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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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university of california regents. they were there to talk about now at noon, protests heating up outside a meeting of the university of california regents. they were there to talk about tuition and a secret fund. protestors had a lot more on their minds. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. more on that story in just a moment. first, just in, the house
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oversight committee has set a may 4 hearing date to investigate whether president trump interfered in the fbi probe into possible ties with russia. they have asked former fbi director james comey to testify. cbs reporter mola lenghi has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: president trump addressed coast guard graduates in connecticut wednesday. >> never, ever, ever give up. things will work out just fine. look at the way i have been treated lately. [ laughter ] >> especially by the media. >> reporter: it is his first appearance since the revelation of former fbi director james comey's memo which claims the president asked him to drop the investigation into fired national security adviser flynn. emoted the president: >> reporter: the white house said the president has never asked mr. comey or anyone else to end any investigation. >> there's an fbi investigation going on right now.
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>> reporter: republican leaders say they support a vigorous investigation of possible trump campaign ties to russia. >> we need the facts. it is obvious there are some people out there who want to harm the president but we have an obligation to carry out our oversight regardless of which party is in the white house. >> reporter: democrats continue to call for a special prosecutor. >> we know the president is willing to fire an fbi director because of this investigation. >> reporter: so far, a majority of republican lawmakers do not agree with their democratic colleagues that there needs to be a special prosecutor to pick up this investigation. with every new revelation, more of them are beginning to change their minds. >> increasingly, republicans believe that we have to do wedoing today. rent than what >> reporter: members of both parties have called for comey to testify on capitol hill. mola lenghi, cbs news. >> fbi sources tell cbs news that director comey would often document conversations he believed would later be called into question. that's also what the fbi trained its agents to do. the other top story at
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noon, money was the big topic for uc regents today in san francisco after an audit revealed millions of dollars in a secret fund. kpix 5's anne makovec was there as the talks heated up and so did the protests. [ screaming ] >> reporter: uc students broke down a symbolic wall in front of the uc board of regents meeting today. >> we're fired unfortunately. ha ha. we can't take it anymore. we're really tired. we don't do this for fun. >> reporter: they are hoping the board will roll back a tuition increase approved in january that would cost students an extra $300 a semester starting in the fall. a recent state audit revealed some bombshells about how the system has been handling its money. that it failed to disclose $175 million in funds, is providing exorbitant salaries and benefits, and interfered with the audit by changing the responses to surveys. >> i think it's, like, an even greater sense of the uc not supporting us and the uc
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treating us like we are a part of their business. >> reporter: inside the regents meeting today, dozens of people speaking out for topics ranging from workers rights to fossil fuel divestment all votes of no confidence in the board. [ screaming ] >> reporter: uc president janet napolitano did apologize after the audit and promised to implement reforms. but in the meantime, governor jerry brown's proposed budget holds back $50 million from the uc system and tomorrow, the uc board is tasked with voting on a budget. >> funds from tuition is ongoing. students are at the university for at least four years. so that is why we certainly are advocating for more money from the state to help with enrollment to help with the cost of teaching. >> reporter: the tuition rollback will be part of the conversation. lieutenant governor gavin newsom who is on the board tweeted, the board must reverse
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its tuition decision. another proposal up for a vote tomorrow would cap out of state students' enrollment at 18%. in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. new at noon, the marin county sheriff's department investigating two bodies found in a home near novato both died of gunshot wounds. vehicles packed on the narrow road leading to the home. the discovery was made on the property off atherton avenue in unincorporated novato. >> in our initial investigation we are not identifying any reason that there's any threat to the community, this neighborhood or novato as a whole. there's no information to that. it appears at this point that those involved in this have connection with the residents with the property. >> authorities say that family members checking on the victims in the home called for help around 8 a.m. this afternoon, the penalty phase continues for the man
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convicted of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. a jury is considering whether antolin garcia-torres should face the death penalty or life in prison without parole. garcia-torres appeared in court this morning but the jury was not present. new at noon, housing help for dozens of east bay families. kpix 5's jackie ward shows us the new alameda apartment complex four years in the making. >> reporter: this 32-unit apartment complex will serve what the city of alameda calls very low-income families by limiting their rent to 30% of their income. it's the completion of a project that took four years to get done from planning to the end of construction. and judging by the number of families that wanted one of these apartments, that's new homes are sorely needed in alameda. resources for community development received more than 10,000 applications for the 32 units comprised of one or three bedrooms. >> this kind of housing allows families and individuals to stay in neighborhoods where they were raised and where they work because we have access to
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transit, services on site. >> reporter: the housing authority of the city of alameda is providing funding for 7 units that they say will serve very low income alameda families by limiting their rent to 30% of their income. the remaining 25 units are limited to households earning 30 to 60% of the area median income. >> so our partnership with the community development of the housing authority here, we have a responsibility to alamedans as a whole of differenting incomes who need housing and the reality is for those at a lower level of income it's impossible to find housing in alameda. >> reporter: this one bedroom will rent for just under $500 to $850, all depending on the family's income. in alameda, jackie ward, kpix 5. a live look at levi's stadium right now where tens of thousands of people are expected for a u-2 concert tonight. the gates open at 5:00 and the opening act mumford & sons may start at 6:30. but the concert has caused for rift between the city of santa
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clara and the 49ers, another rift. the problem, the show is expected to go past the 10 p.m. curfew. vta has agreed to run trains later for fans leaving the stadium. the agency says that the city should pick up the tab for that. but the city wants the 49ers to pay. caltrain wants to hear from the public on proposed changes to fare and parking rates. this afternoon, it's hosting a public meeting in san carlos for feedback. the rail system has proposed increasing zone fares by 25 cents to help cover a projected $10 million operating budget shortfall. it's part of caltrain's plan to consider price adjustments every two years. last year, caltrain increased adult base fares and parking charges by 50 cents. san jose is now the largest city in california to start a community choice energy program. council members voted unanimously last night on the proposal. the cce lets locals opt for alternatives to pg&e from solar to wind. mayor sam liccardo says it should significantly lower
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greenhouse gas emissions. the program is set to start next spring. it requires $55 million in startup money. a big national headline today transgender soldier chelsea manning was freed from prison after serving time for leaking classified information four years ago. hena daniels reports, manning will remain on active duty during a review of his conviction. >> reporter: army private chelsea manning was released from military prison in fort leavenworth, kansas, this morning. he served nearly 7-year-old of a 35 year sentence for giving secret government documents to wikileaks. president obama commuted the sentence before leaving office. >> i feel very comfortable that justice has been served and that a message has still been sent. >> reporter: manning admitted to the disclosure leaking state department documents and battlefield video in an effort to expose what is considered to be the military's disregard for the effects of war on civilians. earlier this month, manning's
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attorney said his client is hopeful about the future. >> i think it's a combination of real joy and excitement and nervousness about actually being out. >> reporter: chelsea was bradley before becoming a woman in prison. bradley attempted suicide twice and protested a lack of treatment for her gender disfor yeah going on a hunger strike. >> bradley is driven by a sense of justice and i don't see her fading into a private life. >> reporter: manning will be on unpaid active duty which among other things entitles her to military medical care. hena daniels, cbs news. still ahead, cars tossed around and homes torn apart as dozens of tornadoes rock the country's midsection. >> from the kpix weather center, good afternoon, everybody. we have a stellar day in progress slightly warmer than yesterday but certainly, not as warm as tomorrow. full forecast straight ahead. >> plus, half a dozen new shows
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country, devastating several communities. so far, 26 tornadoes have been reported across five states. david a string of deadly storms tore through tornado alley devastating some communities. so far 26 tornadoes are reported across five states. david begnaud shows us the damage in one of the hardest hit communities in wisconsin. >> reporter: video captured from above this trailer park in wisconsin shows the power of what is believed to be a tornado. >> pulled walls off people and then carried 'em, put them on stretchers, leg injuries, arm injuries, it's nothing i have ever seen in my 20-plus year career in law enforcement. >> reporter: downed power
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lines, trees cut off at their trunks and a massive field of debris have littered the neighborhood many call home. one person has died in this trailer park. >> these are people we work with. we go to school with. and, um, they are our friends and glibs all my neighbors are okay. >> reporter: in elk city, oklahoma, a tornado tore through this subdivision. at least 100 structures were damaged and more than 50 destroyed. the city's mayor. >> the devastation was -- it's hard to explain. it looked like some houses exploded. some looked like they had been blown apart by high winds. >> reporter: the winds tossed buses and trucks in this lot like matchbox cars and reports of people trapped in their homes kept rescue crews working overnight. a 53-year-old man was killed after his car was thrown several hundred feet pinning him between his vehicle and his home. david begnaud, cbs news, wisconsin. back here in the bay area, google just kicked off its
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annual developers conference in mountain view. the company has already unveiled some cool new technology. google will now have three new features for your photos, which includes being able to share your entire photo library with the special people in your life, probably one of the most anticipated changes is from the google assistant. starting today, you can get the google assistant on your iphone. now to a check on wall street. the big board shows the dow is down about 316 points. banks and other financial companies are leading stocks lower as bond yields fall. forbes magazine is out with its 2017 list of america's richest self-made women. among the top 10 are little caesar's pizza cofounder marian ilitch at number one. and meg whitman number 6. facebook coo sheryl sandberg at number 12. oracle coceo at number 26 and
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marissa mayer at number 35. cbs just announced its fall line-up. 23 shows are returning and six new shows will be added. a military drama starring david borian nas follows the professional and personal live of navy seals as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous high stakes missions! s.w.a.t. is inspired by the tv series and feature film by the same name a locally born s.w.a.t. sergeant who runs a specialized tactical unit in los angeles. >> wisdom of the crowd stars emmy and golden globe award winner jeremy piven as a tech innovator who creates an app to solve his daughter's murder and in the process revolutionizes compromise solving. >> on the comedy side, young sheldon plays off the success of the "big bang theory" following a nerdy 9-year-old sheldon cooper.
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jim parsons narrates as adult sheldon. the new family comedy stars mark feuerstein as a new divorce and actor between projects moving home to new york to regroup living in a apartment between his parents and brothers. me myself and i star bobby moynihan in a comedy about the defining moments in one man's life over three distinct periods as a 14-year-old, in 1991, at age 40 in present day, and at age 65 in 2042. fall season starts in late september. looks like a good line-up. >> roberta is going to watch all of them and give us a critique. >> i'm bummed. i thought me myself and i was going to be my own talk show. [ laughter ] >> isn't it? >> no. [ laughter ] >> pitch the idea. >> guess they didn't like my pitch. a weather cooking fitness show? no. [ laughter ] let's get outside now. get outside right now. it's a good-looking day. blue skies, unlimited visibility. you can see 45 miles in the distance. wow. this is a look at the golden gate golden gate.
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you can bridge, sausalito and tiburon in the background with unlimited visibility. temperatures between 60 in oakland and san francisco to nearly 70 in santa rosa where we bottomed out this morning at 44. brisk around the rim of the bay all day, lighter winds to the south and north 7 in napa. northwest winds 20 late in the day. sunshine has returned. milder today but still slightly below average as far as our numbers are concerned but much warmer weather tomorrow through the weekend. here we go. we have high pressure right here. notice how it's diverting the storm track well to the north of us now. we still have that pressure gradient between the low and the high causing breezes. but we are seeing a reverse in the winds. more of an offshore flow and
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that's a change in our weather pattern. notice ... tomorrow at this time not a cloud in the sky but out there that was concerning me just a little bit. so i tapped into our futurecast on friday through the weekend. the rain will stay way out over the open waters due to high pressure continuing to build in. a very warm weekend. with the warm conditions, dry air mass, pollen count will go up on saturday. so you have been warned. 60s and 70s for the most part. 50s at the beaches. sunset at 8:14 will be clear. clear skies each and every day all the way through next week at this time. that's a look at your wednesday weather report. we'll be right back. for lunch? ,,
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our fresh grocer tony tantillo and his daughter stephanie... have a recipe for you to try. and a reminder now: how about breakfast for lunch? >> reporter: eggs in purgatory. got some memories of this, huh? >> almost time. >> so we can just talk about it. >> it takes forever. >> it's called eggs in purgatory. it's like leftover tomato sauce you put it into the pan put in the eggs and put it on low heat and eggs cook in the pasta sauce and that could take a while. >> you're poaching eggs very, very slowly and in tomato sauce so what's great about that too is you're imparting a lot after
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sydty on a different level it's delicious. >> and it's beautiful. >> you're imparting a lot of acidity and it's delicious. >> we did a little bit of panchetta on the bottom. >> never did that. >> then we put in the tomato sauce to finish cooking the panchetta and eggs low temperature to poach. >> all done. ready to go. so. >> i put basil on it. anything with tomato. >> obviously we made a few of them. big family. let me take this off the pit right here. perfect. yup. that's it. you know what? i'm going to put more on the plate. put one more on the plate. i love eggs in purgatory. i love it. a little messy but let me tell you something.
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this to me is tasting memories. my mother made it for me, we made it for you. >> keep passing it on. >> eggs in purgatory it panchetta bacon and eggs at a whole different level. mm! so good. thank you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. ♪[ music ] looks good to me. reminder now if you have a consumer problem or question, email or call us: ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this store security guard is under fire for the way he dealt with the the paying customer behind the camera. confrontation at a mission grocery outlet. this store security guard is under fire for the way he dealt with the paying customer behind the camera. that story and more at 5:00. doesn't everybody know there's cameras everywhere? [ laughter ] >> everywhere! >> you're being watched by "bi g brother." ,,
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>> bill: i had that property in the palm of my hand, but my son here, dougy do-gooder, had to run off at the mouth. >> liam: what do you want, dad? i can't keep something like that from steffy. >> bill: come on! of course you could have. but you didn't. and as a result, you cost us the spectra property. >> liam: i'm sorry. i get it, really. but what you did, writing that dubious article, i mean, that -- >> bill: listen, i'm not gonna sit and debate this with the king of all hall monitors. and besides that, i'm -- i'm focused on bigger and better things. >> wyatt: bigger and better than building your precious skyscraper? >> justin: you seem awfully eager to get our downtown expansion up and running. >> wyatt: oh, he's obsessed. >> bill: all right, look, i was hoping to close the deal before brooke and i got married.


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