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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 17, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the suspect's account is disabled and all videos are removed. facebook said, quote, we disabled the suspect's account within 23 minutes of receiving the first report about the murder video and two hours after receiving a report of any kind but we know we need to do better. the company is gearing up for its largest ever f8 developers conference in san jose where 4,000 people from around the world are expected to attend. they'll likely be talking about how technology like artificial intelligence can be used to help the thousands of screeners around the world detect and block reported content. >> i think we can say without a doubt he's armed. >> reporter: as for the situation in cleveland, police have no idea where the suspect is. so the feds have put up a $50,000 reward for his capture. after interviewing many of the suspect's friends and family, the motive for the shooting is unclear. >> i don't think there's any rhyme or reason for it happening. i don't think there's anything that we can point to specifically to say that this is
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what sparked this. >> they've got artificial intelligence and natural language processing on the agenda. you can bet they'll likely be talking about these events that happened over the weekend at the conference. that starts tomorrow at 10 a.m. >> i understand the long-term solution here is for technology to detect these types of videos but what is facebook doing right now? they're obviously in the hot seat. >> they spent the last 24 hours investigating this. they're reviewing reporting flows to make sure they can get this information about the questionable content in to the hands of decision makers and make sure the videos be taken down quickly. new at 5:00, a scary encounter with a mountain lion. a woman said she woke up and found one in her bedroom, then it snatched her dog. this happened on native suns
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road. the woman had her windows open so her dog could come and go but around 3 a.m. she says her dog started barking. when she got up she said she saw a shadow of a big cat and her 15-pound dog was gone. len ramirez will have the full story at 6:00. a live look outside right now. gray skies over much of the bay area. plus we've had on and off showers today. chief meteorologist paul deanno has been tracking it all on hi-def doppler. >> typically by the time we hit easter, we stop talking about rainfall. welcome to the 2016-17 water year where mother nature doesn't want to quit with the rain. look outside right now. this is your monday evening. the heaviest rain of the entire day which is still just light to moderate rainfall is centered over the busy commute. i'm talking 101, interstate 80, 280, 580 and 880 in the east bay. oakland. san leandro, san francisco, el cerrito getting rain. lighter showers for fairfield, vacaville, american canyon,
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south of vallejo. also concord east on highway 4 to antioch and also martinez. today is the 52nd day of this year with measurable rainfall. normal is 37. so bottom line, we're not only at normal, we've had two extra weeks of rainy days and it's only mid april. and there's more rain in the forecast. we'll talk about when the next storm will arrive in a few minutes. a jogger said she fought off a man who tried to rape her. it happened on the sonoma overlook trail near norrbom road. the suspect knocked her over, punched her several times then tried to rape her. the woman who escaped said the attacker was a white man in his 50s with a white bushy beard. he also appeared to be homeless. the oakland councilwoman who spearheaded the city's soda tax has a new target.
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flavored vaping products with names like cinnamon toast crunch and cotton candy. she says they're getting kids hooked on a bad habit. juliette goodrich is live in oakland with the crackdown that's sparking a lot of backlash. >> there are thousands of vape flavors and we're going to take you inside this 7-eleven here to actually show you the variety of flavored tobacco wrappers. this proposal would ban the sale of these products you see here. vape juice and also two-pack cigars. the reason, according to oakland city council members, is that these products become too attracted to young eyes and they don't want them to get them. >> reporter: papers for tobacco. they come in all flavors sold behind the counter to those 21 and older. >> believe it or not, it's the older people who tend to buy the blueberry and grape. >> reporter: but council members say it's eye candy to
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young people, meant to get them hooked on a bad habit. the city of oakland has taken its first step to ban flavored tobacco products. >> i have a school a little ways away. i have zero problems because i check i.d. >> reporter: there is no ban on the kinds of flavors tobacco companies can infuse in to cigars, smokeless tobacco and vape oil. he's founder of the nonprofit not blowing smoke. >> if you take the flavors out, there's no incentive to keep vaping and it would basically condemn people back to smoking. >> reporter: convenience store owner says this tobacco ban will do more harm than good. >> a black market is going to exist. is that the way we want to go? >> reporter: parents say it comes down to teaching your kids not banning certain products all together. >> depends how you raise your
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kids. >> reporter: the topic even sparked this deal between father and son to not get hooked on tobacco period. they even shook on it. >> these tobacco wrappers, two for 99 cents, are clearly behind the counter and you have to be over 21 to purchase them and they definitely card and they will get cited and their license will be taken away if they sell to a minor. as far as where this goes from here, city council will be reviewing these ordinances. they've not set an official date. we'll keep you posted. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. b.a.r.t. plans to spend big bucks to try to crackdown on fare cheats. $800,000 is being set aside for inspectors to hunt them down and keep them honest. it's part of the plan to deal with the $31 million budget deficit. meantime, b.a.r.t. kicked off construction for the new concord station plaza today. you can expect an upgraded
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parking lot, pedestrian and bike pathways, new benches and landscaping. the plan is to improve customer experience. the project is expected to be completed by summer 2018. sexual assault charges against former 49er ray mcdonald have been dropped after the alleged victim refused to testify. the woman sued mcdonald in civil court and received a settlement of more than $100,000. she told the judge the settlement did not require her to drop the charges. but the case is stressing her out and that she wants to put the 2014 incident behind her. the deputy district attorney issued a statement saying, quote, despite my best efforts to convince the victim to testified, she refused. that's her legal right. regretfully, ray mcdonald will not face a jury for what he did that night. we are disappointed that he will not be held responsible. everyone has been weighing in on the raiders leaving for las vegas. today for the first time since the nfl owners approved that
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move, we're hearing from some of the players. >> my focus is here and now, making sure our fans feel appreciated knowing they are going to get the very best version of me and my teammates every time we step out on the field. >> it feels weird right now but i feel once we get in the stadium and get around the fans, and them knowing that the players, we don't have control of those things. >> there had been some talk among oakland city leaders about booting the raiders out of the coliseum immediately but for now the team is expected to stay till the las vegas stadium is ready for the 2020 season. oakland mayor libby schaaf says she'll run for re-election next year. schaaf says having president trump in office was a major factor in her decision. she said she wants to make sure the government serves all people fairly and promotes all forms of diversity. coming up at 6:00, an exclusive kpix 5 survey usa poll reveals how people in oakland really feel about their mayor and the job she's doing. tensions continue to build
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between the united states and north korea after a failed missile test over the weekend. craig boswell reports the trump administration says it's run out of patience. >> reporter: walking through a crowd of children at the white house easter egg roll, president trump had a two-word message for north korea. >> better behave. >> reporter: vice president mike pence took the warning to the region speaking at the demilitarized zone. >> president trump has made it clear that the patience of the united states and our allies in this region has run out. >> reporter: the u.s. is demanding north korea end its nuclear weapons program and stop launching ballistic missiles. the regime attempted a missile launch sunday but it exploded seconds after lift-off. the white house is working with china with hope north korea will listen to its biggest trading partner. the trump administration has made clear all options are on the table. >> nuclear cable north korea is not in anybody's best interest. i think we're going to continue
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to work with the chinese in particular in this case. >> reporter: north korea insists its weapons program is for self-defense and the deputy u.n. ambassador promised a tough response to u.s. provocation. >> it is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the americans. >> reporter: dictator kim jong un states a massive show of force with the military parade marking the birth of the country's founder. the north korean government says more frequent missile tests are coming. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> president trump's deputy national security advisor would not say if the united states had sabotaged north korea's attempted missile launch this weekend. hundreds of people marched through istanbul, turkey this evening angry about a referendum expanding the president's power. demonstrators held fines saying, quote, it's not over and the struggle will continue. the referendum won by about 2 percentage points but
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international monitors are reporting voting irregularities. a u.s. soldier died when a u.s. helicopter crashed during a training flight in maryland. this happened at the briton bay golf course and country club. one is in critical condition. the other in serious condition. investigators are looking in to what caused that crash. still ahead, casualties of a dui crash. >> couple of miniature horses were killed. the clues that police used to track down the driver. >> plus candid comments from prince harry. what he's revealing about himself in the hopes of helping others. >> and people use it to get rid of wrinkles. now could botox help treat depression? ,,,,
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2 miniature horses, and drove of an oakland man is under arrest, police say in the north bay. they believe he was driving drunk when he hit two miniature horses then drove off. the driver of the car smashed through the fence of a horse corral in penngrove early saturday morning. the horses, scout and big red, were hit and later had to be euthanized. police found pieces of the car in the corral and they matched the car of the man they pulled over for swerving on highway 101 near petaluma. the owners of the horses set up a memorial for the animals. meanwhile police are waiting for the blood test from the driver to come back. he's been booked in to the sonoma county jail. we're getting a new glimpse inside paisley park the day prince was found dead. court documents unsealed today say bottles of opioid pain killers were in various places around the mansion. investigators found a suitcase containing several prescription bottles in the name of kirk
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johnson, prince's long time friend and body guard. in other parts of the house, bottles of vicodin and perk set. prince was found dead a year ago of an accidental overdose. a member of britain's royal family opening up about his mental health. prince harry revealing he was close to a complete breakdown as he struggled to deal with the death of his mother, princess diana, nearly 20 years ago. michelle griego has his story. >> reporter: prince harry was just a boy when the world mourned the loss of his mother, princess diana. he says he suffered in silence for nearly two decades before his brother prince william convinced him to get professional help. >> it was 20 years of not thinking about it. >> reporter: prince harry gave a podcast interview to brian e. gordon of the telecast newspaper. >> all of the sudden this grief i never processed had come to the forefront. there was a lot of stuff i had to deal with. >> reporter: harry admitted he felt on the verge of punching
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someone and took up boxing as an outlet for the aggression he felt. >> i lost my mother at the age of 12 and therefore shutting down all my emotions for the last 20 years has had a quite serious effect on not only my personal life but also my work as well. >> reporter: prince harry now works with a charity that promotes mental health and uses his public persona to carry on many of diana's charities. in an interview with cbs this morning last year, he said he hoped it would make his mother proud. >> i hope she'd be sitting up there having her own little party and looking down thinking what we've achieved, because it's a massive team effort. >> the recent interview was all about erasing the stigma around mental illness. prince harry, prince william and kate will all be cheering on runners at the london marathon next week as part of the campaign. michelle griego, kpix 5. researchers are testing a new treatment for depression. botox.
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the makers of botox just announced the final phase of testing for depression and social anxiety. doctors say previous studies show between 50% to 60% of patients benefit from receiving the facial injections. they say facial expressions are part of the circuit of the brain related to mood. >> fear, anger, and sadness all go through this muscle. very important. so botox basically inhibits the muscle and just calms it down so it becomes more difficult to feel those negative emotions. >> botox got fda approval 15 years ago for cosmetic use. it's also used to treat migraines and excessive sweating and researchers are also testing to see if it can help patients with bipolar disorder. wall street had its best day in more than a month with all three major indices seeing gains today. stocks jumped as interest rates recovered. here's a look at the closing
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numbers. dow up 183. nasdaq up 51. s&p was up 20. netflix's latest earnings report shows a healthy growth in subscribers from january to march. the los gatos based company added nearly 5 million people around the world. it's now just shy of 100 million subscribers total. netflix predicts it will hit that in the next few days. 1st quarter revenue was more than $1.5 billion. aaa is launching a new service called gig here in the bay area. users will be able to reserve a car near them through an app. gig will charge $2.50 a mile, $15 an hour, or $85 a day depending what's cheapest overall. aaa plans to have the service up and running by the end of the month in oakland and berkeley. other bay area headlines. we now know how much it's going to cost to fix the damage from a fire over the weekend in los altos. fire officials say it will be
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about $300,000 to $400,000. two-alarm fire broke out saturday afternoon at a home on casita way near the mountain view border. it destroyed the garage and damaged both floors of the home. luckily no one was hurt. a couple of fremont streets are back open after land slides shut them down. morrison canyon road and mill creek road had both been closed since february. public works crews will keep an eye on the roads moving forward. check out these new images of california's wild flower superbloom. after years of extreme drought, you can see how flowers have transformed the landscapes in to living paintings. you can even see how stark the difference is from space. these are satellite images side by side from december next to images from march. the bureau of land management asking people to share their floral photos with the hashtag #trackthebloom. we have the super bloom,
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many would argue, after a soggy easter and what you have outside today. we also have a super gloom. 52 days with rainfall so far this year. not done yet, but man, do i have a lot of sunshine and near 80-degree temperatures. >> coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, it's the video that stood out when rallies turned violent this weekend in berkeley. the woman punched in the face by a white supremacist tells her side of the story. what she wants people to know. ,,,,,,
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saying rainy days are mondays, it applies for all seven days. it's pretty soggy. i do have a pattern change i'm happy to report about later in the forecast but there it is right now. we've got some rain out there. 101, the san mateo bridge, 280 south through stanford, palo alto, sunnyvale, all the way to san jose.
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we do have showers out there. the most solid of the precipitation waited just for the beginning of the evening commute. we'll see light showers overnight tonight and early tomorrow. really rainfall totals and/or flooding is not an issue but what is is a persistently gloomy and wet pattern in the middle through the end of april. livermore, 61 degrees, tying you with oakland and concord. santa rosa, 58. the as are going to try to get in a game tonight. they couldn't yesterday. drainage not the best at oakland coliseum. let's hope we get a game in tonight against the texas rangers, cloudy with showers likely. 60 degrees first pitch temperature. we stay mild. concord, 53. redwood city, 53. san rafael, 51 degrees. what's going on? the answer is a different form of the same thing that's been going on since january. no blocking ridge. it's down by cabo. it's off the screen. instead the broad area of low pressure and waves of low pressure piling in to northern
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california. it's raining from vancouver, bc down to about santa barbara. it's not just us. it's the entire west coast which has been soggy all winter. 10:00 tonight, scattered showers continue. tomorrow morning a few showers but not as many. look what happens by tomorrow afternoon. some sunshine. early wednesday. we also keep the sunshine. but by wednesday night, one final chance of rain will move through wednesday evening and wednesday night then the pattern flips. we'll get a lot of sunshine for several straight days. showers overnight tonight. dry from lunchtime tomorrow through wednesday evening then that final shower chancing with up wednesday night. highs tomorrow, still below average. fremont, 67. san francisco and san jose. mid to upper 60s. morning showers. wednesday night another round of showers. then look what happens. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and monday we are sunny, we are mild. it's going to be a big pattern change. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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preview. "-facebook killer -vp warns north korea harry -boston mara the cbs evening news is next. >> scott pelley here with a preview. scott. >> hi, ken and veronica. up next, the hunt for the facebook killer expands to several states. the vice president warns north korea not to test america's resolve. prince harry talks about depression after his mother's death. and 50 years later, a trailblazer tackles boston again. all that coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> speaking of the boston
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marathon, kenyans carried the day. american galen rup finished second, 21 seconds back. american desiree linden finished fourth. >> and today the first lady hosted the 139th annual easter egg roll at the white house. after a slow start to planning, about 21,000 people were invited to roll eggs across the south lawn. that's smaller than previous years but the white house said it was by design so all the kids got a chance to participate in all the fun and games. >> do they get the day off school for that? >> 21,000 of their closest friends. like the hats too. >> thanks for watching at 5:00. >> ahead at 6:00, senator feinstein versus president trump. she reveals the new action she's taking to stand up to the president. we'll be back with that story and much, much more in about 30 minutes.
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>> see you then ioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: man hunt for a killer. >> we are not going to leave any stone unturned. >> pelley: a victim apparently chosen at random is murdered. the killer posts video of the crime on facebook. also tonight, on the eve of tax day. >> it is time is the president is never going to release his tax return. >> we'll have to get back to you on that. >> pelley: prince harry reveals decades of mental anguish over his mother's death and how he overcame depression. >> it was 20 years of not thinking about it and then two years of total chaos. >> pelley: and kathrine switzer returns to the boston marathon a half century after she blazed a 26 mile trail for women.


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