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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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sunday morning. >> we see it all the time. >> reporter: it all began around 8 am at the big 5 sporting goods store. the store was closed but employees called 911 saying there was a man with a gun outside. police say as soon as officers arrived, they got into a gun battle. we counted half a dozen evidence markers in the road.>> he fired at the officers. the officers returned fire. the subject took off running. he jumped over some fences into a local mobile home park.>> neighbors say they saw the man running up and down the street holding a gun. that is when heavily armed police officers surrounded the area. the suspect was either trying to hide or entering home. police ordered him to come out with his hands on his head and he did.
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kristie king lives a few doors down and says that the suspect ditched the gun in his wishes. >> i was terrified. my children were crying.>> reporter: this was the third officer involved shooting in five days. >> we have been very busy. it is the third officer involved shooting incident this week. there have been no significant injuries to our officers. no injuries to the public. >> reporter: eddie garcia, the police chief, just tweeted out that all of this violence is appalling. he will be giving everything in about 30 minutes. a san raphael man is behind ours tonight accused of posing as a landlord. the unnamed 38- year-old was arrested friday night after allegedly telling an undercover officer he would turn over the key in exchange
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for $2000 and sex on a regular basis. police say he had been putting up ads primarily targeting immigrants. the suspect faces fraud in prostitution charges. one n. bay city is once again making waves for those who live life on the water. there is a push to get them out of their boat and back on land. they told our wilson walker at they plan to fight. >> i have been out here 50 years. >> reporter: you will find all the trappings of the life aquatic. >> i have a grandfather clock. >> reporter: grand baker has the sea in his blood. >> that is my great, great grandfather. he was a sea captain. i look a lot like him. >> reporter: he is something of a fixture out here. >> i love it out here.
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>> reporter: people who live aboard boats are within the domain but they are technically a bit be on the letter of the law. the city is once again reviewing how to manage these waters. >> i think every 10 or 15 years someone gets angry that everyone is anchored out here. >> reporter: among the concerns, they see abandoned boat -- boats, environmental problems. the city is deciding to address these worries and it is something of an existential question. >> the thought that baker would have to leave? >> i had to laugh because i would be living under the tree with one of the locals.>> reporter: the renewed debate has touched a nerve.
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>> people get upset about things because they can control them. >> this is a community that has lived quite deliberately on its own will still managing to be very much a part of sausalito. it is hard to imagine sausalito without them. >> we live our lifestyle and they live there is. they should leave us alone.>> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. crews continue to try to salvage a sunken barge that has been in the bay for a month. they are using floating cranes and other equipment to try to turn the barge up right. divers have rigged the anchors to the seafloor to make that possible. the 112 foot vessel capsized a month ago settling upside down on a layer of earth over the trans-bay to. it has 4000 gallons of fuel on board and some hydraulic fluid. salvage crews want to avoid leaks as they work toward pulling the barge back to the surface. we have video of an injured hiker plot of a trail on mount diablo and airlifted to safety.
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the contra costa sheriff's helicopter recorded the video in the rescue yesterday afternoon. the woman was spotted not moving a mile of the donner creek trail . the area was steep and unstable. she was airlifted to a waiting ambulance and taken to the hospital with a preclinical -- broken ankle. kpix 5's john raymo's spent the day with the crowd at the travis air show. >> reporter: travis air force base opens up the gates and gives the public a chance to marvel at some of man's most amazing machines. the fast movers are a crowd favorite from an up close look at the f-15 eagle to a stand back view of a brand-new f 35 stealth fighter. there was even a glimpse back in time with a cold war era u2 spy plane but here at travis, the mission is moving equipment and supplies to wherever the troops need them. airman erin walker is proud to
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work on a c-5 galaxy, the largest cargo plane in the military which can transport up to eight attack helicopters in its cavernous belly.>> that is our job. we take it really seriously. without us, they would be out there with nothing. >> reporter: the show featured familiar displays of aerobatic flying but it was a reminder of the tragedy in 2014 as pilot eddie entreaty was killed when his spy plane if the runway and it took more than five minutes for rescue crews to arrive. now, there are four fire engines stationed along the runway and crews train to arrive within one minute of a crash. >> it is something that has transformed the air show industry. it has not been adopted by just the airports or the navy, but civilian air shows as well. >> reporter: mostly, today's show was a chance to appreciate the ingenuity of man and his struggle to defy gravity. nine-year-old jason north
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summed it up nicely. >> it really pleases me to see this kind of power and be inside of such a mighty creation. >> reporter: at travis air force base, john ramos, kpix 5 the air show was expected to draw 150,000 people in its two they run. at -- if you are headed in or out of san francisco, stay clear of the area of howard near second street. it is the 18th annual how weird street fair. it is going on right now. there is plenty of food, music and fun. there is also plenty of traffic backing up in the bay area. the event runs 3 pm tonight. we have discovered a lot of bay area bridges are badly in need of repair. coming up, we asked what is taking so long to get them fixed? is it safe to drive across them? a major bank dropped the
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ball. this bay area park is for the birds. why it will be off- limits to people for at least a month. we've got mostly clear skies. that will be true for a while, until it is not. tanker truck,,
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mac-arthur maze near the bay bridge. th ch took just 26-d it has been 10 years since a tanker truck exploded. the lightning fast fix which took's 26 days was a triumph for caltrans the many other bridges across the bay area in the state have been listed as structurally deficient for years . we wanted to know what is taking so long to get them repaired. every year in california,
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thousands of highway bridges are rated structurally deficient in the national bridges inventory. the fiber bridge on highway 1 was not one of them. this big sur bridge was rated good, not in need of any repair until a winter day louche this february. skyview 5 got to look at the buckling bridge. caltrans began to tear down the bridge that has gone from good to one safe in a matter of weeks. many more are on caltrans list to be fixed. >> how many structures are we talking about? >> thousands. >> reporter: bob hoss is talking about the states thousands of bridges rated structurally deficient. >> we are putting more and more wear and tear on our highways and bridges. they need more and more work. a lot of them were built 50 or 60 years ago. they are coming to the end of their service like. >> reporter: these bridges are expected to last about six decades but we found bay area
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bridges that are close to 100 years old. this stone bridge is on highway 12 n. of sonoma in the wine country. the foundations of the hooker creek bridge require a high priority a replacement. the substructure rating is critical. the bridges inventory notes extensive scouring at ridge foundation. caltrans says they will begin to replace this bridge in 2020 and note they must prioritize. >> the backlog will be there. we expect -- inspect the bridges regularly. >> reporter: caltrans would shut down this section of highway 101 in downtown san raphael if the irwin quick bridge is not safe. it was built in 1895, we have it rated structurally deficient in 2015. most motorists never noticed they are crossing this bridge. many of the bridges that need
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retrofit are owned by cities or counties, not the state. it comes down to the cities to prioritize where to spend their money and on which roads and bridges. >> it is cracked like somebody broke it with an ax.>> reporter: the lemur bridge needs seismic retrofitting and running directly under it is a 16 inch pge gas pipeline which pg&e last inspected in 2013. >> reporter: for the last 20 years, this bridge has been on oakland's list of bridges that need to be fixed or repaired. city engineers tell us it will take another three years before they even start work on this bridge because they have to go through the planning and environmental reviews. >> reporter: that is easier said than done. >> it is a question of priorities. >> reporter: the metropolitan transportation commission says
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the money is not fair. even with the passage of the governor's new gas tax. >> that will mostly go to pothole repair. that money won't be sufficient to replace these big structures that are owned by local governments. >> reporter: this huge sinkhole is now taking precedence over a bridge 500 feet away. the city has planned to replace it for at least six years. work was due to begin on the bridge this spring but the city tells us they are going back to the drawing board to look at their options. >> there is a perception from motorists that if i drive over the bridge, someone is making sure it is safe. who was enforcing that? >> it is local governments responsibility to make these decisions. >> according to the american society of engineers, if a bridge is not safe, it will be closed. structural efficiency
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rating means the bridge has to be inspected on a regular basis. in east bay park is going to the birds. a flyer is posted saying it is closed until june because protected wildlife is nesting in the area. the baseball field will soon be -- still be open for scheduled use only. the grass will not be mowed in june. we are going to begin by talking about flood advisories. they are posted. i know it brings back memories. these flood advisories are posted because of all of the snow melt into the carson river. it has high flows and it is causing minor flooding along one of my favorite roads in california, 395 in the eastern sierra. it is a beautiful drive from here into lone pine. the flooding will last until june and there is more to come. back in the bay area, we have some high clouds over the golden gate bridge.
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the numbers are still in the 70s . san jose, 71. santa rosa, 73. tomorrow morning the numbers will start out in the low 50s. we will have sunshine in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow will top out in the upper 70s. some places will be into the 80s. winds loes and pressure will build. the temperatures will come up as a result. many inland locations will be in the low 80s and then temperatures will collapse by thursday. between now and then, it will be mild and warm. the low pressure that was over san francisco yesterday did not produce anything in the way of rain but in the southland they are getting some rain and some thunder from santa barbara county and south. futurecast shows mostly clear skies for us tomorrow. it looks like a nice monday.
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fair and chilly. it will be breezy tonight. the winds right now are gusting to 21 miles per hour . temperatures bounce back to the 80s inland and we will then get coastal clouds and temperatures back into the 70s by midweek. 80s from reading. yosemite, partly cloudy skies. the airport had heavy snow 24 hours ago in tahoe. it will be sunny at sfo tomorrow. back in the bay area, after overnight lows in the 50s tonight and sun up tomorrow morning, we will be looking for numbers to rebound to above average. san francisco at 67 tomorrow. oakland, 72. south bay, mid-70s. east bay, the same. 70s to low 80s as well in the north bay. the numbers will be confined to the 70s in the santa rosa.
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we will look at numbers mostly in the mid-80s for lake county. warm the next couple of days and then thursday, friday and saturday the numbers tumble. the temperatures come down but no rain comes down. we have some good news to report on warriors coach steve kerr. >> john daly stuns the golf world today. -- golf world today. ,, the home of "wow" savings. ,, wow means you save 50% or more. there are three stages of wow. denial. is this price right? acceptance. and boooyah. wait for it.
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cheating death at 96... delton walling celebrated his 96th birthday this a pearl harbor survivor is still cheating death and 96. delton rawlings celebrated his 96 different they -- birthday this weekend by jumping from a plane. he has done a before and loves the thrill it brings. >> it makes you feel pretty good. nobody else does. >> this jump was his last. he is hanging up his parachute but he will continue to travel
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and give motivational speeches.>> he looks fantastic. >> good for him. the a's are coming out of the woodwork. this is setting up to be a rather long season for the bay area baseball fans. yesterday, the a's got there first walkoff victory of the season and they were hoping it was contagious. the little leaguers are battling here to see you can get the autographed first. bottom of the fourth, 2-1. the a's have a 4-1 lead. the next inning, it is 4-3. randolph threw it in the dirt. it is 5-4, oakland in the sixth. a two run home run helps the tigers retake the lead.
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jed lowrie doubles to left- center field and rajai davis comes all the way run from first base to score in the game was tied at 6. two batters later today, ryon healy sends want to left. is a deep enough? it is a walkoff home run for ryon healy. the a's when -- win. >> it seemed like when he hit it , there was no doubt. >> i did not know. i thought i might hit a seagull to tell you the truth. there are 400 of them circling. it could hit a seagull and come down and you would play it. you had to wait. they know better than anybody whether or not it is going out. >> if only the giants offense was as good as scoring runs as they aren't pregame handshakes. bottom of the third, scott schebler hits it.
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ninth home run of the season for him to give the reds a 3-0 lead. bottom of the sixth, jose peraza line drive and hernandez ran it down. scott feldman was even better. he came into today with an era near five. a lower after tossing a four hit shutout. the reds when 4-0 and they sweep the series for the giants. >> the warriors are 7-0 in the postseason. >> steve kerr spent the weekend at duke after undergoing a spinal cord leak procedure. he and the team hope this will alleviate the pain and allow him to turn -- return to the bench. >> the good news is, it is on the path to recovery but i wish i could be more definitive.
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i would be thrilled for him as a person but i don't know and he does not know. >> raptor fans are hoping their team does not become extinct. the cavs going for the sweep in the first quarter. lebron james finished with 35 points. kyrie irving scored 11 straight points for the cavs. they beat the raptors 109-102. cleveland is eight -- 8-0 this season. >> the wells fargo championship in north carolina. dustin johnson roles in the birdie putt on 18. he has the lead in the clubhouse. brian dorman tied for the lead with pat perez. a 28 foot birdie putt. he finishes 10 under.
6:25 pm
it is his second career pga tour win and his first since july 2014. >> john daly in his patriotic pants won the in spirit he open by one shot after he car today final-round 69. he celebrated with a champagne shower. let the party begin. it is good for golf to have him back in the winner's circle. coming up, france elects its youngest leader since napoleon. partisan squabbling at the state capital. >> quit complaining and start introducing things that make sense. but quit blaming republicans. >> it is a new showdown shaping up in sacramento over health care.
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deep inside this fault, countless valuables are locked away for safekeeping, or are they? >> i just got robbed from the bank. >> a major bank drilling open safe-deposit boxes. one bay area customer tells us she lost everything. this young bay area biologist is bringing back a rare blue butterfly after making a key discovery about their diet. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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leader.. centrist candidate you are watching kpix 5 news. france has chosen its next leader, sentiments candidate emmanuel marcon. macron defeated marine le pen taking 65% of the vote. wendy gillette reports from new
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york. >> reporter: a joyful roar erupted in paris as supporters of emmanuel marcon learn he will be the next president of france. in his acceptance speech, he said he would protect the interest of france in europe and fight against terrorism. the campaign had some similarities to the u.s. presidential election in november. eccentric candidate whose platform centered on european unity and an open economy running against far right leader marine le pen focused on a message of anti-immigration and nationalism, threatening to take france out of the eu. on friday, macron was the target of widespread hacking online but it did not seem to affect the results. projections show macron winning by a larger than expected margin. le pen conceded the race shortly after the results were announced saying she spoke to
6:30 pm
macron to congratulate him and wish him success. she also called for patriots to join the new political force. there were fears that violence could interfere with sunday's voting. a bomb scare forced an evacuation at of museum. the tens of thousands of police officers on duty nationwide served as a determined -- deterrent and no other problems were reported. macron will be the country's youngest leader since napoleon. wendy gillette, cbs news. president donald trump sent out a tweet congratulating macron saying that he looks very much forward to working with him. the president this weekend urged senate republicans do not let the american people down when it comes to replacing obamacare.>> everywhere we look, obamacare is collapsing. the house bill has a plan that will save americans from this disaster and replace it with more choices and more freedom for american families. >> the houseboat and the road
6:31 pm
ahead for the senate was the talk of the sunday political shows. all corners are confident of an improved healthcare system. in california, some lawmakers are not waiting to see what emerged in washington. anne makovec says they are preparing to fix things on their own. >> they are upset because we may have to go it alone.>> show was the leadership you promised us. >> reporter: now that republicans have passed in obamacare replacement, all eyes are on democrats. the vote in washington happened as members of california state senate were wrapping up for the day but senators stayed an extra hour to talk about the vote. senator joe anderson had a message for california democrats.>> quit whining and start leading. complaining and start introducing things that make sense. quit blaming republicans. this is a state that is run by one party.
6:32 pm
it is time to see you lead. >> reporter: senate democrats said they are ready. >> we do have work to do. the point is not to complain and whine a. the point is to mount resistance on behalf of those we represent who depend upon us to not accept what has just happened in washington dc. >> i am not a complainer. i am a fighter. you can delmo -- damn well better believe i will be fighting on this issue.>> reporter: in washington, it is a different story. democrats are trying to hold on.>> elections have consequences. we were in the minority unfortunately. the american people have put the republicans in the majority and elected this president. what we try to do is protect what we got and that means you have to be on the defense. >> reporter: the congressman is a cosponsor of federal legislation to provide medical for everyone. a bill that would create a single-payer system in california is chugging along to the legislature. congressman says whether it is federal or state, look to
6:33 pm
california on healthcare. >> i think california's understanding in the long run you will get better quality care. california will lead the way out of this. >> reporter: anne makovec, kpix 5 voters will have a lot more influence in the next presidential election. california state senator is just approved a bill that would move up the june primary to the third tuesday in march. that would make california the third primary in the nation after iowa and new hampshire. supporters say would give californians a much more powerful voice in national decisions until other states also move up their primaries. we are hearing more about a man who wants to be the next mayor of san francisco. former city supervisor and state senator mark leno announced last week he will be making a run in 2019. we asked him how he would tackle one of the cities most pressing problems, homelessness. >> this is not just a local
6:34 pm
problem, it is a national problem. we are making progress. we have to do much better. the misery on the streets is untenable. we have to invest more in the mental health services. >> the city is about to have a more money to invest in solving the problem. the mayor announced this morning that a nonprofit organization has pledged $100 million to cut chronic homelessness in the city by 50% over the next five years. the money will go toward housing, mental health and criminal justice programs. bank robbers are not the only ones who might empty out your safe-deposit box. the bank may do it for you. some customers are complaining they were blindsided when their bank drilled their safe-deposit boxes and now they are missing tens of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: family heirlooms, jewelry she wore on her wedding day, gone forever after bank of america drilled and emptied their safe-deposit box without any warning.
6:35 pm
>> this goes with the missing jewelry? >> yes.>> reporter: a single tag is all that was left in their box after the bank shipped the contents to a holding center on the east coast.>> all of my jewelry and my treasure is gone. >> reporter: when the bank shipped some of their stuff back, $17,000 worth of jewelry was still missing. what they did get back was tangled. several delicate pieces were damaged or broken. >> everything was dumped into this plastic bag. >> reporter: wendy wu says her safe-deposit box was always -- also drilled without notice. >> safe-deposit box, that is what the name is four. >> reporter: attorney chris landrum said his clients lost more than jewelry. >> bank of america lost the original deed to a real property in china. >> reporter: they may lose the
6:36 pm
property.>> regulators say banks majorly safe-deposit box without permission due to a court order, warrant, nonpayment or if the bank is closing a branch. those reasons did not apply to any of the people who came to us.>> they claimed one of the signers information was missing. >> they claim to my social security was not there. >> they said they were missing the date of birth and address of one of the co-renters of the box.>> reporter: all information the bank is required to get before opening an account. bfa claims it sent letters requesting the missing information. >> we never got it. there is no evidence of any certified mail. >> i asked them to produce the letter but they never did. the bank later provided copies of two of the letters allegedly sent in november 2015. the boxes were drilled 10 to 15 months later. >> meanwhile, our clients were going in and out of the bank with regular banking. >> i went there every few months. >> they never informed me.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: all three customers point out they had other accounts the bank could have cross-referenced. >> i currently have 17 different safe-deposit litigations. i have been hired as an expert witness. >> reporter: the bank should have flagged all of their accounts to notify them in person of the missing information. federal relations are clear that banks must provide customers with adequate notice. >> a notification should be made by a registered letter or by certified return oversee letter. >> reporter: be of a did not do that. in a statement, the bank said we notify customers by mail in accordance with law prior to drilling a box and have protocols to verbally communicate the matter when the customer comes into the financial center to access their box. that did not happen in these cases. most people don't realize safe- deposit boxes are not insured unless you purchase a separate policy and the bank's liability is limited under the rental agreement. >> the fdic does not ensure boxes.>> reporter: over the past three years, approximately 50,000 boxes and $1.3 billion
6:38 pm
worth of property has been impacted by things like that, floods, fires and other natural disasters. >> we have no way to track how many boxes have been drilled or the amount of property that has been taken by the bank.>> reporter: banks are not required to report back to regulators and insurance policies don't cover items lost when the bank drills your box.>> the bank did agree to reimburse michael and maggie for their lost jewelry and pay the repair mrs. wu's. as it turns out, in at least two of the cases, the missing information wasn't missing at all. >> the original agreement from the box has all of the information. >> everything is there. >> reporter: $17,000 worth of jewelry and a property in china, gone due to missing information the bank had all along. >> i just got robbed from the bank. they took my stuff. >> reporter: consumers can file complete with the comptroller of currency which regulates safe-deposit box.
6:39 pm
the agency tells us it does have broad authority to take supervisory action, the agency does not generally take enforcement action on behalf of consumers. unless your losses are significant, experts say consumers have little recourse in these cases. in the newsroom, julie watts. a different kind of canine training for cops. a state lawmaker pushing for police to learn more about the animals they encounter. the state where is soon could be legal for adoption agencies to turn down certain parents. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ce chief just ga we have no details on that gun battle in the san jose. the police chief just gave and updates minutes ago. he said the suspect was carrying a stolen 45 caliber pistol when he opened fire on police near east ridge mall this morning. one officer returned fire but no one was hit. the suspect was taken into custody after a brief manhunt and book on three counts of attempted murder of a
6:42 pm
police officer. the motive is unclear but the chief says his officers did what they had to do.>> the actions of the suspect were appalling. they continued -- the continued violence toward law enforcement officers is equally appalling. we are very lucky we did not lose an officer today. as appalled as im by the suspect's actions, i am equally proud of's the bravery -- of the bravery shown i the men and women of the police department.>> the officer who filed -- fired his weapon is on paid leave. we have a crew following up on the story and we will bring you the latest tonight. california lawmakers are pushing to make police investigations safer for people and for pets. macie jenkins reports. >> reporter: an aggressive dog does not tell lies. it is obvious the ones that are
6:43 pm
more fearful are the more dangerous. >> reporter: gina knapp has worked at front street animal shelter for six years and says officers typically learn more about animal behavior the more time they spend on the job. >> certainly couldn't hurt for officers to learn more to protect themselves and the animals they come into contact with. >> police officers had to deal with two loose pebbles in 2013. police encountered a pet dog on one of every three housecalls. the police k9 protection act would require all law enforcement officers to go through the dog training. >> it is important for us to start a conversation and to be able to address this issue. >> the commission on peace officer standards and training would conduct the training. it would include learning about dog behavior and body language, best practices to use during encounters with dogs in the appropriate use of force. the california sheriffs association opposes the bill saying posts already have existing training on the topic and a current budget shortfall.
6:44 pm
in sacramento and elk grove, dog training is voluntary but not required. >> a two our class will not make you an expert but increasing awareness is always good. >> local agencies would paper the training and then be reimbursed if approved. a new bill in texas could allow adoption agencies to reject jewish, muslim, lgbt and single parents. five states have passed similar laws protecting faith-based adoption organizations. the legislation in texas would extend to state-funded agencies. the bills sponsors say it is designed to support the religious freedom of the agencies. opponents argue it is unconstitutional. the bill is expected to come up for debate in the texas statehouse sometime this week. texas governor signed an anti-sanctuary city law
6:45 pm
saying local police to ask about a person's immigration status. a suspected drunk driver ends up in the middle of a bar. it is all caught on camera. how a young, bay area biologist granted the seed to bring back a rare blue butterfly. a beautiful sunday in the bay area as we look up. you can see the marine layer. there is cool weather on the way after a warm-up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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joke. it a oregon t a suspected drunk driver barrels into a bar. you can see patrons scatter as a subaru forester crash's -- crashes right through the wall. the driver was arrested at the scene on dui and reckless endangerment charges. he was not hurt but one person inside the bar was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a much smoother landing for this space plane. the air force's unpiloted orbital test vehicle touched down at the kennedy space center after nearly 2 years in space. it was the first spacecraft to land in florida since atlantis flew home in 2011. maybe you cross it once in a while but very few people get to go where we went under the golden gate bridge the other day. we took our 360 degree camera to get you this unique view
6:49 pm
from the base of the south tower. there is a foghorn there. thankfully it did not go off. you can see more of the video on our facebook page. it is posted now. find us under kpix 5 san francisco. dozens of people lined up lemonade today to drink to a good cause. a little girl mixed up the money to raise money for the juvenile diabetes research fund. she has type i diabetes and this is the second year in a row she has hosted the lemonade stand fundraiser. 200 people showed up to grab a drink last year and that was without publicity. this year, she and her family are setting their sights a lot higher. >> this event is about my lemonade stand for type i diabetes. it is to raise money to try to find a cure. >> we did a smaller one last year. we raised about $5000 and
6:50 pm
this is the second one that we spread the word a lot more about and used our resources. >> this year, they are hoping to raise more than $5000 but they say every little bit helps. we are once again revisiting sutro towers to show you the view of the shoreline in the city. in concorde, 76 right now. oakland a 67 and livermore, 69. winds are easing and pressure is building. we will be to 80 inland in some spots tomorrow. everyone will gain about 5 degrees except close to the water. there, it will be still on the chill side. a warm start to the week but it will cool down. the low pressure that was right on top of the bay area is now right on top of los angeles. they are getting showers and a few thundershowers in the southland. for us, we will look for things to be fair and chilly and breezy
6:51 pm
. temperatures will bounce back to the 80s inland tomorrow and then low clouds come back. the temperatures will fall about 10 degrees on thursday. weather will not hinder you tomorrow if you are flying out of sfo. partly cloudy skies seattle to chicago and los angeles to new york. overnight lows tonight will be in the low 50s for the most part. sunrise at 6:07 am. when things warm-up, we will get a few degrees above average. in the east bay, we will be near 80 degrees. in the north bay, here in the shoreline it will be cool. 70s for most locations. a little bit warmer for santa rosa, sonoma and napa. we warm it up between now and tuesday
6:52 pm
but then wednesday, the numbers take a tumble. we will be back down to the 60s by next weekend. after a couple of sunny days, the fog and the low clouds will be back. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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yes, the toyota mirai runs on hydrogen. yes, the fuel is complimentary for up to three years. yes, it has an epa-estimated range of 312 miles. yes, you will probably have to answer lots of silly questions from strangers. yes, this is a mind-blowing marvel of technology. and, yes, you can buy it today-
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because the future doesn't start next week, next month or next year... the future starts now. in the hydrogen-fueled toyota mirai. rivers clogged with acres of debris. our record- setting washed out roads, communities cut in half and rivers clogged with acres of debris. our record setting winter left an epic mess. tonight, an exclusive look at the aftermath including a brand- new kind of fire danger that may take years to fix.
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a rare butterfly that is only found in california is making a comeback in san francisco. sharon chen has an update to a story you will see only on 5. >> the whole garden is so alive. >> reporter: this spring, the dramatic return of a rare blue iridescent butterfly. dazzled onlookers at the san francisco botanical garden in golden gate park. >> we have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: the california pipeline swallowtail, native to san francisco saw its population decline drastically over the years but volunteer tim long, known as the butterfly whisperer, has led the effort to bring it back. >> that really has finally started to pay off. >> reporter: we saw the first caterpillars when reintroduced you to tim last august. >> here is one of the caterpillars now. this spring, we are finally seeing some of the caterpillars that have turned into butterflies.
6:56 pm
>> reporter: on a sunny day you could see lots of them. >> you can see there is a flower right there.>> reporter: the rare butterfly only eats one kind of plant, the california pipeline. >> this is the flower. the plant is not easy to find but does grow at the san francisco botanical garden so tim took plant clippings home a few years ago and successfully populated thousand of the swallowtails in his own backyard. we have created a sanctuary where they are common here in the garden. >> reporter: visitors say there is not anything comment about the site. california pipeline swallowtails are thriving. you might get a glimpse of a caterpillar or chrysalis. >> you feel like immersed in
6:57 pm
their world. you feel like you are a part of it. >> reporter: in san francisco, sharon chen, kpix 5. if you would like to plant a california pipevine at home, the botanical garden will sell you to it -- will sell it to you. that will deliver us. 60 minutes is next. have a great evening. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> we have some bad hombres here, and we're going to get them out. >> cooper: under president trump, immigration arrests are up significantly, and people are being deported. >> i voted for him because he said he was going to get rid of the bad hombres. roberto is a good hombre. >> cooper: roberto is a popular restaurant owner in indiana with no criminal record who has recently been deported, stunning his american family and friends. some people say, look, illegal emglance are coming here and taking jobs. >> that's not the case with row row -- roberto. he's not taking jobs. he's creating jobs. >> stahl: it's not often you get the chance to meet man who holds a play in history like b


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