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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 15, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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wednesday, march 15. this is a live look outside. you can't really tell, but this is the bay bridge. usually we see the lights out there. but we can only see the lower part of that bridge. >> yeah. it's foggy. >> yeah. >> cool. >> a little eerie. >> good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. we'll get a check on weather in just a moment. but first, we have new details on an officer-involved shooting in fremont. we now know that the woman who was shot by an officer has died. it all happened around 5:00 last night outside an apartment complex on carlos b boulevard. police tried to pull over a car that was reportedly stolen. the officer started shooting when the suspects tried to ram the police cruiser. one of the suspects ran off and is still on the loose. let's get a look at weather and traffic. you can barely see the bridge. >> i was trying to estimate, i have swam from alcatraz to marina green 1.2 miles but the distance from bay bridge to the
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fire boat and our favorite firefighters, i don't know the exact distance. i would want to say a little over a mile. so that's how you see the visibility right now. we can't see the top of the bay bridge. the visibility is restricted around the bay this morning where our temperature is 52 in san francisco. we do have 55 in oakland back through the port of oakland include alameda. meanwhile in santa rosa visibility right now is 10 miles there at 48 degrees. san jose no problem with visibility and 55. redwood city 53. we are seeing the formation of that deck of low clouds and fog. notice how tight it's hanging to the immediate seashore. that's enhanced by the disturbance to the north that has precipitation clipping the northwestern section of the state of california. in addition to the rotation of the winds now onshore, with that marine layer, we have a west-southwest wind in san francisco at 6 to 10 otherwise light winds in the bay area.
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fairfield at 13. we have the fog and the low clouds along the coast and saturating the bay. otherwise increasing clouds inland and way from the bay. partly cloudy turning mostly cloudy during the day. we do have chances of rain later today. i'll show you where those chances are, plus three days straight of rain coming up. that seven-day forecast at 18 minutes after the hour but right now let's send it to roqui theus. >> thank you, roberta to. carry on that low visibility talk, here's the golden gate bridge from marin into san francisco. you have a lot of fog so be prepared. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights off. they come on at 5:30. you have a little cash lane backup but otherwise good to go for about 7 minutes across the span. let's move to san francisco. some roadwork still happening on southbound 280 from mariposa street to highway 101. that left lane is closed until 6 a.m. in about an hour and here's a live look at the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city. traffic smooth. let move to some more roadwork.
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southbound 880 in san jose, this is from 87 to bascom avenue. those two right lanes are closed until 6 a.m. and then if you are traveling along the altamont pass, now it's slow at 17 miles per hour out of tracy then up to 30 in north flynn road. that's your traffic. michelle, to you. >> thank you. as president trump meets with auto executives in detroit today his administration continues to stress it was illegal for someone to steal his tax returns and ensure they got published. just before msnbc host riched maddow showed the documents on air, the white house confirmed the details. she said she got them from david k johnston who says someone emailed him the documents anonymously. >> the first amendment gives us the right to publish then. >> it's possible donald sent this to me. >> the returns show that in 2005 president trump paid more than $31 million in the alternative minimum tax.
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it's a tax the president has said he wants to abolish. the massive rally to protect muslims and immigrants from deportation is about to get under way today at the state capital. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose where thousands are expected to leave this morning for the march. good morning. we are talking more than 1500 people from the state. they are fighting for two bills. they support the california values act which says that no state or local resources will go in helping the federal government in mass deportations. it also says that schools, hospitals and courthouses are safe zones for everyone. they also support the religious freedom act which says california will not take part in a muslim registry. now this all comes at the heels of local law enforcement leaders and community leaders reassuring the public here in santa clara county that they
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will not take part in immigration enforcement. >> there's a mother that we know that just kisses her child good-bye in the morning and she is unsure if she will see that child when that child is supposed to return because that mother fears that she may be deported. >> reporter: now, the group leaving san jose this morning they are going to be leaving here within the next hour. they are part of pack, which is a grassroots faith-based organization. now, after their rally in sacramento today they plan to hand over 62,000 signatures to the governor's office to show that's how many people are in support of those two bills. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> thank you. happening now, an historic vote in the netherlands. voters are deciding on new parliament. the prime minister is running against kurt wilders. it could change the landscape
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of the european union and end the country's immigration policies. malaysian police say they have confirmed the identity of [indiscernible name] with a dna sample from a child. kim was assassinated last month at koala lumpur's airport, the half-brother of the north korea leader. officials say it's a crisis between north korea and malaysia. the ghost ship warehouse fire is at the center of a state senate oversite committee hearing top held today in sacramento. the committee will review local and state regulations in connection with the fire. they want to come up with ways to prevent another tragedy. 36 people died in the december 2 fire in oakland. in san francisco, the justice department is expected to announce charges as soon as today related to hacking attacks that compromised millions of yahoo user accounts.
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reuters reports investigators have reportedly tracked the hackers in canada and russian some allegedly with ties to the russian government. one year since express lanes debuted on 580 we have an early look at the data on how drivers have changed their habits. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live in dublin on what the numbers reveal. anne. >> reporter: the numbers just changed here on the sign behind me along 580 in dublin to say if you want to use this express lane, it is now 50 cents. earlier this morning, it was basically open to all people. this is known as the lexus lane throughout the tri-valley. here, some of the numbers through the end of 2016. the 580 express lanes have reported almost 7 million total trips. in december, about 30,500 express lane trips a day so it
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was gaining in popularity throughout the year. 5 to 23 miles per hour faster than the other lanes. now, sort of a carpool lane with the twist if you are not familiar. solo drives who want to pay can use the -- solo drivers who want to pay can use the lane from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. but you need a fast track flex to use it so it can decide if there are one or two people in the car and then charge you appropriately from there. i'm sure transportation officials all around the bay area are looking at the success of this lane to find out if this is the solution to their problems. today san francisco transit officials welcome back a fleeting old-fashioned streetcars that got major repairs. one is dedicated to a champion of gay rights, harvey milk. street car number 1051 honors
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milk with a variety of pictures and informational displays. and openly gay elected official, milk fought for lgbt rights and public transportation during his time in office. the street car bearing his name was built in the 1940s. vacaville rescue crews are in a storm drain in search for a sea lion but mr. leisure is tough to find. he went down a farming level. a group of dogs sounded the alarm. teams used air horns and flushed water in the drain but mr. leisure kept a low profile. >> we can't force him to do anything he doesn't want to do. our actions are dictated by his behavior. >> he is surrounded by plenty of fish and they hope to find
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him this morning. the northeast digging out from its biggest storm of its season. it's affecting millions of americans today. we have the latest after the break. >> from the kpix weather center, good morning, happy wednesday? we have a big-time cooldown today. but i'll tell you about the days of rain in the forecast. >> all right. and it is a quiet over here in the traffic center. we have some heavy fog in areas but light traffic in most. we'll tell you about it coming up. >> i would be surprised if they do. [ laughter ] >> um -- >> pardon me. >> love that video. you have probably seen it of the kids that crashed their dad's bbc interview. the family is back and hear what they are saying about their new internet fame. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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got that big news van." adam/first-time surfer "do you want to give me a ride back to my car?" kirstin cole/reporting: "haha, we might be able to work something out for you. :22" theast.. aren how long did you stay out for? >> about a mile. >> aha. >> do you have a van here by any chance? >> we do have a van here. we have that big news van. >> you want to give me a ride back to my car? >> by might be able to work something out for you. what's your name? [ laughter ] >> some people in the northeast aren't letting all the snow bring them down. this man went surfing in long beach yesterday. he says that the waves though were a little sloppy. >> i can see you doing that. >> i -- i think i could. um, when you start surfing you
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just kind of go crazy. you always want to surf even if there's a blizzard, doesn't matter if there is waves. nice to get in the water. dipping temperatures and icy conditions are a concern this morning across the northeast. >> blizzard warnings remain for new england and new york. in massachusetts a tractor- trailer spun out on a major bridge. forecasters report 70-mile-per- hour wind gusts with heavy snow causing whiteout conditions. and a huge pine tree came crashing through a roof and into a little girl's bedroom. >> so i went to the attic and through my daughter's window, bedroom window, but no one was hurt. >> a storm continues to have an effect on travel. more than 1100 flights are already canceled for today. the winter storm isn't causing too many problems here in the bay area. you're looking at sfo right now. at last check 16 flights have been canceled with 7 delays. all right. time now 5:14. let's check the forecast with
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roberta. >> big-time change in your forecast today. kick-starting with areas of low clouds and fog now saturating the bay trying to march locally inland. in addition to that, we have a weak disturbance that will be passing through the bay area, as well. cannot see the top of the bay bridge this morning. we'll have delays at sfo on arriving flights due to the stratus. 48 santa rosa to 55 apiece in oakland and in san jose. good morning tri-valley. temperatures in the low 50s. 52 in san francisco at this early hour. that's down from yesterday at 76 degrees when typically we should be at 62. fairfield clear skies. otherwise it is the return of our marine layer that is limiting visibility along the immediate seashore in half moon bay less than a mile. now less than a mile in the petaluma area and also in santa
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rosa. socked in with the stratus, the low clouds and fog and you can clearly see it forming right there off the coast hanging very tight to the seashore being enhanced by that right there. a weak disturbance and it is surging in a southerly direction. the precipitation associated with it has fallen apart very quickly at the seams as it begins to bounce off that huge ridge of high pressure which is now sliding ever so gently southeast. that's the area of high pressure that brought us temperatures all the way up to 58 in los gatos yesterday also 85 in pleasanton. here's your futurecast. we do have mostly cloudy skies north of the golden gate. as the day wears on we'll have increasing clouds across the region. becoming mostly cloudy with sunny breaks. otherwise on your thursday, partly cloudy skies. same on st. patrick's day on friday as the clouds continue to just pass through the area. so meanwhile we are going to play your forecast out like this today.
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statewide rain around the northwestern section of the state from eureka through redding. very warm in the central valley. topping off at 83 in fresno, merced, modesto, manteca, as well. low 70s in davis, sacramento. and then low 60s with fog scrubbing out in the monterey bay area. high sierra still mild. temperatures in the mid-50s to high 50s on thursday and friday. next shot of precipitation in the form of snow will be early next week. but meanwhile it's time for your tahoe report. we have temperatures in the mid- 40s at the mid mountain level. otherwise, we do have melting snow at the base level but springtime skiing and boarding anywhere from sugar bowl through kirkwood with the slight chance of rain this weekend. it's always advisable to carry chains but you won't need them this weekend. heavenly no new snow in the past 7 days but that's okay you have plenty there. meanwhile our temperatures today's in the 60s and 70s, down from 83 to 71 in livermore down from 81 to 73 in san jose. out of the mid-70s around the
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rim of the bay to the 60s. you're going to feel the difference but it's still comfortable. 62 in pacifica out of the 70s. extended forecast, we walk you through it each and every day. partly cloudy thursday and friday. temperatures soaring back to the low 80s in gilroy on friday, we'll remain partly sunny on saturday with rain returning sunday night. monday, much cooler and rain on tuesday. but for st. patrick's day this friday can you believe it? roqui this friday st. patrick's day, roqui '0 '0theus! >> i can't believe it's st. patrick's day on friday. let's check the bay area roads. starting with the marin county commute across the span of the golden gate bridge a lot of fog out there but just but just got to drive safely but no heavy traffic. bay bridge toll plaza into downtown san francisco things looking good there just the
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cash lane backup but it's disappearing easily there. 5:30 metering lights turn on and you will start to slow down heading into downtown san francisco. all right. let's move now to the san mateo bridge. if you are heading into the peninsula westbound 92 between hayward and foster city and smooth sailing there and if you are heading along the altamont pass, wow, this speed has dropped down a lot significantly from the last report. 11 miles per hour coming off 205 in tracy so give yourself extra time to get through there. plenty of time to get through this commute. it goes up to 30 once you hit north flynn road into livermore and the dublin interchange. bart on time so it's a great day to use that take a walk and then we have some updates for smaller boats through friday on the san francisco bay ferry all a.m. ferries from harbor to san francisco and some oakland to alameda ferries. get there early for smaller boats. thank you. time now to see what's trending today. taylor swift could be coming out with her new streaming
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service. >> tmz reports the website will be called swifties. users will have access to music products plus trips online courses and retreats. swift made headlines in the past for her backlash against apple and spotify. there is no official word yet from the singer. the family that went viral for their interview on bbc is officially back. >> in the north may change? >> um, i would be surprised if they do. [ laughter ] >> pardon me. [ laughter ] >> my apologies. [ laughter ] >> got to love that. >> funny when the baby came rolling in. >> and when she closes the door again. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> so you might have seen this video. i think we all have. he is talking about south korea when his kids and wife came running in. he kept it cool on air but this is what was going through his head. >> once my son came in in the little roller then it was through. then there was nothing i could do. i was just hoping you guys
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might cut it on your end and i was maintaining a straight face hoping to get through it. >> boy. yeah. it was good. the professor says he was worried the bbc would never call him again but the network called him back for this follow- up interview. now he is an internet star. >> i think the bbc is going to continue having him on the show because i bet the ratings went up. celebrities get crazy requests but one golden state warriors player was presented with a rather unique item. he was asked to sign a toaster of all things. the high scoring star had a priceless reaction looking puzzled as he stares at the toaster. the fan posted on snapchat the final product was a quote from clay saying wow that's a first. now, whenever the fan makes bread he can say he is getting toasted with klay. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, cal didn't make the ncaa tournament but it was the top seed in the n.i.t. last night at home and the warriors were getting drilled
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until the 4th quarter and i have to believe this morning that draymond green's back is killing him. we'll show you why coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. draymond green's birthday present to steph curry? 20 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists, and 6 blocks. and they needed all of this. steph hoping the warriors can
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snap the three-game slide on his 29th birthday. but late third, sixers leading 81-69. free throw pushed the sixers lead to 15. back comes golden state. draymond knocks down the three cutting the lead to 92-91, part of a 19-2 warriors run. curry scored 12 in the 4th quarterrer gets the corner at least. the birthday boy had 29 points on his 29th birthday. the warriors come back to win 106-104 snapping that three- game losing streak. cal in the n.i.t. opener against cal state. bakersfield they miss both of them really badly. roadrunners durham hits the deep three and bakersfield led by 25 at halftime and won 73- 66. the bears season was over and it was bad. pavelski continues the tear against buffalo. he scores his second goal of the night. off the rebound he is now
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scored 7 goals in the last five games. and the sharks win 4-1. bracket challenge, folks. you got one more day to get your picks in. go to and play the bracket challenge. ncaa march madness starts tomorrow! right here on the big 5. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. they are called the lexus lanes. and one year after they opened, here in the tri-valley, we have some new numbers on how well express lanes are moving the morning commute along. >> reporter: a massive march to sacramento today. how thousands from the bay area say they want to protect muslims and immigrants.
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. the message they have for local
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lawmakers. at least three dozen students are out sick.. at one bay area school. protestors going to the state capital this morning. the message they have for local lawmakers. >> at least three dozen students are out sick at one bay area school. we have details on a possible norovirus outbreak. >> it's back! it's the return of the low clouds and the fog even some morning drizzle. i'll talk about the way the marine layer will affect your forecast. >> and we have metering lights back over here in the traffic center across the span of the bay bridge. so make sure you plan accordingly. otherwise, looking good across the bay area. we'll keep you posted, though, how long it will last. >> good morning, it's wednesday, march 15. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. president trump makes stops in michigan and tennessee today just a day after he was forced to come clean about his 2005 tax return. msnbc showed the documents on air after receiving them from a journalist who claims that he got an anonymous email with the information. president trump tweeted this about the big reveal:
5:31 am
>> he called nbc news fake news news. those of people are getting ready to head to our state's capital. >> they have a message for the governor about protecting muslims and immigrants. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose with the bills they want passed. >> reporter: we are talking 15 people from the state including here from san jose and oakland heading to sacramento today, 1500 people. they want to see two bills passed. they support the california values act, that no local or state resources will go to helping the federal government with mass deportations. it also says that schools and courthouses and hospitals are safe zones for everyone. they are also fighting for the religious freedom act and that
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says that california will not take part in a muslim registry. now, this all comes at the heels of local law enforcement leaders as well as community members reassuring the public here in santa clara county yesterday that they will not take part in immigration enforcement. >> there's an extreme amount of fear in our communities and to the extent that we can assure our communities that we are not going to be a deportation force and take part in federal immigration enforcement, it's critical. >> reporter: now, the group leaving today from san jose is part of a grassroots organization. they are going to be leaving here at 6:45. after the rally in sacramento, they plan to go to the governor's office with 62,000 signatures to show the governor that that's how many people support those two bills. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. thank you. time now 5:32. let's check the forecast. >> did you see the low clouds
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and fog this morning? >> we did. >> did you? i was taking 580 west and when i made that curve into oakland, i was, like, bam, there it is. >> i was saying i saw it because of our video. >> oh. >> yeah, he didn't drive through it. >> not during my drive. >> it was causing heavy drill on the immediate seashore in pacifica this morning, daly city, colma, south san francisco, as well. in fact, right now we are taking a look at our live weather camera looking out towards sfo. oh!! that beautiful new shiny tower all $150 million of it. it was worth every penny. >> yoga studio, too. >> they have great visibility now and it's located between terminals 1 and 2 but you can see below it there the low clouds now beginning to surge into the airport. we'll continue to check in with the possibility of any local airport delays as a direct result of the weather. santa rosa right now 48 degrees. otherwise pretty much nestled into the 50s. san francisco is at 52 after realizing a high yesterday of 76 degrees.
5:34 am
changes in the forecast. first off right there you can see the development of the low clouds and fog inching north out of monterey bay heading tight to the coast reinforced by that right there a weak disturbance that has precipitation associated with it. but as it moves closer to the bay area, most of it is dissipating. now the winds have rotated onshore west-southwest six san francisco, 10 sfo. calm inland picking up to 13 in fairfield. these winds will be consistent later today onshore with that marine layer out of the west 10 to 15 miles per hour. it is causing some problems as far as visibility is concerned in half moon bay less than one mile two-mile visibility in petaluma and barely under a half mile into santa rosa. again this is due to the low clouds and fog. today, low clouds and fog pushing back out over the open waters. we do fill in with clouds from the north. we'll call it partly cloudy initially then becoming mostly cloudy, maybe a sprinkle where
5:35 am
to across the north bay late day. temperatures coming down significantly down from 81 in san jose to 73. out of the mid-80s in the tri- valley to the low 70s so you will feel the difference. but still comfortable. but we do have three days of rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up at 48 after the hour but right now let's send it over to roqui. >> thank you. i will forgive you for the rain because it's been so beautiful. 5:35. let's take a look at our bay area roads. starting with an incident here we have our first accident of the morning southbound 17 near redwood estates. it's a solo car crash in the santa cruz mountains partially blocking the right lane. it's all green in the area but expect delays as you head out in just a few minutes here. let's move now to the san mateo bridge between hayward and foster city. traffic is moving smoothly there. that's a quick 13 to 15 minutes. slow at the altamont pass, altamont pass to 680, 25 minutes or so. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on.
5:36 am
slowing you down backing traffic up towards the maze so expect 10 minutes between the maze and downtown. have a great day, everybody! i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. one year since express lanes first opened on 580 we have the data that shows how the option is changing the drivers' routines. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in dublin with the details. >> reporter: these lanes are giving you options. that's the bottom line. you can see from the sign behind me that right now if you want to use this express lane here in the tri-valley it's going to cost you 50 cents. a bargain if it can get you to your location quicker. this is all throughout the tri- valley corridor here on 580, dublin, pleasanton and livermore. now, since these express lanes opened in 2016, february 2016, the 580 express lanes have recorded almost 7 million -- or
5:37 am
actually over 7 million total trips. in january, about 27,700 express lane trips a day. express lane users experienced average speeds of 5 to 23 miles per hour faster than the other lanes. >> it's a carpool lane with a twist that solo drivers who choose to pay a toll can take advantage of unusual capacity and use the lanes. >> reporter: now, this express lane is in operation from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. and you need a fast track to use it, not a normal fastrak. you need "fastrak flex" so you can if you have one or two people in your car. if this lane gets totally jammed up with normal carpools, it is closed off to other commuters. so it's basically flex throughout the day. they call it dynamic pricing. live in livermore, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> so anne, how much does the express lane cost on average
5:38 am
for drivers? >> reporter: yeah. really depends on the traffic at the time the time of day. the average trip costs about $2. but it can get over $9 if things are really jammed up. kenny? >> anne, thank you. witness testimony continues today in the sierra lamar murder trial. antolin garcia-torres is charged in the teen's death and accused of trying to kidnap three other women. the body was never found. if convicted, garcia-torres could face the death penalty. a car crash in the north bay leads to the remains of a woman reported missing more than two years ago. now investigators believe she was murdered. 64-year-old annie bailly was last seen at her penngrove home where her estranged husband still lives. after a crash, a motorist spotted annie bailly's remains off a cliff. her husband is a suspect.
5:39 am
we spoke to him hours after investigators searched his house. >> you feel like there's some closure now that now it's her? >> i knew she was dead a few weeks after her disappearance? >> how? >> she had $130,000 in her own name accessible only by her. not by me. and she never touched it. [ pause ] >> she never touched a dime. it told me she was dead. >> sonoma county sheriff's office won't say what evidence they have but we're told they towed a red toyota from the home that used to be annie bailly's. an east bay elementary school has a possible norovirus outbreak. dublin school district says the students started getting symptoms last week. the principal says at least three dozen students are out sick. the school has been performing a deep cleaning of the campus over the last few days. they hope that they can keep it from spreading. a canadian company is reportedly planning to merge two of the biggest names in
5:40 am
high-end fashion. jill wagner of has that and more. >> reporter: the fed wraps up a policy meeting today and will probably announce another interest rate hike, the third since the financial crisis and a sign the feds think the economy is strong. two high-end retailers could be merging. saks fifth avenue and lord & taylor may buy niemann marcus. more americans are defaulting on student loans. according to a new analysis of government data, 4.2 million americans were in deit all the at the end of 20 -- in default at the end of 2016, up 17% from 2015. american is adding free meals in its economy class on some flights the first on flights from new york to l.a. and san francisco. a month ago delta was bringing back free meals on some flights flights. [ signal breakup ] part function, part decoration. >> reporter: yeah. it's known as the frame. so when you're not watching your favorite tv show this tv
5:41 am
looks like a picture frame. it actually comes with an art mode. you can pick from more than 100 different digitized works of art. the frame should be available in the spring no word on the prize. >> definitely cheaper than buying the original art. >> reporter: yes. more expensive than buying a regular tv. >> that is true. all right. looks like a nice tv, though. ill wagner of >> reporter: maybe it meets in the middle. >> i'd like one! ill wagner of c, thank you. it is 5:41. still ahead, a truck slams into a gas station and it's all caught on camera. >> and a live look at 880 in oakland. traffic moving along smoothly right now. we'll get a full traffic update with roqui when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:43 am
a truck slammed into a gas station.. at full speed. as you can see, one of the pumps
5:44 am
burst into flames. the truck ended up going another a crash in seattle. a truck slammed into a gas station at full speed. >> oh, my. >> as you can see, one of the pumps buflames. the truck ended up going another two blocks before finally stopping. >> it looks like something out of a movie. >> this fireball in the air as it went into the gas station -- into the pumps actually. >> a man and a woman were inside that truck. both are in the hospital. >> no one was at the station pumping gas at the time. no cars nearby. >> no. >> you have to wonder what happened there. was there a medical emergency inside the truck? why would you plow through a gas station and still go another two blocks? out of control. >> that's scary. >> i'm sure we'll find out. >> the witness was right it, looks like something out of a movie. >> i was at the gas station this morning, prices went up
5:45 am
again, $3.15 for a gallon of gas. >> you have an suv, too. >> i wouldn't say it's an suv. >> it's not like roqui's. >> more gas efficient. >> i have a commute -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> my 10-minute commute not too bad. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the maze to downtown will now take but 11 to 15 minutes but let me tell you what's going on here on the upper deck, as well. there's a two-car crash blocking the left lane at the end of the treasure island tunnel. so it's blocking traffic -- backing up traffic badly so if you are headed out this way, give yourself extra time to get through there. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway looking good in both directions. but if you are traveling on southbound 880 to highway 92, here's a live look at the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city. traffic running smoothly. moving to our slow traffic of the morning the altamont pass. you have 16 miles per hour coming out of tracy off 205 so slow conditions there. and then it goes up to 30 at
5:46 am
north flynn road. if you are heading on the dublin interchange here's a live look at that commute. we have anne out there live to give you some details on express lane news and then if you want to avoid the roads here's mass transit. bart is on time. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. roqui, we know that kenny has so much big bucks that he can live in san francisco, right? so he doesn't have a commute into work in the morning. we need our automobile to take the potholes, to take the elements, the rain, and the wind and make it into the bay area. morning, everybody! these are the numbers you can anticipate to experience across the bay area today. we are talking a big-time cooldown here locally. yesterday, it was 81 in san jose. today we're talking about a temperature right around 73 degrees. meanwhile let's see if we can queue up our live weather camera and take a look outside because we have the return of the stratus in the form of the low clouds and fog looking out towards sfo. so far no reports of local airport delays but we'll keep you posted.
5:47 am
it's 48 in santa rosa, 53 in redwood city. san francisco tops off at 76 degrees yesterday. now in the 50s p weather watcher time. checking in on a couple of stations in the 50s. 49 degrees in the mountain view area where the visibility right now is at ten miles. 7 miles improving in petaluma we were down to two mile visibility and improving in half moon bay. visibility issues in santa rosa. this is an area of low pressure. it's a weak disturbance. it has rain associated with it. but as this begins to slice south. it's enhancing the marine layer. you can see the development of it right there hanging tight to the coast this morning. now, meanwhile, this is banking off the ridge of high pressure that's slowly sliding southeast. big shift in our weather today. with the marine layer, some cooler air mass, with this disturbance, we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy. we'll still have some sunny breaks. as far as any rain chances are
5:48 am
concerned tonight, far reaches of the north bay, very little drizzle or light shower around 8 p.m., otherwise partly sunny on thursday and friday. it's going to be a good-looking st. patrick's day. all right, statewide today, we are still in the 70s and 80s in throughout the central valley. fresno at 83 degrees. 70s monterey bay once the fog lifts but we have the rain showers around the northwestern quadrant of the state backing into redding. lake tahoe very mild into mid- 50s. a lot of mountain snow at the base but still excellent conditions mid mountain and top of the mountain with packed powder. temperatures in the 50s. no chains needed but always carry them. sunrise 7:20. sunset 7:17. today in san jose, forecasting an air temperature at mineta international airport airport which is the official reporting station, right around the low 70s. 71 degrees but i'm going with
5:49 am
73 degrees right around the rose garden district and willow glen. mid-70s los gatos and saratoga. low 70s, concord, clayton and walnut creek. livermore, down from 83 to 71. down from 85 in pleasanton to 74 degrees. we will be dry through saturday increasing clouds sunday with rain developing by nightfall. rain back in the forecast with cooler temperatures on monday and tuesday. enjoy your "hump day"! thank you. first there were exploding phones. now you may have to worry about exploding headphones. a woman says she was burned while listening to music on a flight from china to australia. take a look at what happened. her face left blackened and her hand blistered. the woman says she was sleeping when she heard the explosion and immediately threw her battery powered headphones on the floor. the australian transport safety bureau believes the batteries in the device likely caused the fire. time now 5:49. still ahead, we'll show you how google's street view is taking us where we have never been before. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:50 am
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5:52 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. your time check now is 5:52 on this wednesday, march 15.
5:53 am
taking a look at your temperatures across the bay area, big-time changes today out of the 70s into the 60s at the beaches, with the return of a west wind. it's a onshore flow, low clouds, fog and drizzle. peninsula overcast. 73 degrees in campbell today, good morning to you in san jose. down from 81 to 71 degrees. you'll be out of the mid-80s in throughout the tri-valley into the low 70s. still rather comfortable. but increasing cloud cover with sunny peeks, upper 60s in the carquinez bridge and delta. 62 and blustery in stinson beach with west wind. high 60s in napa with mostly cloudy skies and a little drizzle in cloverdale in the upper 60s. we have heavy fog coming ins across the span of the golden gate bridge. make sure you're giving yourself plenty of time to get across into san francisco. and here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the maze to downtown will now take you 20 minutes after an earlier crash that's been cleared off the roads but, of course, the damage is done. i'll send it to you. >> thank you, roqui. new video this morning out
5:54 am
of hawaii showing lava flowing #kill la way yeah volcano on the big island. lava flow on the lake is entering the ocean and there is no risk to the community. you can go into the heart of an even you wanting volume kaine -- of an erupting volcano with google's street view. this is in the south pacific. they went 1,000 feet into the volcano. the famous "hollywood" sign that tourists flock to see is causing problems for some residence, a problem with pedestrians. the residents are suing. they say the city directs hikers to a roadblocking their ability to do business and creating chaos for residents. >> they have been so negligent, in so many ways, and have put safety on the back burner. >> a superior court judge has
5:55 am
ordered the city to redirect pedestrians away from the road and to other entrances to the park. in australia a tiny seal pup was feeling drained first of all his swimming. so when he spotted a massive ship he decided it was time to hitch a ride. now the little guy is earning all kinds of internet fame for his laziness. he was on a boat going to melbourne. thousands from the bay area say they are going to fight for muslims and immigrants. their message to the governor. >> and paying money to drive solo in the carpool lane. it is a concept introduced to the bay area one year ago and we have new numbers on how it's been working and who has been using it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 am
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5:58 am
morning to fight for new protections for immigrant and muslim families... good morning. it's wednesday, march 15th. i m michelle griego.
5:59 am
[ yelling and clapping ] and i'm kenny choi. [ no audio ] >> good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, march 15. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. kpix 5 reporter maria medina joins us live from san jose, where demonstrators are going to sacramento. >> reporter: 1500 people from california will be heading to sacramento this morning including from san jose and oakland. they want to see two bills passed. now, here's what they are fighting for. they support what is called the california values act. and that says that no local or state resources are going to help the federal government with mass deportations. it also says that schools, court houses and hospitals are safe zones for everyone. now, they also support what's called the religious freedom act and that says that
6:00 am
california will not take "place" in a muslim registry. this all comes at the heels of local law enforcement leaders as well as community members reassuring the public here in santa clara county yesterday that they will not take place -- um, take part, in immigration enforcement. >> there's a mother that we know that just kisses her child good-bye in the morning and she is unsure if she will see that child when that child is supposed to return because that mother fears that she may be deported. >> reporter: the group leaving san jose this morning is part of a grassroots faith-based organization. after the rally today in sacramento they plan to hand over 62,000 signatures to the governor's office to show him how many people support those two bills and that group i want to tell you that group leaving san jose they are going to be meeting at the church behind me, they plan to meet here in the next few minutes and leave


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