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  Face the Nation  CBS  April 30, 2017 9:00am-9:02am PDT

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>> dickerson: welcome back to "face the nation". and the final part of our interview yesterday with president trump. >> dickerson: you said yesterday on fox that russia is a phony story. which part of sit phony? >> the concept of russia with respect to us is a total phony story. >> dickerson: you mean the trump campaign. >> of course it was a total phony story. i heard where general flynn got his clearance from the obama administration. >> dickerson: but you don't -- >> excuse me and when he went to russia, i didn't realize this when he went to russia it wasokk 2017, 2015 and he was on obama clearance, when general flynn came to us as you now know he already had the highest clearance you could have. i think the same clearance as the president of the united states would have. he had this really high clearance. and by theñi way, ty are so devastated because this only came up two days ago, why wasn't this reported months ago? but i watched one of your other competitors and they were devastated by this news because you know what? that kills them, that's tend of
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their subject. >> dickerson: you don't think it is phony the russians tried to med until the election? >> that i don't know. >> dickerson: you don't know or do know? >> well, i have a problem. you have podesta, who i understand has a company with his brother in russia, hillary's husband makes speeches in russia, hillary did a uranium deal in russia, nobody ever talks about that but i don't know, because the fbi was not allowed by podesta7pwú do go a d check all of the records and servers and everything you would normally have to check. that's number one. number 2, knowing something about hacking if you don't catch añi hacker, okay, in the act, it is very hard to say who did the hacking.çóuy]'j4(pcc @& along with russia, it could have been china, it could have been a lotxd of different groups. >> dickerson: so president donald trump is ambivalence about -- >> no we have to find out what happened. >> dickerson: but you don't think it is the russians? >> i will tell you it had nothing to do with us and this and ever knows it and by the way, even my enemies on your
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show said, we haven't figured out anything that the trump campaign did wrong. do you agree with that a? >> dickerson: but there are agreements in the intelligence communities and other places and investigative communities on the hill that russia was involved in the election -- >> honestly john, i am okay, why didn't p podesta and the democrs why didn't they allow the fbi to check the server. some things said pretty bad things to go and check their server and give theñr informati. so they were hacked. why didn't they allow -- why didn't the democrats allow the fbi -- they told the fbi, we are not going to lou you to do it. why did they do that? why did they do that, john? why wouldn't they let the fbi go and check? and by the way, why did the fbi complain about it? >> dickerson: