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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 12, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. growing frustrations. a bay area community cut off by a mudslide is calling for more action. >> morgan territory road in contra costa county has been closed since february 24 because of a dis--- because of a mudslide. jessica florez joins us from that area. >> reporter: residents have already had to deal with not having power, not having water. those issues have been temporarily fixed but the big frustration now is finding a safe and easy route out of the community. the slide has cut off the most direct way out of the community
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. for second grader alley, that means missing several days of school.>> going to school is not easy. i miss my teacher and friends. >> my kids go to school i walnut creek. most of the kids go to school in clayton. to have to go all the way around , there is no easy route. >> reporter: residents spend their days lugging groceries and belongings anywhere from half a mile to several miles out to their cars parked on the northern side of the slide near marsh creek road. >> it would be great to be able to grab groceries and not have to hike back. >> reporter: pat duggan hosted a community meeting at his home yesterday. 250 people showed up. contra costa county says they can't start fixing the road yet because the slide is still moving 10 to 12 inches a day. >> if we get an alternate route, we don't care how long it takes to fix it.>> reporter: the county is exploring three
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alternative routes. the options require using private land and the approval of the property owners. one of the routes goes through a state park which requires an environmental impact study. for now, residents wanting to drive out are forced to go south using a narrow road through livermore.>> it is too far around. if you meet another car on the road, it becomes very challenging. >> to tell the kids we will be in the car for hours to get to school is not okay. >> reporter: contra costa county says it could be about six months before the road is totally back open and fixed. reporting live, jessica florez, kpix 5 it has been three weeks since floodwaters wreaked havoc in san jose. 14,000 people were forced to leave their homes at one point. today, many of them got some much-needed support. a donation drive offered piles of free clothes, furniture,
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mattresses and other household items for flood victims. all of it was donated from people living across the bay area. the drive was mainly organized i a neighbor who witnessed all of the flood damage. >> we went door to door to every house and made sure we had what everyone needed. the collection that we have here is what people said they needed. >> we are told that the salvation army and a local chapter of catholic charities are also helping san jose flood victims. we have learned one of the two people wounded in a freeway shooting has died. this happened thursday along interstate-80 in richmond. kpix 5's donlon spoke to the victims family. >> reporter: the victim's brother was shot three times including one bullet to the back of his head. doctors declared him brain-dead. on friday evening, the family decided to remove him from life support. a chp investigator said three gang members targeted and shot him thursday afternoon while he was driving
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a honda minivan on i-80 in richmond. his female passenger was shot in the hand and is in stable condition. >> senseless people without a heart decided to take my brother away. my whole family is in pain right now. i know they don't know what they did. >> reporter: the victim's brother does not know why anyone would target him saying it was likely a case of mistaken identity. >> people get revenge on each other. that is not the case in this one. this is an innocent man shop or no reason. >> reporter: this is one of three suspects, 24-year-old elliot johnson, a parolee who has a long rap sheet ranging from gun crimes to carjacking. the other two suspects are 17- year-old boys. detectives say one of the boys fired the shots . the chp said the latest shooting is one of roughly 80 freeway shootings in the bay area since late 2015.
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>> i know damarcus would want me to remain small -- strong. as of right now, i don't know how to forgive. >> reporter: the chp will have a press conference in the next few days to talk more about the shooting and the connections of the 80+ freeway shootings. >> the adult suspect will be in court this week they sing murder and attempted murder charges. the prosecutor has yet to announce whether the two juveniles will be tried as adults. there are new developments in a case of nlp this man charged with trespassing at the white house. 26-year-old jonathan tran is due in court tomorrow. he is being held without bond and faces a possible 10 year prison sentence if convicted. tran allegedly hop the fence and made it across the grounds before he was stopped at the south portico. he reportedly told agence he was a friend of the president and had an appointment.>> to get from over the fence and then to run and get close to the white
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house, it does not take much time. is it odd he got that far? it is odd he did not get shot. >> tran was carrying two cans of mace. the charges could be more serious if he had been carrying a weapon. the president slammed who replaced obamacare is still struggling to get traction. republican critics are laying out their objections. rugs and is a very says that is not the only issue where some republicans disagree with the president. >> reporter: one day after nationwide protests against a gop healthcare proposal, house speaker paul ryan defended the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare on face the nation. >> how many people are going to you -- to lose coverage? >> democrats say they are waiting for the nonpartisan congressional budget office to release results monday. detailing coverage, cost and how the plan will be funded.>>
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you are throwing 10 million people off of the health insurance they currently have. >> reporter: the plan is facing opposition from republicans who say it doesn't go far enough.>> we don't want that. >> reporter: they argue it could make healthcare worse. >> this bill cannot pass the senate. i believe it would have adverse consequences for millions of americans. >> reporter: speaker ryan said he has not seen any proof suggesting former president obama wiretapped trump tower during the 2016 campaign. >> have you seen anything to suggest the wiretap? >> no. >> reporter: the house intelligence committee has asked the justice department to turn over any evidence by monday. >> there is one of two possibilities. either the president quite deliberately made up discharge or perhaps more disturbing, the president really believes this. >> reporter: the committees two public -- first public hearing is set for march 20. president donald trump's
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counselor kellyanne conway told foxnews sunday the white house will comment on the wiretapping allegations after the house and senate intelligence committees finish their investigation. donald trump junior says he has not spoken to his father since the inauguration as part of an agreed-upon business arrangement. the president gave control of his business to two sons back in january but he kept a financial interest drawing criticism about ethics and conflict of interest your donald trump junior says "i basically have zero contact with him at this point. " he also said his father is getting more done than his predecessor.>> what is exciting for me as an american, as a father of five young kids, is i am watching more take place in two months then i saw in two terms before. >> this was trump junior's first political appearance since his father took office. a different kind of march
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madness in east bay. dozens of wheelchair users and disabled athletes gathered for a weekend basketball tournament. kpix 5's john remus shows us that the game has greater meaning than you might pect.>> coast guard gymnasium in alameda, a basketball tournament was held where players had a lot more to overcome than just numbers on a scoreboard. this is wheelchair basketball, sort of a nascar version of the game where no one ever stays in their own lane. >> this is perfect for bumping into each other. it is bumper car basketball. >> reporter: the bay area outreach and recreational program hosted eight club level teams from northern california and nevada in the competition. >> one of the things that the players get out of it is a community of people who are in the same situation.>> reporter: a tough situation, sure. anyone looking for sympathy here has come to the wrong
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gymnasium. >> they have come through it. they have overcome. let's live life differently and happily. >> reporter: the games are fiercely competitive. a player was ejected for giving the representative too much grief . if someone takes a fall, no one from the sidelines runs in to help. that is not how they roll here. you have to flip yourself over. >> maybe someone will help you at some point.>> it is part of the pride of the game. there is definitely some pride. >> reporter: these are men and women who refuse to be defined by what they can't do. if you think that makes them equal to you, hop in a chair and they will change your mind about that too. in alameda, john remus, kpix 5 the programs influence continues off court . three quarters of disabled americans are unemployed, 80% of clients
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go to college and have a job. a meeting today in oakland geared toward stopping the raiders from leaving town. a fan and committed conference happened at a hotel near the coliseum. speakers talked about the economic damage they say would occur if the raiders moved to las vegas. organizers say they are getting support from nfl fan groups around the country. >> it seems like the ownership is so committed that they feel they need to get out of here while they are not understanding that we have been so committed to them for the past five years. there is a way to make the raiders stay and they will make it happen. >> nfl owners could decide on the raiders relocation question when they meet an arizona at the end of the month. the team has secured financing for a stadium deal through the bank of america in las vegas. an alleged bank robber gets away only to be caught committing another crime the next day. how police ended up busting him. it is the 50th anniversary
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of the summer of love. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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money... but not for long. that's because -- he a suspected bank robber managed to get away with money but not for long. he allegedly committed another crime right in front of undercover officers. on friday, frederick vincent, accused of robbing a was comerica bank worker, deputies checked the area but they could not find him. the next day, a san raphael officer conducting a sting operation spotted a drug deal nearby. it turned out one of the suspect had a large amount of stolen money from the bank. watch your step. this could be slithering around. look real close. this is a rattle snake sunning itself near a bike path in the line ridge open space and
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concorde. animal control officials say a combination of the recent rains and now the warmer weather are drawing them out. a perfect day to kick off san francisco's 10th season of sunday streets. a stretch of valencia street was closed to allow pedestrians and cyclists to rule the road. it is also the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. exhibits and music that era are attracting big crowds. >> we are expecting on valencia street north of 20,000 people over the course of the day. >> this is one of many things that will happen over the weekend. >> there will be seven more sunday street events over the summer. the next is april 9 in bayview. the days are longer and now the hours on the bay bridge bike path are longer as well. when you can head over and take a stroll. it will not be a bad week. we have the forecast coming up after the break. ,,
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bridge. they've extended hours on starting today, you will be able to pedal or walk across the bike and pedestrian path on the bay bridge. they have extended hours on the eastern span because of daylight saving time. it will now be open from 6 am until 8 pm. the path is still only open on weekends and holidays because of demolition work on the old bay bridge. they could still be months before you can use it during the weekday. we have a warming trend on the way for the bay area. you can feel it in the air today. it felt a lot like late spring, early summer. we had plenty of blue and the numbers were up in the 60s and 70s. right now, it is 76 degrees at livermore. san francisco, 65. santa rosa, 78 degrees. futurecast shows that we've got fairly clear skies for us tonight. how does monday look? nice and sunny.
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7 am, low clouds. it will not deter us from hitting 80 degrees inland for monday and tuesday. a couple of warm days in the bay area. we will cool it down sharply on wednesday and then warm it up again by friday to near 80s. it will be an up and down sort of weekend. plenty of sun for tomorrow and tuesday. temperatures will bump to 80 degrees inland. it will be mostly dry through the week. there is a suggestion in the far north bay maybe on wednesday that there could be a little bit of light rain from this system coming through but it would not affect the vast majority of us. overnight lows, 46 in santa rosa. napa, 46. san jose, 51. monday morning, 7:23 am sunrise. daylight saving time in full force now. 81 at julia goodrich's first
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television market in reading. lake tahoe, 60 degrees. 47 and yosemite. 79 in fresno. if you are really heading out of the bay area, sfo should not slow you down. by the time you get to new york it will be down to 36 degrees. snow mixed with sun in chicago. atlanta, 47 with showers. we are well above average tomorrow. concorde is 11 degrees above average tomorrow. 79 in cupertino. 75 at morgan hill. the numbers will be close to 80 in the south bay. for petaluma and sonoma, not a bad day at all. in parts of marin county, the numbers will be in the mid-70s. 77 at clear lake.
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monday and tuesday, numbers top out at the warmest spots near 80 degrees and in the extended forecast, it cools down midweek. thursday and friday, numbers come back up to near 80 degrees. back to low 70s by friday. it looks like a very nice week ahead. golden state's quote is under fire for -- coach is under fire for resting his star player. more on that, next. ,,,,,,,,
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there was a time when stanford, st. mary's all got in. >> we will take one. >> we just want one team in march madness that we can go about it.>> there will be only one bay area men's team in the tournament. the announcement came down this afternoon. >> st. mary's, the number 17 -- seven team. >> we will take it. we are going to the ncaa tournament for the first time since 2013. they will face 10 seed virginia commonwealth on thursday in salt lake city in a west region game. they are in the same bracket as
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wcc rival and number one seed. the winner between the gales and rams will face the winner of the 2 and 15 game between arizona and north dakota. as for vcu it is time to study up for st. mary's coach randy veteran who admits he has not seen much of his first-round opponent. >> the rest of them were pretty even games. vcu is good. i have not watched them at all this year. i know they are good . >> that is one guy that will be getting a lot of sleep tonight. st. mary's will be the only bay area representative in the tournament. cal was one of the worst four teams left out of the 6018 field. they are expected to receive a bid for the nit. some other tournament news, villanova is number one overall. north carolina and the saiga will also be one seed. after
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waiting 79 years, northwestern is going to their first tournament>> -- their first tournament. the aggies are in. steve kerr is resting players and losing games. >> not the kind of streak -- streaking warrior fans want to see. >> golden state has a three- game losing streak. last night, they lost to san antonio. it was the end of a long stretch of road games. steeper has caused some flak for resting -- steve kerr has lost some flak for resting the
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guys. >> i feel bad for the fans who bought tickets who came to see these guys but i have to do what i have to do for our team. we have been through the ringer the last couple of weeks. the travel has really warn us out. i think this has put us on a good course going forward.>> i need some league action. the hayes hosting the cubs. chicago leading 7-1. oakland yonder alonso goes for a three- run jack. the a's come all the way back and they win nine-a ditch. -- 9-8. >> adam had win had a two- stroke lead on the sixth. that is a double bogey. that put him into a tie with patrick kendrick. he thought he was going to win easily. they were still tied up 18.
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he took a two but bogey -- putt bogey. he gets an invite to the masters. >> brad keselowski on the lead he went on to win his fourth career nascar race. all victories have come since last september. also on the final lap, joey logano spun out kyle busch sending the 18 car down the road . after the race, he confronted paganos crew in the pit leading to a fight. this is always great stuff. it left kyle busch with a bloody for had. -- for had -- forehead. >> that is it for us. we will see you back here at 6.
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>> cbs evening news is next. captioning sponsored by cbs >> burden of move. a top republican says president trump should either drop his wiretapping claim against president obama - or provide evidence. also tonight, new details about the man accused of hopping e house fence looking for a midnight meeting with the president. an avalanche buries a road - blocking a group of students from going home. >> we're trapped. >> quijano: and across the u.s., a day to "meet a muslim" - and build acceptance. >> this this is the "cbs weekend news." >> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quiit


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