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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 11, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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2 of 3. >> reggie: we talked about nevada averaging 24 and a half free throws, they do a good job of not fouling and putting their opponent on the free throw line. nice job here by eric musselman and the wolfpack abusing their feet and not fouling. >> reggie: they get to the ascent of game situations and advise you to file. >> kevin: he's now hit the six, that's a two. they may review, they're going to look at it. it looked like a tube, that's our score, that's our time on cbs.
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>> kevin: take a look if it was a three or a two by nixon of colorado state. >> reggie: look at that left foot. before what we're watching it, were think it was definitely a three, look at that left foot. >> kevin: it is a three, it's called a three. >> the rule there is you have to make it, if you look at indisputable evidence, you can reverse it, that's exactly what they did. >> kevin: spalding immediately said i'm not sure, they went back and looked, that's the beauty of replay, file on clavell, i think he's got four. he does. >> dan: at this point if you're colorado state come you don't have choice. you have to file, have to put them on the free throw line.
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give them possibly two, then you've got to come down and hit that three. >> kevin: that was an official timeout that we were pausing for the last time so they could loo look. at the free throw line is marshall, 11 of 15. nevada with a couple of timeouts, colorado state with one. >> dan: marshall has struggled earlier from the line but he's been one of the last couple of trips. now you want to play good defense without fouling. >> kevin: clavell, triple. he hasn't scored almost half the points for colorado state, now down by four with 18 seconds to go. thinking how you did me wrong. and i grew strong!
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and i learned how to get along! and now you're back! uh - huh! from outer space... sorry. gloria: ♪ oh no, not i, i will survive! ♪ full group: ♪ oh as long as i know how to love...♪ ♪ oh! the things you say ♪ ♪ oh! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you're unbelievab♪e ♪ you're unbelievab♪e >> kevin: tonight on cbs begins with a new episode of ransom, followed by ncis: los angeles. then a new episode of 48 hours,
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that's tonight. only cbs, 18 seconds to play in the mountain west championship with the winner getting an automatic bid to the ncaa tournament. >> reggie: you don't want to pick up his fifth, you to make a three. >> kevin: page wrestling with fenner. >> reggie: what they did this they took caroline out of the game and they had other associates take the ball out of bounds. >> kevin: five on paige. >> reggie: that's a problem there, they had omogbo out because he had four, they don't have a deep and up bench, they had to leave paige, he's the guy who has to file because his man got the ball. >> reggie: a couple more of these guys fell out, of the equipment guys getting ready to go in for them? >> dan: they've got nobody over there.
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>> kevin: our sideline reporter telling us before the game they had lost 32 academics this semester, they were playing basically was seven and i walk on. fenner. >> reggie: this is how you concentrate. >> kevin: stepped to the line, your normal routine, breathe, to mike. >> kevin: he's a senior, he is the 14th all-time leading scorer in the history of the program from seattle. >> kevin: clavell again, he's got 30. he was fouled on the play. so three free throws, they will not go away. >> reggie: contact here in the step back, down low. why that" mark why put it on the official. >> dan: you're absolutely correct, get your hand up.
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if that ball goes in the basket, find, take it out of bounds and to try again, you don't give this guy three free throws. a >> kevin: contras, conference player of the year. >> reggie: that's a tough break. >> kevin: eric musselman, you just saw him with his hands on his head to. inherited a program with only nine wins a couple of years ago, last year they won 24. this year, they are actually 27 widmark and if they win tonight, it will tie the second most wins in school history. regular-season win total most of her for the wolfpack program.
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they are over there talking with a clock operator right now to see where they are. >> dan: the foul occurs right to their and if we look look at again, will see what their problem is. >> kevin: talking with the alternate official over there. >> dan: he's the one over there. watch up here, watch the clock. look at the clock up at top of your screen. when the foul occurs, it looks like there's about 11.5. but they put a 109 up there. that's one of the things at this time of year, there's always enough of that official, he's over there to look at exactly that kind of play. >> kevin: that's what they actually put on clavell. >> reggie: leading scorer, guises carry them all night, 30-point spread >> kevin: he's got to be exhausted, he doesn't come off the floor. >> reggie: 30 of the 71 points here. >> kevin: i don't know if he spent off all game.
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>> reggie: he was off for two seconds. rebound center, fouled. and now nevada can smell blood at a very happy wolfpack group. >> reggie: you don't like seeing that look right there. for clavell. he's done so much for this program. if >> dan: there is no question but now were suddenly into the time of the year where you see all that enthusiasm and all those happy people but there's also people who lose the game. were going to see this kind of look over and over again. in the next couple of weeks. >> kevin: and the skin, colorado state overcame a 16-point deficit to a tie game, nevada had gone up by a handful at colorado state cut it to 12 other half go. not better than scored the next seven points. lead now within their free throw
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right there making it age. the wolfpack the regular season champions and the tournament champions are going to the ncaa tournament for the first time in ten years. ♪ >> kevin: another one has punched a ticket, the nevada wolfpack. tonight on cbs begins a new episode of ransom, and a new edition of 48 hours but for reggie miller, and evan washburn, so long, this has been a presentation of cbs sports, home of the 2017 a national championship. ,,
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while in the santa cruz mountains a chunk of highway 35 has washed away. near mount hamilton, sky drone 5 view of a slide that swallowed half the road. expect original coverage from kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the missing hiker in redwood park was found alive with her dog. two days later and finally rescued. the missing hiker in redwood park was found alive with her dog. i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. midmorning near harkins road in skyline boulevard, she had gone for a hike on thursday and missing ever since. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us from stanford medical center where the tie -- hiker has been taken to recover. >> reporter: she is recovering here at stanford medical center after two nights spent in the woods with her dog camaro. her family are relieved. they say she has a few bumps and bruises and a minor foot injury. but she should be just fine. >> sit her down. >> reporter: a search for bethnee haury that started at 7:30 thursday night came to a
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happy ending this morning. 600 yards off skyline boulevard and 200 feet down a very steep and rocky ravine. he and his son lucas are extremely grateful that bethnee haury and camaro were found safe. >> we've heard a lot of stories. but we just thank god. thank god. the dog was sitting by her the whole time. when we called up for her, we heard her yell back. and then a couple seconds later, we heard the dog bark very clearly. camaro did his job. >> reporter: mike is a volunteer with contra costa county sure -- search and rescue team. his group found her and hiked her back to safety. she says once they spotted her, the training kicked in. >> she was sitting up shivering. very dehydrated. she wanted water. >> reporter: she has early-onset dementia and type two diabetes and had never hiked these trails before. >> kind of look around and do
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some hiking and stuff like that. we assumed it was going to be with us but i went to the office and she took off on her own. >> reporter: and was able to briefly speak with her before an ambulance took her to stanford medical center. he says she was disoriented and only thought she was gone about a day. tonight camaro is going to get a bath and any treaty wants. >> he's a big hero. he stayed with her the whole time. she had him on the leash. he's just very loyal. much thinner. >> reporter: 230 people from 15 various agencies across the bay area helped in this search and rescue. bethnee haury is expected to make a full recovery. jackie ward, kpix 5 news. >> thank you. developing news a bay area man under arrest for climbing a fence and intruding onto the south grounds of the white house. 26-year-old jonathan tran of milpitas appeared in a courtroom today. allegedly told the secret service he was a friend of the
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president. and he was carrying two cans of mace when he was arrested. as meg oliver reform -- reports president trump was inside the white house at the time. >> reporter: president trump and his team talked about homeland security, immigration and healthcare. at his name steak -- namesake golf club in virginia. >> we are having a cabinet meeting and doing it here. >> reporter: the president was asked about a friday night intruder. >> secret service did a fantastic job. it was a troubled person. >> reporter: 20 six-year-old jonathan tran appeared in court saturday. the secret service arrested him at 11:38 near the south portico entrance of the white house. after he scaled defense. when an agent asked if he had a white house pass, he said no, i'm a phrase it -- i'm a friend of the president. president trump was in the white house at the time. vice president mike pence went on the road saturday to sell the gop health care plan. >> for us to seize this
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opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all, we need every republican in congress and counting on kentucky. >> reporter: we talked to leaders in louisville alongside the states republican governor who has expressed concern about the proposal. >> republicans are trying to smooth out their differences, democrats used their weekly address to argue it's a bad deal. >> it means less coverage and higher costs for working families. for seniors the disabled and children. >> reporter: the house is expected to vote on the bill in the next two weeks. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. a handful of white house security breaches over the last few years. prompting the resignation of one secret service director and plans to build a better fence. those have been approved but construction is not set until next year. a protest against one of president trump's few allies in the tech industry. people demonstrated in front of his house in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood. upset her -- upset about a new
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contract. that company has agreed to provide a surveillance system for immigration and customs enforcement. some say he was sending conflicting signals about where he stands on immigration. >> he has said he is for open borders. yet he has knowingly assisted this mass deportation attempt. and i hope that we can talk to him and say i know that you are capable of better than this. >> the technology will enable i.c.e. agents to my data from the drug enforcement agency and fbi. the contract is worth more than $40 million. fighting hate peacefully by bridging the gap between communities with conversation. a number of other bay area locations muslim students from the muslim youth association stood outside near san jose state with signs saying i am muslim. ask me anything as part of the first national meeting muslim day. they say they want to help
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people understand that not all muslims are terrorists. >> i want to basically represent the vast majority of muslims who believe in peace, love, loyalty to the country. i am a proud american. that's why i'm here. >> the word is islam means peace. islam teaches to live a moral and respectful life and that islamic terrorists are desecrating their faith. baseball players hit the ball out of the park for a fallen athlete today. de la salle student ryan bailey died from a brain injury after a fall at the university of nevada reno where he was a freshman. he was a devoted student and athlete at the high school. former teammates honored him in a ceremony before the game against st. mary's. the team invited ryan's family to keep his memory alive. and had his brother make the first pitch. >> my brother is very outgoing. generous. larger than life personality. he definitely carried that to
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the baseball team. >> for every game the team displays ryan's jersey and the team is planning to put up a banner in the field to honor it. let the festivities begin. how thousands are celebrating st. patrick's day right here in the bay area. not going to rain on that parade. plenty of sunshine in the offing for the bay area and a few changes midweek which we'll document when we do the forecast after a break. ,,
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today in san francisco. crowds cheered as the st. patrick's day parade moved down market street... with vintage cars, a celebration of irish heritage in san francisco. crowds cheered as the parade moved down market street with vintage cars marching bands and floats. some 5000 people taking part in the parade made their way to civic center plaza and that is where there was an all day festival with live music and food booths. the celebrations have been going on each march. for 166 years. good weather for it with high-pressure building in over
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the bay area. the number is even now with concord steaming at 74 degrees. livermore at 70. don't forget tonight is the night. spring ahead. we set the clocks ahead at 2:00 a.m. the sun was up this morning at 6:26 a.m. tomorrow sunrise will be 7:24 a.m. the view from high atop the pacific. sunny and warmer tomorrow with low pressure keeping the rain up in seattle where it belongs. here's what's happening. sunny and warm for monday. cool tuesday but no rain in sight through the week. bay area looks pretty cloudy at the airport. new york partly cloudy. and 36 degrees. back in the bay area some spots about 10 degrees above average for this time of year. plenty of readings in the low to mid-70s in the south bay. over the east bay we'll be in the mid-70s as well. and sunday will live up to its name in the north bay with
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santa rosa at 77, 75 at napa, 70 at berkley. 72 oakland and for ukiah 73. 73 clearlake and 79 for st. helena. extended forecast, looking for the numbers to top out near 80 degrees. 80 degrees. believe that? >> really? >> came as a surprise to me. >> by the time we get to the weekend the numbers go back down into the low 70s. ladies and gentlemen, that's the weather. vern glenn is standing by. ,,,,,,,,
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league best record & the spurs...that ments... but to nba up top. a money game with no sizzle. game and a half separates the warriors and the spurs. that matchup in moments. tonight headliner, devoid of stars. >> it's the right thing to do. in terms of the way the season is playing out and the way the minutes have gone. kd's injury. it's the right thing to do. >> so here's what coach is doing after dropping four of six. sitting down these all-stars. curry, thompson, and green. resting while kevin durant remains out and san antonio's kawhi leonard is out with a concussion. andre iguodala also resting. off to the college ranks. jay wright defending national champ in the big east final. creighton was in the way. but josh hart here, throw it up! a 20-point lead. heart scored 29.
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villanova won the conference title 74-60. that's eric musselman. he used to coach the warriors. but he's leading nevada in white. to the ncaa tournament. josh hall scoring the layup. and nevada won the mountain west tournament 79-71. good for him. over colorado state. nhl for you. the puck dropped today. sharks, a matinee game. yeah. player point of you. patrick marleau hit the ice hosting white clad nashville. sharks attack! paul barton slapshot was true. it opened the scoring. predators tied it and it got loose in a second. james neil right in front. nashville state in front -- stayed in front for good. 3-1. snapped a four-game losing streak. sharks just their second loss. they are all right.
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and some cactus league play. giants michael morris just mashed it deep twice against the reds. second long ball factor and giants 9-7 win. johnny cueto allowed one run in two innings. that is a quick sports wrap. >> that's right. >> i'll have more in the next hour. >> we had march madness before hand. we're going to have a lot of that before our new sconce mears -- bhachu -- before our newscasts. >> what was the biggest surprise? >> take a minute and think about it. we've got plenty of time. [ laughter ] >> let's see. i don't know. because at this point, in these conference tournaments, anybody can win. anybody can surprise and get into the title game and pull it off. >> all right. that's why they call it march madness. thanks for watching.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> morgan: another white house security breach. just before midnight, a man with a backpack jumps the fence. president trump is home. the intruder eventually caught. >> secret service did a fantastic job. it was a troubled person. >> morgan: the breach raises new questions about white house security. also tonight, years of war, poverty, and drought leave more than 20 million people on the brink of starvation. >> we are facing the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the united nations. >> morgan: our crumbling roads and bridges get a dismal report card. what will it take to rebuild america? and they were lured in by isis propaganda. now, they are trying to escape its deadly grip. >> reporter: why would you still join


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