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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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for oakland raider fans but this deal was just too good to pass up. and his father would agree. >> my father used to say, that the greatness of the raiders is in its future and the opportunity to build a world class stadium in the entertainment capital of the world is one opportunity that will give us an -- give us the ability to achieve that greatness. >> raiders. >> reporter: raider fans here in phoenix told us they back owner mark davis and think this is a good move. >> i'm just here to support whatever mark davis and the league and the raiders decided to do. if they go to vegas we're going to vegas too. >> reporter: you don't really care what piece of ground they play on. they're still going to be your team. >> they're still going to be my team till the end. >> reporter: those are raider fans here in phoenix. they have a shorter commute to las vegas to see the raiders play. but you can be sure that oakland raider fans don't feel the same way.
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i talked to a gentleman who say they will file a lawsuit against the raider organization and they're promising as well to voice their displeasure in acts in other ways at the oakland coliseum when the team returns for the 2017 season. allen, liz. >> ken, one no vote. what are you hearing about that. what team was it and did they say why? >> reporter: yeah allen it was 31-1. steven ross the miami dolphins owner was the own descending vote. he thinks the nfl owes it to its fans to not leave. to remain there. there's been three relocations since 2016. he says it's bad for the league. it's bad for the faithful fans and that's why he voted no. >> a lot of fans here feel the same way. ken bastida in phoenix, thanks.
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oakland mayor libby shaff did a last minute attempt to keep the raiders in town. she said leave negotiating time. and if a vote is to be taken use a secret ballot as was done in the recent los angeles relocation vote. just minutes after the vote came down, there was talk in oakland of kicking the raiders out of the coliseum immediately. >> i don't want them there. they can go down to santa clara and play. they didn't want us. we busted our tails. they didn't engage with the city of oakland and trying to come up with a comprehensive deal that would allow them to stay. >> i'm very sad today. for the raider nation. these are the most dedicated, passionate, good hearted fans that any city could be proud of to call theirs. >> heartbroken raider fans
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expressing their sentiments over the move. >> this is what i think about the las vegas traders. >> this fan burning his jersey after sharing some choice words that we cannot broadcast. those words for mark davis and other nfl owners. we talked to other spurned supporters now burned by their team twice. >> reporter: the crushing news was splashed across dozens of screens. fan reaction is severe. >> just don't go to any more games. if you're leaving leave, be done. i'm done. >> this is a royal slap in the face. >> but it's simply like a jolted lover you have to accept the fact they're moving on. >> at the end of the day he can take his football operation and move on. but the name has to stay here. >> the anger, the sorrow, the sense of betrayal is running
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deep. bar owner ricky ricardo is trying to stay strong. >> if they're here, if they're in las vegas that's my team. >> reporter: voodoo fan says he will never step into the las vegas raider stadium. >> people go to leas -- people go to las vegas for one thing. to get belligerent drunk, to have boobs shake in their face not to watch games. it's not going to happen. >> reporter: and the team says it all came down to money. and las vegas has a lot of it. >> reporter: fans in las vegas already getting fired up. a raider nation fire truck greeted people to the strip. in keeping with the vegas theme, this postshowed the
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jackpot. meantime football mayor said she was pleased to welcome her new team. besides the raiders fans we're also hearing from the players. kpix5 andrea necano has more on that. >> reporter: there was a heartfelt message by raider quarterback carr. he says i love you and my team loves you. we are loyal even when it's hard we stick together especially when it's tough. now raider fans who had purchased season tickets prior to today's vote will be able to get their money back. team owner mark davis announcing refunds will be given to anyone who requests one. >> any of the fans that have given deposits who would like to refund them we'll be happy to do that. not happy. but you know how that goes. absolutely. >> reporter: so this is how it breaks down for the next few years. later this year the raiders will play their season at the oakland coliseum.
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the same thing for 2018. the raiders will most likely still be here. in 2019 the picture is less clear. the team could play here one more year or in a temporary facility in nevada. then in 2020 they will play in the new stadium in las vegas. i'm sure a lot of fans here are hoping something happens along the way to stop it but doesn't seem likely. >> doesn't. andrea thanks. ken bastida heading to las vegas now to look at the next steps for building the new stadium. you can watch his live report starting tomorrow at 5:00. our other news story, one person died in a fire that tore through an apartment building. authorities said two other people are now listed as missing. several others are in the hospital including two children. the fire broke out at 5:30 a.m. in san pablo avenue close to interstate 180. commuters there could see the flames and smoke. jessica florez is at the burned out building that had a history
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of code violations. jessica. >> that's right. we just heard an update from the fire department. they aren't addressing any of those code enforcement agencies. they tell us they're still inside slowly going through the building because they're looking for two more people who haven't been accounted for. >> reporter: massive flames and billowing smoke covered the oakland apartment building. the third floor collapsing into the second as firefighters raced to save people inside. two people died. >> it could have been me. >> reporter: jones says he lives down the hall from where the fire started and didn't hear any fire alarms. he made it to the fire exit where firefighters brought him down. >> thinking well i'm trying to get out, you don't even hear no fire alarms. >> what about sprinklers. >> nothing, there was nothing. >> reporter: the building houses the transitional living group. about 80 people live there. but lawyers for the tenants say the owner kim was evicting the group. the lawyer claims the eviction notice came after tenants
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complained of living conditions. >> did you see wires hanging down. you also have, like on the first floor there's just like a river of water. >> reporter: city records show code complaints for electrical issues, mold and pests infestation. this fire coming just months after the fire that killed 36 people in the oakland warehouse. filled with code issues. and the city once again facing questions about it's ability to check and enforce building codes. >> i have no idea on whether the fire inspectors were in this building. >> reporter: attorneys are now gearing up to sue the landlord. >> i want it investigated as an arson or investigated as you know faulty electricity. >> reporter: and we reached out to the building department and to the building's landlord. we have not heard back at this hour. the fire department says they will be out here through the night and into the morning making sure that everybody is accounted for. in oakland, i'm jessica florez. people who managed to
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escape this morning's fire are describing a frightening and chaotic scene. most were sleeping when the fire started and then had to get out fast. >> when they got out. people were screaming trying to get everybody out. get everybody out. run, get out, get out. fire. >> we ran out and then when i seen my mom she was grabbing my granny out of her wheelchair. >> reporter: the red cross is now helping the dozens of people who need a temporary place to stay. a mess of a commute this morning with downed wires blocked trains from coming into san francisco. all because of a car that took down a power pole. that left an electrified wire outside of the track. this was the scene from the platform. a commuter called it madness as angry riders tried to figure out just how they were going to get to worse and because of surge pricing, lyft and uber
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fares ran from 50 to $100 to get to san francisco. in the north bay, chp says the driver of a big rig that crashed had a blood alcohol level five times the legal limit for commercial vehicles. the big rig overturned on highway 101 in san rafael blocking the right hand lanes. the driver richard long of american canyon was arrested on suspicion of vehicle dui. he and his passenger are being treated for minor injuries at marin general. the week is kicking off with plenty of finger pointing over the failure of the republican's house bill. veronica de la cruz reports as the president tries to tackle parts of his agenda. >> reporter: after friday's health care debacle president trump is signaling a willingness to reach across the aisle. president trump moved past the health care defeat canceling
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several rules and regulations. >> it's my pleasure to welcome such incredible women including my daughter. >> reporter: the president is tapping his son-in-law to lead a new office. jared kushner will lead business owners to tackle veteran's care and opioid addiction. kushner will also speak about his role for the primary contact addressing meetings to the russian head of state. >> based on the media frenzy, he volunteered. he said we've made some contacts. i would be glad to explain them. let me know if you would like to talk. >> reporter: the white house says a lot was learned during the process and they are opened to working with democrats. democrats say take the repeal of obama care off the table. president trump is now looking
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for congressional action on infrastructure. and president trump's approval rating dropped to an all time low of 46% this weekend. after the failure to repeal obama care. that's below president obama's lowest approval of 38%. >> a fresh warning to sanctuary cities attorney general jeff sessions says the justice department will not provide help to sanctuary cities. >> or other wise failing to comply with these laws. such policies cannot continue. they make our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the streets. >> reporter: critics say the trump administration is labeling all immigrants as criminals. and a court fight is likely. san francisco, oakland and san jose have all declared
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themselves sanctuary cities. late this afternoon, the california chief justice weighed in again with concerns about what federal agents have been doing lately. speaking to a joint session of the legislature, she said that there are harmful effects when i.c.e. agents make arrests near courthouses then the word gets out. >> i'm concerned that kind of information trickles down into the community, the schools, the churches, the families. and people will no longer come to court to protect themselvesless or cooperate or bare witness. i'm afraid that that will be the end of justice and communities will be less safe and victimization will continue. >> the chief justice sent a letter to attorney jeff sessions as well as the secretary of homeland security. she accused federal agents of quote stalking undocumented immigrants in our courthouses. coming up at 5:30, the cbs evening news will report on aggressive tactics by i.c.e. in what some say are unintended
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consequences. the great dress code debate over leggings on an airplane. the outrage and explanation after united kicks off two teenage girls for flying in comfort. and galloping in the fast lane. how these four legged fugitives turned the bay area rush hour into a round up. ,, weather sponsored by mancini sleep world. ,,,,
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flying because the closed captioning brought to you by living spaces. united airlines is feeling the backlash after barring two girls for wearing leggings. just why the airline was playing fashion police in the first place, suzy. >> reporter: united wants passengers to know for the average customer, leggings are just fine.
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this is a specific friends and family pass issue. that doesn't prevent it from spreading like wildfire online and making a lot of women angry. >> reporter: if you take two steps inside san francisco's international airport, you will see an overwhelming women's travel trend. >> leggings. >> i'm wearing leggings. >> because they're comfortable and i travel all the time and i want to be comfortable when i get to where i'm going. >> reporter: so when united airlines told two teenage girls they couldn't fly from denver to minneapolis yesterday because their leggings violated a dress code, the internet exploded. celebrities like model christie tiegan tweeted, i have literally flown without pants on. just a top as a dress. next thyme i will wear only jeans and a scarf. this morning united explained further that the young girls were quote pass riders. these are relatives or friends
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who also receive the benefit of free or heavily discounted air travel. the passengers this morning were united pass riders and not in compliance with our dress code for company benefit travel. but most passengers call the dress code outdated and want united to change it. >> if you start enforcing that as the dress code what's next. >> i don't think it should be enforced that strictly. i'm sure when it was written years ago, and people used to dress for traveling, i'm sure that doesn't matter anymore. >> we're live at sfo, suzy steinley. the woman accused of backing into shoppers at the wal-mart parking lot will remain behind bars. she's facing seven counts of misdemeanor assault with deadly weapon. manicar was accused of stealing batteries when at first trying
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to get a refund for them. she was trying to get away from wal-mart security guards. three people suffered minor injuries when she backed into shoppers. a mother and three children narrowly avoided getting hit. uber has begun testing driverless cars this after a car caused a wreck in arizona. no one was hurt but the ride sharing company put the program on hold while the accident was investigated. the company says it's confident it will get the vehicles up and running again. promised to get the cars back on the road in tempe and pittsburg today. horses join the commute on 680 this morning. one driver caught this video of the horses galloping the wrong way. chp wrangled those four legged fugitives. the horses apparently they broke through a fence about a mile away. sunshine broke through
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today after some rainfall yesterday evening we're left with only one chance of rain over the next seven days. coming up how warm we get when we get the sunshine and when that rain will fall, that's next. the markets closed mostly lower today. a look at the closing numbers from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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weekend.. check out the damage it did to this windshield.. the hail was so heavy it looked like a blanket of snow. and two tornadoes hit texas and oklahoma wild weather is ripping through the united states. this is video from texas. the hail is so heavy it looks like a blanket of snow. that can just take out thousands of cars over dallas, oklahoma or wichita. that's a big deal. thankfully our weather around
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here is. we had a lot of rain last week. temperatures right now in the 50s and 60s. san francisco 67. you're the cool spot. concord at 56. the in the warm spot we find oakland, san jose, san francisco and santa rosa. it's pleasant with blue skies on the increase. radar is showing dry conditions and every day except for this thursday morning we will be dry. tri valley, livermore 43. everybody dropping below 50. san francisco tonight 49. san francisco 49. two things i want to talk about. one we have a ridge of high pressure that will keep us mainly dry. it is bashful. way off to the west. as you know a ridge arise and will push to the south. there will be a storm going up and over the ridge which will
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give us a glancing blow and a chance of a couple of showers on thursday. tomorrow, no. less wind, less sunshine. milder, it should be a beautiful tuesday outside. wednesday morning and the majority of wednesday will be cloud free as well. wednesday evening clouds will enter the north bay. and by thursday morning, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 in the morning passing through. you may have your windshield wipers on for three minutes. we're talking about that as we head toward friday and the weekend. lots of sunshine, warmer weather saturday will be a great weekends day to get outside. so most of the week is going to be dry and pleasant. the one fly in the ointment will be the shower on thursday. temperatures will stay close to average. late march average is nice. freemont tomorrow 70. concord 74. santa rosa 74. san francisco 60 degrees. up to 10 degrees warmer tomorrow compared to today. wednesday we're also mild
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partly sunny skies. upper 60s near the bay. mid-70s. sunshine close to 80 inland on saturday. then another front moves through. we will not see any rainfall but it'll be a bit cooler on sunday and monday. very pleasant weather for the next seven days. that's your forecast, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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makeshift homes.. popping up under one bay area bridge. the is coming up tonight at 6:00 a window to the world. makeshift homes popping up under one bay area bridge. the structures that a city is
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demanding come down. but first, cbs evening news is up next. >> scott pelley is here with the preview. >> hi allen and liz. up next we learn today that jared kushner president trump's senior adviser and son-in-law met with a bank that is a cover for russian spies. a bank controlled by putin. a top u.s. positions group has issued new guidelines on treating opioid addiction and a 4-year-old's lessons on courage. all that coming up in just a few seconds on the cbs evening news point >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> that little girl by the way adorable and she's being treated in oakland at the children's hospital there. ahead at 6:00 we're live for the first workday commute on bart's new line to south freemont. we're coming back in 30 minutes.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the kushner connection. the president's son-in-law is set to testify about his russian contacts, which included a bank that is a cover for russian spies. >> he said, hey, we've made some e ntacts. i'd be glad to explain them. t pelley: also tonight, the web grows more tangled. the republican chair of the house intelligence committee reveals he had a secret meeting with a secret source on the white house grounds. >> chairman nunes is falling down on the job and seems to be more interested in protecting the president than in seeking the truth. >> pelley: a violent crackdown c protests against russian corruption. and a child will lead them in song.


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