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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  KPIX  March 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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is the restaurant limone. here's what it looked like in a coffee shop across the street a a short while ago. people on the floor. the area is on lockdown as police try to get the situation under control. police have been escorting some people out of the restaurants. they are also on the streets. they are armed with guns and tape. this situation escalates they are mostly concerned with keeping people out of the line of fire. this is a busy area especially on a friday afternoon with bars and restaurants. the street is empty except for police. back out here live, i'm not sure new can see the armored vehicle on valencia street outside the police station a few minutes ago. we don't to what the plan is but as we heard from san francisco police, just a few minutes ago, they are in negotiations with the suspect now. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. i want to ask you quickly and i don't know that you mentioned this i know police believe he is armed.
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has he fired any shots? have any shots been fired either way? >> i have not been able to get that confirmed because we have been on the air while the sergeant has been speaking right now but we are going to grab that for you immediately. >> can you give us a sense of how big of an area is cordoned off here? is it between two streets? >> from where i'm standing right now i can see 18th street along valencia closed to 15thth street trying to get the suspect out of the building. >> thank you. developing this evening, a search is under way for a woman who went on a hike yesterday along skyline boulevard in woodside in san mateo county and hasn't been seen since. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at the command post with the latest. >> reporter: ken, veronica, betony was staying at a nearby
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airbnb with her husband, son and dog. people are scouring 2 miles for them calling out for her and trying to find any clues that may lead to her or her dog. >> bethany! >> reporter: from the ground and the air, search-and-rescue crews from counties across the bay area have been looking for bethany for almost 24 hours. >> the people who actually live up here saw her at the country store walking by and we put out the information asking for information that's when we told that she was seen. >> reporter: the san mateo sheriff's office says bethany has early onset dementia and possibly early onset type 2 diabetes. that means she needs insulin but could go as many as three days without injections. >> they were actually in good shape right now. the weather itself is not terrible. the weather is actually been quite mild. in addition, obviously because of the recent storms we have a lot of water that's around. really big concern is obviously food but there is food that is available if you know what you're looking for. >> reporter: it's the terrain
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that makes search conditions less than ideal. this is a densely wooded area with steep dropoffs that make it treacherous if you go off trail. this map shows where the search has been focused. the red trails are what's already been searched, the blue is what's left to be done. bethany's husband says that they have hiked through this area before so she should be somewhat familiar with the trail. so far they don't believe any foul play was involved. in woodside, jackie ward, kpix 5. new information tonight on the i-80 shooting that tied up traffic for hours. da lin tells us that the two victims were targeted. >> reporter: the chp says this latest i-80 shooting is one of roughly 80 freeway shootings in the bay area since late 2015. >> the high number is higher than anyone would want and we come to work every day to try to solve these cases. >> reporter: the investigators say most of those shootings
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happened in the east bay many on 80, gang-related and targeted, which was the case for yesterday's shooting that injured two people and shut down eastbound for five hours. it happened at 3:30 when traffic was creeping along at 10 to 15 miles an hour. three suspects a man and two 17- year-old boys pulled up to the honda minivan and one of the 16- year-old boys fired multiple rounds wounding the male driver and a female passenger. a good samaritan in the red wagon stopped to help the victims. investigators say several witnesses including an off-duty police officer called 911 with suspect descriptions and police arrested the three suspects a short time later in richmond. >> i would hesitate to try to speculate as to why someone would injure all these innocent lives on the freeway. i'm not prepared to tell you why. >> reporter: for most drivers they are still trying to wrap
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their head around the 80-plus freeway shootings. >> ridiculous. ridiculous. too many. >> i have to go up and down this highway every day and i'm feeling unsafe. >> reporter: the chp says the male victim is in grave condition and a female passenger is in stable condition. in richmond, i'm da lin, kpix 5. to our nation's capital now where attorney general jeff sessions wants to clean house at the justice department. and he is asking dozens of obama appointees to resign. weijia jang is at the white house tonight with the latest. >> reporter: ken, attorney general jeff sessions says he wants to ensure a uniform transition between the obama administration and the trump administration and that is why he wants 46 u.s. attorneys who were appointed by the former president to resign. the justice department says many of those previously appointed federal prosecutors have already left their positions but sessions wants the holdovers to step down, as
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well. there are 93 total u.s. attorney positions. it is common for them to leave once a new president takes over, but not automatic. also today, word from the white house that president trump did not know that ousted national security adviser michael flynn may have to register as a foreign agent. flynn was paid to represent turkey's interests during last year's campaign. the white house says lawyers for flynn told the president's transition team about the work, but that the president himself was not made aware. >> are you saying the president was not aware that michael flynn was acting as a foreign agent when he appointed him to be national security adviser? >> correct. he didn't file until two days ago. nobody would have known because he hadn't filed as a foreign agent until two days ago. >> reporter: press secretary sean spicer dismissed questions about whether flynn's work as a foreign agent should have been a red flag in choosing a
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national security adviser. he also went on to praise flynn's impeccable credentials in his words. of course, flynn was only in the position for less than one month after the president said that he misled the administration about his ties to russia's ambassador to the u.s. ken, veronica? >> weijia, back to attorney general jeff sessions and his request for this clean slate. you mentioned that it does happen. is it a typical move? does it usually always happen? >> reporter: yes. it is typical. these new cabinet members want to bring in their own people. in fact, in 1993, janet reno, who was then the attorney general for bill clinton, asked jeff sessions to resign. and obama -- former president obama did the same thing, although, um, the attorney general's rod rosenstein remained in the position and now is president trump's nominee for deputy attorney
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general of the united states. >> weijia jang in washington, thank you. after weeks of heavy rain we are finally seeing some of the damage just over the altamont. "sky drone 5" giving us a view of the very swollen san joaquin river just south of tracy. take a look at all that water submerged trees as far as the i can see. it paints a good picture of how wet this winter has been. kpix 5's kiet do flew "sky drone 5" today along highway 132 near interstate 580 to get us some incredible shots. >> reporter: to get a true sense of the scale, we turned to "sky drone 5" and go up. way up. typically, the san joaquin river near modesto is about 200 feet wide. but check it out now after weeks of historic rainfall. >> right now, it's probably half a mile wide. >> reporter: we are hovering over what used to be shoreline accessible by foot and great for fishing. but it's now under water that's deep as a two-story houses. >> we are going to be wet for a while. >> reporter: the river is just below flood stage and dropping which means minor flooding in
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neighboring farmland and low- lying areas. at the manteca sportsman shooting club, the old mock cowboy town is under 4 feet of water but not because the river topped its banks or broke through a levee. >> this is seepage. it's just water coming up from the ground. the water table is not very low here. i mean, you can dig down and get water. >> reporter: they are not allowed to pump the water back into the river and so with nowhere to put it, they are moving the water to another part of the property and then wait for it to seep back down in. in this extraordinary winter such is the situation. >> we can just do what we can do until the guys -- until the river level goes down, then we'll be fine. >> reporter: this is the reality for a lot of homes, farms and businesses along the san joaquin river. they have to wait for the level to drop down before it gets back to normal but with huge
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snowpack and snow melt coming this spring, that likely won't happen until stymied summer. in manteca -- until midsummer. in manteca, kiet do, kpix 5. lanes will be shifted around on 101 this weekend and it could cause tie-ups. the shift starts tomorrow night on the san fransesquito creek bridge in east palo alto. caltrans will move the northbound traffic on to a newly built portion of the bridge which is now part of a median. then crews will tear down the old structure go to work on t they will need about a year to finish building a replacement. the whole project has been already going on several years. police are looking for two men who burglarized a south bay home. surveillance video shows the suspects ransacking a room. the victim posted this video to facebook hours after they took off from his santa clara home yesterday morning. it appears the thieves got in through the bathroom window when no one was home. the victim says he was shocked
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by the burglary but glad his hidden camera turned on to record it. >> i had my car broken in before and this is different. it made me sick. i was thinking, okay, i would go to social media to try to put it out while it's fresh and see if anybody recognizes their face. >> so far police have made no arrests. but the video is being widely circulated on facebook. a missing dog and postponed wedding. >> coming up a south bay couple going to great lengths to find their missing pet. the crusade to bring theo home before they get married. >> plus, back on track after years of debate. popular peninsula ice rink could soon re-open. we'll tell you when. >> talk about bad timing. kids crash a tv interview and the result? hilarious. ,,,,
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a man armed with a gun is holed up in a room on valencia street take you back live to however breaking news story. a man armed with a gun is holed up in a room on valencia between 16th and 17th in the city's mission district. now, police are worried that he might also have explosives in his room. we're hearing that the incident started when the suspect pointed a weapon at a pest control worker who was serving the building. the worker called police about 2 p.m. and the area has been evacuated ever since. police say they do not have a time frame when this might be over and want everyone to please avoid the area. earlier today chopper 5 capturing the aftermath of an apartment fire in san rafael. it broke out around 9:15 a.m. on bayview street. the fire was centered in a ground level apartment. firefighters tell us the person living there was badly burned and rushed to the hospital. at least one other person was
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treated for smoke inhalation. an oakland police officer is recovering after an early- morning crash. the patrol car collided with another car on broadway about a block away from oakland technical high school. the officer was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. the other driver was not hurt. a woman robbed and carjacked with her baby in a parking garage has reason to smile. wilson walker tells us about the police department's show of compassion. >> at first i was in shock. i thought i was in movie. i was like wait, am i dreaming? is this a nightmare? >> more like every mother's worst nightmare. two robbers struck just as she stepped out of the car grabbing her 1-year-old child. >> they grabbed my baby out of my car and wouldn't give her back to me. for me, it seemed like a millennium. i don't know if i for the, i just said i'm not walking away from the car, i don't know if i negotiated, i'm not walking away without my baby. >> reporter: even when they had the belongings of the gunmen
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would is not stop threatening her. >> he has to go back and grab the other guy and you can see that in the video. you can see he runs off, he clearly has the backpack on him which is my backpack, and he has to go back and get the guy. he had the gun pointed at me and my child and i think that's the hardest part. [ crying ] >> reporter: now police are still looking for these two suspects but they are also looking out for the victims in this case. >> we heard about what happened and it really touched us. and so some of the investigators involved started a collection and so that was something we could all contribute to and we're able to raise a substantial amount of money for her to recoup her loss. >> that is a very kind gesture. and i'm just -- yeah, wow, grateful. >> reporter: she and her child are shaken but okay. she is just hoping her attackers are caught before they can terrorize or hurt anyone else. >> a lot of moms came to me oh, my god this is like any mom's nightmare. i was like, i know. and came truth. nightmares are not supposed to
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come true. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. >> anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call police. an unexpected about-face has skating enthusiasts happy. an ice rink will re-open after all. it's been closed since 2013. it was going to be demolished at the bridgepointe shopping center until leaders and residents weighed in. >> i think the most important thing is the community and the people who go out these days, young people, senior citizens, hockey, figure skaters, this is the rink where kristi yamaguchi skated and other olympians. >> we are told that as soon as the developers can find an operator for the rink, they will re-open. a san se couple i to the extreme to find that i dog missing now for almost a month. >> yeah. they hired a pet detective at one point even postponed their wedding for the search. kpix 5's len ramirez spoke to
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the couple about this desperate situation. they can't find the dog, len. >> reporter: still can't find the dog and it is a desperate search. this poster that you see behind me is one of hundreds of posters that have been put out through this area as the owners mount a desperate search to find them. they are trying to find the dog. >> it's a loss. not knowing where your animal is, is torture. >> reporter: theo is a 1-year- old dog the pride and joy of the woman and her fiance. he got away from his sitter on february 13 and was last seen near the intersection of blossom hill road in almaden. she said the joy of shopping for her wedding gown was shattered by losing the dog. >> i came home to go search four the dog. >> reporter: they spent hours printing and hanging hundreds of signs and posters and spent thousands of dollars on the
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search including hiring a pet detective. the couple even decided to postpone their wedding scheduled for this august. >> planning a wedding takes so much time. you spend so much time planning your wedding and the only thing i can think about is finding theo. i can't imagine splitting the time. >> reporter: she has been criticized but says it's the right thing for her. >> today's the 25th day. i know he is out there. >> reporter: she and her fiancee they have received numerous leads since putting up the posters but so far none has panned out and they continue to offer a $3,500 reward for information leading to the safe recovery of theo. a bbc segment on the political turmoil in south korea is a big hit on the internet. >> yeah. it's because of a couple of small interview crashers.
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[ laughter ] office... when his toddler interrupted, followed by a baby sibling in a walker... until a nanny ushered them out. the professor kept his he was giving an interview from his office on sky and his children walked in. finally the nanny takes them out. the professor keeps his composure and finishes the interview. >> stiff upper lip! >> let it be known that baby on the little walker was hauling, moving very quickly! it's friday night. that i be the warmest weekend since -- this may be the warmest weekend since october. we'll tell how warm we get and which one day we'll see 80 degrees. >> now we're talking. coming up, all new at 6:00
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tonight, a fight to fix our crumbling bay area roads. the price tag keeps growing after these storms we have had. how local leaders are getting creative to push for more money. >> but first, the markets closed up today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i was going to say what's for dinner but i'll say what's for weather? >> i like that. >> i like that too. >> on the menu, ken, we're serving up an appetizer of saturday goodness followed by sunday and monday near 80. so you like it warm? have at it! it's been a while. a lot of clouds this morning. but mother nature really cleared things out in the afternoon. that storm track lifting to the north. temperatures responded. concord 73 right now. santa rosa 72. even san francisco hit 70 earlier before the sea breeze kicked in. currently 63. upper 60s oakland, livermore, san jose. overnight tonight as you begin
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your weekend, mind you, a 47 hour weekend because we spring forward. but it's at night. fremont 52. concord 49. san rafael 49. napa 49. we are setting our clocks ahead one hour not tonight. check your smoke detector over the weekend and carbon monoxide batteries. anytime you spring forward or fall back. we are not gaining an hour. we are just shifting an hour of daylight because sunrise will now be much later come sunday morning, the sun will not come up in san francisco until 7:24. so this same two players in the atmosphere are still there. we have an area of low pressure sitting up in the gulf of alaska which is sound of anchorage. we have a big strong ridge of high pressure well down to our south and west. the battle has been won recently by this ridge. it has been taking the storm track and keeping it to the north. that's exactly what is going to happen for the next several days. if anything it's going to win more because it will be bigger and closer so as we look at futurecast through the weekend, i'm happy to report we will be mainly clear and sunny saturday, watch out for some
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cloud cover, hugging the coastline. but aside from that, through the weekend, we will be mainly dry. look off to the west through the golden gate, and it will be cloudy but otherwise, blue skies and warm. it will be the warmest weekend since early november and monday is going to be the warmest day. how about the first 80-degree day of the calendar year is possible in a few inland spots? that's the beginning of next week. we'll trend cooler and cloudier next week but we remain dry. saturday high temperatures, santa rosa 73. vallejo 71. 77 in livermore. and a gorgeous 67 degrees sunny in san francisco for the st. patrick's day parade tomorrow. nice on sunday. there it is monday first time i typed it in since november. 80 degrees in a couple of inland spots. low 70s near the bay, 10 degrees cooler wednesday, cloudier, no rain over the next 7 days. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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that area is still closed off due to a man with a gun and possible explosives inside an apartment building there. one last check on the armed standoff on valencia between 16th and 17th. it's closed off due to a man with a gun an possible explosives inside an apartment building there. >> minutes ago we saw police rush inside the building. we don't know what that means. we haven't seen the suspect out or police officers come out. police ask that you avoid the area completely. they have not given us a time frame of when the situation could be over. >> we'll have more information for you at 6:00. thanks for watching kpix 5 news at 5:00. >> also ahead at 6:00, puffing
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season on the point reyes national seashore at 6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a strong jobs report. and the trump white house makes quick work of taking credit for the numbers. >> they may have been phony in the past, but it's very real now. >> pelley: also tonight, the marine corps commandant asks victims of the nude photo scandal to come forward. >> i'm going to ask them to trust us. >> pelley: former n.f.l. players accuse team doctors of violating federal drug laws to keep the players on the field. and steve hartman, at this youol-- >> how you doing? >> pelley: the most valuable lesson of the day is taught at lunch. >> meeting somebody who actually cares and listens to what you have to say really makes a difference. captioning sponsored by cbs


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