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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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neighborhood. >> i was standing over here and i heard 30, 40 shots. i walked around here and all these cops are just coming in. >> the subject backed out of either the driveway or the garage, as he was leaving the area in his car, he began to shoot at the police officers. >> from the vehicle. >> from the vehicle. other officers in the area returned gunfire and the subject was -- his car crashed into a tree and he is dead. >> reporter: now, you can see the scene from above from chopper 5 of that car into a tree near linda vista and roberto. that car's horn went off for an hour after the crash. students and staff at west park elementary school two blocks away were put on lockdown. parents weren't able to pick up their children until 3:00. that's after the hours that school had let out at this point. now, the chief here in napa says several of his officers received minor injuries during the battle, but we don't know where or how they were injured. live in napa, andria borba, kpix 5. >> i know it's going to be a
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while, but given the hour with a lot of people coming home from work, do they know how long the neighborhood is going to be shut down? >> reporter: hours more. they haven't given a definitive number but it will be hours more before people can get back into this neighborhood, allen. >> all right. thank you. "sky drone 5" offering this look at an emergency work zone. check this out. this is along the smart train route in san rafael. crews are trying to shore up a hillside before any trains can roll through. this is at a quarter mile stretch of construction. kpix 5's susie steimle on the race to deal with this smart train setback. >> reporter: construction crews have spent the past three weeks pulling themselves up and down these ropes placing nets to catch debris from future mudslides. this is just above where the sonoma-marin area rail transit or smart train, will run in a couple of months.
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>> we had a couple slides this year. we had one that came down in the early storms in january. >> reporter: smart brought me down to the tracks for a closer look but it was a concerned neighbor who didn't want to go on camera who offered this glimpse of the slide from his backyard. even more revealing? our drone footage. this is what it looks like on the hillside right now above where the train will travel. chief engineer phil good morning lynn tells us not to worry. >> i mean, god forbid this train was functioning with passengers what would have happened. >> we probably would have been fine. the material didn't land on the tracks. so it would have been okay. >> reporter: smart says loss ran cheetos road caught most of the debris. you can see still see the broken barrier from where the slide originated. the neighbors are worried about noise. >> early between 5 and 6 a.m. >> reporter: the noise should subside soon as train testing begins again. >> we'll be wrapping up the
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work this weekend and ready for train testing next week. >> reporter: smart says the construction won't delay test or the launch, which is still scheduled for late spring 20:1. in san rafael, susie steimle, kpix 5. also in the south bay, crews are trying to undo damage from the winter storms. these are images from "sky drone 5" last month. you can see this mudslide completely washed out a section of mount hamilton road in the hills above san jose. now, this is what that same stretch of road looks like. construction crews are building a retaining wall so they can eventually restore the road. it's one of only two roads leading up to the lick observatory at the summit. caltrans hopes to re-open the road by the end of the month but has faced some setbacks. >> we're hitting a lot of heavy rock we didn't anticipate. that's what's causing a delay where we thought we could be finished by the end of april. we in fact won't be finished until mid-may. >> so at least for now the only way up to the very too much mount hamilton is quimby -- to
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the very top of mount hamilton is quimby road. a boating accident in tomales bay left a man dead. he was 47-year-old brian [indiscernible name] from san jose. he work as a car dealer at casino m8trix. he and a friend were fishing yesterday with two dogs when their boat was overcome by strong waves. po was thrown and didn't survive but his friend got to shore. as for the two dogs, only one was rescued. chp sharing new video of a dramatic rescue high above a waterfall in oroville. a hiker slipped and fell friday in a hard-to-reach spot. rescuers climbed down some steep terrain to reach him and moved him to a spot where a helicopter could hoist him to safety. the hiker was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. we are following a developing story in richmond a woman was shot and killed right in front of her children. police believe 43-year-old lawyer dushan mcbride was the
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gunman. and that it all happened at the intersection of rheem avenue and 29th street just before 9:00 this morning. kpix 5 reporter jessica flores is there to tell us more about the suspect. jessica. >> reporter: elizabeth, this suspect had a history of domestic violence and he caught up with his estranged girlfriend where he killed her, 29th and rheem. i want to show you what's going on right now. a teacher from 8th grade, a victim's teacher, left some flowers at this corner she says she actually went by and talked to the mother's children and one of those children says his mother was his sunshine. richmond police say the suspect was driving this silver mercedes-benz stalking his estranged girlfriend before taking her life. a neighbor's surveillance camera captured the horror. the mother in her suv driving up to the stop sign. the ex-boyfriend pulling up right beside. police say he got out and shot her killing her instantly
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before taking off. her two young children in the back seat but unharmed. neighbors swarmed in to help. one woman got the children out of the car and escorted them away. >> i cannot believe what happened. i opened the door and went outside and i saw the car and we went there and the lady already dead inside the car. >> reporter: richmond police identify the victim as 29-year- old richmond rest denied rashanda franklin. the suspect 43-year-old "lawyer dushan mcbride" hub stalking the mother this morning as she drove her children to daycare. >> she wanted to avoid him so she continued to drive around the area. and unfortunately, the suspect followed her in his own car in his mercedes-benz s550. >> reporter: detectives say the suspect lost the victim at 29th street and rheem. the two argued for a few seconds after he blocked her in and then he shot her. the children are with relatives and investigators thank the
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public for coming to their aid. >> we have outstanding residents here that pulled together to help us out to solve this and surveillance video, too. >> reporter: the suspect is still out there. police are urging anybody if you see a silver mercedes-benz with paper plates, call police right away because police believe that the suspect is in the vehicle. they say the victim had a restraining order against the suspect. in richmond, jessica flores, kpix 5. new at 6:00 there's a certain question that could soon be a no-no on some job applications. >> san francisco is considering banning employers from asking about applicants salary history. political reporter melissa caen on why supporters say it could help women close the gender salary gap. melissa. >> reporter: today is "equal pay day." and so it's probably no surprise that supervisor mark farrell here in san francisco decided he would announce a new
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ordinance that would prohibit employers from asking about applicants' former salary and pay information. the idea is that if women are consistently paid less than men then a female applicant who puts her accurate former or current pay information will be low balled by her new future employer. supervisor farrell says he wants to break that cycle. >> so how much did you make at your last job? companies can ask that if you apply to work for them but supervisor mark farrell wants to stop that. at today's san francisco board of supervisors meeting, he introduced a pay parity law. >> it bans all private employers from asking applicants for the salary history and bans the setting of a wage or salary based on previous salary. >> reporter: questions about a person's pay history are a common sight on employment applications. and they can indicate the amount an applicant will accept leaving employers to offer them less. >> if women are always held back and held down by their salary history they are prevented from ever catching up with men. >> reporter: jim lazarus is a
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senior vice president of public policy with the san francisco chamber of commerce. he says pay equity is important. but the city should be careful about the burdens it places on local businesses. >> especially on microbusinesses that don't have hr departments or larger international or national businesses that have to create san francisco-only compliant mechanisms. >> reporter: supervisor farrell has been working with the business community but the chamber says there are a few more changes they would like to see. >> every employment situation isn't the same. and so there are cases where we believe some dialogue needs exist between applicants and an employer early in the possible hiring process. >> in 2015, the state legislature passed a similar law that would have applied to all of california. but governor brown vetoed it saying a person's prior salary is relevant information and there's little evidence that the law would actually help close the pay gap. supervisor farrell says san
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francisco will be the case study. >> i look forward to the state of california following our lead here in san francisco when we can demonstrate the data. >> reporter: now, the commonwealth of massachusetts and the city of philadelphia have both recently passed similar laws and actually tomorrow, new york city's city council is set to vote on their version of this law and it is expected to pass. live in san francisco city hall, melissa caen, kpix 5. supporters of equal pay for men and women marched in san francisco and other cities this afternoon as melissa said today is "equal pay day" intended to call attention to the discrepancy in the wages men and women get for the same jobs. now, by most estimates, women earn 7 cents 7 cents for every dollar that men are paid. a good use for some used cars. hundreds of san jose families lost their way to get around after the devastating flooding but plans to give them some new rides. >> schools under fire for asking students about their
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citizenship. the outcry that has some bay area districts rethinking their policies. >> they hate you. >> i hate you. >> okay. >> remembering the hateman. berkeley reflects on the loss of one of its most colorful characters and his very memorable greeting. >> changes in store in the weather department. we have beautiful sunny day tomorrow. it will be unusually warm and then we get unusually wet. we'll have the forecast coming up. after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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prostitute convicted in a google executive's death ended up in the hands of federal immigration agents we're getting a better idea of why the prostitute convicted in a google executive's death ended up in in the hands of federal immigration agents. i.c.e. agents were waiting for alix tichelman as soon as she was released from the santa cruz county jail last week. tichelman served two years for manslaughter for injecting google executive forrest hayes with a lethal dose of heroin. it happened on board his yacht in the santa cruz harbor in 2013. she has dual citizenship in the u.s. and canada. i.c.e. just released a statement saying, quote, tichelman has multiple prior criminal convictions including involuntary manslaughter and a felony drug charge. i.c.e. says that she will remain in federal custody pending removal proceedings. new at 6:00, bay area
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school districts are under pressure to stop asking questions about citizenships on student forms. there's concern it might prevent families from enrolling. kpix 5's len ramirez talked to one local district that's rethinking it policy. >> reporter: students and families who entered the country illegally are fearful they're tipping off immigration enforcement just by enrolling in school. civil rights lawyers found many school districts asked sensitive immigration questions on their enrollment forms including the students' social security numbers or when they entered the country. and they want to put the practice to an end. >> a lot of parents concerned about, like, being exposed. >> reporter: this woman is an immigrant community organizer who says those questions are scary to some families. >> they actually fear about, like, being separated. >> reporter: or she says some parents might just keep their kids out of school. the lawyers group found that 75 school districts in california ask some sort of immigration- related questions on the enrollment forms. the forms themselves are
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readily available to the public and are published on most school district websites. bay area districts asking immigration questions including dublin, sunol glen, antioch, orinda, ross valley, san mateo, la honda, pescadero, berryessa, and several others. santa clara's enrollment form asks when students entered the countries. the questions have been there for years and it's well intentioned. >> it serves as an intentional purpose to help us provide support to students but especially coming from other countries where they might need english learning support. >> reporter: changes could be coming under the current climate of fear. santa clara unified recently passed resolutions affirming its schools are safe places for all students. >> we'll be reviewing our policies, our procedures and that includes our enrollment forms. >> reporter: the district says it's trying to determine if its data collection in the area of immigration is still needed. in santa clara, len ramirez,
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kpix 5. >> it's part high-rise, part history. downtown san jose is in line to get a new 24 story hotel. this is a rentering of what the tribute hotel would look like. it would have nearly 300 rooms and connect to the historic montgomery hotel on first street which reopened as a four points hotel in 2004. construction is set to begin by early to mid 2018. the palo alto city council voted to dig deep to make extra park spaces in the business district. local businesses made a convincing plea to add two underground levels to the planned parking garage at sherman avenue and birch streets. the garage would provide more than 600 parking spots. construction will begin next year. it will be completed by 2019. new at 6:00 one of berkeley's best known street people has died. he was known as hateman. but john ramos says, his message was just the opposite. >> reporter: many who passed berkeley's people's park see
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only the weeds and never notice the flowers. it's that way with the people here, too. >> berkeley has a lot of people of all walks of life. they come from all over the world to come here. >> reporter: kind of a hidden wisdom here? >> that's right. >> reporter: in 1969, a young writer for the "new york times" named mark hawthorne quit his job and moved to berkeley. he dressed in women's skirts and danced for coins in the fountain at sproul plaza. but he became famous for being the hate man. >> i hate you!! [ laughter ] >> i hate you! >> i hate you. >> okay. >> reporter: 20 years ago, cbs' harry smith profiled the homeless man who insisted that he be greeted with hatred as a way of getting rid of it. >> look, i'm going to be myself here. i want to live -- i insist on living my own life and trying to find out what that means. >> reporter: but for all those in people's park who knew him and bummed cigarettes from him, there is sadness today. the hate man died saturday at the age of 80. his heart failed him.
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which is something that never happened when he was here. >> he said, i'm a lot like jesus. i don't [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: this man known as sasquatch became so close that hate man called him his nephew. he says the man's quiet wisdom was hidden by his phony gruff exterior and his delight in using the "f" word. >> can i have a cigarette, hey, man, you got to tell me -- you [ censored ] hate me give me a cigarette. >> reporter: because he spoke their language, hate man could talk people off drugs and young girls off the streets without ever judging anyone. now a small memorial sits where he used to camp. and amid the blurred out f words was a final message from sasquatch. something he says hate man would have really hated. >> if i said i love you hate man he is like [ censored ] you! [ laughter ] >> reporter: at people's park in berkeley, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the hate man even has a
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wikipedia page and has a sister and two daughters. okay. we have a fairly warm day under way in the bay area as we head towards 6:20 p.m. on this fine night. tomorrow will be warmer than today and things change thursday night and friday. today morgan hill 79. concord 7. san jose 74. fremont 72. concord 78. san rafael low 70s. here's how it looks for the a's game tonight as they play the angels with partly cloudy skies, 63 degrees. that's happening tonight at 7:05 p.m. from high atop the west coast that high pressure that's been keeping us high and dry for a while will remain in place for now. you will notice some of the high clouds filtering into california. that's why we didn't see perfectly clear skies today nor will we tomorrow but it will still keep us warm in san jose, case in point begins at about
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54 degrees at sunrise and then by midday, we are at 72 degrees. by the time all is said and done, san jose should hit 78. so that keeps it about as warm a little warmer than today. so we'll get a partly cloudy night tonight. and cool. it will be mild tomorrow but dry. but then big changes thursday as clouds come in and so will rain by thursday night and around midnight friday. temperatures for tomorrow 80 degrees at livermore 72 for santa rosa, 69 in san francisco. and as we head toward thursday night and friday, rain, wind, lingering showers into saturday. sunday a break. monday looks like rain. stay tuned on that. in the meantime, prepare for wet. it's coming. thursday night t allen? >> thank you. a fast-food face-lift. a troubled mcdonald's gets a farm fresh makeover . the change that couldn't be more welcome in this bay area neighborhood. >> who is your pick for the
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masters? they tee up in two days from now in augusta. time flies! where is tony romo going? we have the answer next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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67-year old tom watson jacked and ready for his 43rd masters... jason day is also in the field... he got emotional last month when he withdrew from the match play championship to be with his ailing mom... but he has since found out she will not need chemotherapy following surgery sharks forward joe thornton
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suffered a left knee injury in sunday's win against vancouver... it's unlikely he ll play in the final three games of the regular season, but should return for the playoffs... just don't expect any updates from pete deboer joe thornton had aney injury against vancouver. it's unlikely he will play in the three games in the regular season. he should be there for play- offs. don't expect updates from pete deboer. >> what i'm giving you is what in my mind is where he is at so whether he is at two doctor appointments between now and tomorrow or whether he has an ice bag on or whether he's getting an injection, i don't know. it doesn't matter. i expect him back and, you know, we're going to go with that. tony romo is leaving america's team for america's most watched network. cbs has hired the former cowboys quarterback to replace phil simms as its lead analyst next season. khris davis picked up where he left off in 2016. the a's left fielder who belted 42 home runs last season hit
6:26 pm
two last night and the a's won their opener. fortunately for oakland, davis hit big league pitching better than he does bob melvin. >> i mean, i throw bp to him almost every day and i don't know that he hit a ball out in bp this year in spring training let alone the game and then hits two balls on a cold night that are no doubters. >> it will take me some time to get going. before the game, the a's honored hall of famer rickey henderson by naming the field after him. henderson's time at the coliseum has come a long way from when he used to sneak into the ballpark as a teen in oakland. >> i can't count how many time we snuck into the game but did i get caught, you know, no, i think i was too fast or something like that. [ laughter ] >> and most of it -- the kids are behind me they got called, you know, i was always in the ballpark. [ laughter ] >> he still looks like he can
6:27 pm
play baseball. that knee is one of the smart things that dave cavell did is renaming that field rickey henderson field. >> good deal. thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, a terrible flood. now a silver lining for the people whose cars were totaled in san jose. the plan to give them new wheels for practically nothing. >> and coming to america? foreign travelers might have to turn over their cell phones and social media passwords. new details of the trump administration's extreme vetting procedures. >> and first daughter ivanka trump answering her critics. a preview of her first tv interview since taking on a white house job.
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vehicles were totalled by the coyote creek flood... it's our top story at 6 x five's kiet do on the plan to give t wheels. san jose is coming to the rest sky of car owners whose vehicles were destroyed by the floods. kiet do on the plan to give car owners free replacement wheels. >> reporter: here we are six weeks after the flooding in the rocksprings area of san jose. they are still trying to get back on their feet out here. lots of debris, lots of contractors running around everywhere and we're seeing
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this flood damaged cars just abandoned on the roads. hundreds of families lost a car or had one damaged by the floods and they will need help. for tran the flood damaged not one but two of his vehicles. the 67-year-old does not have a lot of money and so he has tried to fix it himself without much luck. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: he says the water has ruined the engine. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: but help is on the way. the city of san jose announced a new car replacement program for flood victims. first, the city is set to approve the donation of 20 used fleet vehicles like this ford taurus. they are typically about 10 years old with over 100,000 miles. second, citizens can donate their used cars to goodwill and claim a tax deduction in the process. goodwill will help make sure the vehicles go to the neediest families. >> i would like everybody to know that your donation to goodwill of the car is not a hand out, it's a hand up for those in need. >> reporter: remember the flood victims fund that everybody has been donating to? it's up to $6.4 million.
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that means hundreds of families who lost cars in the flood will get a voucher worth about $3,000. victims will be able to take that voucher to any of the 61 locations in the silicon valley auto dealers association and buy a new car with an employee discount, buy a heavily discounted used car or apply the voucher towards deeply discounted repair service on their flood damaged cars. >> and so with a way to stretch that money it's like stone soup. you put a little bit of money and it grows and there's more money and pretty soon people can take care of themselves. >> reporter: we asked tran if $3,000 was enough. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: i'll get what i get. and i'll try not to demand anything more. >> reporter: catholic charities of santa clara will be handling the verification process for insurance and income. if you have not helped out yet, now is your chance to donate your car and help out your fellow man. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. > a napa neighborhood is still a major crime scene at
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this hour after a gun battle between a man in a car and police. officers were called to a home where shots were fired. as they arrived a man drove away from them in a honda civic and started shooting at them. officers returned fire killing him. neighbors in the area say they heard between 30 and 40 shots. some officers did have minor injuries from flying glass. investigators believe it will be hours before the area is reopened. right now, san francisco's police chief is getting ready to address concerns about violence in the oceanview neighborhood. this is a live look inside a town hall meeting that just got started. it comes nearly a week after an innocent woman was killed in a triple shooting. 65-year-old lian wu was gunned down just steps from her home in broad daylight. two other innocent bystanders were wounded. police arrested 24-year-old jonathan santos of vallejo within minutes but released him yesterday pending further investigation. the intersection where the shooting happened has been a
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hot spot for violence. there's been five shootings near plymouth and broad since october. neighbors said police step up patrols when there's a shooting and once the presence is gone, the violence returns. violence certainly part of life in syria but today a new flow that country's civil war. a suspected chemical attack killed at least 70 people including children. ur, very disturbing. his story, in fact, some of the images just too graphic to show you. witnesses say that russian and syrian government jets carried out the attack but those countries are blaming rebels. the united states believes it was syrian dictator bashar al- assad. senator dianne feinstein says the u.s. cannot let these attacks go unnoticed. >> once it becomes something that is ignored, it will happen -- there's lots of this stuff all over the place. >> there's still no confirmation what chemical was used but initial reports from
6:35 pm
doctors on the scene say symptoms from survivors suggest it was a nerve agent. the white house has condemned the attack. the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting tomorrow. president obama's former national security adviser is now at the center of the debate over surveillance s susan rice is firing back at reports she sought to learn the identities of president trump's associates who were caught up in electronic surveillance of foreigners. rice said she would sometimes ask for the names of u.s. civilians for context to do her job. but she denies that it had anything to do with politics. >> there's no equivalence between so-called unmasking and leaking. the effort to ask for the identity of american citizens is necessary to understand the importance of an intelligence report in some instances. >> the white house says there was no collusion between trump campaign associates and russian during the election, that the
6:36 pm
real story is the obama administration's improper surveillance of u.s. civilians and leaks to the press. in her very first tv interview since being named assistant to the president, ivanka trump tells gayle king she wants to get something straight with her critics. >> i don't know that the critics who may say that of me if they found themselves in this very unique and unprecedented situation that i am now in, would do any differently than i'm doing. so i hope to make a positive impact. i don't know what it means to be, um, complicit. um, but, um, but, you know, i hope time will prove that i have, um, done a good job and much more importantly, that my father's administration is the success that i know it will be. >> you can see more of gayle's interview with ivanka trump tomorrow on "cbs this morning." coming up, what extreme vetting could look like in the
6:37 pm
u.s. the white house plan may have foreign travelers handling over cell phones and passwords. >> old mcdonald's does a complete 180 the healthy upgrade to this bay area neighborhood eyesore. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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united states.. the wall street journal reports: the extreme vetting may require travelers to share cell phones edia passwor the trump administration is considering new measures for foreign visitors traveling to the united states. the "wall street journal" reports the extreme vetting may require travelers to share cell phones and social media passwords. serene branson is getting reaction. >> reporter: taking a trip to the u.s. even a short one could mean foreigners would have to give up personal information according to trump administration officials reviewing vetting procedures who spoke to the "wall street journal." they are considering having foreign travelers disclose contact information on their phones, their social media handles and passwords, financial records, and even answer questions about their ideology. >> i think we'll see lawsuits. i think we are going to see a lot of people very
6:40 pm
uncomfortable about this but what we see is president trump is making good on his campaign promises of candidate trump. >> reporter: jessica levinson is a loyola law professor. >> what the public is learning is we have decrease the expectations of privacy at the borders and airports. that there's very broad authority for the federal government to basically protect us. >> reporter: the administration also wants to subject more visa applicants to stricter reviews and longer interview times. this could apply to european countries, allies like germany and france. >> but there could be retaliatory measures. so other countries could then say, oh, well if you want to make it difficult for our citizens to be in the united states, guess what's going to happen to the united states citizens? >> reporter: travelers at l.a.x. had mixed reactions. >> we need to vet people but not take away their individual rights. >> travel restrictions are going to be stricter. but within reason. >> we almost have to take a look at countries like israel.
6:41 pm
i mean, you talk about tight. they are really tight. you know? they vet everybody that comes through there. might call that profiling. but is that necessary now? i'm not sure but we got to -- we got to get tighter. >> reporter: civil libertarians are criticizing the move saying terrorists will wipe information and they are concerned this could have the same impact as the so-called ban. the state department has taken extents asking foreign embassies to identify applicants that require additional screening taking additional steps. serene branson, kpix 5. a bay area mother soaking in the success of these frozen treats. how a family health battle inspired her booming business. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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once a troubled mcdonalds is now a very different kind of restaurant. kpix 5's wilson walker found from fast food to fresh gluten-free meals, a site that was once a troubled mcdonald's is now a very different kind of restaurant. >> kpix 5's wilson walker found out people in the neighborhood are welcoming the change. when you look at your ingredients you see a lot of fresh vegetables, produce, meat, free range grassfed sustainably source. >> reporter: in the kitchen everything feels cutting edge from the ingredients to the
6:45 pm
hybrid dine-in carry out and delivery model. >> so every day, we have an algorithm that estimates how many of each item we'll sell. >> recently founder jeff knob also figured needed more space. >> we chose this location because they it's been vacant for two years. no one else is willing to give it a try. >> that location the former mcdonald's at 16th and mission. >> i have heard a lot of rumors of what's happening here when it was a mcdonald's and it was very inviting for the wrong kind of customers. >> reporter: in case you're curious about the interior. >> when we were first looking at the space we didn't know what to do with it. >> reporter: while some of it will go. >> the counter. >> reporter: how does jeff feel moving into an area where some new restaurants have actually been made to feel a little unwelcome? >> we don't think we're moving anyone out. and we have a lot of cost savings by choosing a location that no other restaurant wants. we save a lot on rent and pass
6:46 pm
that to the customers. >> reporter: ordinarily it's easy to find somewhere on the street in the mission that can point to something new and say, there goes the neighborhood. but in this case, pretty hard to find anybody out here that doesn't point to this new restaurant and say, this might be a case of change for the better. >> i think it's gonna be better. >> reporter: this is an improvement? >> improvement better yeah. see something new in the neighborhood. >> you know what i mean? >> it's been a pleasant surprise that at how nice everyone in the area has been and how inviting they have been and how happy they are to have us here. >> reporter: there's your latest new mission storefront this old mcdonald's has gone farm fresh. >> fresh vegetable, fresh produce. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. a bay area woman has turned a simple idea to help her sick mother into a successful business. kimberly harris' mother had breast cancer and given three months to live. they changed her diet and came up with a homemade organic
6:47 pm
juice concoction helping her to live another three years. after her mother died she turned the recipe into a frozen treat. now her "fairyella" ice pops are in 22 bay area whole foods stores and she makes it all by hand with her husband in this kitchen. . >> we work 12 to 15 hours. >> treats come in four flavors, lavender lemonade, original, green monster and watermelon. sounds good. harris is also about to en veil two new flavors, coconut chocolate and coconut blueberry. the bay area's favorite point guard has a hidden talent. steph curry knows the sound track to disney movies with accuracy that's almost as amazing as his basketball skills. ♪[ music ]
6:48 pm
♪[ music ] >> love is an open door ♪ >> you know he has done that with his kids in the car. curry joined james corden last night for carpool karaoke. gordon poked fun of the signature mouth guard chewing and the pair chewed right along to moana. [ laughter ] >> that's hard to do. >> to sing and chew on that? no. >> spit it out. >> practice makes perfect. >> practice, practice, practice. >> we had fairly warm weather fade numbers approaching 80. tomorrow warm as well maybe even warmer and then things change. on thursday you're about to see. concord toward the bay bridge we are looking at 72 degrees. oakland 61. and in livermore, right now, it is 71. in santa rosa it is 64. here's how it looks for overnight lows:
6:49 pm
clouds over the bay area will keep us mild tonight. this high has kept us high and dry for a while but over the top of this high clouds will begin to filter into the bay area and that will continue tomorrow. the numbers stay warm. but then something wicked this way comes. you know, it's going to keep the hills green. we have low pressure that's going to drive a cold front right through the bay area thursday night and friday morning, and bring us some good rain and some winds, as well. at the higher elevations, we could get 60-mile-an-hour gusts. and down below we'll get some good gusts, as well. this is thursday night, friday morning. so it's a while from now. in the meantime we get this. we have high clouds moving in over the bay area so those will sweep through tomorrow. it will come up a little bit tomorrow but then it will come down. rain from time to time on thursday afternoon. just a few light showers.
6:50 pm
thursday not a big deal but as thursday goes on then wham we get hit as we approach midnight on thursday night and in the wee small hours friday morning we will hear rain on the roof to quote the loving spoonful and frank sinatra in one sentence. partly cloudy for tonight and cool. we'll stay on the mild side for wednesday. and then big changes are in the offering beginning on thursday. the numbers will come down the rain will come down beginning thursday night and the winds will pick up. so looks like a stormy day and we will get may flowers because we're certainly going to get some april showers. but tomorrow still looks fine. it's going to be dry. numbers in the mid-70s. that's above average. 76 for sunnyvale. 77 san jose. 80 degrees at morgan hill. over in the east a bit numbers will be in the upper 70s tomorrow. we have plenty of sunshine and then temperatures are going to be only in the mid-60s along the beach and in the upper 60s for the north bay and then for lake county, doesn't look bad tomorrow, 73 cloverdale and ukiah and saint helena.
6:51 pm
extended forecast, we'll send in the clouds then bring in the rain by thursday night and friday morning. the rain, the wind, and we have a few lingering showers on saturday partly cloudy skies on sunday. and then as we head into the next week, unsettled monday. so rain is coming thursday night and friday and that's the way it is shaping up in weather. from weather to sports. hey, dennis. >> you know, it's funny my parents are coming to visit me in a few weeks time. [ pause ] >> a former pack a day smoker is celebrating 10 years without a cigarette in his hand. ,, ,,
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
years resolutions. but for one former bay area radio host, good restraint has turned into a good april marks the start of spring. and the end of everybody's new year's resolutions. but for one former bay area radio host, it's a good cause. >> at that age you're going to live forever. >> reporter: greg doesn't mind looking at old photos of himself. it's a nice reminder of just how far he has come. >> yeah. not only was there smoking there was a lot of other nefarious things going on. >> reporter: he was a heavy smoker when he moved to the united states and took a job. bay area listeners remember him better as irish greg. >> in the '80s in ireland, you
6:55 pm
know, when i started smoking, all of my friends did. >> reporter: after two decades of leading an unhealthy life sometime mcquaid' family had had enough. >> i was in ireland for the holidays and my mother dropped me off at the airport for me to come back to san francisco. and she said, you know, you look really terrible. you know, would you think about getting in shape and giving up smoking and all this? by the time i arrived at sfo, i was kind of like, you know what? i'm going to show them. >> reporter: show them he did. mcquaid found a new addiction, running! and to celebrate a decade without a cigarette, he decided to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks. >> knock on wood, i feel pretty good about things for most of january, i was like what the heck have i gotten myself into? >> reporter: and he doesn't allow himself to take a week off. sometimes running in official marathons, sometimes ripping off 26.2 miles somewhere in the bay area. >> it's gotten a lot of social
6:56 pm
media attention. so you will be running through golden gate park and people are like go, greg. >> reporter: and all this support breathes california a group promoting clean air and eliminating lung disease something irish greg wishes he knew about before he picked up his first cigarette. >> this irish greg that person would they ever believe you would be doing this now? >> no. no. >> no. >> no. they would find it hysterical and they would mock me mercilessly. [ laughter ] >> greg just finished his 14th marathon. he has had 38 to go. once he's done he will have 1300 miles under his belt. he hopes to raise $100,000 for breathe california. >> tremendous effort. i hope he has a shoe sponsor! >> responsible for everything. for news lot to the evening the latest news and weather, always on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? i appreciate you. thank y'all. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, from galloway, new jersey, it's the champs, it's the gargione family! [cheering and applause] and from coral springs, florida, it's the wynter family! [cheering and applause] [laughter] >> what's up?
7:00 pm
steve: everybody--everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody, somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's get it on! give me joe. give me vernicca. ["family feud" theme playing] top 8 answers on the board. we asked 100 married women. what does your husband do that he thinks is cute but you think is disgusting? vernicca: pass gas. steve: pass gas. >> let's play. let's play. let's play. let's play. vernicca: we're gonna play. steve: what do you do for a living, darling? vernicca: i'm actually an intern principal in the sixth largest school district in the nation: broward county. steve: broward county? vernicca: in fort lauderdale, florida. steve: ok. well, that's good, then. [indistinct]. all right, introduce everybody. vernicca: so, to my right, i have my high school sweetheart


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