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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 21, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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the sun just came out moments ago.. as we take a live look towards pleasanton.. but scattered showers st now at noon, a spring storm is moving through the bay area. the sun just came out as we look toward pleasanton but scattered showers still linger throughout the day. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. kenny is on assignment. let's get straight to roberta who has been tracking the storm. >> you know, there's good and bad with all that sunshine
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you're look at because that causes a lot of instability in the atmosphere. also rainbows. the heaviest rain that piled through the bay area this morning is now going to sacramento valley. very carefully you can see all those lightning strikes just lighting up from elk grove to lodi. this is dangerous cloud-to- ground lightning. the potential for thunderstorms in the afternoon through the sacramento valley and heavy rain from patterson through newman toward los banos. we have hit-and-miss scattered showers around mount hamilton. look at the golden gate bridge again some blue skies. some clouds, a breeze, south 10 to 20. balmy temperatures at this hour. while we still will keep a chance of showers in the forecast throughout the evening, look at that! that's your wednesday, more
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showers, but a bigger storm coming up on friday. we'll pinpoint the timing on that coming up later in this newscast. and this is a live look at sfo. the weather is starting to look bright. this morning's low ceiling cause the one hour flight delays but if you are heading out, something else may be getting in the way of your excursion. electronics may slow down your travel plans. jackie ward reports from sfo. >> reporter: this latest ban impacts international travelers with electronics. travel from eight countries in the middle east and north africa got complicated. starting today 10 airports in these places will require those traveling to the united states to pack electronics like their tablets, cameras and laptops into their checked luggage, no longer allowed in the main cabin. >> i think it's too extreme. if you are a businessperson traveling from one of those
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countries and you need your laptop with you, i think that deserves consideration. >> there's an incredible threat. it's something i'm okay with. if it's something that is something that i have to lose in order to keep us safe, then i think it's a good idea. >> reporter: the department of homeland security says taking this step is necessary because intelligence believes terrorist groups are continuing to focus their efforts on commercial flights including smuggling explosives in consumer items. >> obviously, if there's something that's more credible that would i guess suggest that this could be used in a terrorism way, then i would say that everyone has to sacrifice for that. >> reporter: nine foreign carriers are affected by the land which go nonstop into the u.s. no american carriers are impacted. it will impact passengers on 50 daily nonstop flights into the united states including three flights a week to sfo from abu
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dhabi, daily flights from dubai dubai and istanbul. >> no electronics from six middle east countries as of today into england. kpix 5's anne makovec tells us, the mayor just signed a first-of-its-kind law to stop special registries based on religion and national origin. >> reporter: it's called the noncooperation with identity- based registry ordinance. >> basically, we are saying, we are not going to approve a registry in the city or the country. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee stood with city leaders and human rights people to sign an ordinance passed in february a move against any future discrimination or ban against muslims among others. the legislation would prohibit city agencies from housing in
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any government program that requires a database or registration program based on religion, ethnicity or national origin. >> this signing today reaffirms our sanctuary city. despite what's happening nationally, we'll continue the fight against discrimination and anti-immigrant sentiments. >> reporter: this ordinance would have some teeth giving individuals or nonprofits the right to sue if a city agency or employee violates it. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> the mayor says the city will continue to fight any federal move toward a border wall, a travel ban or random id checks. president trump spent the morning personally lobbying house republicans to get on board with the republican healthcare plan. reporter weijia jang explains, despite some changes to the bill, some republicans aren't sold. >> reporter: president trump emerged from a meeting with
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house republicans confident that the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare will pass. >> they are terrific people. they want a tremendous healthcare plan. that's what we have. >> reporter: gop leaders announced four changes to the bill including a freeze on medicaid expansion, a state option to require some medicaid recipients to work, tax credits to uninsured and low to mid income people, and prohibits the use for insurance plans that provide abortion services. >> this will hopefully get us over the line. >> reporter: but some people, like this man from idaho, aren't sold. >> not yet. >> reporter: president trump was blunt with republicans warning they will lose their seats in the 2018 elections if they don't follow through with the repeal replacement of obamacare. >> he made it clear. we made a promise. we need to keep it now. >> reporter: meanwhile, the trump administration is fighting back against fbi
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director james comey's revelation that the bureau is looking into possible trump campaign connections with russia. cbs news has learned the fbi is investigating former national security adviser michael flynn, campaign foreign policy adviser carter page, former campaign chairman paul manafort, and roger stone, a long-time friend of president trump's. stone denied the allegations on "cbs this morning." >> just as there has been no evidence of collusion with the russians. >> reporter: the white house is demanding an investigation into the leaks of classified materials. weijia jang, cbs news, capitol hill. democratic leaders say the changes to the republican healthcare bill aren't good enough. they say they can't support a plan that will lead to 24 million people losing insurance. supreme court nominee neil gorsuch is undergoing a long day of questioning from the senate judiciary committee. republicans are backing the conservative jurist who spent the last decade on the denver tenth u.s. circuit court of
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appeals. democrats are questioning his views on hot button issues such as the roe vs. wade ruling that legalized abortion. >> do you view roe as having super precedent? >> it has been reaffirmed many times. i can say that. yes. >> yes, dozens. >> gorsuch's appointment if confirmed would not change the current makeup of the court since he would be replacing the late conservative icon antonin scalia. the committee will vote on his nomination next month. in our bay area watch, union city police are searching for the person who drove her car into a family of five in a walmart parking lot. it all went down sunday night. surveillance cameras snapped this shot of the suspect. she is a young woman or teenager wearing a batman t- shirt. police think she was fuming when she couldn't return batteries and left the store. now, watch this! after she got behind the wheel, she backed up quickly, crashing into the family knocking down a 3-year-old girl, and that's when police say she got more enraged. >> the victims were actually
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saying that she was yelling and screaming in the car and pounding her fists on the steering wheel. >> the victims had minor injuries but are okay. police are hoping this video may lead to clues to help them fight the driver. oakland firefighters released helmet cam video on twitter overnight. you can see what they had to deal with inside a burning home. the fire erupted on 45th street. we are told it started in the back of the house and burned through the attic. they were able to get it under control. new at noon, home run king barry bonds is rejoining the orange and black. he is coming back to the san francisco giants as a special adviser to ceo larry baer. bonds calls the giants organization family and says he looks forward to spending time with young players as well as the bay area community. bonds was fired last fall as the hitting coach for the marlins after one season. south bay is gearing up for an exciting couple rounds of march madness. yesterday crews in san jose started installing the hardwood at s.a.p.
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center. the arena will host the west regional of the ncaa men's tournament. sweet sixteen games are scheduled for thursday, the elite eight is on saturday. the auto industry could be reshaped by a device for cars. don't miss a payment. >> and apple is unveiling its latest devices. what you can preorder at the end of the week. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if the driver misses a payment.. the car won't start. as anna werner reports: there are no the auto industry is introducing new technology to help creditors repossess cars if the driver misses a payment, the car won't start. as anna werner reports, there are no federal laws to regulate the device just yet. >> got real sick. >> reporter: willie conner needs a kidney transplant and gets dialysis five times a
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week. she needed a car but she and her husband didn't have a lot of money. so commercials like this one for car credit city. >> guaranteed credit. >> reporter: offering guaranteed credit sounded good. >> they made it easy, you know, come on in we'll give you a car, regardless of your credit. >> reporter: then one day in 2012, she came out of the treatment center and found the wouldn't start. why? she says even though she had told them she would be a few days late on the payment, the dealer had turned the car off. how? with a device similar to this one, it's something called a starter interrupter, technology that combined with gps tracking allows a dealer to remotely track the location of a car, then disable it from starting as long as the car is not moving. >> this is the gps tracking device. >> reporter: this former car dealer sells the devices. he says they are needed because many buyers default on high interest loans.
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>> it is a risky business. i have been there. i lost a lot of cars which i didn't think was possible. i could find the customer, i just couldn't find the car. >> reporter: but there are no federal laws on how to disclose or use the devices and just four states have any regulations. and the center for responsible lending says there are safety concerns. >> you're on your way to pick your kids up, you stop at the store and suddenly you can't start your car and your kids are left alone at a school. >> reporter: we reached out to the dealership where they bought the car, car credit city, several times and were finally told by a representative that they weren't interested. anna werner, cbs news, new york. >> connor says she was unaware of a shutoff device in the car and admits there may have been some disclosure in the papers apple fans, get out your wallets. the new 9.7" ipad is the first product to be launched this year. it's the latest low cost product which retails for $329. apple's also releasing a special edition iphone 7 and 7-
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plus in red to support the product red campaign to benefit aids charities. both will be available to order on friday. the electronic empire also announced its latest attempt to break into social media. apple calls it, new standalone appear, clips. it guides users on designing videos to share on networks like facebook and instagram. the app will be available for free in the app store in april. google maps is trying to make it easier to find your parked car. the feature will be available on the new version of the app. all you have to do is set your location, once you've done that you can add notes to remind you what's nearby. you can also set a timer in case there's a meter you need to remember. for now the new feature is available on androids. a tree fell into a vallejo home overnight. the homeowner wasn't inside when it came down during the storm. she was afraid the roof might collapse under the weight of the 100-year-old oak tree. but she is happy it didn't do
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more damage. >> i'm actually really relieved. i'm just stressed about the whole situation. but i'm just relieved that no one was injured, you know, and the dogs woke us up as if it was an earthquake. >> the home has been red-tagged and that means no one can go in and power has been cut off to the home. but she has a good attitude about that. >> she does. i'm afraid we could see more of the current that is with the upcoming system rolling our way on friday, with heavier rainfall and gustier winds. today's storm blew through early this morning and now has gone to the central valley. scattered showers here and there. our live hi-def doppler radar all lit up primarily in the central valley. can you see very carefully there from cameron park all the way into live oaks those leaving strikes to the north? also, gault with a liking strike at this time. i want to point something if i may oh, it's very difficult at this time but right around
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stockton into modesto, we are anticipating the potential of a brief tornado. it is certainly possible. we're not saying that it's going to happen. we're just saying all the dicey ingredients are in place. and look at these beautiful clouds right now and the blue sky. that's a symbol of instability with the passage of that front that sliced through the bay area. that's why we have to keep that chance of a thunderstorm in the forecast with small hail. when you have blue sky and also the clouds in the passing of the system there, we begin to see a warmup and again that atmosphere becomes very unstable. look at the rainfall in the past 24 hours. usually in the month of march, in the bay area, we see a total of 3 inches. we saw that in 24 hours alone. but then in san jose, .4" rain, 8 times more in the santa cruz mountains due to the rain shadow effect limiting the rainfall in the san jose area. dana reports over an inch and a quarter of rain. looking out at the beach now,
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wind speeds up to 15, san francisco at 16. san ramon at 17 miles per hour. winds will be pretty consistent out of the south 10 to 20 during the day. beautiful front slicing through the core of the center of the area of low pressure still way back over the ocean. we are still going to have to deal with that by tomorrow morning. so we'll just call it unsettled through the period. tonight's evening commute relatively on the dry side. then look what's queuing up. tonight, overnight, hours of heavy rain passing through make it a wet sloppy morning commute. it will be dry before that guy right there is poised and positioned to slice through on friday with heavier rainfall up to three inches at least. three and a quarter. we are still going to see about .6" in pleasanton before this system is gone. high sierra with a winter weather advisory in place a foot of snow at the crest. that's high. our temperatures speaking of highs, up to 70 degrees. it's balmy, it's muggy outside! sunset is at 7:22.
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it's going to be a beauty. seven-day forecast calls for rain tonight, just an occasional hit-and-run and miss scattered showers monday morning. that's a showery event and then we begin to dry out thursday, more heavy rain, gusty wind on friday. i think i was sitting this high. >> i know. >> all right, roberta, thanks so much. still ahead a sight customers weren't expecting to see inside a walmart where this cowboy was spotted.
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that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. cooking team is back! stephanie and tony tantillo are in the kitchen making pork chops.. our favorite cooking team is back. stephanie and tony tantillo are in the kitchen making pork chops. >> okay. pork chops. stephanie is going to make me something that i love. >> this is pork chops and risotto. it's a very southern kind of sicilian, with a sweet and sour flavor so they do it a lot with peppers but i love it on pork, the sauce has a great flavor. >> let's get going, come on, i'm hungry. >> let's make it.
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>> so the first thing we do is we are going to sear off the pork chops. bone in pork chops also important to remember get that one, and then when it gets brown, in oil and butter, pretty much cooked on the surface a little deeper we can start basing it with the sauce. it's made up of vinegar, butter and sweetness so i like using red wine vinegar and because that's very acidic, the amount of butter and honey needs to be equal. that's going to soften it and it's going to sweeten it, then herbs with olive oil, it's one of those sauces you really need to taste as you go because depending on your ingredients it, could be a shock if it's too sour. so threat go overall about 5, 10 minutes. but make sure -- so let this go overall about 5, 10 minutes. but make sure you -- you see
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the sauce is darker. it's caramelizing. all the sugars are coming out. go ahead and take this out. the sauce is very syrupy and you can smell when it's done and it stops smelling like vinegar and smells sweeter. let it rest for 10 minutes before cutting it. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the heightened worries... with more rain ahead this week. that an east bay creek is creeping up into people's backyards causing the land to
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crumble away. the heightened worries with more rain ahead this week. that story and more at 5:00. and an unusual sight in houston. a man riding a horse right through walmart. customers and workers were shocked. there were two horses inside going up and down several of the aisles. the viral video posted sunday has gotten over 2 million views. hm. >> hm. >> i think they were just horsing around. [ laughter ] >> i knew you were going to say that. >> they were afraid were you going to nag them! ♪[ music ] ,,
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