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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 22, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> pelley: this is a cbs news special report. i'm scott pelley with new developments on today's terror attack in london. good day. at least three people have been killed and 20 others hurt in the attack just outside the british parliament. officials say the dead include a police officer who was stabbed. the unidentified attacker was also killed by the police. police believe there was only one attacker, but the investigation is continuing and scotland yard briefed reporters a short time ago. >> as you know, we've declared this as a terrorist incident and the counterterrorism command are carrying out a full-scale investigation of the events of today. the attack started when a car was driven over westminster bridge, hitting and injuring a
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number of members of the public also including three police officers on their way back from a commendation ceremony. the car crashed near to parliament and at least one man armed with a knife continued the attack and tried to enter parliament. sadly, i can confirm that now four people have died. that includes the police officer who was protecting parliament and one man we believe to be the attacker, she was shot by a police officer. the officer's family have been made aware. at least 20 people have been injured. >> pelley: and, to be clear, three innocent victims were killed, the gunman was killed by police and that's why we have a total of four dead. cbs news correspondent jonathan vigliotti is on the scene. jonathan, what's the latest? >> reporter: scott, this photo is reported to be of the attackers seen there receiving treatment just outside
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parliament. as you heard from metropolitan police, he was later reported to be dead. we are here just a short distabs away from parliament a few blocks where you can see the flashing lights continuing. this area is still locked down. police still here as they continue to work out how this all unfolded. earlier, we saw a steady stream of children being escorted out. we are being told they were inside parliament at the time and forced into lockdown. they are all out. this all began on westminster bridge in the shadow of big ben. according to police, the suspect used his vehicle to plow on to the sidewalk of that bridge, injuring several people that were there. in fact, one woman was found lifeless in the water. that person then took his vehicle and smashed through the gate of parliament where we're told by police he got out and stabbed that police officer before two other officers shot him. parliament was in session at the time. hundreds of people were inside
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and forced in that lockdown including prime minister muhammad nawa -- prime ministern escorted out. the identity of this suspect and his exact motive remain unclear. police believe he acted alone. >> pelley: jonathan vigliotti at the scene on the banks of the river thames. president trump condemned the attack in london. he said the white house has talked to prime minister theresa may who jonathan just told us was evacuated from the parliament building during the attack. here in new york police have tightened security at british diplomatic posts and other locations. to repeat now, at least three innocent victims were killed plus the gunman and 20 wounded in the terror attack in london. the attacker was killed by polie. much more on this developing
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story on this local news on this cbs station. as always on our 24-hour streaming news service cbsn and, of course, right here tonight on the cbs evening news. until then i'm scott pelley, overnight. chopper 5 was over a massive that tree fell this morning... causing traffic headaches in menlo park. there ar and police are warn new at noon storm watch. after strong rains overnight, chopper 5 was over a massive tree that fell this morning causing traffic headaches in menlo park. there are live wires down. avoid the area. and a late-night water rescue in santa rosa, three people in a car crashed into a creek around 9:15 last night. the car floated 200 feet down before stopping. two people inside were rescued. the driver took off from the scene and is still on the run today. in the sierra, fresh snow is piling up creating headaches
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for some residents. this is what it looks like at tahoe. one family had so much snow, surrounding their cabin, they stored beer in the snow blocking their back door to keep it cold. they love it. but they say cleaning up their driveway is really taking its toll on them. >> we spent one day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. shoveling the driveway so we can get the car back in the driveway so they could plow it so we could get out. so that was frustrating. >> caltrans is also warning drivers to move with caution. the agency says thunderstorms can make for dangerous icy conditions. the bay area got hammered by rain earlier this morning and there is another round on the way. >> roberta is here with that and the rain totals from this last round of showers. >> and some of those totals in the greater lake tahoe area range from 8 inches of snow in heavenly to a foot on the north shore in north star. this morning it was storming. byron airport reports .75" of
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rain this morning. look at orinda's total compared to san francisco. as this front just stalled over the east bay and the southern portion of the bay area, live hi-def doppler radar still picking up a little bit of light rain over mount hamilton and morgan hill. we'll see some showers continue throughout the afternoon hours. there is a chance of a thunderstorm, as well. mostly cloudy becoming partly sunny late day. temperatures right now are very mild in the 50s. we will see a few low 60s today. pretty much where we should for this time of the year. here's your evening commute. notice it's pretty dry with some showers out towards the central valley. and then as we approach your thursday, it will be dry with an approaching area of low pressure right there. we'll tell you exactly when the raindrops will fall around the bay area and how much more to expect coming up. thank you. victims of last month's flood in san jose may be able to
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breathe easier today. kpix 5's maria medina on the meetings where much-needed aid is expected to be given out. >> very vulnerable and they are living with relatives or trying to rent and they are just, you know, that wears out after this long. we need help for them. >> reporter: four weeks after coyote creek overflowed its banks destroying homes and businesses -- >> they are really hurting. >> reporter: julie says her tenants who live in an apartment complex in rocksprings still cannot return home. >> a lot of them lost cars all their furniture. one girl walked out with just a suitcase. >> reporter: today julie is one step closer to getting the help the victims need. >> homeowners for their primary residence can get up to $200,000 to repair and replace that. renters up to $40,000. >> reporter: the u.s. small business administration transformed this 12th floor office into a loan center in city hall. renters and homeowners began to line up to get low-interest loans to replace their property. business owners can get up to
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$2 million. >> it's frustrating because it's taking -- putting us into debt for some time. but you just have to do what you have to do to take care of the house. >> reporter: faced with losing property and now taking a loan to replace it. for some, they say it's their only option. financial burden julie doesn't agree with. >> we had no warning at all. >> reporter: you think it's fair that this comes out of your pocket? >> no, no! >> reporter: in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> and tonight, santa clara water district leaders plan to hold a public meeting about how to prevent another devastating flood. tonight's meeting is at 6 p.m. at the morgan hill community center. governor jerry brown is giving the gop a stern warning over its proposed healthcare bill. he is in washington to make the case against it. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us from the newsroom to tell us why the governor is so outraged. >> reporter: michelle, governor jerry brown got proponents of the republican party's healthcare proposal fired this up morning. governor brown was joined by former vice president joe biden, representative nancy pelosi and senator charles
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schumer on the stairs of the capitol building to recognize the 7-year anniversary of president obama signing of the affordable care act into law. governor brown spoke for a little more than an minute criticizing the republican plan to replace obamacare. here's just part of what he said. >> this is a dangerous bill!! it's written by people who do known the what the hell they're talking about! it is so big, so complicated, that i doubt if any member of congress on the republican side has even read it!! i know the people in trump tower have not read it! ! so mr. trump, come down from trump tower and talk to the american people!! >> doctors who were at the event called the plan disastrous and said their patients would be unable to get the care they need because of higher costs and cuts to medicaid. president trump said he is eager to reduce those costs of medicines for the competitive bidding process. the bill is set to be taken up today by a house committee for the fourth and final time and house leaders will bring it to
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the floor for passage tomorrow. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. there may not be enough support among republicans in congress to get that new healthcare plan passed. cbs news' weijia jang is in washington where president trump's reputation as a deal maker may be on the line. >> reporter: president trump stopped by a panel on women in healthcare where he urged passage of the republican bill to replace obamacare. >> obamacare is making it much harder for all the doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals men and women alike to do their jobs. obamacare is a broken marketplace. it's badly broken. the insurance companies are fleeing!! >> reporter: a house rules committee met this morning ahead of tomorrow's crucial vote on the american healthcare act. the latest count by cbs news shows at least 24 house republicans remain opposed to the bill. at a closed-door meeting tuesday, mr. trump told house republicans failure to pass the bill could cost them their jobs
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in the 2018 midterm elections. the president singled out north carolina republican mark meadows, chairman of the tea party-inspired house freedom caucus. >> the bill that we're currently considering does not lower premiums for the vast majority of americans. >> reporter: the president is holding another private meeting today to try to convince republican holdouts to change their minds. former vice president joe biden joined democrats on the steps of the capital to mark 7 years since obama signed the affordable care act into law. >> eliminating the affordable care act means eliminating an awful lot of things that people badly need. >> reporter: if the republican bill does pass the house it, still faces an uncertain future in the senate. weijia jang, cbs news, washington. >> a healthcare rally is under way right now in oakland. dozens of people are setting up a pop-up emergency room. it's part of a national week of action to preserve the affordable care act.
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the rally runs until 1:00 today in front of oakland's federal building. still to come, cameras playing cops. a vote in san francisco today to use surveillance video to hand out seating tickets. >> plus, wild weather and lightning damage. the central valley home that took a pounding from the last round of rain. >> somebody say a pounding from rain? we still have delays, sfo, up to 53 minutes on some arriving flights. good afternoon, everybody. we do still have more rain in your forecast. we'll tell you where and when coming up as the news continues. we'll be right back. ,,
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you against the gunman's employer.. and his wife. ple were killed in t new at noon, victims of the orlando nightclub shoot having taking legal action against the
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gunman's employer and his wife. 49 people were killed in the june massacre carried out by omar mateen. the victims say his employer and wife could have done something to stop him because he openly claimed he had terrorist ties. so the victims are suing for wrongful death and negligence. redwood city police say a man shot and killed himself after showing up at his ex- wife's workplace with a gun. officials say the man chased his ex-wife in the parking lot with the gun when she refused to talk to him yesterday. the police tried to get him to surrender but officers say he pointed the gun at police and then at himself. he was pronounced dead at the scene. his name isn't released. transportation officials are meeting with san francisco lawmakers for a vote on a new program to crack down on drivers going too fast. as kpix 5's anne makovec explains, they will use cameras to track violators. >> reporter: the metropolitan transportation commission put its stamp of approval today on a plan to put up speed enforcement cameras here in san francisco and san jose.
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state law allows the use of cameras for busting red light runners but not for enforcing speed. this law would create a pilot program that could expand statewide. drivers traveling more than 10 miles an hour over the speed limit would be fined $100 the ticket sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. >> there's an endemic problem with speeding in the bay area. >> reporter: the legislation would allow the cameras to be used on streets where collisions have occurred leading to injuries or death. annually in san francisco, traffic collision have killed 30 people and more than 200 have been severely injured. in san jose, about 50 people die and more than 130 are sent to the hospital. and speed is the single biggest factor. >> i have two one-year-old twins and when i'm walking around in my neighborhood and i see cars zipping past the stroller, you know, that freaks me out. and the numbers back that up. >> reporter: but there are opponents. >> no matter how well intentioned they are to start out with, they always devolve
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intoed a money-making proposition. we have seen this with automated red light cameras. >> reporter: the bill's author david chiu says the money will be earmarked for traffic say. today's approval by the mtc was only one step in the process. it is the state legislature that will make the ultimate decision. in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. homeowners in oakdale are on a recovery mission after lightning struck a tree that came crashing down on their homes. neighbors say that he saw a flash of light followed by a crack of thunder. and that's when the tree toppled. it damaged three homes, power had to be cut off for hours while crews cleared the debris. no injuries. we have had it all in the bay area today. >> yes we felt overnight hours we had frequent lightning strikes around napa cloud-to- ground lightning and still have the possibility of a thunderstorm throughout the day today. in the past 15 minutes we have had pop-up showers around
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highway 5 interstate 5 and also and tomas expressway over there highway 82. saratoga, you have some moderate rainfall at this hour off 85 there into cambrian park and then aptos has some light rain showers gilroy around 101 with scattered showers. all this continues to tap into subtropical moisture to the south of us lifting up northeast. we have had snow in tahoe, as well. i'm going to get out of the way here. take a peek at this. isn't that glorious? that's our live weather camera from the mount vaca camera mostly cloudy skies there. boy, the clouds looks like it just wants to burst with rain at any moment. temperatures are in the 50s and in the low 60s. the winds have been fluctuating and increasing right now in san francisco, northwest at 13, we should see sustained winds 10 to 15 in the afternoon hours 16 sfo 10 san ramon lighter winds to the north. three things to remember, we could still see a pop-up shower at any time today or even that
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isolated thunderstorm containing lightning or even small hail. mainly dry weather from later tonight all the way through friday morning. wettest day of the week will be on friday. here's the latest. we have the disturbance stalled out over the east bay and the south bay this morning producing over an inch of rain in many locations. now a hit-and-miss scattered showers. but watch the futurecast. there's your evening commute. overnight, a few clouds around santa cruz. we will be sunny and bright on thursday and then here come the clouds. overnight thursday, the rain plays tag with the north bay and slides across to the central bay by midday on friday. it exits overnight on saturday. maybe a lingering shower saturday morning. we'll pick up at least another two inches of rain in the wettest locations perhaps even three inches around some of the coastal ranges. otherwise, we still have that winter weather advisory in effect for this current system until 6:00 tonight. we have already picked up up a foot of snow in the know the star area. high temperatures in the area where they should for this 22nd day of the month into the 60s.
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except pacifica in the upper 50s. official sundown is at 7:23. temperatures by then will have ranged from the 50s to the 60s. overnight lows a few upper 40s but mainly 50s. there's that sunshine on thursday. there's rain and wind on friday there. will be more downed trees. partly cloudy, mostly dry for the weekend, rain sunday night into monday morning. temperatures will go back up. >> thank you. >> it's been busy. i need a nap! >> thank you. taking a check of the big board and how the market are doing on wall street. not much of a change for the dow up about 1. up next, it's one of the hottest tickets in town. how you can get your hands on march madness tickets in san jose that went on sale just minutes ago. were ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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soon decide on a tuition increase. a board meeting got underway a few hours ago to vote on the 5- percent hike plan. the un officials with csu campuses are decide on a tuition increase. a board meeting today to vote font planned 5% hike. the university says it needs money to hire staff and add classes. if it passes it, would be the first tuition hike in six years for the csu system. a limited amount of tickets
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for march madness on sale for the games at the "s.a.p. center" this arena hosting the west regional of the ncaa men's tournament. tickets at noon on the ncaa website and will sell out. there's an open practice later today at the "s.a.p. center." fans can get an up-close look at arizona, gonzaga, west virginia and xavier. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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how two east bay women are drawing attention to problem r series of fed up with rough roads and the danger to drivers? how two east bay women are drawing attention to problem potholes after our series of storms. that story and much more coming up at 5:00. roberta, you're talking about how bad your commute was this morning. i hope it's better on the way back. >> it was one of the worst in the last20 years with so much water on the roads. i would have been better swimming to work. [ laughter ] >> it will be better on the way back, right? >> it will be. ♪[ music ] ,,
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