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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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subway surveillance footage also released today shows flusche holding a knife and stabbing a worker over and over again behind the counter. witnesses say he was demanding a free sandwich. the victim survived. >> we want to be transparent and we want to report the facts as they are. >> reporter: this is the first fatal officer-involved shooting under new chief bill scott. police-involved shootings have created a rift with public trust in the past. a series of shootings caused former chief greg suhr to step down. officer cha seen here after he shot a mentally ill man during a confrontation in january will continue to be paid by the department during the investigation. it made for a divided public comment. >> i do not see that as -- as in my best interests to continue to pay an officer that anytime he wants a vacation all he has to do is go out and shoot somebody. >> thank you for being here because that could have been my daughter, you understand me? that was getting stabbed. so i want to thank you. >> i don't really trust you
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people anymore. >> reporter: as for nicholas flusche, who did not survive this shooting, we know he was from texas and that he used to work in home security. police have been in contact with his family throughout the entire investigation. and coming up at 6:00, we'll talk with our law enforcement analyst about what the release of this body cam footage means. >> susie, it's interesting. new chief in town. will the public always have this kind of access to body camera video going forward? >> reporter: well what we heard from the chief throughout the morning is that the goal is transpartnercy . he could not say that enough. i think given what happened last year and the public distrust, he wants the public to feel as though they are seeing everything that is releasable. of course, in certain circumstances, when it might compromise the investigation, they will not release that footage. >> susie steimle on market street, thank you. meanwhile, the last
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remaining charges against the man officer cha shot in january same police officer involved here have been dropped. 43-year-old sean moore was accused of attacking a pair of officers who showed up at his oceanview home to investigate a noise complaint. eventually officer cha shot him. the case was dismissed after a judge ruled the officers could have resolved the situation peacefully. the prosecutor says charges could still be refiled. new at 5:00 what was supposed to be a magical night turned violent when a brawl broke out at a bay area wedding! men in suits started punching each other. kpix 5 reporter devin fehely with more on the melee and who the bride is blaming. devin. >> reporter: the bride is questioning whether or not there was adequate security here at the banquet hall but she is laying the lion's share of the blame on wedding crashers who turned the occasion into a street fight. the cell phone video captures the scene outside the reception
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saturday night where police say as many as 50 people were involved in a street fight. investigators say that it appears the fight began as an argument inside the reception hall then spilled out into the parking lot. the video shows at least one man being savagely beaten while lying on the ground. three other men can be seen around him in a tight circle kicking and repeatedly punching him in the head. investigators say two men are still in the hospital with serious head injuries after the attack one of them in a coma. police arrested 25-year-old [indiscernible name] and have charged him with felony battery. detectives are investigating reports that the wedding reception was crashed by outsiders who got upset and then violent when they were asked to leave. there are a half dozen of defendants's friends and supporters are present's his arraignment this afternoon. they say that the videos and the counts only tell part of the story. they say in the future they would like to give their version of events but say they
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were not prepared to do so today. devin fehely, kpix 5, fremont. the other big story the white house defending the president's decision to fire fbi director james comey. cbs reporter seth lemon with today's explanation for the firing and the backlash. >> reporter: while the house is not in session this week, the senate is and with this bombshell announcement that president trump has fired fbi director james comey, there's been lots of reaction from senators today here on the hill. [ screaming ] >> reporter: demonstrators protested outside the white house following president trump's firing of fbi director james comey. >> he wasn't doing a good job, very simply. >> reporter: the white house said it was deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's recommendation to fire comey because of how he handled the investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. but now they say it was a long time coming. >> he had lost confidence in director comey and frankly he had been considering letting director comey go since the day
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he was elected. >> reporter: but democrats say the president had ulterior motives for firing him. >> he was likely fired because he was getting closer to the truth about the connection between the trump campaign and russia. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news comey had approached deputy attorney general rod rosenstein last week to ask for more energy, resources and attention for the russia investigation. it's a claim the department of justice denies. democrats now say the fbi investigation needs to be taken out of the department of justice. >> we need a special prosecutor to pick up the criminal investigation and we need to pursue to the very end the investigation in the senate intelligence committee. >> reporter: the north carolina senator says he will continue to lead the senate investigation but says director comey's firing makes it harder. >> i think that the timing and the reasoning, um, incites people to believe that there's something that's been covered up. >> reporter: comey has been invited to appear before the
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senate intelligence committee next week. and the senate intelligence committee has indicated their investigation will move forward into alleged russian collusion issuing their first subpoena for documents from former national security adviser michael flynn. it's unclear if comey will testify. if it happens it will probably happen behind closed doors. >> seth, who is going to take over that department? have we heard any names mentioned for a replacement fbi director? >> reporter: we heard several names top level officials in the fbi. the deputy attorney general and the attorney general have been interviewing more than a handful of candidates including the acting director of the fbi right now and andrew mccabe. >> thank you. jeff harp used to be the number 2 in the san francisco fbi office. he says comey's firing was a big surprise to many fbi agents. >> the mood among the
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organization right now probably isn't the greatest. but, you know, there's always hope. you know, i went through i think three different directors and, um, not one time did morale ever fade so much that the mission was lost. >> he says agents think the next director will probably be somebody outside of the fbi. cbs news reporter elizabeth palmer caught up with russian president vladimir putin before a hockey game in russia today. asked him about james comey. >> sir, how will the firing of james comey affect u.s.-russia relations? >> there will be no effect. your question look very funfully to me. we have nothing to do with that. president trump is acting in accordance with his competence and in accordance with the law and constitution. >> and you can see more of that interview with vladimir putin coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley"at 5:30.
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meantime, president trump met with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov for a private 25-minute meeting at the white house today. the focus was how to end the bloody civil war in syria. the white house says this meeting was scheduled before the president fired james comey. investigators are looking into a string of suspicious car fires in contra costa county. there have been at least three in the past couple of days. , martinez, lafayette and walnut creek. that's where juliette goodrich is now. >> reporter: well, a lot of rattled nerves in this walnut creek neighborhood after this string of suspicious fires. in fact, directly behind me is the driveway where a car was torched overnight. they just towed the car but you can see some of the damage. and this is just one of many happening in contra costa county. a family was inside their walnut creek home when their sedan parked in the driveway burst into flames. it happened just after midnight. firefighters were able to put out the fire before any damage was done to the home.
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within the same hour a white suv two miles away in lafayette was set on fire. it happened on padre street. today police were in both neighborhoods checking to see if homes had surveillance cameras recording at the time of the fires. >> this is just recent in the last few years. it's gotten worse. >> reporter: paul lived in this walnut creek neighborhood for more than 30 years and says he may get more security than he already has now. >> get a cam outside and we have a security system inside. we have a large guard dog. but now i'll put one outside also. >> reporter: a third car fire happened the night before in martinez. all the suspicious fires happened around the same time. and while cars have been torched and some destroyed, there have been no injuries. no one inside the home was injured last night. police are reviewing surveillance video in these neighborhoods. in walnut creek, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. thanks in part to a kpix 5 investigation, more than 600
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drivers in fremont who got tickets for running red lights last year are getting some of their money back. we investigated after an increase in red light tickets and found that the yellow light timing was changed at 2 intersections on mowry avenue. fremont officials admitted to it the timing change last month and officially started offering partial rebates today to 672 drivers who were ticketed between february and april 2016. now, the fine for running a red light would have cost the drivers about $500 each. you can find details on the rebates on the city of fremont website. coming up it was supposed to be a trip to paradise. >> but this bay area group found themselves all washed up. they are rescued from a rushing river. >> outliving their odometers. cars lasting so long, they just can't count the miles anymore.
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>> and tesla technology at home. the electric carmaker's new venture into solar roofs! ,,
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from san jose. instead of an offroad adventure... they found themselves needing a rescue. ca de la cruz is her high drama in hawaii for a group of visitors from san jose. instead of an off road adventure, they found themselves needing rescue. veronica de la cruz reports. >> reporter: take a look at this. the group was atv'ing at a ranch on the windward side of oahu and it started raining. the stream rows leaving them stuck in the water on their vehicles. one of the men couldn't swim. the group says they were stuck for nearly half an hour before they were rescued. >> somebody on an atv was trying to get her back and be
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safe and the atv was -- started to roll and i was holding her down and wasn't paying attention and i got caught between two tires. >> i tripped and fell and he got smashed. i fell under the water and it felt like i had 80 people holding me down. and my face was under the water and they all pulled me back up and that's how everything started, you know, i grabbed on to it and moved it. >> construction workers rescued them. the ranch issued this statement: firefighters responded to the emergency but by the time they arrived the visitors were safe already. thank you. tesla's much-anticipated solar roof is now on sale. take a look at this. these are not solar panels. they are solar roofing tiles. each one like a panel, according to cnet each of the
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tiles sells for about $42. on a 2,000-square-foot home, we're talking about $70,000 to install it. but tesla estimates that $64,000 in energy savings over 30 years. they come with a lifetime warranty. tiffany and company is pleading with president trump on climate change. they posted this letter addressed to the president: planet and r s too great". the letter surfaced after the president said he was delaying a decision... on whether to scrap the paris climate agreement. it's not uncommon anymore for a car to rack up hundreds of thousands of miles. >> the letter surfaced after the president delayed a decision about the paris climate agreement. it's not uncommon anymore for a car to rack up hundreds of thousands of miles. with cars running a lot longer and lasting longer, better built, what happens when the odometer can't keep track anymore? our julie watts investigates.
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>> reporter: it was a milestone and kevin wanted to capture it. >> i was ready to take a picture. >> reporter: but just when his 12-year-old prius was supposed to hit 300,000 miles, the odometer froze one mile short. >> i said, okay, maybe it's just stuck. >> reporter: it wasn't. according to toyota it's a known issue. the odometers in various older toyota models only record up to 299999 miles. they don't display number 3 in that spot. >> it's stuck! >> reporter: it's a topic of many online forums and complaints about a vehicle that was recently ranked among the top 20 that can take you to 300,000 miles. >> this actually proof that the car is actually durable. >> reporter: odometers in newer model to its toyotas are fixed and come with the number 3. still in what toyota calls its usual statement on this the automaker says, we consider this to be a maintenance issue. and it referred car buyers to their toyota dealer. >> what should i say for an
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issue that's not caused by me? >> reporter: his toyota dealer says he will have to pay for a new odometer because the car is no longer under warranty. warranty issues are usually related to wear and tear. by law you need a working odometer although there are exceptions over 10 years old. for now, kevin came one a work- around but thinks he should be entitled to a number 3 on the odometer and a car known to go over 300,000 miles. now, kevin's dealership has now agreed to over a 20% discount on replacing the odometers. one agreed to to replace it for free. used cars without working odometers may be sold in california as long as the information is written on the pink slip. there's actually a spot on the pink slip. >> you would any that the dealership would say great, we'll do an ad, here's a guy with 300,000 miles on our car, we'll fix it for free.
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>> toyota was very quick to point out, hey, look out great our cars are. but they didn't offer to pay for the new odometer. [ laughter ] >> the labor rate didn't go down. >> thank you. well, new trend among women who have had breast implants. they are going back to their previous size. doctors say growing number of patients over 30 are reducing the size of their implants or even removing them. celebrities like sharon osbourne and others have been open about having breast ex- plants. more women are thinking about their future. >> implant only lasts for 10, 15 years. so these women are now looking ahead and saying, wow, i got an implant in. i'm going to have two, three more procedures in my lifetime? >> i'm so happy. i think i look much better and natural. >> according to the american society of plastic surgeons, more than 290,000 women got breast augmentation surgery in
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2016. shares of snap plunged in after-hours trading after posting a $2.2 billion loss in its first report since going public back in march. the company behind the popular snapchat app says that most of that money went to ipo-related costs. revenue actually nearly quadrupled for the quarter. but user growth was slower than expected. overall it was a mixed finish for the markets today. the dow lost 32 points to close at 20943. nasdaq and s&p saw modest gains. a small dog gave a big bear a run for his money in an affluent neighborhood near los angeles. the bear spent the day roaming backyards in the foothill community of bradbury yesterday before being confronted by a dog. they had a short standoff but the pet dog chased it across the yard. get out of my yard! but the bear wasn't all that intimidated. it continued to wander the
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neighborhood for hours after the dramatic pursuit. well, big draw at yosemite this time of year our record snowpack creating quite the spectacular show. all that snow is melting and creating massive waterfalls. in fact, some areas that had been dry for several years are now seeing what they call ephemeral waterfalls the temporary ones that roll down the granite there. only come out when there's enough water. >> i would not have expected this. this is absolutely stunning. >> you can't even probably hear me because of the sound of the falls. it's just everywhere. >> park officials say the temporary falls should be active for at least another month. snowpack in the southern sierra is running about 190% of average. we're talking about temperatures around here that are now below average. it is foggy, it is breezy, it is chilly. and now there's a chance of rain in the forecast. find out when that will happen coming up. coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, new south bay luxury
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condos offering great views and green cards? how the owners of this high- rise are accused of luring foreign millionaires with a fast track to citizenship. ,,
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mother's day... and we're giving a little shout out to our own moms. my mom and i it's that magic time of year four days away from mother's day. of course, come on. we're giving a little shoutout to our own mothers. >> yes, my mom and i recently went through old photo albums for a story that's going to air tomorrow night.
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she remembered one halloween when i dressed up as shira princess of power and i took the role seriously as i should. >> she had a sword and there was a little boy at the halloween parade and the little boy said, hey, she rad, she said princess of power and the boy was like okay, okay, backed off. >> don't miss with princess of power. >> halloween was serious in my house. >> and you had a plastic sword. that's right. don't mess with me. i'm going to bring it to work. >> there's a picture of me with my mom. she thinks i am a superhero. so i don't need a sword. and, um, she is wonderful and happy mother's day, mom. and, um, i'll see you next week. be sure to check our facebook page this weekend for pictures of the whole kpix 5 anchor team with their moms. paul? >> most important job in the world, thank you to all the moms out there. my mom not in this viewing area but i know she is watching online. thanks, mom! we have mid-60s outside right now.
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it is cool outside. san francisco only 59 breezy 59 one spot in the digit. san jose at 72. santa rosa you're running about 20 to 25 degrees cooler than you were yesterday compared to what we have outside right now. tonight fremont 50 degrees. san jose 52. clouds will push inland overnight tonight. so concord you'll start the day off cloudy. finish it that way, too. low of 51 degrees in san francisco. 51 degrees. so couple of things happening. one, the onshore flow is back. we established this morning when you went outside and came back in ten seconds later. i think i need a jacket today. good call or your part. the ocean water at 49.8 degrees. the air above it is only 2 or 3 degrees warmer and that's the fan blowing all of that air toward us here in the bay area. so that persistent ocean breeze is going to be with us for the next several days. so that's not going to change. what will change is the amount of cloud cover from day to day. had a decent amount of sunshine today. futurecast tomorrow says we will quickly go mostly cloudy. mainly cloudy even in the south bay and temperatures in san
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jose likely not hitting 70 degrees tomorrow. we'll look at futurecast regionwide. clouds pushing in overnight tonight through the delta towards sacramento which includes you in fairfield, solano county and vacaville. south bay cloudy foggy. marin, sonoma, napa counties cloudy with chance of showers north of santa rosa tomorrow morning. tomorrow evening the clouds will thin out and friday will likely be sunnier than thursday. but with that onshore flow, the temperatures won't move around that much. we'll stay chilly for at least the next seven days. so tomorrow cloudy and kind of gloomy and gray and breezy day. with a couple of sprinkles and some drizzle possible along the coastline. and in the north bay. sunnier but still chilly friday and saturday. this one chance of showers that will be next tuesday but the consistent thing is the cooler- than-average weather which will be with us for the next seven to 10 days. mid-60s tomorrow for vallejo, concord and livermore. san jose 68. san francisco 58. and santa rosa only 60 degrees. your extended forecast calls
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for a cloudy day tomorrow. sunnier friday and saturday. but staying below 70 degrees most afternoons and that chance of showers albeit light showers next tuesday. hat's your forecast; we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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when denny's adds melty gouda cheese to a 100% beef burger a certain amount of classiness is to be expected. woah, okay. not that much. the all new bacon gouda burger from denny's. it's classy. thanks for watching at five... ahead at six... the classroom tactic that has bay area teachers sending fewer students to the principal's office. allen and veronica are thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. ahead at 6:00 the classroom tactic that has bay area teachers sending fewer students to the principal's office. allen and veronica will be back in 30 minutes for that.
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paul, sheri and i will be back at 11:00. >> princess of power. ♪[ music ] >> pelley: the president ignites a firestorm. >> why did you fire director comey? >> because he wasn't doing a good job very simply. he was not doing a good job. >> we heard this reason that i lllieve doesn't pass the smell test. >> i think it's startling that democrats aren't celebrating this since they've been calling for it for so long. >> pelley: also tonight, what happens to the f.b.i. investigation of russia's meddling in the u.s. election? ge were those investigations getting too close to home for the president? >> pelley: dr. jon lapook has a new warning about drugs like ibuprofen, serious side effects can start sooner than we knew. >> hello, mr. putin. >> pelley: and he spoke softly. ed pleased to meet you. >> pelley: and carried a big stick.


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