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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 23, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. tonight terror in london, four people killed, dozens injured after a driver with a knife goes on a deadly rampage. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. it is just after 6 a.m. in london right now. here's a live look at the scene of the attack near parliament. so far no one is claiming responsibility. police say a man plowed his suv into a crowd of people on the westminster bridge. he then drove right into the fence encircling parliament and that's where he got out and charged at police officers with a knife. tonight we are getting our first kpix5's veronica de la cruz with some new video of the moment of that attack. >> ken, tonight we're getting our first look at the attacker driving through crowds on the
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westminster bridge. take a look. you can see a dark suv charging through people on the bridge. a woman can even be seen flying over the edge into the water. she was later rescued and then taken to a hospital. not much is released about the man behind the attack, but prime minister theresa may is calling him sick and depraved. : rob lyon /eyewitness) "i can see it quite clearly, i dded in my bra video shot by tourists shows the terrifying moments after a man plowed his suv into pedestrians on one of london's busiest bridges. >> i can see it quite clearly. i think it's embedded in my brain slightly. it's a 4 by 4 just revving so loudly. >> people rang for their lives as shots rang out. the driver crashed his suv into the railings outside parliament and then fatally stabbed a police officer. police shot and killed him. >> i would assumption he was incited by international terrorism. >> lawmakers were placed on
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lockdown inside their chambers. >> the location of this attack was no accident. the terrorists chose to strike at the heart of our capital city where people of all nationalities, religions and cultures come together to celebrate the values of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech. >> people aren't safe. when is it going to have to begin? >> it was bound to happen sooner or later. you can't stop everyone. >> authorities identified the fallen officer as police constable keith palmer. the prime minister said the uk's terror level will remain set at severe. parliament plans to keep things as normal as possible and will continue with its usual thursday meeting. today's tragedy comes on the one year anniversary of the suicide bombings in the brussels airport and subway. that attack killed 32 people. today the country remembered the tragedy with a moment of silence. the white house is condemning the london attack. president trump is lunging the full support of the united states as -- pledging the full
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support of the united states as this investigation continues. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. back in the bay area a close call in san francisco, witnesses saved a girl from a would be kidnapper. kpix5's joe vazquez is at the scene with late details tonight. >> reporter: this situation has a lot of folks out here in westportal shaken up and understandably. so around 5:00 this evening a female juvenile was walking here. police are not releasing her name. neighbors tell me that she was a teenager and she's walking along forest side avenue here when suddenly a man got out of his vehicle, grabbed the girl, forced her into his vehicle and the girl fought back hard. she screamed and that alerted passers-by who rushed to help her out. police say the suspect got back in his vehicle and took off. listen to the police dispatcher who sent officers to the scene. >> he was in the vehicle screaming, yelling and fighting and then she got out of the
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car. the roommate got out and started yelling at the guy. we don't have a description yet. >> reporter: police say that thsptook off southbound here on forest side avenue. as you heard, they aren't releasing a description of the vehicle or of the suspect quite yet. a lot of folks out here would like to know more information so they can keep a lookout for this attempted kidnapper. live in san francisco joe vazquez, kpix5. in lafayette a man suspected of kidnapping someone at gun point is in custody tonight. he is 26-year-old manuel bustos of pittsburg. the police say he broke into a home, kidnapped the victim and forced the victim to drive to a chase bank and withdraw money. when they arrived, the victim got loose and told employees he had been kidnapped. officers served a short time later and arrested bustos. tonight the family of a bay
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area woman who died from drinking toxic tea is suing. 56-year-old yu ping shi was a wife and mother to her two sons. she became critically ill last month after drinking this tea. she was hospitalized but died on saturday. she bought the tea from this store in san francisco's chinatown. the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the store and owners. the family will hold a news conference tomorrow morning to discuss their lawsuit. in the south bay tonight people packed a meeting in morgan hill to find out what's being done about the problems with the anderson dam. weevil already seen how much flooding it -- we've already seen how much flooding it can cause, but devin fehely reports there's another big worry. rson d s] but ac >> reporter: during this extraordinarily wet winter we've seen firsthand the devastation caused by the controlled release of water
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into the anderson dam, but if the reservoir were to fail in the aftermath of a major earthquake, according to a 2012 study the resulting damage and flooding would be catastrophic. >> the amount of water in the immediate vicinity downstream of the dam would be somewhere between 30 to 35 feet high. >> reporter: creating a tidal wave the deputy officer says would spread north and south flooding communities from san jose to monterey. >> if that reservoir is full, it contains almost 30 billion gallons of water. >> reporter: the water district is not able to break ground for another three years to bring the dam up to code to the frustration of residents. >> why it didn't happen, i don't know. all that's happening is it's driving up the cost like everything else year to year. >> i'm greatly concerned about a huge project in a small community. failure of that dam destroys the city or damages it
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immensely. >> reporter: anderson filled completely up last month sending water cascading over the spillway for the first time in a decade. the water district is still pumping a ton of water out of the reservoir to lower it back down to a safe level. people who live nearby hope that worse case scenario never comes to pass. >> the dam would have to disappear in an instant for that 30-foot wall and at the most i think it would sink in parts and start washing out. >> reporter: anderson reservoir is still at 85% capacity, well above what's considered safe in the event of a major earthquake. anderson is an earthen dam basically dirt and rock and the concern is that it could liquefy and collapse upon itself in the events of a 7.2 or greater -- event of a 7.2 or greater earthquake. in morgan hill devin fehely, kpix5. tomorrow the house will be voting on the new gop healthcare plan, but as of right now the plan could be in jeopardy. the latest count by cbs news
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shows at least 24 house republicans remain opposed because they believe the bill does not reach far enough. more than 21 republican no votes would effectively sink the bill, this as we are learning the plan could cost california billions. >> this is a dangerous bill. at the it's written by people who don't know what the hell they're talking about. it is so big, so complicated that i doubt if any member of congress on the republican side has even read it. >> the democrats, the left wingers, and so on have been going absolutely crazy since the election. they're acting like 3-year-olds throwing a temper tantrum and i think they got to calm down and look at the realities. >> as of this evening both president trump and house speaker paul ryan were still trying to convince moderate republicans to back the bill. evidence to suggest that former the republican chairman. the house intelligence committee said again today
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there is no evidence to suggest that former president obama wire tapped trump tower, but he did reveal that there is evidence of something else. here's cbs reporter margaret brennan. >> i recently confirmed in on numerous occasion -- confirmed that on numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collected information about u.s. citizens involved in the trump transition. >> reporter: devin nunez said he had seen about a dozen intercepted communication about members of the trump transition team. that may mean either trump associates or trump himself were in contact with foreigners under surveillance or the foreigners were discussing the trump team. >> i believe it was all done legally. >> reporter: nunez's committee is involving russian interfering in the election, but the reports do not involve russia. after briefing the president nunez said he was concerned that president trump's name and name of the team were not properly redacted from the reports thus unmasking the
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identities. your issue is the unmasking, not that there was this monitoring. >> there's additional unmasking of names which i think is totally inappropriate. >> reporter: a short time later president trump was asked if the new information vindicated his claims that president obama wire tapped his phone. >> i somewhat do. i must tell you i somewhat do. i very much appreciated the fact that they found what they found, but i somewhat do. >> reporter: but nunez himself said the president was wrong. >> that did not happen. >> reporter: nunez took the unusual step of briefing the press and then the president before telling adam shipp, the top democrat on the intelligence committee. >> the chairman will need to decide if he is the chairman of an independent investigation into conduct which includes allegations of potential coordination between the trump campaign and the russians or act as a surrogate of the white house because he cannot do both. >> reporter: nunez him was a member of the trump -- himself was a member of the trump
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transition team. some republicans are now calling for a special congressional committee to lead the investigation. margaret brennan, cbs news, the white house. a car plunges into a watery bay area ditch, a passenger trammed inside and tonight the driver is miss -- trapped inside and tonight the driver is missing. >> google could lose hundreds of millions of dollars, tonight why major supporters are suddenly boycotting the ,,,,,,,,
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canal. the driver.. runs away.. even though a woman was trapped joe vazquez a crash ending caught on camera, a car splashes into a bay area canal. the driver runs away even though a woman was trapped inside. kpix5's joe vazquez picks up the story from santa rosa tonight. ditch ... police say the driver apparently took off running; 'ditching his two friends ... sgt. dan m police d it >> reporter: it was dark, 9:15 at night. the driver was speeding through the intersection and watch. this surveillance video shows the mazda sedan diving straight into a large watery ditch.
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police say the driver apparently took off running ditching his two friends. >> we have some investigative leads we're following up on right now in hopes to identify the driver of the vehicle. >> reporter: by the looks of the video it appears the driver thought that colgan avenue here continues right through the intersection, but it doesn't. so he crashed into a fence and plunged 12 feed down into this flood control canal. the car floated down a ways. a male passenger got out. a female passenger stuck inside was rescued by the fire department. paramedics took them both to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police say the driver could face criminal charges. >> if there is a driver and they leave the seven of the accident, there is a crime -- scene of the accident, there is a crime and depending on the seriousness of the injury is how serious the crime would be. we've told you about how the banks of the arroyo de la
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laguna creek are eroding and we just found out tonight the fixes are not working. kpix5's juliette goodrich shows us. >> reporter: some pleasantton residents living on the edge literally. last night's storm didn't help much and the temporary fix didn't last. you can see how the water is moving into the bank here and this backyard is getting smaller and smaller by the day. work crews have been in the arroyo creek bed trying to prevent further erosion, but the clock is ticking. during the first storm over the weekend tarps and sandbags were brought in as a temporary fix, but the force of the water overpowered the protective wall. then again yesterday zone 7 water district crews were out there trying to shore up the bank, but again last night's storm overpowered the protective wall. another temporary fix is expected to go in tomorrow before friday's big storm. in pleasanton juliette goodrich, kpix5. tonight some advertisers are boycotting google and youtube pulling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of their ads.
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it comes after some major brands learned their ads sometimes appeared at the same time as extremist content. british government. now the entities pulling the ads include at&t, verizon, mcdonald's and the british government. they are mainly upset about con tent on youtube such as from religious extremists and a ku klux klan leader. google's top executive in britain says, "i would like to apologize to our partners and advertisers who might have been affected by their ads appearing on controversial content." google has promised to keep that content separate. there's a new project taking place in the bay area tonight to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. the man behind the bay lights had something in store for another bay area landmark. wilson walker gives us a sneak peek. s "and yet, like a lot of things, at night i e's a chance to >> the thing about this building is it's so iconic and so beautiful there's nothing
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like it, any other building like it, in the western hemisphere. a landmark in every sense of the word on a day like today, the conservatory of flowers can shine like a million suns. >> there's a chance to really bring it back with an energetic heart that's consistent with what happened 50 years ago here in san francisco. >> reporter: open your mind for a moment and grab the spirit of heydash ferry in the summer every 1967 and take that spirit and cast it on what is truly a blank canvas. >> of course, contemporaryized so there's a dose of old with the new, flower power all the way. >> reporter: they have to line up enough private funding to
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make it happen, but if they do, the launch of the project would be the official kickoff for the 50th anniversary of the summer of love on the summer solstice. >> 50 years, half a century, is a very long time, but summer of love was always about an energy, a spark and really bringing love and light into the world and at a time when the world needed it. i think we're almost right back at that moment. >> reporter: in golden gate park wilson walker, cbs5. >> wilson was 30 years too late. he almost missed it. >> can you believe that was 50 years ago? >> i feel it every day. >> that hair, wow. all right. we've got a dry radar tonight. we stay dry through tomorrow night, friday not dry. it's going to be a soaker on friday where likely san francisco will go over the 30- inch mark this water year, only the fifth time that's happened over the past 34
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years. we're getting into rare air or water, so to speak. mid-40s tonight concord, vallejo, san rafael, san francisco 48. livermore 42, santa rosa down to 40 tonight. we're numbering the storms this week because there have again several. storm no. 2 is -- have been several. storm no. 2 is moving out, storm no. 3 on its heels. we squeeze in a dry day tomorrow but not completely sunny. futurecast shows sunshine through the morning and by 2:00 or 3:00 there will be more cloud cover and raining tomorrow night through midnight in the north bay, steady soaking rainfall for napa county, marin county, but
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thankfully dries out for the weekend. futurecast is now saying not as much rain as we first thought. that would be good news, san jose go 1/2 inch, same story concord, nearly an inch for san rafael and san francisco and friday morning we all get rain and the rain is gone saturday. tomorrow we're dry. oakland, concord, fremont 62. wet friday, dry saturday, a much weaker weather system will give us some rain late day sunday. so most of the weekend is dry. look at next week, hello 70s, ba to more spring-like weather because it's spring. >> that is. good to remind ourselves it is spring. >> it doesn't feel like it this week. it will feel like it next week. hey,
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closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. fans from acro re in less than 24 hours march madness will tip off here in the bay area. fans from across the country descending in san jose to watch the top teams compete for the title. >> as kpix5's betty yu shows us, the festivities are already well underway. there's a lot of >> reporter: fans and businesses alike are excited. sweet 16 action moves in behind me tomorrow. san jose is one of four cities chosen to host the regional
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games. >> let's go! ayin into the big dan >> reporter: there's a lot of west virginia pride in downtown san jose. these guys will be among the thousands to pack s.a.p. center tomorrow for the sweet 16. it's hosting the west regionals. jeff lashown is a west virginia alum living in the bay area. >> i'm really excited to see how the basketball fans turn out and college basketball fans and really excited to see the atmosphere. >> reporter: today s.a.p. center opened the doors to fans to watch the first practice for free. four of the sweet 16 teams are in town including xavier and arizona. >> i've looked forward to this part of the year every year. the teams are playing for and getting into the big dance. >> reporter: the city is ready to welcome thousands from across the country. the marriott is decked out to host the gonzaga team. fans are taking part in free games for the whole family downtown and virginia arms
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teamed up with west virginia for a pep rally before tomorrow's game. >> it's going to be a battle tomorrow. west virginia is so tough and physical. it's going to be a fight. >> reporter: a total of three games will be played here at s.a.p., 2 on thursday and one on saturday. the winners from san jose will advance to the final four in phoenix. in san jose betty yu, kpix5. why did th tennis court?? t the united states reaches a new frontier in baseball. i'm dennis o'donnell and why did the iguana cross the ,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> there have been some world baseball classic detractors since the tournament was conceived in 2006, but attendance was up 25% this year. could it get even more popular? at least in the united states. we hold these truths to be, ken? >> self-evident. >> excellent. >> fourscore -- >> oh, you're brilliant.
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>> brandon crawford busted it wide open with a two-run base hit. the united states was 8-0, the first ever wbc title. now everybody get back to spring training quick. barry bonds was back in a giants uniform for his first day at the office ad special advisor, 52 years -- as special advisor, 52 years old, hasn't played a big league game in a decade but you still got to wonder could he knock a couple out? >> i feel like i could still play for about an hour but no. i don't really think about that. i feel that, you know, my time in baseball has come and gone and my team now is to help others. >> it's time for the hall of fame. who wants to coach the cal basketball team? apparently not st. mary's randy bennett or nevada's eric musselman. both reportedly withdrew their names from consideration. mean while the four teams that will play in the ncaa tournament tomorrow had a
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workout today in san jose. gonzaga will play west virginia at 4:30. the head coaches would probably rather be in a boat than on the floor. >> he knows i like to fish. he theoretically supposedly like to fish. i've never seen it or seen any pictures or anything, but he talks about it. i think he goes up to the lake and kind of does other things. massive iguana scaled the scoreboard and didn't wa ied to grab it, tennis tournament in miami got a visitor mid match today, massive iguana escaped the scoreboard and didn't want to leave. they tried to grab it. the reptile squirted across the court. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> they eventually grabbed the thing and tennis resumed, but check out tommy haas, able to grab his phone and snap a selfie with the dinosaur looking animal. >> he was pretty fast. >> very fast across the court. >> he wanted ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at 4-30. the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> be up bright and early. they'll have all the news that they'll have all the news that you need to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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