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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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in 2014, with a major in electrical engineering, last known address was in milpitas. the incident happened last night. jumped the fence at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. he made it across the grounds before he was stopped at the south portico. when asked if he had the proper pass to be there he said no. i am a friend of the president. i have an apartment. he admitted to the secret service that he jumped the fence. >> secret service today fantastic job. it was a troubled person. >> reporter: tran was arraigned in washington, dc when he was arrested. he had two cans of mace in a backpack as well as a passport. because he had his passport on him the judge in this case denied him bail. he is due back in court in washington, dc. federal court on monday. live at san jose state, andria borba, kpix 5 news. video of a brutal takedown by a vallejo police officer is
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making the rounds on social media. the force used to subdue the suspect was excessive witnesses say. .-dot lynn took the video to local law enforcement experts to get their take on it. -- da lin took it. >> [ yelling ] >> reporter: a violent police encounter caught on tape. officer hitting a suspect with his fists and flashlight. >> police brutality! >> [ yelling ] >> it was no need to brutally beat this kid. >> reporter: police say it happened friday afternoon. someone called 911 to report a man acting crazy at a valero gas station. witnesses say the first arriving officer chased after the suspect for several minutes. before the suspect finally gave up and sat down in the middle of the street. the officer pushed the man onto the ground to try to cut him. but the suspect appeared to struggle with the officer.
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>> the kids surrendered. the cop came up behind him and he dove on the kid and started wailing on him. that's not police. >> reporter: even though it's hard to watch police trainer don cameron set the -- said the officer used appropriate force. >> basically that's what they're trained to do. we want to get the person in custody as quickly as we can. >> reporter: former oakland police chief howard jordan now an analyst agrees the initial contact is fine. but he's troubled by the continuous use of force after a backup officer had arrived. especially when the officer pulled his gun on the crowd. >> [ yelling ] >> the officer may have been trying to keep people from getting close to him. but i don't necessarily agree that's the best use of force. it does look bad. it does appear inappropriate. >> reporter: police say internal affairs is investigating all aspects of the arrest including the officer's use of profanity. the officer dropped the fbi, -- the f bomb at least twice in
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the video. i'm da lin, kpix 5 news. the suspect is in jail facing charges of being under the influence and resisting arrest. by the way the video is going viral on social media tonight. it hit a million views in the first two hours after it was posted. investigator see -- say this is one of three suspects involved in the shooting on i- 80. elliot johnson is a known gang member. the other two suspects are 17. there have been dozens of shootings on east bay freeways since 2015. authorities have a plan to install a network of cameras but kpix 5's christin ayers reports what they don't have is the money. >> it feels as if it's just a matter of time before an innocent victim, a commuter, a family gets caught in the crossfire. >> reporter: the shooting left two people in a minivan wounded. the man is in grave condition. authorities say the couple was targeted by three suspects who are now under arrest. for the members of the task
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force created to investigate we shootings like this one their m.o. was familiar. >> gang members are following rival gang members up onto the freeway specifically hunting them. onto the freeway. to a position where they are vulnerable. >> reporter: mary knox senior deputy district attorney with contra costa county has worked two design a tracking system. a series of cameras and license plate readers from cutting boulevard enrichment all the way to antioch. >> that shot spotter activation will move the cameras and in the direction of the gunfire. and send an alert to task force members. >> reporter: and give investigators a jump on their suspect. how much will it cost? >> approximately $800,000. >> reporter: that is what is holding up the project. the task force is looking to federal, state and local sources for funding but until then, drivers are on edge. >> ridiculous.
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it's ridiculous. too many. >> i have to go up and down every day. now i'm feeling unsafe behind it. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5 news. a woman with dementia is home safe after she went for a walk with her dog and spent two nights wandering in the woods. she was found midmorning west of woodside and taken to stanford medical center. jackie ward is there. >> reporter: this is where bethnee haury is recovering after being lost in the woods for two nights with her dog camaro. family says she's doing relatively okay. a few bumps and bruises. minor foot injury. but she should be fine. >> set her down. set her down. >> reporter: a search for bethnee haury that started at 7:30 thursday nine -- night came to a happy ending. 600 yards of skyline boulevard and 200 feet down a rocky ravine. ed haury says he and his son lucas are grateful that bethany and camaro were found safe.
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>> you never know what's going to happen. we're just -- just thank god. thank god. the dog was sitting by her the whole time. we heard her yell back. and then a couple seconds later we heard the park, the dog bark very clearly. camaro did his job. >> reporter: mike mckinney is a volunteer with the contra costa county search and rescue team. it was his group that found her and hiked her back to safety. she says once they spotted her the training kicked in. >> she was sitting up shivering. very dehydrated. she wanted water. >> reporter: bethnee haury has early onset dementia and diabetes and had never hiked these trails before. >> look around and do some hiking and stuff like that. assumed it was going to be with us. i went to the office and she took off on her own. >> reporter: ed says he was able to briefly speak with her before an ambulance took her to stanford medical center. she was disoriented and only thought she was gone about a day. tonight camaro is going to get a bath and any treats he wants.
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>> yeah. he's a big hero. stayed with her the whole time. he's just very loyal. he senses trouble. >> reporter: more than 230 people from 15 various agencies from across the bay area helped in the search and rescue. she is expected to make a full recovery. in palo alto jackie ward, kpix 5 news. federal investigators are headed to -- after a deadly crash at the oakdale airport. small plane coming into the airport. parked off the runway it burst into flames. >> the plane crash occurred in front of the westernmost hangar on the north side of the runway. at that time witnesses indicated to police that there may have been engine troubles prior to landing. >> the pilot was pronounced dead at the scene. the only person on board. not clear if he tried to radio for help. the faa and ntsb will be investigating. high school baseball
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players in concord hit the ball out of the park for a fallen athlete. former day lasalle student ryan ably died late last year after suffering a brain injury in a fall at the university of nevada where he was a freshman. prior to that ryan was a devoted student and athlete at day lasalle. today former teammates honored him in a ceremony before the game against st. mary's stockton. the team invited ryan's family to keep his memory alive and had his brother threw out the first pitch. >> very outgoing. generous. kind of larger-than-life personality. he definitely carry that to the baseball team. >> the team displays ryan's jersey in the dugout at every game. they are also planning to put up a banner in left field in his honor. still to come a fire breaks out at the bay area hospital sending hazardous material up in smoke. tonight investigators still aren't sure exactly what they were. talk about a jailbreak.
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northern california driver is under arrest accused of intentionally slamming her car into the slammer. spring is in the air. why doctors are warning allergy sufferers to brace. especially nasty season. on the subject, might as well cover the forecast after a break. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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ento main jail take a look at this car. it got mangled when a woman drove it into the lobby of the sacramento main jail earlier this morning. deputies were quick to cut her because the sacramento sheriff's department doesn't think it was an accident. >> she had made statements early on that she had struck some other buildings in the downtown area. >> so far investigators have not found evidence to support that claim. the driver is being evaluated
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for dui. no one was hurt. the same thing happened two weeks ago. a man drove his vehicle through a door at the jail. there is no connection. some scary moments at stanford hospital this morning when a building housing hazardous material caught fire. kpix 5's maria medina tells us could have been worse. >> whatever was on fire reacted negatively to the water. >> reporter: a fire that water could not put out. >> they backed out. requested fire extinguishers. >> reporter: firefighters say the biohazardous materials that caught fire inside the school of medicine at stanford university kept fueling the flames. >> a long list of hazards it could be. >> reporter: now they're trying to figure out which chemicals were in the floor and why it even started. >> difficult when they know it's in the room but they don't know exactly what was burning. so we need to narrow that down. there were a lot of chemicals and hazards that were listed in
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the facility. >> reporter: the medical building serves as the main entrance of the hospital. no one got hurt in the fire that started around 7:30. they say because the building is built to code with sprinklers it kept the flames inside the room and prevented the blaze and chemicals and fire from causing more damage. >> it did its job. and we went in and put the fire out. that's the way it is intended to work. >> patients will have to enter the hospital through the emergency room for at least a day will -- while investigators sift through debris. this firefighter in santa rosa had to channel his inner santa claus when a wooden chimney box caught fire this morning. nobody was hurt but the fire did $10,000 in property damage. firefighters say it's a good reminder of why it's important to have your chimney inspected. if you've been sneezing up a storm you're not alone. it's part of a fallout from the recent rain. craig herrera on why does allergy season could be especially intense.
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>> reporter: angela wood is taking the day off. >> it saps your energy. >> reporter: like so many others , she's suffering from allergies. >> everything is blooming. and i'm allergic to grass and olive trees and pine trees and eucalyptus. >> reporter: coming in a little later than usual this year. >> we had all the rain and it kept washing pollen out. >> reporter: dr. shapiro of the allergy and asthma institute says now that the sun is out, this season to get bad. >> photosynthesis gets everything going. now it's in got a nice combination of water and son. now things are going to start pollinating more aggressively. >> reporter: like trees, wild grass, nasty weeds and even those that produce dandelions. as for next year, all those early budding trees and all that stuff that maybe isn't pollinating a lot this year by
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next year, it's going to be in full growth and that's going to be a tough season also. the best way to tell the difference between allergies and a cold -- >> colds only last a short period of time. >> reporter: usually come with a fever or body aches. >> if it's localized in respiratory tract, stuffy nose and sneezing coughing wheezing that's usually a sign it's an allergy. >> reporter: allergists can help you find out what's making you sneeze. >> i think they should seek doctors help to see what they are allergic to and then wear a mask. >> reporter: when the dandelions wither away they turn into white seeds that look like a cotton ball. people pick them and blow them out and make a wish. just to make it through the allergy season. from toluca lake craig herrera, kpix 5 news. another possible side effect of the wet winter a big uptick in tics. the blood sucking insects thrive in thick vegetation like we see now and that -- there are more people and pests out
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about for tics to last -- to latch onto. let's go to the weatherman. >> your turn. >> warm day in the bay area. numbers near 80 by the time we hit midweek. 16 minutes after 6:00. we are three minutes after sunset. the light is slowly draining from our saturday night sky but still a pleasant view outside and look live. at the bay bridge over there anchored to the island, goat island as it was once known. 69 at concord, oakland 61, livermore 66, san francisco 57 degrees. santa rosa 63. tonight is the night. set your clock ahead by an hour. we spring ahead. 2:00 a.m. officially. sunrise time this morning was 6:26 a.m. tomorrow at 7:24 a.m. futurecast shows that we will have fewer clouds to start out sunday morning. but as we get into the midday,
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you'll see we got plenty of sunshine and the numbers will be about the same as they were today. high pressure is out there in the eastern pacific. moisture is heading into the pacific northwest. leaves us with sunshine and warm temperatures through monday. by tuesday it will cool a bit. but there is no rain in sight. all the way through the week. overnight lows will be looking at readings down to 43 in santa rosa. 43 napa and 45 in fairfield. mid-to-upper 40s will do it. sun up tomorrow 7:25 a.m. travel weather forecast in reading all the way up to 80 degrees. at the shoreline eureka 59, beautiful mendocino 52 degrees and monterey 65. at sfo heading out tomorrow a good day to leave. shouldn't have any weather- related delays.
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high of 66. new york partly cloudy but only 36. atlanta a little bit of rain and los angeles they are all the way up to 88 degrees. for the floods of a couple weeks ago, now they are sweltering in the heat. forecast highs tomorrow in some spots 9 degrees above average for your sunday with numbers in the mid-70s bay white. 73 milpitas, 70 for san jose. morgan hill 73. 75 at los gatos. 75 brentwood. mid-70s on the east bay. a nice sunday and you can apply that to the north bay as well. santa rosa 77, stinson beach 75 and kentfield 70 degrees. nice for cloverdale and clearlake. winds will hit 77 degrees. mid- 70s the next couple days. temperatures warm inland. until finally we peek at 80 degrees on tuesday. the latter half of the week will cool down a little bit and increase cloudiness. looks like a very pleasant week ahead if not completely sunday.
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we'll make do. >> sounds good. the largest and oldest irish heritage event on the west coast took place right here in the bay area. the 166th annual san francisco st. patrick's day parade kicked off at 10:00 a.m. at civic center plaza. thousands from around the country took part in the parade which featured floats, iris dentures -- irish dancers. >> we were the first big immigrant group to show up off the shores of north america unwanted kicked out of our own country. starving illiterate. >> more than 100,000 people attend every year. it just wrapped up about an hour ago. still to come it could be a miracle cure for knee pain. how doctors are helping patients to grow their own replacement parts. offense...i can tell you that much...sports segment one...of two ahead...
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americans of all ages suffer the a's and giants. no shortage of offense. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now: there's a procedure that americans of all ages suffer knee pain and stiffness from cartilage loss. now there is a procedure that promises to make those worn-out knees like no. dr. malcolm marshall shows us how it works. >> chris has had problems with his knees for most of his life but he suffers from a rare condition called osteochondritis. it causes cartilage in his joints to break down. the symptoms in his left knee became unbearable. >> it was quite painful. sports were difficult. walking became an issue. >> reporter: chris who prefers to not use his last name was too young for knee replacement but was a candidate for matrix date -- for macy.
6:23 pm
his own cartilage cells were grown in a lab and placed onto a collagen membrane. the surgeon cut the membrane aside and filled holes in the cartilage of the knee. much like filling a pothole. over time those cells grow and develop into mature cartilage. >> it's a template cut and paste the membrane preloaded with cells into the base of the defect and glue it there. it makes it technically much quicker and easier. >> reporter: it has been overseas for years but was just fda approved in december. quick is the first patient in the u.s. to have it. the procedure could be used to treat the thousands of patients who suffer from loss of cartilage in their knees. including acl injuries and early arthritis. >> look it up. >> reporter: for chris who had many surgeries before macy was almost a breeze. >> it's been very easy comparatively. >> reporter: looking forward to
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getting back to daily activities pain-free. dr. malcolm marshall, cbs news boston. most insurance companies are expected to cover the surgery. patients can return to activities within a year and higher impact sports by 18 months. if you like soccer you might be watching on facebook live. the social network signed a deal with major league soccer and univision to stream live games in the u.s. first match next saturday. by the way facebook is reportedly in talks with major league baseball as well. facebook got the money, -- >> just a matter of time before the major sports hit social media. do a little deal and pull it up and watch it on your phone. >> we love what you have to say. >> i got so much sports. i don't need one segment. i need two of them! we got nhl, rare hockey leadoff today. sharks matinee game. here is a player point of view as patrick marleau hit the ice. the white clad nashville
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predators early first period. the sharks attack! paul martin slap shot is true. the predators did tie it. it got loose in a second. james neil right in front. nashville stayed in front. 3-1. snapped a four-game losing streak. the sharks just the second loss in seven games. they're going to be okay. some cactus league play. giants michael morris mashed it. went deep twice against the reds. second long ball here. giants win 9-7. johnny cueto in his spring debut allowed one run. hunter pence in split squad fashion against the diamondbacks. arizona's jake lamb swinging. took ty blach for a run-scoring triple and a 5-1 victory. the a's and rangers, they lit the scoreboard for 15 runs.
6:26 pm
the a's win 8-7. ryon healy 3-3 with a home run and three rbi. so much. wait until you see the brand of basketball i got in a matter of minutes. >> all right. see you then. coming up in our next half hour, learning more about the bay area man accused of jumping the white house fence. the chemical investigators say he was carrying with him. one of the bay area's most high-powered politicians was on the verge of retiring until president trump took over.
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jack: of the biggest burgers on my menu. double the beef, double jack: the cheese, plus hot and salty fries and a refreshing drink for jack: just $4.99. yup, i took the combo and made it a bigger jack: deal. like how ben franklin made flying kites a bigger deal.
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jack: or how astronauts made a sunday drive a bigger deal. jack: or how egyptians made triangles a bigger deal. sfx: back-up warning beep jack: so, if you want to go big, you know where to go. jack: nice ride. jack: my $4.99 double jack combo. jack: only at jack in the box. vallejo police have launched an internal affairs investigation into this video. it shows an officer hitting a suspect while he was pinned to the ground. one officer was hurt in the scuffle. the suspect is facing char our top story tonight.
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police have launched an internal affairs investigation into this video. shows an officer hitting a suspect while he was pinned to the ground. one officer was hurt in the scuffle. the suspect is facing charges of being under the influence and resisting arrest. a hiker missing since thursday has been found alive near woodside. volunteer searchers found bethnee haury around midmorning in a steep and rocky ravine off skyline boulevard. her dog was with her. bethany has early onset dementia and type two diabetes and had never hiked in that area before. she's now recovering from dehydration at stanford medical center. a man under arrest after hopping a fence onto the south grounds of the white house. he nearly made it to the south portico before secret service agents stopped him. the arrest happened about 20 minutes before midnight. >> president trump was inside the executive mansion at the time. 26-year-old jonathan tran appeared in court in washington, dc today. he is a resident of milpitas and a graduate of san jose state. where he earned an electrical engineering degree in 2014.
6:30 pm
when the secret service arrested him he was allegedly carrying two cans of mace and a passport. police say security footage shows him jumping a courtyard fence of the treasury building which is adjacent to white house fence. according to police report when an agent asked tran if he had a white house pass he said quote, no. i am a friend of the president. i have an appointment. authorities found he did not. his motive for hopping the fence is unclear. the president praised the secret service from his namesake golf club in virginia. >> secret service did a fantastic job. it was a troubled person. >> this is the latest in a handful of white house security breaches over the last few years. there are plans in place to build a better fence but construction will start until next year. tonight house minority leader nancy pelosi says president trump victory sidelines her retirement plans. the san francisco democrat told
6:31 pm
reporters yesterday if hillary had won i was ready to go home. adding we yearn for the day of a mitt romney or a george bush or someone but anyway that motivated me to stay now. pelosi said she's staying on to defend the affordable care act which she said -- which she was heavily involved with. vice president mike pence hit the road today to sell the gop's replacement plan. >> for us to see this opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all we need every republican in congress and we're counting on kentucky. >> he talked to leaders in louisville alongside the republican donor who has expressed concerns about the proposal. while republicans try to smooth out their differences democrats used their weekly address to argue it's a bad deal. >> less coverage and higher costs for working families. for seniors the disabled and children. >> the house is expected to vote on the bill in the next few weeks. the question is how are
6:32 pm
they analyzing it? analyzing it is about algorithms. >> a protest against peter thiel one of president trump's few allies in the tech industry. demonstrators picketed in front of his house in san francisco. upset about a new contract between his company and the government. palantir will provide surveillance system for immigrations and customs enforcement. some say he is sending conflicting signals on immigration. >> he has said he is for open borders. and yet he is knowingly assisting this mass deportation attempt. you know? and i hope that we can talk to him and say i know that you are capable of better than this. >> intelligence news site called the intercept says palantir's technology will enable i.c.e. agents to mine data from the drug enforcement agency and also the fbi. 1000 san francisco restaurants are pushing back against president trump's immigration crackdown.
6:33 pm
they are signing on to become sanctuary workplaces. the golden gate restaurant association estimates more than 30% of the city's restaurant workers are undocumented. the association is setting up a workshop with immigration attorneys later this month. where owners and employees can learn about their life. >> we are a city and a country that was founded by immigrants. who -- whose success and future depends on immigrants. we have a president and now immigration agents who have forgotten that. >> the assemblyman says he's exploring a possible state law to strengthen workplace protections for undocumented people. muslim youth are working to bridge the gap between communities with conversation. today in san jose muslim students stood outside san jose state with signs saying i'm a muslim ask me anything. the event was one of several across the country for the first national meeting muslim
6:34 pm
day. participants say they want to help people understand that not all muslims are terrorists. >> i want to come out here and basically represent the vast majority of muslims who believe in peace and love and loyalty to their country. i am a proud american. that's why i'm here. >> the muslim students took the idea to have a dozen other locations across the bay area. the widow of the nightclub shooter a woman with bay area ties just had her bail revoked. a federal judge in florida says noor salman must stay in jail throughout the criminal proceedings against her. that overturns a ruling by a magistrate in oakland who said she could live with a relative in rodeo. last june omar mateen killed 49 people at the pulse nightclub in orlando before being killed by police. his widow is accused of hiding prior knowledge of what he was planning and creating a cover story for him. japan marked the sixth
6:35 pm
anniversary of the deadly 2011 earthquake and tsunami with a minute of silence across the country. that disaster left more than 18,000 people dead or missing. most of the affected towns remain only partially rebuilt. the magnitude nine-point oh quake struck off the coast on march 11, it triggered a massive tsunami. look at that. widespread destruction as well as a nuclear disaster that spread radiation over a wide area. more than 100,000 people cannot or will not return to their homes. still to come, watch your step. why your odds of getting hit by a car are about to go up after this weekend. arachnophobia may want to stay away from this fashion statement. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we spring forward tomorrow morning! but experts say: be careful when you get behind the wheel of a car.
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that was quick. it's that time again. we spring forward. experts say be careful when you get behind the wheel of a car. researchers from university of colorado boulder found pedestrians are more likely to be hit and killed by a car just after the time change than at any other time of the year. studies show 17% spike in deadly traffic accidents just after the shift. sleep specialists think this might be because -- might be because people are sleep deprived and the end up driving drowsy. people are bound to lose sleep over the time change. as we show, most people go to work sleep deprived most of the time. >> reporter: john hanford has to work most days feeling a little tired. >> how much sleep do you get on a weeknight? >> six hours if i'm lucky. >> reporter: when you're not lucky? >> four. >> reporter: adults are supposed to get eight hours of sleep each night but a new career builds -- only one in five workers actually reaches that goal.
6:39 pm
that means millions are working on too little sleep. most say it has an impact on their jobs. >> definitely harder to concentrate when you feel tired or constantly having coffee to stay awake. >> reporter: people say being tired makes them less productive and motivated. also affects memory and makes them crabby. many people can't escape work even when they are sleeping. 65% of people dream about work. 1 in 10 say it happens often. >> i have nightmares but i forgot the deadline or something that was due. >> it's a struggle. >> reporter: kevan george says being tired makes the day move slower. >> you feel like the whole day is going by and you can't wait to get to sleep that night. >> reporter: worrying you're not getting enough sleep can make things worse. >> you get stressed about not sleeping and it makes it harder to fall asleep. >> reporter: half of those surveyed say thinking about work keeps them up at night. hena daniels, cbs news, new york. >> 15 workers has called in
6:40 pm
sick to get some sleep. if you're searching for the perfect gift for the guy who has everything how about a tie? from -- spun from spider silk. bolt threads doesn't actually employ an army of arachnids. it grows silk in a lab. those ties are not cheap. they will set you back more than $300 apiece. maybe you think that's cheap because it's a good conversation piece. >> think your commute to work is tough? try walking a mile in this guy's shoes. a little music trivia. as we look live towards bay bridge we've got forecast coming up. and also this guy. >> on the eve of the ncaa tournament selection sunday, 14 more teams will punch their tickets to that exclusive field. ,,,,,,
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just remember this guy. winds at shington if you ever complain about walking to work remember this guy. winds at the mount washington observatory in new hampshire were gusting more than 100 miles per hour. as this worker struggles to make his way across the observation deck the peak gusts 119 miles per hour. the observatory is a nonprofit that does research on the earths weather. and climate. the wind gusts in new york gave the freezing cold temperatures and extra bite. a late winter storm blanketed this coney island amusement park in snow.
6:44 pm
six inches fell yesterday and temperatures plummeted into the teens. and check this out. thousands gathered to watch as the boat leapt this emerald green liquid -- it leaked to the liquid but it's actually environmentally friendly vegetable dye. a decades long tradition to dye the river to officially kick off st. patrick's day celebrations across the windy city. >> looks completely natural to me. probably would happen in nature anyway. we cannot remind you often enough it's time to spring ahead tonight. 2:00 a.m. officially sunday morning. set your clocks ahead one hour tonight. sunrise this morning was 6:26 a.m. tomorrow it will be 7:24. a pretty sight. bay bridge in the distance. concord right now still warm. 69 degrees. oakland 59. san francisco 57. on the futurecast there are low clouds that hugged the
6:45 pm
coastline tonight. sunrise tomorrow will be well off shore. a mostly sunny sunday out of it. numbers a little bit warmer than they were today. today was nice. shorts and t-shirt weather. sunny and a little bit warmer tomorrow as high-pressure directs the moisture in the pacific well up to the pacific northwest. washington and oregon get some rain. but not us. sunny and warm through monday. a very pleasant week ahead. does not look like rain inside through the week. always stay tuned. overnight lows tonight 43 in napa, fairfield 45 degrees. livermore 44 and redwood city 45 . out of the area 80 degrees at reading tomorrow. tahoe and yosemite look very nice. 76 at sacramento. down in monterey, pacific grove mid-60s. nice. heading out of the bay area sfo looks pretty good.
6:46 pm
56 degrees mostly sunny by the afternoon. chicago 35 degrees. and partly cloudy skies. here is how it looks tomorrow. numbers are the big story mostly in the low to mid-70s. 72 at sunnyvale, 74 cupertino. east bay mid-to-upper 70s. wow. changing in a hurry. temperatures tomorrow low 70s very nice in cloverdale, clearlake ukiah and lake -- lakeport. looking for things to warm up and we hit 80 degrees inlet by tuesday. cool it down but not dramatically but letter half of the week looks pretty good as well as we increase clouds to a little bit -- you found the weather fairly exciting but if not we've got sports. quick nva note. warriors all of its all-stars are on the bench. they trail the spurs by 20 at the half. 64-44. moving pictures on the late
6:47 pm
show. college ball for you. take a look at eric musselman. he used to go to the warriors. he led the nevada reno program and josh hall going to win the mountain west tournament 79-71 to earn the automatic bid. wolf pack get to dance after a 10-year absence. give me jay wright. defending national champion coach of villanova. the big east final. creighton in the way. josh hart here. bang. gave the wildcats a 20-point lead. villanova won the title and that ncaa bid 74-60. take a look at this. this is the michigan team plane after it crash landed three days ago. before the big ten tournament. since then they went on a run to today's conference some ice. and look at big blue go. derek wathan junior hit at the five minute mark. he scored 29.
6:48 pm
the wolverines rolled 84-77. they face wisconsin in the championship game. segway over to golf. adam had win in the middle of a round had a sack at florida. pga stop track this one. nearly got an ace at the par three ace. after four shots -- after a four under 67. 49er business. are you ready for some football talk in march? free agency time! 49ers unveiled seven yesterday. the one drawing all the eyeballs was brian hoyer. the expected starting quarterback. reunited with kyle shanahan. the two worked together in cleveland 2014 was the year the browns started off 7-4. kyle shanahan was the offensive coordinators and he made the transition easy here. >> kyle first year head coach and john as the gm, to know
6:49 pm
they want you to help start their era was very flattering. i knew in my gut this was the place that was for me. had to get my wife on board moving to california. she said who wouldn't want to live in california? i knew this was going to be the place for us. >> we leave you with this. tony romo here. who knows where his next job will be? dallas? trading him or releasing him? houston texans are reportedly one of the teams interested. we found two houston fans who made a roma recruiting pitch. >> come on, tony. how you going to win the big one if you don't take a tangent -- take a chance? ♪ how you going to win the big one if you don't take a chance? ♪ come on, tony. come on, tony.
6:50 pm
♪ time to leave. come on, tony. >> i love it. a little take off on kool and the gang. >> get down on it. >> sounds good. a youtube video has led to a police investigation in southern california. you actually see two kids riding in the back of a truck filled with what are called gel beads. other drivers didn't think the stunned looked so safe and called police. fun and games ended when the kids mom and dad were arrested for child endangerment. they also picked up a pair of traffic tickets. >> we had five minutes of fun. we know it's illegal. >> i take responsibility for breaking the law and we apologize to corona pd for wasting their time and they had to deal with it and all that. >> city of corona said the beads that fell out of the back required an extensive cleanup effort. if my little guy is watching we're not doing that.
6:51 pm
>> probably good advice. counting down to the bay area spelling bee. >> i don't think i'd get very far. >> why some past national champions say they would be no competition for today's super spellers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
gearing up for next weekend's scripps regional spelling bee here at the kpix studios. and tonight: kids all across the bay area are gearing up for next weekends spelling bee at the kpix 5 studios. tonight classmates are cheering on local super spellers like alex from roosevelt elementary school in burlingame.
6:54 pm
this week we're bringing you a series of stories as we count down to the competition. sharon chin starts us off with two bay area residents who were part of an elite class of "spellebrities." >> reporter: dan greenblatt won in 1984. >> i don't believe this. >> moments after winning. >> reporter: and wendy lai was a 12-year-old from florida in 19 -- in 1996. >> i was really nervous. the intense competition. >> reporter: both residents remember what they spelled to win the scripps national spelling bee. >> that means buried alive. >> we were the final two. >> reporter: dan is a software engineer who studied hard to turn this trophy. >> do the words over and over. a week and a half before the national be i said that's it. i'm done. i can't do any more.
6:55 pm
if i don't know it by now i'm not going to know it. >> a lot of pressure. >> reporter: a berkley middle school math teacher recalls what fueled her determination. >> i resolved i was going to study and try to do my best so i could win this opportunity to go to dc. >> reporter: they were ready to spell and initially enjoyed national tv appearances and other perks. >> one of the random highlights was going to a chinese restaurant with my parents and the owner saying i saw you on tv. you won the national spelling bee. 10% off the bill. [ laughter ] >> the check. >> reporter: they are glad the notoriety wore off. >> you the phone calls from media and people sending you random letters in the mail. finding your parents phone number and calling you. after a while it's like enough. >> this was at the banquet. >> reporter: they are thankful for their experience. >> that was also one of the really big lessons i took away
6:56 pm
was -- was just being able to exhibit grace under pressure. >> reporter: if they competed today they agreed -- >> i don't think i'd get very far nowadays. >> reporter: we have to take them at their word. sharon chin, kpix 5 news. they will be at the cbs bay area spelling bee next saturday. they will not have to spell. they are going to be on our panel of judges. kpix 5's and kay cbs radio will host the event in our studios and you can watch it live at noon. on cable 12 or the winner will represent the bay area at the national competition in may. >> it has gotten tough because the winning word in 1940 was the word therapy. you can spell that. you know what the word was in 2014? >> what was it? >> there you go. >> they are celebrities. "spellebrities". thanks for watching.
6:57 pm
seen here at 11.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
[ music ] >> announcer: the following program is sponsored by operation smile. every year, hundreds of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and or cleft palate. >> dr. bill magee: why should any child, anywhere on this planet, have to live a life of misery. >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that are born with these deformities are cursed.
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just imagine a life alone, that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bags over their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live, because they have problems with eating, and drinking, and die of malnutrition. >> mel: and they see us as their last resort. >> dr. jill gora: every child deserves a fair chance at life, >> peggy stillman: it may only take an hour to do something that will change their lives forever. >> noreen kessler: and you just see a whole new person, a whole new beginning. it's almost like they're reborn. i can't think of another word but phenomenal. [ music ] >> roma downey: as a mother, i would do anything i could to help my child live a normal life. and i'm sure you would, too. but what if you couldn't do anything? what if you were totally helpless?


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