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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 18, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> he was also charged with killing a motel 6 guard last week. he yelled "allahu akbar" good is great in arabic. susie steimle, kpix 5. the drifters who killed two people in a drug fueled bay area crime spree learned their fate today. you kpix 5's emily turner reports. >> reporter: it was an emotional day in court to say the least. whether or not this will be bringing closure to the victims' families is yet to be seen. but they are very glad that this part of the healing process is over. >> it's too much to bear.
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>> reporter: steve carter's killers face the harsh words of their family. only lila alligood is here. >> so much guilt and shame. [ crying ] [ inaudible ] >> i'm so sorry ... i'm sorry. >> reporter: she along with sean lampley and lila alley and another man killed two people in the area. >> the crimes were unforgivable. without remorse and fully intentional. >> reporter: morrison lampley will serve 100 years to life without parole. lila alligood will serve 50 but may be eligible for parole after 25 because she was only a teen when she committed the crime. but sean angold believed tonight ringleader of them all
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will serve a minimum of 15 years and could be out earlier on parole thanks to the plea deal he cut with the prosecution to testify against the other two. [ indiscernible ] >> you became cold-blooded murderers so now you have to pay for it. >> reporter: in addition to their prison time, each of these convicted murderers also has to pay $10,000 to each of the victims' families on top of court fees and restitution. >> emily, we had a chance to hear from lila alligood there. she seemed remorseful, crying. did either of the other killers speak in court? >> reporter: they wrote a statement where they apologized. said they were remorseful. they hoped that the families can find peace. but neither read it. in fact, they had their attorneys read it for them while they were sitting in the
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courtroom. >> thank you. just off san pablo bay there's a pit of shifting soil that's causing big problems for pinole residents. here's a look from "sky drone 5". our recent wet weather is only compounding the already bad situation. kpix 5's devin fehely is live at a retirement home on appian way in pinole to show us it's getting bigger. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. now, just over a month ago you can actually get from one side of this retirement community from the other using the road behind me a road that's all but disappeared as the ground under it gave way. >> you could actually stand three people up in the hole. >> reporter: sylvia is watching for weeks as the sinkhole behind her retirement community in pinole got to 50 feet across. >> i'm very concerned about it. and i'm glad that they got to the generator right away because we have been on
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generator the whole time. >> reporter: it's from "skydrone5" we can appreciate the size of the problem and challenge facing the bay park retirement community. a mudslide clawed out a wide section of the road connecting the facility's front and back parking lots taking phone water and power. >> that was the first indication that something was wrong, that the water went off. the electricity went off. >> reporter: a spokesman for bay park says they are working with the city and private contractor to fix it. they say so far, the building is not at risk of collapse. and so residents haven't been evacuated. but as a precaution they have stopped using an exercise room and dining hall closest to the slide. now, a spokesman for the city says they are continuing to monitor the situation. interestingly enough, they say they are relying on the assessment of the private geo engineering firm hired by the property owners. this is private property. so the responsibility for fixing the slide falls to the
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property owners. in pinole, devin fehely, kpix 5. crews are still cleaning up the scene where a big rig flipped over on interstate 80 in fairfield this morning hitting two cars, pinning one underneath. all three of the vehicles ended up in a ditch on the side of the highway. no word yet on what injuries those drivers may have suffered. el cerrito police are on the hunt for this woman. she walked up to the porch and grabbed an amazon package. she climbed into a waiting suv. this happened back on april 1 but police are now asking for the public's help in catching her. people gathered in downtown san francisco this morning to mark the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire. sirens sounded at 5:12 the time the san andreas fault let loose, ground began to shake, 111 years ago. the crowd observed a moment of silence and painted a fire hydrant, the golden fire slugs
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in the mission said to have saved that part of the city after firefighters discovered it still worked after the quake. sweeping new tenant protections could soon be coming to san jose. the city council is expected to vote on two ordinances tonight. one would force landlords to help tenants relocate if they take their property off the rental market. the other would require them to give just cause for evictions, something jason reyes says he did not get. >> landlord gave us a 30-day notice after many years of tenancy just to double the rent and rent it out to someone else. >> so this ordinance will protect them and ensure that the house that they live this is habitable and is safe and that they have a way to complain without feeling that their landlords will seek retaliation. >> kpix 5's maria medina is at that meeting. she will have the latest tonight at 6:00. new bail reform coming to california. the proposed legislation just passed its first committee vote
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today. this bill would eliminate the bail requirements for nonviolent offenders unless a judge determines there's a flight or safety risk. supporters say the current system punishes poor people who can't afford to get out of jail. but critics argue offenders could commit more crimes while out on bail. the bill will now move to the appropriations committee. a full vote is expected in june. president trump focused on jobs today in a push to keep them in the united states. in the meantime, his vice president is overseas focused on the threat of a nuclearized north korea. craig boswell reports from the white house. >> reporter: president trump arrived in wisconsin where both supporters and protestors were on hand. >> the place he chose to speak once had a thriving manufacturing base! right across the street! those jobs have now moved up the road leaving only the hecklers in its place. >> i think kenosha is a good symbol. we no longer make things. at one time we were a factory town. >> reporter: inside this factory the president signed an
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executive order to bolster pressures for american made goods and called for a review of the h-1b visa program for skilled workers. >> that order declares that american projects should be made with american goods. >> reporter: vice president mike pence is also talking about jobs during a trip to japan. but it's the threat coming from north korea that is dominating the talks. >> the vice president emphasized that diplomatic and economic pressure is the best way to neutralize north korea. but he says all options are on the table. >> we will protect the peace and security of this part of the world and achieve our shared goal of a nuclear-free korean peninsula. >> reporter: north korea tested a missile sunday but it blew up on the launch pad. still a top official in pyongyang is promising weekly missile tests. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> all eyes are on a special election going on in georgia. they are trying to fill the congressional seat that tom price left when president trump
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named him health and human services secretary. the democrats are hoping for an upset. historically it's been held by republicans. but the winner must get at least 50% of the vote. and there are 18 candidates vying for the one spot. democrat and documentary filmmaker john [ indiscernible ] is getting the most attention. he bills his campaign as a way to make president trump furious. >> i feel so well supported by thousands of volunteers here in this community. i want to make them proud. >> republicans have attacked him as inexperienced and trump has chimed in through twitter urging georgians to go out and vote. george h.w. bush went to the hospital on friday for complications from pneumonia. doctors are keeping him in as a precaution. the facebook killer found
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dead after a police chase. >> what led officers right to him after a multi-state manhunt. >> and a sierra ski resort celebrating historic winter snow. now saying it may not end the season. >> plus, it's going to be a big draw to the warriors new arena. the event that's coming back to san francisco for the first time in decades. ,,,,
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who killed a grandfather and then posted the video on facebo mmitted ... as autho the search is over for the man who killed a grandfather and posted the video to facebook. police say he committed suicide as authorities closed in on him. don champion with how they track him down. >> reporter: the manhunt for 37- year-old steve stephens ended in erie county, pennsylvania, tuesday morning after pennsylvania state police received a tip saying his car
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was in a mcdonald's parking lot. >> the drive-through employee that was working at the time recognized him or thought, noticed that the car had ohio tags on it. she stepped out and called the state police right away. >> those officers responded. the vehicle fled from that area. there was a short pursuit. >> reporter: during the chase, the troopers rammed stephens' car causing it to spin out of control. >> as the officers approached the vehicle, steve stephens took his own life. >> reporter: stephens had been on the run since he recorded himself killing 74-year-old robert godwin, sr., in cleveland on sunday. godwin a father of 10 was apparently a stranger picked at random. stephens then posted the violent video to facebook, the mother of two of godwin's children saying stephens' death does not give her closure. >> he took the coward's way out. you left my kids without a father. >> reporter: on tuesday facebook's ceo pledged to do more to keep communities safe. >> we have a lot of work and we will keep doing all we can to
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prevent tragedies like this from happening. >> reporter: stephens said on social media that he had gambling debts and trouble with his girlfriend. police say it is not clear if he had any help while he was on the run. officers first searched the area around erie sunday after officials tracked his cell phone there. don champion, cbs news. coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll take a look at how facebook is dealing with the issues of violent videos and how to keep them off people's feeds. another top uber executive is jumping ship as the rideshare giant struggles with a series of recent scandals. today we learned that sharrif [indiscernible name] is leaving after just a year with uber's self-driving division. no reason was given. but google recently sued uber over its self-driving program alleging intellectual property theft. the warriors won't be the only big basketball draw at the new chase center in san francisco. march madness is coming back to the city for the first time
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since the '30s! the 18,000-seat venue in mission bay will host the west regionals of the ncaa men's basketball tournament in 2022. the last time a tournament game was played in the city was in 1939. well, it's a few days later than usual but today is officially tax day. the deadline to file your 2016 state and federal income taxes. a washington, d.c. holiday pushed back the date from its usual april 15th. a look at the closing numbers from wall street now. stocks were down. healthcare companies were the biggest losers. the dow was down 113. nasdaq down 7. s&p down 6. san francisco supervisor malia cohan is going after flavored tobacco with a landmark tobacco control ordinance. [ chanting ] >> excited demonstrators, mayor ed lee and city leaders joined her at city hall as she announced the proposed
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legislation to prohibit retailers from selling any tobacco products with added flavors including menthol here in san francisco. supervisor cohan says big tobacco unfairly targets vulnerable populations. >> big tobacco is a predator and they are guilty of profiling always looking for new customers to backfill the ones that their products have killed. >> if the legislation is approved, enforcement would go into effect in january of 2018. oakland city leaders are on the same path. they have taken the first steps to ban flavored tobacco in "vaping" products. the proposed van is expected to be discussed in the next couple of weeks. airbnb set to face major pushback this year from the hotel industry according to a report obtained by the "new york times" suggesting the american hotel and lodging association will take steps to reduce the number of airbnb hosts in key markets like san francisco, new york, and los
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angeles. it also reveals the aa hl will advertise that staying in an airbnb might be less safe than a traditional hotel. new at 5:00 it's another benefit of our record setting rain, supersized strawberries. kpix 5's len ramirez couldn't wait to sink his teeth into this story. >> reporter: it's the latest roadside attraction. >> look at the size. enormous. >> reporter: extra large and flavorful, the first of the locally grown strawberry crop is starting to appear on bay area market shelves impressing the locals and folks who come from afar. >> here from montpelier, vermont. we never see strawberries like this. >> reporter: a very wet winter is naturally nourishing the strawberry plants and this is the result. >> the strawberries are really big and that's the reflection of the beginning of the season. the plants are exuberant producing large fruit. >> reporter: but carolyn o'donnell of the california
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strawberry commission in watsonville says the weather has also produced challenges for growers. >> strawberries are delicate. so what happens is once they get too much water and they get waterlogged they are not very good for market and the growers will have to strip those off. but the plants are producing throughout the season so another couple of weeks will be another fresh crop. >> reporter: she says the second batch won't be as large but local growers say the second pick is always sweeter. >> they are gorgeous and they are huge. >> reporter: prices are up $5.99 a basket and customers lured by the size and smell say they're worth it. len ramirez, kpix 5. whole foods may be trying to lose its whole paycheck high- priced image. right now the company is divided into 11 regions with each responsible for buying its own niche products. the "wall street journal" reports whole foods may centralize purchasing to lower prices. the catch it could mean a more limited selection of products. and whole foods might be
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getting some competition from ikea. in a recent interview, the furniture company's officials say they are looking for new profit centers. food operations might be an opportunity. ikea's swedish meatballs and other cafe items are a hit with many customers. they say 30% of their shoppers come to the stores just to eat! >> the 3, 2, 1 ... and liftoff! >> that's the big one the atlas five rocked blasted off from cape canaveral, florida today carrying a spacecraft that will deliver cargo to the international space station. 191-foot atlas five blasted right through the sky over the atlantic ocean. the cargo capsule is loaded with more than 7600 pounds of clothes, food and science equipment. squaw valley ski resort looking to host tahoe's longest season last into the beginning of summer maybe beyond.
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nothing has been confirmed yet but with a current depth of nearly 267 inches of snow, yeah, about 22 feet deep right now, the ceo says there's a possibility that the resort could have spring skiing, skiing summer skiing past the 4th of july. paul. >> tell you what they could roll into august with that much snow. we'll look at the sierra snowfall totals. they are crazy. and we're almost there. it's like mile 25 of a marathon! wait until you see what happens after our final rain chance. your forecast is next. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, oakland's mayor gets candid about hour exclusive poll on the biggest issues facing her city. her plan to tackle the soaring homeless problem if she is re- elected. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. just a little bit of sun this afternoon. >> it is nice outside. finally! >> taste of things to come? >> it's a preview. it's going to be warmer and
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sunnier soon. we have been through, what, maybe 50 storms this winter? >> 52 days of rain. >> 53 now. yeah. we had to add one because of this morning. >> who's counting? >> me, my job! [ laughter ] >> temperatures outside are comfortable and one more -- one more and then the pattern changes. concord 69 degrees. a beautiful night. livermore 66. san jose 68. it's not warm out but it's mild. it's comfortable. not much wind in santa rosa. currently 64. oakland 62. we are check the radar. widespread showers overnight when roberta gave you the forecast this morning are gone. no more rainfall until tomorrow night in the north bay. look at these snowfall totals. this is insane! they are talking about skiing all summer at squaw valley. why not? 705 inches of snowfall this winter. and likely at the higher elevations getting more powder coming up tomorrow night and
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thursday morning. 40s tonight fremont for you 48 degrees. vallejo for the kids tomorrow 46. napa 45. from mountain view you will start your day at 49 degrees. satellite and radar review, the front that gave us the rainfall this morning is now in nevada and utah and southern idaho but the parent area of low pressure hasn't moved and wrapping around it is one more front before a ridge of high pressure will dry out for several days. so we get through that one front which will not impact your day tomorrow. tomorrow will be the opposite of today where we start the day with sunshine. we get mild and then we'll see an increase in cloud cover in the afternoon and evening and then we'll season rain moving in beginning at 8:00 in the north bay. futurecast says clear tonight, with the exception of some fog along the coastline. perhaps even spilling into san francisco and san pablo bay. tomorrow afternoon we are still sunny. rain moves into the north bay tomorrow evening. rain quickly sweeps through. wednesday night into thursday morning, really not that much rain. and behind that, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. so wednesday tomorrow morning,
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some fog near the water. otherwise sunny. some north bay showers begin by 8:00 tomorrow evening. and after that, we're finished! highs tomorrow, vallejo 67. san jose 70. pacifica 60 degrees. look what happens once we hit thursday. it's sunshine across the board through the weekend into next week 70s inland, we are changing the weather pattern after one more rain chance. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"hi ke well, the "cbs evening news" is up next. and scott pelley is here with a
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preview. scott. >> reporter: hi, ken and veronica. up next, ivanka trump's ties to china, the president's daughter closed big business deals during president xi's u.s. visit. >> the suspect in the facebook murder has taken his own life. >> why taking antidepressants during pregnancy is safer than previously thought. >> and want ads from a bygone era. all that coming up in a few seconds on the "cbs evening news." well, snapchat is getting users a new option. 3d filters. take a look at that. the app launched new lenses that add things like sparkling rainbows, fields of flowers, and text phrases to your cell phone. the pictures, your videos. they are in addition to the animal ears and flower crowns that people have been using already. i see you using that the flower crown, um, filter ... looks good on ken. >> in your imagination, maybe. >> at 5:00 a heated showdown on
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addiction. more coming up at 6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: dinner and a deal. ivanka trump's company won monopoly rights to sell her products in china the day she dined with the chinese president. also tonight, fresno police say gunman who hated whites shot and killed three today at random. >> these individuals chosen chosen today did not do anything to deserve what they got. no employees at a mcdonald's employees at a mcdonald's lead police to the gunman who posted an easter sunday murder on facebook. a new study looks at whether anti-depressants taken during pregnancy raise the risk of autism. and newly discovered documents tell us how freed slaves struggled to reunite their families.


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