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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this round of rain couldn't come at a worse time for some homeowners. kpix 5's cate cauguiran is live to show us why. >> reporter: within the past month homeowners have been pleading with the state to get help. roads eroded and some homeowners along foothill road lost 40 feet within two days. they are constructing emergency repair work. they plans to build a small retaining wall to shore up what is left of people's back yards. he says he put up long tarps to protect his land from anymore water damage. >> i am doing anything i can to protect the property. as a homeowner i have to figure out anything that could help. >> reporter: they are happy the state is giving them the help they need save their homes.
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they say they will talk and work with the community to come up with a longer term solution for homes and we are told emergency repair work already started. it could take between 2 to 4 months before it is complete. cate cauguiran, kpix 5. crews are blasting away at a crumbling bridge in big sur. cutting off access to the coastal community. this weekend's demolition is the start of a long rebuilding process. >> the most important thing is not the cost or the speed in which the work is done, the most important thing is that the work is done safely. >> crews hope to have it done by the end of the week. it could take at least 9 months to build a new bridge.
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meanwhile a mudslide left a community cut off for a month. it is still not fixed. kpix 5's jessica flores shows us people did get some relief today. if only for a few hours. >> the road is closed again now but for six hours today it was open and for a short time for the first time in weeks resident were able to drive up to their homes. relief today for hundreds of resident who live up morgan territory road. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> reporter: for weeks cracked and crumbling, the road now patched up, contra costa county says it is enough to allow resident to drive through for the day. the county public workdize apartment shows me the short term fix -- works department shows me the short term fix . >> put holes down into the ground so they are monitoring the slide here and this is
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where they are showing the movement. >> the mudslide is still moving a foot a day. the county can't start working to repair the road till it stops sliding. >> we are worried today monitoring it that it could massively move so we are fully staffed out here today. >> reporter: but even with the temporary fix resident are fed up. >> resident feel like it is -- that they haven't been working full force for it. we need a consistent open route. >> reporter: she walks a half mile every die get to her vehicle on the other side of the slide. the only other way out is to the south, a narrow, winding road. >> not safe and no cell communication. >> reporter: alternative routes go through private properties. >> investigating routes as we speak, looking for alternative. >> the county will monitor the road to see if they could
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temporarily open it back up again. jessica flores, kpix 5. governor jerry brown requested a 4th disaster declaration for california to cover instructure damaged in february storms. the president granted three previous requests. following breaking news. a major shake up at uber. company president is calling it quits amid a storm of bad press. he has been on the job for a year. he says this is not the situation he signed on for. the company has been plagued by pr problems. including other resignations, lawsuits and allegations of a frat boy culture. they gave us a statement saying we want to thank jeff for his
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six months at the company and wish him all the best. joe vazquez is digging for more details. we will get an update from him at 6:30 p.m. tensions between the assistant district attorney and oakland over the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. they are still waiting for the city to turn over the fire department's report on the investigation. experts say a delay in handing it over may be a violation of the law. a spokesman said the city is waiting for a final report. 36 people were killed during a concert held in the warehouse last december. two alarm fire ripped through home this afternoon. firefighters arrived at the scene on seal tv find flames shooting through roof. no one was home when the fire erupted. investigators are trying to pin down how it started.
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menlow park, the fire department showed us the progress on the new downtown firehouse. drone footage. the footings being poured. construction should be finished by the end of the year. final good-bye to a popular san jose little league coach killed in cold blood. kpix 5's maria medina was there and shows us even the mayor turned out to pay his respects. >> reporter: they lined the little league field where frank navarro spent so many days impacting kids lives. shouting east ridge strong as frank frank navarro's casket passed by. >> frank navarro was a giant. nobody had a bigger impact on kids. we have to honor his incredible equipment to all the kids. >> reporter: among the hundreds san jose mayor. who made a promise to his parent. >> we will do everything we can to make sure the folks were
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brought to justice. >> reporter: six suspects are afused in frank's -- accused in frank's murder. he was stabbed to death after a man denied entry. returned with other people and confronted security. >> i actually saw it on the news. >> month later friends and family say they hope his legacy lives on. >> pick up where frank left off. all the lives that he touched. yes, and it was all in a positive way. >> reporter: he didn't have kids of his own, these were his kids, the little league team he didicated his life to, now mourning -- dedicated his life to, now mourning his loss. maria medina, kpix 5. still to come, training day at the airport, the skills the dogs are learning to help their future owners. >> oh, my god, he is huge. >> watch your step on the
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trails. a bay area's man encounter with a mountain lion and the steps you can take to fight back before the first attack. >> a big story this week, the rain storms. we will have the forecast in a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for some "paws on" training. but as cute as they are -- it's serious work. . puppies showed up at the oakland airport today for paws on training. kpix 5's jong r shows us -- john ramos shows us how they are preparing to help their future owners find their way around. >> reporter: an airport could be a bustling, confusing place. and then there are the signs. thousands of them. but what if you couldn't read the signs? you would need help, right?
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>> this morning they were excited to see their friends. >> reporter: oakland international got cuter this morning when guide dogs for the blind brought together 25 puppies in training to sniff around and get comfortable with the place. >> we are socializing them so when they become a guide dog they are familiar with the saudenedings. >> reporter: alaska airlines wepicalled them to the boarding gates, bag claim area and let them walk through an airplane. >> the luggage coming down, crashing, going through security having a stranger hold on to them. the beeps, getting into a small space on a plane. we know how much room is on an airplane. >> reporter: they need be calm if they are going to help someone who can't see and amazing how they can tune in. she remembers coming to this terminal with her guide dog when he began pulling her off
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to the side. >> i went with it. followed him. see what he is doing. straight to the lady's room. that is exactly where i wanted to go. great. crazy. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: later after a class photo the young students departed. one day they may return to help their partners feel at home here even if they can't read the writings on the walls. john ramos, kpix 5. >> they charge nothing for their services. if you would like to donate or volunteer there is a link on afcouple had their -- couple had a breathless encounter with a mountain lion. look. >> oh, my god, he is huge. look at this guy. >> they were hiking in the hills friday afternoon when they spotted the big cat 15 yards away. >> we just stayed quiet and
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maybe move a little bit so they recognize us. we don't look like a deer ore a turk -- or a turkey. >> he did walk away. people should never approach mountain lions. they avoid confrontation as long as they are given a way out. california fishermen have a whale of a tale after this adventurer. fishing off san diego when they crossed paths with a pod of gray whales. they got so close you could downtown barnacles on them -- count the barnacles on them. >> we would go couple hundred yards and they would follow us there and hang out under the boat. we have never seen this happen before. >> experience. while this is rare, seeing whales from a distance is not
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rare. between december and april 20,000 gray whales make the trip from alaska to the warmer waters off baja california and that is where females give birth. the season for coffee, sniffing, wheezing. allergies. the season is just beginning and it will be a doozy after the -- doozie after the record rainfall with more to come this week. >> reporter: the sights and sounds of early spring. oh, and that sound too. signs the start of allergy season has sprung. >> can't breathe. the throat is sore. >> sore throat. >> nose running all the time. >> reporter: and it could be a monster season for allergy sufferers. >> symptoms. >> throat is itchy.
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>> when allergy season comes on it will be more severe. >> reporter: he says start treating your allergies now with over-the-counter meds before they get worse. >> we had a lot of rain, it delays pollination. especially with trees. when they start to pollinate we get it at the same time. >> reporter: last year we were dealing with a dry easen but after this -- easen but after this season -- season but after this season there will be higher pollen levels. make sure you brush them once a day or rinse them off so they are not making you sneeze. >> couple tips that i give patients is when they are driving drive with windows closed. at night time when you go to bed, don't go to sleep with the windows open and take a shower at the end of the day. >> reporter: if you have never had alerges it doesn't mean --
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allergies it doesn't mean you are out of the woods. >> we haven't even seen the peak yet. the next hot weather spell will start spreading the pollen. >> did they get a cut of your pay that day -- >> my dogs. my puppies. >> cute.allergy season will be with us because tomorrow is spring. 3:28 a.m. monday morning. within 9 hours of that. 3:28 a.m. spring is here. here is the time lapse video of the fog pouring through the golden gate and has been. pretty foggy going as you are crossing. south san francisco, bleak from time to time. doppler showing the showers from north to south. gulf to the bay area. no, they are not.
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low pressure. we have a southerly flow. the moisture is heading from south to north. we don't look for trine develop at all tonight in the bay area but around fort frag, a few echoes -- fort bragg, a few echoes. low pressure. jet stream lowers towards the northern california area. so wet and windy week ahead. showers from time to time. [ laughter ] >> so much for -- that is the camera looking towards the golden gate bridge. obscured in the fog we showed you a moment ago. 65 degrees concord. oakland 59 degrees. san francisco 56. san jose 61 degrees. future cast, clouds tonight. and tomorrow. and monday afternoon that is when we get a few showers moving through the bay area. and then the day goes on. more showers on tuesday. all scattered variety. a break on tuesday. more coming in on wednesday.
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windy tomorrow as well. the winds gusting. amounts? they don't amount to too much. half inch. around the bay area. winter storm watch monday afternoon through wednesday. snow and wind returns to the mountains late monday. blowing snow, up to a foot over the passes. this is not a cold storm. we are not going to get snow down to low levels but it will slow you down. rain from time to time this week. gusty winds. especially tomorrow. they will peak to 35, 40 miles per hour. a break on thursday. a break in between all of this. a break on thursday. at this point friday looks like the storm will pack a punch when the low comes in. friday will be the big day this week. we will set the stage. over night lows 60. sun up 7:13 a.m. raining in the north pardon of the state -- northern part of
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the state. rain tomorrow afternoon. wimbledony. new york, partly cloudy skies. thunderstorms for chicago. los angeles 89 last week. 67 tomorrow. we will be in the mid-60s tomorrow with rain in the afternoon. not big time. tuesday could get thunderstorms in the bay area. wednesday lingering showers. thursday a break. friday wind and rain. partly cloudy skies on saturday, sunday. showers. unsettled through the weekend. we will see. in the meantime, after a warm week last week we will go the other direction. high school team trying to do what no high school public school in san francisco ever has done and a high seed bites the dust in the ncaa. grab your bracket and pens, you will need it. we are next. ,,,,,,
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2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. bitter disappointment on the basket [ cheers and applause ] a warm welcome home at st.
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mary's. the gaels returned from salt lake city today after being bounced from the ncaa tournament in the sec round. they -- second round. they beat virginia on thursday but they came up short last night losing to arizona 69-60. [ talking at the same time ] >> it continues. in fact, as -- number one seeds are being threatened. we lost villanova. kansas could sleep through their first round game against uc davis but the intensity ratches up with michigan state. michigan facing kansas. jayhawks up 8. the alley-oop. kansas up by 10 point. later in the half, jackson, lengths of the court, laze it in. had a game high 23 points.
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kansas nighttime-70. much closer -- 90-70. much closer than that. michigan lead with less than two to go. german sophomore pump fakes his way to the rim. he had a career high 26. two point lead. walton. dagen. michigan 73-69. 7th straight win. >> head coach john leading the charge. the wolverines advance. >> we started a tradition of getting -- taking a shower i guess without going in the shower after a good win. not stopping. >> the giants battle the brewers. top of the fifth. he connects with the bases clearing single. he is struggling merchandise e.r.a over 10. the giants don't mind. 4 innings, 9 hits, 6 earned
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runs. giants lose 6-4. final round, arnold palmer invitational. marc leishman hasn't won a pga in five years. putt for eagle on 16. 11 under par. goes down. eagle landed. final hole, putting on the last four holes. separated himself from the pact. wins the arnold palmer invitational, a million and a half dollars and an invitation, which i think he will accept to augusta. shot a 69 today. 140 feet worth of putts. nascar, camping world 500 at phoenix international raceway. final lap. ryan newman holding on for a lead with kyle larson and kyle busch on his tail. ryan newman takes the checkered flag. ncaa wrestling with its own version of march madness. clark shows his opponents the light while winning the
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national title. clark out of his mind, that is his coach. watch how he celebrates. down he goes. slams him to the go. he is the champion. hope coach is okay. high school hoops. east side prep won. and san francisco's mission bears are division 3 champions after closing in irfairfield last night. >> clinging to a one point lead in the final minute but then harris three-point play.
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they bears are one win away from becoming the first san francisco public school to win a state title. >> nor-cal division 3 champions. how does that sound? >> good. it sounds great. >> feels so good to be the first quarter public school to go to state. -- first public school to go to state. >> off monday. back at it on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. sacramento on friday. [ cheers and applause ] >> i love it. i love it. >> i love it. >> public school high schools in the city don't get a lot of respect. underdogs last week and underdogs last night in fairfield and they won both games. >> sacramento friday. that will be huge. >> winner take all. coming up, new details on a
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leadership shake up at uber. the words the president has. >> and a space not just for building muscle but for community building as well. what makes this bay area gem so unique. >> and training san francisco librarians to save lives? why they may be armed with the antidote for heroin over doses. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more turmoil at uber. this evening, the company' nounced: he's call you are watching kpix 5 news. more turmoil at uber. this evening the company's president is calling it quits. joe vazquez live from uber
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headquarters. jeff jones isn't going quietly. he has harsh criticism for the company? >> reporter: right. took a shot as he went out the door. it is the president of uber, not the ceo. the departure does not appear to be pleasant. >> 36% increase in mobile sales. >> reporter: jeff jones the number two man at uber employed here for half year but now he is leaving. jones, the president of uber is designing because of the controversies at the company. two scandals, a female engineer revealed an atmosphere of sexual harassment and then this video showing jones' boss, the ceo, lighting in to an uber driver. >> some people don't like the take responsibility -- [ bleep ] >> reporter: in december
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california officials reprimanded uber for trying to put self-driving cars on the roads of san francisco without a permit. >> giving back is in the dna. not an add on program. >> reporter: it is not clear where jones plans to go next. late this afternoon uber released a statement, we want to thank jeff for his six months at the company and wish him all the best and jones sent this statement to kpix 5. it is clear that the beliefs and approach to leadership that guided my career are inconsistent with what i saw and experienced at uber and i can no longer continue as president of the ride sharing business . so it appears the president took a direct shot at the ceo on his way out the door. i should say that he sent out an employee to employees that said i am sorry you are learning about this in the press but yes, it is true, the
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president is gone. >> all right. joe vazquez, thank you. president trump spent sunday in florida. ahead of a busy week in washington. the house will take up healthcare and the senate considers a supreme court nominee. >> reporter: change coming to the gop healthcare plan that would repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> we are making improvements to the bill. >> reporter: some of the improvements include providing more tax credits to help older americans and a work requirement for medicaid recipients. republicans are working to get enough support to push the legislation through the house. >> we feel like we are on track. >> reporter: one lawmaker says he knows of 40 republicans who would vote no. enough to defeat the measure. and it must also win approval in the senate. >> the current house bill as
6:33 pm
drafted i don't believe it will pass the senate. it doesn't fix the problem. my biggest concern with the house bill is it doesn't lower premiums. >> the senate will begin nomination hearings monday for neil gorsuch. the house will focus on a hearing where fbi director james comey will testify about russia's medaling in the elections. president trump's claims that president obama wire tapped him is also expected to be raised. >> the justice department, the fbi has to really clear this. because otherwise this administration has decided that they can say anything. >> reporter: lawmakers said sunday they have not uncovered proof of the president's claim. cbs news. southern california man got an unexpected condolences call from the president following his girlfriend's death. the circs that caught --
6:34 pm
circumstances that caught president trump's attention. >> reporter: a hit-and-run crash that shattered a family forever. she lost her life here last month. the man who killed her was drunk driving, three prior duis and deported five times. he has only begun to grieve. >> adjusting to life now. our life is broken. it will forever be broken. >> reporter: as the story circumstanceulated on media it caught the attention of president trump who called him. >> really sympathetic call. he didn't promise me anything. he is working hard on taking away the sanctuary cities. >> reporter: they voted for president trump in part because of his hard line stance on illegal immigration. he said the l.a. mayor shares the blame for her death because of his lack of cooperation on immigration law
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with the feds. he said he sent him a message. >> he said my thoughts and prayers are with the family that lost a loved one and i understand the anger and grief. i don't think he does. >> reporter: she was the mother of two children. her son. >> trying to adjust and process what's happening and how nothing will ever be normal again. >> reporter: president trump's call won't change what happened but it did lift his spirits. >> he said stay strong for my family. he is working hard for the american people. working hard toadish urborders. -- to secure the borders. the sanctuary city debate since the 2015 shooting death and the suspect an undocumented immigrant. mayor ed lee says policies won't change despite president trump's promises to slash funding to sanctuary cities.
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a new bill in sacramento aims to convert all of california into sanctuary state but restricting how law enforcement can work with i.c.e. agents. opponents argue it it willed let dangerous and violent criminals slip through. some people worry immigration officers will use their tattoos as an excuse to stop them and check their status. >> a lot of people don't want to be a moving target. for fear they might be considered a certain type of person or judged people want to get their tattoos removed. >> there is no evidence suggesting they are targeting people based on tattoos but it appears people aren't taking chances. leaders are speaking this evening to support bay area muslims. people from religious and civic organizations turned out for
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hands around the mosque. organizers say the point is to help muslims move from fear to friendship. this comes as some mosques and individuals faced threats amid anti-muslim political rhetoric. business is booming for a fitness center in oakland that caters to the lgbtq community by offering judgment free work outs. kpix 5's devin fehely takes us inside queer gym. >> this idea of -- was born out of my experience going to the gym. >> reporter: she didn't always feel comfortable at a gym. >> i started having a different dynamic at the gym. it was uncomfortable. >> reporter: 7 years ago she launched a safe place to build strong muscles and community. >> most of them feels anonymous. you go there, do your treadmill
6:38 pm
and boring, you go home. people check up on you he. >> reporter: the queer gym to market itself to the gay and transgender community. there are plans to open a second location. even a few straight people come along for the ride. >> their philosophy is everything i am bout. grow at your own pace. have a strong community and the gay part didn't matter to me. >> reporter: even a place that prides itself on tolerance learned they had a lot left to learn. especially with the transgender community. >> the wrong use of pronouns. that small language was making an impact on them. >> the queer gym where tallerous must be exercised. -- tolerance must be exercised.
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devin fehely, kpix 5. how bay area businesses are renting space by the hour and saving money in the process. >> and this could save you a lot of hassle on your next trip to the store. the company rolling out tiny robots to carry your stuff around. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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short- new at 6:00 p.m. a growing bay area start up is providing a new way to secure short term spaces for businesses and parties. kpix 5's susie explains it could be raising legal questions. >> reporter: when he opened his art gallery a few months ago he knew selling art wouldn't be enough to pay the bills in the bay area. >> it was against the grain and, you you know, we were concerned after the first month which is why we started getting involved in other things.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: he started renting the gallery out. similar to airbnb but instead of booking for the weekend, he rents by the hour. >> bridle showers, baby showers. meetings. all kinds of things. >> reporter: it helped him pay 50% of his monthry rent and -- monthly rent. >> when you give keys to strangers off the internet there is a huge liable risk. >> reporter: he says galleries like ben's should be fine but they also allow people to rent out apartments by the hour and if they don't have a commercial lease that is not legal. >> zoned for residential use. >> reporter: they are pulling users who don't have commercial
6:43 pm
leases but catching start up users could be tough to regulate. kpix 5. have you ever found yourself lost in the hardware store? lowes is about to launch new technology to help you find your way around. it is new app is powered by google. using reality the app maps the store and shows you the fastest path to get to each item. the new app launches next month at two lowes stores including one in sunnyvale. and the company behind this robot says it created a perfect shopping partner. it can haul 40 pounds of groceries or other items and follow you around by linking up with a device on your belt. the start up is run by the same
6:44 pm
company that makes scooters. it will go into production next year. still to come, drug dealers printing their own pills. printing them at home. the legal marinery they are importing from over seas -- machinery they are importing from over seize. >> the new google street view project that sent this guys into an active volcano. >> well, this from the skies. it will rain. we will have the forecast after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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colorado.. has forced hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. the flames corched more t wildfire near downtown boulder, colorado, forced hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. the flames that scorched 100 acres. the blaze may have been human cause because it started in an area used by hikers and campers. the fire is 20% contained. for the first time google is taking its street view project beneath the planet's surface to capture images of an active volcano. >> reporter: google this. what is it like to go inside a volcano? they sent a crew to find out. all the way to the south pacific, a thousand miles off the coast of australia.
6:48 pm
it is home to lush jungles, black sand beaches and 9 active volcano. they went inside one of them to get a view of the volcano like you have never seen before. strapping on a high tech backpack, they rappelled down 400 meters inside theivate campaign trailer to collect -- inside the crater to collect imagery. they got a look at the giant lake of lava. boiling rock, twice the size of a football field. >> really surges energy through your body. >> all the heartbeat of the planet. >> now you can visit as well from your couch. the 360 images are now up on google street view. >> nasa does that as well but
6:49 pm
don't have the resources of google. a look at the san francisco airport. there are clouds over the mountains right now. coming in over south san francisco. hello. through the san bruno gap. 64 livermore. san francisco 56. actually, biologists told me there is no such thing as a seagulls. it is just a gull. showers moving from south to north. and not in the bay area. north of point arena and showers off shore. none of this will be a factor tonight. all moving north under the low pressure in the pacific. promises an unsettled week for the bay area. wet and windy week ahead. windy tomorrow. we don't get hit tile friday big time. tomorrow afternoon rain. and future cast shows it
6:50 pm
continues into tuesday. not unrelenting continuous rain. showers from time to time and wednesday, continues, a chance of thunderstorms coming in on tuesday. wednesday mid-day showers around. the amounts not much. 4/10-inch but more coming later in the week. winter storm watch. 12 inches over the pazes. travel delays tomorrow night and tuesday. rain from time to time this week. gusty winds and wet weather tomorrow. winds and the rain continue through wednesday. the peak of the winds is tomorrow. stormy, stormy friday for the bay area. for that break on thursday. over night lows tonight, mid- to upper 50s. high temperatures tomorrow, raining. not that cold. the readings in the mid-60s for temperatures. looking for rain developing later tomorrow. thunderstorm on tuesday. unsettled on wednesday before we get the break on thursday.
6:51 pm
friday looks like bam, a punch to the bay area. and then unsettled weekend next week. good news, it doesn't look like it begins raining. we will get brakes but the feel of this week is carry an umbrella. back after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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staffers to administer life- saving drugs.. if a patron happens to overdose on heroin. new plan would allow san francisco library staffers to administer life saving drug physical someone over doses on heroin. an addict was found dead in a library rest room last month. the neighborhood has seen an explosion of abuse. the city is now exploring the
6:54 pm
idea of training library staff how to administer medication that could reverse the effects of over doses. staff participation world be volunteer -- would be voluntary. the drug traffics are now importing pill presses to pump out dangerous drugs faster than ever before. >> reporter: it is happening all over the country, new mexico, florida, california. people are dying from counterfeit pills made with a drug conted fentanyl -- drug called fentanyl. >> people died from injusting what they think is a pain -- ingesting what they think is a pain killer and it is fentanyl. >> reporter: the death of prince could be the most famous
6:55 pm
case of counterfeit pills. police found mislabeled pills laced with fentanyl in his home. the drug was found in his system. this is the tulle drug dealers -- tool drug dealers are using to make the pills. >> if you have counterfeit pills you can't make them without pill presses. >> the dea shows cnn pill presses are bought off the internet. most come from china. >> here is a industrial one for $5,000. >> the machines make pills so accurate even veteran agents have trouble telling the difference. the machines are not illegal but buying them without registration is. the number of illegal imports striked 19 fold since 2011 --
6:56 pm
struck 19 fold since 2011. she leads the anti-terrorism contraband team in los angeles beach, california. finding pill presses is no small challenge. one container here is processed every 7.8 seconds. .s. customs and border protection opened up a warehouse to show us the machines with investigations underway between whether they were legally imported. >> manual little machines you can make one or two at a time all the way up to 170,000 per minute. huge industrial machines. these tips of interceptions are important. have a lot of impact on the community. >> the dea says with an
6:57 pm
investment of $5,000 a drug dealer could get $10 million worth of fake pills. that will do for now. 60 minutes is next. >> the latest is on see you back here at 11:00 p.m. thank you very much for joining us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> i think, for once, we're going to stand up as americans and say, enough is enough. worker like thousands of other americans every year. laid off because of a program that allows companies to replace employees with foreign labor. but before leaving, they often are asked to train their replacements. >> i can't wrap my mind around training somebody to take my position. you know, it's my livelihood. how am i supposed to feel? >> i've heard some workers say that this is like digging your own grave. is that what it feels like? >> it feels worse than that. >> a rare famine emergency has been declared in the youngest


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