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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this morning. >> past testimony in the sierra lamar trial is being called into question. good morning, it's thursday, may 18. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. we are following breaking news. roger ailes the former chairman and ceo of fox news has died. he died early this morning. ailes was 77 years old. his wife elizabeth releasing the following statement: i am profoundly sad and heartbroken to report that my husband roger ailes passed away this morning. roger was a loving husband to me, to his son zachary and a loyal friend to many. ailes left the company in july of 2016 following allegations of sexual assault. roger ailes dead at the age of 77. >> we're going to continue to follow this story because the cause of the death is not released at this time. we are going to continue to follow that. let's get to weather and traffic. jaclyn you have some hot spots out there. >> yes. a busy start to our thursday
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morning commute. out the door we are tracking slowdowns on 580 and 680. very busy out there. crash clearing on 580 approaching 680. headlights westbound. just south of there, we are tracking some big delays due to an accident southbound 680 right at sunol boulevard crash blocking the middle lane. cruising speed as you approach the scene of the crash just about 45 miles per hour. traffic is inching closer to 580 that backup. a police standoff in contra unty-- is fina >> hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jaclyn, i want you to finish this line for me here. igot sunshine. >> on a cloudy day ♪
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>> nice. all the clouds are out except for a swath of clouds along the san mateo coast. this is the beginning of an offshore flow. it's 43 degrees in santa rosa. 53 in oakland. the winds have been calm all morning for the most part. under 10 miles per hour. east-northeast in oakland at 5. we are starting to see the setup of the offshore flow. west-southwest still in the fairfield area. winds will become about 10 to 20 later today. 69 in san francisco today up from the average high of 64. 60s with the sunshine at the beaches. 70s will be common around the peninsula. 80s santa clara valley. around 80 in san jose. 78 milpitas to newark and union city. discovery bay 85.
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we're talking low to mid-80s from windsor to saint helena. i have the weekend forecast coming up still at 18 minutes after the hour. a police standoff in contra costa county is finally over. officers have been on the scene all morning. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in el sobrante with the latest. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team just left. the police tape is down. yes, this standoff is officially over. we're here right now on robin hood and knottingham drive. the house is a little further down to the left. that's where the standoff happened earlier this morning. we saw a man get into the back of a cop car with handcuffs just before 5:30 this morning. the sheriff's office ordered a "shelter in place" for the area earlier and did advise residents to kept their doors and windows locked. we spoke to one man who was out for a morning walk with his dog and he was shocked to see what was going on. >> very surprising.
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it's not what this neighborhood is usually like. it's usually a very quiet neighborhood especially this time of the morning. lots of the neighbors know each other. it's a good place. >> reporter: right now only one man is in custody relating to this standoff. but again, the contra costa county sheriff's office needs to confirm these details. where we are is an area about close to the olinda elementary school in the greenbrier neighborhood. but school should not be affected since this situation is cleared. so we are about a block away from where this happened and there are still a few police cars. the suspect is still in the area. but he is handcuffed and police are deeming this a safe area to be in now. we'll have the latest details as soon as we learn them. in el sobrante, jackie ward, kpix 5. right now, firefighters are keeping an eye on any hot spots from the fire in san jose. it started in a building on south white road around 3 a.m. we are told the building used to be an o'reilly auto parts
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store but the building was currently abandoned. >> on our arrival [ indiscernible ] was well involved. so immediately went to defensive operation. we were able to suppress the fire. >> no one was hurt. he cause is under investigation. on the political front, today deputy attorney general rod rosenstein briefed the full senate about president trump's decision to fire james comey as fbi director last week. that comes just a day after the president interviewed four candidates for the position. rosenstein has also named former fbi director robert mueller as special counsel to lead the justice department's investigation into alleged russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> think it was a very solid choice. >> it's good that we now have a focal point of somebody that we all trust. >> rosenstein issued a statement saying in part, the public interest requires me to
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place this investigation under the authority of a person who exercises a degree of independence from the normal chain of command. >> this morning, president trump took to twitter responding to the news. he wrote, quote, with all of the illegal acts that took place in the clinton campaign and obama administration, there was never a special counsel appointed. and in another tweet, this is a single greatest witch hunt of a politician in american history. republican and democratic senators renewed their drive to make banking easier for marijuana-based businesses by introducing some new legislation. the bill would block federal banking regulators from somehow pushing a financial institution to stop serving a state sanctioned marijuana business or the business's landlords or lawyers. the government would also not be allowed to give banks incentives to cut off the businesses. a $70 million grant that would pay for a major expansion for the contra costa county jail is a step closer to being passed. that's after a committee at the
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board of state and community corrections gave the grant approval. the full board will make a final vote on the county's application in june. there are critics of the 400- bed jail expansion project. many of them say it's a way to make it easier for the county to house illegal immigrants. the sheriff's department currently has a $3 million a year contract with i.c.e. to house illegal immigrants who are awaiting court dates. today cal/osha set to announce regulations that would boost safety standards at local refineries. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in richmond where refinery fire sparked calls for change. >> reporter: yeah. in places like the chevron refinery here in richmond contains a lot of volatile materials so you can imagine that refineries create anxiety in nearby communities and we have seen this on several occasions over recent years. there has been pressure on the
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state to crack down on the industry since 2012 when this explosion blanketed much of the east bay with a cloud of toxic smoke. it came from the chevron refinery here in richmond an estimated 15,000 people went to nearby hospitals after inhaling it. the city sued chevron claiming the refinery willfully disregarded public safety as a matter of corporate policy. >> decisions that we believe created and set up what happened in august are decisions made in board rooms and those decisions deal with how much money are you going to budgeted for safety? another more recent issue for the refinery a flaring incident in december that led to complaints about a rotten egg smell spanning the bay. the bay area air quality management district issued four violations, two for excess levels of hydrogen sulfide and two for creating a public nuisance. and you may remember earlier
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this month, issues at the valero refinery in benicia, a fiery flare and plumes of black smoke forced evacuations of two elementary schools and a nearby industrial park. the refinery says it was flaring due to a power outage. the rules being announced today were called for after pressure from the governor and and the u.s. chemical safety board. in richmond, anne makovec, kpix 5. this morning, a dramatic development in the sentencing phase of the sierra lamar murder trial. prosecutors and defense attorneys are reviewing the conduct of santa clara county sheriff's sergeant herman leon one of the main investigators in the case. a judge in another case found he gave false testimony in a 2009 murder trial. this comes as the jury is deciding of antolin garcia- torres should be put to death or spend life in prison without parole. as the trial resumes today, sierra's father is expected to testify. a wanted parolee in the south bay is behind bars this
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morning on suspicion of a shooting and attempted burglary. watsonville police arrested 22- year-old andre lopez. they say that he allegedly shot into a home yesterday then tried to break into a different home nearby. officers say that lopez ran off after the incident but they were able to catch him a few hours later. right now oakland police are searching for this man. he is wanted in connection to an armed robbery that happened last month at a business on lakeshore avenue. police just shared these photos from the store surveillance system. they were taken just before the robbery. if you recognize him in the photos, call oakland police. time now 6:10. up for debate, next, the bay area agency considering increasing water rates. >> from the kpix weather center, good morning, everybody. imagine this. a weekend poolside temperatures out and 90s. not just one day, both days. full forecast coming up. >> good to me. right now, we are tracking an
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easy ride for drivers through walnut creek to 680 but further south we are tracking delays. we'll have details on that coming up. >> plus in our tech report a new feature uber just announced that will make complicated travel plans a lot easier. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ lining. in marin county after much debate water rates are set to rise this summer. but there is a silver lining. for most of marin, the hike is set for 7% starting july 1. but the marin municipal water district initially planned a 14% increase over two years. community backlash to that proposal changed the board's plans with water officials now deciding to give it more thought before approving the second rate hike. san jose city leaders just rejected a policy that would have weakened tenant protections for mobile home
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park closures. now park owners who want to close, sell or redevelop the property must now follow steps outlined in the city's conversion policy which includes paying relocation benefits, offering to purchase the mobile home at its current value, and negotiating with the mobile home park residents association. we are getting more details about the new smart train system in the north bay. the agency says that the trains will start making 34 trips during the week starting this spring. it will run between santa rosa and san rafael. the first train will leave the sonoma county airport station around 4:50 a.m. the last one will depart at 6:50 in the evening. it will take passengers all the way to downtown san rafael. all right. get them where they need to go. and we need something like that today on every part of the bay area. right? >> that's right. well, you know, the good news is our mass transit we are running with no delays right now. bart has 54 trains running right on time. and ace train one and three off
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to a great start. no delays along that route. 680 accident southbound direction as you approach sunol boulevard you can see the backup stretches to 580. this is also part of the normal crowd that heads along 680 but give yourself some extra time. and some extra space between you and that car in front of you. we're in the green making your way across the san mateo bridge. still an easy ride. getting crowded out there. but we're in good shape. no reports of accidents or stalls. 880 through oakland, no delays as you make your way in that northbound direction on up to the maze. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. yes. it's a pretty typical scene that we see here. right now in the yellow as you make your way from the maze into downtown san francisco. "slow, stop, go" across the upper deck. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jaclyn, you can imagine yourself on a puddle jumper this weekend. with your hair blowing in the
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wind. with temperatures into the 90s. right there at the delta. it could happen. a sunrise in discovery bay. thanks for playing along with us bob and sending that in. another notable scene this morning. this is our live weather camera looking out from our kpix 5 studios due east towards the port of oakland and the estuary. let's give some love to the golden gate bridge this morning. there you have it. wow. unlimited visibility to sausalito and tiburon. currently our air temperatures from the 50s to 50 degrees now in san francisco. low 50s in oakland back through berkeley with the winds relatively calm this morning. now east-northeast in oakland at 5. across the bay bridge of san francisco at 4. everyone is under 10 miles per hour. calm winds in napa through sonoma, novato into petaluma this morning. meanwhile, paul smith in brentwood, he is reporting 52 degrees with a nonexistent breeze, as well. this wind will kick up later today out of the northwest 10
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to 20 miles per hour. that right there is what an offshore flow looks like. we only have a little swath of some clouds watch that developing around the san mateo coastline but that will dissipate. everyone will have ample sunshine. here's your futurecast. behind me, i have been tracking those clouds that want to make an appearance. going to hold off until right about there. saturday late night into sunday morning. then the cooler air will rush into the coastline with the return of the marine layer. but until then, high pressure making an appearance and we have the ridge building and strengthening as it does so wait until you see that seven- day forecast. meanwhile sunrise this morning, 5:56. sunset at 8:15. today's numbers stacking up into the 60s at the beaches. 60s, 70s common around the bay today. our numbers are now above average. mid-70s around the peninsula. then we jump into the low 80s around los gatos and saratoga. backing to cupertino and campbell. low 80s in throughout the tri- valley. mid-80s fairfield, vacaville,
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then all the way into brentwood, tracy, oakley, also orwood. also the discovery bay area through mountain house. 85 degrees in byron. 90 tomorrow. look at the weather over the weekend. we have temperatures climbing each day. "bay to breakers" this sunday. partly cloudy skies. great running conditions for the moving party. hey, michelle, are you going to google something for me today? >> i always google, roberta. and this is exciting. we can learn about some new google products today. the company's annual developers conference continues in mountain view. yesterday, the company announced its digital helper is expanding. the assistant will soon be available on the iphone. google announced its new virtual reality system as well called [ indiscernible ] the headset is supposed to be different from other vr systems because it doesn't have any cables or cords. apple plans to announce an update to its laptop line-up at an annual conference in june. a source says three new laptops
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will be unveiled. a faster macbook pro. a new version of the 12" macbook with a faster intel chip. and a possibility of updating the 13" macbook air with a new processor. uber has announced a new feature that would help travelers switch to public transit smoothly after their car ride. the company's android app will now let users access realtime public transportation data. when riders use uber in one of the select number of cities, their android phone will show them train times once riders are within a block of the station. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, i saw a few brooms out at at&t park yesterday. question is, did the giants get to use them? and their pitcher accused the dodgers of cheating. and he didn't appreciate it. coming up. ,,
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good morning, everybody. giants looking for a dodger sweep but clayton kershaw took the hill with a lifetime 1.36 earned run average at at&t. johnny cueto said this pitch slipped out of his hand. what do you think? he nearly hit the player. a run scores. they exchange words. cueto accused him of stealing signs. benches cleared. smoke, no fire. as usual. kershaw pitched 7 shutout innings while striking out 5 and picking up his 20th career win against the giants. dodgers win 6-1 to snap san francisco's five-game winning streak. a's in seattle wrapping up their six-game road trip. bottom of the fifth two-run hit into center field. mariners win 4-0. oakland finishes the road trip at 1-5. warriors are up two games to none after last night's 136- 100 drumming of the spurs. and after losing by 36, san antonio head coach gregg
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popovich wasn't very interested in taking questions from the media. >> was it immediately from the start that you saw this or did it take a couple minutes? >> oh, quit splicing hairs. was it from the start? 1 minute 37 seconds. >> is that's collective belief? >> i don't think it was one guy who didn't believe and infected everybody else. >> you guys asked pop good questions. enjoy the responses? >> that game was two nights ago of course. and they will get it on again on saturday for game 3. by the way, real quickly, golden state is 10-0 in the post-season. cleveland is 9-0 after beating boston last night. the finals just a matter of time. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. the standoff in el sobrante is officially over. and one man believed to be
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connected to the situation is in custody. we're live from the house where it happened. >> plus, protests break out overnight in tulsa. the reaction pouring in this morning after a white officer is cleared in the killing of a black man. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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♪[ music ] finally over in the east bay. good morning. an additional shoe to drop so we need to take affirmative action. >> a local democrat is calling for president trump's removal from office. plus -- >> we are very relieved to have the suspect in custody. >> a suspected arsonist is arrested in connection to a string of car fires in the east bay. >> but first, a standoff is
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finally over in the east bay. good morning, it's thursday, may 18. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. the standoff ended with an arrest. kpix 5's jackie ward is live near knottingham drive on alinda road with the latest. >> reporter: after hours of being here police are still on knottingham drive in el sobrante right in front of this home. this is where the standoff was taking place and this is where one man was arrested. but the s.w.a.t. team left, but there's still a heavy police presence here. that's where the standoff happened. but if we pan over to the right a little bit a couple houses down where that officer is right there, he is actually removing a bullet hole from that car. we don't have any confirmed details as to what happened. but this standoff did end peacefully. just before 5:30 officers escorted a man in handcuffs out of the house where it was happening on knottingham drive. the sheriff's office ordered a
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"shelter in place" for the area and advised residents to stay locked in the house. one man out walking his dog was shock. he lived here 24 years and says this is typically a quiet neighborhood. it's actually in the neighborhood of the olinda elementary school, in the greenbrier area. so for this to happen on an early thursday morning, he was stunned. one man is in custody following the standoff. the situation is wrapping up here. there's still a lot of police in the area. but it did end peacefully. in el sobrante, jackie ward, kpix 5. vallejo firefighters had a busy night. crews responded to two overnight fires both put out in 30 minutes. the first fire was reported just before midnight. crews say that the fire was caused by cooking that was left unattended in the kitchen. three residents displaced, one firefighter a minor injury. crews also tweeted this photo this morning. they say that the blaze
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happened around 3:30. it's unclear how it started. no one was hurt. right now, the morning rush is about to start with drivers hitting the roads heading to work. we are monitoring what you can expect including of course your forecast for today with roberta. >> is that a little haze? >> it's a little morning haze. that's all. a little sunrise haze. hey, see that over there? >> the weekend? >> no, that's friday. friday. that's friday right around the corner over there. >> we're excite. >> the weekend is right around the corner. we're getting giddy because we're approaching the weekend and we have it, sunny and bright. okay, albeit a little hazy looking towards the port of oakland this morning. the waters are calm. the winds have been under 10 miles per hour. currently, while we do have a little bit of that haze, we also have our return of our live weather camera looking out towards san jose this morning where we have clear skies 48 degrees. 50 in san francisco. wind speeds right now are under
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10 miles per hour everywhere. how about vallejo? west-southwest at 3. these winds will blow 10 to 20 later today. temperatures well above average. 60s beaches with the sunshine. good morning to you in san mateo at 76 degrees. los altos backing all the way into foster city. 70s and 80s. santa clara valley into the 80s, meanwhile your east bay numbers stacking up high 70s and low 80s, as well. hello in brentwood this morning at 84 bested by discovery bay at 85. stinson beach will be clear in the high 60s almost 70 at the north bay seashore. 83 degrees in windsor. full forecast coming up featuring the weekend outlook but now let's send it to jaclyn. >> good morning. and that is looking like a nice forecast, roberta. right now we are tracking a somewhat easy ride for drivers making their way through the peninsula but southbound 680 in the east bay you will be in for some delays. so if this is part of your typical route, give yourself a few extra minutes this morning. we are in the red now tracking a travel time just under 20
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minutes for drivers heading southbound 680 due to an earlier crash no longer blocking lanes. but certainly slowing things down traffic backed up to beyond 580 at this point. we continue to see delays over at the san mateo bridge. very crowded in that westbound direction taillights from hayward to foster city. a 30-minute ride. and making your way over towards the richmond/san rafael bridge, do expect delays. we are in the yellow now across the span. that's a check of traffic. >> thank you. today cal/osha set to announce regulations set to improve safety conditions at local refineries. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in richmond where a massive fire sparked a push for some change. anne. >> reporter: yeah. labor unions are calling this a strong and enforceable proposal. and this is after several anxiety-inducing issues recently at local refineries. anxiety for workers and the surrounding communities. you may remember this fire back in 2012, big explosion here at
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chevron in richmond blanketed east bay with a dark cloud of toxic spoke with 15,000 people going to the hospital after breathing it. another more recent issue a flaring incident in december that led to dozens of complaints about a rotten egg smell that spanned the bay. chevron ended up with four citations for that for excess levels of hydrogen and creating a public nuisance. then this may 5th valero fire avenue had flare and plumas of black smoke forced evacuations of two elementary schools at the valero refinery. the refinery says that was flaring due to a power outage. there's been pressure from the governor and federal government to create new regulations in california. we'll hear today from labor units and cal/osha.
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anne makovec, kpix 5. the justice department has appointed former fbi director robert mueller to head the investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether president trump's campaign associates were involved. mueller has the authority to prosecute federal crimes as part of his investigation. several lawmakers on both sides of the aisle approved to the appointment. president trump said: bay area democrat is pushing for president trump to be removed from office. assemblyman evan low from san jose introduced a resolution yesterday asking the president to resign. if he doesn't, it calls on congress to impeach him. >> when taking a look at this issue, when you focus on the president there's historical context to this. >> senator kamala harris says
6:37 am
that the impeachment process is not a small matter. >> let's be clear about what the facts are and, um, and then make that decision. so right now, i'm part of this senate intelligence committee. we have an investigation going on that's my primary area of focus and we'll see what comes out of the house. >> the measure is completely symbolic. only u.s. congress can start the impeachment process. the man accused of setting dozens of car fires in the east bay is finally behind bars. the suspected arsonist is 36- year-old james bishop iii. officials have charged him with 14 counts of arson. but they believe he actually set as many as 30 or more cars on fire in contra costa county. home surveillance video in past fires led to his arrest. bishop is being held on more than $3 million bail. new this morning, an oklahoma jury has found a white police officer not guilty for the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man. >> "hands up, don't shoot!"
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>> protestors marched the streets of tulsa last night pushing to know why betty shelby was acquitted in the death of terrence crutcher. loved ones of the 40-year-old had victim are calling it an injustice. shelby shot him last september after his car stalled on a city street. the officer says she sensed that crutcher was under the influence of pcp and was reaching for a gun. the victim's sister feels that the actual story unfolded very differently. >> terrence's hands were up. terrence was not a imminent threat. terrence did not attack her. terrence did not charge at her. terrence was not the aggressor. betty shelby was the aggressor. betty shelby had the gun. betty shelby was following him with his hands up. >> officer shelby is now on
6:39 am
unpaid leave from the department. new from overnight, legendary rocker chris cornell has died. his family says it happened unexpectedly. he was on tour and performed in detroit hours before they found him. he was best known as the front man in sound garden and audio slave. his family says they are working closely with the medical examiner to determine how he died. time now 6:39. working to pick up the pieces. next the clean-up under way in the midwest after severe weather spawned tornadoes. >> plus, planning to protest. the bay area construction company that's sparking outrage because of its bid to help build a proposed u.s.-mexico border wall. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. and as we take a look at the board the dow is up 7. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,, ,,
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good morning. welcome back. time check now 6:43. taking a look at the bay waters. a haze at oakland. tonight our oakland a's return to town playing the red sox. sonny gray on the mound for the good guys. mid-60s. soon you may be able to buy your prescriptions on amazon. they are looking for a team on how the online retailer can break into the multi-billion- dollar pharmacy market. it comes after a report from cnbc some analysts say that if amazon is successful, it could create more competition and help bring down costs for medicine. there's a new way to earn delta sky miles. the airline teamed up with lyft to let users earn points through rides. you get a free mile for every dollar spent on a ride. just long your sky miles
6:44 am
account with the lyft account online. wall street looking for a rebound today and a local tech giant is laying off even more workers. for all of that let's check in with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. good morning, michelle. they could use a break after suffering the worst session of 2017 for the stock market. the dow down over 370 points. the nasdaq down 2.5% on a growing concern over president trump. the market is looking to stem that bleeding this morning. we'll look at the big board in just a moment. first, some bad news from cisco. it's going to lay off another 1100 workers. this on top of the 5500 firings last fall. the company's earnings report was not that impressive. its forecast going forward was on the weaker side. cisco in the middle of transitioning to a software and services-based company from its legacy as a hardware firm. cisco shares with down 7% in the early going. internet radio firm pandora out of oakland is reportedly
6:45 am
talking to satellite radio operator sirius/xm about a potential sale that report according to the "new york post." sirius has been reported to be interested in pandora over the past year. pandora said it's exploring options including a seam. their stock is up 6% on that news. let take a look at the big board. the dow was positive but now going down 37. nasdaq up 5. s&p down 1. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. time now 6:45. let's check our weather and traffic. we got haze. we have traffic. we have something for everyone. >> i like that moon. >> a little bit every everything. >> the haze. >> a little -- >> we got sunshine for the weekend. >> oh, i'm so excited about that. >> a nice weekend ahead. >> it's going to be a hot weekend inland. >> i like it. >> i'm okay with that.
6:46 am
>> 90, high 80s? >> low 90s. >> we're talking delta bound. okay? [ laughter ] [ crosstalk ] we are tracking hot spots. that's about as good as i can do for this. if you are making your way out the door on the roads we are tracking a new crash. eastbound 80 approaching the carquinez bridge toll plaza. one lane blocked. so if you are there, give yourself some extra time. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's been a typical "slow, stop, go" kind of morning in the red. 35 minutes as you make your way from the maze into downtown san francisco. here's a look over at the richmond/san rafael bridge. we are in the yellow for drivers making their way across the span westbound 11 minutes. and no accidents, no stalls, it's been quiet out on the roads. it's great in traffic but we are still seeing the usual crowds. 30 minutes on the san mateo
6:47 am
bridge. westbound direction out of hayward to foster city. and we'll do a quick check of some of our drive times here. we are in the red for northbound 101 drivers, you will be "slow, stop, go" just a little under 20 minutes. that's a check of traffic. i'm going to send it back over to you now, kenny. jaclyn, thank you. significant clean-up in store for two midwestern states after deadly tornadoes hit the region. on the left you can see the mess the storm made in wisconsin where one man was killed when a tornado hit a mobile home park. more than 2 dozen others were injured. and on the right in kansas, many are still without power after a suspected tornado damaged power lines and several buildings. meanwhile, a woman in iowa just had to snap a picture when she spotted this massive rain shaft. she was excited and scared when she saw the unusual storm system on her way home from work. roberta, it looks like a tornado. >> that to me just looks scary.
6:48 am
i see things like that in my weather books. that's interesting. you see it in person, um, i'm staying indoors! you want as to go out through the weekend. good morning, this is the scene a little bit of sea haze this morning looking out over the bay waters. you can see still see the port of oakland in the distance there. lots of sunshine to be noted. meanwhile, here's the scene looking out towards the gorgeous golden gate bridge. looking all the way to tiburon this morning. temperatures in the 50s. 43 however in santa rosa. 47 in redwood city. the winds have been under 10 miles per hour all morning long. winds 10 to 20 in the afternoon. we are talking about an offshore setup. east-northeast winds at 5 in oakland. 5 in fairfield. out of the west-southwest winds this morning variable but under 10. morning to linda in fairfield, bill in orinda, darryl yee in alameda, paul in brentwood all reporting clear skies in the
6:49 am
40s and 50s keeping us in check this morning our faithful weather watchers. this is an offshore flow. the coast is clear. except for that little finger of low clouds and fog gathering right about there at the san mateo coast but that's not going to wipe away and we'll have ample sunshine today here's the futurecast into friday about this time. we have some clouds. the marine layer offshore now watch what happens over the weekend. these clouds get closer and closer there's your saturday morning. by saturday late afternoon, the low clouds begin to play tag with the coast. and then that cooler air mass rushes in so we'll bring down the temperatures gently on sunday. it the ridge of high pressure is diverting the storm track well to the north of us. beach weather. heading to santa cruz today, 78 degrees. winds up to 10 miles per hour. kenny is telling me that the surf is pretty decent. official sun-up this morning was at 5:56. it's going to be a clear beautiful sunset tonight about 8:15. temperatures from the 60s at the beaches, 60s, 70s bayside. these temperatures are at
6:50 am
least about 5 degrees above where they should be for this time of the year. 70s to low 80s around the peninsula then we jump into the high 70s low 80s santa clara valley. low 80s towards the tri- valley. mid-80s towards the delta. discovery bay to orwood, also byron. 90 on friday. warmer on saturday to hot. sunday, just that slight cooling with the marine layer. that will be present for the "bay to breakers" running that big giant moving party under partly cloudy skies. 64 degrees. the oakland a's are back in town hosting the red sox after lose yesterday to the seattle mariners. game time temperature in the mid-60s. pleasant conditions with sonny gray on the mound for the good guys. thank you. in just a few hours, protestors will be rallying against a san jose construction company. the company has expressed interest in building president
6:51 am
trump's proposed mexico border wall. demonstrators want them to publicly say they will not help with the construction. they will be rallying outside the company's facility at noon today. we have learned the number of immigration arrests in the early months of the trump administration is up nearly 40% from the previous year. from late january to late april, i.c.e. arrested more than 41,000 people suspected of being in the country illegally. i.c.e. says that during a comparable period last year, that number was 30,000. still the data released from i.c.e. also reveals that the number of people deported from the u.s. has dropped under president trump. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. we'll talk with john dickerson about the significance of naming a former fbi director special counsel in the russian investigation. plus this. first on "cbs this morning" we sit down with the family of jordan edwards. he is as you know the texas teen killed by police.
6:52 am
jordan's brothers were in the car when he was shot. and also this morning, we are covering breaking news. the death of roger ailes. all of that plus the eye- opener your world in 90 seconds, see you at 7:00. >> thank you. time now 6:52. next dramatic developments in washington. who the justice department is tasking to handle the investigation into alleged russian interference with the presidential election. >> reporter: and we're learning new information as the standoff in el sobrante ends peacefully this morning. the man arrested was no stranger to police. et cetera ,, what if there was a paint for your door... ...that not only made a big first impression... ...but was designed to withstand
6:53 am
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. i'm jackie ward in el sobrante where a standoff ended peacefully about an hour and a half ago.
6:56 am
we are live in front of the house where it happened on knottingham drive in el sobrante. police tell us that around 11:15 a person had an argument with his neighbor just a couple of houses down and he shot gunfire hitting a car. police were already in the area because they had a warrant for his arrest and they locked the house down immediately. when authorities first got here, they thought he was in the house. but it turns out that he had maybe escaped out the back. that's when a s.w.a.t. team was called in. and eventually, after hours of trying to talk to this man in the area, he actually surrendered and turned himself in to police. he was detained on sherwood forest a street nearby here. the sheriff's office ordered a "shelter in place" for the area and advised residents to keep their doors and windows locked. we spoke to one man who was out for a morning walk with his dog and was shocked to see what was going on. >> very surprising. it's not what this neighborhood is usually like.
6:57 am
it's usually a very quiet neighborhood, especially this time of the morning. >> mm-hm. >> lots of the neighbors know each other. it's a good place. >> reporter: the sheriff's office tells us that this man has several drugs and weapons charges. in el sobrante, jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 6:57. it's time for your "final 5. investigators are looking into the cause of a fire at an abandoned building in san jose overnight. it happened to the 1000 block of south white road at an old o'reilly auto parts store. no one was hurt. today witness testimony continues in the penalty phase of the 25-year-old man found guilty of killing a missing morgan hill teenager. this comes as past testimony from a key witness is now being called in question. the justice department has appointed former fbi director robert mueller to head the investigation into alleged russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. this morning president trump responded to it on twitter writing, this is the single
6:58 am
greatest witch hunt of a politician in american history!" an oklahoma jury has found a white police officer not guilty in the shooting death of a black man. the verdict sparked protests in tulsa. former fox news chairman and ceo roger ailes died at the age of 77. he was a major force behind turning fox into a cable news powerhouse. he fell and hit his head days later he reportedly slipped into a coma and died wednesday night. we are tracking delays. a new crash northbound 880 at marina boulevard. it was on the shoulder but it looks like emergency crews are there and shut down the far right lane. expect delays northbound. already in the yellow. 35 minutes. 35 minutes from the maze to down san francisco.
6:59 am
35 minutes. >> lots of clear skies. today in san jose, we have some clear skies. temperature-wise, into the 60s today. the forecast high sunshine and offshore flow at the time beaches. 60s, 70s bayside, 70s peninsula, 90s inland. northwest winds 10 to 20 miles per hour late day. there's your friday. 65 to 90 degrees bested by saturday, the warmest day of the week. hot away from the bay. just a tad cooler next week. but we have this warming trend until about next thursday. >> okay. >> like it. >> caliente! >> we have "bay to keplace on >> wahoo! >> you're in it right? >> no. >> no. >> jackie, one of our reporters is. >> jackie ward is going to run. >> i'm so sorry. >> i have never done the running portion. just done the celebrating portion. >> she was standing over there yesterday. that's why i thought, okay. ♪[ music ] cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day.
7:00 am
cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. thursday, may 18th. welcome to "cbs this morning." a former fbi director robert mueller is named special counsel to lead the investigation into russia's election meddling. this morning, president trump called the probe the greatest witch hunt in history. >> breaking news this morning, former fox news chairman roger ailes dies at age 77. also grudge music pioneer and lead singer of sound garden, chris cornell is dead at the age of 52. the nfl launches an inquiry into the health of tom brady. why gisele bundchen's comments to charlie about brady having a concussion has the league scrambling. >> we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your


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