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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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caught on camera next. ,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. breaking news tonight, a yard to yard manhunt, a school on lockdown after a crime spree tonight in a san jose neighborhood. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. officers got a call about multiple home burglaries around the area of bollinger road on the cupertino/san jose fences. witnesses saw the suspects jumping fences. one was believed to have a gun. two suspects were caught quickly and the other two remained on the loose. archbishop high school was placed on lockdown. students were escorted safely off the campus investigators say. >> we locked down the school and made sure we had enough units here to cover the area to make sure that everybody was safe. >> i was pretty stressed out when i pulled in here.
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i was wondering what was going on. however, after speaking to the police officer i felt pretty comfortable. >> we learned about 45 minutes ago this police just caught the other two suspects. no one was seriously hurt, but police tell us one of the suspects was bitten by a dog. we are following developing news in napa tonight after a suspect was shot and killed by an officer outside the home depot. officers say someone called 911 saying a man with a knife was acting erratically outside the store. and we're j new informatio it happened right around 6:30 this evening on soskull avenue. >> they said the subject was acting as if he were high or crazy. officers were dispatched to the scene and found the subject walked across the street to the north. they contacted him in the lot and multiple shots were fired shortly after that. >> we're getting some new information on this. investigators say the man was attacking pedestrians and drivers with a knife.
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tonight napa police say two officers fired their service weapons to protect themselves and the public. sheriff's department investigates. both officers will be placed on paid administrative leave while the sheriff's department investigates. the first deadly police shooting in napa in two years. a mystery mercury spill in the east bay, hazmat crews are working through the night to clean it up. kpix5's christin ayers reports from antioch the big question is where did the dangerous chemical come from in the first place? >> reporter: the mercury spill has shut down this block of manzanita avenue in antioch. crews will be cleaning into the early morning while investigators try to get to the bottom of how it happened. >> this stuff is highly toxic. >> reporter: kenneth dues noticed it some time ago sprinkled in the street right outside his antioch home. it looked harmless enough. >> i've been seeing this for weeks and i've been actually thinking that this is broken glass. >> reporter: turns out what he thought was broken glass was
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mercury. a neighbor spotted it under his trailer this morning and called authorities. tonight the enviromental protection agency is overseeing the cleanup as hazmat crews suction the mercury out of the street with industrial shop vacs. >> we're going to make sure we vacuum it all up. these machines are very powerful and will pull all the mercury up and collect it. >> reporter: what is not clear is how the spill happened. >> we don't know why there's mercury, but we've had quite a few mercury calls in this neighborhood. >> reporter: two other mercury calls since december all within blocks. >> maybe it came from the trash. today was trash day from the trash trucks. >> reporter: that's one theory. authorities say it's possible someone discarded an old medical device filled with mercury and a passing trash truck compacted it. >> mercury is a neurotoxin, so we don't want people touching it, playing it, tracking it around, driving through it. >> reporter: authorities say the street could be shut down through morning to make sure those who live here are safe.
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christin ayers, kpix5. a couple blocks away there was a rolling gun battle around 7:30 tonight in the area of sycamore and dogwood in antioch. neighbors say people in two cars were. >> thing at each other fire -- were shooting at each other firing a total of about 20 rounds. no one was hit. several parked cars were struck. it could be a matter of life and death for many people across the country. tonight according to a new government report, tens of millions of americans will lose healthcare coverage under the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. cate cauguiran breaks it down for us. >> the congressional budget report directly contradicts what president trump promised, boosts coverage across the country, a promise he made again today. >> you'll see rates go down, down, and plan goes up, up. there will be plans no one is even thinking of today. >> tonight white house leaders call the report unbelievable. bay area democratic leaders say
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-- >> they're just not believable either. the republicans i always have they have constituents who will lose their healthcare. it's not only democrats in our district and our constituents. >> the nonpartisan number crunchers determined 14 million people would become uninsured next year alone with the number growing to 21 million in 2020 and 24 million in 2026. bay area congresswoman barbara lee spoke to hundreds of students at uc berkeley after the cbo numbers were released and said republicans shouldn't be surprised by the outcome. >> we're going to continue our fight to stop the repeal. that's bottom line. >> the cbo identified three main reasons for drop in coverage under the gop plan. some americans would simply choose not to buy insurance because the bill repeals obamacare's individual mandate and associated penalties. that would drive premiums up in the short term 15 to 20% higher than they would be under obamacare making insurance unaffordable for some. even as steep cuts to medicate,
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nearly $900 billion worth, over 10 years would force millions off government sponsored insurance. the numbers could shake things up for republican efforts to repeal the affordable care act. mean while house speaker paul ryan tried to focus on the positives saying the report showed the gop plan would lower premiums. >> i think if you read this entire report, i'm pretty encouraged by it and it exceeded my expectations. >> the gop's proposal would cut down federal deficit by $337 billion in the next decade. cate cauguiran, kpix5. >> governor jerry brown tweeted this. cbo report makes it crystal clear that this hair brained scheme to repeal obamacare is a really dumb idea and will cause millions to suffer. tonight the family of a lyft driver beaten by a dirt bike gang on a bay area freeway wants justice. another driver captured the attack by a biker gang on 101 in san francisco last wednesday. surgery on his leg.
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tonight his sister says alex was about to pick up passenger 35-year-old alice kintana of modesto is still in the -- alex kintana of modesto is still in the hospital waiting for a second surgery on his helping. he was about toic about up passengers at -- about to pick up passengers at sfo when he encountered the dirt bike riders doing stunts. then a dark car stopped him in his path. >> they surrounded him and they were already hitting on his car and broke one of the side mirrors already and when he got out to confront them, ask what's going on, that's when one of the guys swung at him and knocked him down. >> she said one of the bikers ran over alex's left leg break it in three places. he also has bruises all over his arms. the suspects are still on the loose. tonight the wild kidnapping saga of a vallejo woman is now moving to the sentencing phase. kpix5's joe vazquez on the picture that prosecutors are painting of the attacker to get the judge to thrown the book at
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him. joe? >> such a memorable case. according to these court documents we obtained today, prosecutors want to make it clear to the judge although nobody was killed in the commission of this crime, the criminal is extremely dangerous. matthew muller has pled guilty to kidnapping and raping denise huskins and tying up and drugging her boyfriend aaron quinn. now prosecutors want to put muller behind bars for 40 years. in the sentencing memorandum prosecutors coal the judge muller is so dangerous public safety requires that he be imprisoned until he is old and weak. muller committed the crimes two years ago this month. first he broke into the couple's vallejo home and blindfolded and drugged them. then prosecutors say muller was able to convince the couple he was one of a group of criminals by playing prerecorded audio that sounded like several people loudly whispering during the crime. prosecutors say muller also brought along a mannequin dressed in camoflauge to make it seem a team of people was
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involved in the original attack. muller took denise to a cabin in tahoe, sexually assaulted her twice, they drove her to her parents' home in southern california two days later and dropped her off. for reasons unexplained vallejo police didn't believe her story and called it a hoax. the couple's lawsuit against vallejo is pending. the fbi later caught muller following another attempted abduction of a couple in dublin. in that case the husband hit muller on the head with a flashlight and muller ran away. again muller has been convicted. his sentencing hearing is thursday and both denise and aaron are expected to speak. live in the newsroom joe vasquez, kpix5. this bay area police officer pinned down a suspect and punched him. is this excessive force? what the police chief is saying tonight. >> this bridge along the california coast is crumbling, but tonight the demolition is on hold. so what went wrong? >> and you've never seen a birthday bash quite like this.
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based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ♪ ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. r off breaking news in oakland now, a driver is lucky to be alive after his car plunged into the oakland estuary. the car went into the water off the embarcardero an hour ago. a witness walking nearby jumped in the water to help rescue the driver. another witness says she office a boat out on the -- she was on a boat out on the water and saw the car go in. >> there was a stranger. i didn't know who he was, but he was really brave and we broke the glass. we figured the guy would climb out, but i think he was knocked out and someone else jumbled in the water, tried to open the -- jumped in the water, tried to open the door, wasn't able to,
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but the fire department was able to open the door with the tool they had. >> they were able to pull him out of the window and bring him to shore. he survived and is now at highland hospital. you may have seen the viral video of a violent arrest caught on camera. it raises a few questions tonight. vallejo's police chief says the department reviews every instance of use of force. from a hostile cro [ shouting ] >> that's part of the video. cell phone video shows an officer hitting a suspect with his fist and at one point a flashlight drawing outrage from a hostile crowd. at 1 point the officer pulls his weapon on the crowd. this happened on friday after police say a gas station employee called 911 about a man acting erratically. there was a foot chase before the confrontation. the 23-year-old suspect is charged with being under the influence and resisting arrest. the police chief now says that we are aware of the attention this particular
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incident has gained. therefore he has ordered a full and complete investigation to be conducted that will involve both internal affairs and use of force expert. the father of a bay area man accused of jumping the white house fence told kpix5 tonight his son will return home from d.c. soon. kpix5's allen martin tells us the suspect is a free man for now. >> 26-year-old jonathan tran of milpitas appeared in federal court today. secret service members apprehended chimney night as he approached the -- him friday night as he approached the south portico entrance to the white house. he carried two cans of mase and mace and -- mace and said he had an appointment with the president. >> secret service did a fantastic job. he was a troubled person, very sad actually. >> but an intruder making it
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that close to the residence wasn't supposed to happen again. in 2014 omar gonzalez armed with a knife jumped the fence, ran into the white house and eluded eight secret service members before he was tackled in the east room. a report later found a series of errors ranging from faulty radios and alarm to secret service fatigue and understaffing. that same year secret service dogs tackled another fence jumper. the latest incident comes a week after director joe clancy left the agency. he'd been brought out of retirement to stop the breaches. the fence is about 7 feet tall. the government plans to build a new one nearly 12 feet tall, but construction won't even begin until next year. as for this latest jumper, a judge ordered tran released pending trial, but he will have to wear a gps monitor and undergo a mental health evaluation. allen martin, kpix5. >> tran could face 10 years in prison if convicted. truc storage units.. a fire damaged a storage facility tonight in antioch.
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firefighters found a pickup truck in flames along with four storage units at a building on sunset drive. firefighters managed to keep the flames from spreading to the 20 other units in that building. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what sparked that fire. a bridge in big sur that was damaged beyond repair in the storms was supposed to be torn down today, but tonight demolition is on hold. the pfeiffer canyon bridge is along scene highway 1. kpix5's devin fehely shows us what went wrong when crews tried to knock it down. >> reporter: pfeiffer canyon bridge is beyond repair. these images from sky drone 5 showing the cracked concrete and buckling bridge made that crystal clear, but tearing the old bridge down would prove tougher today than caltrans ever imagined. >> the 6,000-pound ball, the idea is for the ball to strike the bridge at a fairly rapid rate with a high degree of force and we're not seeing that.
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>> reporter: the 3-ton wrecking ball descended slowly from this massive crane nearly tapping the surface of the bridge and doing minimal damage. the demolition was called off. it is yet another setback for the big sur community that's been cut in half because of the damage. >> the main players of big sur, the big, big businesses like the vintona inn, post ranch inn, big sur bakery which is like my favorite place to eat is just on the other side of that bridge. >> reporter: all of the winter's wet weather caused a mudslide that weakened supports in the bridge and even though it's torn down caltrans said it could be a year or more before it's rebuilt. >> this is not a decision we took lightly. safety is our first priority. we feel once we get the bridge rebuilt everyone will certainly benefit from it. >> reporter: devin fehely, cbs5. tonight we're getting a new look at storm damage in yosemite.
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these are new pictures of big oak flat road. the federal highway administration is helping the national park service with the repairs. big oak flat road is part of highway 120, the main road that leads into yosemite. this picture was snapped as the wet winter storm soaked that road. there's no word when it might reopen. today in the east bay there was cake, balloons, decorations to mark a very unusual 1st birth day in moraga. no, not for a person, for a sinkhole. kpix5's emily turner explains. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: it's a satirical celebration, one year to the day since this moraga sinkhole opened up. best sinkhole cake ever? >> definitely. >> reporter: is it worth another year? >> no. >> reporter: while this party is complete with apparently good cake and good humor, the overall sentiment is much less festive. >> what we would really like to see is some action on the hole
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over there so that the surrounding businesses don't have to continue dealing with financial losses for another year. >> reporter: the sinkhole has a portion of ream boulevard shut down and doug says he's lost about 20% of his business as a result. when it comes to money, the city of moraga says it's short, too, so it's had to jump through federal hoops for the 3.3 million in repairs. why does the paperwork take so long? >> there's so many things they require that has to be done. >> the federal process is very lengthy and they do check to make sure all the ts are crossed and is dotted for us to proceed. >> reporter: those throwing the party say their patience and sense of numerous is wearing thin. >> i'm going to find out when is it going to happen? do we have to buy another cake for it? >> reporter: to give you an idea of some of the holdups, the city had to get individual contracts with each of the utilities involved in this project basically saying that they'll take care of their own
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while this work continues. at&t, pg&e, comcast, you can imagine the time that that would take. in moraga i'm emily turner, cbs5. >> wow. we've got numbers right now in the bay area, a fairly balmy night, 60s. earlier today it got downright hot. napa hit 80 degrees. a weird day when half moon bay is just about as warm as napa and warmer than fremont, livermore 75 degrees. there's an easterly compound to the winds, an offshore push. right now it is 60 in concord, san francisco the warm spot 65 degrees. what's happening? overnight lows a bit chilly, 45 degrees in santa rosa, 52 in san francisco and the sun-up tomorrow morning at 7:21 a.m. high pressure is building in over the southland is one thing, but as this ridge subsides to the south it will open us up to high clouds. watch the futurecast.
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low clouds pack in more along the shoreline, milder along the coast. tomorrow still plenty warm and plenty of sunshine. let's roll it on. now watch the high clouds approach from the north so that by wednesday night we stand a chance of a few light showers especially in lake county, wouldn't get south of the golden gate, but nevertheless maybe a few drops wednesday before the end of the week when we get warm again. it will be mild to warm again tomorrow, a slight chance over the golden gate wednesday night for a few showers. tomorrow we are still in some places 8 team degrees above average. san jose -- 18 degrees above average. 82 in sunnyvale, cupertino 82, los altos 80, milpitas 81 degrees. in the east bay tomorrow the numbers will be about 80 and north bay very pleasant with mid-70s and tomorrow plenty of sunshine for lake county and sonoma. wednesday night you might get a sprinkle. extended forecast, very warm tomorrow, near record highs and then wednesday numbers come
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down, a little rain north bay, gets warm again by friday, but you look ahead, after this clear day and clear night tonight might get a little bit of rain sunday, monday next week. we'll see. all right, guys. >> thanks. former president obama back in town, tonight we show you where he stopped by. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with steven colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this time as a private citizen. former president obama back in the bay area today. >> this time as a private citizen. his se mu of a secret. about 100 people heard he was in town and waited hours to get a quick glimpse of him leaving the fairmont hotel in downtown san jose. the motorcade was taking him to moffitt field after a meeting with tech leaders, no word what they discussed. this is obama's first trip to the bay area since he left office. you know, the worst thing about him not being president is he doesn't do the bracket challenge anymore. >> right. >> trump is not going to and obama used to and it was a highlight every year. i used to use his picks. did you see the best ncaa
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selection reaction? happened to a local team. we'll show you. >> and andre iguodala explains his comments that got him into hot water with the nba. tip-off next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5.
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>> it was a rough week for the warriors who lost five of their last seven and today andre iguodala was fined by the nba for these comments following friday night's loss minnesota. >> what did [ bleep ] say? >> just play harder. figure it out. >> you taking tomorrow off? >> do what master say. >> today the league fined iguodala $10,000 for those racially insensitive remarks. the master comment we thought referred to steve kerr apparently is not the case. degrees said he anding a delay -- kerr said he and iguodala have no issues. >> i feel like it's the wrong team because it puts my team and coaching staff in that situation. i have a great relationship with steve kerr and he knows that. nfl raiders have signed kick returner cordarrelle patterson. he made first team all pro
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twice and once ran a kickback 109 yards. he's coming to a stadium near you we hope. talk about domination sensation, the last time the stanford women missed the ncaa tournament, ronald reagan was in office. the cardinal making the tournament the 30th consecutive year. what ken? >> which term? >> i'm get to that. 1987, which would be what term? thank you, the second term. cardinal went 28-5 in the regular tournament and won the pac-12 tournament. in f waco, texa [ cheering and applause ] >> was that awesome or what? cal entered selection on the bubble. the bears are dancing, 9th seed. it was a real special day for lindsay gottlieb who got engaged earlier in the day.
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how about that? you go to the ncaa tournament and get engaged in the same day. if you want to compete in the bracket challenge on channel 5 go to >> we'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michel late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> they'll have all the news you need to start your day.
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good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> well come to the ncaa selection show. as always, i'm larry boberry. here with my co-anchor. today we'll reveal the brackets for the ncaa tournament march madness. >> the numbers and stats have been crunched and the results stored on a highly secured server impossible to hack. >> stephen: good to know! let's get to it. >> the number one in the country is villanova. >> going against number nine seed, and this is the surprise, the russian army! >> i did not see that coming. believe this will be the first time a foreign army will be dpeeting in this tournament. the wildcats will have their work cut out for them because it will be five players against 850,000 battled


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