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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 23, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> i'm michelle griego. yes, roberta came back, too. but look who is back! liza battalones! >> good morning! >> good morning, guys. >> you know, i have known that woman for 21 years, before she was married, before she had children, before she was the blossoming flower she is today. >> we were both babies, right? [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> 22nd birthday. >> that's right. good to see you. >> the makeup room went to a whole new decibel level this morning when we all saw each other, ah!!! that's what we're going to be doing when we have more rain coming in ah!! more, again? today we'll notice the increasing cloud cover. we have clear skies now. i was noticing a few clouds as i began my commute this morning. we have the coldest temperatures we have seen in two weeks. 40 in santa rosa, 45 livermore, 47 san francisco. pretty much low 50s around
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alameda, berkeley, piedmont, backing through albany into oakland. redwood city now at 50. it's in the low 50s in san jose. see how the clouds are due west of san francisco? that is the next approaching front. so partly to mostly cloudy skies later this afternoon with our high temperatures seasonal, 50s and 60s. we'll track the incoming system. we'll tell you when to expect the rain to arrive and how much, but first let's send it to liza battalones. >> good morning, everybody. you know, one of the big advantages of driving into work this early in the morning is that the bay bridge toll plaza looks like this. in fact, all bay area bridges are wide open at this hour. no delays at the bay bridge pay gates. in fact, an earlier wind advisory the chp put in place at the bay bridge has been lifted. so the bay area commute is now looking good and our first bart trains are out of the yard on time. i'll have more traffic in a few minutes. liza, thank you. later today the house will vote on the new gop healthcare plan and it's still unclear if it will have enough support from
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republicans to pass. the latest count from cbs news shows at least 24 house republicans remain opposed. they are demanding a repeal of essential health benefits requiring insurers to pay for various services. more than 21 republican no votes would effectively sink the bill. if it passes, the plan could cost california billions. >> this is a dangerous bill! it's written by people who don't know what the hell they're talking about! it is so big, so complicated, that i doubt if any member of congress on the republican side has even read it. >> the democrats, the left wingers, and so on, have been going absolutely crazy since the election. they are acting like three- year-olds throwing a temper tantrum. and i think they got to calm down and look at the realities. >> conservative house members
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are expected back to the white house this morning for more negotiations. a team of experts now says that if the main spillway at the oroville dam isn't shored up before the next rainy season there's a, quote, significant risk. a team of investigators is looking into the dam now. 200,000 people evacuated last month after the main and auxiliary spill ways were both damaged during heavy rain. and in the south bay, people packed a meeting in morgan hill last night to find out what's being done about problems with the anderson dam. we have already seen how much flooding it can cause. devin fehely reports why there's another big worry. >> reporter: during this extraordinarily wet winter we have seen the devastation caused by the controlled release of water from anderson dam. but according to a 2011 engineering study, if the reservoir were to fail in the aftermath of a major earthquake, the uncontrolled flooding and resulting damage would be catastrophic. >> the wall of water in the immediate vicinity downstream
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of the dam would be somewhere between 30 and 35 feet high. >> reporter: creating a tidal wave that she says would spread north and south flooding communities from san jose to monterey. >> it's a huge amount of water. if that reservoir is full, it contains almost 30 billion gallons of water. >> reporter: the water district is planning a $400 million project to bring the dam up to current earthquake code. but it won't be able to break ground for another three years to the frustration of residents. >> why it didn't happen, i don't know. all that's happening is it's driving up the cost like everything else year to year. >> i'm greatly concerned about a huge project in a small community. failure of that dam destroys the city or damages it immensely. >> reporter: anderson filled completely up last month sending water over the spillway for the first time in a decade. the water district is still pumping a ton of water out of
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the reservoir to lower it back down to a safe level while people who live nearby hope that worst-case scenario never happens. >> the dam would have to disappear in an instant for that 30-foot wall and at the most i think it would sink in parts and start washing out. >> reporter: the reservoir is still at 85% capacity, well above what's considered safe in the event of a major earthquake. anderson is an earthen dam, dirt and rock and the concern is that it could liquify and collapse upon itself in the event of a 7.2 or greater earthquake. in morgan hill, devin fehely, kpix 5. we are getting a bit of a break today from the rain. >> but we have more rain coming. i don't think it's going to be as big as earlier advertised only because it's so fast moving. it has all the dynamics to produce a lot of rain, certainly a lot of gusty winds. but it's going to be so fast moving through the area. and when that happens you don't
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get that abundance of precipitation. but it's coming. morning, everybody! rise and shine! here is our live weather camera looking towards a very dry golden gate bridge. we have currently temperatures in the 40s. it's 40 now in santa rosa. mid-40s in throughout the tri- valley. 47 degrees in san francisco. east of the bay bridge, 52 oakland, it's at 50 evenly around the peninsula and redwood city and low 50s across the santa clara valley. satellite-radar system there goes yesterday's disturbance. lifting to the north, traversing to the east, bit of a break but clouds fill in rapidly today. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy especially in the north bay. that's where we will see the mostly cloudy conditions. temperature-wise, pretty close to spot on if not below average after realizing high temperatures 5 to 8 degrees above normal all week. now, we're talking a string of 50s along the immediate seashore with partly cloudy skies. a pretty robust wind 10 to 20 miles per hour during the afternoon hours. 60s will be common around the
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peninsula. we jump up to the mid-60s in sunnyvale, santa clara, san jose, rose garden district, alviso, alum rock, low 60s in milpitas, union city and in newark. east bay low 60s in the tri- valley to mid-60s towards discovery bay and brentwood. north bay 50s and 60s. tracking the rain together coming up but liza now with traffic. >> good morning. caltrans is busy in san francisco this morning. so plan on making the 280 commute and watch out for the work crews in the southbound direction of 280 approaching mariposa. you will find a couple of lanes of traffic shut down. that closure is in effect as you approach the 101 interchange, as well. again, it's just the two right lanes that are shut down. but caltrans will be out there until at least 6:00 this morning. traffic getting into san francisco no problem at all right here at the bay bridge toll plaza. earlier wind advisory has been lifted. all of your bridge commutes are
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moving fine. san mateo bridge right here clocking in at a 13-minute drive time leaving the toll plaza heading across the span towards foster city. i'll have more traffic in a few minutes. michelle? >> liza, thank you. 7 suspects were arrested overnight in connection with the deadly attack in london. four people died and dozens of others are hurt after the attack outside britain's parliament. teri okita has the story. >> reporter: heavily armed police in the uk carried out a raid overnight in birmingham just two hours way from the site of wednesday's deadly rampage in london. >> six addresses and made 7 arrests. >> there has been a terror attack. >> reporter: this video captured by a tourist shows some of the injured lying along the westminster bridge after the suspect ran over them. he slammed the vehicle into the gates of parliament and then
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got out and stabbed keith palmer a 48-year-old police officer and killed him. the chaos finally ended when a police officer shot and killed the suspect. >> we continue to look at motive, preparation and associate's. >> reporter: the incident is the latest in a series of recent terror attacks in europe when lone wolves have used vehicles as their weapons of choice. >> it's effective because ultimately who is going ability to stop anyone with a desire to kill and ideology from buying a truck or car. >> reporter: as officials investigate whether isis was involved, the british prime minister says citizens must not give in to fear. >> we will all move forward together. never giving in to terror. >> reporter: travelers are being advised to avoid the parliament area as investigation continues. teri okita, cbs news, london. >> loved ones of a bay area
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woman who died from drinking toxic tea have filed a lawsuit. 56-year-old woman was a married mother of two. 13 years ago she and her family left china to emigrate to the united states. here's the tea containing the lethal substance aconite that made her get sick last month. she was first hospitalized and died on saturday. she bought the that he san francisco's chinatown from sunwing wo trading company and now the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the store and its owners. the family will be holding a news conference this morning to discuss their lawsuit. a suspect who reportedly was kidnapped a man at gunpoint is in custody. he is 26-year-old manuel bustos. police say he broke into a lafayette home, kidnapped a man and forced him to take money out of the bank on tuesday when the victim got to the bank, he asked employees for help. they called police. officers arrived a short time later and arrested manuel. bail is $395,000.
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tuition is going up across the cal state university system. trustees just signed off on the first hike in six years. a 5% increase in tuition is about a $270 increase. it brings the cost to more than $5,700 a year. >> that's money that could be used for rent. we already pay too much for tuition compared to how little it used to be without going into debt. >> the university says that the hike will allow it to add more faculty and offer more classes. all right. the ncaa tournament has arrived in the bay area with sweet sixteen action today. >> and downtown san jose is ready to welcome thousands of fans from across the country. "s.a.p. center" opened its doors up yesterday to allow fans to watch the first practice for free. you can also check out free games for the entire family downtown. four of the sweet sixteen teams are in town. the marriott is decked out to host gonzaga and britannia arms teamed up with west virginia
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for a pep rally before today's game. >> really excited to see how the basketball fans turn out and college basketball fans and excited to see the atmosphere. >> west virginia is so tough and physician, like, it's gonna be a fight. >> the action starts today with top seed gonzaga taking on west virginia at 4:30 then arizona and xavier. 4:42. a bay area man drives into a creek and then hops out and abandons his passengers. we'll have the video straight ahead. >> plus, we'll give you a sneak peek at what the man behind the bay bridge lights has in store for the 50th anniversary of the "summer of love." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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florida. it's burning more than 400- acres.. outside of jacksonville. offici new this morning, firefighters are battling a fast-moving wildfire in florida. it's burning more than 400 acres outside of jacksonville. officials say several residents are evacuated. it's already burned more than a dozen homes and it's threatening even more. >> there's a lot of things that
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we're not going to be able to replace, pictures, furniture that was my grandmother's, and just -- [ crying ] >> -- different things. my grandchildren's pictures and things. just a lot of stuff. >> fire officials say it was caused by someone burning paperback books. at last check it was 50% contained. a driver running his car straight into a bay area canal, then he runs away even though a woman was trapped inside. kpix 5's joe vazquez has the incredible video this morning. >> reporter: it was dark. 9:15 at night, police say the drive was speeding through the intersection at santa rosa avenue at colgan drive and then watch this! the surveillance video shows the mazda sedan diving straight into a large watery ditch. police say the driver apparently took off running, ditching his two friends. >> we have some investigative leads that we're following up on right now in hopes of identifying the driver. >> reporter: by the looks of the video, it appears the drive thought that colgan avenue here continues right through the
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intersection. but it doesn't! so he ended up crashing through a fence and plunging 12 feet down into the flood control canal. the car floated down a ways, a male passenger got out. a female passenger who was stuck inside had to be rescued by the fire department. paramedics took both of them to the hospital with injuries that are non-life-threatening. police say the drive could face criminal charges. >> if there is a driver who leaves the scene of an accident it's a crime and depending on the seriousness of the injury it could escalate the type of crime. >> reporter: in santa rosa, joe vazquez, kpix 5. the final piece of a storm damaged bridge in big sur has come down. crews demolished a third section of the pfeiffer canyon bridge yesterday. it was condemned after it was damaged in the recent winter storms. crews are cheering, too. a larger section of the bridge came down last weekend. crews will now remove all the debris. caltrans estimates a new bridge will be built in about six months. you know, when i saw that
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video yesterday and just as you said the crews are cheering it, that's such a guy thing, yeah, destroy it! >> kind of when a stadium is imploded. >> hard not to watch. i don't know why it's so cool. >> loud and -- >> you notice how very little of the bay bridge is left, speaking of demolition? >> every day i look over to the right as i head east. >> one little tiny tower, right, as you come and descend into oakland. it's going off until later. there's only one little piece left. . it's amazing to watch that go down, too. good morning, everybody. we have some clear conditions right now. but clouds will be increasing. . this is our live hi-def doppler radar. and you will get used to this because with the approaching storm we are going to keep you updated on the first rain as it falls in the north bay. right now, liza will tell you more about that liza, looks like lane changing! looking out towards the golden
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gate bridge. temperatures at 40 in santa rosa, 45 in -- did i just sound like oprah winfrey? lane change! [ laughter ] >> wind speeds in the bay area, right now it's breezy. east of the bay bridge slight winds under 10. coastal winds increasing to 15. winds blowing today 15 to 20 during the late afternoon hours. three things to keep in mind today: >> here's the dry spot we are entering now with the departure of one area of low pressure this one here is a powerful area of low pressure. and it is definitely on
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approach. this is storm number 3. remember, the first one was last weekend. it was a dry weak disturbance. the second one was late monday, tuesday into wednesday. now here's the third one. now, futurecast clearly illustrates through the mid- morning hours the clouds thicken up. here's your late afternoon hours. far reaches of the north bay we begin to see a little bit of light rain showers. then through your friday the rain gradually slides out. rain in the north bay tomorrow morning a little light rain shower in san francisco. but everybody fills in during the afternoon hours and certainly during the evening commute. we will dry out just in time for the weekend albeit partlycl another storm slated for sunday evening. with this next approaching system by saturday night we'll see up to about 2 inches of rain in the wettest locations. we do have a winter weather advisory in effect still for the high sierra so if you have plans to get away on friday make sure you have those chains. official sunrise is at 7:09. we'll see it today. temperatures 50s and 60s where
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they should be for this time of the year. northwest winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. rainout on friday. partly to mostly cloudy over the weekend with rain developing late sunday into monday. good morning, everybody. in traffic, already a grind for our "super commuters" leaving the tracy area. 580 is already jammed up departing the 205 interchange. you can see all the yellow there indicating very slow traffic. traffic is going to be backed up as you approach altamont pass road. it does pick up as you continue that commute heading towards the dublin interchange so that's the 580/680 corridor right here. the headlights you're looking at would be the westbound commute. again already slow from 205 approaching the dublin interchange. as we move to the san francisco commute, if you plan on heading for the city, do keep in mind there's caltrans roadwork. it's in the southbound direction of 280. you will find that the two right lanes are shut down until 6:00. that will be approaching and passing there at posey street very quiet for our bay area
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bridges. you're looking at pictures now of the toll plaza at the richmond/san rafael span where westbound traffic is up to speed. long-time san francisco resident hopes to shed new light on the "summer of love." >> bengie this has an elaborate project. wilson walker shows us what the man behind these bay lights is crafting now. ♪[ music ] >> you know, the thing about this building is it's so iconic and so beautiful. there's nothing like it in the western hemisphere. >> reporter: a landmark in every sense of the word on a day like today, the conservatory of flowers can shine like a million suns. >> yet at night like a lot of things it goes away so there's a chance not just to and the straight it but to bring it back with an energetic heart that's consistent with what happened here 50 years ago in san francisco. [ rock and roll music ]
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>> reporter: so open your mind for a moment and grab the spirit of haight-ashbury in 1967. >> this is it. this is sacred ground all around this area in terms it of the "summer of love." >> reporter: take that spirit and cast it on what is truly a blank canvas. >> of course contemporize so there's a great crossover between the old and the new. >> reporter: the result would be multiple projections across the building a modern effect with a dose of late '60s. >> energetically and colorfully flower power all the way at the conservatory of flowers. >> reporter: they have to line up enough funding to make it happen but if they do, the launch of the project would be the official kickoff for the 50th anniversary of the "summer of love" on the summer solstice. >> 50 years half a century is a very long time. but "summer of love" was always about an energy, a spark. and really bringing love and light into the world. that's when the world needed it. i think we are back at that moment. >> reporter: in golden gate bridge, wilson walker, kpix 5.
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>> that's flower power. time now 4:52. [ laughter ] >> a pair of bay area women went on a mission to get their city to fix a persistent pothole problem and now it appears they succeeded. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,p&-pto fix a buh
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a wear of women from the oakland hills succeeded in the mission for the city to fix potholes. holes in thornhill drive was problematic for months it was damaging cars so they got some paint, marked the road drawing arrows and circles along the mile. >> got so bad i was afraid that if i went through it again, i wouldn't come out on the other side with a whole car.
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>> i never really just have taken the initiative and done some silly thing like this before. >> it looks like their plan worked. yesterday, public works crews spent hours making temporary fixes on the street near moraga and up the hill. some advertisers are boycotting google and youtube. they are pulling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ads. the company claims some of their ads ran at the same time as extremist content. at&t, verizon, mcdonald's and the british government are the companies involved. they are mainly upset about content on youtube from religious "extremists" and a ku klux klan leader. google's top executive says i apologize to our partners and advertisers who might have been affected by our ads with controversial content. google has promised to keep the content separate. three children in san francisco are heroes by the city's fire chief. they have just received medals for saving a swimmer's life. last month the year-old aaron
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heard a swimmer yelling for help in the san francisco bay. the man was holding on to a pier. he rushed to get help from his brother and his brother's girlfriend. they threw the man a rope and dialed 911. the swimmer got emotional in thanking them. >> aaron, [ indiscernible ] and jeff, you saved my life. and, um, you were able to notify the great fire department we have and the police department, the police department got over and got me off that piling. >> all three went home with a certificate of appreciation and acknowledgment for their heroic efforts and deeds. it is 4:57. now, in a big vote expected today in washington, dc, on the affordable care act, the local push to stop its repeal coming up. >> reporter: march madness is sweeping the bay area. the games start today but how fans got a sneak peek yesterday. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, p&-pand i )m kenny choi. &-p&-po
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good morning, everyone it is thursday, march 23. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's head outside start with a live look. check out the conditions. the morning rush about to start. drivers hitting the road heading to work. looks good along 880 in oakland. we'll have your forecast and a check of traffic coming up. >> we'll have it all, right? heading over the bay bridge i saw the sign high winds. i didn't feel them though. usually i feel them. it said be careful. >> winds will be increasing today out of the northwest 10 to 20. i think that's the big difference between the incoming system and the one that just left because the rain amounts will be similar. it's just a very gusty wind, so we'll have over the next 24 to 36 hours some downed trees. today, however, it is the calm before the storm. we have a lot of clear skies out ther


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