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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  April 9, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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sergio garcia. >> thanks for watching. we will see you back here at the clock. -- asked. we will see you back here at the . --@6. -- 6 . ere. his is the krrkts this is the "cbs weekend news."
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>> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano with a western edition of the broadcasts. we din with the deadly palm sunday bombings in egypt. two churches were hit, more than 40 people are dead, dozens injured. isis has claimed responsibility. the attacks come less than a week after president trump met with egypt's president at the white house. where the two leaders vowed to fight terrorism. today mr. trump condemned the bombings and said he has great confidence in president al-sisi-- terri okita has our report, we warn you, the images are disturbing. >> reporter: video of the men's choir was streaming live on the internet when a bomb exploded at the cop particular church in the town of tanta. rescuers sifted through broken glass and bloody pews which just minutes before had been packed with worshipers celebrating palm sunday. at least 27 were killed and isis
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has claimed responsibility. but it wouldn't be the only isis attack on christians. four hours after the first blast a suicide bomber targeted st. mark's church in the city of alexandria 80 miles away. the head of the cop particular church had presided over palm sunday services there earlier in the day. but left before the explosion. more than a dozen people were killed. angry crowds gathered outside, stepping on bloody palm fronds left in the wake of the violence chanting no more terrorism. in st. peter's square pope francis had the same message, during his palm sunday mass he condemned the attacks. >> may the lord comfort the hearts of-- people who sow terror violence and death. the pope is due to visit egypt in less than three week, egypt christian minority makes up about a tent of the population
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and has repeatedly been targeted by islamic extremists, last december a suicide bomber killed more than 30 christians at a cop particular cathedral in cairo. at the time of that attack isis vowed to escalate violence against christians in egypt. and now elaine, it appears they've done just that. >> quijano: terri okita in london, thank you. the trump administration is vowing to keep up the pressure on syrian dictator bashar al-assad after firing a wave of missiles at a syrian air base thursday night. the u.s. strike were in retaliation for a horrific chemical attack last week that killed nearly 90 people. margaret brennan has more from palm beach florida where the president spent the weekend. >> what was happening task was happening. >> reporter: the trump administration was out in force defengd the strikes and ranting up a confrontation with the russian patrons of syrian dictator assad. national security advisor general hr mcmaster.
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>> i think what we should do is ask russia how could it be if you have advisors at that airfield that you didn't know that the syrian air force was preparing and executing a mass murder attack with chemical weapons. >> reporter: this week in moscow secretary of state rex tillerson is expected to press vladimir putin on how his government failed to prevent the sarin gas attack. >> i don't dah conclusions of complicit at all. but clearly they've been incompetent and perhaps simply outmaneuvered by the syrians. >> reporter: tillerson's message is that moscow must enforce the 2013 deal it brokered to prevent assad from using chemical weapons. yet the kremlin continues to deny that he used any poison gas. u.n. ambassador nikki haley. >> first of all it cracks me up that russia can say those things with a straight face. i mean truly it is amazing that they continue to cover for assad. >> reporter: despite the war crimes allegations, the trump administration is leaving the
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door open to collaborating with russia against isis. and tillerson will reassure moscow that removing assad is not its first priority. >> our priority in syria, john, really hasn't changed. i think the president has been quite clear. first and fore most we must defeat isis. >> reporter: but as ambassador haley explained, moscow must recognize that assad should eventually step down. >> well, the regime change is is something that we think is going to happen because all of the parties are going to see assad is not the leader that needs to take place for syria. >> the white house also denied it is trying to remove kim jungun but a u.s. navy strike group was dispatched to the korean peninsula sunday ahead of a suspected barrage of missile tests. secretary tillerson said kim's patrons in china agree there is little point to negotiations now. >> the president xi clearly understands and i think agrees that the situation has intensified and has reached a certain level of threat, that action has to be taken.
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>> reporter: as president trump upends his america first foreign policy, he's also reshuffling his national security team. removing deputy advisor kt mcfarland from that role. elaine, it's not clear yet who will replace her. >> margaret brennan, thank you. >> after a contentious confirmation process, judge neil gorsuch will be sworn in tomorrow as the 113th justice of the supreme court it is expected justice anthony kennedy will do the honors at a public ceremony tomorrow. gorsuch clerked for kennedy as a young lawyer in the early 1990s. special elections are coming up this tuesday and the following tuesday to replace house members who have joined president trump's cabinet. as demarco morgan reports, the races are getting national attention as a possible preview of next year's mid-term election. >> al jazeera, a media outlet that has been described as a mouth piece for terrorists has been paying jon ossoff thousands of dollars.
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>> in atlanta 30 year old jon ossoff is drying the ire of republicans with negative ads that say he is too inexperienced to replace tom price, now president trump's health and human services secretary. republicans also say much of the record-breaking $8 million ossoff raised came from angry democrats outside his distringt. >> that the average contribution is $42. this is grass roots fundraising. >> democrats are very, very thuk about the political winds right now. >> reporter: cbs news political director steve chiggaris. >> why so much attention on these local race, they are in georgia and kansas. >> if republicans are shown to be weak candidates this early, even if they win, that's going to have an feblg on how republicans who are running for re-election shape their political narrative moving forward. >> i'm ron estes, after eight years of obama, america is weaker and the swamp is deeper than we thought jns i'm james thompson and i'm running for u.s. congress. i'm a fighter and i don't back down. >> reporter: in kansas
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democrats and republicans are in a tight race to replace mike pompeo, mr. trump's cia director. >> it's just plain wrong. >> reporter: republican group there are also funding sharp attack 5ds am with approval ratings at an all-time low for president trump, both democrats and republicans will be paying attention to the outcome of these elections. demarco morgan, cbs news, new york. >> quijano: now an update on the search for a man accused of robbing a wisconsin gun store and sending an antigovernment manifesto to president trump. paula reid has the latest. >> they will never forget this face. >> reporter: on april 4th joseph jakubowski recorded the moment he sent a 161 page manifesto to president trump. in it he expresses grieveances against the government and some antireligious sentiments. >> evolution, time for change. >> reporter: hours after jakubowski mailed his manifesto a large quantity of high end handguns and rifles were stoleen
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from a nearby gun shop. a short time later, jakubowski's car was found on fire. jakubowski is the suspect in the burglary and is now the subject of a massive manhunt. david moore is is chief of the janesville, wisconsin, police department. >> find the suspect, make the arrest, and keep all of our community safe. >> reporter: police say jakubowski had been highly agitated recently regarding a variety of political issues, and allegedly made threats to steal weapons and use them against public officials or at an unspecified school. local and federal law enforcement agencies are working together on the case. >> it's really scary to know that somebody is out there that has a lot of weapons and your kids' potentially could be in danger. >> reporter: elaine, the search continues tonight for jakubowski but police say he is considered armed and dangerous and urge people not to approach him and instead if you see him, to call 911 or con tangt the fbi. >> quijano: paula reid in washington, thank you.
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coming up next, an update on the devastating mud slides that killed more than 300 people in colombia.
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>> quijano: colombian officials on friday officially ended the sercht for survivors from floods and mud slides that swept through the city of mocoa last weekend. at least 314 people were killed including more than 100 children. more than 100 people are still unaccounted for. at least 4500 people were left homeless. manuel bojorquez says deforestation played a role in the disaster. >> reporter: we got a closer look at where the mountains above mocoa gave way unleash ---- unleashing tons of mud and debris downstream. a disaster made worse by deforestation, the trees and roots that would have helped hold back the tor ent have disappeared, cut down for lumber, farming and to make room for coca fields of the drug trade. we're flying through the
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mountains of put mayo which is the most third most deforest-- forested province in oul of colombia. >> a report concluded that deforestation and poor government management puts 500 cities in colombia at risk. in mocoa the funerals continue, in some cases five victims at a time. >> erlinda enrick easy says the government has long ignored the danger. >> the government knew were you nay risk zone. >> s. >> colombia president blamed climate change, not his government. >> but what about deforestation i asked. >> now that the armed conflict has ended, he said, we have a great opportunity to begin reforestation in the thousands of acres that have been clear cut by drug car tells. >> reporter: in neighboring peru stiff fines on illegal logging have led to a drop in acres lost but here in mocoa the damage is done.
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and restoring the forest will take decades. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, mocoa, colombia. >> up next, the so called gangsta gardener of south los angeles fights to save his garden from eviction.
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>> quijano: his grass roots work has inspired green thumbs around the world but now the self-proclaimed gangsta gardener of south los angeles is fietding to save his own urban farm from eviction. mireya villarreal has his story. >> this is south central. liquor stores, fast food, vak and lots. >> reporter: ron finally doesn't sugar coat his inner city upbringing even into the viral ted talk. >> the funny thing is the drive threw is killing more people than the drive-by. >> reporter: and that's what drives finally to change his community. fruits and vegetables line the
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sidewalk of his urban gar den. with us an abandoned community pool, finally is now swimming in pomegranites, oranges, curly kale and even bananas. >> most people expect ugly, dressers and mattresses and chairs on the parkway. but that's why i did this. i want to end that. >> reporter: celery root. >> finally's gangsta gardener persona has inspired similar initiatives through the ron finally project. >> the soil is gangsta, being educated is gangsta, being self-sustaining is gangsta. not this robbing and smoking dope and getting high. >> reporter: you actually have a name for this area. >> i call this the tri feka of death. >> in los angeles-- los angeles south side the obesity rate is 34%, that's more than 150% higher than the county rate. >> why do i have to fight to get healthy. why can't i do this in a 40 ounce or some alcohol going to be in my hand. but i can't get an organic apple.
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i can't get a banana. i can't get some healthy food in my neighborhood. >> finally now has a new fight. real-estate investment firm strategic acquisitions bought this property late last year. unless finally came up with 500,000 to buy it back, he would be evicted. the community rallied creating a go fund me page that caught the attention of natural food giant knell newman, cofounder of new man's own and john foraker president of annies. >> we had to come and sport him and fight no matter what to save it. >> the team created a care 2 petition to bring in more donations. >> it's an teunlt for the natural foods industry to give back, to support those areas that are food deserts that don't have any-- that don't have fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: the go fund me page has now surpassed its original $500,000 goal and finally's legal team is working to close the deal. >> do you think that the owners of this place will honor what they've said? >> let's hope. so they got a lot of money but we've got a lot of people, a lot of souls. i mean it would be beautiful if
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they did the right thing. >> reporter: mir era villarreal, cbs news, los angeles. >> quijano: we'll be right back.
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>> quijano: today about 250 miles above earth american astronaut peggy whitson took over as commander of the international space station. at 57 whitson is the world's oldest and most experienced space disz woman. on april 24th she'll set a new u.s. record for the most accumulated time in space, 535 days. she is not due back on earth until september. whitson was recently featured in a cbs evening news series living stronger which this past week introduced us to 56 year old kristen vines. don dahler shows us why you want want to cross swords with her. >> feel the blade, touch your blade, release and go. >> kristen vines is a no nonsense fencing coach.
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>> trains your self-to be ready. >> reporter: one of the best in the nation. >> good, then i come back, you come forward. >> reporter: she drills her baylor school team in chattanooga, tennessee, on the tactics and techniques that have lead to 17 state titles. >> do you think people without don't fence understand the intricacies. >> absolutely not. >> oh, you're a fencer. yeah, that's-- and they don't get it it. >> reporter: but the 56 year old isn't content to just direct others and stop the sidelines. vines is a four-time u.s.a. fencing champion who still competes. >> in fact, she won the gold at last year's national championship for women age 50 to 59. >> which is better, when you're in the competition or when you see them in the competition. >> i would rather compete than watch them compete. i can't stand to watch them lose. >> at 6 foot 2 vine says she may be a little slower than her opponents, but her secret to living stronger is to outwork them. >> when you began this sport 30 years ago could you ever have
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imagined that you would still be competing by this age? >> no, i figured i would have moved on to something else. >> in and out, yes. >> and if coaching and winning championships are not enough, vines say there is also a correlation between her obscure sport-- and the difficult dead language she teaches, latin. >> it's a life lesson. how do you react to loss. how do you react to failing, do you quit or get up and thrie again. >> and it's the kids who are willing to et go up and try again, where i know i have made a difference. >> one of those she made a difference is junior seth vestal, he says because of her latin class, he took up fencing. >> i it is one of the reasons i do fence, she is the coach. >> reporter: how long are you going to gear up and pick up that foil and go on to the strip and compete. >> until my knees give out, and once my knees give out, hopefully by then they will be able to put new ones in that will still work and i will keep going. >> reporter: which means for years to come, kristen vines
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will continue to be a towering presence on the fencing strip, and in the lives of her students. don dahler, cbs news, chattanooga, tennessee. >> quijano: when we return, seth doane meets a man who can open doors at the vatican.
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qudz we end ton on this palm sunday at the vatican, st home to the pope and the ancient art and architecture. seth doane met up with the man in charge of locking and unlocking hundreds of vatican doors. >> reporter:nessit's one of the busiest tourist sites on earth but at 5 amendment gianni crea has it much to himself. his job here is as an sent as thee tools, is he a claf i believe ro or keyman, he is able for open 3-g00 doors at the vatican museum every morning. there are nearly 2800 keys in
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his charge. he's the first in the famed gallery of maps. >> now it's only for you. >> this is emotional to be in the museum all alone, he said. i'm privileged in this job. the doors he opens reveal master pieces, pinturicchio and rafael. >> this is van gogh, your job what be the envy of any art historian. >> i have the chance to appreciate some of the most important pieces of art in the world, he said. sometimes the doors themselves impress. this is the oldest key crea explained, from the 1700st. key number 401. but most important key though does not have a number, and it's kept inside a sealed envelope. as the lights came on inside the sistine chapel, we saw how for him this is far more than a job.
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it is extraordinary, it's incredible, he marveled, i cannot say anything because this artwork speaks for itself. as the sun rose he let us peek at bramante's spiral stair case, the doors were open and the museum ready. >> does this ever get money dain? >> no. >> absolutely not, he insisted. every day i discover something new here, a work of art, a painting, something. >> the vatican museum sees more than six million visitors a year but no one gets to see it quite as gianni crea does. seth doane, cbs news, vatican city. >> quijano: remarkable. well, that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, "60 minutes." the news continues now on our 24 hour streaming channel cbsn,@cbs i'm elaine quijano in new york. for all of us at cbs news, thank
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this is kpix 5 news. new at six vandals go on the rampage through a set of brand-new high-end homes. good evening. >> the homes they got trashed are located on rose mark coe escort in the [ null ] hill neighborhood. we go there live now. >> reporter: i was able to walk around the property and get a look at the extensive damage and just here in the front you can see the front window is completely smashed. one neighbor told us off-camera this isn't the first time a group of people have destroyed new homes in the area. here is more look at the damage. we saw broken force, a smashed fireplace and paint spilled in
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the garage. a nearby homeowner who tipped us off said a group of people kicked open the door, broke the windows and ransacked the high- end home. it happened around 3 am at rose mark court. according to several real estate sites this is a brand- new subdivision price of two $1.6 million. neighbors did call san jose police but the officers weren't able to arrive in time. by the time they got here the damage was done. we have put in several calls to the department but have yet to hear from them. reporting live. >> also a suspected drunk driver is under arrest accused of causing a violent crash that left another driver dead. the chp says he rear-ended two cars on 280 near mclaughlin early this morning. one slipped in the other burst into flames. the driver in the second car did not make it out. in a facebook post chp said ou


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