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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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breaking news. vegas chaos.. a deadly shooting on the live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> the rolex store was robbed. there's an active shooter somewhere out here. things are feeling crazy right now. >> breaking news. a deadly shooting on the strip just hours ago. following a brazen burglary at a high-end jewelry store nearby. i'm betty yu. >> and i'm brian hackney. one person dead, another injured after a shooting in vegas. the suspect was barricaded in the white double-decker bus for over an hour you see at center screen. he finally surrendered peacefully at 3:30 p.m. a large part of the strip is still closed down. large explosions could be heard when police were trying to get them -- the man to give up. those explosions from police
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were a tactic to help get the man to surrender. the bus is wrapped with advertising. it made it very hard to see inside. and for them to communicate with the suspect. no word on who the gunman is or what he was shooting about. it forced nearby hotels to evacuate. >> we came out and by the elevators and the stares there were big guys with guns saying go this way. and they ushered us out. hard to get out and a lot of people were evacuated. the employees were evacuated on the side of the building. >> the police are trying to figure out the man's motive. no names have been released. in las vegas this morning the bellagio hotel was put on lockdown after armed suspects burglarized a rolex store inside. police say three people busted the windows and stole high-end watches and merchandise before running away.
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people were told to shelter in place as authorities searched for the suspects. >> it's very strange because we heard sirens going off and everyone was telling us the bellagio was robbed. now this morning there's an active shooter out here so things are feeling crazy right now. >> one of the burglary suspects was caught on camera wearing a pig mask. three people are in police custody and are now being interviewed by investigators. new video from a fire in pleasant hill that ripped through an apartment complex. you can see the building on contra costa boulevard was engulfed about 9:30 p.m. everybody who was inside was able to escape. the red cross is helping 10 people that had their apartments badly damaged. a final push to keep the raiders in oakland. dozens of fans including the mayor turned up for a rally today. as kpix 5's da lin shows us some fans are planning to go the extra mile to get their team to stay where it is. >> we won't go!
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[ yelling ] >> reporter: instead of the black hole, these ranger fans are taking their game face out to the streets. marching and pleading with the nfl to keep their beloved raiders in oakland. call it a hail mary or a last- minute drive. fans and oakland leaders rallied for the final time before nfl owners decide on monday if they'll let the raiders moved to las vegas. >> people are saying nothing has changed and therefore the raiders have no choice but to leave. we are calling [ bleep ] on that. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: fans in a packed room at the oakland coliseum agreed blaming mike davis. >> we love our oakland raiders. love us back. love and loyalty cannot be bought. this is the raider nation. >> at times there was an indoor rally and other times it was a presentation made by mayor libby schaaf and fortress
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investment group detailing they -- how they can build a new stadium with private money. >> there is 55 acres of premium land that is ready for a shovel to go in it tomorrow. >> reporter: some of the diehards will take this energy to the nfl meetings. ray perez and others are flying to phoenix to make one last push. >> let the nfl know that this is bigger than sports to us. this is our culture. this is our political movement. >> the only people who can stop the move are the nfl owners. ronnie lott is in phoenix trying to convince them to vote no. at the coliseum, i'm da lin, kpix 5 news. >> not everybody wants the team to stay. fans in vegas are excited about the potential move. >> we just want the raiders, the entire organization to know that we are supporting them 100%. we support them. they deserve las vegas. las vegas deserves the raiders
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and we're going to welcome them with open arms. >> a lot of friends that are definitely excited about coming out here. not a lot of oakland people are upset. semi-very excited. >> it will take 24 of 32 owners to vote yes for the raiders to move to las vegas. ken bastida will be in phoenix covering the vote. look for his live report starting monday. in politics president trump has now responded after republican leaders pulled their bill to replace obamacare as wendy gillett explains, the trump administration says it will move quickly past yesterday's setback. >> reporter: vice president mike pence told small business leaders and -- in charleston, west virginia the fight to repeal obamacare is not over. >> yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people. it was a victory for the status quo in washington, dc and it was a victory for the disaster of obamacare. but i promise you, that victory won't last very long.
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>> reporter: democrats had a different take. >> let's for a moment breathe a sigh of relief for the american people that the affordable care act was not repealed. >> reporter: president trump tweeted obamacare will explode and we will all get together in peace together a great -- piece together a great health care plan for the people. supporters of president trump held make america great again rallies across the country saturday including in new york. some republicans admit they're disappointed right now. >> i'm bitterly disappointed. i mean, the republican party each their own. they blew it. >> i wouldn't call that a defeat. i would call it making sure it gets done right. >> reporter: at a rally in california fights broke out between supporters and opponents. in ohio, proton -- pro trump demonstrators marched through columbus. they're ready to move on to other issues including tax reform. wendy gillett, cbs news, new
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york. after the collapse of the republican healthcare effort today a democratic congresswomen talked with voters in the south bay. >> the question i have is whether the republicans after voting to repeal the affordable care act 60 times before they actually had the power to repeal it, willing to sit down and work together in a collaborative way to fix the actual problem? i see no evidence yet. that there is a willingness to do that. >> representative zoe locker in hopes the trump administration does not try to sabotage the current law by refusing to enforce -- enforce a mandate that everybody has to buy insurance or pay a penalty. a murder investigation is underway in the community of forest bill. the deputies were called out to a home on river road and found a person shot dead in the living room. witnesses reported seeing a ford minivan fleeing the scene. deputies arrested the suspect a
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short time later at a gas station three miles down the road. they also recovered a gun from the van. so far investigators have not identified the victim or said anything about a possible motive. in pleasanton backyards are crumbling because of a nearby creek that swelled during the storms last month. now every time it rains like it did on friday, homeowners are keeping a watchful eye on their back lawns hoping the erosion doesn't get any worse. at one house five feet of grass stains between the outdoor pool and the creek below. rushing waters swallowed part of their yard. >> every second it keeps going away. we've probably lost 20 feet by now. >> alameda county zone seven water agency has made some emergency fixes by putting sandbags down by the creek but homeowners are still waiting for permanent repairs. new federal help for people in santa cruz county this evening. in some cases recent floods and mudslides damaged large portions of private property.
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now the small business administration has opened an office on ocean street in downtown santa cruz. the point is to help locals get low interest loans as soon as possible so they can start rebuilding. >> i definitely hope it will help them. i don't believe we are covered by our insurance. so in order to satisfy the county's requirements and to get our property value backup, we definitely need a significant help. >> a homeowner can borrow up to $200,000 for a primary residence. smaller loans help replace cars and other personal property and usually takes just a few weeks to get the money. still to come, cop versus cow. a close call with one big hunk of charging ruminant. my day does not start off with a bang. normally in the gym. >> he can also get you in shape. the san francisco fitness event featuring one of the world's best selling comedians. how actor harrison ford
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made fun of himself after nearly heading a commercial jetliner. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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m soh fremont. a historic day for bart. a train rolled into the brand- new warm springs station in south fremont. located five miles south of the fremont b.a.r.t. station. it took nearly 20 years of planning and another eight years of construction to get the station up and running. during the daytime the warm springs station is completely powered by solar panels that are located on top of it. as many as 7200 riders are expected to pass through the state-of-the-art facility every work week. >> all the rail is nice shiny and new. everything looks shiny and new. we are happy to give something
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new to our customers who've been dealing with old train cars and old stations for so long. >> completing a 10-mile extension in the santa clara county with two more stations. one in milpitas and one -- those are expected to open by the end of the year. actor harrison ford had harsh words for himself after a botched landing at john wayne airport last month. faa released his call to air traffic control. listen. >> on the schmuck that landed on the taxi. >> he said i'm the schmuck that landed on the taxiway. he later explained he was distracted by turbulence from another plane when he veered off course and landed on the taxiway. instead of the runway. video showed his small plane passing a couple hundred feet above and american airlines jet that was preparing to take off. >> can i just get your name and your pilots license? >> the name is harrison ford. >> okay.
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any -- ford may face. he sells out stadiums with his comedy... t did you know he is >> it's a serious violation to land a plane on a taxiway. not clear what penalty if any ford might face. he sells out stadiums with his comedy but did you know he's ripped? how comedian kevin hart played the role of fitness instructor in san francisco today. beautiful day but there's more rain on the way. when and how much when we cover the forecast. we look live. news continues after a break. ,,
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healthy. he got people working up a sweat earlier today at justin he comedian kevin hart is in san francisco to motivate people to get healthy. he got people working up a sweat earlier today at justin herman plaza as part of health best. yoga and boot camp, cycling classes, and a kids zone. the goal is to get people motivated to lead healthy lifestyles.
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>> fitness is a priority. i think you fit in what's important. my days start off with a bang and that is normally in the gym. wherever i am or on the pavement. for a simple run. but you once again make time for what you feel you have to. starting my day off correctly which is giving it 110 and making sure that i'm taking care of my body is always the first priority. >> tv personality marina manaus and chargers running back melvin gordon also hosted activities at today's events. off to a shaky start in monterey county. the marine mammal center says two pups were found abandoned last weekend. volunteers think it may be because they were scared by people on the beach or by drones. flying over the area. experts say if the mother gets scared she will likely leave her baby on the beach.
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>> while that's normal for harbor seals, that's not normal for this colony. they've got this big protective beach. it's a lot easier. >> marine mammal center says they can't go in and save every abandoned pop because they don't want to disturb the rest of the seals. a police officer in texas tried to chase a cow but the cow pursued him instead. dashcam video shows a squad car driving following the animal and the officer gets out and tries to corral it but as you saw the cow charges at him. the officer was not hurt thankfully. the cow is still on the run. i just read bill bryson wrote to little dribbling and he talked about the fact that cows chase a lot of hikers and cause a lot of injuries. innocent little cows you would think but they can behave like that. so look out. and lookout for this system coming down tomorrow afternoon. high-def doppler we don't see a
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drop in sight in the state of california but that's going to change by tomorrow afternoon. today peace and tranquility on the golden gate bridge. white clouds over the marin headlands. tomorrow we've got increasing high clouds. sunday will be mostly cloudy and rainy itself tomorrow afternoon. temperatures nice and mild at the moment. conquered 65. san francisco 59. futurecast 10:00 looks fairly clear. not much going on. look at the high clouds after midnight. by 7:00 tomorrow morning which is where freezing is you can see we've got a big shield of high clouds over the bay area later in the day. early afternoon, 3:00 northbay showers begin to come down in the northbay and by was time tomorrow night we'll have rain beginning to reach the golden gate shoreline. after that, high pressure builds in in the pacific and that means after monday we'll have sunny skies in the bay area
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and a nice warm week. numbers near the mid-70s by wednesday. showers will spread north to south later tomorrow. showers will linger but then it will be sunday -- sunny and pier 70's midweek for the inland areas. rock 'n roll half marathon tomorrow in san francisco mostly cloudy. at marathon time. temperature 53 degrees. pleasanton will be cloudy for tomorrow. not a lot of rain for the east bay. that will be falling after sunset probably tomorrow night. temperatures in the low 60s. overnight lows will get down into the upper 40s and low 50s around the bay area. sunday at 7:03 a.m., forecast highs everybody near 61. with a chance of rain beginning first in the northbay and will spread through the central bay area as we near late afternoon and evening and will be a little bit wet sunday night.
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the amounts are going to be very low and temperatures are not going to exactly collapse but chilly and cloudy sunday. look at the rest of the week after a partly cloudy day on monday. tuesday through saturday looking like sunshine and temperatures will warm into the mid-70s. streaking like a silver bullet into the studios, vern glenn. he'll be here after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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take you to san jose.... ...west region... basketball up top and why not. ncaa elite eight weekend. let's take you to san jose. west region just over.
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john stockton in the house. gonzaga great. watching his team in white. against xavier. jordan matthews bay area native draining a three. the zags ran away with this one. jonathan williams and one! he had 19 points. gonzaga on their way to their first ever final four on the strength of and 83-59 final. over to high school for you allison johnson for vanden high school down one to mater dei. last seconds full-court press. costly turnover! back came julia. driving, laid it in and one. with time running down. what a finish! what a win. 64-61 and the vikings first division ii state appearance and get this, they were once down by 17 points in this game. we got st. patrick's facing
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helix high school division four title. fourth quarter of 10. vijay stanley the drive. and the floater. saint patrick vincent win it 59- 46. back to last night. mission high school boys. wow. the bears pulled off an 82-75 overtime number over willow park to win the division iii title. the first san francisco public school to ever win a state basketball title. and kpix 5, the only station was there to capture that historic reaction. >> [ yelling ] >> share with me your emotions right now. >> last game i told these guys we weren't done and now i can say we're done. these guys deserve a break. the fight in these guys has been the same all year. and i'm glad people finally got
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to see it. these guys are made of steel. >> [ chanting ] >> years from now when let's say your kids look back. dad, tell me about that mission team. what do you tell them? >> the bears. >> the grimy bears. we got a nickname here. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> a game-high 32 points. >> what is it about mission basketball? >> grimy. all grimy. we all play together. grimy. we all stick together. >> you guys have it in you. understand you had it in you all year to fight no matter what has happened. life is going to kick you. just remember that fight. you've got to keep fighting through it. keep moving forward. i love you all. >> a modern day inner-city hoosiers? >> people have been saying that. hoosiers, coach carter.
5:28 pm
white shadow may be. space jam. i don't know. much bigger than us. >> we wanted this from the beginning of the season and we got it. >> and as you look at it, what are your emotions? >> we did it. >> get up into the stands. >> [ yelling ] >> what does it say about mission basketball to be the first san francisco public school to hoist a trophy like that? >> we'll try to be the second as well. [ laughter ] >> segue over to pga match play. austin, texas. we made you wait long enough. this is bill haas. when they hit it like this and stare at down, they like it. versus phil mickelson. the shot of the day here. at the 15th hole. and after he stuck the landing,
5:29 pm
he was up two with three to play. then at 17:00, bottom of the cup and he won the match right there. let's check in on dustin johnson the par 516th. check the touch on the short game. that's impressive. he lost three straight holes but came back to beat alex norton and he advances to semifinal play coming up on sunday. mission high school basketball. most famous alum, carlos santana. >> wow. who knew? >> i tweeted him last night. >> top trending story on our webpage. by far. >> very impressive. thank you, vern. if you are tired of ads popping up in your twitter feed, there's a way around it. it will cost you. twitter is considering a premium subscription. we'll have more at 6:00. >> "cbs evening news" is next.
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♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: what's next for president trump? and what's next for health care after mr. trump failed to unite his party on repealing and replacing obamacare? also tonight, a social media campaign to find missing children creates confusion in the nation's capital. >> how are you, by the way? you're here. >> ninan: we meet a street doctor making house calls to the etmeless. >> reporter: what better population to heal? >> you could not find a more grateful population. >> ninan: and on the sidewalks of silicon valley, make way for these self-driving delivery robots. they're on a roll. >> reporter: can you see a day when there's a whole fleet of these running around your neighborhood? >> absolutely. this is the "cbs weekend news."


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