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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 28, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> the weather geek. >> what's the name of that app? marine traffic. . good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, april 28th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump warns of a potential major conflict with north korea, but says he wants to negotiate. a top u.s. commander says an american strike would bring a devastating response from the north. republicans say they're still not ready to vote on the latest plan to replace obamacare. attorney general jeff sessions and former presidential candidate bernie sanders give us their view of the president's first 100 days. a federal investigation into fox news is growing. why financial crimes experts are looking into the channel's business practices. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.
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it seems that north korea, this situation, is getting pretty grave. >> we are just in the early stages of executing. very deliberate strategy. >> the president says a m conflict with north korea is possible. >> do you think it's likely that the u.s. is headed for a military confrontation? >> all scenarios are on the table so it is all up to north korea. >> house leaders shelved the vote on gop health care legislation. that cleared the way for the budget vote. >> i think we're making very good progress. we're going to go when we have the vote snooze two u.s. army rangers have been killed and a third soldier wounded fighting isis in afghanistan in a raid against the terror group. i honestly it not understand why the white house is covering up for michael flynn. >> but all of that clearance was made by the obama -- during the obama administration. >> any regrets about michael flynn? >> united airlines has reached a settlement with a man removed from the flight. the financial terms have not
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been made public. >> macedonia parliament dissolves into chaos. >> rushing the building. >> all that. >> carpenter, grand slam! carpenter, the cardinals walk it off in 11. >> with the first pick in the 2017 nfl draft, the cleveland browns select myles garret. >> and all that matters. >> welcome to the white house. >> thank you so much. >> now it's time for us to pose for our prom picture. i did not bring a corsage but everyone take a good look. this is our prom picture. remember, in happier times, make that be the caption, okay. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the white house bussed in all 100 senators for a classified briefing on north korea. field trip! okay. does everybody have their permission slips? by the way, we have actual footage of the senators riding the fwous see trump. >> this seat's taken. >> you can't sit here.
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>> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump is raising the possibility of a military confrontation with north korea. the president says conflict with the north is possible over its nuclear and missile programs, though he prefers a diplomatic solution. the warning came during a reuters interview yesterday, two days before mr. trump's 100th day in office. >> well, there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> newly released video appears to show tuesday's live fire drill in north korea. its army fired hundreds of artillery rounds from a beach. david martin looks at the u.s.
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military options against north korea. he's at the pentagon. david, good morning. >> good morning. there's no doubt the u.s. would win what the president calls a major, major conflict with north korea, but the loss of life and destruction of property would be horrendous on both sides. this morning, north korean state-run television aired video of this week's massive live fire exercise. it shows multiple rocket launchers and artillery firing as the country's leader kim jong-un and his officers cheer them on. it happened in the same week an american nuclear powered submarine armed with cruise missiles pulled into a south korean port, a b-52 bomber patrolled over the korean peninsula and the aircraft carrier "vinson" came within striking distance of pyongyang. north koreans put out a video threatening to sink the carrier, but the fact is they would be unable to prevent a devastating attack.
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despite such overwhelming fire power, experts like senator jack reed of the armed services committee, said there are no good military options for destroying north korea's nuclear weapons program. >> there are military options, but they are risky. >> reporter: nobody knows that better than the head of the pacific command admiral harry harris, who has the power to destroy north korea. but not before thousands of artillery pieces and rocket launchers could unleash a barrage on the south korean capital. >> seoul is the most densely populated city on the planet. 25 million people in a relatively small area. within artillery range of the dmz. >> reporter: the u.s. has patriot anti-missile batteries in south korea. and in the coming days, a second missile defense system called thaad will become operational, but those are designed to shoot down guided missiles like these. they cannot defend against an old-fashioned artillery round or
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rocket. >> isn't it credibly difficult to -- incredibly difficult to counter the 4,000 artillery pieces that the north koreans have on the dmz. >> it is, sir, and thaad is not designed to counter those kinds of basic weapons. >> and what is designed to do that? anything? >> we do not have those kinds of weapons that can counter those rockets once they're launched. >> reporter: it would seem like this is a standoff in which each side has the capability to infl ptable damage o the other. but admiral harris says this is the worst crisis he's seen and in a crisis all it takes to start a war is for one side to miscalculate. gayle? >> all right. thank you very much, david. president trump says that he wants south korea to pay for the controversy thaad missile defense system. china and some south koreans owe pose that. >> why are we paying a billion dollars? it's a billion dollar system.
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it's phenomenal. it's the most incredible equipment you've seen. it shoots missiles out of the sky and it protects them. i want to protect them. we're going to protect them. but they should pay for that. >> the president also said he wants to renegotiate a trade deal with south korea in response, seoul says it has no plans to do that or to pay for thaad. today is president trump's 99th day ins office and a number of his legislative goals are still in limbo. he suffered another setback in congress yesterday when house leaders put off a vote on the newest plan to repeal obamacare. congress will vote today on a one-week budget extension to keep the government from shutting down tomorrow. mar margaret brennan is at the white house. margaret, good morning. >> good morning. senate democrats are pushing that short-term funding deal to the brink and while president trump appears to be narrowly avoiding a government shutdown until that budget extension is passed the federal government is set to run out of money at midnight. >> during these first 100 days. >> reporter: on the eve of his
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100th day in office president trump will avert a government shutdown after losing a bid to cash in on one of his chief campaign promises. >> repeal and replace obamacare. have to do it. >> reporter: another attempt to repeal and replace obamacare came up short, even as republicans worked all day and into the night to line up votes. >> they are in a lose/lose/lose situation. the president is making them walk the plank. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi dared the republicans to shut down the government, placing a high stakes bet meant to discourage republicans from voting on health care. >> any shutting down of government, the ball is in their court. >> reporter: the 11th hour showdown paid off. house speaker paul ryan said momentum behind the president's health care bill had picked up among republicans, but wouldn't risk a losing vote. >> we're having very productive conversations with our members and we feel like we're on the right track. >> reporter: but republicans decided forcing a vote wasn't
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worth the risk. majority leader kevin mccarthy said the house will vote today on a one-week extension of government funding. earlier this week, democrats used the threat of a shutdown to win two other concessions. dropping the demand for border wall funding and agreeing to pay health care subsidies for low-income americans. white house press secretary sean spicer. >> the democrats at the last minute have come in and thrown a lot of monkey wrenches into the ability for this to get done, despite the president doing everything that he can to show good faith to keep this going. >> reporter: and if congress does sign off on this short-term funding deal that buys them just one week, gayle, to settle some of the more complicated budget issues. >> all right. margaret, thank you very much. the pentagon has joinlds the list of groups investigating president trump's former national security adviser and his ties to russia. retired general michael flynn was paid about $34,000 for a speech in moscow, nearly 18 newly released pentagon documents show that flynn got an official letter months earlier
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saying he could not receive fees from a foreign government without permission. the white house press secretary has said that this has nothing to do with the trump administration. >> all of that clearance was made by the obama -- during the obama administration and apparently with knowledge of the trip that he took. so, that's how the process works and i welcome the department of defense's review. >> congressman elijah cummings ranking democrat on the house oversight committee said there is no evidence that flynn told the pentagon that the russians paid him. >> with us is united states attorney general jeff sessions. welcome. >> good morning. >> i know you have excused yourself and recused yourself from some of the things that happened during the campaign. but having said that, did any of this information come to the campaign during the campaign? >> i'm not aware of any of that, so i am recused on those issues and anything that is necessary to be done, i'm sure will be done. but we in the department of
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justice don't confirm or deny the existence of investigations. >> with regard to mr. flynn, is this kind of thing, you're the nation's chief legal officer, a violation of the law? >> i don't know enough about it to comment and i think it would be inappropriate for me to comment on that. what i would say is, that we have great cabinet members, we've got some people that are doing super jobs like i was at the border with general kelly, homeland security last week. we've seen a 70% reduction in the number of illegal entries since december at the border. that's a dramatic thing. >> mr. attorney general, give us -- >> see that happen -- >> let me ask you this. hindsight is 20/20 but do you think the trump administration could have done a better job vetting mr. flynn? >> these things are not easy to discover. if it happened. what happened. i'm not sure it's impropriety or not. i don't have an opinion. i would say they've done a great job of putting together some fabulous people in the cabinet
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and many of integrity and good judgment. >> it would be a mistake if he failed to reveal he received this payment? >> i just don't know enough to comment about it. i don't think it's appropriate for me to be talking about it. >> let's turn to immigration you pointed out the 70% drop in illegal crossings. why do you need a border sfwhal. >> well we're going to need to get there. we are on the verbal ge of crea what the american people want for 30 or 40 years, which is a lawful system of immigration. 1.1 million each year to lawful permanent residence in the united states in an appropriate way. we need to end the illegality. i'll let people apply -- >> you have a republican congress. i mean this is so rare. they won't even include new funding for the wall and not one republican lawmaker on the four border states supports funding for a border wall, this is in your own party. >> we'll get funding for the wall. it's important to do so. i would just say that this year, we could use some money this year, but it's not critical.
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because this year ends september 30th. >> are you going to get funding -- >> what we need is next year and move forward. >> are you going to get funding from mexico as the president promised? >> there are a lot of ways we can fund the wall through, in effect, charges on those who enter the country, particularly on those who enter unlawfully. >> you have a problem and the state department has a problem they don't have enough people to do the job. go ahead. >> well, we do have a hard time getting people confirmed. i've got 12 confirmed positions by the state. only one yesterday took office. he's my deputy, he's fabulous -- >> are you nominated for somebody all of those jobs? >> virtually all of them. a good number. i'm not sure we are over half or not but we have others -- >> why not? having a problem nominating people. >> it's not a problem. you have to get fbi backgrounds before you nominate them. people -- if you don't do the proper vetting then you get accused of not vetting before you nominate them. good backgrounds are important. >> let me ask you, there's a lot
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in the news about sexual harassment and fox news channel. we know that the justice department is looking into that matter and, in fact, it has expanded this morning, cbs news is reporting, the u.s. postal inspection service looking into that. what is the investigation about? >> i cannot confirm or deny the existence of any investigation. those matters if they are occurring will occur on their own. we in the department don't talk about any investigation. >> again, you're the chief legal officer. when the president criticizes the ninth circuit in a significant way, is that a good idea? >> look -- >> is it appropriate for the president to consider -- i mean to criticize the ninth circuit? >> they're not above being talked about. >> is it right for the president to do that? >> it's right for the president as he's done historically over the centuries, to express opinions about judicial opinions. they're not -- they have a lifetime appointment. their pay can't be cut and their decisions can be commented on
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and these -- the one that he criticized i think was wrong and i'm proud of -- >> his new supreme court justice had some reservations about the president speaking to issues like this and expressed it. >> well -- >> backing judges. >> i'm not sure what he meant in that. i see one nominee recently said we have a lifetime appointment, nothing wrong with people commenting about our opinions. and that's what i feel. >> look, the judges in this country are so important. i respect them. i practiced before them for many years as a federal prosecutor. i have the highest regard for them. the greatest threat to the independence of the judiciary is if judges become more political, people cease to believe they're deciding opinions based on law and fact. >> that's what you believe about the ninth circuit judges. >> i'm worried about it. >> you're worried? >> i do not believe executive order the president issued was carefully --
7:16 am
>> we're talking about sanctuary citys. >> i was talking about the travel matter. that's the one before the ninth circuit. so i really think that the judges just don't get to say, well you said in the campaign nine months ago. so i don't like this order. so the question is, is the order itself improper. does it in any way improperly discriminate or does it -- >> so what do you -- >> bans the safety of america. >> what do you and the president want to do about the ninth circuit? >> well, i think we have a number of judges in the country that have departed a bit too far from classical enforcing the law as written -- >> therefore? >> and using the law to advance an agenda they may have personally and so the ninth circuit has been criticized for that tendency more than any other circuit. >> what should be done? >> well, the main thing is you appoint judges and confirm judges to the ninth circuit that will be responsible and more restrained in their actions.
7:17 am
but you're not prohibited from saying i disagree with what you're doing, else you've created a superior branch of government. we have three. >> all right. >> reince priebus called it and says the ninth circuit is going bananas. is that a legal term? you're the highest -- >> doesn't sound like a legal term. sounds like a term a chief of staff to the president might say. >> mr. attorney general, always good to have you here. >> thank you. >> hope you'll come back. thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> we will bring you a special edition of "cbs this morning" on monday live from inside the white house. it will feature john dickerson's interview with president trump which debuts sunday here on "face the nation." investigation into fox news we just mentioned is widening. a second law enforcement agency has joined the justice department probe into business practices at the cable channel. the united states postal inspection service is now involved. its investigators are financial crimes experts. jer reka, what's the latest?
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good morning to you. >> good morning. a person familiar with that investigation confirms to cbs news that, in fact, investigators with the u.s. postal inspection service are involved in the justice department probe into fox news. now, that investigation reportedly has to do with dealing with money matters at the network. while the existence of the justice department investigation came to light two months ago, the postal inspection services involvement is new. the network in the meantime has been lashed by a series of conduct related lawsuits. 11 current and former employees filed a class-action lawsuit last month claiming executives fostered a, quote, culture of severe racial harassment and ignored their complaints going back years. fox news denied those claims, promising to vigorously defend these cases. yesterday, one of the network's high-profile anchors sean hannity tweeted about the turmoil inside the company referencing a "new york" magazine article that said
7:19 am
network executive bill shine was on the chopping block. shine had been named in a number of lawsuits against the network. hannity wrote about it and said shine, if he were removed, would, quote, that's the total end of the fnc as we know it. done. and he continued by saying, somebody high up and inside the fnc is trying to get an innocent person fired. now we reached out to fox news for comment on the expanding federal investigation. we did not hear back. norah? >> all right. thank you so much. president trump has big plans for his 100th day in office tomorrow. ahead, a look at some of the things he has already done by simply signing a document in the white house. we'll talk with john dickerson,,
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suspected in a fat good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. right now, in martinez, a s.w.a.t. team is surrounding the car of a man suspected in a fatal shooting. authorities say the suspect has been holed up since 8:00 last night. residents near howe and pine have been ordered to "shelter in place." >> in san francisco, a crash between two police cruisers has sent three officers to the hospital. it happened just before 11:00 last night at 15th and mission. the officers were responding to a call ahead of the collision. they are expected to be okay. stay with us, traffic and weather i n just a moment. ,, whoa!
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no longer "friday light." bay bridge toll plaza traffic stacked up throughout the maze there. and it's a "slow, stop, go" ride from the maze into downtown san francisco. let's take it over to our drive times where we are in the yellow from 880 southbound 880 from 238 to 84, 17 minutes. 4 from antioch to hercules 40 minutes. 880 from 238 to the maze, 37 minutes. sunsational! that's what we have in the forecast today. nothing but sunshine from today all the way through next week. this is our live weather camera looking with terrific visibility wind-swept blue skies. wind will increase today northwest 10 to 20. an occasional stronger gust. we are cool, 40s, 50s. 80s away from the water tomorrow. then 90 tuesday.
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♪ on monday barack obama did a forum at the university of chicago and today, we found out he's fired up and ready to go. give a speech to investment bankers for $400,000. so, hillary wasn't able to continue obama's legacy but at least obama was able to continue hers. i mean, good for him. good for him. >> yeah. >> he's out of office, time to cash in. $400,000. with that kind of money you could join mar-a-lago. >> he's red hot. >> he's on fire these days. welcome back to "cbs this morning." while president obama is getting used to life outside of the office, president trump is adjusting to life inside the office. in a wide ranging interview with
7:31 am
reuters, president trump admits that being leader of the free world is harder than he anticipated. >> i loved my previous life. i had so many things going. i actually -- this is more work than in my previous life. i thought it would be easier, but i do miss my old life. this -- i like to work, so that's not a problem, but this is actually more work. >> the president also said he misses his privacy and being able to drive himself. here's a look at some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the telegraph of britain reports that police say they foiled an active terror plot. six people were arrested during raids in london and southeast england. one woman was shot by police and seriously wounded. details of the suspected plot were not revealed. the times of london reports egypt has ramped up security for a two-day visit by pope francis. the pope touched down in cairo. it is the first pay pal visit to egypt in 17 years. security forces lined the route from the airport to the presidential palace.
7:32 am
the pope's first stop, francis' visit comes two weeks after isis claimed responsibility for two palm sunday church bombings in egypt that killed more than 45 people. "the chicago tribune" reports that united airlines reached a settlement with a man who was dragged off of a plane earlier this month. lawyers for dr. david dao says he will not sue the airline or the city. terms of the deal were not disclosed. united released new guidelines in response to this incident. the changes include offering up to $10,000 for passengers who are willing to keep up their seats on overbooked flights. the detroit news says michigan lawmakers approved funds for the city of flint after fixing a drafting error in legislation. flint will get $100 million in federal money to resolve its toxic water crisis. corroded pipes will be replaced, water mains and other infrastructure will be updated. and "the los angeles times" reports on a new court decision that lets employers pay women less than men for the same work.
7:33 am
federal appeals court judges in california cited a 1982 precedent. the ruling in that case said employers may use previous salaries to set pay levels under certain conditions. president trump claims the historic number of achievements in his first 100 days in office. most them are in the form of executive actions that do not need a vote in congress. by the end of today the president will have signed 30 executive orders, more than any president in his first 100 days since harry truman 72 years ago. chip reed looks at the impact of all these orders. good morning. >> good morning. in the absence of any major legislation, the white house claims the first 100 days have been a success in large part because of the president's use of executive orders. in the past week alone he has had four signings ceremonies. it's one of the most common images of donald trump's young presidency. do we have the executive order please? >> reporter: the signing of an executive order. >> you know what it says. >> you're going back to work.
7:34 am
>> reporter: many of the orders he's signed are aimed at overriding obama-era reforms like climate change efforts, regulation of the financial industry and designation of federal parks and lands. >> let them in. >> reporter: others have been so drastic in scope that they spurred nationwide protests. during his first week in office, the president signed an order restricting immigration from seven muslim majority nations that was blocked by the courts. the president still says he will fight. >> as i said, we'll see them in the supreme court. >> reporter: as a candidate mr. trump lamb basted then president obama for using his executive power. >> i have a pen and i've got a phone. >> reporter: though mr. obama signed 13 fewer in his first 100 days. >> he's given up on the process and he just goes and signs executive orders on everything. >> reporter: executive orders are usually used by presidents when they face gridlock in congress, but republicans now control both houses. >> i think he's trying to show
7:35 am
action. >> reporter: president obama's former chief of staff bill daily says the president is trying to quickly make good on some campaign promises. >> real progress, real change has to be done by the two branches of government, legislative branch and the executive branch working together to pass laws that fundamentally change things. >> reporter: harry fleisher, press secretary to george w. bush at the beginning of his presidency says voters elected mr. trump in part to undue the last eight years. >> in many ways barack obama governed by executive order. when he governed by executive order you can be ungovernored by executive order and that's what donald trump has done. >> reporter: the white house says the 2016 election was a mandate for change and they say the president's aggressive use of executive orders shows he's taking that mandate very seriously. gayle? >> all right. chip, thank you. cbs news chief washington correspondent and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson joins us from washington. good morning. >> good morning, gayle. >> let's continue that conversation that chip laid out for us. these executive orders have they moved the needle sig is cantlie
7:36 am
on any of his campaign promises? >> a little bit. a lot of these executive orders are orders to parts of his administration to study things or look into things or on steel, for example, to investigate. so they don't actually take action. they just order his administration to do reviews that would then have to -- other things would have to take place to actually take action. it's fornts look at the actual structure of these orders. but they do, for highly improvisational president, they do give direction to his administration, which is -- which is something and, obviously, they are being used in the same way be president obama used them, which is as public relations moments to show that the president cares about an shao, but, you know, you still have to go through congress. >> right. >> and so they don't -- they're not transforming things as much as perhaps the white house would like to make it people how important is it for him, do you think, john, to have a legislative victory, sooner rather than later? >> certainly he would like one. the president came in saying he
7:37 am
was going to negotiate in ways that people had never seen before, and one of those jobs is negotiating with the hill. he's a trying to do it with things that are very, very complicated and complex so it's not surprising it would be difficult to pass health care reform, regardless of the fact that the president as a candidate said it would be quite easy. there are other things happening with the people he's appointed to like the food and drug administration, the federal communications commission, certainly the justice department, that are changing the way america will exist and that those appointments are changing and rolling back obama administration regulations and rules in ways that are quite transformative and that don't get covered so much. >> the president gave a wide ranging interview to reuters in which he expressed some really interesting things. he said, he missed my old life, he thought it would be easier, the presidency. he said he missed driving. what does that tell us about him? >> it tells us he is a president and like all previous presidents he feels the constraints of the office. bill clinton used to say that
7:38 am
the white house was the nicest facility in the american penal system which is -- and they -- presidents have always talked about the kind of prison that the white house can be. and certainly president obama felt that acutely. so it seems like president trump is feeling that as well. >> john, two questions. one, nice haircut, by the way. >> well thank you, charlie. i know -- >> you're getting ready for the big interview, aren't you in. >> yes, exactly, brushing my teeth, flossing, all those important things, charlie. >> how are you going to prepare for this? how does one prepare for a big interview when this president is doing other interviews and you want it to be special? >> well, i say, what would charlie, norah and gayle do, and then i meditate on that for a while, charlie. >> well, he's given you a lot to discuss, john, that's for sure. >> that's for sure. we just -- you know, we just cover the news every week and write down the questions we don't get to ask and then go from there. >> and then put them in the book. >> all looking forward to it.
7:39 am
>> thank you, john. >> thanks. sunday on "face the nation" see the first part of john's interview with president trump. then we will feature more of the conversation monday on "cbs this morning" when we broadcast from inside the white house. >> we will all cut our hair and floss that day. we'll be sitting up extra straight. thank you, john. controversial new netflix series is causing concern in school districts around the country. ahead why educators are worried the show "13 reasons why" might glamour rise teen suicide and how netflix is defending the series. and here's an invitation for you to subscribe to our cbs this morning podcast. get the news of the day, our podcast originals on itunes and apple's podcast app. we'll be right back. l be right back.
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7:43 am
♪ a controversial netflix series causing schools to warn parents about the risk of teen suicide.
7:44 am
school districts across the country sending letters home about the show called "13 reasons why." the fictional story is about a 17-year-old girl who takes her own life. the themes are graphic and intense. netflix says that it is intended for mature audiences because of its explicit and disturbing content. that is a warning that we now share with you, too. tony is here with the concerns. tony, good morning. >> good morning the show tackles not only suicide by sexual assault and underaged drinking. netflix hopes the show provides an opening to difficult conversations but educators and parents are concerned that "13 reasons why" might be glamour rising teen suicide. >> hey. it's hannah. >> reporter: the netflix series is narrated by teenager hannah baker a troubled high school student who has recorded a series of audiotapes describing the 13 reasons why she's taking her own life. >> if you're listening to this tape, you're one of the reasons why. >> reporter: the program's look at teen suicide is causing
7:45 am
concern among school districts nationwide sending letters to parents warning "the show may be perceived as glorifying and romanticizing suicide." >> suicide is a tough shao to talk about. >> reporter: dr. connelly works for maryland's montgomery county school district where she helped write a letter saying adless isn'ts watching without an adult could be at an increased risk of self-harm. >> watching a suicide or knowing someone who died by suicide can lead others to completing a suicide themselves. >> reporter: netflix responded to the concerns in a statement. we gave the series a tv ma rating and added explicit warnings on the three most graphic episodes. we hope that "13 reasons why" can serve as a cat list for conversation. >> bring your kids to work day. >> hello. >> reporter: radio host tobey received a warning letter from his 13-year-old daughter kyla's school but only after she had already binge watched "13 reasons why" alone. >> it's caused her mom and i to
7:46 am
say okay, what is our daughter watching of course what is she spending her screen time on. >> i love you. >> i think it's all too real for most of the people my age to cope with and understand. >> reporter: the series is designed to have an intense impact on viewers according to executive producer selena gomez who herself struggled with depression. >> they have to see something that's going to shake them. the show is as real as it possibly could get. >> reporter: a real show leading to real family dialog. >> i'm glad we're having a lot of tough conversations but i wish i would have been tuned in to those conversations. >> reporter: now however these conversations between parents and their children get started they are very important. according to the american academy of pediatrics among american teens 15 to 19, the second leading cause of death is suicide. norah? >> oh, wow. tony, thank you. >> interesting discussion to have. yeah. >> i'm glad it's generating the conversation as difficult as it is to hear and think about. >> and if your child is interested in the series good to
7:47 am
have a discussion about why. senator bernie sanders is one of president trump's biggest critics. ahead we'll ask him if there's anything the president has done in his first 100 days that he agrees with. what do you think? plus, how -- >> what would he say? >> a school bus driver got all 20 students off this bus in less than a minute after a ,, this portion of "cbs this
7:48 am
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7:52 am
of every everyone. the bus filled with smoke after an engine fire. a truck crossed the center line. five people ended up going to the hospital but no one got hurt. >> it looked chaotic but he knew exactly what he was doing. his parents thank him today. president trump says there's a chance of a major conflict with north korea. ahead, the tensions. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here. welcome to holiday inn! ♪ ♪
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7:56 am
suspect to surrender. this is a live picture.. at a gas station in martinez. has been barricaded good morning, it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. right now, the s.w.a.t. team is trying to get a murder suspect to surrender. this is a live pictured at a gas station at martinez in the east bay. he has been in the car since 8 p.m. last night. police believe he shot and killed a woman in walnut creek yesterday. in just a few hours, there's a meeting to discuss flood prevention in san jose. it's a joint meeting between the santa clara valley water district and the san jose city council. they will talk about what happened during in years flooding. stick around; we'll have traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
we are tracking problems
7:58 am
on the roads. bay bridge toll plaza traffic still stacked you want beyond the maze. we continue to see delays on the upper deck. we are getting reports of a crash eastbound 80 as you come off the lower deck of the bay bridge approaching the toll plaza. we have an accident along southbound 101 right near silver. one lane blocked. expect delays along southbound 101 as you head out of san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; back over to you. jaclyn, thank you very much. this is the first time i have ever seen this. a spider on our ocean beach camera lens as we look towards the beach there. boy, it's going to be a gorgeous day. that's where i want to be this weekend. not with that spider but on the beach. we have temperatures this weekend into the 80s. we are in the 40s and 50s. let's get away from that there. high temperatures in the 60s and 70s today. topping off at 78 degrees away from the water. check out the saturday temperatures. less wind than today when we have northwesterlies 10 to 20
7:59 am
late day stronger gusts to 12. more windy monday near 90 tuesday. ,, ,,,,,,
8:00 am
♪ it is friday, april 28th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." senator bernie sanders is working to rebuild the democratic party. and we'll talk with the former presidential candidate about president trump, tax reform and what the voters want. but first, here is today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> there's no doubt the u.s. would win what the president calls a major, major conflict with north korea. >> president trump says that he wants south korea to pay for the defense system. china and some south koreans oppose that. >> congress does sign off of this short term deal that buys them just one week to settle some of the more complicated budget issues. >> do you think the trump
8:01 am
administration could have done a better job in vetting mr. flynn? >> well, these things are not easy to discover if it happens, what happened, i'm not sure it's an impropriety or not. i don't have an opinion. >> how does one prepare for a big interview when this president is doing other interviews and you want it to be special. >> well i say what would charlie, norah and gayle do? >> president obama accepting $400,000 from a wall street to speak. >> paper boy, oh, paper boy. >> obama is getting 400 hi to dollars to be a keynote system. he's going to give an important policy speech entitled the four boats i'm going to buy. [ laughter ] >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. president trump is raising the
8:02 am
specter of military conflict with north korea. his warning came just before his 100th day in office. >> well, there's a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. >> newly released video from north korea state television shows kim jong un watching a military drill. the video purportedly showed tuesday's massive live fire exercise. it marked the 85th anniversary of the founding of north korea's army. >> president trump was asked in the same reuters interview if kim jong un is rational. quote, whether or not he's rational i have no opinion on it. i hope he's rational. the president said he hoped the situation could be resolved quote, diplomatically. but it's very difficult. >> congress will vote today on a short term budget extension to keep the government from
8:03 am
shutting down tomorrow. the spending measure wound -- would keep the government running for one more week. bernie sanders of vermont is with us from capitol hill ahead of that vote. senator, good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> are you confident that the u.s. congress will avoid a government shutdown? >> well, i surely hope so. it would be a disaster if the government did shut down. i hope it stays open. >> let me ask you about this interview in which president trump gave an interview to reuters and he said there's a possibility of a major major conflict with north korea. what do you think of that? >> well, the president said he wants to avoid that conflict. when you talk about a major, major conflict you're talking about a nuclear war. obviously i think the goal now is to work as strongly as we can with china. china is i think -- i think they receive about 80% of the exports from north korea. they are in a position to tighten the screws on north
8:04 am
korea. and tell them that they cannot continue their missile program or their nuclear program. but what concerns me right now i have to tell you, sitting here in the congress, is these incredible tax breaks that president trump and the republican leadership are proposing. it just seems to me that a time of massive income and wealth inequality, the idea we'd give cutting back on education and health care and the needs of our children and seniors is to me totally absurd. we have to everything we can to oppose that. >> that's what i wanted to ask you, the new yo"new york times" that the richest families and their heirs will benefit from this tax plan. can that get through congress? >> well, look, what you have now is a republican leadership doing the business of the koch brothers. the second wealthiest family in
8:05 am
america who spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year trying to elect republicans. i think that at a time when the top 0.1% owns as much wealth as the bottom 90%, when the middle class is shrinking the idea that you cut programs that people need to get tax breaks to the billionaire class is totally insane. >> you said that before many times even during the campaign so what can you do about it in this senate, in this congress? >> well, we can rally the american people to say that when you had a president who campaigns on supposedly behalf of the working class of this country that he's being totally hypocritical and dishonest. giving tax breaks to billionaires is not standing up for the working class of this country. >> well, 96% of the people that voted for him still support him. why do you think they're sticking with him? >> well, the latest poll shows that he's the least popular president in american history at this point in his administration.
8:06 am
i think it speaks to the fact that the democratic party has not been as strong as it should be in making it clear which side it is on. the fact that we are the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all people as a right. the fact that the middle class today has many, many millions of people out of work and -- working longer hours for lower wages. the democratic party has to get its act together. make it clear it's on the side of working people and expose trump's hypocrisy. >> tomorrow is the 100th day of his presidency. is there anything you can look at and say, donald trump you have done good? >> attaboy? >> there are some things that he has done. but i think the gist -- he does a lot of things but i think the gist of his 100 days and what really bothers me the most is not just his hypocrisy of telling working families, vote for me, i'm going to stand up to you and then doing exactly the opposite after he is elected. that hypocrisy is i think what
8:07 am
is disturbing to many, many people. >> could we hear one thing he's done well? >> i think he's talked at least about the need to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure and put $1 trillion into it. if he follows through on that that's an important idea. >> something you can report legislativ legislatively? >> if it's done -- right. >> do you believe that the president has taken us closer to war with north korea? >> no. this is a very complicated and difficult issue. north korea is an isolated, dangerous country that has nuclear weapons, working on a missile system. the goal is to bring the world together especially china to tell north korea that economically they are not going to survive if they continue the development of nuclear weapons and intercontinental missile efforts. >> president obama is going to speak at an event here in new york, wall street investment bank, for a $400,000 fee.
8:08 am
you were critical of hillary clinton for taking money like that. what do you say is about president obama making an even larger fee? >> look, president obama is a friend of mine. i think he as a president represented our country with integrity and intelligence. but i think at a time when people are so frustrated with the power of wall street and the big money interests, i think it is unfortunate that president obama is doing this. you know, right now you have president trump's key economic adviser as you know is gary pkohn, former president of goldman sachs, a firm that paid $5 billion in federal fines because of the legal behavior. wall street has incredible power and i would hope that the president would not give a speech like this. >> would you say if you were offered to give a speech for $400,000, you would turn it down?o cf1 o >> if wall street offers me that, yeah, i don't want wall street's money. >> even though -- >> but i must tell you, i really
8:09 am
don't have to worry about that too much. i haven't gotten too many invitations from wall street. >> i bet there are some people out there -- >> never say never, senator. >> all right. >> let us know if the phone rings today. >> i will. >> all right. senator sanders, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> a reminder "cbs this morning" will broadcast from inside the white house on monday. we'll have more of john dickerson's interview with president trump which debuts sunday on "face the nation." >> busy weekend. a lot to look forward to on morn day. the search for a woman leading a dangerous cult spanned across continents. >> i'm peter van sant, "48 hours." a cult that stole children, brainwashed and starved them. even forced them to take lsd. their leader thought she was jesus christ. and she eluded a worldwide man hunt until it came to the stunning end in this house in the catskills of new york state. that's coming up on "cbs this morning.",,
8:10 am
8:11 am
ll cool j has special agent sam hannah on the hit series ncis los angeles. he shares what he does to get into character and what's in store for the season finale. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ twenty years from now... will be more disappointed... the things you didn't do... ...than by the ones you did do. [beep, beep, beep, beep] [tires screech] wooo! so throw off the bowlines.
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8:15 am
>> we spent that many years up in the hell hole, being abused
8:16 am
nearly ref day. >> i think every day there were beatings. some were very vicious. i'm quite surprised that people survived them. >> lee ann and sarah are among the 28 children once collected by ann hamilton byrne. investigators say many were newborns delivered to ann by those who tricked unwed mothers into believing their babies were believed their mes. babies were going to good homes. >> all have mental scars, all suffered and something we take with us. >> i don't know who i am in many ways, i'm lost, and i was lost then. >> adam lancaster said his birth mother tried to revoke his adoption three times. >> i don't even know what the word love is. i can't even feel it. >> but the children say that's a lie. >> we try for food. >> she had me under lsd for days. just every 12 hours or so and
8:17 am
give me another piece because wasn't working hard enough. >> she wanted us to be the perfect children to save the world. >> that was divine orders, that was my mission, that was the divine vision. >> i think something she wanted was lots of little children. little perfect little children in perfect little dresses with perfect little blond hair. >> like the others, leanne endured it until she turned 17 years old and ran away. >> went to the police and police decided to do a raid and get the kids out. >> okay, everybody. i'll explain to you what's going to happen. >> we realize it's very, very stressful for you. >> where are we going? >> we're going to go away. >> it was an incredible story. this has got to be looked into properly. >> lex de man, before detective, spent years tracking ann down
8:18 am
when she fled australia. >> ann hamilton burn is the most evil person i've ever come across. >> a case that unfolded in australia. >> she wanted to start adopting american babies. and outside of this in the catskill mountains in new york. >> forced on that door. fbi. peter joining us at the table. so many questions here but sounds like she was crazy. >> she was. she would use lsd and black lights so she'd enter a room and say, i am god and the children were so taken by her and believed that she was christ. powerful mind controlling cult. >> it does exist today in australia and the united states. up in hur lingville, new york,
8:19 am
with the large house where the family lived and where she was arrested. >> do the people in the cult know they're in the cult? >> they think she's jesus christ. up there, i ahead the mistamade that we're doing a story about this cult and the guy looked at me and said, we are not a cult and sped off and went into the driveway of his house. there's still followers despite the history of abuse. there are as many as 10,000 that have a messianic figure, separate their worshippers from the rest of society, consider outsiders to be the enemy, and then take all their money. that's a very common platform for these people. >> wait to see where she ended up. thank you! it . >> two hour show this weekend. you can see peter's full report.
8:20 am
did we mention it's 2 hours? called "the family" on "48 hours" on cbs. president trump touted historic accomplishments in the first 100 days. we asked voters to write letters to the president. >> you've shown the world that the united states now has a real commander in chief. think? we've shown the united states has a real commander in chief. >> being a president is about trust. with all your proven lies, how can you expect to be trusted? >> ahead, we follow up in our ongoing sfs "we the people." you're watching "cbs this morning." americans - 83% try to eat healthy.
8:21 am
yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day women's in gummies and tablets. enamel is the strong, wof your tooth surface. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend the new pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪
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8:24 am
p.j. is 14 years old, a cancer survivor, he loves to play football and watches ravens. okay, p.j. it's time to make your dream come true. >> that was nfl commissioner roger goodell who was talking about t.j. who has battled cancer for two years. last night t.j. announced the ravens' first round draft choice. >> with the 16th pick in the 2017 nfl draft, the baltimore ravens select marlon humphries, defensive back from alabama. >> wow. >> nice. >> t.j.'s mom said his cancer is in remission. they made sure he was in philadelphia for the draft. that was really nice for the nfl.
8:25 am
>> it's nice to see people's dreams come true. the rapper and actor a 3-million dollar proposal is in front of the bart board of directors.. to beef up enforcement. bart says crime is up at its good morning. i'm michelle griego. a $3 million proposal is in front of the bart board of directors to beef up enforcement. bart says crime is up at its stations 22% from last year. the agency also says it loses $11 million in lost fares every year. a crash involving two police cars lands three san francisco officers in the hospital. it appears both vehicles did have their lights and sirens on. all three officers are expected to be okay. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. here's a check of your traffic. we are taking a live look at your ride on 880 if you are making your way through oakland. traffic on the right is heading northbound. it's just under a 40-minute ride from 238 to the maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are looking a little better. we see some improvement there. traffic still very heavy in those cash lanes. a crash southbound 101 at cesar chavez with two lanes blocked and traffic is backed up. speeds under 25 miles per hour. that's a check of your traffic.
8:28 am
roberta? >> we had winds last night but now we have wind-swept blue skies and we'll pick up the winds later today out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. but look at the visibilities. just seamless! unlimited as we're taking a view towards sausalito and in tiburon. it's a cooler start to your morning. in fact, we did dip down to 43 in livermore now at 49. low 50s in oakland and san francisco. >> this is a look at your extended forecast. we do call for the winds to pick up later today. sunny skies and less wind over the weekend. temperatures low 80s away from the water. mid-80s by the first day of may on monday. 90 degrees on tuesday. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's a reason we're playing you that song, "mama said knock you out." hello, ll cool j. >> i kind of do, but i don't -- i don't -- >> i think he's doing an interview with somebody. >> i know. ll cool j you're on camera. >> what up! >> who are you talking to? >> huh? >> who are you talking to? >> myself, i'm a weirdo. >> okay. welcome, weirdo, we can't wait to talk to you at the table. he'll talk about the series on fire these days. "ncis l.a." >> and the uber is searching for
8:31 am
a second in command, after a video showed kalanick yelling at a driver. he said he needs help. candidates from large established companies are being established. the "atlanta journal constitution" says that the waffle house cofounder thomas francis forkner has died. his waffle house partner joe rodgers, sr., also died at 97. they opened the first waffle house near atlanta in 1955 and the chain now has more than 1,900 restaurants nationwide. >> especially good at 3:00 a.m. just saying. and then "the miami herald" is reporting on a 410 pound lion who got a root canal. veterinarians used a powerful sedative to put the lion under for the operation. large tools as you see were used in the surgery. the zoo says the lion is now free of pain. well, that's good. while he was under the
8:32 am
9 1/2-year-old male got a pedicure. i'd like to know how they knew he even needed a root canal. let's start with that. wow. >> great to be a lion. >> it is great to be a lion. tomorrow is president trump's 100th day in office and in the ongoing series "we the people" we explore the voter's optimism and frustration. we followed up with four people of varying political backgrounds and beliefs. we asked them to write letters to the president for this symbolic benchmark. >> dear president trump, my name is stephen shook. >> i'm leo smith. >> i'm halle, i'm a 26-year-old resident of struthers, ohio. i did not vote for you in the election. i grew up in the small blue collar community. most of whom you appeal to in your campaign. even though i wasn't drawn into your rhetoric, i would like to ask on behalf of all of those who were why haven't any of your political promises been fulfilled in your first 100 days asat?
8:33 am
-- as president? >> i'm a business man and an activist with the georgia republican party and i voted for you. >> i solemnly swear. >> at the top of my list during the 2016 election was a need for a candidate who would disrupt the status quo. judging by the number of political pundits and foreign heads of state complaining about your lack of predictability and your twitter feed, i think we woke people up. >> dealing with global issues in syria, north korea and afghanistan, you have used and shown necessary force and in doing so you have shown the world that the united states now has a real commander in chief. >> i completely agree with the action that you took to show the syrian government that the united states will not sit idly by while they torture and kill innocent people. i does make a person wonder though. if you truly cared about the suffering of syrian children, why have you banned them from the safety of our country?
8:34 am
>> dear president trump, i'm an attorney from staten island, new york. if i could vote, i would now vote for you. you say you had a great heart. you wouldn't deport dreamers like me. yet, your nation has seen the rise of a deportation force that's created a climate of fear and deporting dreamers and good people. >> you have deported criminals who are living here illegally. again, you have shown our country and the world that america and our safety come first. >> i have children tell me they're afraid to go to school. even u.s. born latinos feel they have to carry their passports just in case they come in contact with the immigration. >> pre-trump my 9-year-old son had a vision, but it was matched about the occasional distress about his future as an american. your attention onned a drel add where there's the reality that
8:35 am
many of the classmates cannot understand classes taught in english. we do embrace legal immigration. but not at the expense of academic progress. >> as an educator i'm very concerned about your appointment of betsy devos as secretary of education. >> i was just asking to clarify. >> as a teacher in a low income district i'm very worried that free and reduced school lunches may be cut. i have seen students digging through trash cans looking for something to eat when not in school. >> my only disappointment was the proposed health care reform. >> we're living with obama cake for the foreseeable health care. >> the current cost of health care is unaffordable for myself and many other americans. >> being president is about trust. with your proven lies how can you expect to be trusted?
8:36 am
>> you get an "a" for stimulating market confidence, sir, but we need lower and middle class jobs. >> i know that you have faced a tremendous amount of opposition from people and by media outlets. my advice to you for whatever it's worth, stay humble, mr. president. even in the face of opposition. >> i want you to succeed. but only if you bring out the best of this nation, not the worst. >> i hope at the end of your four years i can be proud of what you achieved and worked towards. >> your first 100 days has been a reshaping of american vision. and we thank you for it. we're now more interested in the engine of the car and not the flamboyance of the driver. so sir, please just deliver the pizza. americans are hungry. >> that's really good. >> really good about it, it shows you the eloquence of people. >> yeah. you can tell they put a lot of thought into it. what i like is such a good cross-section of people that we're talking to too. very well done. >> something about writing down your thoughts before you speak
8:37 am
them. >> yeah. >> that adds to the thoughtfulness. >> yeah. >> a good idea. >> it is. right? >> think before your speak. >> yeah. right? i mean -- i haven't seen a piece done like that. what we're doing is very original. >> very "cbs this morning." i like that. >> we're going to follow up with them to see how their perspectives might change throughout the trump presidency. we want do remind you to tune in to "cbs this morning" on monday when we'll be live from inside the white house. we'll feature john dickerson's interview with president trump which debuts on "face the nation" this sunday and today on "cbs this morning" podcast, our executive producer previews the special podcast. wow. >> all right. >> i want to know what he has to say. >> i do too. >> he'll tell us what to expect and explain the process of moving our show from studio 57 to washington. >> yeah, that's what we call a broadcast original. pedro, you go.
8:38 am
ll cool j's grandfather bought him the equipment to help him discover his passion. the actor and rapper is in the greenroom with whether we can expect new music any time,,
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ for eight season ll cool j
8:42 am
has starred in the cbs show "ncis los angeles." here's a preview of sunday's episode. >> looks like he was getting rid of evidence. >> evidence of what? >> gold heist? >> all right so the bike comes down here. we fire at him. he takes them out. >> second bike comes from behind, catches him by surprise. >> a hit? >> maybe. >> ll cool j, we welcome back you back to the table. that's this sunday's episode but i hear the word on the street is about the finale. it's the most dramatic thing that's ever been done on tv. >> it is. sam hannah, my character, his wife gets kidnapped and then all hell breaks loose. you know, for a procedural, i think the new show -- they really took the character development and the whole idea of really getting into the story and the personalities of these
8:43 am
characters to another level on the -- >> but it does sound like hype to say the most dramatic ever done. >> yeah, but this time it's true. >> is there a rescue? >> yeah, there is. >> does somebody die? >> yeah -- a cast member does get -- >> oh, not my brother, chris o'donnell. >> walking guillotine. >> nothing happens to my brother, chris o'donnell. >> well, you have to watch and see, but it's more dramatic than you probably expect. i promise you that. >> let's talk about you. because you play sam hannah, former navy s.e.a.l., he speaks so many languages. >> yeah. yes. >> do you have anything in common with him in real life? >> oh, i can speak a few languages but this guy is much more heroic than i'd ever be. >> i don't know. we have seen your heroism. >> i have had my moments. >> yes, you have. >> what are you talking about? >> in between passing -- >> when somebody broke into his house. >> yeah. yeah. >> you kicked butt, please. >> well, didn't do anything charlie wouldn't do.
8:44 am
[ laughter ] >> but i do love that you have also used this show, the sam hannah as a former navy s.e.a.l., to address the veteran issues and the challenges that they have had in seeking care. >> you know, i haven't personally done that. but i guess, you know, when you think about it my father was in the navy my grandfather in the army. i think they should be put in harm's way for the right reasons, not the wrong reasons. >> dave grohl was here yesterday and he said every musician has a musical epiphany where it's more than just sound to them. what is your musical epiphany, that everybody has it. >> an interesting thing. i think for me, i was walking down -- i was in junior high school and i was walking down the hallway. it was kind of a dimly lit hallway. i saw this kid he was from behind saying this dj gets down, mixing records while they go round. i was looking at him from the back and it was like -- it was
8:45 am
like a cloud was around him. like oh i want to do that. >> yeah. that was it. that was the moment for me. >> has your music taken second? >> yeah. >> second place to your acting? >> you know, my love for music hasn't taken second place, but in terms of my logistical priorities i'm working on tv and television right now. i love to perform. i still do festivals and concerts. people can log on to my website and check out what i'm doing next. hit me up on instagram. >> available to host shows -- >> huh? >> you're available to host shows and things like that? >> you know if it's right. you know, i'm not going to host the opening of an envelope. you know what i'm saying? but if it's right, you know, if it's right i'll be there. i'll be there. >> listen, norah, i went to hug him backstage. and i did this. i did this -- stand up for a second. >> norah, please. >> i gave him a hug. >> i know this is inappropriate. >> what are you doing work out?
8:46 am
>> touch his arm. >> i've already touched him. don't you claim you're the -- >> no, no. i felt it. it was like, lording let me sit down and take that in for a second. i'm interested. >> i hit the gym really hard four to five times a week, boxing and weights. >> lifting little children? >> free weights in a metaphor cal sense, i guess. >> free weights? definitely freeweights and cardio and machines. >> you look good. >> thank you. i,, hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day.
8:47 am
stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®.
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i got it. i gotcha baby. (vo) it's being there when you're needed most. love is knowing... he's the one. (vo) was meant to be. and love always keeps you safe.
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we're fine. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust. now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. on monday we'll be live inside the white house. that's right inside the white house and now we'll take a look at what's happened all week.
8:50 am
have a great weekend. >> please do. >> there's a chance we can end up having a major major conflict with north korea. >> there's no doubt the u.s. would when, but the loss of life and destruction of property would be horrendous on both sides. >> the u.s. has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. >> the most sweeping tax reform in history. >> we will build a great wall. >> even some republicans are wondering if this is really the time for that border wall funding. >> michael flynn is facing legal problems on several fronts. >> you simply cannot take money from russia, turkey. >> the waters of the neuse river crested overnight. >> it's overwhelming. >> oh, my gosh. following in steve jobs' footsteps here. >> changing the world. that's the bigger pressure you put on yourself. >> bill o'reilly said he was shaken by hissousster.
8:51 am
>> the industry's under a microscope for how it greets customers. >> if you do that to me,'ll knock you flat. >> you do have pictures of everything i had done in high school, e probably wouldn't have been president of the united states. >> i wouldn't have put you with a nerdy geek. >> me neither to be honest with you, but it's the best thing. ♪ i'm running out to the costco ♪ ♪ get up off of that thang >> i lift a glass to everyone in this room and i am honored to be in this room with you. >> i feel like time 100 is din were charlie rose. >> oh, yes, it is. except the dinner is pizza and hamburger. >> the dress was amazing. >> you're not the first to tell
8:52 am
her. >> the hype was amazing. >> and the fit. >> the what? >> the fit. >> oh, my. >> are you saying if you were offer fourth degree $ offered $400,000 to speak, you would turn it down? >> if wall street offered it, yes, i would turn it down. but i don't have to worry. i haven't gotten any offers. -- captions by vitac -- ♪ >> you know what's interesting to me? i've had a lot of people successful in a lot of businesses. they would all trade it in if they could be a rock star. >> not a bad gig. >> i agree. >> not a bad gig. >> that's how charlie does it.
8:53 am
>> all that. >> and all that matters. >> on "cbs this morning.",,,,,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
right now at a martinez ga ation: the swat team is trying to get a murder suspect to surrender. arricaded good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego. right now at a martinez gas station the s.w.a.t. team is trying to get a murder suspect to surrender. he has been barricaded there since 8 p.m. after he allegely shot and killed a woman in walnut creek yesterday. in a few hours there's a meeting to discuss flood prevention in san jose. it's a joint meeting between the santa clara valley water district and the san jose city council to talk about what happened during this year's catastrophic flooding. a $3 million proposal is in front of the bart board of directors to beef up enforcement. bart says crime is up at its stations 22% from last year. the agency also says it loses $11 million in fares every year. stay with us; weather and traffic in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:56 am
8:57 am
♪ good morning. 8:57. here's your traffic update. we'll take it live over at the bay bridge toll plaza where it's been "slow, stop, go" all morning long. we are starting to see some improvement but now it's starting to back up again so no
8:58 am
reports of any accidents or stalls. you still have about 14 minutes from the maze to downtown san francisco. drive times: hat's a check of your traffic; back over to you. i was like coughing and tryingclear my throat here because allergies are on the rise, will continue to go up as far as the pollen count is concern, all weekend as we have drier air in place and a breeze, too. in fact, downright windy today. northwesterly 27 gusts at time. that's where we all should be this weekend as the temperatures soar into the 80s. we are in the 40s and 50s right now. 51 degrees in san francisco. later today, temperatures from the 60s at the coast 70s around the bay and peninsula to the mid- and high 70s away from the bay. check your weekend when temperatures start to spike and then by tuesday, 90 degrees.
8:59 am
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