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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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2:30 this afternoon. you can see police cars lining valencia street and snipers standing by on top of adjacent buildings. we are told the suspect is inside that pink building on the third floor. police say he is armed with a gun. a short time ago they informed us that he does not have explosives. now, on the bottom of that building is the restaurant limon. here's what it looked like inside a nearby coffee shop. armed police telling people inside that they were in the line of fire. people were huddled on the floor. we spoke to a couple of people who escaped. >> we weren't sure what was happening so couple of us were looking out the window sticking head out the doors. we didn't know the full situation. another police officer approached and said there's someone with a gun in a window and so at that point i was like we all need to get inside. >> and it was nervous because it was just like okay is there a person with a gun, are they stuck in the place? are they going to come, what's happening? but it also felt a sense of calmness like wherever the
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danger is it's not exactly where we are right now. >> reporter: we spoke to san francisco pd and they said this is how it got started in the first place. >> the victim was attempting to enter the apartment for pest control services when the occupant point a firearm. the victim treated, fled and called 911. >> reporter: entire area is locked down. police have been escorting people out of buildings in the area. most of the people in the restaurants have already been escorted out. now, if you are wondering why the bomb squad is out here, police say this is out of an abundance of precaution. they don't believe the suspect has an explosive at this time but they one sure when they first started the situation. crisis negotiators are on the phone trying to get that man right now who sfpd says they have had plenty of contact with in the past and they know exactly who this man is.
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live in the mission district, andria borba, kpix 5. we appreciate it, thank you. more breaking news to get to right now. two people in san francisco are in critical condition after drinking herbal tea tainted with a lethal poison. according to the health department, the tea leaves were bought at sun wing wo trading company on grant avenue in chinatown. and this is what that tea looks like. one of the cases happened earlier this month. the other happened in february. a man in his 50s and another in his 30s got critically sick within an hour of drinking the tea. it contained a plant-based toxin which can be deadly. people who have purchased and drank it from the shop and have no symptoms are safe but throw the rest away immediately. if you have symptoms or are sick, call 911. new at 6:00 the campaign to fix crumbling bay area roads a critical deadline is looming now local leaders are getting creative to push for more
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money. that's because the price tag is adding up to repair roads hammered by the recent storms. our team coverage begins with emily turner with some new information on the damage and what it's going to take to foot the bill. >> reporter: state is going to have to pay in the hundreds of millions of dollars for those repairs. at the same time, the state coffers are running dry. the gas tax which funds all that went into effect 23 years ago, in that amount of time there have been hybrids, electric cars, big push for public transportation, driving down all the tax revenue that pays for transportation repairs. tire after tire ... closure after closure -- california's roads are taking their toll on drivers. >> thankful i didn't have a wreck after hitting that hole. >> we have seen slides but nothing like this. >> reporter: this winter has done almost $7 million worth of
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damage to state roads leading to more than 200 emergency projects and plenty more lined up behind them. that doesn't count the mess on local roads. >> a lot of trouble. >> reporter: add that to an aging infrastructure already riddled with potholes, structural damage and a $136 billion backlog, and you have what governor jerry brown has deemed a top priority problem. >> used to be called public works. and there's a lot of public work to be done but you have to face up to it. >> reporter: so brown gave the legislature an april 6 deadline to increase funding for local roads by $2.3 billion but how that's done is the battle. are taxpayers prepared to pay? >> i would be willing to pay that, yes. >> that would be a problem for me. because the surprise going up. and people cannot afford too much gas. >> reporter: supermajority democrats are tagas, increased reg strays fee and a $100 flat
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fee per vehicle increased registration fee. santa clara county sent legislators postcards outlining the dire situation of roads there and asking them to vote in favor of it. >> i feel like it's needed especially where what we have seen with the rain and snow. >> i am a believer in improving our infrastructure. >> reporter: that $2.2 billion is just for local roads. that's not the total amount the governor is asking for. he is asking for $6 billion overall for infrastructure repairs. reporting live in san francisco, emily turner, kpix 5. >> some of the biggest most immediate road problems are up in wine country, landslides deep cracks this is asphalt, crumbling shoulders, you name it. kpix 5's susie steimle shows us the rough going and learned it won't be a quick fix there, either. >> reporter: people from around the world come to napa county to see the rolling hills and
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impressive wineries. but this winter's strong storms have left county roads crumbling. >> we need some attention on this so we can get some solutions before somebody dies. >> see the barricade? >> reporter: chris lives on redwood road in napa, one of the worst mudslides the area saw all season was next door to his home. >> half the mountain came down across the road. we were blocked in for a week. >> reporter: now more than a month later the roads are still in disarray and he is worried fire season here won't be safe. >> and if we had a windy day and a fire that started on the mountain, it could be catastrophe. >> we have work do but it is going to take time. >> reporter: the supervisor for chris' district says it's on the county's radar and roadwork will start this summer but returning things are to normal will take years and that's if they get help. >> we are also hoping the state and the feds will come through and give us some help. we're estimating about somewhere between 20 and $30 million in damage and that could change. >> nobody seems to care and all we get is political answers that well, this is going to take that long and this grant won't come until then and fema
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this and five years and -- it's just not acceptable. >> reporter: the county has dipped into its emergency reserve to cover this year's storm damage and implemented a sales tax to cover road repairs. but that won't go into effect until 2019. in napa, susie steimle, kpix 5. >> alameda county has now declared a local emergency. it wants to hear from anyone who has storm-related damage to their home or business. just send them an email. bart riders will finally be able to ride the trains all the way down to warm springs in fremont in a couple of weeks. that five mile extension on the fremont line opens up on march 25th. it's the first addition for bart in 6 years. bart was scheduled to open it in 2014. but long delays kept pushing the project back. one problem was trying to get
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the newer technology to communicate with bart's older computer systems. the new warm springs station has more than 2,000 parking spots and will also be a hub for ac transit and vta buses. new at 6:00 a plan to make it easier to build affordable housing in neighborhoods even if the neighborhood doesn't want it. kpix 5's melissa caen has an example of how nimby-ism delayed one project for a long time. melissa. >> reporter: yeah, veronica. we are here at booker t. washington community center. and it's under construction. getting ready to open in a few months. when it's complete it, will have 50 units of housing about half of those for young people who have aged out of the foster care system. we picked this spot bass booker t. washington is an example of a project that was delayed for years under a california law that allowed neighborhoods and communities express environmental concerns and tie up housing development projects. >> you can't take 10 years to do something like this. >> reporter: pat scott is the
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executive director of the booker t. washington community center in san francisco. she is proud of this project which will provide housing and services for foster youth ages 18 to 24 but not everyone wants it. >> they essentially didn't want the kids in the neighborhood. and but they were smart enough to never say that. >> reporter: neighbors objected using the california environmental quality act. among other things they said the building was too tall and didn't have enough parking. the booker t. washington won the fight and got to continue with the project. but still -- >> because of the increased constant construction costs, legal fees, it increased the cost of the project by -- in this portion of it, probably 4, $5 million. this is a process that should have taken a few years and it took three times as many years. >> reporter: scott says the washington project does comply with the city's zoning laws for height and parking. but they still had to go
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through the time and expense of responding to those objections. state senator weiner thinks that's wrong. >> right now, if you are building a project that's entirely within zoning, that's totally kosher, it can still take you two, three, four, five years or more to get approved. and it shouldn't be that way. >> reporter: he proposed a new law, sb35, if passed in places where affordable housing is needed, it wouldn't apply if and a affordable housing project complies with local zoning laws. >> community participation is important with a beginning, middle and end and we have to learn how to end the process and move forward. >> pat scott agrees. >> you can't do affordable housing and have this process go on like this. >> reporter: now, the league of california cities is opposed to sb35 and while they do not wish to be interviewed on camera today, they did show me a letter they sent to weiner
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about it. they said eliminating opportunities for public engagements leads to, um, goes against the principles of local democracy and public review. live in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix 5. hiker alost tonight in san mateo county. she went missing yesterday afternoon and crews have been working to find her. the search is under way in woodside. the hiker last seen along skyline boulevard. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at the command post. >> reporter: veronica, bethany was staying at a nearby airbnb with her husband and son. now 70 people and 13 k-9s are scouring a 2.5-mile area. but so far they haven't found any clues that may lead to where bethany or her dog are. >> bethany! >> reporter: while search-and- rescue teams scoured this woods and look for bethany, this mother is keeping her eyes out for her, too. >> there were, you know, quite a few areas where they could have gotten off the top so i imagine perhaps this woman
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might have done that, as well. >> reporter: law enforcement officers and volunteers from several bay area counties are hiking the trails calling her name and cal fire is trying to see from above the redwoods. >> people actually live up here actually saw her at the country store walking by and then when we put out the information asking for that information that's when we were told she was seen. >> reporter: bets any has early onset dementia and and type 2 diabetes. that means she needs insulin but could go three days without injections. >> we were actually in really good shape. the weather is not terrible. the weather is quite mild. because of the storms we have a lot of water around. the big concern is food. but there is food that is available if you know what you're looking for. >> the trail conditions are good and we took our little ones and you know, really hoping for the best. >> reporter: it's the at makes less than ideal. this is a densely wooded area with steep dropoffs that make it treacherous if you go off
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trail. this map shows where the search has been focused. the red trails are what's already been searched. the blue is what's left to be done. bethany's husband tells the san mateo county sheriff's office that she has hiked this area before so she should be somewhat familiar with it. so far authorities don't believe that any foul play was involved. in woodside, jackie ward, kpix 5. it is an eye-popping number. more than 80 freeway shootings under investigation in the bay area. what we're learning about the latest suspect who put innocent drivers at risk. >> and california like you haven't seen it in years impressive video from "sky drone 5" of a swollen river engulfing trees and the fear for farmers seeing their livelihoods washed away. >> and it is pupping seasons. the beaches closed to give harbor seals space. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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side of altamont pass. you can f up in the sky, "sky drone 5" high above a bloated san joaquin river right on the other side of the altamont pass. you can see the hundreds of submerged trees to the south of the town of tracy. some locals who fish the river here estimate that it is a half mile wide in some location. the flooding is happening on highway 132 and between 580 and the town of modesto. the river started filling up
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very quickly after weeks of heavy rain. it's also getting an extra boost from all the snow runoff from the sierra and there are also major problems with water coming up from the ground around the river which is flooding out farmlands and some buildings. all nearby residents can do is wait for the water level to drop. there are still flooding concerns for farmers with crops downstream from the oroville dam. marysville is about 20 miles down street along the feather river. the farmers are worried about what will happen when the dam's main spillway reopens in a few days. elisa becerra shows us a man who has already lost a lot. >> reporter: aside from the damage that farmers say could have been prevented, the question now is, what happens next? >> this was, you know, they lowered it so fast it just pulled it out. there was no reason for this. >> reporter: walnut farmer brad foster stanford on the collapsing riverbank of the feather river. the land is literally sliding
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into the water after the oroville spillway was abruptly shut down for repairs. >> i can't remember ever they went from 50,000 to 0 overnight. that's something that's never been done. >> reporter: 50 cubic feet of flowing water to zero in a matter of hours. this is not just flooding or erosion. he is losing land. >> and there's nothing to hold this in place anymore, it will get washed away. >> reporter: what happens next week when the spillway reopens? the drastic ebb and flow is detrimental to his orchard. 10 days ago this water was above my head for four feed a half mile around. when the spillway was closed it dropped to about my hip the next day and three days it was down to the level it is now. brad says the water receded so quickly, it took irrigation lines. >> this is upstream from someone's irrigation system. over here you can see plastic loaded down from somebody that red piece of plastic.
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>> reporter: he tied his down. >> we tied our irrigation system down so it didn't wash away. >> reporter: the water swept away soil at the base of his trees. water levels are monitored and there will be releases next friday. farmers will also be monitoring because that's all they can do. farmers aren't just worried about what happens when the spillway reopens next friday. there are more storms ahead, more for them to contend with. they said they are just going to have to brace themselves. back to you. >> all right. thank you. two popular areas in the point reyes national seashore now closed for the next four months for the annual harbor seal pupping season. two areas are shut down to visitors until the end of june. and that means no water access for kayaks, canoes, surfing or paddle boarding. rangers are asking visitors to stay at least 100 yards from those resting seals. >> it's an area where because of the sensitivity of the
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animals, we want to make sure that their young are protected and born and nourished and raised, it's a short time closure and when that closure is done, the he is stair ra will once again be open to kayak use. >> it's okay to photograph from a safe distance. pilots keep your aircraft high above the seals. worry about it plenty of other beaches you can visit. it's going to be a gorgeous weekend to do that. 70 degrees in san francisco. you will be warmer this weekend. fremont and san jose i hit 71. concord 73. santa rosa 74. it gets warmer this weekend. the only traffic problem getting tahoe this weekend is lots of traffic. no precipitation but it will be a popular place. at lake level 60 degrees in tahoe saturday and sunday with
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mainly sunny skies. st. patrick's day parade tomorrow in san francisco. sunny, upper 60s lots of green. no green on the radar. it stays away. the jet stream will stay to our north. it is just as active over the past week moving into the west coast storms as in january and february when we were getting pentiumbled. pummeled. the rain is staying to the north. we stay dry. storms in other parts of the west coast namely the pacific northwest. we are partly cloudy overnight tonight. watch out for fog at the beach once again. it has been foggy the past couple mornings. it may be tomorrow. oakland 51 low tonight. san jose 51. napa 49. mixture of sun and clouds more sun than cloud cover this weekend. look at your highs. it's going to be a nice saturday.
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we stay mild to warm on sunday as well but the warmest day will be monday where for the first time this year a couple of inland spots antioch, pittsburg and fairfield may hit 80 for the first time this year on monday. in the middle of next week we are looking for a slight increase in cloud cover 5 to 10 degrees cooler but no rain for the next week. the warmest weekend since november and it begins right now. guys, back to you. >> thank you. thanks, paul. a lost dog now a wedding postponed. the bay area couple goes to extreme lengths to find their missing pet before they walk down the aisle. >> guess who was in front of colin kaepernick's old locker today. how about the new 49ers starting quarterback? brian hoyer! just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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breaking off "fat" checks... seven new players we have free agency to talk
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about in the nfl the day two of the period. 49er general manager john lynch has been breaking off fat checks, 7 new players introduced today at team headquarters. >> good afternoon, everyone. check that. it's a great afternoon. we got a haul. >> left to right: juszczyk, tight end logan paulsen and linebacker malcom smith at the moment, hoyer is expected to be thei quarterback and played his best football in cleveland when kyle shanah there's the man of the hour, mr. hoyer. expected to be the starting quarterback played his best football in cleveland when kyle shanahan was the browns offensive coordinator in 2014. >> kyle is first year as a head coach and john is a gm and to know that they want you to help start their era was very flattering and to me, i knew in my gut that this was the place for me and i had to get my wife on board moving to california.
6:26 pm
she said who wouldn't want to live in california? i knew this is going to be the place for us. >> got to settle wife. meanwhile, redskins quarterback kirk cousins signed his franchise tag which means he will make nearly $24 million in washington next season. cousins could also be traded now and has reportedly went to the owner and requested a trade so he could reunite with head coach kyle shanahan. >> now, according to football writer of the sporting news a source says cousins is dead set on moving west. i'm going to be a 49er. cousin will be an unrestricted free agent next year. >> number 25 in black, hayden no longer a raider. the quarterback signed a one- year deal with the detroit lions. a 2013 first round pick never lived up to the expectations.
6:27 pm
so that's 7 free agents to lead the raiders including offensive quo order naturer who signed with denver. >> the kalman just tipped off against oregon in the semisoft pac-12 tournament. strengthening the ncaa tournament chances moving pictures and the late show. >> we have the best and worst of bobby knight. legendary, pick up a chair, legendary chair throwing coach out of the game since 2008. it was a rocky divorce at best when he left iu. he hasn't been back to bloomington since he was let go 17 years ago. he was asked today on the dan patrick radio show if he would ever return. >> as far as the hierarchy at indiana university, at that time i have absolutely no respect whatsoever for those people. >> i have no interest in ever going back to that university. >> aren't all those people out of there, though, coach? >> i hope they're all dead. >> i know some of them are.
6:28 pm
but, um, i don't know. i -- >> well, i hope the rest of them go. [ laughter ] >> how do you really feel, coach? i'm coming back in a half- hour and this time on the ice between the pipes. >> ha ha. all right, thanks, vern. coming up an update on the standoff in the mission police trying to talk an armed man out of a building and an admission about freeway shootings in the bay area and what we have learned about the gunfire that caused gridlock on interstate 80. >> a mother opens up about the terrifying moments when armed robbers threatened her child. how police just gave her a reason to smile. >> and this is what happens when you work from home. the serious interview crashed by some adorable kids. ,,
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♪[ music ] breaking news in san francisco. an armed suspected holed up in a pink building located in the heart of the mission district on valencia between 16th and 17th. kpix 5's andria borba reports near the scene. >> reporter: ken, i want you to
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take a look behind me. we are going to zoom in now. that armored vehicle has been moved in front of the pink building. that's the crown hotel. it has an external p.a. system. they are trying to get in contact with the suspect who is inside the building. from my vantage point i can't hear anything but i do have an earpiece in right now. now, chopper 5 was overhead when the standoff started about 2:30 this afternoon. this is a busy area but all you can see were police cars on valencia. stipers were standing by on -- snipers were standing by on adjacent buildings. the suspect is on the third floor armed with a gun but no explosives. but they are not taking any chances. >> that's a standard response if you will when we have an incident like this. hostage negotiation team responds special operations bureau responds. that includes tactical teams, specialist team, the eod unit and the rescue unit. >> reporter: now, this all started just after lunchtime. lots of people were in
6:33 pm
restaurants when people came in and told them to "shelter in place." we spoke to a couple of people who did escape. >> we weren't sure it was happening so couple of us were, like, looking out the window sticking our head out the doors. we didn't know the whole situation yet. and then another police officer approached and said there's someone with a gun in a window so at that point, we all need to get inside. >> nervous because it was, like, okay is there a person with a gun are they stick in the place are they going to come what's happening? um, but it also felt like a sense of calmness like wherever the danger is not exactly where we are right now. >> reporter: the area is locked down. this is the fourth hour of the situation as police try to control it. earlier today police escorted people out of restaurants in the neighborhood. we are told they are trying to get in touch with the suspect who is holed up inside the third floor of the crown hotel at this time. they have the armored vehicle
6:34 pm
outside. they have the crisis intervention team on standby. they say they know this man and have had contact with him before. they are hoping as we have heard in the past to put time and distance into the situation. there's no end in sight. they are trying to implement the new "use of force" policy to make sure more people do not get hurt. live in san francisco's mission district, andria borba, kpix 5. new information tonight on the i-80 shooting that wounded two people and tied up rush hour traffic for hours yesterday. kpix 5's da lin says the victims were targeted. >> reporter: the chp says this latest i-80 shooting is one of roughly 80 freeway shootings in the bay area since late 2015. all the reporters at this press conference thought we misheard the investigator and asked him to repeat the number. >> in the 80s that we are investigating the high number is higher than anyone would want. >> reporter: the investigator said most of those 80-plus freeway shootings happened in the east bay. many on i-80 gang-related and
6:35 pm
targeted which was the case for yesterday's shooting that injured two people and shut down the eastbound direction for five hours. it happened around 3:30 when traffic was creeping along at 10 to 15 miles an hour. the chp says three suspects a man and two 17-year-old boys pulled up to the honda minivan and one of the 17-year-old boys fired multiple rounds wounding the male drive and a female passenger. a good samaritan in the red wagon stopped to help the victims. investigators say several witnesses including an off-duty police officer called 911 with suspect descriptions and police arrested the three suspects a short time later in richmond. >> i would hesitate to try to speculate as to why someone would endanger all these innocent lives in the freeway. i'm not prepared to tell you why. >> reporter: for most drives, they are still trying to wrap their head around the 80-plus freeway shootings. >> ridiculous. ridiculous. too many. >> i have to go up and down
6:36 pm
this highway every day and now i'm feeling unsafe behind it. >> reporter: the chp says the man is in grave condition and the passenger in stable condition. in richmond, i'm da lin, kpix 5. berkeley police are out with new photos trying to track down dozens of rioters. they want to hear from anyone who recognizes 30 people they say took part in the riot at uc- berkeley last month. vandals set fires and broke windows shortly before former breitbart editor mlio yiannopoulos was set to speak. the violence prompt the cancellation of the event and caused $100,000 of damage on campus. 6 people had minor injuries. google is now asking a judge to stop uber from using self-driving car technology which google says was stolen. google's self-driving division "waymo" is seeking a preliminary injunction. it comes a few weeks after the company filed a lawsuit. it claims that top executive
6:37 pm
now at uber stole intellectual property when he was at google in particular the design for a sensor that enables a car to detect obstacles. google is trying to stop uber from making or using any devices linked to that technology. a live look at the white house where president trump is now at the halfway point of his administration's crucial first 100 days. with the goal of a smooth transition, today the attorney general called for 46 of obama appointed u.s. attorneys to resign. many of the 93 u.s. attorneys have already resigned. now attorney general jeff sessions wants the holdovers out. it is customary for them to go once the new president takes office. also today new questions about whether president trump's team fully investigated the now ousted national security adviser. michael flynn was paid to lobby for turkey during last year's campaign. but the white house says president trump did not know flynn may have to register as a foreign agent.
6:38 pm
flynn was fired after serving less than a month as national security adviser. president trump is using his deal making skills to try to win over lawmakers for the gop healthcare plan. he sat down with house republicans again today some moderates concerned that millions of americans will lose their health insurance and will have to pay more under the gop plan. conservatives say the bill doesn't do enough to trim back the federal government's role. >> when you have push-back on one side and the other side from a political spectrum you might have found the sweet spot. >> also today, vice president mike pence met wh e thuse says committed to stripping all federal funding from planned parenthood. coming up, the wedding is off until theo can be found. a bay area couple pulling out all the stops to find their missing dog even postponing the big day. ,,,,,,,,,,
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her baby in a parking garage in the mission. the suspects were caught on san francisco police department stepping up up to help a woman robbed with her baby in a parking garage in the mission. the suspects were caught on surveillance camera as they targeted her last week. they struck just as she was stepping out of her car grabbing her 1-year-old daughter out of the car seat. the pair let the child go but took off with the woman's things. san francisco started collecting donations for the woman and her baby after it happened. and today, officers gave her the money raised to help her replace the stolen items and to bring her some peace of mind. >> we heard about what happened and it really, um, really touched us and so some of the investigators involved started a collection. and so that was something we could all contribute to and we are actually were able to raise a substantial amount of money for her to recoup her loss. >> a lot of moms have came to
6:42 pm
me like this is every mom's nightmare. it came true. the nightmare is not supposed to come true. >> the sfpd is still trying to track down the robbers. anyone with information on those suspects is asked to call them. an unexpected about-face as skating enthusiasts are celebrating in the south bay tonight. the owners of the bridgepointe shopping center just announced that its ice rink will re-open after all. it's been closed since 2013. and it was going to be demolished until city leaders and residents weighed in. >> i think the most important thing is the community and the people who go out, young people, seniors, hockey and figure skaters, this was the rink where kristi yamaguchi skated and other olympians. >> when they get an operator it le re-open. here's our favorite story of the day an interview interrupted, kids crash their dad's time in the spotlight. the hilarious video straight ahead.
6:43 pm
>> overnight lows tonight will be in the upper 40s to low 50s. a little warmer than normal but you want to now how warm it's going to be this weekend. i am happy to deliver. wait until you see how toasty we get and which one day may see 80s. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beloved dog. kpix 5's len ramirez explains... the couple is doing ever well, san jose couple has postponed their wedding so they can find their dog. >> kpix 5's len ramirez explains the couple is doing everything they can including hiring a pet detective. >> reporter: trendy king has a laser focus on just one thing finding theo. >> it's a loss and not knowing where your animal is, is torture. >> reporter: theo is a 1-year- old dog the pride and joy of her and her fiance. he got away from a sitter on february 13 and was last seen near a whole foods market in almaden. king was in los angeles at the time and said the joy of
6:47 pm
shopping for her wedding gown was shattered by losing theo. >> i took a flight home to search for her. >> reporter: they spent hours printing and hanging hundreds of signs and posters and spent thousands on the search including hiring a pet detective. the couple even decided to postpone their wedding scheduled for this august. >> planning a wedding takes so much of your time. you know, you spend so much time planning your wedding and honestlicious the only thing i can think about right now is fining theo. so i couldn't even imagine splitting the time with something else. >> reporter: she has been criticized for that on the internet but says for her, it's the right thing to do. >> it's been going on for 25 days now. today is the 25th day. but to be honest, i still have so much faith. i know he is out there. i have that feeling in my heart. and i just know he is out there. >> reporter: she and the fiance have received numerous leads since putting up the posters but none panned out and they continue to offer a $3,500 reward for information that leads to the safe recovery of
6:48 pm
theo. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. it was a bbc segment on the political turmoil in south korea. and it has turned into a big hit on the internet. >> it is all because of a couple of small interview crashers. >> shifting stands in the regions relations with the north may change? >> i would be surprised if they do. [ laughter ] pardon me. [ laughter ] >> pardon me. [ laughter ] >> a political science professor was giving an interview from his office when his toddler interrupted followed by the baby in the walker. [ laughter ] >> here comes the toddler. professor robert kelly laughed and then apologized and look at that the nanny dashing into the room to usher the children out as quickly as possible. and then he just finished the interview. >> kids. what are you going to do with them? >> that 8-month-old is going to be in the olympics! see him move in that scooter,
6:49 pm
7, 8 miles an hour! the kid is fast. got some legs! get the kids outside this weekend. it's going to be the warmest weekend since before you are planning your thanksgiving feast the first weekend of november the last time we were this warm. friday night mild outside now. these are not your highs. these are your currents temperatures. these are your current temperatures. no rain for a while. set your clocks ahead one how one hour saturday night. satellite-radar review. same two players are there. but they are moving. our ridge of high pressure which has kept us dry the past couple of days -- couldn't keep the clouds away. it was cloudy this morning. we got the blue sky in the afternoon. this ridge will win out more by getting closer to the bay area and it will send the storm track farther away from us and will warm up the atmosphere to the point that we will likely
6:50 pm
see our first 80-degree reading. yes, 80-degree readings of the year coming up on monday. not saturday or sunday. but it will be sunny. sunny tomorrow morning in contrast from this morning. we'll see cloud cover right offshore saturday night perhaps some fog saturday night into sunday morning. but the overall theme is for the weekend, don't worry about a thing. everything will be fine but mainly sunny skies and temperatures hitting the 70s perhaps by lunchtime tomorrow in san jose and finishing the afternoon in the mid-70s. warmest weekend since early november the first 80-degree day of the calendar year is possible on monday. not everywhere, of course. our warmest inland spots cooler and cloudier toward the middle of next week but we'll stay dry. how different from average is this weather? in concord at 10 degrees warmer than average. normal 65. tomorrow 75. san jose 74. campbell 75. burlingame, san mateo, fremont, union city, low 70s. low to mid-70s san ramon, alamo
6:51 pm
, walnut creek, pacheco and concord. concord 75 degrees tomorrow as i mentioned. san rafael 70. sonoma 71. still mild in san francisco 67. and windsor 76 degrees for your saturday. equally as sunny equally as mild on sunday. monday's your warmest day. a few low 80s inland as we head toward the middle of next week. we'll cool down by 5 to 10 degrees. that's a decent drop but he would stay warmer than average and stay dry. that's your kpix 5 forecast. ♪[ music ] all right. if you guess to play hockey goalie just flop on the puck after a session with the san jose barracudas, guess again. what it really takes to play between the pipes. >> coming up on nightbeat at 10 p.m. the pope is thinking about letting married men become priests in the catholic church. tonight, we're asking you if you think it's a good idea, yes, no, why, why not. sent me a tweet at #veronicadlcruz. oi n us on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
6:52 pm
...bungee jumping, bull riding,
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getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots, or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ♪ ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. syncronized swimming, even knocked senseless by a niners linebacker... ...what was i thinking, here, sorry. i have done some wild stuff. bungee jumping, bull riding, synchronized swimming even
6:55 pm
knocked senseless by a 9ers linebacker. what was i thinking! playing minor league hockey with the san jose barracuda. >> got to get a lilyann brannon low a little bit low. stand a little wider. >> reporter: i can't get much lower than this. it's been said you think you know but you just don't know. >> whoo! >> man! playing goalie in hockey at any level is hard. we spent a morning with the american hockey logan san jose barracuda. farm team of the sharks. they just ripped off a 14-game win streak. largely with the goalie named goaltend of the month. >> i think goalie more than any other position has their original teeth. >> we keep our massing on all the time. we don't have to play with a
6:56 pm
adviser. we have a mask on. so we always keep our teeth. >> first thing first ... [ inaudible ] [ loud background noise ] >> i was out there 10 minutes. and i'm totally worn out. >> it's a lot of work. i mean, people don't give us a lot of credit. they think we just stand there. >> reporter: that's what i thought. i thought oh, i'll just stand there and -- >> a lot of moving and quick moving. so -- >> on the ice all morning. >> wow. >> now, the real players play tomorrow night at 6:00 against the griffins. >> that's impressive. good job. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are you? how's everybody? how y'all doing? i appreciate y'all. thank you very much. appreciate that. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got a good one for you today. from knoxville, tennessee, it's the blevins family. [cheering and applause] and from philly--philadelphia, p.a., it's the palumbo family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody--somebody might just drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause]
7:00 pm
well, let's go meet the families. it's the blevins family. [cheering and applause] melanie. melanie: hi. steve: how you doing? melanie: i am great. how are you doing? steve: i'm good. you folks are from where, again? melanie: from knoxville, tennessee... steve: knoxville, tennessee. melanie: the home of the big orange. steve: well, melanie, what do you do for a living there? melanie: well, steve, i'm a registered nurse. steve: ok. that's always good. you help people. melanie: yes. it is, and i work with patients now. i'm a nurse educator, but for about 30 years--i've been a nurse a long time--i worked with cancer patients, so i helped them through their journey, the whole bit, and then i got cancer, and i'm a breast cancer survivor. [cheering and applause] steve: that's pretty good. melanie: thank you. steve: let's get it on. give me christina. give me melanie.


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