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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studio, this is kpix 5 news. >> is it odd that he got that far? um, it's odd he didn't get shot. now at 11:00, two cans of pepper spray and an appointment with the president. a bay area man in court today after becoming a white house intruder. good evening i'm juliette goodrich. >> the man was in court today from dc, and the sketch from the hears late last night. tran jumped a fence and walked right up to the executive mansion. andrea borba is here now with what he told police. >> certainly not the first white house fence jumper, but he's the first since president trump took office. >> reporter: the incident happened last night, and jonathan tran is said to have jumped a fence to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. he made it across the grounds
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before he was ultimately stopped by the secret service. >> everybody thinks it's something that shouldn't happen, but if you've ever been to watch watch dc there's -- washington dc there's a lot of people around there. there's a fence on the outer perimeter, but people can climb the fence. >> reporter: tran, a 2014 san jose state grad made it to the south entrance before he was stopped. when asked if he had a pass to be on the white house grounds he said no, i'm a friend of the president. i have an appointment. >> to get from over the fence and then the run and get to, you know, close to the white house, it doesn't take much time. is it odd that he got that far? it's odd that he didn't get shot. >> reporter: president trump had this to say about the perimeter breach. >> the secret service did a fantastic job. it was a troubled person. >> reporter: when secret service agents arrested tran, they found two cans of mace and his passport in a backpack.
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a security analyst say the charges he's facing would be different if he was armed with something stronger than mace. >> if he had a firearm, yeah, that would be different. they have strict rules on that. but mace? what would he do with that? >> reporter: harp believes he'll probably face a federal trespassing charge. >> and it's a mental health issue he probably needs help more than he needs to be charged. >> he'll be back in court on monday. andrea borba,. and breaking news on the peninsula, a water main is gushing onto a street in belmont. the break is on sharon avenue near alameda. the water district is now on the scene. it's unclear when they'll have the water shut off. and new at 11:00, san francisco police are looking for the gunman in a deadly shoot not guilty north beach.
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a -- shooting in north beach. a 22-year-old man was gunned down near the intersection of grant and green. the shots were fired just after 1:30 this morning. the victim hasn't been identified yet. investigators are talking to witnesses and hoping for tips from the public as they try and track down the shooter. this video has now been seen around the world. vallejo officers taking down a suspect, but witnesses say the use of force was over the top. the video got about a million views in the first two hours after it was posted online. kpix 5's da lin showed the video to law enforcement experts to get their take on it. is in jail facing ing being under [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] >> reporter: a violent police encounter caught on tape. an officers hitting a suspect with his fist and flashlight. [ inaudible ] >> i am -- [ inaudible ] >> it was wrong. no reason to brutally beat this
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kid. >> i can still hit you [ bleep] >> reporter: vallejo police say it happened friday afternoon. someone called 911 to report a man acting crazy at a gas station. the witnesses say the first arriving officer chased after the suspect for several minutes before the suspect finally gave up and sat down in the middle of the street. the officer pushed the man onto the ground to try and cuff him, but the suspect appeared to struggle with the officer. >> the kid venderred, but the -- surrendered, but the cop dove on the kid and started welling on him. come on man. >> reporter: even though it's hard to watch, this expert said he used the right amount of force. >> we want to get them in custody as quickly as we can. >> reporter: a former police chief, now a kpix 5 analyst agrees the initial contact is fine, but he's troubled by the continuous use of force after a
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back up officer had arrived. especially when the officer pulled his gun on the crowd [ inaudible ] [ bleep] >> i understand the officer needed to try and keep the people from getting close to him, but i don't necessarily agree that's the best use of force. the kid does look bad, it does appear inappropriate. >> reporter: vallejo police say internal affairs is investigating all of this, including the officer's use of profanity. he dropped the f bomb at least twice in the video. i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> officials tell us an officer was injured and the suspect is in jail facing several charges. a bay area woman with dementia is safe tonight after she went with a walk for her dog and spent two nights wandering the woods on the peninsula. she was found mid-morning and staken to stanford medical cent. she only has a few bruises and
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a minor foot injury. here's more on how she was found. >> reporter: a search that started at 7:30 thursday night came to a happy ending at 10:30 in morning. 600 yards of skyline boulevard and 200 feet down a steep and rocky ravine. ed says he and his son lucas with extremely grateful that she and the dog were found safe. >> you never know what will happen. we've heard a lot of stories, but you just thank god. the dog was sitting right by here the whole time. when we called out for her she yelled back and a couple of seconds later we heard the dog bark very clearly, so he did his job. >> reporter: mike is a volunteer with the contra costa county search and rescue group. he says once they spotted her the training kicked in. >> she was sitting up, shivering, very dehydrated.
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>> reporter: bethany has early onset dementia and type 2 diabetes, and had never hiked the trail. >> she was going to hike with us, but she took off on her own. >> reporter: ed says he was able to briefly speak to her before she went to the hospital. he said she was disoriented and thought she was only gone a day. tonight camaro will get a bath and any treats he wants. >> he's just very loyal. >> reporter: more than 230 people from 15 various agencies from across the bay area helped in the search of rescue. she'll make a full recovery. chp is investigating a deadly crash in campbell tonight. it happened this afternoon on the expressway near the sunny oaks off ramp. the driver of a car slammed
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into another car head on. one person died, another person was taken to the hospital. the off ranch is closed -- ramp is closed while crews investigate. new at 11:00, a mom who saved her high school son from dying on the soccer field was back on the field tonight at the san jose earthquakes game. the team honored her life saving heroics. >> reporter: three weeks ago 16- year-old jose was hit in the chest with a soccer ball so hard he collapsed right on the field. >> the ball hit my chest and it disrupted my heart beat. >> reporter: he immediately went into cardiac arrest, he stopped breathing. his mother ran onto the field to save her own son's life. she just so happened to be a family practice physician. >> i ran out and gave him cpr until firefighters came in. >> reporter: she pumped her
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son's chest for three minutes until medics arrived. doctors believe he survived because of his mom's last minute chest compressions. >> it was a nightmare, but everything turned out great, and he's with us today. >> reporter: the san jose earthquakes brought the pair onto the field before today's game to honor them. the soccer club also gave the family 50 tickets to watch the games and watch jose kick the ceremonial goal [ cheering ] >> reporter: a symbolic night to remember. jose said he always thought his mom was a hero even before saving her son's life. his mom said she was nervous, but quickly shifted into doctor mode and said it was game on. today for president trump and his team. meetings at well homeland security and health care were the hot topics today for president trump and
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his team. they held meetings at the president's golf club in virginia while the vice president pushed the new gop health care. >> for us to seize the opportunity to repeal and replacamy republican notary public congress, and we're counting on kentucky. >> he talked to small business leaders in louisville alongside the state's republican governor who's expressed concerns about the proposal. at the same time democrats used their weekly address to argue it's a bad deal. >> it means less coverage and higher costs for working families, for seniors, the disabled, and for children. >> the house is expected to vote on the bill in the next two weeks. tonight house minority leader pelosi said president trump sidelines her retirement plans. the san francisco democrat told reporters yesterday if hillary clinton had won i was ready to go home saying we yearn for the day of george bush or romney,
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but it motivated her to stay. and she says she's staying on to defend the affordable care act. new at 11:00, a prominent federal prosecutor in manhattan says he's been fired by the trump administration after he refused to quit. barrara tweeted today i didn't resign. moments ago i was fired. he added that being the us attorney in the southern district of new york will forever be the greatest honor of his life. he was appointed by former president obama in 2007, and shortly -- 2009, and shortly after last year's election the president told him the the job was secure, but yesterday he was asked to quit along with 45 other us attorneys around the country. still to come, the winter brush fire that broke out today close to southern california homes. >> plus the woman who literally crashed herself right into jail. the charges she's facing tonight. >> there's a long list of
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things it could be. >> the list of repairs and clean up at stanford after a fire burns through bio hazard at the medical center. >. and sniffing and sneezing your way through 2017, an undate on the year's -- update on the year's allergy season, and why some experts say next year could be worse. >> and we could be near 80 degrees before you know it. we have the forecast for you, plus the next chance of rain coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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southern california. it sparked somehow in a canyon behind a school in sherman oaks. only four acres burned because of the quick respo i winter brush fire sparked in a canyon behind a school in sherman oaks. only four acres burned though because of a quick response. firefighters had it surrounded before any homes had to be evacuated. back here in the bay area, biohazardous terms going up in flames at the hospital. they're trying to determine what started the fire. >> and whatever was on fire reacted negatively to the water. >> reporter: it was a fire that water could not put out. >> they backed out, requested fire extinguishers. >> reporter: the materials at that cause fire inside the school of medicine at stanford university kept fueling the flames. >> there's a long list of hazards that it can be. >> reporter: and now they're trying to determine what it was and why it started.
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>> they know what's in the room, but don't know exactly what was burning, so we need to actually narrow that down because there were a lot of chemicals and hazards listed in the facility. >> reporter: the medical building is actually the main entrance of the hospital. no one was hurt in the fire that started around 7:30 this morning, but because it's build to code with sprinklers, it kept the flames inside the room and prevented the blaze and chemicals on fire from causing more damage. >> it did its job. it contained the fire and we went in and put the fire out, and that's the way it's intended to work. e cramento county >> and take a look at this. a woman plows her car into the lobby of the sacramento jail. she was cuffed later just after 5:30 this morning, and she's suspected of drunk driving. >> she made statements early on that she struck other buildings in the downtown area. >> got right in the middle and just punched it straight through. >> no one was hurt. obviously the woman didn't have
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a long way to go to be processed. care for m well, wild life rescue in the sierra foothills now has a bigger home to care for more animals. the gold country wild life rescue volunteers spent most of the day moving into their new location in auburn. the rescue cares for wild animals in the sierra that get hurt and are in danger of dying. they treat about 3500 animals a year, and the new facility adds a lot more room. >> it's built for animals, so there's already drains in the floor, and big skylights, isolation rooms. it will be incredible for wild life. >> we have three little gray quills with us about five -- squirrels with us about five days old. >> the rescue is run mainly by volunteers. well, a sea of green in san francisco today. tens of thousands of people turned out for the annual st. patrick's day parade today down market street. ♪[ music ] where the party continued until early this evening.
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's day events >> 5,000 people were a part of the parade. it ended at civic center plaza where the party continued until early this evening. the st. patrick's day events have been going on 166 years in san francisco. and spring is right around the corner meaning many of us are sneezing up a storm. experts say the super wet winter could make for an intense allergy season later in the year and next year. the doctor says... allergies haven't been that bad yet this >> all the stuff that notice photo synthesis to get it going has a nice combination of the water and sun, so things will start pollinating more aggressively. >> and allergies haven't been that bad because the returning rains keep clearing the pollen out this year. he's already trying to predict what will happen next year. the allergt says... if you don't >> all those early budding trees, the grass, that's not pollinating much this year, by next year will be in full growth making for a tough season. >> one way to tell a difference between allergies and a cold,
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the allergist says if you don't feel your body ache it's almost always allergies. >> all right, good advice. and here's more good advice tonight if you haven't heard, tonight we spring ahead, clocking go ahead by an hour, or wait until 2:00 if the morning. so just to emphasize it, set the clocks ahead an hour tonight. the sun was up this morning at 6:26 a.m., tomorrow, sunday, sunrise at 7:24 a.m. as we look toward the bay bridge, san francisco bay beautifully lit up. we're all in the 50s right now as we approach 11:20 p.m. tonight. you can see some low clouds offshore, hugging the coastline, and as the night progresses, the low clouds get a little closer. so we'll have a few patches of clouds tomorrow. but not much. the vast majority have seen nothing, but sunshine tomorrow, and high pressure is built in over the pacific.
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rain up in the pacific northwest every day this week, but for us light winds and warm temperatures during the daytime, so sunny and warm through monday. no rain in sight through the week and overnight lows tonight on the chilly side. sun up tomorrow as we said at 7:25, and if you're really going to head out, sfo shouldn't slow you down by virtue of the weather. notary public atlanta tomorrow -- in atlanta tomorrow a few showers and 53. for us we're as much as 10 degrees above average with the south bay in the mid-70s. cupertino 74. the east bay in the mid-70s. north bay low 70s should do it and plenty of sun. lake county, sonoma county looking good. temperatures mostly in the mid- 70s. extended forecast, we're warming up first half of the week, and then we cool it down. all in all it's looking pretty good. alot to talk about... i know a certain news
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anchor that's going to be awfully proud tonight. we have sports settling in the next two segments. a lot to talk about. where do the warriors go from here? how about home? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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right? as i know t warriors -- the warriors have three straight
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losses, but we saw tonight come right? as steve kerr shut down the prime time all star players. thompson, curry, green, all set. they were gassed, i get it. step back three! dubs within 10. patty miles, dubs down 20 at the half. mills scored 21. former warrior david lee got some. spurs roll 107-85. san antonio within a half game of golden state for top seed in the western conference. we have a player point of view, hitting the ice, early first period against nashville, the sharks attack. barton to open the scoring.
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predators tied it, and then got loose in the second. james neil in front. nashville won the game 3-2, snap a four -- 3-1, snap a four- game losing streak. we got patriotism in miami. world baseball classic. team usa up 5-3 on the domican. nelson cruz, and that's headed out. usa now 1 and 1 after losing today. not seen here but brandon crawford had two rbi in the game. we have earthquakes soccer. lima, the valley product scoring his first goal playing against vancouver, and it got better. quakes erased a 2-0 deficit to win. in the 79th minute, quakes now 2-0 to start the season.
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we got the matter of conference champions to >> the sports engine just getting warm tonight. we have the matter of conference champions to address. who earned ncaa automatic bids? possible regional top seeds too. keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month.
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hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. ..incluiding the pac-12... college basketball, 14 automatic ncaa division one tournament bids were handed out tonight, including the pac12. bill walton on the left called this one in vegas.
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arizona dark uniforms attacking oregon leading by 11, and missing a big shot, put them up by 14 here. you know every time the cats needed a play they got one. like allen, a follow tip here. second seed arizona beat top seeded oregon 83-80. pac 12 champs, could they draw a regional top seed? and we have former warrior coach. nevada and colorado state. oliver tipped in, and the wolf pack won the game 79-71. nevada headed to the tournament for the first time in ten years. give me an anteeater, a -- ant eater, a uc davis ant eater. lamar there bucking, and uc davis aggies won it, and
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they're headed to the big dance for the first time in school history, and jules is happy. i have nothing to top that! >> go aggies! we'll be right back. thank you for that. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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newscast is winter weather, believe it or not... spring is right around the corner. daylight saving time starts in less than 3-hours. at two a-m... your clocks will jump ahead one hour. that means parts of nation are still dealing with winter weather, but spring is right around the corner. daylight savings time starts in less than three hours. 2:00 a.m. the clocks jump ahead one hour. actually you have to make them jump. that means one less hour of sleep. i don't know why we say that because frankly i'll sleep eight hours, i don't care what the clock does. >> clearly you don't have kids [ laughter ] >> true. >> thanks so much for watching, the next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:30. have a good one. [ laughter ] >> i'm ready to go. we'll see you tomorrow. >> have a good one. ,,,,,, ,,
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hey. hey. what are you doing home? linda is spending time with her son tonight. apparently, she's one of those single moms that puts her kid first. the bitch. you're just saying that 'cause our mom put us third. fourth after she got the datsun 280-z. so whatcha you doing? paying our household bills. you're a good wife, alan. i can't believe some lucky fella hasn't snapped you up. probably the penis. that's usually a deal-breaker. so, how are we doing bill-wise? not very well. are you aware you haven't had a paying job in over nine months? are you aware that urine cures athlete's foot?


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