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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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trump. and symbols of speech denied to ann coulter. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: many are also wearing helmets and other gear seen in brawls on berkeley streets in recent weeks. >> it's a self-defense tactic. we come prepared and ensure that no thugs or, you know, anyone that's trying to incite violence is going to take advantage of us. >> reporter: among the crowd are a grouped called the proud boys a nationwide pro-trump fraternal organization that says it promotes western chauvinism. >> no one is saying that anyone should not be proud of their culture or who they are. we are just reacting to what we feel is push-back against our values. >> reporter: and those are western values. does that mean white values? >> absolutely not. >> that's what people take that to me. >> absolutely not. absolutely not. american values. >> reporter: there's some disappointment that ann coulter didn't show. john teran no says he was
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injured during the last riot. >> she shouldn't have been a coward and came anyways. >> reporter: you think she is a coward for not coming? >> no. >> reporter: you don't want ann coulter to get her? >> i don't care about her. you know what? we're all patriots. if you are going to put it out there that i'm going to go there, then be strong and fight against these terrorists. >> reporter: we are back live. what you're looking at is the front of berkeley high school. a group of demonstrators now carrying a sign that some of these folks identify as antifa against the pro left wing protestors. we have seen parents in the crowd and bringing their kids out with like pulling their ear like, what are you doing here! there's some concern of course for violence.
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most people are supporting ann coulter with you now counter- demonstrate but now there are counter-demonstrators and the police are trying to keep the peace. >> in a couple of hours, the temperature changes a bit. sometimes it takes more of a violent turn. are the protestors themselves concerned that some of the people we saw at the protest at milo yiannopoulos's speech that they rioted, do they think they may come back? >> reporter: there's always that concern. i have heard that from both sides. there are elements on each side of the equation who have come here for a fight. let's be honest. not the core group. but people on each side who come here to fight. there are no fights now. there is a lot of hope on each side that that doesn't develop. but as you say, as the night goes on and whether this right now appears to be a peaceful rally, if that continues with large numbers that increases
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the chances it could get ugly. >> thank you. berkeley police are trying to avoid scenes like this exactly what elizabeth was talking about. things got out of hand before an appearance by milo yiannopoulos. that was in february. 150 masked agitators were setting fires, smashing windows, throwing the barriers against the building. that speech was canceled. today police appear prepared for anything. chopper 5 was above a huge police staging area. we saw long lines of police motorcycles, suvs and bags full of tactical gear. >> kpix 5's da lin is at sproul plaza on the campus with more on a show of force from police. da. >> reporter: ken, a lot of shouting back and forth but overall a very peaceful day here on campus. take a look. the university is not taking any chances. they have a lot of police officers from different agencies here watching over the campus making sure everything is safe. i want to show you some video
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taken around noontime. a bit of shouting back and forth as mentioned between the pro-trump people and the anti- trump people. the anti-trump demonstrators were comparing the president to hitler and that has the pro- trump people shouting back saying that's a lie. they also said the university suppresses free speech by canceling ann coulter's scheduled event today. [ screaming ] [ crosstalk ] >> it's a false pretext to conceal the real agenda which is silence of dissent and imposing fascism. >> one called me the "f" word a little bit ago. >> and we haven't even started yet. >> no. >> reporter: i noticed a lot of supporters coming from out of the bay area here as you heard a man who flew in from florida, a trump supporter.
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also a lot of police officers coming in from out of town. i talked to one uc police officer who came from uc- riverside to make sure this campus is safe. as mentioned, it's been peaceful. uc police arrested two people, one of them for having a knife. for now, live here at uc- berkeley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. also, check out this message to the protestors. an airplane flew this banner above berkeley. it read, don't take the bait, fly above the hate. another live look from chopper 5. going to keep monitoring the developments on the ground there. so far, no problems. we'll have another update later later. new at 5:00 walnut creek police are investigating a homicide near a popular park. about 3.5 hours ago, a woman was shot to death in the street on first avenue near buena
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vista. that's right behind larkin park and the lindsey wildlife museum. no suspects but police say there's no indication the public is in danger. new at 5:00 amazing pictures of a mountain lion perched in a tree outside a santa cruz mall. people in the shops nearby schools could hardly believe it. they had to be sheltered in place. devin fehely reports reporter: the sheriff's department says the mountain lion was an 80-pound juvenile. for some reason he wandered into the east cliff shopping center this morning and then ultimately climbed up into a tree. now, the sheriff's department asked business owners and shoppers to stay in place while they tried to figure out how to get the mountain lion out of the tree. ultimately they shot it with a tranquilizer gun and once it began to take effect, it eventually fell asleep and fell out of the tree. the animal was not seriously injured. he was examined, he was also tagged. and he had a gps tracker placed on him in preparation for being
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released. in santa cruz, devin fehely, kpix 5. new at 5:00, united airlines just reached a settlement with the doctor who was violently dragged off one of their planes. financial terms of the settlement are not released. united also announced several new policy changes today triggered by that infamous video. julie watts and how you can tell if you are at risk for being bumped from a united flight. >> reporter: liz, you know, they announced many changes today one of them the no dragging rule. it won't bump you involuntarily off a flight once you have already boarded. they also announced a passenger pecking order if you will. and that has some folks talking. >> do you have a seat assignment? >> i do. >> no. >> reporter: do you get a discount on your tickets or full fare? >> no. pretty cheap. >> reporter: most people know airlines value certain passengers over others based on the price of their ticket or
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flight status. but today unite clarified its policy outlining who gets bumped and who doesn't when the airline overbooks. do you have frequent flyer status. no. >> no. second to the highest. >> reporter: the policy protects frequent flyers from being bumped. who is first to go? passengers without a seat assignment. next sorted by fare class, pay and itinerary right hand then that group is sorted by the time you checked in. does that bother you? >> they have to set some sort of order. >> reporter: other airlines already outline similar procedures. until now united policy was vague. the new policy prevents people with disabilities and kids flying alone from being bumped. until now, they were black bumped and only if united determined it would constitute a hardship. >> united realized that its policies, its technology, its training, were all inadequate. and they are taking steps to correct that. >> reporter: the new policies were outlined in this report
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released today analyzing what went wrong on the united flight 3411. >> no! >> reporter: other changes? united says it will only use law enforcement for safety and security issues and will now match delta's offer of up to $10,000 for voluntarily giving up your seat. but united says it will reduce overbooking and won't require customers already on the plane to give up their seats. now, the airline also committed to a series of customer service improvements and creative solutions will try to fly you to a nearby airline and drive you to the next airport and then drive from you there. they also announced a new lost baggage policy. if you lose a bag $1,500 no questions asked. if you think it's more than that you can submit receipts for more. and i understand you had some trouble at the airport yesterday some delays. >> got a little delayed from weather. that's what they said it was. but got on the flight finally. about five hours later but we
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made it. sometimes not so glamorous getting on those flights. all right. thank you. southwest announced today the airline will stop overbooking flights. the new change could be implemented as soon as may 8. currently jetblue is the only major u.s. airline with a policy that bans overbooking. another management shake-up at uber. the head of the company's self- driving division is resigning amid allegations that he used stolen trade secrets to help develop the program. before he led uber's advanced technologies group, he worked for "waymo" a google spinoff. "waymo" is suing uber accused of theft. he is staying on in uber in another capacity. four other uber executives have quit this year including the company president jeff jones. still ahead, ripped up walls a mess inside. we check out what $2.5 million
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gets you in one part of the bay area. >> no more hiding texting behind the wheel. the new device that could spot your timing and the big-time privacy concerns that come with it. >> and the 49ers minutes away from a critical decision as the team looks to rebuild and move forward. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a third soldier was injured. the attack happened in the two american special forces soldiers killed in raids targeting isis in afghanistan. a third soldier was wounded. the attack happened near the border with pakistan where the u.s. drop was being called the "mother of all bombs" earlier this month. leaders of the u.s. forces there are working to eliminate
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the group in eastern afghanistan before the end of the year. president trump bringing new attention to nafta. the u.s. trade deal with mexico and canada. one of the promises was to scrap the deal but now he says he is ready to renegotiates. >> i was going to terminate nafta as of 2 or 3 days from now. if i'm unable to make a fair deal for the united states, if i can't make a fair deal i'll terminate. >> he once referred to it as a disaster. he says he was persuaded recently to reconsider. the renegotiations started today. new at 5:00 a humble abode in palo alto fetches more than a half million dollars above asking price. it was marketed as a teardown. check this out. kpix 5's kiet do is at the site of 280 stanford to tell us what makes this place so special.
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>> reporter: you know, just got off the phone with the realtor who handled this transaction. she says they had 17 offers and half of them were for cash buyers. the home is 908 square feet and they are getting the neighborhood and the great schools but still, $2.5 million for this? come on. that's just wow. just when you think the bay area housing market has come down to earth something like this happens. back in february, this 80-year- old two bed one bat home went on the market with an asking price of $1.9 million. but two months later it sold tore $2.5 million. eric is an economist who lived in palo alto for 30 years. >> what happens when you have limited supply and increased demand? >> this. >> reporter: obviously it's not about the house itself since contractors are tearing out everything and gutting it.
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it's all about the lot, all 7500 square feet of it. and location. the home is three blocks away from stanford university. >> for some reason this spring, there's more optimism in the market. >> reporter: michael a realtor is an expert in the local market but didn't handle the sale of the house. but he says sellers are trying to beat rising interest rates and also there's the trump effect. people who are optimistic about the president's new tax plan? these high-end buyers think their taxes are going to drop? >> yes. the high-end buyers they are feeling good that their taxes will drop they will have more money and can afford more of a house. is this good for palo alto? >> tough to imagine people affording this and bottom line is, you know, it's a great place to live. the people who can afford it are working hard and they're good people and i don't begrudge them for wanting to live here. >> reporter: so we are hearing that the owner will now spend upwards of $100,000 to renovate this place. maybe live in it for a couple of years and then tear it down
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in a couple of years and rebuild again. by the way, the average selling price for a home in palo alto now has hit $2.9 million. live in palo alto, kiet do, kpix 5. other bay area headlines authorities in san mateo county are looking for this man, 33- year-old was supposed to meet his wife in orlando on monday. but it's unclear if he boarded the flight. bannergy was last seen 10 days ago driving away from a san carlos home in his black hyundai. anyone who has information on him is asked to call the san mateo county sheriff's office. chopper 5 in the berkeley hills today as east bay m.u.d. used a helicopter to put 4,000 feet of new water pipe into place. it will be installed near panoramic way. using a chopper to move the pipes shaved off about 60 days of construction time. most people have heard of a breathalyzer. but what about a text laser?
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it's a new device that can detect if a person was on a phone during a crash. a lawmaker in new york brought one to a recent hearing. some people think is could violate privacy laws. today's the day that 49ers fans have been waiting for draft day. he we'll have to wait to see who they will ends up with. just seconds ago they traded their number 2 overall pick to the chicago bears. dennis o'donnell will have the latest coming up at 6:00. raider nation will also have to wait longer for their first pick. they are 24th in line to make their selection. earlier, a handful of fans showed up at the "beast mode" store in oakland after tmz reported new raider marshawn
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lynch would be hosting a block party there today. but a lot of people were disappointed. a sign in the window said, sorry, you were misinformed! no block party today. but ... it was a very special day for you know who. [ laughter ] >> it was. i literally just got back from los angeles where i got to be guest cohost -- coanchor on the talk. >> it's the countdown couple minutes left to go. hope i don't trip on my new heels. >> i didn't trip. that was good. there we are just moments before the show started. i got to be on as part of the talk's anchors aweigh series, news anchors across the country are invited to coanchor for a d.a. the it was a blast. the ladies were in-- for a day. it was a blast. the ladies were incredible. kiefer sutherland talks about his new show and album. >> learning how to play music actually led to your first
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professional acting job. >> it did. it did. >> cool. >> he was really wonderful. and one of the coolest parts of the entire experience was meeting mary brasher. she is awesome. she is a fan of the show from san francisco. she won a contest and got to fly down for today's show to be in the audience. and ken, you might recognize her. >> you went to high school with ken bastida? >> i did. youi graduated with him, went to junior high school with them. hi, ken. >> throw a little dirt on mr. bastida. what was he like in high school? >> he was a normal guy. now, i won't say what it was. [ laughter ] >> it was a while ago but yeah, you know. >> you called her before han, right, to tell her not to say anything? >> hi, mary. hi, mary. paul, you know what? you spend nine years going through high school you run into a lot of people. >> he gave me nothing, people. >> liz did a great job today. >> good. >> so good to see you on that show. liz and ken, principal's office
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once again ♪[ music ] doesn't the sun feel and look good? can we keep this for a while? the answer is yes. but find out when we're going to get into the 90s. coming up. >> and coming up at 6:00 tonight, an old rock quarry gets an electrifying makeover. we'll show you the hidden solar farm that will soon be powering hundreds of bay area homes.
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got to admit felt really good outside today. one you knew it was going to be sunny and it was. now you know you get it every day for the next several so you can enjoy and don't have to worry about a drought. just enjoy sunshine and dry weather. upper 60s for a lot of the bay area including oakland and livermore and san jose. still in the 70s concord and santa rosa. 61 getting cooler in san francisco. the radar is clear. will stay clear for a while. we are much drier. talk about a wetter season and a drier season we're not talking absolutes. it is going to rain a little bit over the next couple of months. look at the stark difference. from january through april, san francisco averages more than a
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foot of rainfall in same four- month span may through august we average less than 1 inch of rainfall so we are going to get drier and that transition is happening now. overnight clear skies mild 50s and 40s. storms stay to the north. ridge of high pressure getting close enough we may see 90s as that ridge gets very close to the bay area. tomorrow, santa clara valley, san jose, 70s by 1:00. mid-70s in the afternoon. a beautiful friday and a warm weekend. speaking of that hot stuff, the one thing that may leave your comfort zone will be tuesday into wednesday. as that ridge gets closer, we'll get a north-to-northeast wind. an offshore wind limiting the ocean influence. for some of us away from the water, we may get into the hot territory with temperatures approaching 88, 89 or 90 by the middle of next week. couple of cliff notes points
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for you. sunshine plentiful for the next seven days at a minimum, temperatures warming through the weekend. warming up enough that we will likely see the first 90 of the calendar year by the middle of next week. look at the highs tomorrow. sunshine 75 in vallejo. 75 for san jose. 73 for san francisco. do you really want to cool off? pacifica 65. your extended forecast: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"hi ken and liz. up next... [take vonumber:550a] another investigation for michael flyn "cbs evening news" is up next. scott pelley is here with a preview. scott? >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. up next another investigation of michael flynn. we'll explain why now the defense department is launching its own probe into his dealings with russia. we asked coal miners to grade the president's first 100 days. we'll look at why making crashes test dummies fatter could save lives and we'll introduce you to this whiz kid who is taking on big-time science. that's coming up in a few seconds on the "cbs evening news." thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> yeah. ahead at 6:00, why muni is making its famous cable cars a no cash ride. we are going to update you on what's going in berkeley at civic center park and also at sproul plaza. we have live team coverage
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there and allen and veronica will be back to check in, in 30 minutes. ♪[ music ] captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a new investigation of flynn. >> i honestly do not understand why the white house is covering up for michael flynn. >> i was, frankly, taken back by his comments today because they're, frankly, not true. >> pelley: also tonight, on day 98, a message from the coal mines to the white house: >> we supported him. now it's time for him to support us. >> pelley: united and this passenger have reached a settlement, as the airline announces a new compensation policy. crash dummies are gaining weight to better reflect america. and, a pint-sized mr. wizard with his own show. >> i think it's actually just my curiosity.


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