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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 13, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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♪[ music ] good morning. it is thursday, april 13th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump flip-flops on russia, china, and nato. a sears of statements in one day, what he said and promised throughout a long campaign. >> we are inside north korea where overnight the country's dictator put on an elaborate display to try to show the world that sanctions aren't working. and ahead of easter sunday we visit a church where the pastor mixes beyonce with the bible to fill the pews. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we're not getting along with russia at all. we may be at an all-time low as it relates to russia.
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it's been building for a long time. >> relations with russia ice over. >> there's a low level between our two countries. the world's two most nuclear powers cannot have this kind of relationship. >> the one thing you can be sure about the russians is they are never up to any good and they're not our friends. the u.s. needs friends and alleys. the united states gets the best allies. >> i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. more geopolitical trust between china and north korea. >> china is north korea's man ally and trump needs china's help to diffuse the situation. bullets fire and a little girl is almost caught in the cross fire. >> we're lucky she didn't get hurt worse.
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comedian charlie murphy died of leukemia. he was best known for his appearances on the dave "chapelle's show." workers got traffic just in the nick of time. >> all that -- >> the cubs are showing off their world series claim. >> i feel like -- >> and all that matters. there's no job that will humble you like the white house press secretary. is there anything else that you've learned so far? >> they prepare as well as possible, you're focused as possible and you see what happens when you're not. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> we have the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you have ever seen and president xi was enjoying it. so what happens is i said we just launched 59 missiles heading to iraq. >> they were heading to syria. >> yes. >> wherever we bombed, the point is this was the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." faille is off so alex wagner is with us. >> good to be here, charlie. president trump is starting new policy positions that reverse some of his most campaign promises. in one day he said the decades-old alliance is no longer obsolete. >> the president spoke to reporters yet by nato's secretary-general. much of the back and forth focused on russia's support for syria. major garrett is at the white house where the change was made very clear. good morning. >> good morning. unlike the secretary of state president trump does not apologize. it is clear mr. trump is reassessing what he can make of the russian relationship. >> i think it's certainly
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possible. i think it's probably unlikely. >> president trump sidestepped when asked if russia knew ahead of time if the syrian air force was going to drop nerve gas on civilians. mr. trump left that thorny question on the doorstep of the pentagon. >> i'd like to think they didn't know. they could have. they were there. we'll find out. >> with disagreements over syria, election hack, violence in ukraine and nato hacking, the white house has almost no common ground. >> right now we're not getting along with russia at all. we may be at an all-time low in terms of a relationship with russia. >> that was not what candidate trump thought was meant to be. >> we're going to have a great relationship with putin and russia. >> donald trump wants to, think of it, befriends with them. i was saying to myself, what's wrong with that. >> with russian relations on the
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rocks, the president has interest in nato's new-found interest to project faith, something he famously doubted. >> here's the problem with nato. >> i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. >> and in an interview with "the wall street journal" he said, quote, they're not manipulation hitters. that promised a rally cry. >> i'm going to instruct my treasury secretary to label china a currency manipulator. >> china is a currency manipulator. >> they're like grand chess masters and we're like checker players but bad ones. >> he says the conspicuous reversal plays into china's pursuant on north's long-range possibilities. it is that foreign policy challenge, not syria, not russia, that is dominating
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deliberations here, at the treasury department and the pentagon. syria's president calls last week chemical weapons attack a 100% fabrication. bashar al assad told a french news agency his army gave up all of its chemical weapons. russia vetoed a resolution yesterday that would have pushed assad to corporate with investigators. assad will he will only allow an impartial investigation. secretary of state rex tillerson left russia yesterday after a two hour meeting with vladimir putin. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. no cameras or press were allowed in, but we are told that secretary tillerson said the path to better we lasrelations the u.s. should start by recognizing that assad must go.
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he argued that moscow should play a lead role in forming a new government to replace him, yet russia rejects the conclusion that bashar al assad carried out last week's sarin gas attack. you said you believed russia was either incompetent or complicit in these chemical weapons attacks. >> we no firm indication to believe there was any russian involvement in this attack. what we do know is that the plan was planned, carried out by the regime forces at the direction of bashar al assad. >> reporter: relations with the u.s. have been on edge because of the u.s. intelligence assessment that russia meddled in the 2016 election to benefit president trump. now, tillerson said the topic came up briefly, but he made clear that sanctions are a possibility if russia does that ever again.
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president trump is reportedly considering new sanctions against korea. north korea released statements showing dictator kim jong-un watching drills. president trump indicated he may confront the north without china's help. >> i said the way to make a good trade deal is help us with north korea. otherwise we'll just go it alone, and that will be all right too. but going it alone means with lots of other nations. >> kim jong-un made a rare appearance last night. north korea called the development more powerful than hundreds of nuclear bombs. he witnessed a high-profile spectacle. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. our north korean guides told us we could meet at 5:00 in the morning. we could not bring our cell phones and we could not say where we were going. by the time we got there, the message was clear.
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on the ride we saw the north koreans preparing for the military parade and we saw people on either side of our bus. thousands of north koreans have flooded the streets for what appears to be some elaborately staged media event and security is quite tight. security was tight because north korean president kim jong-un showed up. the sea of people made it feel like the entire city was there. they at least appeared to be loving the spectacle as their leader cut the ribbon on what is called the street of the rising sun. it's an economic show of force in the capital. last year our cameras captured the unfinished building. it's now a massive building with additional high-rises some up to 70 stores tall. constructed he said in less than a year. the quality and the demand is unknown.
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kim jong-un didn't speak at the event, but he didn't have to. he let the building talking. his message was your sanctions don't work. we will keep building our buildings and our missiles. a new watch dog group suggests the country is preparing to conduct a sixth nuclear test which could coincide with this week's celebration. president trump has sent a navy strike group steaming toward peninsula and warns all options are on the table. >> now president trump and president xi jinping have had one phone call. china appears to be losing its patience. >> ben tracy in north korea. interesting to see that. and, of course, it is one of the biggest concerns certainly for the outgoing a ministration, the obama administration and the trump team is worried about.
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>> everyone is wondering how close are they. >> and everyone will be watching pyongyang this weekend to see what happens. dan senor was an adviser to mitt romney and paul ryan. what does it say about donald trump, that he's changed on these very important issues? >> first of all, there's no real world view when it comes to donald trump's foreign policy. whether it was president bush, president obama, you go back to every single president in the area, you can prescribe some predictability. there's not one here. what it seems the administration does is it looks to problems and says we've got to solve them and there's no real fill ossi. i think why there's a bipartisan consensus in the foreign policy, yo have the republicans celebrating and also democrats
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who served in the obama administration who are praising what he's doing in syria. the reason he has this consensus is he seems to be taking a very hard line which is perplexing for politics, which is what to do about putin in russia and because he's doing that, a lot of folks are saying, you know, we don't care if he's totally upending what he said before or contradicting himself because he's doing the right thing. >> we're talking west wing whiplash on so many issues. janet yellen, now he respects her, wants to keep her. on china, no longer labeling them a currency manipulator, nato, no, they're no longer obsolete. does this suggest that the moderate wing of the white house, they call them globalist gary comb, goldman sachs, is winning out over to populist, steve bannon? >> i think that's part of the story there. the other part of the story is h.r. mcmaster and general
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mattis. both mcmaster and mattis know the syrian conundrum very well. they've both worked in previous stints. they bjork worked on military plans. they had plans on the shelf during the obama administration, so their voice here is very, very important. from what i understand from folks working in the administration right now, president trump is very deferential to their expertise, particularly mattis and mcmaster. again, look at the flip on nato. why nato? nato is a tool. everybody knows putin is terrified of nato. he wants a weak nato. suddenly you view this through the lens of trump wants to take a harder stance toward putin, nato becomes a tool. if he wants to manipulate north korea, it becomes a tool. >> do you think they're in a
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different place than president obama. >> right now. you're hearing noise that putin is wondering whether or not sticking by assad is in his interest if the u.s. is going to take a hard line against putin over that issue. suddenly it becomes a liability. assad during the entire obama years was not a liability for putin. now, suddenly it is. now, if trump is anything, he's unpredictable. who knows if he'll stick with this. right now it's becoming a headache for putin. >> let me ask you about other inrigue inside the white house. the "washington post" reporting on steve bannon, the man not long ago who shadowed the president is struggling to keep his job. according to 21 aides of trump spoke with. >> very thorough reporting. >> very thorough reporting. is there a shakeup coming? >> i don't think so. i think bannon has probably been weakened to some degree.
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from what i'm hearing, there's so much going on right now. we rattled off all the issues. the world is a mess and they realize there's a big vacuum in it. if they don't fill it, other bad actors will. i think last thing the president wants is massive radical personnel changes. i don't see that happening soon. >> but he cannot like the idea that steve bannon had been portrayed as the genius at the white house. >> no. there's lots o reporting that this made him crazy. he's star of the show. >> dan senor, always good to have you here. thank you. former trump campaign manager paul manafort has been talked to. he lobbied in ukraine when the country was led by pro-russian party. the new report shows manafort received at least $1.2 million in cash payments, something he previously denied. the developments come amid
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revelations that the fbi looked into with carter page. nancy cordes is in washington. good morning. >> good morning. they provided enough evidence with a secret monitoring of page starting last july and now page himself is pushing back. >> i have nothing i want to hide. and the more that the truth comes out, the better. >> carter page said he didn't know why fbi investigators would have suspected him of being a foreign agent. >> it's just such a joke it's beyond words. >> but obtaining a fisa warrant to follow a citizen is no joke as james comey explained. >> those applications is as huge as my wrist or thicker. it's a huge pain in neck to get permission. >> the fbi has been aware of page since 2013 when two russian
7:17 am
agents were recorded as trying to pay page, page isn't the only former trump associate fending off questions about russia. former campaign chairman jer paul manafort has repeatedly denied he received cash payments from the ukraine's former backed regime. but the "associated press" reported wednesday it has confirmed two payouts to manafort's consulting firm that matches lines in the ukrainian ledger. the payments total $1.2 million. he said it's totally misleading. >> the government of ukraine said it was a falsified document and the bureau there that is dealing with corruption said they were never investigating. >> early reports about the
7:18 am
so-called black ledger prompted manafort's departure from the trump campaign last august and the white house downplayed his involvement. >> paul manafort who played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time. >> registering would put manafort in compliance with a 1938 law that places americans on the list who are serving in the powers. he would follow in the footsteps of another trump member michael flynn who resigned and then signed on with the foreign ledger due to his work. wisconsin scott walker will not release his schedule to the public while the armed suspect who threatened officials is still on the run. joseph jakubowski mailed a 161-page manifesto to president trump. he stole 18 guns from a local store. 11 hours later he said he wanted
7:19 am
the weapons to protect himself and his family. more than 150 officers are involved in the manhunt. surveillance video showing a terrifying moment when a 4-year-old girl narrowly escaped two bullets. when she sat down, two blasts blasted through on either side of her. it narrowly missed her head. fortunately she was only in injured by flying glass. the gunfight followed a fight next door. ahead, how lawyers for the man dragged off the plane are preparing for a possible lawsuit against the carrier. but first it's 7:19. ,,
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only on "cbs this morning," the reno teenager who was shot by a school police officer after waving knives at fellow students talks about what happened.
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(announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. one of the largest universities cows face bans. they're dealing with rampant alcohol abuse, hazing, and
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sexual assault. tomorrow we look at the wreckage o mineta san jose international airport is cutting the ribbon on its building today.. good morning, it's 7:26. i'm kenny choi. mineta san jose international airport is cutting the ribbon on its new international arrivals building today. it took just under a year to complete the $8.2 million project. construction is set to start on the suicide barrier at the golden gate bridge today. officials are gathering to mark the occasion along with families who have lost loved ones at the bridge. senator dianne feinstein and representative nancy pelosi will attend. stick around; we'll have traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,
7:27 am
good morning. i'm gianna franco in the traffic center. on the maps we have reports of an accident westbound 4 causing slow conditions before railroad avenue. looks like traffic is backed up anyway. let's get a larger view of the
7:28 am
area, 12 miles per hour in some spots. slow-and-go all the way down to 242. then you get a break if you are heading towards the eastshore freeway. golden gate bridge looks better. it's been slick this morning. but right now traffic is moving nicely as you work your way out of marin into san francisco. no delays there. and busy at the richmond/san rafael bridge. stop-and-go near the toll plaza. here's roberta. >> thank you, "lady g." good morning, everybody. taking a look at our live hi- def doppler radar, we have scattered showers from the north bay into the east bay. and also wrapping around towards the santa clara valley. we have sfo reporting 48-minute delays on some arriving flights due to this morning's cloud cover and rain showers. it's cooler this morning than 48 hours ago or even 24 hours ago. 50s across the board. later today, temperatures are cooling to the 50s and low 60s. and then factor in a southwest wind 10 to 20, it adds a chill to the air. showers tapering off this afternoon revealing partly cloudy skies friday, sunshine saturday, more rain easter sunday night. ,,,,,,,,
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secretary urban development, ben carson, he's still going, i guess. he was in miami today visiting an affordable housing place that was developed. unfortunately he immediately became trapped in an elevator when the doors closed sn. i'm still stuck in elevator. is anyone there? help. help. >> then he got out. he handled it well. he said he didn't mind being in tell vater because that's where they play his favorite music.
7:31 am
jimmy kimmel used a mock scene. it did happen but that was a mock portrayal. the president says he wants to put repealing obamacare back at the top of his agenda ahead of tax reform. that's a sharp reversal from just a few weeks ago. >> mr. trump is threatening to withhold insurance sub cities to get them to cooperate. here's look at some other stories making headlines this morning. the "washington post" says the trump administration is organizing a nationwide deportation force. talks have started with local police agencies that could help enforce immigration laws. ways to speed up the hiring of border and custom officers are under consideration. lie detector and fitness tests maybe waved for some applicants. kellyanne conway responding to criticism of her. she took part in a discussion in washington yesterday with usa
7:32 am
columnist michael wolff. >> how personal do you take this? >> how personally to i take what? >> what this -- this coverage of you, democracy dies in darkness because i'm going to tell you when they say democracy dies in darkness, you're the darkness. >> i'm not the darkness. >> no, and i -- >> i'm walking on sunshine. again, it's what i tell small children. just because somebody says something doesn't make it true. >> the phrase "democracy dies in darkness" is the "washington post's" new slogan. a federal investigation found incidents involving a half dozen women between 2010 and 2016 in yellowstone's maintenance division. female employees reported
7:33 am
inappropriate contact and remarks. yellowstone said the problem will be addressed. and the doctor who was ordered dragged off the flights. he was ordered off the aircraft to make room for employees flying to louisville. kris van cleave is in chicago where dao's attorneys will hold a news conference this morning. kris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and we've learned from attorneys that dr. dao's daughter will also but at this meeting. it will be the first time since we've heard from the family of this incident that touched off anger from around the world. >> oh, my god. look at what you're doing for him. >> reporter: lawyers for dr. dao seemed to be making good on a promise he made when hauled off
7:34 am
the plane. in an emergency court filing the they were told to keep the recording and manifesto. all three have been placed administrative lead. dao has hired two lawyers to represent him. despite apologizing and offering refunds to all passengers on flight 3411, united has struggled to put the controversy behind it. this afternoon the airline and airport officials are expected to testify before the chicago city counsel. >> i wouldn't fly united on a bet. >> reporter: jeff fern said last week a united employee threatened him with handcuffs if he didn't give up his seat to a first class flyer and went to economy. my wife joked about it. she said if that had been five more minutes, this would have been you on tv. and i think she's right. this is indicative of a policy
7:35 am
of how they operate. >> united has apologized to that flyer. oscar munoz said no longer will they bring a police officer on a flight for a passenger who is simply being removed. he added sunday was a system failure and they need to do a better job of empowering employees to solve problems. alex? >> this story is far from over. kris, thanks for that. >> i wonder how many people are invol tarly removed from the flight, the numbers for unite and others. >> and how they choose those folksing what the criteria is, and whether this should be policy going forward. for fraternities and sororities may disappear from one of the nation's largest university. penn state's president used an open letter to slam bad behavior and students in the greek. is. he cited alcohol abuse, hazinging and sexual assault. in february timothy piazza died
7:36 am
after fraternity party. michelle miller is on the campus. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is part of fraternity row. that's a frat house now banned by the school and all of this made the front page of a local paper. it with us in the blog post of the university's president and it announced measuring taken to crack down on bad behavior by greek letter organizers have failed. if things don't change, he said, they could disappear from campus. they're a symbol of longstanding tradition. 17% of the university students are members of greek life. the school tightened up its party policy earlier this year by banning kegs and hard liquor at parties. among other things, it also started unannounced compliance checks. in an open letter posted online
7:37 am
monday, penn state president said despite the guidelines, nine of the university's 82 fraternities and sororities broke rules during parents' weekend. there are signs that the bad behavior will not end with the rules. it will just go under ground. >> never in a million years are they going to close those fraternities down. >> kaitlyn flanigan is a contributing editor. >> they almost have no power. they're privately owned organizations. >> according to penn state, greek life community members are four times more likely to be heavy drinkers and sorority women are 50% more likely to be sexually assaulted. in february, sophomore timothy piazza slipped down a flight of stairs while partying at fraternity house. he died two days later. penn state banned the chapter after the incident.
7:38 am
in 2015 the fraternity kappa delta ro. it's not just penn state. connor donnelly, a student at binghamton university in new york died while climbing a balcony during the a frat party in mafrmt in march, a girl was run over and killed after leaving a college party. >> you know where the leadership has to come from? disappointed president barron chose to write it and post it online instead of
7:39 am
talking to the community. >> that would be a big change. that would be precedent-setting. >> yes, it would. it would be a big statement for all colleges across the country. >> all right. for the first time, the nevada teenager shot at school by a police officer is speaking out. how his family says bullying led him to bring knives to school. that story is ahead only on "cbs this morning." and we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcasts. find news of the day in our podcast originals on itunes and apple's ipod app. you're watching "cbs this morning." i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine with botox® botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine,
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the nevada teenager who was shot by a school police officer has spoken publicly for the first time about what happened. cell phone video captured logan clark waving knives atful lowe
7:44 am
students moments before he was struck in the chest. he had a stroke and was left in the hospital with brain issues. mireya villarreal has an interview with him and his family you'll only see on "cbs this morning." >> reporter: talking is tough for logan clark these days but he has no problem remembering the morning of december 7th. cell phone video captured the 14-year-old waving two knives into a crowd of students at a high school in reno. moments later a school district officer fired a single shot. when you went to school that day, did you feel like you had to protect yourself? >> yep. >> reporter: clark's mother and grandmother said he took the weapons to school after repeated bully i bullying. >> when you hear people say bringing a knife to school is
7:45 am
not the answer to bullying, how do you respond to that? >> it's not the answer, but to a 14-year-old, it's not to hurt anybody with the knives but just to get them all of you. >> i'm not sending my son bringing knives to school whatsoever, but what i ask myself is what mareks the school officer think it's okay to shoot my son. >> reporter: the reno police department said clark had been involved in a fight with another student that day and that the school district officer opened fire after the teen acknowledged him and ignored commanding to drop the knife. david houston is the boy's attorney. >> do you believe he heard the officer? >> i do not believe that environment would have allowed logan to hear the police officer. >> reporter: a day after the shooting the superintendent tracy davis praised responding officers for keeping the other students safe. >> had it not been for their quick actions and professionalism, i truly believe that the outcome could have been much worse.
7:46 am
>> why note use a taser? why not shoot him in the foot and having other kids standing around behind logan, could have struck another kid. >> reporter: the name of the officer has not been released and in a statement the school district told "cbs this morning" because the incident in question is still under investigation by an outside police agency, we're unable to provide any information at this time. do you miss school? >> yeah. >> to you miss your friends? >> yeah. >> do you want to go back though? >> no. not there. >> reporter: officials are now conducting two separate investigations to determine whether the shooting was justified and if charged should be brought against the school officer or the student. with that possibility out there, how do you respond to that? >> you know, being shot and almost dying, that would be kind of like punishment enough?
7:47 am
>> reporter: for "cbs this morning" mireya villarreal. >> so tragic. we'll take you back to north korea with another look at the dictator. ben tracy reports. and a wild encounter in florida. how a battle between a horse and starting thursday at koh
7:48 am
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7:52 am
horse went back to grazing at a state park near gainesville. >> that's a brilliant alligator, i've got to say. multiple times by a stallion. >> we're all lucky we didn't see something dying. >> you're welcome, america. no animals died in that segment. ahead, why critics of the ♪ hi, i'm frank. i take movantik for oic, opioid-induced constipation. had a bad back injury, my doctor prescribed opioids which helped with the chronic pain, but backed me up big-time. tried prunes, laxatives, still constipated... had to talk to my doctor. she said, "how long you been holding this in?" (laughs) that was my movantik moment. my doctor told me that movantik is specifically designed for oic and can help you go more often. don't take movantik if you have a bowel blockage
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(vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. bart is working to fill its multi- million dollar cutting costs. good morning. i'm anne makovec. bart is working to fill its multi-million dollar shortfall by cutting costs. among the proposals on the table, starting workweek service an hour later reducing fare discounts and a 50-cent surcharge on paper tickets. the board of directors will discuss it later today. and the last community open house for people to look over california's high-speed rail project is tonight in san mateo. it's all part of the environmental review process. the focus is on the stretch from san jose to san francisco. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,
7:57 am
well, dealing with wet weather this morning so busy roads continue. let's jump over to our maps right now take a look at conditions along highway 4.
7:58 am
westbound they are clearing an accident. it's busy through pittsburg this morning. 11 miles per hour in some spots. in fact, your drive time is 59 minutes. it is just jammed between 160 and 80. that's between antioch and eastshore freeway. highway 24 westbound busy as well heading towards the caldecott tunnel. bay bridge metering lights remain on backed up into the maze. 41 minutes from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze. here's roberta. >> isn't that everywhere you mentioned,gianna, where we have the rain ever the areas of yellow and that's in the santa cruz mountains. we also have light rain showers in the north bay. boy, our camera shots just keep going down! that's our mount vaca cam. just shrouded with rain right now. we do have temperatures in the 50s. later today, high temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. so a much cooler day due to the passage of that cold front. now, we'll have some scattered showers this morning tapering off to partly cloudy skies later today. sunshine through saturday. easter sunday night more rain. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪,,,,,,, good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, april 13th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." our ben tracy is in north korea's capital for a rare look inside that closed off country. the ruling regime held a giant ribbon cutting ceremony overnight to show off pyongyang to reporters. but first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> it is clear president trump is reassessing what he can make of the russian relationship. secretary tillerson said better relations with the u.s. should start by recognizing that assad must go. he let the buildings do the talking and the sanctions don't work. look at the flip on nato.
8:01 am
everybody knows putin is terrified of nato. loosening on china on the currency manipulator issue, if china would be helpful on north korea, becomes a tool. these all become tools. surveillance video in arizona shows the terrifying moments when a 4-year-old girl narrowly escaped two stray bullets. united air lines passenger pulled off a plane is filing a lawsuit. >> the ceo says they need to empower the employees u.s. to common sense. russell westbrook was honored for breaking the record of triple doubles in an nba season. >> i think what he has done has been historic in nature. i have one more thing to say -- mvp! i'm i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell and alex wagner. president trump is changing course on foreign policy and it
8:02 am
sounds very different from what he promised a as a candidate. the president confirms that the american/russian relationship has grown increasingly tense. one of the main issues of the kremlin's -- is kremlin's continuing support of bashar al assad after last week's attack. >> rex tillerson met for two hours with president vladimir putin yesterday. no cameras or press were allowed. tillerson left moscow without an agreement on syria or telling reporters what they discussed. in a news conference with foreign minister lavrov tillerson said that the two countries have a low level of trust, but talks had been productive and they addressed ways to improve the communications. president trump spoke about russia after white house meeting with nato's secretary-general. >> it would be wonderful as we were discussing just a little while ago if nato and our country could get along with russia. right now we're not getting along with russia at all. we may be at an all time low in terms of relationship with
8:03 am
russia. >> the president also shifted his stance on nato saying quote, i said it was obsolete. it's no longer obsolete. during the campaign the president promised to label china a currency manipulator. it was the third action to protect workers promised in the contract with the american voter. but in an interview with "the wall street journal," mr. trump is backing off that threat against china. he said, quote, they're not currency manipulators. back in january, mr. trump did tell "the wall street journal" he would talk to china first before labelling them manipulators. >> last week, mr. trump offered china a bert trade deal if they rein in the nuclear testing by north korea. a message was sent not to conduct any missile test this weekend or face stronger sanctions and president trump is considering additional sanctions. ben tracy is inside north korea this morning.
8:04 am
he was there when dictator kim jong un made a rare public appearance overnight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. with talk of more sanctions on north korea, there was something the government here really wanted us to see. so they told us to meet them at 5:00 in the morning, we could not bring cell phones and they wouldn't tell us where we were going. they told us to the center of pyongyang where tens of thousands of people were assembled and then the leader, kim john unshowed up. he cut the ribber on a huge new cluster of high rises as a way to tout that their economy is strong, despite the sanctions. but poverty here is still pervasive and unclear what demand there is for all of these new housing units. meanwhile, new satellite images examined by a north korea watchdog group suggests that the country will conduct a sixth nuclear test which could be timed to coincide with the celebration of north korean founder kim il-sung.
8:05 am
if north korea does go ahead with the test it can try the relationship with china which appears to be losing its patience with north korea's actions. norah? >> all right. very scary stuff. it's interesting to see ben there. rare reporting to be inside north korea. >> absolutely. at this pivotal time. >> and with this anniversary coming up, i mean, you worry about what they might want to signal. >> what they want to do. especially with the young leader who is keen on proving himself on the world. >> equal of his predecessors. >> exactly. of his stature. more than 150 years after the civil war there's a new push across the south to take down confederate monuments. they say they celebrate slavery and secession. the memorials honor the southern heritage. and some have voted to remove the statues. new orleans is about to do the same. jan crawford has the fight over a monument to a famous general.
8:06 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. so this statue of robert e. lee was put up nearly a hundred years ago but here and other cities across the south, these confederate symbols are at the center of the bitter debate as we move forward as a nation. they're relics of a painful past. memorials to a war. generals whose names are etched in history. stone wall jackson. robert e. lee. >> lee must go! >> reporter: but now new battle grounds from charlottesville to new orleans. confederate monuments have been vandalized and some cities have voted to remove them. all part of a public debate over whether these statues memorialize racism. >> the symbolism matters. >> when you say symbolism matters that's a symbol of what? >> in i my personal opinion,
8:07 am
white supremacy and we didn't have it in the middle of our city. >> reporter: council member wes velamy has led the fight to remove the statue of lee. but others argue that the statue symbolizes something else. >> these war memorials exist for one purpose -- to honor the men who fought. it's not to promote a cause of the war. not to glorify war. it's to honor the men who fought. >> reporter: weber points to a virginia law similar to others across the south that blocks cities and towns from removing war memorials. this statue could never be moved, it has to stay here? >> yes. >> forever? >> yes. >> even though many people find this terribly offensive. >> offensive is the -- is a way to stop a conversation about the meaning of the statue. all right? not a way to start the conversation. >> reporter: university of south carolina professor thomas brown studies confederate symbols. >> there are hundreds of these
8:08 am
across the landscape of the south. the controversies over removal of the monuments are partly over, well, who's going to decide exactly what that public space is going to endorse? >> reporter: for years these fights focussed on the confederate flag which has largely disappeared from public places a reflection of changing attitudes. and a position to change runs deep and can turn personal. >> i have been told i should be taken behind the watershed. >> reporter: in charlottesville, there were crude tweets written about him as a young man, but he feels the fight is justified. >> we have seen there's still a lot of issues in regards to race here in this community and the only way to move forward is to deal with them head on. >> reporter: now, while this legal fight continues, city officials here in charlottesville will review a plan next week with recommendations on where to put this 28 foot statue if it's ever allowed to be moved. a problem that other cities
8:09 am
across the south are likely to have to face. norah? >> jan, thank you. it's an important story. it will spark a lot of debate. >> from the flag to statues. >> changing history. our cash and checks are about to become obsolete? the paypal ceo is in our greenroom with how new financial technology can transform the way we a,,
8:10 am
one of the most talked about concept cars at the new york auto show is designed to make our four legged friends just as happy as human passengers. listen up, charlie here. i know you're a dog owner. we have a friendly jack russell terrier check out this specially equipped nissan outside. it includes a doggie bed, a washing and drying station, a built-in treat dispenser and dog
8:11 am
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paypal is one of the most popular online payment systems in the world. it has nearly 200 million active users who spent $354 billion on the platform in 2016. paypal is in more than 200 markets, but it faces growing competition from other u.s. companies looking to get into the financial technology market like apple and amazon. dan schulman is ceo and president of paypal. dan, good morning. so great to have you here. >> thank you, norah. great to be here. >> is the future going to be for all of us where cash is irrelevant. we pay through paypal or something? >> there's been a lot of predictions about the demise of cash and they've all been wrong. i don't think you're going to see cash disappear, but i do think there are a couple of
8:16 am
mehta trends that are going on right now that certainly auger for the explosion of digital payments of some form. first of all cash is ding advertising, so you're writing less and less checks, you're paying it more and more electronically, and really the number one reason why you're moving toward digital payments is the explosion of the smartphone. so you've got a smartphone everywhere now, and for consumers in many ways, you have all the power of a bank branch in the palm of your hand. and for retailers, everybody is shopping through their mobile phones, so that's redefining the face of retail, and those two trends are going to create an explosion of digital payments. >> what's interesting to me with what's going on is the explosion of mobile phones. >> absolutely.
8:17 am
it's disrupting one industry after another. and i think, charlie, in the next five years, you ear going to see more change in the financial services industry than you've seen in the to enable to what i call democratize financial services. if you think about it in the financial services industry, there's a saying that's very true there which is it's expensive to be poor. >> yeah. >> and many of the things that we take for granted around the table like cashing a check or just paying a bill or sending money to somebody you love is very time-consuming. you can stand in line for 30 minutes, 45 minutes just to cash a check. and then it can cost you anywhere between 2% and 5% of that check just to get cash back in your hands. >> think about all the remittances of people working in
8:18 am
the united states sending money to people elsewhere. >> it's pa of the gdp. very expensive. they take 8% to 9% of the total amount because of all the middle men in that. so i think technology can cut through that completely. that it should make payments faster, more secure, and importantly less expensive because the typical person that's underserved at financial institutions today, and that's 2 billion people in the world, over $70 million many the u.s. they spend 10% of their it is posal income on unnecessary fees and interest. if we can change that. imagine. >> it would be revolutionary. >> it would be revolutionary. >> you mention the word secure. >> yep. >> we talk every day, every week about hacking. how secure is this fraur? >> i think we should all be concerned. it's one of the pressing issues
8:19 am
of our day. think about it. when you're in the elevator, dams that hold our water, power grid, it's all software-based. the key to protection right now is not necessarily just building firewalls which are like these, you know, higher turrets and deep remotes. >> right. >> it's basically using data and information to spot behavior that is abnormal. so even if you sign in to paypal with your username and password, that is only one of many, many a tributes we look at to define whether it's really you. >> you're confident here. >> we're confident but there are bad guys. the key is data. to norah's point, we have $350
8:20 am
billion-plus come through our network, over 6 billion tractions. we look at every piece of that data and look at it and spot behavior. >> that is a lot of toivt be looking at and more in the future. dan schulman. >> thati didn't know extend moe part of paypal. that's awesome. >> it's exploding. >> quickly moving the storm front there. thank you. a baptist preacher in virginia says jesus and jay z are both important. ahead, the church that is attracting old and young with an upbeat message of faith, and we will remember charlie murphy who built a comedy career bind behind his famous brother eddie. his most famt moments on the "chapelle's show." you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:21 am
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goodbye, sugar.
8:24 am
the sculptor of wall street bull is taking a stand. he wants the fearless girl removed. he claims it makes his bronze bull look negative. he said the girl is a promotion for the company who installed it and his lawyer wrote a letter to the mayor. mayor said men who don't like women taking up space are exactly why we need the fearless girl. snap.
8:25 am
>> that's mayor de blasio. drop the mike. a gr warning parents about a data br good morning, it's 8:25. i'm anne makovec. school officials in san jose are warning parents about a data breach. the superintendent says that hangers may have gotten into the campbell unified school district's office. they are trying to see what information might have been compromised. and uber could face a fine totaling more than a million dollars from california regulators. the ridesharing company is accused of failing to investigator suspend drunk drivers. we have your weather and traffic and weather report coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. let's jump over to the roads right now for a first look at conditions on the bay bridge for this half-hour. you can see traffic is actually still backed up with some slick surfaces out there. busy ride off the eastshore freeway. we are seeing a lot of red on our sensors so sluggish carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze. give yourself a half-hour to make the commute. chp clearing an accident south 17 at big moody curve the right lane blocked big delays through there. northbound 17 slow-and-go anyway as you work your way through the santa cruz mountains. also look out for an accident south 101 just before san antonio road. the good news is we're not seeing too many delays along the stretch of 101 as you work your way near palo alto. and 101 out of marin looks good. a little sluggish approaching
8:28 am
the golden gate bridge but no delays across the span into san francisco. here's roberta. >> morning! good morning, everyone! don't leave home without the umbrella. we still have scattered light rain showers all with the passage of that front from the overnight hours. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. you're picking up some rain right there right now in the east bay around the berkeley area and trending towards orinda. meanwhile this is the scene looking out towards the golden gate bridge. wow! spectacular! partly to mostly cloudy skies there right now. temperature-wise 50 in santa rosa to 56 in oakland. the winds have been blowing up to about 12 miles per hour out of the south. will blow southwest 10 to 20 later today. that will add insult to these temperatures that top off in the 50s and low 60s. much cooler today with the passage of that front. dry skies by the sunset tonight into friday and saturday. rain develops by easter sunday night into monday and wednesday. your easter day in the 50s and 60s. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
a fun-loving jack russell is putting to test the new vehicle outside cbs studio. we're going to get look at all the new exciting innovations coming up. i mean look at this. it's a ramp, there's food. what else is in there? you need a juice press or the dog. >> barkley does not need a ramp. >> i know. exactly. spry. >> barkley is very spry, by the way. that's your black lab. for those at home who doesn't know about the black lab. >> there's somebody who doesn't know about barkley?
8:31 am
right now usa reports on a safety alert in washington, d.c. a washington report found the facility often ran out of medical supplies. it had to borrow bone material for knee release. after it was released the administrator was placed on administrative leave. charlie murphy died yet of leukemia. eddie's older brother was best known for his role on the "chapelle's show". and prince and basketball. >> i know they weren't thinking about playing ball in there but they were. you know what we've got to call this? the shirts who get the blouse. >> never judge a book by its cover. he was crossing cat. it wasn't even like it was
8:32 am
close. it was a southlandslide i havetry blouses. >> charlie murphy was just 57. hunger drove an 8-year-old boy the take a spin to mcdonald's. listen to this. an 8-year-old. he went a half mile sunday and pulled into a drive through with his youngers is ter tagging along. witnesses say he obeyed traffic rules and didn't hit anything. the boy told police said he learned the drive on -- wait for it, youtube. wait for it. >> there are worse places to learn to drive. >> i would like to complain we didn't put in the script what he ordered. i'd like to know. >> follow-up for tomorrow's show. the international auto show opens to the public tomorrow. the events is the most attended show in the world. more than a million visitors will see about a thousand cars,
8:33 am
suvsing and trucks. tim stevens is editor of the show road show at our partner cnet and he joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> can we first talk about the car out front with the jack russell terrier who is having the tomb of his life. that's the nissan concept car, the rogue dogue. what's going on there? >> you have something to take care of your kids. now you need something to take care of your pets. nissan created all of this things your dog would ever want. there's a water tank in the back with a wash so you can wab your dog. there's a dryer and volume back there so if it spills its kibble you can pick that up. a little bowl that folds out from the side and a place for your pop bags. >> well. it has everything. is this catering to a certain kind of person? >> those who treat their fur babies well. even the tilted cameras can see
8:34 am
your dog hang out the window. >> i'm interested in speed. >> for cars. >> for cars. >> for cars. >> that's important to clarify these things. >> talk about the dodge challenger. >> you're talking about the demon which is the new appropriately named vehicle. it's evil and awesome. the quickest and fastest production car in a quarter mile ever. it will cover a quarter mile in 9.65 seconds at 140 miles an hour. it is so quick it will lift off the ground when it launches. >> it gets to 60 in 0.23 seconds. >> it is pretty outrageous. it's ridiculously fast. it's production. it can do all of these things. passenger seat is optional. you have to pay an extra dollar. >> what about the suvs? >> all three of our finalists were suvs. it shows there's a lot of
8:35 am
interest. they're kind of bridging the gap between sedans and full-size suvs. >> why is that happening since the industry is focusing on fuel economy? >> it is interesting. they're bigger and taller but getting lighter. aluminum, carbon fiber, that allow these bigger cars to be lighter and they still drive like a smaller car, but you have the perspective that you're sitting up higher. what do you makears down the road. if tesla can pull off a model three, they can really blow up in a big, big way. it doesn't have anywhere near the sales. but these investors are being a little optimistic. >> it's called betting on the come. >> exactly. >> did you wear that suit when you drove the $3 billion
8:36 am
bugatti? >> you do have a new look. >> thank you. >> it's for the auto show. everything is new. >> or you were dressing for us. >> for you, charlie. was lucky to drive a car a month ago which is a $3 million bugatti hypercar, power seven of your actual sedan. >> you'd better wear a suit with that. >> thank you. buying and selling used clothing is one of the biggest online trends. one consignment site called thread up is selling more than 30,000 items of clothing every day. john blackstone shows us how shoppers are getting more for less. >> reporter: in a massiveware house crammed with racks of used clothing, james rhein hart is the king of consignment. what you've got here is a thrift store on steroids. >> basically. you're exactly right. we have tons of items. it's the largest thrift store.
8:37 am
>> his company thread up gets bags of used clothing sent in from people across the country, about 1,000 items in a day. if it's clean and in nearly new condition it's posted online at bargain prices. >> it's 80% off what somebody would pay in the store. it's incredible value. >> if it's 80% less than somebody bought it for, they're not getting much money to sell it. >> ultimately want is o get it out of their home. >> sellers may not make much money, but they do make room in their closets for more. sarajane braer both bice and sells clothes on thread up. >> i've been a bargain shopper all my life. it's the best way to be a bargain shopper and still get stuff that feels fresh and new and modern. >> there's a wide range and the competition has never been
8:38 am
tighter. the realreal targets the high end. >> a piece like this would sell for around $38,000. >> $38,000? >> he lead as team of authenticators at the realreal who makes sure that expensive handbags, watches, and i other items offering on site are indeed real. >> we know this is genuine skin by the follicles and the pores of the markings. >> the realreal receives about 150,000 items each month. julie wainwright is founder and ceo. >> a percentage of our business in fashion apparel is bigger than handbags. and shoes. >> who wants to wear somebody else's shoes. >> are you crazy? these shoes are awesome. >> much of the fashion alk clothing that fills wainwright's warehouse has rarely been worn. people buy something, never wear
8:39 am
it, never take the tags off and then it comes here? >> i love talking to men about fashion. yes, we have a lot of things in our closet that for whatever reason we didn't wear, yes. women do that. and it's just a fact of life. >> and it's a fact of life that even those paying thousands for an authentic swiss watch still like a bargain. and the internet has grown into a bargain hunter's pair a dries. trees jones is national business correspondent for "usa today." >> ebay is definitely the granddaddy of the online consignment shops. i think it made it fashionable and cool to sell your things online and buy things that other people had owned before online. >> resale sites have succeeded partly by borrowing language from car salesmen. nothing in their overflowing warehouse is used. it is all just pre-owned.
8:40 am
for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, brisbane, california. >> grtd story. a virginia pastor is appealing to a new generation of worshippers with the help of hip-hop. ahead, we're at his church to see how messages inspi,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
as holy week nears an end, many people this morning are looking forward to the holiest day on the christian calendar, easter sunday. more than 77% of americans identify as a christian but less than a third practices regularly. jamgs brown is at a baptist church in virginia where pastors and its members defy those odds. j.b., what's happening? >> hello, charlie. good to hear your voice. as you can tell, i'm in the sanctuary of the baptist church in alexandria, virginia. as you mentioned, this 214-year-old church has absolute no problem with its attendance due in large part to the hiring of the young pastor. since then, the congregation has nearly tripled. it's 6:00 on a saturday night and the baptist church is packed. this is one of four services
8:45 am
that the reverend howard john officiates every weekend. he said the church is strong because it understands it's calling. >> we're taught to by traditional baptists with highlight rahcy for those who want to receive an intellectual and spirtdual worship service can do so in a timely manner. >> this congregation has grown to how much? >> around 2,500 and now we're to 8,000 in four years. >> reporter: it's attracting young people while maintaining the older membership. he believes his age, 44, and his lineage as a fourth generation preacher are keys to his effectiveness. >> i'm raised in the era of hip-hop. i respect hip-hop. i know '90s language. within language i can use analogy and metaphors that address all generations. >> in the worlds of my favorite
8:46 am
poet shawn carter, for those over 45, that's jay z, shawn carter arguing that a couple dollars shut up our holler. >> his style and substance has certainly attracted this 15-year-old. >> that's something i really do like and find great about pastor wesley. >> his most well received sermons mix contemporary topics with biblical language. >> in one sense i'm outraged. >> he wore a hoodie when he addressed the trayvon martin shooting. >> when you're hurt and you're scared, it's hard to hear the voice of god.
8:47 am
>> reporter: in 2016 the subject was beyonce's winning album lemonade. >> i didn't come to preach beyonce. i came to preach bible. and you can't get out of the first book of the bible without being introduced to a brother who's got a phd in lemonade. his name is joseph. >> we knew the preaching was good. at that time we didn't know how good his teaching was. >> they led the committee that hired dr. wesley eight years ago. >> and how many applicants did you get? >> we had 108. >> you had 108 applicants. >> yes. >> but hiring pastor wesley wasn't without challenges. at first he turned down the job, but after realizing he made a mistake, he came to alfred street to personally ask the congregation to reconsider him. >> the pulpit committee had given me a list of questions of things that they thought the congregation was going to ask,
8:48 am
and after getting up in humility and saying i made a mistake, none of those questions were asked. not one. i think that that transparency along with that vulnerability is what attracts people to be part of the church. >> whatever you do, i'll still be strong. >> alfred street and pastor wesley have grown together. in 2015 the church toe nated $1 million to the new african-american museum in washington, d.c. in the last two years it's become the church of choice for the former first family on easter. >> what are you preparing for this easter? >> i welcome the president at all times, but i also want to welcome that homeless man off the street who maybe on easter sunday is looking just for a family of faith to put their arms around. >> so, charlie, with all the multiple services that are being
8:49 am
held here, on the drawing board is a new building, which is a welcome relief to dr. wesley. as a matter of fact, he commented to my producer alvin patrick when he said, you're a young man, you can handle it and pastor wesley joked back, hey, i walkts to be an old man. by the way, alex and norah, on the guest preaching list is one with north carolina roots by the name of charlie rose. >> that's a hit maker right there. what a wonderful story. >> a read from the book of lemonade. who knew. >> when we did our show from the national african-american history museum, i had heard about this church that got a million dollars in contribution. it shows how strong that community is. thank you so much for that ,,,,,
8:50 am
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this morning at a homeless encamp good morning, it's 8:55. i'm kenny choi. a fire broke out this morning at a homeless encampment in oakland. it happened about 2 hours ago near 23rd avenue and i-880. it is affecting traffic in that area. gianna will have more on that in just a few minutes. crews say that five tents were destroyed. no people were hurt but a dog died. flames were under control in 15 minutes. bart is going to cut costs. starting weekday service an hour later, reduce fare discounts and a 50-cent surcharge on paper tickets are proposed. the board of directors will discuss the budget later today. and you may soon pay more for water in marin. the water district is proposing a 14% rate increase. they are also considering changing bills to every month
8:56 am
instead of two months. some say it could help them pay off high bills. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:57 am
welcome back. let's go straight to 880 right now and show you a live look northbound past the coliseum. there is a fire. the fire is out but we might be still dealing with smoke there causing limited visibility and a lot of cars to take it slower as you work your way through there plus slick surfaces out there this morning so busy northbound 880, 238 to the maze
8:58 am
that's about a 32 minutes of driving past the coliseum. you can take 580 or 13 but looking at the map here, looks like it's very busy, as well. you're probably not the only one trying to find and alternate. use mass transit. that's probably your best bet out the door instead of taking 880, use bart. roberta? >> thanks, g. morning, everybody. our live hi-def doppler radar still picking up plenty of rain showers around our bay area. this with the passage of the front that's now providing snow again in the greater lake tahoe area with a winter weather advisory in effect there. now, that's a cluster of moderate rainfall from berkeley along 13 past oakland into orinda and towards moraga. beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. we have picked up .2" of rain in san francisco. temperatures are in the 50s right now. climbing to the 60s. hey, the rain will taper off this afternoon. partly cloudy friday, full sunshine saturday, rain by easter sunday night. ,,,,,,
8:59 am
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