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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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vanished. what a possible suspect just revealed to us next.
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biggest secrets - finally revealed. for months, he refused to >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> one of president trump's biggest secrets, finally revealed for months. he refused to release his tax returns and some of them leaked. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. kpix5's christin ayers tells us how much mr. trump made, how much he paid, and asks, did he have anything to hide. >> i pay hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. but, but, as soon as my routine audit is finished i will release my returns. ly be proud to. >> reporter: despite promising to release his tax returns on numerous occasions running for office. >> i will release them when the audit is complete. >> reporter: president trump is not done so. >> what i have here is a copy of donald trump's tax returns. >> reporter: rachel maddow claimed to have a portion of
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the return. her guest claims he unexpectedly received the front and backside of mr. trump's 1040 form in his mailbox. it said the president had an income of more than $150 million and paid $38 million in taxes in 2005. >> what we don't have here, this describe it is types of income, but not the sources. >> okay,. >> so that is what we need to know. who is the president getting money from? >> reporter: the two pages do not detail the sources of the income. the white house took a preemptive swipe at the report and released a statement saying in part despite this substantial income figure and tax paid, it is totally illegal to steal and publish tax returns. for the record, the first amendment gives us the right to publish this. >> reporter: as for whether or not the president will continue to hold the rest of his return. >> people are saying you cannot release that excuse anymore.
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if you can release the 2005 information, you can release the others as well. >> reporter: the president listed a $103 million loss in 2005. though, there were no additional details. president trump is the first commander-in-chief since the watergate era to refuse to release his tax returns. christin ayers, kpix5. >> tonight, donald trump jr. tweeted this. thank you rachel maddow for proving to your trump hating followers how successful he is and that he paid $40 million in taxes. shots fired and armed and dangerous suspects still on the loose. tonight, a police shooting near the cal state east bay campus leads to a lockdown, the gunfire was at the city view apartments. the nearby university village apartments were also on lockdown. joe vasquez is live. >> reporter: it is still an active crime scene right now, and, it is the hayward police department in charge of the investigation, but, it turns
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out, it was fremont police officers that were involved in this officer involved shooting. dozens of police officers and investigators spent the evening gathers around three vehicles. two police vans, and a mercedes parked under an awning at the city view apartment complex. fremont police were here conducting a robbery investigation according to the fremont police spoke person when at least one officer fired a weapon. >> it was pow, pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: savannah kirby didn't see what happened, but she heard the commotion. >> i heard a few gunshots. i looked at my friend and said was that a paint ball or a real gun? no. it is a real gun. >> reporter: it happened next to cal state east bay. the university quickly called for a shelter in place for a student housing complex called university village. classes were not affected and people in campus were never at risk. so far, hayward police have made two arrests. they also spent hours searching for another suspect who they described as armed and
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dangerous. >> this is the second shooting that has been in our apartment complex. >> since when? >> since last year. we have only lived here for a little over a year. this is our second shooting and we have had a stabbing already, too. >> reporter: we occasionally see a helicopter flying around. so, it appears they are still looking for that last suspect. as for what exactly happened here, it is quite a mystery. the hayward police department has not confirmed any information here. usually, an officer involved shooting means an officer discharged a weapon and somebody was shot. but we have no information on a victim, who it was. whether or not that person was still alive. what condition they might be in. we are still waiting for hayward police to release that information. reporting live in hayward, i'm joe vasquez, kpix5. well, a murder mystery in the north bay as well. a car crash leads to the body of a missing woman. tonight, she has been identified as a 64-year-old woman named annie who disappeared more than two years
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ago. cate caugurian reports from pen grove. >> reporter: sonoma county sheriff investigators searched this home today and told us that annie bailey's estranged husband is a potential suspect. i spoke with him just hours after the search took place. >> they kicked me out of my own home. didn't charge me. they are investigating. but no charge. >> reporter: kerry bailey says since he reported his wife ice disappearance, it has been a nightmare. investigators told him he needed to leave his house. he refused until they came back this morning with a sealed search warrant. >> they trashed my house. they trashed my shop. >> reporter: his estranged wife had been missing two-and-a-half years when her body was found near point reyes national seashore off a cliff. >> some observant people involved in a car crash found her body by chance. >> reporter: they are calling her death a murder. >> based on the scene
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description, what we found at the scene and the autopsy, the detectives feel that this was not any type of natural death or a suicide. >> reporter: the sheriff's office won't release her cause of death or any suspects but they are not ruling anyone out including her estranged husband kerry bailey. >> feel like there is closure now that you know it is her? >> i knew she was dead a few weeks after her disappearance. she had $130,000 in her own name accessible only by her. not by me. and she never touched ... she never touched a dime. >> reporter: this is the last place anyone saw annie alive. son that county sheriff's office won't say what they have collected or what they are looking for but told us they did tow a red toyota from this home that used to be hers. in pengrove, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> tonight, the justice department says it has tracked down hackers responsible for yahoo's massive security
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breach. some reportedly have ties to the russian government. a law enforcement source says the justice department is expected to announce the indictments tomorrow in san francisco. according the the source, the suspects live in russia and canada. yahoo suffered two hacks in recent years. no comment from yahoo. in the nation's northeast, this tractor trailer spun out of control during a nasty blizzard in boston. it brought commuter trains and subway cars to a halt in new york. and thousands of homes have no electricity. millions of people digging out from the snowstorm. the national weather service says a little more than seven inches of snow fell in new york city. reporter curtis ming is there tonight. >> reporter: hello from a very chilly time square. cleanup is underway tonight. a blizzard struck. several inches of snow. not as bad as they thought, but
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still miserable in new york city. >> the airlines canceled 8700 flights. laguardia airport shut down for the day. nearly 100 flights at sfo canceled today as well because of the northeast storm. a line is the talk of the town in vacaville tonight. it was spotted earlier after it took the wrong turn into a farming canal. people were so excited they started streaming the sea lion's antics. >> reporter: they have used air horns. still, a california sea lion refuses to budge. just, off leisure town road in vacaville, police cars, yellow tape, and crews in the water. not for a crime, but, for a california sea lion playing hide and seek. >> this morning, in this area, it is not where he should be.
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>> be. >> reporter: they may have sounded the first along about an unusual intruder in the water this morning. >> when i left about 9:30, all the dogs were barking. all of them. generally, they don't bark at all. every single one of them was barking. >> reporter: and commotion from mammals on the ground may have sent marine mammals into hiding from the dogs and the cameras. >> then, he went into the storm drain. >> reporter: it is believed the adult sea lion nicknamed mr. leisure may have made his way into vacaville during the storms. crowds gathered. >> is it like science class? >> yes. >> reporter: along with rescue crews to catch a glimpse of mr. leisure who seemed to be taking his leisurely time emerging from the storm drain. >> we can't force him to do anything he doesn't want to do. so, our actions are almost
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entirely dick dictated by him. >> reporter: they will be back out here at 4:00 in the morning to try to rescue him again. in vacaville, i'm andria borba, kpix5. this campus is getting a deep cleaning after dozens of students suddenly got sick. the possible norovirus scare at a bay area elementary school. >> it was all fun and games until they pilfered the prize booth. tonight, the bay area carnival that turned into a wild free for all. >> and a fiery crash caught on camera at a gas station. tonight, how did this happen? ,,,,,,,,,,
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so far - joe vazquez reports, dozens o >> an east bay elementary school has a possible norovirus
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out break. dozens of kids turned out sick. >> reporter: so far, there is one confirmed case of norovirus, but several dozen children have called in sick here to dublin elementary school. >> the district says studented started getting sick on friday. the district immediately began sending home notices advising parents to keep their kids out of school if they have flu like symptoms. the principal says 35 children called out today. plus the one whose doctor yesterday confirmed the norovirus. >> about three dozen students are out with it. vomiting and diarrhea. those are the symptoms we have been tracking. some have a fever. and one student does have the norovirus for sure at this time. >> reporter: they have performed a deep cleaning of the campus. the hope now is to keep it from spreading. the norovirus is often a type of food poisoning that happens on cruise ships. it is highly contagious. it is passed along by food
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service worker who's have not adequately washed their hands. one confirmed case of norovirus, but three dozen other children have called in sick. they are asking those kids to stay home for the time being. in dublin, joe vasquez, kpix5. tonight, oakland is a step closer to becoming the first city in the country to cut ties with any business involved in building president trump's border wall. under the proposed boycott, any company wanting to do business with the city would first have to certify they are not working on the wall as well. the proposal cleared the senate finance committee. betty yu tells us law enforcement leaders have their own message for president trump. they will not serve as a deportation force. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff's office says it does not respond or process any requests from the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement or ice. today, it was one of many agencies that spoke out to bring down the level of fear
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and anxiety in immigrant communities. for the first time, leaders in santa clara county police department and district attorney jeff rosen joined forces to assure immigrants that they won't become their next target. >> there is an extreme amount of fear in our communities. and, to the extent that we can assure our community that we will not be a deportation force. and, take part in federal immigration enforcement is critical. >> reporter: in a show of solidarity, more than a dozen police chiefs signed this letter to the community reassuring residents of their long standing policy. cops will not ask about immigration status. for fear it will discourage immigrant communities from reporting crimes and cooperating with the police. the agencies will not detain or arrest somebody based on a person's citizenship. >> justice does not ask victims for their immigration papers and neither do we. >> we remain committed to building trust and taking actions that will build trust in our community.
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>> reporter: father john of the diocese of san jose serves the most vulnerable. >> there is a mother that we know that just kisses her child good-bye in the morning and she is unsure if she will see that child when that child supposed to return because she fears she will be deported. >> reporter: san francisco is not complying with federal requests to detain undocumented immigrants despite an executive order from the white house. the department has not found any reason to turn over anyone under the city's sanctuary city policy. in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. just three months after the deadly ghost ship fire, oakland's embattled fire chief says she is stepping down from the job. 59-year-old teresa reed filed retirement papers. she took leave from her job twice earlier this year. her department dealt with the deadliest fire in oakland's
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history. 36 people died in this warehouse fire on december 2. mayor libby schaaf released this statement. i congratulate reed on a pioneering career and wish her well. hoffman and white will lead the department as they look for a replacement. chaos at an east bay carnival. teenagers caught on camera jumping into prize booths and getting violent with the workers. juliette goodrich has the video. >> reporter: this cell phone video shared all over the internet shows the carnival free for all. out of control teens taking toy prizes. one photo posted online shows several people posing proudly with what appears to be stolen stuffed animals. employees at the carnal outnumbered as they laughed
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like it was no big deal. one carnival goer said i felt like i was in the name grand theft auto. stealing teddy bears. hash tag oakland carnival. butler amusement has packed up the carnival. it has been set up over the years in this empty field. butler amusement told kpix5 this was a very unfortunate event, but they will make sure to have better security and police presence at the next event. >> imjust found out about it today. but sounds like something i would want to go to. it would be a shame for oakland to lose more community space and activities like that. >> a carnival, high school kids getting rowdy. not necessarily a violent crime. i mean, what about the other kids who didn't do anything wrong? >> reporter: some carnivals in other areas have security guards walking around, and
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metal detectors at the entrances so the question is now will oakland do that next time or will there even be a next time? in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix5. tonight, a fiery crash caught on camera in seattle. the suv plowed into a gas pump at full speed, sparked that fire. police say the suv crashed into a car last night and the suv kept traveling for two blocks before crashing into this gas station. >> it looked like a scene out of a movie. it really did. it was that scary. >> reporter: now, the other car crashed into the side of the building. the driver is in serious condition. the 60-year-old driver of the suv refused medical treatment. the cause of the crash is under investigation. sky drone 5 over the unique spillway in lake berryessa today. the funnel shaped drain is near the monticello dam. any time it rises into a certain level, it creates that
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whirlpool effect. first time since 2006 it has gotten that high. it is about a foot above the drain. we will see how long it takes them to lower the level of the lake. in the meantime, looking at coit tower in the distance. it has been there since 1933. thank you lillian hitch coitful overnight lows, sun up tomorrow morning at 7:20 a.m. from high atop the west coast, high pressure finally subsides into the desert southwest. high goes down, low comes down. and, as a result, the clouds will be up tomorrow. less sunshine. temperatures plummet about 10 degrees over today's highs. coming down 10 degrees will be above average tomorrow still. high clouds spill in advance of a weak system that will send first a little gauze of moisture over the north bay tomorrow. 24 hours from now, straight to the north bay. for the rest of us, just clouds. here is thursday at noon.
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not as much sun as we have had lately. so coast and bay fog tonight. clouds wednesday. a little bit of a chance for a sprinkle or two. tahoe is looking good. they will get increasing clouds as well. the clouds will bring us about 10 degrees off of today's highs but it will still be above average in san francisco. concord, san jose. oakland. tomorrow, hit the high of 67 degrees. we will see numbers in the low 70s . in the east bay, increasing clouds later in the day. and temperatures tomorrow only about 70 degrees instead of today's low 80s . north bay even cooler. the numbers will be in the upper 60s with increasing clouds and by tomorrow night, a fine mist drizzle. light rain, and more of a chance of that as you head up to northern sonoma and lake counties with temperatures only in the mid 60s . extended forecast, we will be looking for the numbers to be in the 70s right through the weekend. but, the next and more significant chance of unsettled weather comes in on sunday. and stays that way monday and tuesday. so, tomorrow is not much.
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we will warm it up again, but things are going to change next week. get a little wet. >> that is not too bad. >> still the season for that. a bay area driver had his car stolen. tonight, see how he took matters into his own hands to track down the thief. >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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car stolen. but in this case: he took matters into his own hands. >> well, a driver gets his car stolen. >> in this case. he took matters into his own hands. he tracked it down and live streamed the whole thing. he rented a car, and followed the gps signal from his mini cooper. he found the car in a safeway parking lot. called the police. and the cops arrested the suspect. wow. i did that one time. with a company ipad that got ripped off. and you know how you track the ipad? i found it south of market in a building and they staked out the building but i never saw the ipad again. >> huh. >> that is some good sleuthing. >> cal didn't make the ncaa tournament but it was the top
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seed. draymond green's back has to be killing him. tipoff is next. ,,,,,,,,
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blocks..and they needed all of
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it steph hoping the warriors can snap >> steph curry, eight assists, six blocks. steph hoping the warriors can snap a three game losing streak on his 29th birthday. sixers leading. holmes with the dunk and the foul. free-throw pushed the sixer lead to 15 points. back comes golden state. draymond green knocked down the three. cutting philly's lead to 92-91. that was a 19-2 run under four to play. curry scored four. gets the quarter three giving golden state a lead. the birthday boy finishes with 29 on his 29th birthday. warriors win snapping their three game electric slide. saint mary's on their way to salt lake city against virginia commonwealth on thursday. the intensity of march madness leading to a scuffle between new orleans' teammate.
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90 seconds left. the mountaineers five foot five guards. junior robinson gives mount saint mary's the lead. they win 67-66. the reward, a matchup with top seed villanova on thursday. they missed both of them. road runners, damian durham gives bakersfield the first half lead. nearly by 25 at halftime. hung onto win 73-66. and the bears season is over. and, in an ugly way tonight. the sharks joe pavelski continued his tear. san jose leading 2-1. he scores his second goal of the night off the rebound. he has scored seven goals in the last five. and, the sharks are 4-1 winners. we are getting down to crunch time for the bracket talent challenge. if you want to compete, go to
11:31 pm enter all of your picks. we will be talking bracket challenge tomorrow. >> all right. >> brackettology. >> you ready? >> our brackettologist. [ laughter ] >> we will be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. le griego and kenny >> the late show with stephen colbert is up next. our next newscast is tomorrow at 4:30. >> they will have all the news, the weather, the traffic,
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everything to start your day. lit be wednesday. you will be happy. you will love it. it will be beautiful. >> goodnight. captioning sponsored by cbs >> if i live to be 100, i'll never forget the big snowstorm that hit last night. the weather closed in and, well, you might not believe it, but the world almost missed "the late show" with stephen colbert." but thanks to the brave "late show" staff the show went on the air as scheduled so all the good boys and good girls could stay up late and watch the-- oh, no! the salt truck! no! it burns! it


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