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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 19, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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smear campaign and denies wrongdoing. 50 advertiser pulled out and protests outsides fox headquarters grew. >> fire bill o'reilly! >> reporter: last year, fox newschannel promised a zero tolerance policy after chairman roger ailes resigned over similar allegations. he has been with them for 21 years he announced on air he was taking a planned vacation. fox subbed in replacement hosts and ratings slipped. >> he has a big voice in the culture and certainly on that network and it's not going to be easy to fill the shoes. >> reporter: o'reilly has issued a statement saying, quote, it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. he goes on to say, i will look back on my time at fox with great pride and the unprecedented success we achieved and with deepest gratitude to all my dedicated viewers. >> 21st century fox says it's confident the network will
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continue to be a powerhouse in cable news. the o'reilly factor averaged nearly 4 million viewers in the 1st quarter of 2017 alone. so -- >> big shoes to fill. for sure. >> absolutely. >> thank you. uc-berkeley has canceled conservative political commentator ann coulter's appearance next week concerned about safety after violent protests recently. but coulter says she will still speak. kpix 5's susie steimle has the story coming up at 6:00. a commute alert to tell you about this evening. these are live pictures of the walnut creek bart station where service is stopped for three hours this afternoon. the station is closed but trains are running through. buses are being offered between
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pleasant hill and lafayette. cracking down on those who misuse disabled placards. kpix 5's keit do reports. >> reporter: cops are about to get an earful. we followed along with undercover officers. it didn't take long at san jose state. mike was caught using his dad's permit to go to class. he will be charged with improper use a misdemeanor that carries a fine of $250 to $1,000. at least mike owned up to it. >> i didn't know that my dad had to be present at the time. it was a first. >> reporter: are you sorry? >> i am. i am sorry. >> they're not bad people. they just made a mistake. used someone else's property to get a benefit. >> reporter: this week the state released an audit criticizing not canceling the
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permits of the dead. >> we do these all the time. my district office does them frequently throughout the year. we issue these placards so it's our responsibility to ensure the spaces are open for people who need them. >> reporter: it varies by region but here in the south bay officers go out looking for violators about once a month. in fact, look at the number of operations statewide over the past three years. it's been trending up. >> for that reason you get a citation today. >> reporter: which was bad news for this woman. officers caught her using her father's permit but her father was not nearby. she admitted she uses the permit herself and sometimes transports her mother who is also sick but she got a citation regardless. >> it's a lot going on in my life right now. can't be worse than this. >> reporter: there are 2.4 million placards issued in california. it's easy to misuse them. they are out there every month looking for scofflaws so if you have one, consider yourself warned. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. today the dmv issued 8
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citations in the past three years they have busted about 2,000 people statewide. massachusetts state police are investigating the suicide of former nfl star and convicted murderer aaron hernandez. former new england patriots player was found dead in his prison cell overnight. kenneth craig reports his lawyer wants a separate investigation into what happened. >> reporter: prison guards found aaron hernandez in a cell around 3 a.m. prison officials in massachusetts say the former new england patriots star hanged himself with a bedsheet attached to a cell window. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> not guilty. >> reporter: the 27-year-old' suicide comes just five days after he became emotional when he was acquitted of murdering two men in boston in 2012. >> mr. hernandez was wrongly accused of those crimes. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: but hernandez was still serving a life sentence without parole for the 2013
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murder of odin lloyd who was dating his fiancee's sister. hernandez was the patriots star tight end with the $40 million contract when he was arrested for lloyd's murder and subsequently fired from the team. >> mostly people are saying tragedy, sadness, the end of a really a four-year or five-year saga. >> reporter: prison officials are not aware of any suicide note. hernandez's lawyer said his family and legal team are shocked and surprised that hernandez never indicated anything like this was possible and his loved ones are determined to find out what happened. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> his death comes on the same day that his former team visited the white house. president trump hosted the super bowl champ new england patriots. quarterback tom brady was not there because of personal family matters. some players skipped the event entirely because of their
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opposition to president trump. the president also turned his attention to veterans today signing a bill focused on their medical care. it allows veterans to seek medical treatment through private providers. if they can't get the treatment they need at the va facility. the program was first established in response to the va crisis in 2014. it was set to expire this year. meanwhile, vice president mike pence is in asia. he sent a stern warning to north korea during a visit to the u.s.s. ronald reagan in japan. >> we will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective american response. >> meanwhile, north korea sent its own message, a video showing kim jong-un celebrating when a mock missile attack on the u.s. was used as the backdrop of a musical performance. tomorrow april 20th, 420. a day that has become a
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celebration of all things marijuana. especially at 4:20 in the afternoon. kpix 5 reporter emily turner says this year san francisco has a new plan for the tens of thousands of people who show up on hippie hill in golden gate park every year. emily? >> reporter: ken, how about going from zero to 100. last year i was here and the year before. none of this was here. not the fences, not the gates, not the stage. the city hopes it will be a whole new event. but whether the people who show up are happy about that or not has yet to be seen. it's a public park that now has a 6-foot fence around it and tomorrow, to get into hippie hill you will have to go through one of two gates manned by security guards. 2017 is going to be a much different 420 than those of the past. >> we are a well oiled machine and i truly believe that this is probably going to be one of the most organized and best
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events yet. >> reporter: not exactly the adjectives one would use to describe thepast. the goal is to keep it you understand control so the city makes sure to stop short of saying it's sanctioned. they teamed up with a neighborhood sponsor to provide and coordinate porta-potties, medical care, security, approved food stalls and fencing. >> it's all about safety and -- and making sure that impact of the park is less. we want to keep the park beautiful and, of course, the upper haight clean and safe. >> reporter: but doing that will change the feel substantially. there will be two entrances, only. no one under 18 is allowed in. there will be no alcohol, no drugs for sale, no unauthorized music, no unpermitted concessions and leave the bongs at home. glass isn't allowed either. in the past it's been relatively [ indiscernible ] compared to what we can anticipate this year. if people push back, what's the city's plan in dealing with
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that? >> let's take one day at a time, right? we're on april 19. let's focus on april 20. our objectives are simple. anybody who is coming to this event with any sense of responsibility would agree with our event objectives. >> reporter: but that seems to be asking a lot from this 420 group. the city certainly is very excited about all of these changes and some of the folks in the neighborhood are, as well. but whether the 420 people are going to be excited about this level of control or not is unknown. i will be here tomorrow to see it happen. >> emily, it's always been spontaneous although there will be new amenities. what's the difference between -- i'm not clear on a city sponsored event, they are putting the fences and this event? >> reporter: in practice there's not a lot that's different. the community group technically is the one who is paying for it and is responsible for the fences, the porta-potties
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security guards, the stages the food trucks, all of that. very much the establishment. that infrastructure though has to be permitted by the city. although the event itself is not permitted by the city. so, you know, they have been working very closely hand in hand with this community group. in practice it's not different although on paper they say it is. >> can't wait to see how it works out tomorrow. emily turner in golden gate park, thank you. the general manager of a closed golf course in antioch is accused of ripping it off for hundreds of thousands of dollars. kevin fitzgerald and contractor mark masten were arrested on embezzlement charges. investigators say they worked together to steal $200,000. investigators say the money was supposed to be used for solar panels at the golf club on roddy ranch off deer valley road. the course ended up going out of business in august. its owners blamed rising water costs. in other headlines air rescue crews searching for a missing plane with two people
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aboard. it took off from the truckee tahoe airport headed to petaluma on monday. it never arrived. this is a photo of the aircraft they are looking for. civil air patrol is searching for it in the sierra. that plane has an emergency locator aboard but so far there's been no signal. in marin county chopper 5 above muir beach during the search for people who were aboard what was reported as a capsized boat. rescuers found items from the boat floating around and the boat there floating but no sign of the boat captain or anyone else who may have been aboard. let's take a live look outside right now. blue skies over much of the bay area. just gorgeous. but we're not quite done with the rain yet. here's chief meteorologist paul deanno. paul. >> almost done, liz. almost done. one more front to deal with before we get a dry change and that front is into the northern stretches. our viewing area into mendocino county. city of mendocino ukiah willits getting showers now. it will work its way south and
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futurecast says sonoma county, napa county, lake county you will receive rain before midnight tonight as that front will move south overnight. after that, a big weather change something we have not seen in a long time. we'll talk about how long we stay dry coming up. after the rain comes the mosquitoes. and this year could be even worse than usual. >> coming up where we're already seeing a surge in the pesky little bugs. >> plus, frustrated passengers, a travel nightmare for thousands. it started with bad weather, but find out your rights when the delays last for days and days later. >> and it looks like something out of candyland but how does it taste? people weigh in on starbucks' new unicorn inspired drink. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bay area.
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standing water from all our recent rains... is creating the perfect breeding grounds for mosqui getting a unique view of a growing problem across the bay area, standing water from rains is creating the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. kpix 5's devin fehely is live with how county officials are trying to combat the problem. devin. >> reporter: yeah. we have had so much rain this winter, so different than the years of drought that preceded it, and all of that water means more mosquitoes. after an exceptionally wet winter which left no shortage of places for mosquitoes to breed, health officials are bracing for an explosion of the insects this spring and summer. >> they are very good at finding all of that water. so we will have higher-than- average mosquito populations this time of year. >> reporter: santa clara county's vector control is trying to cope a lid on the mosquito population which can spread dangerous deadly diseases like the west nile
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virus. county officials typically target mosquito larvae the most effective way of keeping them in check. >> the larval control in the water is much more efficient than adult control when they are flying for miles. >> reporter: it's not just large bodies of water that you have to be concerned about. mosquitoes can breed in backyard pools or any standing water that's collected over months of rain. >> i was concerned about the mosquito because of the weather. >> reporter: karen attended an open house at vector control to learn more about natural ways of controlling the mosquito population. like so-called mosquito fish. >> we have a pond at our condo and i knew we had mosquito fish. but i didn't know if we had enough or if there was too many or we have to get more. >> reporter: the mosquito population poised to make a potentially dangerous comeback after years of drought. the main reason that health officials are so concerned about the mosquito population
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obviously is the west nile virus. last year in california, more than 400 people were sickened with the virus. 19 died. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. while a lot of people were talking about united airlines dragging a bumped customer off a plane, more than half a million delta customers were dealing with a travel nightmare of their own. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on the so-called delta meltdown and your rights when your flight gets canceled days after a weather event. julie. >> delta admits its response to the cancellations this month was subpar and making up for it. with over more than 4,000 canceled flights we have heard complaints from many people including my cousins. they were trending on twitter until united hijacked the spotlight with this viral video. >> i'm glad i wasn't drug off the plane. >> reporter: the family knows this could have been worse but their nightmare was no laughing matter.
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>> this is 5:45 a.m. >> reporter: after checking their bags in savannah on april 8, their flight was unexpectedly canceled due to issues related to a severe weather event four days early in a different city. >> we had no luggage, no car keys, no transportation, no hotel, nothing. >> reporter: while delta somehow sent their luggage to san francisco it couldn't get the family on a flight for three days leaving them stranded with three kids, one sick with pneumonia, and no offer to help with a hotel or basic necessities which are outlined in the contract of carriage. >> so we had food from downstairs lobby, cup of noodles, water, cheetos. >> then delta has dropped the ball. >> reporter: this travel analyst was also caught up in the meltdown which he says was due to poor planning. >> unlike a snowstorm, airlines will proactively cancel flights, delta didn't and they got caught. >> reporter: he explained storms midweek in atlanta and new york led to flights up to
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five days later nationwide. while the contract of carriage limits liability due to weather. >> in this case days after that's just bad managements. >> reporter: in a statement the airline says it's offering a $200 travel voucher or miles to all impacted customers and admits, quote, its response in the days following the storm was out of character. >> they didn't give us any options. >> reporter: after phones and emailings they turned to us and we reached out to delta. the airline will reimburse them for their expenses and giving them those travel vouchers and says it will take care of all affected customers but it is dealing with a customer service backlog which is of course not surprising under the circumstances. on the consumerwatch, julie watts kpix 5. starbucks has introduced a new drink that promises to be not only mysterious but magical, as well. [ laughter ] >> it's aptly named the unicorn frappucino. take a look at this bright beverage. it's made with pink powder,
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mango syrup, and a sour blue drizzle. it starts out purple with a sweet and fruity taste and changes colors and flavors when stirred. but is it any good? >> oh, it's really good. tastes like a [ indiscernible ] >> it kind of tastes like fruity pebbles. >> it's pretty sweet. i don't think there's another way to put it. >> mr. ken bastida used it as his fuel for the show today. >> mmm! >> if you want to try it, the unicorn frappucino is available until sunday. we have rain in the forecast for tonight. a weather pattern will develop after that doesn't look like rain now but it's coming. we'll talk about more dry than not in your forecast next. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, after a criminal conviction and huge spikes, the monthly bills pg&e executives are getting raises and wait until you hear about some of the perks customers are paying for.
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oming up all n ew at 6:00 tonight,
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it is weather time and we're talking about one more chance of rainfall before a pattern change comes. we have been talking about pattern changes for a while. we are almost there. tomorrow morning it's here. upper 60s right now. oakland, concord, livermore, san jose, mid-60s. of san francisco and santa rosa we are getting cloudier in the north bay but a lot of blue sky to the south of the golden gate and interstate 80 now. it's raining on highway 101 south of ukiah through mendocino county soon raining in clearlake middletown shortly after that and santa rosa scattered showers by 9 p.m. otherwise, the radar currently is clear. oakland tonight 52 with some scattered showers for you. overnight showers for concord and san jose low 50s. fairfield 50. livermore and napa tonight 49 degrees. so here's the weather pattern. two weather features on here. yesterday was just one. the area of low pressure to our west. that's beginning to exit a ridge of high pressure is
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beginning to build. and once this boundary right here moves through, we'll have the pattern change where six of the next seven days will be rain-free. so when is that rain moving through? this front is going to really bay. so 2:00 in the morning a few light rain showers out there, that is it. by 8 a.m., even the clouds are gone. and by lunchtime we'll be quite sunny and mild tomorrow with a mild afternoon. and friday will likely the warmest day where we'll see a few low 80s away from the water. but this ridge of high pressure which is building this is not going to sit right over the bay area sending everything to the north. you can follow the arrows. the ridge will stay pretty far to our south and west. once the storms goes up and over that ridge it will give us showers. that will likely happen next tuesday. a couple of light showers. but it won't be a full week without rainfall. we'll get a couple of showers to the middle of next week. so light rain this evening in the north bay. some quick moving showers through the bay area tonight. then we are dry and mild for
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several days. thursday through the weekend through at least next tuesday. 71 tomorrow in vallejo. sunny day. concord sunshine in the afternoon. 71. san jose 70. oakland 68. and it will be cooler at the beach for the next several days pacifica 61. look at friday 80s with sunshine inland. saturday and sunday cooler with a return of the onshore flow but, hey, we're dry. still dry on monday. couple showers possible tuesday then i do believe we'll see another prolonged dry pattern next wednesday. we're almost there. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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these are 100% beef burgers that are 100% from denny's. they are 100% made-to-order, which is 100% awesome. 100% beef burgers with fries from denny's. 100% seriously. scott pelley is here with a preview.
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"hi ken and liz. up next... [take vonumber:550a] fox drops bill o'reilly, ending a two-deca wakef a sexual har the "cbs evening news" is next. scott pelley has a preview. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. up next, fox drops bill o'reilly ending a two decade rip in the wake of sexual harassment accusations. >> ex-nfl player and convicted murderer killed himself. >> the president urges companies to buy and hire american. he doesn't hold his businesses to the same standard. >> and at 107, joe binder tells us what keeps him singing. that's coming up on the "cbs evening news." thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> and ahead at 6:00 a first look at the massive mall planned for san francisco's new transbay center. allen and veronica are back here in 30 minutes with that and more coming up. ♪[ music ]
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: killing o'reilly. >> this stops right here. >> pelley: fox dump's cable's biggest star and money maker, a favorite of the right, in a sexual harassment scandal. also tonight, why the murder conviction that put nfl star aaron hernandez in prison may be thrown out as the result of his suicide. he lost his legs in war. now va bureaucracy is preventing him from getting prosthetics. >> that must be kind of maddening. >> frustrating. i'm over mad. >> pelley: and... >> hard to beat. >> pelley: wisdom of the ages from a centenarian. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott


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