broadway smash hit opens tomorrow in the bay area. tonight how you can score front row seats to hamilton for just 10 bucks.
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"lyft" driver. kpix 5's emily turner shows us: the brutal attack was caught on camera. road rage on 101 as a group of bikers gang up on a lyft driver. kpix5's emily turner shows us the brutal attack was all caught on camera. >> reporter: you may have seen them on the roads wreaking havoc or causing gridlock, but this is the first time chp says that a biker gang has pulled a driver from his car and assaulted him. it happened yesterday evening on 101 southbound. we talked to the man over the phone who caught this on camera. >> they started hitting his car and smashed his windows and they either pulled him out or he got out of the car and about
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four or five of these guys took shots at him. >> reporter: the victim's name hasn't been released, but he's a 30-year-old lyft driver and is recovering in the hospital. chp says biker gangs like this one are a recurring problem on bay area roadways, but catching them is hard to do. [ sirens ] >> they're pretty mobile. they can go places that a car can't necessarily go. a lot of times, too they have a real disregard for public safety. >> reporter: just over a year ago a kpix5 investigation exposed this marin county deputy as a member of one. he broke the law on his bike when he was off the clock. chp doesn't know if this is that same gang but does say all of them are a problem, especially when they escalate to violence. >> he was in agony. he was crying out and i mean really -- i mean he very clearly had a broken leg. so he was not in good condition.
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>> if you saw anything or know anything about what happened on the road yesterday, chp is asking you to call them with that information. in the newsroom emily turner, kpix5. bay area roads just keep falling apart. tonight chopper 5 was over this new sinkhole that opened up in el cerrito today. one lane of rifle range road is closed now where the street and sidewalk have both caved in, no word how long repairs will take there. sky drone 5 in the santa cruz mountains today as caltrans tries to figure out a fix for the washout on highway 35. they're weighing three options, rebuild it the way it was, build a bridge around it or reroute the highway by cutting deeper into the mountain. any of those plans would take months to complete. sky drove 5 looking at morgan territory road in clayton today. a subdivision is cut off by a landslide closing parts of the
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road. people who live there have been cut off for two weeks. tonight b.a.r.t. is trying to keep its budgets from going off the rails. the board decided not to raise fares today, but da lin tells us a lot of riders may end up paying more anyway. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is facing a projected 25 to $35 million shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year. today the directors say they can't do another price increase since prices are already going up next year. so they have to look elsewhere. >> i think they all stink. >> reporter: one option is charging people who use paper tickets more money. clipper card users will not be affected. another option is to reduce the discount given to seniors, youth and disabled people. the discounts would drop from 62.5% to 50%. >> that's immoral because the government needs to provide public transit in a civilized country. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is already looking at cutting
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service, such as opening at 5 a.m. instead of 4. another option is increasing parking fees. the b.a.r.t. general manager says they're already restricting overtime and leaving open positions unfilled, but the transit agency needs to do more to close the gap. >> today we just approved increasing our advertising revenue at stations. so there's going to be a lot of creative solutions here. >> reporter: in the coming weeks people will see more advertisements on b.a.r.t. trains than at stations so b.a.r.t. can generate more money. >> hold our nose. vote for a package and share the pain of trying to right the financial ship. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. blames the budget shortfall on a drop in ridership during nonpeak hours, especially on weekends, but some riders say the root cost goes back to the generous labor contracts for b.a.r.t. workers. we'll find out soon what they decide to do because b.a.r.t. directors will have to vote in june. in oakland i'm da lin, kpix5.
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speaking of voting you might be thinking didn't we just give b.a.r.t. a couple billion dollars a few months ago? what about that $3.5 billion b.a.r.t. bond that voters palaced in november? well, turn -- passed in november? well, urges it out that's only -- turns out that's only for capital improvement projects, not day to day operations. alaska airlines is adding more than a dozen new routes later this year which include 10 new daily flights from san francisco and three new daily flights from san jose. the new destinations from sfo include kona, mexico city and new orleans. travel editor chris mcginness says the move is a direct strike at rival airline united. >> it's a big deal for the bay area because we're getting a lot of new flights to cities that have long been dominated by a single carrier, which is united. >> alaska recently merged with virgin. the company says the new flights will begin in late
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august. sfo will be opening a new gate to accommodate the additional traffic. it's finally arrived. the smash hit hamilton will open in san francisco tomorrow. tickets for the 22 week run sold out as soon as they went online. some people paid hundreds to get in, but joe vasquez found out you can still score the hottest tickets in town for 10 bucks. >> reporter: it's the hottest show in the country and now it's right here in san francisco. you can see all these folks in line. the show hasn't even started. these folks are here by special invitation for a dress rehearsal tonight. >> pretty unbelievable, once in a lifetime sort of situation. i think anybody in the line would probably say that. >> reporter: lynn manuel miranda won't be here, but the road cast will begin performances at orpheum theater tomorrow night. while these folks in line for dress rehearsal are getting in free, tomorrow tickets will cost you in some cases for premier seats more than 1,000 bucks, but wait. there's good news. today the show announced there
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will be a lottery for each performance where you can buy tickets at $10 a pop. it's a digital lottery. 44 tickets will be sold online at $10 per ticket. stop will be located in the front row. seat locations vary. the lottery will be online 11 a.m. two days prior to each performance and close at 9 a.m. the day before. >> hey, when i lived in new york, i did, gosh, the lottery maybe 20 or 30 times and i saw maybe four or five shows. so you win sometimes. >> but this one i think the lottery will be whacky nuts, but do it. i'm going to do it, yeah. even if i send somebody, somebody has to win. >> reporter: good luck! in san francisco joe vazquez, kpix5. >> technically the curtain goes up on hamilton tomorrow. the formal opening night is march 23rd through august 5th. >> i'm doing that lottery. it sounds good. >> good luck. check this out. it's like a scene from the wizard of oz, except this little girl is not in kansas.
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she's in ohio. watch again always she tries to open that -- as she tries to open that orshe's blown away with the wind. all that with a cell phone in her hand, crazy. >> not dropping that thing. 80 mile-per-hour winds in places like cleveland and buffalo. the weather is crazy back there and right when our things are calming down, their weather is getting nuts back east. we can enjoy the calm through the weekend. curb it. s outside 50s -- current temperatures outside 50s for you, concord 74 74 at buchanan field today, -- 74 at buchanan field today. lows tonight upper 40s, low 50s, concord 50 degrees, napa 48, san francisco and san jose around 50. st. patrick's day parade, i know it's early, but it's the weekend before st. patrick's day. saturday a couple days from
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now, sunshine, wear your green and sunscreen, close to 70 in san francisco this weekend. here's why we'll be so warm, because of an atmospheric river. we still have one coming emanating from hawaii, but it's hitting the pacific northwest. just to the south of that, very warm and dry weather. that's our weather. a ridge of high pressure will make its closest pass saturday and sunday making weather approaching 80 degrees away from the water. we'll hit 77 or 78. futurecast says tomorrow morning a little cloudy, the filtered sunshine once again tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon just straight up sunshine continuing into saturday and sunday and early next week. afternoons will stay much warmer than average through the weekend into next week, some low clouds and fog once again tomorrow morning near the water and rain will stay to our north at least through the middle of next week. redwood city will hit 70 tomorrow, vallejo 70
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definitely, napa 76, how about that -- 72, napa 76. how about that? even near the bay hitting 7 degrees. 70 degrees. back east it's getting crazy. right here calming down. mark zuckerberg will be a father for a second time. tonight is it a boy or a girl? >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,
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it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. mark zuckerberg and his wife.. are expecting a second
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child. i am so excited about this. the facebook family is growing. >> yeah. mark zuckerberg and his wife are expecting a second child. the facebook ceo posted this on facebook today. "i cannot think of a greater gift than having a sister. i am so happy max and our new child will have each other." so sweet. zuckerberg and his wife priscilla chan have a 15-many- old daughter named maxima. the 49ers began the free agent frenzy with no quarterback? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on cbs5. >> the 49ers ended up picking up nine players in free agency including another quarterback and a former raider. the former raider malcomb smith was signed to a five year deal reportedly worth $26.5 million. smith spent the previous two seasons in oakland. also tonight breaking news,
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ken, they signed former bears backup quarterback matt barkley. he's the second quarterback. remember, you got hoyer in here and wide receiver aldrick robinson and former cal kicker robbie gould in time now. oakland's a's will begin the regular season on the disabled list. location honored john thornton for his 1,000th career assist before tonight's game. 2nd period san jose and washington tied 2-2. logan couture scores the first of his two goals in the game. sharks beat the caps. the highest point total in the nhl, 4-2 the final. bears leading utah, 15 seconds left. jabari bird draws the foul, hits the runner, cal up four after the free throw. bird scored 26. final seconds 78-75. the huge cedric barfield misses the three and cal keeps their ncaa tournament hopes alive
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winning 78-75. they play top seed oregon tomorrow in the semifinals. yesterday michigan's team plane slid off the runway attempting to take off, nobody injured. the team left for the big 10 tournament this morning arriving just three hours before the game in d.c. the wolverines had to wear practice jerseys in their game because their uniforms were still on the plane that slid off the runway. despite all that michigan cruised over illinois 75-55 advancing to the conference quarterfinals. march madness is off to a crazy start. you had that story. kansas loses today to tcu. the cal bears just might end up sneaking in, crazy. >> st. mary's, gonzaga, you think they'll both make it. ,,,,
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our next newscast is t mo the late show with stephen colbert is up next. our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> can i make a correction? robbie gould actually went to
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penn state. did i say cal? >> it was a different
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