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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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learned from game one on sunday before they hit the court tonight. jackie. >> reporter: hey, kenny. i always show up a little too early for these games? but i have never seen plastic on the court before. this is just something that they have put down to protect it from people like the media from ruining the court before the game. it's all in preparation for game 2 tonight. it will be another sellout game here at oracle arena. you know this place will be roaring off the hook to build off the momentum of sunday's win. the final score of that game was 121-109 over the portland trail blazers but the game was closer than the score made it out to win and the win improved their best at home record to 37- 5. one player to brought it for game one was javale mcgee. he is described as a short burst guy because he plays so hard. >> i feel like that's why i play because i'm that jolt of energy and that's my role.
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in i don't bring it i shouldn't be playing. >> reporter: so we might be getting ahead of ourselves but the warriors organization is really excited about this announcement: they are bringing march madness back to san francisco for the first time since 1939. so on march 24 and 26 in the year 2022, in five years, the men's basketball championship west regional will be played. we'll eagerly await more details for that. so even though this game is, yes, sold out once again like i mentioned, tickets are still available on we'll tell you how much they are going for in our next half- hour. live from oracle arena, jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 6:01. there will be traffic in the area tonight but what about now, gianna? >> things are great now on 880 the nimitz freeway if you ling out nimitz freeway but take bart to the oracle arena and the coliseum today for a's
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games. looks like the rangers and a's at the coliseum 12:35 first pitch. we have reports of an accident in the south bay northbound 101 at alum rock. motorcycle wreck number 3 lane down for the county chp on scene possible injuries. we are seeing speeds dipping down to 18 miles per hour. so backed up probably to the 680 connector very slow-and-go this morning as you work your way through there. another wreck on northbound 101 at bailey. that is over to the shoulder. we have delays anyway out of the south bay as you work your way through morgan hill. looking at 8 minutes from tennant to cochran. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. westbound 580 at 12 an accident. looks like traffic moving okay on this portion of the eastshore freeway. but again you will see a few brake lights through richmond into berkeley and towards the bay bridge. here's roberta. i love your warriors blue, g. looking out towards the transamerica pyramid standing
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853 feet tall. when you can see the top of it, we know our ceiling hasn't lowered. we have a few lower level clouds that drifted in off the coast. otherwise another view this time from sutro tower. can you see the low-level clouds? that's the coastal stratus trying to push into the bay this morning. hey it's about 10 degrees cooler in many locations. we are in the 40s now from santa rosa through san jose, livermore, also in redwood city. 50s around the rim of the bay. this right here is the next and final system that promises to bring us some light rain showers in the overnight hours. so morning sunshine, then increasing clouds this afternoon. very light anemic rainfall in the overnight hours. meanwhile our temperatures where they should be 50s, 60s beaches. mid- and high 60s common around the peninsula. we swing around to the santa clara valley. high 60s and low 70s all the way through newark and union city. east bay numbers 68 concord, clayton and walnut creek, and antioch high 60s. north bay you'll notice the increasing clouds first off. 50s, 60s. south and southwest breeze to 15.
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and we'll have rainfall by let's say 8:00 tonight in the lakeport area. hey, kenny. we are going to track the incoming system together coming up 18 minutes after the hour. in just a few hours we should learn more about climate change in the bay area. city leaders are going to release an air quality report. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san francisco to tell us what's happening today. jessica. >> reporter: well, those bay area leaders have an ambitious plan called "spare the air" cool the climate and supporters say it envisions a post carbon world within the next few decades. again, that's an ambitious plan. they want to reduce air pollution. the bay area air quality management district says it would reduce emissions from 1990 levels by 80% by 2050. this is all coming at a time when federal regulations protecting the environment are being rolled back. the vote also comes just as the american lung association ranks the bay area as one of the worst regions in the country for air pollution.
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so what does this mean? the 22-member board will vote on the plan which has 85 measures including expanding pollution controls for oil refineries, reduce greenhouse gases from dairies and public education programs to reduce pollution from homes, businesses, landfills and cars. they also want to encourage solar panels. this is supposed to be a model for other urban regions. again, they meet and vote today on the plan in san francisco at 10:30 a.m. reporting live i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. now to politics. today president trump will focus on veterans with plans to extend a program that gives them more healthcare choices. this comes after his trip to wisconsin where he said he would soon release details of his plan to overhaul the tax code. >> still working with congress on tax reform and simplification and we're on time if we get that healthcare approval. so press every one of your congressmen. >> many democrats have said that they won't work with the
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president to reform the tax code unless he releases his own tax returns. that includes california representative nancy pelosi. she took to twitter to comment on the issue writing: ia, the race to fill an open congressional seat is heading towards a june runoff. >> in georgia the race to fill an open congressional seat is going to a runoff in june. with the majority of the precincts reporting, democrat jon ossoff officially fell under the 50% threshold required to win the special election out right. that sets the stage for a race against republican karen handel this is conservative district. the seat has been held by republicans since the 70s. president trump says that ossoff would be a disaster for congress so he sent out a series of calls and tweets against the candidate. >> only you can stop this super liberal democrats and in particular, jon ossoff. >> and overnight, the president took credit for the outcome
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tweeting, quote, despite major outside money, fake media support, big r win with runoff in georgia, glad to be of help! ossoff got all his contributions from outside georgia. he reported more individual contributions from the bay area than his entire home state. california is considering another step to protect its interests specifically its cannabis from washington meddling. the proposal which is the first of its kind in the nation would prevent state and local police from helping federal agents crackdown on marijuana activity that the state deemed to be legal. the bill's sponsor said: r jeff sessions' misguided war on marijuana." a wrongful d awsuit alleges that the deaths of a young berkeley couple could have been prevented. a wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the deaths of a young berkeley couple could have been prevented. police found the bodies of
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roger morash and his wife valerie in january. investigators say that they died of carbon monoxide poisoning. roger morash's mother filed a lawsuit against the two landlords. it says that a carbon monoxide detector was installed on the apartment's bottom floor but not on the second floor where the couple was found dead. the source of carbon monoxide has still not been determined. the apartment remains tagged as unsafe. this morning, we're learning that a state contractor fined in the soberanes fire death is facing new felony charges. prosecutors say that the madera county contractor is charged with six felonies due to tax evasion and insurance fraud. these charges are separate from a previous state citation after a bulldozer operator was killed when his vehicle rolled over while constructing fire lines in last year's soberanes fire near big sur. right now, healdsburg police searching for this man.
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luis gonzalez allegedly stabbed a man outside a community center about 4 p.m. yesterday. the 23-year-old victim is expected to be okay. the stabbing was gang-related. call police if you know anything. time now of 09. sweeping new tenant protections will soon be coming to san jose. time now 60:9. next, the late night vote that will lead to some new set of rules. >> and here we go again! it's live, it's hi-def doppler radar. we're tracking yet another but the final weak disturbance heading this way. >> and we are keeping a close eye on the golden gate bridge getting word of problems at the toll plaza for fastrak. we'll have details coming up in minutes. >> plus, making major changes next in our tech report what apple is planning for iphone's 10th anniversary this fall. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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whatever. complete forecast in just a few minutes. there are some big changes-- for renters in s 6:12. good morning. wow, stop what you're doing, take a look at this. it's a beautiful view from sutro tower. we're looking north. you can see the clouds building at the coast the marine layer socking in the beaches at this hour. we had a high temperature yesterday of only 60 in half moon bay to 70 in napa and concord. similar temperatures again today. a partly cloudy start. rain by nightfall. we'll track that incoming system together. there are some big changes for renters in san jose. late last night, city council members passed several policies to protect tenants from evictions. the first change will force landlords to help tenants relocate if they take their property off the market. the second will require them to give just cause for evictions. the new rules will apply to all renters. the city of san jose will
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implement a quiet zone for smart trains. some people in sonoma and marin county complained about the horns. now engineers are restricted from using the horns in petaluma except in emergencies. petaluma does have permission, however, from federal railroad regulators. but smart managers insist that only they have the authority to allow quiet zones. tonight a community meeting in marin county over how vulnerable the region could be with the rise of sea levels. a new report suggests that in 15 years, several parts of the county could have to cope with 10 inches of sea level rise. highway 27 was already closed because of flooding from the winter storms. >> i have been to a couple of meet buildings that and they are talking about the very long future we could see the ferry building flooded out due to the rise. >> they have to shore up the the embarcadero with a higher
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wall. >> over 700 inches of snow that has to melt and go somewhere. >> but it will be a little dry this week? >> after tonight. [ laughter ] >> after tonight. [ laughter ] >> yeah. we're thinking weekend. >> weekend is going to be stellar. >> i can't wait. let's jump to the roads now. i'm going to show you the golden gate bridge. it looks like a little cloudy this morning over there, roberta. but right now traffic is doing okay in this portion. the problem is we are getting word of a software problem three middle toll lanes are closed at the golden gate bridge at the toll plaza so traffic is early. the commute doesn't heat up until after 7:00. if this is the case we might see some delays building here on the golden gate bridge as a result. so again, three middle toll lanes are closed at the golden gate bridge due to software problems at the toll plaza. keep that in mind. all right. elsewhere, we have a couple of hot spots in the south bay. north 101 at oakland road, motorcycle accident injuries reported. left lane is down for the count. you have chp and fire crews on scene and that's causing quite a backup there. six miles per hour your speeds
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as you work your way past the accident. even past that is a little slow. in fact, you're backed up beyond 680 at this point. give yourself some extra time there. you might want to use 280 in the meantime heading into san francisco. checking our drive times right now, the portion from hellyer to san antonio avenue 34 minutes in the area. all right. jumping over to areas of 80 eastshore freeway westbound really slow as you work your way out of vallejo this morning into richmond but that's typical for this time of the morning. busy at the bay bridge. are you busy this morning, roberta? >> i'm very busy. gianna you look so lovely in your warriors blue. >> thank you. >> what do you think about kevin durant? is he going to play. i'm okay if they hold him out. get a couple of days rest but i want a healthy kd for the rest of the play-offs. >> we'll see what happens. matt barnes is questionable, too. hey, good morning, everybody! this this is our live hi-def doppler radar. we are clear skies in santa rosa but we have the fog developing along the immediate seashore. that's because we have rain well to the north of the bay area penetrating the northwestern section of the
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state of california. these clouds are associated with the marine deck building offer the immediate seashore. a better view of this from sutro tower looking out towards -- [ foghorn ] >> gotham city. isn't that dramatic? one more time. [ foghorn ] >> waking up to the foghorn along the immediate seashore this morning, clouds will break up dissipate and then we'll see increasing clouds later on this afternoon. it's 10 degrees cooler in redwood city, also livermore and san jose and santa rosa all checking in, in the 40s. 50s around the rim of the bay. lotus say good morning to bay. winds under 5 miles per hour for the most part. now at 5 in oakland and really rotating around to the west- northwest south-southwest at sfo no reports of any delays there as far as airport is concerned. west-southwest at 10 in the
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fairfield area. these winds will be more consistent out of the south and southwest later this afternoon 5 to 15 miles per hour. three things to remember: a chance of rain next wednesday and thursday, otherwise dry weather through the end of april. this is the very latest area of low pressure. it's weak in its dynamics. it has very little precipitation with it, small amounts of rain. we'll get one more shot of rain showers, pretty much in the overnight hours. here's your wednesday. here today at lunch hour we start to see the clouds thicken and then we see the leading edge of the precipitation in the far sonoma county area. now, watch what happens as it sags south. it falls apart. right? so if we see any kind of rain from this at all, about a trace in the san jose area, about .14" in santa rosa.
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today's temperatures, 50s, 60s across the board, 70 the outside number. look at your thursday. high pressure builds in. friday the best day of the workweek. weekend looks sweet as well partly cloudy by tuesday. enjoy your wednesday. now to our tech report. the iphone will celebrate its tenth birthday this june. the cupertino-based company is reportedly planning a complete revamp of its signature device for those willing to pay more. bloomberg reports that three phones will be launched this fall. two are upgraded models of current phones. the third is supposedly the most expensive best of the best iphone you have ever seen! company is also reportedly testing new camera options. facebook could announce some exciting new features today! the company's annual developer conference is happening in san jose. kicked off yesterday. facebook's ceo zuckerberg revealed the new augmented reality based app. he says that it will be a platform to help users expand and enhance their experience. >> we can just be sitting here
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and we want to play chess, snap here's a chest board and we can play together. you want to watch tv, we can put a digital tv on the wall and instead of being hardware it's a $1 app instead of a $500 piece of equipment. >> zuckerberg also announced new features for its messenger app. there will be a chat extension so that users can add third party apps like spotify in messages. snapchat just launched new 3d filters. the new lenses add things like sparkling rainbows, fields of flowers and text phrases to your cell phone pictures and videos. they are in addition to the animal ears and flower crowns that people already use. by the way, the company is worth about $23 billion. the sharks trailing the series 2 games to one make magic on the ice. we'll have highlights and reaction coming up. ,,
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not only were the sharks looking for a win, they just needed to score a goal. the oilers held the sharks scoreless for 6 periods but, boy, did that change last night. jerry rice never seemed to have a problem on offense with the 49ers. he opened up the dressing room door for the sharks last night. and san jose got on the board quickly! 15 seconds into the game, joe pavelski redirects the shot, 1- 0 sharks on the fastest play- off goal in franchise history. later in the period, sharks on the power play. when logan couture finds the back of the net, his first goal and point in a month. two goals for couture on the night. and it was 5-0 san jose in the second period. leon draisaitl nails chris tierney in a bad area and he is ejected.
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he was assessed a five-minute major and the sharks did not squander the opportunity. pavelski redirects his second of the game. it's 6-0 sharks. they win 7-0 thanks to a franchise play-off record of 4 power play goals. >> a goal 15 seconds into the game. >> it was good. >> i don't think, um, you know, really we'll too much pressure. it was nice to grab the first win. it wasn't a must have but it was a luxury to have i think, yeah. >> 1-0 and 7-0, whatever the case may be it's just another game another win so we have to keep moving forward and it is what it is, just one of those days. and in baseball, the giants and the a's both winners yesterday. at the tank, andrea nakano, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] we're inside oracle arena this morning because tonight is game 2 of the opening play-offs
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for the nba season. we're here to show you what seats are still available and how much it will cost. >> plus, shut down, next the bay area bridge that's in danger of collapse because of storm damage. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's wednesday, april 19th. i m kenny choi, michelle is off this convicted murderer aaron hernandez found dead in his prison cell overnight. what happened. >> plus this. >> i would hate to see another mother another father or family member to have to live with this pain and grief. >> a mother shares her story at the state capital. why she is hoping a bill to deny state funding to sanctuary cities gets passed. >> and cutting off communities. the bay area bridge that's
6:30 am
closed because of storm damage. good morning. it's wednesday, april 19. i'm kenny choi. we start with climate change in the bay area. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san francisco to tell us what city leaders are discussing today. jessica. >> reporter: well, kenny, the plan could be a model for other urban regions. it's called "spare the air, cool the climate" and, of course, it tackles climate change. the 22-member bay area quality management board will vote on the plan which has 85 measures including expanding pollution controls for oil refineries, reduce greenhouse gases from dairies, public education programs to reduce pollution from homes, businesses, landfills and cars. and they also want to encourage solar panels. the plan speaks to drastic cloudy reducing air pollution. the bay area air quality management district says the plan would reduce those emissions from 1990 levels by 80% by 2050. and, of course, this is all
6:31 am
coming at a time when federal regulations protecting the environment are being rolled back. the vote also comes just as the american lung association ranks the bay area as one of the most polluted regions in the country. and, of course, not everyone is thrilled about it. oil refineries have already sued the air district over greenhouse gas restrictions. and supporters of the plan say that this is supposed to be a goal for post-carbon world. so an ambitious plan. the board meets today in san francisco to vote at 10:30 a.m. jessica flores, kpix 5. san francisco's mayor has just announced the city surpassed its goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. they want to lower the emissions from 75% from 1990. mayor ed lee said they were reduced 28% and that milestone was reached two years earlier than the target date. right now a bridge in moraga is off limits to drivers
6:32 am
after a landslide inched too close to the structure. with the closure of canyon road bridge, hundreds of drivers face a longer commute. engineers believe that the landslide got worse after 40 inches of rain hit moraga during winter storms. now some of the city's police departments want apps like "waze" to steer drivers away from the bridge. >> we would like some of these services to change the routes they are putting out so we can stop the vehicles before they get there. >> even with federal money for the repair work ahead, moraga's town manager says the hillside needs to stabilize first. we need some sunshine, i think we're going to get it. >> are you ready to work with me here? >> let's do it. >> here comes the sun ... ♪[ music ] >> do, do, do. >> it's odd sitting this close to you.
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i like it. >> why? too close for comfort? >> lean in. >> i think i'm beginning to blush. all right, everybody. we want some sunshine. let's get to it. live weather camera along the embarcadero kind of some sunshine there, a little hint of some fog, as well. that's been rolling in off the coast. we'll call it partly cloudy for openers. another view of the transamerica pyramid with cloudy conditions but there's your sun. "kenny choi to the world"! here comes the sun. we do have lots of sunshine inland. we'll be noticing increasing clouds today. temperatures inland away from the bay into the 40s. 50s bayside and also around the coast. area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area increasing our cloud cover during the afternoon hours. right now we are looking at that coastal stratus. light showers overnight, very light. 60s in the area.
6:34 am
cloverdale will see the rain first. here's gianna in her warrior blue. >> looking forward to the play- off game tonight. go, warriors! on the roads, let's look at the golden gate bridge a snag here this morning due to software issues. three middle toll lanes are closed at the golden gate bridge right at the toll plaza. so plan for that. right now traffic moving at okay speeds on that southbound side as you head into san francisco. but that could change. so be advised. southbound 880 at "a" street this accident cleared out of lanes over to the right shoulder. busy anyway southbound 238 down to 84. that will take about 16 minutes this morning. on the flip side north 880 looking good into oakland. you will see some delays at the maze into san francisco. westbound 580 altamont pass to 680 stalled vehicle north flynn cleared but the damage is done with delays coming out of the altamont pass westbound as you work your way towards the dublin interchange. looks better though at the 680 connector. we'll check the south bay
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coming up. we are following some developing news in massachusetts. former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez reportedly committed suicide in his jail cell overnight. prison officials say that they found him hanging from his bedsheet. just days ago, he was acquitted of double murder, two men in boston in 2012. >> aaron is a beautiful young man. the actual perpetrator of the crime was given community by the commonwealth of massachusetts. >> hernandez was serving a life sentence for the murder of odin lloyd back in 2013. a spokesman for the patriots said that the team is aware of the reports but is not expected to comment. police in fresno say that a man shot and killed three white men within moments of each other because he hates white people. the city's police chief says that the suspect 39-year-old kori ali muhammed yelled "allahu akbar" as he was arrested. it's a hate crime not
6:36 am
terrorism. >> based on the information that we have been provided and our investigation has shown, is that this is solely based on race. >> police were already searching for muhammed in connection with the shooting death of a motel security guard last week. san francisco police believe that they have arrested the driver who hit an 86-year- old woman and fled. john weeper of roaner park surrendered to officers on monday. he has been booked on felony hit-and-run and reckless driving charges. he crashed into her at 3 p.m. on march 29. at the time, she was crossing columbus between union and filbert streets. the victim is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries. protestors going against the state sanctuary city's bill gathered outside the state capital yesterday to push for new legislation that would defund california's sanctuary cities. one of the measures would force state and local law enforcement agencies to work with federal
6:37 am
authorities like i.c.e. >> what we're talking with here is people who are not in the state legally and committing crimes, serious crimes. >> the bill did not pass the committee vote yesterday. currently illegal immigrants are protected under the state sanctuary bill. happening today, the supreme court justices are expected to hear a missouri case about the separation of church and state. the outcome could make it easier to use state money to pay for private religious schooling in many states. the hearing comes during justice neil gorsuch's first week on the bench. and today the senate education committee will hear new legislation to allow for free speech on college campuses. it's called the campus free expression act. the bill would allow for the freedom of speech to be conducted anywhere on state campuses as long as the conduct is lawful and not disruptive. tonight, you will see plenty of people supporting blue and yellow as the warriors hit the court for game 2 of the
6:38 am
nba play-offs. kpix 5's jackie ward is live inside oracle arena on the costly tickets and the key takeaways from game one. >> reporter: kenny, i'm not even making anyone mad right now for stealing their seat because this seat is still for sale. this and the one next to me. to be honest, i think it's kind of a bargain for a play-off ticket? it's still pretty costly though. this seat i'm this is $2,781.85. so a lot of "dub nation" obviously wishing they had that kind of cash to be up close to the game 2 action. the warriors sellout streak now stands at 231 consecutive games at oracle arena. but you don't have to pay thousands to be here. we found tickets online at for $127 each. not too bad. so splash brother klay thompson had this to say about the series against the trail blazers. >> it was a tight game or not they will remember at the end of the game we got the w and i'm happy we got the w but
6:39 am
still good to blow them out. you don't get to relax. we respect them and have to come out playing hard on wednesday. >> reporter: a couple of players' health is up in the air as of this morning. kd is still listed as questionable for tonight's game because of a strained calf. so that would mean matt barnes, who is also questionable, would most likely get more minutes as would rookie patrick mccaw. and we could also use iguodala to step up, as well. you know, it's a team effort here. any little bit helps. so if you are coming to the game or if you are not, if you just want to interact more with the warriors organization, go ahead and like their facebook page. because then that will give you access to their new facebook messenger bo it. so you can actually just directly ask the warriors any kind of question you want. make it more of an interactive experience. live from oracle arena, jackie ward, kpix 5. jackie looking relaxed like the warriors! all right! time now 6:39. making repairs how long it could take crews to fix one of the busiest roads leading to
6:40 am
yosemite national park. >> plus, price cuts. why tesla's model s is now much cheaper to buy. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. the dow not much of a change. it's up 8 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,, ,, whoa!
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york. good morning. welcome back. now for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning," gayle king joins us from new york. good morning. >> reporter: we are here. hello. good to see you. we're following breaking news. former football star aaron hernandez was found dead this morning in his prison cell. it's suicide. plus, [ indiscernible ] is getting ready to cut ties with
6:44 am
bill o'reilly, fox news. and an asteroid close to earth this morning. why one person says more needs to protect us from future asteroids. see you at 7:00. i have a feeling, we are going to be okay. >> yeah. me, too. >> see you at 7:00 on "cbs this morning." if you are thinking of buying the entry level tesla model s we have good news for you. not only is it cheaper, it comes with free extras. the changes include a new battery, and new all-wheel drive. the new price tag, $69,500. $5,000 cheaper than before. the modal comes standard with an automatic trunk and glass roof. google is giving us new views of the world. the company released a new web, and mobile version of its google earth software. some of it includes a 3d interactive guided tour.
6:45 am
petsmart makes an independent acquisition. we have details from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: petsmart is buying a company for billions. this would be the biggest acquisition of an e-commerce company by a brick and mortar chain topping walmart's purchase of it's. chui is 5 years old but has millions in online sales. brick and mortar chains have been struggling for the past few years and it's really picked up the pace over the past year. a lot of big chains cutting back on their foot prison. petsmart added stores over the past year saying that buying this company is part of change going forward. yahoo will soon be part of verizon. that closing of that deal expected in june. it's still got one last earnings report. it did well. yahoo topped expectations beating profit and revenue,
6:46 am
revenue up more than 20% to $1.3 billion. a strong gain in social, video and mobile advertising. yahoo when it does join verizon will be combined with aol into a new brand called oath. stock market tried to come back from solid losses yesterday. let's check it. the dow started off positive. now it's down by 20. nasdaq up 25. s&p up 5. back to you. >> thank you. muni is planning on spending $244 million to replace some of the worst buses in the fleet. according to examiner, the board voted in favor of replacing 185 of the so-called trolley buses by 2019. muni says that those buses make up a small portion of the fleet but are responsible for about 40% of delays related to mechanical problems. time now 6:46. let's see how the roads are looking this morning with gianna. >> reporter: thank you. it's busy this morning.
6:47 am
we are getting first reports of a trouble spot per chp. 101 at lombard near octavia in san francisco lanes blocked. south bay north 101 oakland road motorcycle accident clearing. everything on the shoulder. it did a number on the freeways. delays beyond capitol expressway now at this point so slow-and-go conditions as you work your way through there as a result. so give yourself some extra time. use 280 as an alternate. that is your best bet to get out of san jose this morning. 280 not too bad. you will see delays through downtown san jose. 85 slow northbound as well and guadalupe parkway also. bay bridge metering lights are on delays almost to the maze at this point. so a few extra minutes needed some sluggish conditions coming off the eastshore freeway. give yourself some extra time, 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. across the upper deck into san francisco things looking okay past fremont. south 880 at "a" street this wreck also now over to the right shoulder.
6:48 am
but it is a slow ride on the nimitz freeway from 238 down to 84. so if you are heading to the san mateo bridge, you're going to see brake lights on the bridge, as well. look at this. westbound stacked up as you work your way out of hayward towards foster city. you will see delays there. looks like 21 minutes is your drive time. once you get to 101 connecting to the peninsula area on 101, you'll see delays northbound through there. another view of the nimitz. this is near oakland this time. northbound heading towards the maze, traffic still doing okay. you're in the green so 10 minutes, 238 to the maze. so not too bad in that area. of course that will change later on. as we have the a's and rangers at 12:35. then at oracle playing portland. use bart the best bet. golden gate bridge so far traffic okay. we have some issues though at the toll plaza. software problems for fastrak, so you will see three toll lanes closed. that will definitely slow you down as the morning commute heats up but it looks like a nice shot. roberta, a little cloudy maybe? >> it does. hey, see you at the warriors
6:49 am
game tonight. >> absolutely. >> it's a date. >> hi, everybody! this is it. it's our live hi-def doppler radar located at mount vaca. we are looking for rain. not seeing any. you have to go upstream where we have line in the northwestern section of the state of california. -- we have rain in the northwestern section of the state of california. this is beautiful. loving this our live weather camera looking out past pier 9 where the flag is flat. no breeze to speak of. you can see the port of oakland. you can see the sun trying to make an appearance under a mostly cloudy sky. those are clouds all associated with the coastal fog. now, this is another beautiful view of sunrise over mount vaca with a mid-level clouds floating through and that cloud is all breaking off from that area of low pressure to the north of us. clouds thickening in the afternoon. winds are under 10 right now for the most part across the rim of the bay. these winds will rotate around later today out of the south
6:50 am
and southwest and increase 5 to 15 miles per hour. slight chance of rain next wednesday, thursday. that's it. then done until the end of the month. this is the approaching area of low pressure. it's falling apart at the seams. watch what happens here. we just had this one last chance of minimal precipitation overnight. futurecast, early afternoon hours, increasing clouds from the north bay sweeping across to the south. here's that leading edge. 8, 9:00 in the far sonoma county area. then watch ... what happens as it sags to the south. it falls apart. so that's going to leave us with very little rainfall totals. anywhere from maybe a trace in the san jose area, .05" in napa. we are talking .14" in santa rosa. maybe .01" in the redwood city
6:51 am
area. basically enough to just wet the pavement, that's it. so today's high temperatures pretty much where they should for this time of the year. 50s, 60s. climbing to about 70 degrees inland. increasing clouds today rain overnight. thursday starts off cloudy and ends up with high pressure building in. nothing but the abundance of sunshine. check out your friday. when is the last time we have had 79, 80 degrees away from the bay? a good-looking weekend turning partly cloudy by tuesday. we have daytime baseball in the sun. oakland a's playing host to the texas rangers. we have hahn on the mound for the good guys. and we have, um, martin perez on the mound for the bad guys! game time temperature at 63 degrees. if you are going to the game, enjoy it. and get a hot dog for kenny. he likes 'em. >> i do. go a's! crews continue to work on one of the busiest roads to yosemite national park. a mudslide forced the closure of big oak flat road back in
6:52 am
february. the road connects highway 120 to the yosemite valley. engineers say that the slope has been stabilized and soil and rock are being used to rebuild the roadbed. as of today, it's at 26 feet which is about halfway to the surface of the road. but there's still no word on when it will re-open. an independent expert is now looking into the oroville dam since state officials will not release the officials records. jerry brown has blocked public review of the records. the center for catastrophic risk management at uc-berkeley, a man claims there were design and construction flaws dating back to the spillway's construction in the '60s. he says that some of the main factors were thin concrete and incompetent rock and soil. crews are still working to repair the spillway. we're inside oracle arena this morning because we are just hours away from game 2 of the warriors hosting the trail blazers for the opening round
6:53 am
of the nba play-offs. we'll tell you the cost of tickets. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
♪ i'm jackie ward live inside oracle arena this morning hours before game 2 of the opening round of the nba play-offs where the warriors will host the trail blazers. the warriors lead the series 1- 0. game time is 7:30 tonight. and it will be yet another sellout game here at oracle as "dub nation" fans will try to keep the momentum of sunday's win going. the final score of game one was 121-109. warriors over the portland trail blazers but it felt closer than the final score indicated. the win improved the "dubs" nba best at home record to 37 and 5. looking ahead to 2022, the warriors organization is excited to announce the return of the ncaa tournament to san francisco. it will be the first time since
6:57 am
1939. so stay tuned for details about the men's basketball championship west regional that will be played in 2022 at the chase center. but for now, of course, the focus is all about keeping that momentum going on the road to redemption for game 2 tonight. tip-off is at 7:30. live at oracle arena, jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 6:57. time for your "final 5. today president trump will focus on veterans with plans to extend a program that gives them more healthcare choices. this comes after his trip to wisconsin where he said he would soon release details of his plan to overhaul the tax code. in georgia, the race to fill an open congressional seat heads towards a june runoff with 48% of the vote democrat jon ossoff officially fell under the 50% threshold required to win the special election. today the supreme court justices are expected to hear a missouri case about the separation of church and state.
6:58 am
it could make it easier to use state money to pay for private religious schooling in many states. and overnight, former patriots tight end star aaron hernandez was found dead in his massachusetts prison cell. he hanged himself with a bedsheet. the 27-year-old was serving a life sentence for killing his friend back in 2013. and police in fresno say the man shot and killed three white men within moments of each other because he hated white people. the suspect 39-year-old kori ali muhammed also yelled "allahu akbar" god is great in arabic as he was arrested. north 101 we have lanes blocked two to three lanes. backed up to 80/101 connector. slow out of the south bay this morning. northbound 101 from hellyer to san antonio avenue 51 minutes. that's due to an earlier accident at oakland. so keep that in mind. also, getting reports of a new wreck south 680 just north of
6:59 am
berryessa blocking lanes. >> yeah. take a look at this right here. we see stratus in the form of fog lining south san francisco as we take a bird's-eye view out of sfo. it's colder out the door this morning. check out the numbers in the 40s to the 50s around the rim of the bay. three things knew he had to remember today. first off we have some sunshine increasing clouds during the daylight showers and i do mean light in the overnight hours. 50s, 60s today as highs 70 inland. southwest wind at 15. the light showers will taper off well before the morning commute on thursday. then we have ourselves a dry and warmer weather pattern from thursday through tuesday. >> i'm looking at the logos of sun. just trying to think, what should i do outside? so many days ahead that are going to be sunny. >> you can suffer and cycling. you do it all. >> take the dog for a walk. all kinds of stuff. >> hope you enjoy the weather.
7:00 am
thanks for watching. ♪[ music ] ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, april 19th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. former nfl star aaron hernandez is found dead inside his prison cell. he committed suicide while serving time for murder. president trump claims victory in a georgia house race seen as a referendum on his presidency. and new information reveals china gave ivanka trump's company a boost while its president visited mar-a-lago. and fox news is reportedly ready to cut ties with bill o'reilly over sexual harassment allegations. his future could hang on a disagreement inside rupert murdoch's family. but we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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