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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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road looks like it has one lane blocked. speeds drop below 20 miles per hour. delays along 84 and 237. heading along southbound 680, as you are approaching highway 84, we have some overnight roadwork that's been cleared but the backup continues to stretch to 580. still in the yellow. just under a 20-minute commute. if you are making your way along 880 or 80, i should say, heading through vallejo, we are tracking an accident westbound 80 at tennessee street. one lane blocked on the on-ramp there. emergency crews on the scene if you are heading in that direction give them some room. we are tracking speeds below 15 miles per hour. very slow. in the yellow out of the maze into downtown san francisco. "slow, stop, go"! that's a check of your traffic. here's roberta with the forecast. it's cloudy out there now.
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live from our kpix 5 studios in san francisco, our weather camera is looking towards the bay bridge past pier 9. you can see the flag waving. the winds up to 10 and 12. now, the tip-top of the towers of the bay bridge stand 525 feet off the bay waters. so we cannot see the tip-top this morning. gives you a good idea how low the ceiling is. right now, it feels like summertime on this spring day. we are overcast just about everywhere with temperatures 50 to 57 degrees. these temperatures will remain coolish at the coast and bayside today but we'll warm inland. wind speeds under 10 around the rim of the bay. but inland, 10-mile-per-hour winds in san ramon, check out fairfield. it's been pretty blustery there all day or all morning, i should say. southwest at 30. these winds will continue to blow today. more consistently 10 to 20. so here's the shield of the low clouds and fog. it's a widespread area of low clouds and stratus penetrating
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our inland areas a good 50, 60 miles now. more than in previous days this week. so our temperatures will "aversely" affected. today mid-70s in concord. 50s no sunshine at the beaches. 70s from san mateo through woodside, redwood city also, mountain view all in the 70s. santa clara valley same. east bay numbers tumbling out of the 90s to the 70s and 80s. blustery in stinson beach with no clearing only high 50s. low 70s in sonoma. full forecast featuring your memorial day weekend outlook at 18 after the hour. right now, police are investigating a deadly shooting involving a police officer. an officer shot and killed the suspect overnight in south san francisco. kpix 5's jackie ward reports live with details. >> reporter: we are at the end of corks place right now. it's a scary situation for the
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people who live around here to wake up to. as you can see, there are still a lot of police officers on scene here this morning. just before midnight, south san francisco police were called to a home on the 3700 block of cork place for a disturbance. [ loud voices in the background ] >> reporter: when officers arrived a man was standing in the middle of the street with a shotgun. >> the officers gave multiple commands for the subject to disarm with the shotgun but he didn't and gunfire erupted. >> i have been here for, what, 25 years. i grew up here. so it's shocking. >> reporter: the man was shot and killed. one officer got minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. no one else was hurt. so right now it's unclear how many officers fired their guns and all involved have been put
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on administrative leave. we don't know anything about the man police shot and killed. right now the san mateo district attorney's office is conducting an investigation along with south san francisco police. live in south san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. right now heavy security and road closures remain in place outside the arena in manchester where a deadly concert attack happened. nearby a memorial is also growing for the 22 people killed in the suicide bombing. nearly 50 others were injured. the terror threat level in the united kingdom is now at its highest level since 2007 as investigators try to determine whether suspected bomber salam abedi had helped carrying out monday's deadly terror attacks. the 22-year-old reportedly traveled to libya days before using a homemade device packed with nails to target teens at the ariana grande concert. >> it's a massive investigation very fast-moving and we're making progress.
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>> police have raided two sites in manchester one of them believed to be his home. they also arrested a 23-year- old man at a third location. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. so far, police have found no evidence to back that up. president trump is in rome this morning where he is meeting with the president of italy right now. this comes after his meeting with pope francis at the vatican. the two men shook hands and posed for photographs ahead of a private meeting. [ inaudible ] >> the leaders exchanged gifts with mr. trump giving the pontiff a first edition set of martin luther king, jr.'s writings. the pope gave the president with a medal by a roman artist featuring an olive branch. the visit is part of president trump's nine-day foreign trip. the next stop is brussels for a nato summit. today san francisco fire officials are set to reveal new
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technology created to speed up 911 response times. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in our newsroom on the power outage that gave the city little choice but to act. >> reporter: you expect that when you dial 911 you will get immediate attention but that's not always the case. san francisco has been short 911 dispatchers for some time but it became very apparent last month when a massive power outage cut off electricity from around 90,000 homes and businesses. that was april 21 and that morning, there were only a dozen dispatchers on duty to handle hundreds of calls, situations from people stuck in elevators to typical medical emergencies. so in response to being overwhelmed that day, the agency is hiring more dispatchers. here's a look at some of the numbers. san francisco received more than 1.2 million emergency and nonemergency calls per year. that's an average of more than 3400 calls per day. for the past 6 years, the agency has experienced a 37%
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increase in call volume. during tonight's fire commission meeting we are going to learn about a new computer program that will help dispatchers send the closest medics to emergencies. right now, they use a map that shows the location of ambulances and then a computer program relies on where a medic reports for duty over a radio. this new technology will locate ambulances by gps and then calculate how long it will take them to respond. they are testing it and will roll it out in the next few weeks. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> so what happens when you call 911 and all of the dispatchers are busy? >> it just rings. you can imagine how terrifying that is when seconds count depending on your emergency. during the outage, last month 500 calls to 911 were abandoned meaning the caller gave up before a dispatcher answered. the head of the dispatchers union said, quote, good luck with an earthquake. >> thank you. later today there will be a
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discussion at the state capital about artist's lives and work spaces. the committee of the arts is address the issue nearly 6 months after the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. on the agenda is safety, policy considerations and how to build community support and connections. this morning the defense for antolin garcia-torres will make the case to keep the client off death row. the jury is working to decide whether antolin garcia-torres should be executed for the kidnap and murder of sierra lamar in 2012. there are some questions surrounding the testimony from a sergeant from the santa clara sheriff's office during the murder trial. the judge plans to discuss this with the defense and prosecution today. later today major changes could be coming to how one east bay school district handles sexual assault and sexual harassment at its schools. >> kpix 5's jessica flores is live in oakland with the details. jessica. >> reporter: michelle, kenny, we know that sexual assault and harassment have been in the spotlight but oakland unified
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hasn't done much to change its policies and now a group of teenaged girls says they want the schools to revamp their sexual harassment and sexual assault policies. they want the district to focus on the victim providing support to the victim. they also want the victim to crack down on a culture of sexual harassment at schools. now, this group of teenagers worked with a nonprofit here in oakland called, and students can't get in trouble for false reporting and the district has to provide support to the victims through the processing. the proposal stems from a report that the alliance for girls, the organization surveyed girls of color and found they were more chronically absent than boys. one of the big reasons, the girls wanted to avoid being
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sexual harassment by boys. middle school girls described tradition at schools where every friday boys would try to slam their bottoms. the proposal aims to change the culture and train staff to recognize and respond to these problems. >> in the old policy there was a line that said, if you knowingly lie about saying that you were harassed, then we're going to penalize you. and by putting that front and center in the old policy, that would have a chilling effect particularly for girls who are already discriminated against by adults to think that, well, how would i know that you're going to trust me? so start from a place of trust. >> the policy would also require each school to have designated staff members to respond to these sexual assault and sexual harassment reports. right now all of those reports go to one person at the district office. at the moment it seems this policy has support. i talked to many people.
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alliance for girls along with the teenagers will make the proposal at the school board meeting tonight. wilmer flores kpix 5. time now 6:11. working to curb congestion. still ahead, the san francisco lawmaker who says it's time to make ridesharing companies such as uber and lyft pay up. >> reporter: a nice ride for drivers in walnut creek. 680 near north main street but we are tracking delays for your wednesday morning commute. is it part of your commute? find out coming up. >> the marine layer is back. i'll talk about the impact it will have on your holiday. >> plus, in our tech report, facebook is making it easier for you to interact with your friends using its live video feature. we'll explain how it works up next. >> closed cap tioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces." (man) hmm. what do you think?
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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whatever. people in oakland can now apply for oakland medical cannibis. it's the first step in its equity permit program. the mayor of oakland says the measure will create an equal playing field in the industry and will remove barriers from criminals. anyone who wants to grow, distribute or deliver medical marijuana can apply. the sonoma county board of supervisors has just approved hundreds of thousands of dollars for improvements along the smart rail line. the funding will help establish quiet zones. the $800,000 in general fund money will help cover construction work for 11 out of 15 railroad crossings. work on the remaining 4 will be paid for by rohnert park and cotati. officials will smart say the improvements will ensure safety
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and quality of life for locals. the city of san francisco is considering to impose a fee on ridesharing conditions such as uber and lyft to help pay for congestion management efforts. a 20-cent per ride fee would be applied similar to massachusetts. a report found last year found up to 45,000 rideshare drivers working in this city. >> -- >> speaking of congestion how is it on the roads? >> it's congested. [ laughter ] >> no surprise. here's the golden gate bridge not too congested for now. headlines moving southbound. we are tracking delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. 25-minute ride as you make your way from the maze into downtown
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san francisco. >> we are tracking slowdowns due to an earlier crash as you make your way from san jose. this was a crash near oakland road there. and we are getting first reports of a crash along 680. it's near mission boulevard dealing with slowdowns likely to continue with that accident. roberta is doing something fun this weekend. >> i have to tell you it's going to be the 39th annual carnaval and is kpix 5 is going to be represented. giving you a little preview because you're watching us right now. what do you think, michelle? what do you think? this is the headdress i tried on last night for carnival. i'll be riding in the parade. you will be doing the play-by- play. we'll have more details on kpix 5 in the 39th annual carnival coming up later. the forecast is going to be heading out there in the 60s.
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overcast skies at ocean beach. low tide at 4:19 this morning. high tide around 11 a.m. blustery with winds right now and our new weather watcher reporting 50s with overcast conditions. the winds have been dialing back around the rim of the bay but in our inland areas pleasanton a westerly at 11. look at fairfield at 30-mile- per-hour winds. today these winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. but this morning, where we have that breeze, it is scouring out some of the stratus so we have pretty decent visibility. no reports of delays at sfo yet. overcast inland. clouds will lift inland but stay overcast along the beaches.
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we have a shift in the winds. remember yesterday it was more of a westerly? more of an onshore "pushhhh"? now we have the winds coming up out of the southwest really encouraging that deck of low clouds and fog. here we are this afternoon, and notice, the stratus hanging tight to the coast and the bay. it clears out briefly but then it is enhanced later on tonight. this is the same again on friday a little bit of condensation some heavy drizzle due to the bank of low clouds. 81 at the state capital. it is now 44 going up to 72 degrees in the high sierra where we have a chance of a thunderstorm late day into yosemite. carmel into pebble beach. official sunrise 5:53. not seeing it. we are stuck in the clouds at the coast at 58 today.
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along the peninsula, then concord, clayton and walnut creek, back through livermore, pleasanton, out of the 90s into the 70s. you'll feel the difference. here's our extended forecast. seasonal conditions on thursday through saturday, by sunday we begin to break out of the 70s back into the 80s with a reinforcing ridge of high pressure. that's a look at your midweek forecast. michelle, what's up in your world? >> all i'm saying is i want one of those head dresses for carnaval. awesome. can't wait to see new it. apple wants to take a bite out of android's smartphones. the cupertino-based company is using its website to tell customers how to switch. the message at the top of the page reads life is easier on the iphone followed by questions that really pump up the best features of an iphone. at the bottom of the page, you guessed it, a how to on how to buy an apple smartphone. a new feature on instagram could let you archive pictures. the company says it's a good option for users who want to
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get rid of old posts but not fully delete them. it would move posts to a separate section of the app. for now the company is testing the feature. facebook just announced two new ways to drag your friends into live videos. they are called live chat with friends and live with. live chat with friends opens up a private chat room for just you and your friend during a live video without airing your conversation to the rest of your friends. live with actually brings a friend into your live stream and if your friend doesn't want to join, he can turn you down. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the celtics try to even their series with lebron and the cavs. the a's game ends just before 11:00. and a windy day at wrigley field. up next. >> plus, what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your school on the show. ,,
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good morning, everybody. madison bumgarner is already on the disabled list and now johnny cueto is dealing with blisters that affected his performance last night in chicago. lucas dealing first pitch, that a perfect 10. johnny cueto dealing with blisters explaining why kyle schwarber blistered this baby 470 feet. johnny cueto rocked for three home runs last night more than enough support for jon lester who pitches a complete game four hitter allowing one run striking out 10. and chicago wins 4-1. former athletics frankie man keno back at the coliseum as the marlins assistant
6:26 am
hitting coach. must be giving good advice. that's a solo home run. boar 4 for 5 in the game. matthew mcgonaughey in cleveland for game 4 between the cavs and celtics. final seconds of the third, kyrie from downtown, he had a 21-point 3rd quarter. he finished with 42. the cavs come back from 16 points down to win 112-99 to take a 3-1 series lead. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. apparently getting help when you call 911 should not be taken for grant. people in san francisco learned that last month. coming up, the steps being taken to make sure help is sent asap. >> reporter: in south san francisco, police are still on the scene of a fatal police- involved shooting that happened just before midnight. we'll bring you details.
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information intelligence that, um, revealed contacts and interactions between russian officials and u.s. persons involved in the trump campaign. >> a bombshell revealed as the trump administration faces some tough new questions. the report that the president has now hired a lawyer. >> plus this. >> manchester comes together and we stand strong. >> a memorial is growing outside the concert arena where 22 people were killed and 50 injured in a bombing attack. about the victims. >> closer to home a large power outage at san francisco highlights problems with 911 response times. now city officials are taking action. first, an investigation is under way into an officer- involved shooting in san francisco. good morning, it is wednesday, may 24.
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i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at the scene with new details. jackie. >> reporter: people who live here in south san francisco are waking up to learn that just a few hours ago there was a man standing in the middle of this street with a shotgun. police told the man to drop his firearm several times but he did not comply. that's when shots were fired and the man was shot and killed. the scene is still very active. we are asking residents in the area with information to call the south san francisco police department main line or the tip line or they can call the san mateo county district attorney's office with any information that they might be able to provide to us to assist in the investigation. >> reporter: this started as a disturbance called just before midnight. police couldn't tell us if they had been called to the home before. a neighbor we spoke to said this is a very quiet area
6:32 am
though and was surprised and scared to hear of something like this happening on her street. as is standard procedure with police shootings, the officers involved have been all placed on paid administrative leave as this investigation continues. live in south san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. today san francisco fire officials are set to demonstrate new technology that aims to speed up response times to 911 calls. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in our newsroom on the power outage that exposed a significant shortage in dispatchers. >> reporter: imagine dialing 101 with no answer. that's what happens to people in san francisco on a daily basis but it really came to a head last month a massive power outage affecting 90,000 homes and businesses on april 21. there were only a dozen dispatchers on duty to handle hundreds of calls that came from people stuck in elevators to typical medical emergencies. in response to being so overwhelmed that day, the city
6:33 am
is hiring more dispatchers and looking to technology to help fill the gap. san francisco received more than 1.2 million calls for help per year an average of more than 3400 per day. and over this past 6 years, there's been a 37% increase in call volume. the way it works right now, 911 dispatchers use a map that shows the location of ambulances and that relies on where a medic reports for duty over a radio. the new technology will do it based on gps location and calculate how long it will take those ambulances to respond. it's going to be unveiled during the fire commission meeting tonight. as the city looks for more dispatchers, the recruits they are finding -- finding out it's a tough job. the training takes a year and only 60% graduate. dispatchers retiring, going on leave or quitting because of frustration by being so overworked. so you can see it all goes in a
6:34 am
circle. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. there's new information about a united airlines evacuation. we now know that at least 3 passengers reported minor injuries. they were on the san francisco- bound flight last night. it was supposed to take off from newark, new jersey. it was evacuated on the runway. an air traffic controller saw a fire in one of the engines. >> back of the plane and, um, when i was jumping off the tarp, you know, people were just piling on behind me and, you know, landed on my leg but the stewardess said run as fast as you can way from the plane. >> emergency crews got to the scene to treat the passengers. no one was seriously hurt. the airline put them on another plane and they landed at sfo around 4 a.m. now to a live look outside. the morning rush about to start with drivers hitting the roads and heading to work. as we take live look at the
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golden gate bridge, and a look this morning at sfo. >> is the fog lifting? >> a little bit next to the coast and the bay. great observation for someone someone every hose's eyesight is deteriorating as she celebrates yet another birthday today. >> reading glasses that roberta has. >> i'm a year older today and i want to tell thank you does get better. >> did you follow this the spacewalking astronauts outside the international space station? we have peggy whitson, the commander at the international space station. yesterday, it said she spent more time off our planet than any other american and at the age of 57, she is the oldest woman in space. it's great. maybe we'll go to space sometime soon.
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>> happy birthday, michelle. >> thank you. let's head over to where we can fly away with no delays but arriving flights at sfo delays an hour. 53 livermore. everybody getting breezy conditions away from the bay. winds in the fairfield area winds out of the southwest 10 to 20 today with the gray skies along the coast all day long affecting temperatures there only in the 50s from pacifica back through half moon bay into daly city and in colma. 60s and partial clearing around the bay today. sunshine around the peninsula. away from the bay, inland, boy, you'll feel the difference. tumbling out of 92 degrees yesterday to 78 degrees in livermore. full forecast 48 after the hour. but right now let's send it over to jaclyn. >> look how foggy 580 is right now. i had to tell myself no, i don't need to adjust my screen.
6:37 am
this is how it looks for drivers along 580 approaching 680. it's in the yellow. so under a 30-minute commute as you as you make your way from 205 towards 680. san mateo bridge, not too bad considering the fog. but definitely seeing those delays 20 minutes from hayward to foster city. the united kingdom terror threat level is elevated from severe to critical following a deadly suicide bombing at a concert. 22 people died and dozens more injured. right now investigators are trying to figure out whether suspected bomber salam abedi had help carrying out monday's deadly terror attacks. several places have been raided and a 23-year-old man was arrested at a third location. the names of those who died continue to be revealed.
6:38 am
the latest identified is 15- year-old olivia campbell. bay area police departments are monitoring any possible local threats in the wake of the deadly terrorist bombing at a manchester convert venue. los angeles authorities also ramped up security last night at a chris brown and 50 cent concert. bomb-sniffing dogs metal detectors and motorcycle officers were all on hand to ease some parents's minds. >> i'm gonna be aware and looking around but for the most part i feel safe. >> i was prepared for this coming in so -- but, yeah, the more the better. >> the lapd says that there was no credible threat to public venues in the area but security was tight as a precaution president trump's administration is facing questions about two potential incidents of obstruction of justice related to the investigation into his presidential campaign and russian as well as the firing of fbi director james comey. former cia director john brennan testified before the house intelligence committee yesterday amid the
6:39 am
investigation into alleged contacts between the trump campaign and russia during the 2016 election. we now have learned that president trump is hiring a private attorney to handle the inquiry into his campaign's alleged ties. attorney marc kasowitz will represent him. a push among california lawmakers to make sure the university of california no longer has full control over its budgets following a state audit that called out the uc president's office for hidden funds worth $175 million as well as misleading accounting practices. a state senator has introduced a constitutional amount to ask voters if the president's office should keep full autonomy over the budget. today at the oakland school board meet an oakland nonprofit along with several high school students propose a new sexual assault policy in the district's schools. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in oakland this morning. >> reporter: teenage girls along with a nonprofit want the
6:40 am
district to tackle sexual harassment tonight proposing major changes to the school board and among the changes, they want to penalize leering and unwanted flirtations. they want to make sure that students can't get in trouble anymore for false reporting. and the district also would have to provide support to victims through the entire process. alliance for girls says when it surveyed girls of color in the district it found many were skipping school to avoid being sexual harassment. middle school girls described the tradition at schools where every friday boys would chase around the girls and slap their bottoms. >> they didn't talk about boundaries. they didn't talk about personal space, none of those conversations were happening in those schools. >> this cannot continue to be a sideline issue because when we ask girls of color, they told us it was central. central to them and it has to be central to the school district. >> the policy would also require each school to have a
6:41 am
designated staff member to handle sexual assault and harassment reports. right now all those complaints go to one person at the district office. the oakland nonprofit, alliance for girls, and these teenagers will be presenting their proposed changes tonight at the school board meeting. jessica flores, kpix 5. 6:41. next the records that reveal bart knew about emergency lighting failures months before an outage at a berkeley station. >> and the markets just opened up about 10 minutes ago. the dow is flat. we'll get an update coming up from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this mo?
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gayle king reports. >> reporter: the latest on the investigation into the manchester terror attack. scott pelley leads our coverage from england. he is there. we're also learning more about the victims and how the community came together in the hours after the bombing. and we're in rome. we are going to take you there where president trump met with the pope overnight. don't you want to be a fly on the wall for that meeting?! all that plus the eye-opener which you know means your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00 , the but, michelle, before we did, is there a piece of birthday cake in your future today the? >> i hope it's chocolate cake. >> happy birthday. do we dare ask what birthday it is? >> i'm okay with saying it. >> are you one of those women who goes oh, no, i can't talk about it. >> i'm okay with saying it. 41. >> 41 and fabulous! >> i like that. fabulous it is. happy birthday to you, michelle. >> thank you. >> eat a piece of cake for me, too. see you later. >> all right. see you, thanks. bye.
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loving it. owning it. all right, michelle. [ laughter ] right now, thousands of mcdonald's workers across the country are protesting for higher wages. here's a live look outside of mcdonald's in san leandro. only a few people here , just one of many protests planned across the country throughout the day. workers are asking for $15 an hour wages and better union rights. new signs that the chinese economy may be slowing down. and a new amazon bookstore is in the works. >> for those details let's check in with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: happy birthday, michelle! good morning, kenny. we have not talked about a ratings downgrade for china in over 25 years. but that's the case as moody's ratings service is downgrading them on the basis that the economy will cool down and debts will rise. they think china's economy will slow down to 5% growth by the end of the decade from
6:47 am
currently at 7%. that beijing will increase spending to support growth. china's finance ministry takes issue saying that moody's methodology was flawed in the process. amazon opening its 6th bookstore in new york city tomorrow. amazon has devastated the brick and mortar bookstore industry but opening its own stores and after new york, it's got some more stores planned for this year looking to open stores in walnut creek's broadway plaza and san jose's santana row. stock market working with a four session winning streak. today a flat start. the fed releases the minutes of its main meeting. it will give further clues as to its rate hike plans for the future. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing at the moment. the dow up 26. starting to pick up some speed. nasdaq up 5. s&p up 1. good day for mountain view's intuit, topped earnings and its shares run by 7% around a record high. >> thank you. according to a new report
6:48 am
by the east bay times, bart allegedly knew the emergency lighting system was experiencing problems prior to several power outages. bart is required by state fire and building codes to provide at least 90 minutes of battery- powered illumination to help people navigate in the dark. last week they did an audit of the emergency lighting systems and ordered batteries for 14 of the 46 stations. the walnut creek city council voted unanimously to to ban outdoor growth of marijuana and also prohibits commercial growing and selling of recreational marijuana. the council voted to allow vaporization of medical marijuana inside multi-family residences. in just a few hours we'll get to see all the upgrades of san francisco's alamo square. the park had a $5 million
6:49 am
renovation over the last year. parts of the update include new pads, irrigation and restroom. a ribbon-cutting ceremony is set for 11:0 a.m. >> looks good. trying to get the perfect shot and that fence is in the way. >> oh. >> painted ladies will look good. >> true. >> that's all that matters. right now, if you are heading out the door here's what matters. we have some mass transit delays. ten-minute delays for folks making their way out of the bay fair station in the richmond daly city direction. plan accordingly. we have seen delays throughout the morning. we are also tracking a couple of problems if you are making your way along the eastshore freeway now clearing but that's a slow commute as you make your approach towards the bay bridge toll plaza. there's the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic definitely starting to stack up a bit. it's about a 16-minute commute from marin to [ indiscernible ] another 12 to the west side of the span. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, "slow, stop, go"! in the red.
6:50 am
a little over 20 minutes out of the maze into downtown san francisco. roberta, how's it going out there? >> it's foggy from the coast to the bay into our inland areas. live weather camera looking out past the embarcadero pier 9 you can see the flag on the fly. bay waters choppy today. small craft advisory in effect there. tip-top of the bay bridge you're barely seeing. delays at sfo on some arriving flights. temperatures in the 50s from santa rosa into san jose. san francisco now 51 degrees. bill moon in orinda, linda fairfield, darryl yee in alameda all sporting overcast skies, temperatures in the 50s, winds pretty much under 10 around the rim of the bay and the coast, inland pleasanton at 11. fairfield at 30. southwest winds 10 to 20 miles
6:51 am
per hour. but with the winds blowing this morning, the visibility not an issue too much. petaluma however deteriorating conditions at 2.5-mile visibility. so we have the enhancement of the marine layer. we have the weak trough right here that's blowing up from the south and the southwest. and with that enhancement of the marine layer, we have some cooler days ahead. finally, some seasonal conditions. tumbling out of the 90s inland into the 70s by tomorrow. now, our satellite-radar suggests we have a couple of different areas low pressure out there diverting the storm track to the south of us. otherwise, all we're dealing with is kind of like a summertime weather pattern during the last stretch of spring. we do have the clouds penetrating our inland areas by tomorrow morning at this time. and that is going to cool us down additionally with the cooler air mass aloft. here comes your friday and again, a little bit of precipitation is associated with it all because of the drizzle, heavy drizzle from that deck of low clouds and fog. we actually have no rain in the forecast for the next 10 days.
6:52 am
yes, that condensation from the marine layer, that's it. but we have thunderstorms in the forecast around the greater lake tahoe area. same around half dome. otherwise, on the sunny-side up 80s and 90s in the central valley and we have monterey bay in the 60s with only some partial clearing. today's temperatures: >> warmer on the weekend into the holiday weekend. >> time now 6:52. an emergency on a plane bound for the bay area. next, what the united airlines passengers are telling us this morning about it. >> reporter: and the scene of a fatal police shooting is just about cleared in south san francisco. we'll bring you live to the scene. ♪
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♪ i'm jackie ward in south san francisco where the scene of a fatal police shooting is clearing. the neighborhood has been deemed safe. but as you can see, there are still police here this morning. just before midnight, south san francisco police were called to a home on the 3700 block of cork place for a disturbance. when officers arrived, they were confronted by a man standing in the street with a shotgun. the man was fatally shot, one officer got minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. no other injuries. right now it's unclear how many officers were fired and all involved have been put on pay the administrative leave. it's unclear if police were called to the home before.
6:57 am
we don't know anything about the man shot and killed. a joint investigation is under way with the south san francisco police department and the san mateo district attorney's office. in south san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. the united kingdom's terror threat level has been elevated from severe to critical following a deadly suicide bombing at a concert. at least 22 people died and dozens more were injured. right now investigators are trying to figure out whether the suspected bomber had help carrying out the attack. president trump is in rome this morning where he is meeting with the president of italy right now. this comes after his meeting with pope francis at the vatican. today san francisco fire officials are set to reveal new technology that aims to speed up 911 response times. this comes after last month's massive power outage pushed the city to act. a united airlines flight is finally in san francisco. of it was supposed to take off from newark, new jersey last night. but it was evacuated on the
6:58 am
runway after flames from one of the plane's engines. thousands of mcdonald's workers across the country protest for higher wages. this is a live look outside of the mcdonald's in san leandro. this is one of many protests planned across the country throughout the day. and you're tracking a new accident. this is along westbound 4 as you approach 242. you can expect a big backup speeds drop below 30 miles per hour. we are in the red. about 40 minutes out of antioch into hercules. 580 and 80 in the yellow. and "slow, stop, go" highway 37, one one and 880 jam-packed and in the red. plan for extra time. >> this is the scene at the golden gate bridge. delays at sfo of one hour on some arriving flights. breezy out the door. later today southwest winds 10
6:59 am
to 20 and the numbers coming down. 50s and 60s. redwood city 72. mid-70s in concord down from 90 yesterday. the extended forecast calls for actually more seasonal spring- like weather thursday through saturday then bumping up the next just in time for the holiday -- can you believe it memorial day weekend? you don't care about the weather if you have the day off, you don't care. >> we'll be celebrating today, too, right? >> yes. >> oh, boy. >> i wish i could say it's 31, 35, but it's not. i owned it. i'm owning it. >> 41. . >> let us eat cake. >> thanks for my bracelet. >> you're welcome. >> anything for you.
7:00 am
>> so much love. >> thank you for watching. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, may 24th, 2017, welcome to "cbs this morning." new arrests this morning in the manchester bombing. britain's prime minister warns more attacks may be imminent. scott pelley leads our coverage from manchester where we're learning more about the victims of this tragedy. the pope asked president trump to be a peacemaker and tries to change his mind on climate change. we're at the vatican with details from this morning's meeting. and a christian high school says a senior cannot walk across the stage at graduation because she is pregnant. in our first network tv interview, the student tells us why she feels punished for keeping her baby. >> but we begin this morning with a look at toy'


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