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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 7, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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responders safe. it might take more time if weather conditions change. >> reporter: bart engineers are monitoring the barge closely. this is how it looks before it capsized. about 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. they were using it to work on the transbay tube. a bart spokeswoman says the barge 1,000 feet away from the tube but engineers have a lot of questions. >> that it's very stable that it's not going to drift towards the tube. that's obviously our biggest concern right now. even show the tube is buried under sand, 25 feet of sand. >> reporter: the coast guard says the barge capsized around 12:30 this morning. they are looking to see if weather played a factor. >> down here gale-force winds as well, that makes the bay really, really choppy. >> reporter: there's a live look from chopper 5 as you can see. there's still oil on the surface of that water there. now, bart says if the barge doesn't drift near the transbay tube, the evening commute will be fine. no issues there. so hopefully at this point they
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don't anticipate issues. they are going to remove the barge away from the tube. [ loud wind in the background ] >> da, it's pretty windy. i hope you can hear me. this is quite an operation. do we know what this extensive clean-up is going to cost? >> reporter: yeah. it's going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars according to the coast guard to clean it up. the responsible party will be the barge owner, which is a company being contracted by bart. so bart is not on the hook but the company that bart contracted out to will be on the hook for the clean-up costs. >> indeed it will. okay, da, thanks so much. now, the last time we saw a significant spill in the bay was back in september. two oil sheens were spotted on san pablo bay. the coast guard later determined that oil was coming from a tanker that was off- loading at the phillips 66 refinery in rodeo. other our big story "sky drone 5" above a mudslide in the oakland hills. at least one home was damaged
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when the earth began moving. right now, more are threatened. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is in the neighborhood talking to residents. kiet. >> reporter: all this mud that you see here is mud that hit the back of this home, flowed around through the side of the house and came up in the front of the street here. so quit a lot of mud that's coming down from the mountain. -- so quite a lot of mud that's coming down from the mountain. the city of oakland red-tagged three homes because they say with the mudslide and the crumbling road above it is too dangerous to be inside. on banning drive in the oakland hills, two homes are feeling the squeeze from gravity and mother nature. barbara stone's backyard is a slow motion disaster as mud comes down the hillside steadily building up pressure against her home. the mud is now just 6" high but if it keeps coming it's just a matter of time before it collapses the wall. >> as you can see, it's actually pushing the door. but if it keeps going, the pressure is going to break
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through. >> reporter: for diane henderson next door the situation is dire. her home since near the mudslide and now 2 feet of mud are pushing against her sliding glass door and getting inside. >> there's mud in the back bedroom, unlivable. >> reporter: it's coming down from the street that is parallel to and above banning drive. a 20-foot section of the street gave way around 8 p.m. last night taking out asphalt with it. crews have been brainstorming how to fix it all day. i see a lot of engineers here. are you confident they will be able to save your house? >> no. i'm hopeful. >> reporter: this person's home was missed. he can see the damage next door a reminder of how lucky he is for now. >> earthquakes or fire or weather so we have to get used to that. >> reporter: this is the red
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tag right in front of barbara stone's home. the mud at her doorstep. the city of oakland doesn't have a plan on how they are going to clean up the huge mess. east bay m.u.d. says they are working to restore water to two dozen customers in the area. kiet do, kpix 5. powerful winds sent a tree crashing into a house in benicia. causes major damage to the roof and inside a ceiling came down in two rooms. a woman with a head injury is expected to be okay. a second person inside was not hurt. the entire structure is red- tagged. >> an east bay kfc had a tree through the roof on thornton avenue. a similar scene all around town. trees and branches littering streets. some neighborhoods are sheltering in place because of downed power lines. the latest on outages. 16,000 homes in the east bay,
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2,000 in the south bay, 1,000 in the north bay and about 500 on the peninsula. at the many marina bay yacht harbor in richmond, strong winds and heavy rain started yesterday afternoon then by nightfall the weather became dangerous. boaters woke up to find more than 20 damaged boats. a few boats had holes. they were in position for the pacific sail and powerboat show. we are told no one was injured. the boat show will go on. the storm hitting the sierra the biggest april storm in a decade. that means more snow up to 4 feet could hit the sierra this weekend. chains will be required. brian hackney tracking the storm with hi-def doppler. >> you know, we have another round of rain coming in tonight. there's more way and will peak in the bay area around 9:00, 10:00 tonight. for the moment we get to breathe a little on 80 around
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fairfield. so a little splash of showers up there. the drive home. and in the santa cruz mountains, there's also widely scattered showers. but look to the left hand side of your screen. you can see the leading edge of the next batch of moisture. it's not much. heavier stuff is later tonight. more than an inch of rain in san francisco so far, at the airport in hayward in redwood city. and in the north bay look at san rafael almost 3 inches of rain in santa rosa an inch 2/3. there is more on the way, more wind, as well. not as bad as it was last night. so wait until you see the wind gusts peaks that we had last night. we'll cover that and what's happening tonight when we have the forecast in a few minutes. thank you. california's latest drought is now over. governor brown today lifted the drought state of emergency for most parts of the state. but he said californians should continue to conserve water. another big story we're seeing footage of the u.s. cruise missile strike on syria. president trump ordered the
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attack in response to the use of deadly sarin gas on civilians in syria. 72 people died most of them women and children. reporter kenneth craig has been following world reaction from the united nations in new york and is there live. kenneth. >> reporter: liz, this is an emergency meeting here today that was originally intended to be behind closed doors but it was quickly moved into public view where ambassadors from all over the world did not mince their words. >> the united states will not stand by when chemical weapons are used. >> reporter: diplomats rushed to a meeting of the united nations security council to discuss america's missile strikes on syria. allies commended president donald trump for taking action. >> war crimes have consequences. and the greatest war criminal of all bashar al-assad has now been put on notice. >> reporter: u.s. warships launched 59 cruise missiles overnight at the syrian government airfield believed to have launched a deadly chemical
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attack on civilians on tuesday. the pentagon says the strikes refreshed the base unusable and that no -- rendered the base unusable and that no further action is called for unless it happens again. russia supports syria and denounced the u.s. action. >> we describe that attack as a flagrant violation of international law. >> reporter: syria's envoy at the u.n. says the american attack was based on a false assumption and that the syrian army has no chemical weapons. >> would never use such weapons in any of its operations against armed terrorist groups. >> reporter: president trump got support from capitol hill. >> i commend the president for the decision and i think it's entirely correct. >> making sure that assad knows when he commits such despicable atrocities, he will pay a price. it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson heads to moscow next week and russia says it expects him to explain was. 's position. the u.s. ambassador said the
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united states is not planning any more air strikes in syria. but it is prepared to do so if necessary. >> the president stayed quiet today on these missile strikes. >> reporter: he did. last night after the strikes he spoke out and defended them. there was a lot of anticipation today about what he was going to say about these strikes. he did hold a joint news conference with the chinese president down in florida earlier this morning. he didn't bring up syria and he didn't answer any questions from reporters about syria. >> thank you. police have arrested a suspect in today's deadly truck attack in sweden. at least four people were killed and more than two dozen injured when a truck plowed into a crowd and then slammed into a store in a busy shopping area in stockholm. the driver then got away. >> i saw eight people get struck, get dragged over. >> the country's prime minister says all indications point to a terrorist attack. police are not saying whether
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the man they arrested was the driver. they have increased security at other high risk sites. neil gorsuch is getting ready for his swearing-in ceremony monday to become the newest associate justice of the supreme court. today the senate confirmed gorsuch by a vote of 54-45. republicans changed the rules permanently lowering the threshold needed for confirmation. more on president trump's meeting in florida with china's president. secretary of state rex tillerson says both countries have agreed to work together to get north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program. the white house says mr. trump also pressed the chinese leader to level the playing field when it comes to trade. new fallout over pepsi's commercial starring kendall jenner. >> coming up, what has the bay area police department so upset about the ad. >> plus, a new role for this former bay area judge. how she is hitting the national tv scene. >> and more people moving into mountain lion territory.
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for domestic violence. cornerback tramaine brock was new at 5:00, the 49ers have cut a veteran player hours after his arrest for domestic violence. cornerback tremaine brock was arrested last night at a home in santa clara. police say his girlfriend had visible injuries. brock spent the night in jail and posted bail today. brock joined the 49ers in 2010 and he started every game last year. the team released him this afternoon. the man charged with killing a richmond mother in front of her children had his bail set at $3.1 million. the 43-year-old named "lawyer dushan mcbride" was arrested
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wednesday in sacramento the day after his ex-girlfriend wad murdered. rashanda franklin was found shot and killed in her car tuesday and her two young sons were with her. mcbride is due in court monday for his arraignment. the fallout over kendall jenner's pepsi ad just took a turn. san francisco's city attorneys are looking into whether the now canceled commercial crossed a legal line. it all has to do with the uniforms that the officers were wearing in the ad. they were reportedly inspired by sfpd uniforms even though pepsi didn't get permission to use them. tmz reports pictures of the emblem were featured in behind the scenes footage. here's a side-by-side look on the left is the badge officers in the commercial reportedly wore and on the right, an authentic sfpd badge. they look similar. the city attorney's office says, quote, there is nothing san franciscan about pepsi's ham-handed attempt here to fatten its own bottom line. a former bay area superior
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court judge is about to make her debut on reality tv. kpix 5's christin ayers talked to her about the new role and how the program sheds light on the legal process. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: most people know her as one of northern california's first black female judges. but ladoris cordell is many things. ♪[ music ] [ playing piano ] >> reporter: a composer an pianist, a sketch artist and is about to be a reality television star. >> court is now in session. >> you're next. >> objection. >> overruled! >> welcome to the new face of american justice! >> reporter: the show is called you the jury. >> you're used to being in a courtroom. here you are on a stage with a studio audience with lights with these lawyers thundering at each other. what was it like in that atmosphere? >> it was awesome. it's nothing that i have ever experienced. you get to see an entire trial
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and then the viewers looking at it as jurors. so at the end of the trial, it is america whoever is viewing gets to decide the verdict, the plaintiff or defendant. how do you decide in you deal with your own belief system. right? you pull it back together and you make a decision. so it will be interesting to see how america votes and decides these cases. >> reporter: cordell says this is unlike anything you have seen. the attorneys are among the top in the nation. >> judge cordell says this isn't how the legal system really works. but she believes that the show will encourage more civic engagement. an alert for bart riders in oakland this weekend. there is no service between fruitvale and lake merritt. crews are repairing tracks on that stretch on saturday and sunday. that means delays for passengers heading downtown or toward oakland airport, dublin or warm springs. ac transit is providing free bus bridges but trips will take
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an extra 20 minutes or more. more people are moving into mountain lion territory here in northern california. new at 5:00 kpix 5's don ford on a surge in permits to hunt the big cats. >> oh, my god, he's huge! >> reporter: that's a san jose man when he and his wife stumbled upon a mountain lion while hiking in alum rock park. >> look at this guy! [ whispering ] >> we think that the population is pretty stable at about 6,000 animals spread fairly evenly across the state. >> reporter: more and more folks are building in lion country and when man and lion mix, pets and livestock disappear. >> a lion will make a circle and come back in a year and eat a deer and then come back two or three years later and there's a house there. >> reporter: so now the state is issuing more permits to kill mountain lions that have been deemed to be a nuisance at best, or a danger at worst. in 2014, 216 permits were issued, 89 were actually shot.
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in 2015 the last year records were available, 256 permits were issued. 107 problem lions were shot. dan is a lion tracker in the hills above san jose helping uc- santa cruz researchers with tags. they don't want to kill them, they want to replace the batteries in the gps collars so they can continue to track and study them. but the brush is thick. the dogs are on the scent and in the hunt. [ barking ] >> reporter: except this time, the lions got away. >> people rarely see 'em because they're very, very good at staying hidden. >> reporter: and very good at eating deer or any domestic animal that comes their way. even though the number of permit requests is up, the department of fish & wildlife
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says annually there are three times as many lions killed on the highways by cars. don ford, santa cruz, mountains. >> kpix 5. >> if they could train the cats to change their own batteries. >> drop somebody an email. more rain in the bay area but neither the rain nor the wind will be as bad as last night but shower chance extends through midday tomorrow. as we look toward coit tower, you can see that actually a little bit of fog out there as well in the early going. concord 63. santa rosa 57. one of the few places where it's raining now on 80 around fairfield. as well as cordelia and the santa cruz mountains. rain coming on the peninsula. more where that came from as the night goes on. that low pressure is moving inland over vancouver island but there's just these areas of
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moisture on the bottom side of the low that will unwind over the bay area tonight and wind- driven waves as well as the swells from that low pressure is going to produce big breakers at the beach rip current threats, sneaker waves, too. have a care. a beach hazard statement posted through tomorrow and record snow in the mountains about 3 feet of snow above 6,000 feet wind gusts down to 50 miles an hour, that's still plenty. look what's coming by 10:00 tonight. we have a line of showers that will move through the bay area heavy at times especially in the north bay. you won't see the effects in the south bay until we approach 11:00 and midnight and then, another wave comes through saturday morning. so here's how it looks at 8:00 tomorrow. widely scattered showers but then as the day goes on we dry out so that tomorrow afternoon, it does look like the sun comes out and we'll warm up. so more rain and wind tonight. showers early on saturday. and then it will be sunny and warmer beginning sunday and monday.
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so the sun will come out tomorrow and then on sunday. forecast highs will be merely in the mid-60s tomorrow. and in the extended forecast, we'll look for rain moving south tonight. the winds will pick up not as bad as last night. and then lingering showers through midday tomorrow, maybe a little bit after. and then sunday and monday look good. that's the sill have been lining. silver lining. the clouds wednesday and thursday, the clouds will produce rain yet again. sorry about that. allen. >> thank you. hey, from rap to rock to folk music, coming up the acts with bay area ties heading into the rock and roll hall of fame. >> coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, a sinkhole cuts off access to the beach for months! but no one is stepping up to make repairs. how the state is taking action to get something done. >> but first, the markets closed down slightly today. ed on the list of 2017 rock and roll hall of fame inductees.
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the ceremony is tonight in new york. the bay area is certainly well represented on the list of the 2017 rock and roll hall of fame inductees. the ceremony is tonight in new york. ♪[ music ] [ rap ] >> oakland's too tupac shakur will be the solo honor. exhibits will include the reel to reel master recording of dear mama his tribute to his mother. ♪[ music ] don't stop believin .... this was journey's first nomination despite selling 90-million records world- wide. an also among the inductees,
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journey. don't stop believing. this is journey's first nomination despite selling 90 million records worldwide. and legendary folk singer joan bye-bye yesterday is baez is also in the list. 100% beef burgers with fries from denny's.
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":04-31..." thanks for watching at five. the "cbs evening news" is next. scott pelley has a preview. >> hi, allen and liz. up next, hours after the u.s.
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navy bombardment, the trump administration announces more action against syria. neil gorsuch was confirmed today. we are going to have a look at what that will mean to the score. and one man's long journey to help a stranger walk again. when steve hartman goes "on the road." that's coming up on the "cbs evening news." you want to have a quick look at what's happening tonight? yes. >> we have the futurecast to show you where things are right now. light rain in napa. as the night goes on, look what approaches. first the north bay gets hit pretty good brief intense rain expected around 10 p.m. and then as the night wears on it heads south. we'll all get rain tonight and tomorrow morning the next wave coming through. after tomorrow morning, it goes out of here, saturday afternoon, the sun comes out. it should be a beautiful day. but in the meantime, we'll get wet and a little windy again today. >> be prepared. >> thank you. thanks for watching us at 5:00. ahead of at 6:00, the bay area
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road that could be one of the most expensive storm repair projects in the state. >> pelley: missiles with a message. >> the united states will no longer wait for assad to use chemical weapons without any consequences. those days are over. >> we cannot in one breath speak of protecting syrian babies and in the next close america's doors to them. ( applause ) >> pelley: also tonight, the 14-month battle to fill a supreme court vacancy is over. >> confirmed. >> pelley: but the fallout is just beginning. terrorists again turn a speeding truck into a weapon of mass destruction, this time in stockholm. and steve hartman-- eugene yoon sets out to get a paralyzed man to walk.


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