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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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breaking news, it's over. tonight an armed suspect is carried onto a stretcher ending a tense seven our bay area standoff. good evening. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. san francisco police say the woman barricade the herself inside a hotel on valencia street in the mission district putting the neighborhood on lockdown. cbs5's andria borba is there tonight. mission >> reporter: well, this all wrapped up just in the past hour and a half. we have video of the final moments of this. a woman was brought out of the crown hotel on a backboard and then placed on a stretcher. she was conscious at the time, but it put an end to a seven hour standoff here in the mission district. it was on the third floor of the crown hotel an sro in the mission that the hours long standoff began. >> the victim was attempting to enter that apartment for pest control services when the occupant pointed a firearm. >> reporter: it was 2:30 in the afternoon and restaurants
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on valencia were still full from when sfpd squad cars from nearby mission station flooded the neighborhood. >> both of us were like looking out the window sticking our head out the doors. we didn't know the full situation yet and then another police officer approached and said there was someone with a gun in >> reporter: restaurantgoers turned to their smartphones not knowing what the situation was behind the glass. >> somebody turned on his phone and of was trying to listen in -- and was trying to listen in and see if we could get information this way. >> they told us we were in the line of fire and said run into the street. we were not under any kind of cover from what we could tell. so it was a little chaotic and scary. >> reporter: this person rolled cell phone video of the wild bouncing run for cover. >> the police officer just told us you should run because we got out walking and he was kind of jest you'ring towards us like you better -- gesturing towards us like you better run. >> reporter: valencia was a
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ghost town filled with cruisers and massive traffic jams around 16th, 18th and valencia. a 16-year-old woman was put into an ambulance and is being looked at now. police are the releasing her name at this point because she is not under arrest, but they did recover a land gun. live in the mission -- a handgun. live in the mission andria borba, kpix5. the warning is going out tonight about potentially deadly tea sold in a shop in san francisco's chinatown. the tea was laced with deadly poison. two people drank it and in a hour got critically sink developing life threatening abnormal heart rhythms. they bought the tea here on grant avenue at sun wing wo trading company. it attacks the heart and can be
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deadly, acconite. there is no antidote. >> the patient received a plastic bag with leaves and were given a list of ingredients that went in there, so that really helped us because we were able to identify everything the patients received. both of them had sufficient cardiac complications. >> for anyone else who bought the tea the health department says don't drink it. do throw it out. this just in, sheriffs say this known gang member is one of the suspects involved in yesterday's freeway shooting on interstate 80 in richmond. elliot johnson is 24 years old. you can see his flat line neck tattoo. the other two suspects are just 17. what's going on.. w this is one of dozens of recent shootings on bay area freeways. what's going on? why can't police stop this? that's what kpix5's christin ayers asked the special task force tonight. >> reporter: last night's shooting on i-80 in richmond, one of at least 80 shootings on bay area highways since late 2015. authorities have a plan to install a network of cameras
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here. what they don't have is the money. >> it feels as if it's just a matter of time before an innocent victim, a commuter, a family gets caught in the crossfire. >> reporter: the shooting left two people in a minivan wounded. tonight the man is in grave condition. authorities say the couple was targeted by three suspects who are now under arrest. for the members of a task force created to investigate highway shootings like this one, their m.o. was familiar. >> gang members were following rival gang members up onto the freeways, specifically hunting them onto the freeways to a position where they're vulnerable. >> reporter: mary knox, a senior deputy district attorney with contra costa county, has worked with the task force to design a system for tracking highway shooters. a series of shot spotters, cameras and license plate readers from cutting boulevard in richmond all the way to antioch. >> that shot spotter activation will move the cameras in the
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direction of the gun fire and send an alert to our task force members. >> reporter: and knox says give investigators a jump on their suspects. so how much will it cost? >> approximately $800,000. >> reporter: that is what is holding up the project. knox says the task force is looking to federal, state and local sources for funding, but until then drivers are on edge. >> ridiculous, ridiculous, too many. >> i have to go up and down this highway every day and now i'm feeling unsafe. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. new details on a deadly police shooting in santa clara tonight, police saying the suspect had a gun and a knife. the suspect's parents called officers from their home on debra drive around 5 p.m. last night. when police finally found the 24-year-old near some train tracks in the area, they say he threatened to shoot himself and the officers. officers say they tried using a taser but say he still refused their commands. they say he lunged toward one officer who opened fire killing the suspect. his name has not been released.
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a second arrest in connection with the murder of a beloved bay area community leader known as miss flo. santa clara county sheriffs now say that this teenager, 19-year- old jennifer jimenez, helped conceal the crime. in september last year 88-year- old flo douglas was brutally beaten in a home invasion robbery in san jose and she died weeks later at the hospital. police arrested the other suspect, 19-year-old zachary cuen on suspicion of murder. jennifer is held without bail now due in court monday. the search is on for a hiker with dementia who went missing in san mateo county. she set out with her dog yesterday afternoon and they have not been seen since. the woman's family called police last night after 7:00 when she failed to return after about six hours. kpix5's jackie ward spent the day with san mateo county search crews combing areas along skyline boulevard in woodside. >> reporter: from the ground
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and the air search and rescue cues from counties across the -- crews from counties across the area have been looking for betsy hary for 24 hours. >> people who live here saw her walking at the country store nearby and when we put out the information asking for information, that's when we were told she was seen. >> reporter: bethany has early onset dementia and possibly early onset diabetes. that means she needs insulin but could go as many as three days without injections. >> we're actually in really good shape right now. the weather has been quite mild. because of recent storms, we have a lot of water that's around. the big concern is obviously food, but there is food that's available if you know what you're looking for. >> reporter: it's the terrain that makes search conditions less than ideal. this is a densely wooded area with steep dropoffs that make it treacherous if you go off trail. this map shows where the search has been focused. the red trails have already been searched. the blue is what's left to be
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done. bethany's husband tells the sheriff's department she hiked the area before and should be somewhat familiar with the area. so far authorities don't believe any foul play was involved. in woodside jackie ward, kpix5. tonight 1,000 san francisco restaurants which rely heavily on undocumented workers are pushing back against president trump's immigration crackdown. they are signing on to become sanctuary workplaces. the golden gate restaurant association estimates more than 30% of the city's restaurant workers are undocumented. the association is setting up a workshop with immigration attorneys later this month where owners and employees can learn about their rights. >> we are a city and a country that was founded by immigrants whose success has been because of immigrants whose future depends on immigrants, but we have a president and we have now immigration agents who have forgotten that. state law... to strengthen workplace protections for undocumented people. >> assemblyman david chiu says he is exploring a possible
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state law to strengthen workplace protections for undocumented people. tonight president trump is taking credit for a strong jobs report. last month the economy created 235,000 jobs and the unemployment rate ticked down to 4.7%. (po-80fr) kpix5 political reporter melissa caen shows us mr. trump is embracing the kind of numbers that he once called phoney. >> they may have been phoney in the past, but it's very real now. >> reporter: during the trump campaign last year mr. trump claimed the labor department artificially lowered jobless numbers to make democrats look good. >> don't believe those phoney numbers when you hear 4.9 and 5% unemployment. the number's probably 28, 29, as high as 35. in fact, i even heard recently 42%. >> reporter: now a different tune from the white house. >> obviously we're very pleased to see the jobs report that came out this morning. it's great news for american workers. >> reporter: according to the
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report, the hiring is broad based. 132,000 service sector jobs but also strong gains in construction and manufacturing. >> we're finally heading in the right direction. >> reporter: bank of america's eathan harris. >> particularly people who are prime working age. that's people who are 25 to 54, are starting to come back into the job market and look for work. that's a very important development. these people are the back bone of the job market. >> reporter: white house chief of staff reince priebus tweeted president trump delivers in first jobs report, but democrats say this is just a continuation of a trend started under president obama. they note that since the recession ended the unemployment rate has been steadily dropping. melissa caen, kpix5. caught in the act these intruders broke into a bay area home and tonight their faces are exposed thanks to a hidden camera. >> this youtube video caught the attention of cops in california, tonight the stunt that turned into a police
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investigation. >> and it's empty now but not for long. tonight after years of delays b.a.r.t.'s newest destination finally has an opening date.
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sensational murder trial in real life.. is about to tie the knot for the third time. the wedding co robert blake, the actor who starred in a sensational murder trial in real life, is about to tie the knot for a third time. the wedding comes 12 years after he was acquitted of killing his second wife and his new bride is one of the witnesses who testified at his trial. reporter peter dowd has the story. >> reporter: robert blake is set to reprise his most controversial role later this year when the actor becomes a husband for the third time. the 83-year-old will reportedly marry 55-year-old pamela hudak. the two reportedly have known each other for decades and dated briefly in 1991,
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something she revealed while testifying on blake's behalf while he was on trial for the murder of his second wife, bonnie lee blakley. she was shot to death in his car after they left a restaurant in 2001. prosecutors claim blake hired a hitman and detectives found $10,000 in his dresser drawer, but hudak testified blake often hid envelopes filled with money. >> she said in court, no, he always had lots of cash around, defended him. >> reporter: entertainment reporter jeannie wolfe covered the trial and said hudak testified she was with the married couple when blakley found out she was pregnant. >> he went with them to the gynecologist's office and back in the car she said nobody was happy. >> reporter: a three month murder trial and nine days of jury deliberation came down to one moment for blake. >> we the jury find the defendant robert blake not guilty. >> reporter: but a civil jury
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found him responsible for his wife's death. he was ordered to pay her family $30 million. 12 years later blake still maintains his innocence and now he's expected to marry the woman who helped grant him his freedom. >> i can only hope he finds some solace with her, but this will bring every bit of it up again. >> reporter: in los angeles peter dowd, kpix5. tonight home intruders caught on hidden camera in the south bay ransacked this room in santa clara. the guy in the giants hat sifted through their drawers, stole some electronics. the other suspect sliced a bunch of shoes, all caught on security camera. the victim posted this video to facebook just hours after the suspects took off. >> i don't know what to do because i've never been in this predicament before. i've had my car broken into before, but this is different. it just made me sick to my stomach and immediately i was thinking, okay, i'll go to social media to try to put it out while it's fresh and see if
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anybody recognizes their face. >> police believe the burglars got in through a bathroom window. so far there have been no arrests. a youtube video turns into a police investigation in southern california. reporter crystal cruz spoke with a mom and her son about the viral stunt that landed them both in hot water. >> we were on the main street. >> reporter: this looks like all fun and games until mom and dad arrested for child endangerment and given two traffic tickets. >> we did it. we had like five minutes of fun. we know it's lill. >> reporter: this 8-year-old is a youtube star, into posting creative videos like snowboarding down the stairs and this one showing him and another person unrestrained in the back of a truck filled with thousands of little water balls cruising through corona with mom behind the wheel. >> it was like one of the best times of my life. it was amazing. my mom, she wasn't going over any like 8 miles per hour. >> reporter: other drivers
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didn't think the stunt looked safe and the cops got involved. >> i take responsibility for breaking the law and we apologize to corona pd for wasting their time that they had to deal with it and all that. >> reporter: they're accused of dumping all the balls on the street and crews had to clean them up. >> we just thought it would be good entertainment and hindsight now we know. llion-and-a-ha youtube. >> that was crystal cruz reporting and get this. 8-year-old rocco, kid with the blonde hair, has almost 1.5 million followers on youtube. >> wow. after years of delays it is the news lots of b.a.r.t. riders have waited to hear. the warm spring station is finally opening march 25th. riders will finally be able to ride the fremont trains all the way to warm springs. it's an additional 5 miles of track. here's the massive 2,000 space parking lot and the station. it was supposed to open in 2014, but delays pushed the project back.
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the station will serve as a hubbell for ac transit and santa clara -- hub for ac transit and santa clara authority buses. >> it's a great thing for people living in warm springs. it will be a big blessing for them. right now fremont station is getting stagnated and it's heavily crowded and it's going to relieve the pressure on this place. i'm very looking forward to it. >> one problem b.a.r.t. had trying to get the station open was trying to get the newer technology to communicate with the older existing computer system. a spectacular sight on the other side of the altamont pass, sky drone 5 flying over the swollen san joaquin river just south of tracy on highway 132. kpix5's kiet do talked to some locals who believe the river is at least a 1/2 mile wide here. >> reporter: to get a true sense of the scale, we turned to sky drone 5 and go up, way up. typically the san joaquin river near modesto is about 200 feet wide, but check it out after
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weeks of historic rainfall. >> right now it's probably 1/2 a mile wide. >> reporter: we are hovering over what used to be shoreline accessible by foot and great for fishing but is now under water deal as a two story house. the river is just -- deal always a two story house. the river is -- deep as a two story house. at the manteca sportsman shooting club, the old mock cowboy up to is under 4 feet of water but not because the river topped its banks or broke through a levee. >> this is seepage, water coming up from the ground. the water table is not very low here. >> reporter: they're not allowed to pump the water back into the river. with nowhere to put it the club president is moving the water to another part of the property and wait for it to seep back down where it came from. in this extraordinary winter such is the business of managing mother nature. you seem in good spirits about it all. >> well just do what we can do
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until the river level goes down and then we'll be fine. >> reporter: so this is the reality for a lot of homes, farms and businesses along the san joaquin river. they have to wait for the river level itself to drop down before things get back to normal, but with a huge snowpack and a lot of snow melt this spring, that likely won't happen until sometime mid- summer. in man peek a kit -- manteca accident kiet do, kpix5 -- manteca, kiet do, kpix5. lake tahoe will be 60 degrees both saturday and sunday, gorgeous weather in the sierra, no travel problems aside from getting up there with all the other cars. mild night, redwood city 51, vallejo 50, santa rosa 45. tomorrow night we will set our clocks ahead one hour which means sunrise will be later on sunday, 7:24 a.m. we gain that hour of daylight in the evening starting sunday
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evening. a big ridge of high pressure which is centered west of la paz is way down to the south, but it's exerting its influence. we had cloud cover this morning, the southern edge of an atmospheric river. that has now moved through. the ridge will work closer to the bay area warming the atmosphere and further minimizing any chance of rain the next seven days. futurecast says tomorrow morning mainly crystal clear, lot of blue sky, a contrast from how we woke up this morning. you'll get sunshine saturday morning. saturday afternoon we stay mainly clear, could see cloud cover or fog along the coast line and sunday let's go ahead and enjoy another sunny mild day. this will likely be the warmest weekend since recall november since we fell back on the clocks. our first 80-degree readings of the year is possible monday away from the water and we'll trend a bit cooler and cloudier next week but stay mainly dry. highs tomorrow 74 degrees in san jose, 71 in san mateo, walnut creek 74, sunshine, daly
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city 64, san rafael 70 and lake port 72 degrees. your extended forecast calling for highs around 80 by monday inland, low 70s near the bay, no rain for the next seven days, just a bit cooler and cloudier starting wednesday. >> thanks, paul. tonight proof that anything can happen when you work from home. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and it' e is. people think live tv is easy, but it's not. . people think live tv is easy, but it's not. this little segment which is live turned out to be a big hit on the internet. >> it's all because of a couple of small interview crashers. >> do you believe relations with the north may change? >> i would be surprised if they do. the -- pardon me. pardon me. [ laughter ] >> oh, my goodness, the beauty of live tv. a political science professor gave an interview from his office. then his toddler interrupts. check her out, followed by a baby sibling who busts in in a
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walker. professor robert kelly laughs, apologizes as his wife dashes into the room, ushers the kids out as quickly as possible. look at him. he keeps a straight face. >> no net, man, out there by yourself. >> then he finishes the interview. beauty of live television. >> adorable. hey, guess who has the best record in the nba but lost four of his last six including back to backs? yeah. they scored over 100 in minneapolis but not enough. no wonder curry, green, thompson, iguodala are sitting tomorrow. what? hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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calif baptist... then theres the the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> what a night. san francisco state basketball's ncaa run is over, sorry. >> oh. >> gators bounced 71-50 by california baptist. then there's the professionals. steph and dad in minneapolis and the timberwolves did not back down. andrew wiggins inside, 20 of his 24 points in the 2nd half of a tight one. dubs went down 17, took the lead here and curry, floater,
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yes! 102-101, less than 20 seconds left, but the back to back lost cloud hovered on golden state tonight, bad exchange, curry, decent look but no, no dough. timberwolves by one. oregon vs cal... ... julius irving, the doctor in vegas, checking pac-12 tournament semis oregon against cal who lost jabari bird to injury moments into the game, did not return. so who steps up? well, how about senior grant mullins, nice move here, took up the scoring slack, the three ball to stay within four. cal needed a win to stay legit for an ncaa tourney selection, but a soul crushing drive and score. top seed ducks advance 73-65 and have arizona tomorrow night. seven 49er free agents were introduced today, pierre
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garcon, marquise goodwin, robbie gould, logan paulsen and malcomb smith and there is hoyer expected to be their starting quarterback, played his best football in cleveland when kyle shanahan was the browns offensive coordinator in 2014. back after this.
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have a great weekend. the late show with stephen colbert is up next. >> be sure to have a great weekend! >> good night.
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